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Miranda Kerr Steps Out After Flynn's 3rd Birthday

Miranda Kerr Steps Out After Flynn's 3rd Birthday

Miranda Kerr bundles up as she braves the cold while chatting on her cell phone and running errands on Wednesday (January 8) in New York City.

The day before, the 30-year-old model celebrated her son Flynn‘s third birthday at her ex Orlando Bloom‘s home, where actors dressed as a pirate and a princess were seen arriving at the party with plenty of props and balloons.

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Last week, Miranda stepped out during a snow storm to stop by a salon for a hair appointment.

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Credit: Sharpshooter Images; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • RED

    She really lost her looks… and obviously she is not on the phone, just for the paps..

  • Mike Goldman

    Never saw what people saw in her.. eyes are too small and wide.. witch nose.. big big big teeth.. chipmunk teeth.. no boobs.. no bum…

  • BBblue

    She is actually pretty, but her famehungry antics is very unattractive.

  • swollenchipmunk

    All I see is a massive swollen bloated face. Cant for the life of me see any appeal in that. No wonder shes not very in demand with photographers.

  • really

    lol She has such an ugly face. Maybe its the angle of the cameras. The photographers who take her pictures should be ashamed of how unprofessional they are.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up with The Kerrdashians: There is absolutely nothing interesting to say about Miranda Kerrdashian today but she did go through the trouble of arranging for the pictures to b taken and JJ did buy them to make sure that she got paid for her performance so…let’s just rehash the last post about Melon Head’s Squirting Forth Into The World Day. Oh! And mention the ex-husband because that makes the fangirls swoon and wet their panties.

  • giveup

    Lol Adriana fans cant stop thinking about miranda, you sickos. Always bashing her on model forums. Stalking her on gossip sites. You’re really obsessed. Now try to pit miranda against other models like doutzen,candice,gisele,alessandra etc when everyone knows its limas crazy fans who are notorious for hating on other popular/famous models. You can visit any fashion forum and see which fan group hates on other models. Its not gisele,candice,doutzen fans, its limas. Crazee fangirls.

  • redwine11

    This is not a good picture but I think she is absolutely beautiful and unique!!

  • YAY!!!!

    Hater comments all bunched together as the first posts?
    How stupid are you morons?
    Never mind.
    That’s a rhetorical question.

  • giveup

    Adriana fans wont quit. Theyre so threatened by mirandas new found fame so they have to bring her down. Even now bringing up legendary supermodel icons naomi,kate,gisele to compare miranda too. Because they know miranda has now surpassed adriana the panty queen. They love to to bash miranda on model forums and they secretly hate naomi,kate,gisele as well for being far more successful then panty queens so they actually revel in mirandas fans in return bashing them. Which is funny because pretty sure kate,naomi,giseles fan bases dont even care about commercial victorias secret models. Limas fans do, because that is her biggest competition. Dont fall for it miranda fans. Its a crazed adriana fan moonlighting and baiting to pi** off mirandas fans. He has created over 20 accounts on model forums and was banned everytime. He is an Adriana fan fyi. Yes the craziest model fanbase of all time.

  • Dez

    @YAY!!!!: So then it would be safe to assume that a post with positive comments all bunched together as sock puppets as well? Or are you just a hypocrite? Never mind. That’s a rhetorical question. LOL.

  • Hmmpf

    OMG she “stepped out” :D Sry but could you at least ADD sth informative? :D

    I hope we will never see pics again of Orlando walking down the street on JJ … Those “articles” (ABOUT EVERY “STAR” BTW) are just dumb.

  • Justraging


    Every person that wastes more than 2-3 sentences on a JJ thread cannot be THAT clever either.

  • ;(

    A lot of bullshit as usual. Get away you fool!

  • @11

    They would probably be socks, too, But only if they all carried the same tone and message.
    Numerous posts about her being ‘ugly’, when she has been an Angel, and makes all of the ‘most beautiful’ lists, is ridiculous. You can personally not find her attractive, but personal taste is a far cry from calling her ugly. And ‘small eyes’? That is just idiotic.

