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Bradley Cooper & Jared Leto: Early Golden Globes Celebrations!

Bradley Cooper & Jared Leto: Early Golden Globes Celebrations!

Bradley Cooper starts off the celebrations for the 2014 Golden Globes Weekend early at a party held at the Chateau Marmont on Thursday evening (January 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor stopped for a photo with CAA agent Kevin Huvane and also met up with his American Hustle director David O. Russell.

Dallas Buyers Club star Jared Leto was seen mingling with Brit Marling and Dita Von Teese at the affair.

Bradley and Jared are both nominated at the Golden Globes in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture category!

FYI: Bradley is wearing a Matchless Heritage jacket and rag & bone henley. Jared is wearing Zadig & Voltaire boots. Brit is wearing a Mulberry jacket.

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bradley cooper jared leto early golden globes celebrations 01
bradley cooper jared leto early golden globes celebrations 02
bradley cooper jared leto early golden globes celebrations 03
bradley cooper jared leto early golden globes celebrations 04
bradley cooper jared leto early golden globes celebrations 05
bradley cooper jared leto early golden globes celebrations 06

Credit: Donato Sardella, John Sciulli; Photos: Getty
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  • Leenah

    Jared needs to win this! And he needs to win an Oscar too, he’s way to underrated, such an amazing actor..artist, musician.

  • whippledean

    Jared Leto for Oscar and Golden Globe. He deserves it!

  • woofee

    Brit Marling looks dope!

  • living in a box

    Brit Marling and Jared Leto is underrated actor. and yes,Leto deserve a Golden Globe and Oscar.

  • Lilian

    Jared Leto is very talented.

  • Doris

    Outstanding performance by Jard Leto…most definitely!!

  • Lydia

    I bet Jared is shocked that he wasn’t nominated for a BAFTA. He probably has all of his speeches memorized. lol

  • Lukke

    @Lydia: haaaaha he must be practicing in front of a mirror with tearful eyes..

  • Li

    Jared… absolutely gorgeous and super talented.

  • MT

    Jared Leto is a good-looking and talented artist who hasn’t had a decent haircut in at least a decade.

  • Jeanna

    Thanks @ Bradlifer! Bradlifer posted this:
    Bradlifer @ 01/29/2014 at 6:14 am

    I don’t know what it is it is not up yet but here is a new video of Bradley Cooper and Charlotte. LOL seeing this i am positive the pics she took form his house after halloween is not his house. It dose not look like this at al.

  • Iza

    She was staying in LA at a hotel for weeks and seeing Bradley but Bradley mother did not want to be seen with the Slay. She did not take one pic with the Slat. She did not want to be part of the PR trap.

  • HA!

    Just went to the boring SW thread. Man, that 50 year old with her cats is all about SW. I think she wants to be her best friend.

  • HA!

    To real Bradley fans

    Do not believe the nonsense on the thread with the pyscho. Bradley will continue to live in LA, PA and NY. He is not leaving LA. Hahahahaha.

  • Cara

    Hahahahahahahaha. Is the music from the girl who is not a singer another joKe for us? She sounds horrible.

  • Amy

    @Bradlfier: Thanks. Bradley and Charlotte look very good in the video!

  • Rose

    Her social media is such rubbish. I don’t look at it. I hear about it from JJ.
    It has been 10 months and media still does not know how to spell her name and calls her Bradley’s gf instead of using her name. LOL. What is Bradley’s next PR move?

  • LOL

    Sure thanks to Cacafer or Sara katmu who copy and paste video from facebook BCNews hahahahahaha and Isela nothing new in Mexico? LOL

  • Sarah

    We wonder if this woman works for the airlines or is one of his work contacts in Europe.

  • LOL

    Thank you for posting the video @Bradlifer. I will copy it on the other thread where I speak to myself. I am so boring talking about every single word Wharhouse Ugly Suki types and every move her ugly body makes. I have no life with my cats. I have a new name to get on AFT board.

  • LOL

    Maybe she is AMFR hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Please put this pic in next fanfic LOL I wonder if you have brain? LOL

  • LOL

    hahahahahahahaha you always confused me why? everybody can see your picture in facebook Kathmi you are very ugly, chubby face, bad hair and that is the explanation why you are obssesed with Sukiyaki and do not have a boyfriend lari larin

  • Beth

    @Bradlifer: Thank you for the video. How can we find out when he posted it? I like the way his house looks. You are right those pics Suki posted were not from his house.

  • LOL

    So you are discussing Bradley on your MB? I wish I could join you. The losers on the BCSW thread want to be us coming to spread lies on our last thread and are discussing a nobody on theirs. Sad and pathetic. Hahahahaha. It is probably one of the women who works for him.

  • Jeanna

    @Iza: Bradley’s mom does not like Suki. I guess she said no to Bradley after he asked for some PR pics with mom and Suki.Hahahahahahahahahaa. I think she probably likes the woman Bradley loves the Italian AmFr.

  • LOL

    Cacafer again begging for a inclusion on MB hahahahaha comments here takes you 5-7 minutes for changes your names because is a rule on JJ and you think is intelligent? sure you are in job with phone busy LOL

    Where is your boss? LOL if you want peace lose in a space and not come back. All will be grateful hahahahahaha

  • Daily Mail

    @Bradlifer: Thank you for your video. My favourite is Charlotte.

    @Sarah: The lady looks nice with Gloria.

    She is a musician? I thoughy Bradley’s girl was an actress
    and model. Why wasn’t she invited to the Grammys if she can sing?
    Rita Ora was. Here is Rita in a real relationship not the fake one her
    friend Suki is in for PR.

  • Brian


    The woman in the link you posted is airport staff. If you zoom in on the last pic the woman is wearing a purple ID necklace that says, Heathrow.

  • Bradlifer

    LOL did you guys see the pic she took of herself scanning her own ass…LOL LOL LOL what a stupid idiot…she is seating on a scanner printing out pics of her own ass… LOL LOL LOL…i laughed so hard.

  • Bradlifer

    I feel really bad for this Sara girl that crazy keeps mixing me up with. Poor girl i looked at her facebook, she is pritty, i wonder if she knows she got a stalker on her hand and she is being attacked like this…and is LOL Suki? because everytime i say something she takes it personally and starts attacking me…or at least she thinks she dose…

  • Sina

    @Sarah: Who did you think the woman was? Not the Italian American woman, the pic is from 2010.

  • Sina

    That witch is always speaking about @Bradlifer. I don’t know why shw thinks you are the Sarah fan. I also saw that Sarah is pretty. There is also a fan posting as @Sarah here. It could be her.
    @Sarah: If you post here, you are pretty. Your facebook page is cool.

  • Sina

    @AFT or posters on the private boards: Bradley said on an interview in December or January he does not have twitter. We also know he is not into social media. Does he know what Siki posts on her twitter? It is very embarassing.

  • LOL

    Sure Cacafer isn’t Sarah hahahahahaha or hugain in tumblr or sasa on insta hahahahahahaha and again Cacafer disappears surprise new names appears? Hahahaha bad games for you sarah isela huguin khatmi cacafer hahahahahahaha you are ugly inside and outside. Deal with that. LOL

  • Imogen

    You saw on her instagram she will be in Paris with him for American Hustle. They will look good on the red carpet together in Paris. They are getting engaged soon.

  • Bradlifer

    @Imogen: HAHHAHAHAHA let me laugh at you…Bradley getting engaged to the girl that posts pic sod herself scanning her own butt… can’t clean her own room…HAHHAHHAHAHAHHAAH i am dying. Joke of the day!!!! They will look like a disgusting father/daughter combo that will make everyone sick and she will look disgusting with her unwashed hair, braless, disturbing close, ugly big fat nose and her yucky yucky face… they are not going to walk the red carpet, she will be at the after party just like last time she was in New york for the same event…

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzz

    Bored crazy using Imogen’s name again. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Beth

    @Bradlifer: It seems PR is over and Bradley is now happy to date a young model. I can’t see anything to like about her. I don’t think Bradley sees those pics she puts of her naked body. I think his team sees them.

  • Bradlifer

    @Beth: WHAT? let me get this straight…you think PR is over but he is happy to be with her?? What have he done lately to make you think he is happy with her? He makes her live in a hotel in LA, we al saw the videos of the fake laughs at sundae and the weird “kissing”..there is still PR contract left i think. LOL ok..i think PR will end later this spring..after Oscars sometime.

  • Beth

    I don’t think that is the real Imogen either. I think it is the same person pretending to be her fans Immy and GM UK. The real Imogen posted she will go to Paris and be at AH. I don’t think she knows if she will walk the red carpet with Bradley. Who knows?

  • HA!

    It is still all PR with Paris as the next stop.Bradley is all about business. The video @Bradlifer posted is owned by Chideo created by Tom Wagner. Tom Wagner is a billionaire entertainment mogul. Every thing Bradley does is for his career.

  • Beth

    @Bradlifer: If she is going to be in Paris and in London for his shows, I think the PR is over and he is happy to have her with him.

  • NOPE.

    NOPE. It is bad PR.
    Bradley’s mother will not take any pics with Slat Suki.
    Another cinema trip they took with Bradley’s friends.

  • Bradlifer

    I am not so sure she is going to be in Paris the 2. She wrote on her twitter three hours ago “Bonjour to Hola” i take it she is either on her way or is in Spain somewhere. What else could that mean? She cant be going to Spain for 24 hours then back to Paris, seems insane but then again she is a desperate untalented whure who wants to be famous i wouldn’t put it behind her to do that only to get to use Bradleys name.

  • LOL

    hahahahahahaha she is untalented? but she has more work than you, oh sure you are in phone LOL and she has more flights than you stalking her route 247 all days incude festivities hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • LOL

    hahahahahahaha she is untalented? but she has more work than you, oh sure you are in phone LOL and she has more flights than you stalking her route 247 all days incude festivities LOL

  • LOL

    hahahahahahaha she is untalented? but she has more work than you, oh sure you are in phone LOL and she has more flights than you stalking her route 247 all days incude festivities

  • Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara

  • Bradlifer

    @Santa Barbara: What do you mean Santa Barbara?

  • Sarah

    @Brian: Thanks.
    @Sina: We thought she was one of his work contacts. He has a work contact who looks like her and who is in France. The woman Bradley loves that is Italian American has brown hair.