  • LOL!

    @@11: She actually is ugly.

  • @16

    You just proved their point.
    VS angels are never ugly. Pirelli models are never ugly. The top earning models are never ugly. Etc.
    You can dislike her all you want. But calling her ugly just makes you look like one of those delphidiot hags who abandoned reason long ago.

  • LOL!

    @@16: Nope, she’s just ugly.

  • @giveup

    Your are sickly obsessed with Miranda. Why are you writing all those lengthy comments that no one cares about? It sounds to me like you are one of those fanatics who can’t accept their favorite’s being anything less than perfect. Miranda must mean a lot to you.
    Also, there’s no denying Adriana has strongly cemented a place for herself in the fashion/model industry. And is on so nany ways Miranda Kett’s superior. Just like most of those models you have mentioned. I believe the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will start feeling less bitter.
    Your diagnosis is refusing to accept Miranda for who everyone else know she is.

  • @19

    You just proved #10′s point about crazy “Adriana Lima” fans by posting spiteful negative comments about Miranda….lolololol.

    It’s cringeworthy the way you continually have to repeat on EVERY Miranda article that “Adriana’s” superior, better etc etc over & over again.
    It just makes you sound very very jealous & bitter with a BAD case of sour grapes.

    It has the OPPOSITE effect of what you intend as the more you insult Miranda it just comes across more & more petty & desperate!!!

    If Miranda’s success bothers you sooooo much then don’t click on HER articles, simple.

    Instead stick to articles about Adriana as we Miranda fans don’t care in the least about what she’s doing so YOU should do the same about Miranda!

  • HA!

    @@giveup: A Miranda fan has no right to call antone else out for “lengthy comments no one cares about”. I have seen some of the comments made on her threads by her fans who apparently don’t have jobs.

  • HA!

    #20 just proves my point, btw.

  • @giveup

    You are confusing me a lot here. Are you actually serious about this Adriana fans mess you so desperately are trying to conjure up? You are the one who is clearly threatened by Adriana’s obvious success over Miranda. hate to sink to your level but someone needs to tell you the truth, how canyou even think anyone who says negative things about Miranda has to be Adriana Lima fans when the world has seen Miranda’s fake life and antics over and over and over again? Your level of delusion is astounding. In any Mirranda thread on any website, 80% of the comments are negative and constructively. If that doesn’t tell you anything then sweetheart you need help.
    Why did you even choose to pick on Adriana and her fans particularly? Unless her success bothers you so much? Maybe more so now that Miranda’s career is rapidly slowing down. But still, why Adriana?
    Whoever said Miranda’s success bothered me? I’m actually happy when models find fame and success. So no, her success doesn’t bother me in the least bit. It’s her antics, lowlife fame hungry behavior that rubs me off,
    Nice touch pretending you’re not the same person making the defensive comments,in any case, more power to you if you think Miranda is mother Theresa her self and the world is against het

  • giveup


    Because its true, and surprise surprise look who replied because they DO stalk and lurk Miranda threads, lol. Clearly an Adriana fan! Proved my point. And yes Adriana fans have bashed any and all popular/successful VS model for years now. First it was Heidi,Gisele,Alessandra when they were angels. Now its Candice and Miranda. Funny because those model fans hardly even think about adriana from what ive seen. Model forums,social networking you see Adriana fans are the biggest haters. She attracts young,urban trash.

  • Kath

    Miranda is looking stylish as usual. A splash of colour would be nice though. Why do some of you go on about being a fame wh*re? Seriously whats wrong with wanting to be famous or put yourself out there? F*ck Id love to be famous & rich & so would all of you w*nkers. And you dont have to think Miranda is pretty….. but the way you all carry on…hmmm…. gosh…. two word keeps coming to mind…..Jealous much!