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Henry Cavill & Gina Carano Add a Puppy to Their Family

Henry Cavill & Gina Carano Add a Puppy to Their Family

Henry Cavill and his on-again girlfriend Gina Carano are all smiles while posing with their new puppy in this new pic!

“We are proud to announce the newest members of the Big Bear family! Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) and Gina Carano (Fast and Furious 6) are the proud owners of a Big Bear Akita. It was so great working with Henry and getting to meet him as well as Gina was truly a treat,” breeder Big Bear Akitas shared about the 30-year-old actor and the 31-year-old actress.

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They added, “Both Henry and Gina are genuine and a joy to be around. It was truly an honor to add them to our extended family and thank them for their patience in meeting us and our children. It’s not everyday that an A-list celebrity, much less 2 celebrities come to Beebe, AR to visit.”

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  • ???

    I’m speechless!

  • Roci

    that makes me laugh! when they broke up (as they have done) who will have the puppy? Another story like Robsten and their dog? lol

  • Lua

    I don’t like this couple :-/ I feel the same I felt when he was dating Ellen, and well… they ended their engagement. I HOPE he won’t rush! I wish the best for her but I don’t think they are meant to each other… it’s not “fan’s jealousy”

  • Juli

    another fake couple. Hate Gina so much. Looks like Henry’s mother

  • Ava

    O what a cute puppy, gorgeous doggy.

  • Sayer

    Back together with his beard.

  • tarin

    If they got him from a breeder they didn’t ADOPT him, they bought him.

  • iana

    Akitas are the best!!!

  • British Latin American

    Could British society accept Gina if Henry were to marry her?

  • Brian

    Who is the man in this couple?

  • living in a box

    this is one messed up PR. first henry and gina were dating, then broke up, then Henry is dating Kaley Cuoco, then broke up, Kaley getting engaged, now married, now henry is back with gina and just adopted a puppy. the pr games ins hollywood is crazy.

  • Hen

    Oh Henry u can do better!! get out of this whore!! She only wants fame!

  • Shana

    From kaley to this shit called gina? c’mon Henry!
    Go for a real women! not for a man!

  • Taylor

    @ Lua…I agree with you. I don’t them as a couple and they will not last. The broke up before for a reason and they will again.

  • True

    Gina is the worst actress I have seen in years, so she needs fame because she doesnt worth anyting, so her manager put her with Henry to have fame. end of story

  • Verity

    @living in a box: Exactly! PR Games.

  • Poor henry

    Henry, where are your glasses? u must be blind to be dating that whore!

  • Dont understand

    Henry never say a word when reporters ask him about his private life and suddenly he is showing himself with that horrible woman? lol PR AGAIN!

  • Johanna

    oh Henry, this woman is ruining your career! havent u never google her?

  • Marie

    @Johanna: TRUE! get away Gina! ure awful for him! bye godzilla bye!

  • Joyce

    @tarin: I was going to say the same thing. I don’t understand why people still buy pets.

  • Taking-A-Break

    1st Gina, then Kaley Cuoco, then Gina again… goodness, I hope he’s gay & doesn’t have this bad of taste in woman. Otherwise Henry has lost any appeal he had going for him by the nasty woman he picks. Gags! And I had such high hopes he’d be a person of interest in Hollywood. Now he’s just an insignificant person of no interest with bad taste. I’ve had a ‘strong dislike’ of Gina since she was on American Gladiators. I’m just glad they didn’t pick her to play Wonder Woman. Nasty! Just nasty! RIP Henry’s career… RIP.

  • farila

    actually, this pic was taken months ago, it has nothin to do with the kaley stuff. So, get over it, people, like Henry and Gina did :p
    Anyway, I don’t think they’re a good couple.
    She looks so old…so ugly… :( al least in this pic..
    Date me Hen :D

  • PR

    PRRRRR!!!!!!! again!!!!!!!! they thing were stupids!

  • Sweetness

    I don’t get why all the hating on Gina. If anything Henry Cavill should be on his hands and knees and publicly apologize to Gina for dumping her when Superman came out and he thought he was going to blow up huge..didn’t happen..and during the fake period he hooked up with that bimbo Kaley Cuoco. Gina was a solid girlfriend who was with him before Superman and then his ego took over. Gina may not be the best actress but where is she using him for PR..He’s using her because he looked liked an idiot this summer!

  • Roci

    @Taking-A-Break: Well said!!! I’m with u!

  • Roci

    @Sweetness: months later superman realeased, she suddenly was with him because she needed to have fame because no one knows her wordwide, so it was a PR sin the begining. Henry must have a secret girlfriend (a REAL girlfriend)

  • Mila

    This guy is so vain. The guy next to him can’t act either.

  • Ham

    Gina stop eating deserts, u looks like a cow in winter

  • spade

    Didn’t you hear? These two never broke up in the first place! It was all for fame and money, so that he would sell MOS better as a single guy. They NEVER broke up!!! Why do you think they look so smugly together so fast? Because they NEVER broke up! Fake, fake, fake.

    Btw, wasn’t this picture suppose to be private for a business Facebook and they asked people to remove it??? Why the change now?

  • Lola

    Henry has gained haters since he is with this man, oh soorry gina (i cant see the difference between a man and u)

  • Megan

    @spade: They (thanks god) were never togheter. get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry

    why this whore is famous? the only thing she can do is show her as*

  • spade

    @Megan: Oh you idiot. It was real. Why do you think they are buying a house together?

  • Hese

    that woman makes all the girls in planet were like her. a trash and disgusting. she causes me nauseas!

  • Sweetness


    I don’t get how being dumped by him was advantageous to her when his film Superman was the one being sold as the next summer blockbuster. I can’t imagine that if she was looking for that kind of PR! An attention seeker would have wanted to with him on red carpets for Superman..and then watching her ex linked to Kaley Cuoco..who’s name actually got more attention with her “brief” pr dating stint with him..He sounds like the shallow creep who wanted to be seen with the blonde B List starlet as opposed to Gina who not many know.

  • Megan

    @spade: for people like u the PR guys are rich

  • Ro

    @Sweetness: you are right, but I really dont know why henry had dissapointed so many fans with that kind of shit. we want a real actor, not a gossip actor. They could had chosen a beautiful girl instead that woman-man.

  • sEBA

    THAT FEMALE deserves a thash bin as a boyfriend, not henry

  • sEBA


  • Superwoman

    Henry is gorgeous, and she is….whatever. This MUST be a fake PR couple, like the one he had with Kaley Cuoco.

  • Josh

    @sEBA: lol man u are right! she looks like a transexual!

  • Kryptonite

    I still think he’s gay and she’s nothing more than a beard.

  • Cave chick

    You are all idiots!! I assume you’re all 12 year old girls and not grown women. This picture was posted to the Facebook page of the breeder, taken in their private home. How the f$&@ is that “PR”? Even the breeders have asked the public to stop posting her private photos. Also, did it ever occur to any of you jealous morons that maybe he’s in love with her? Yes, he loves HER, not YOU! Yes, Google her and you will find that she is a highly respected athlete who opened doors for women to enter combat sports. She is successful on her own and has even been one of Maxim’s Hotties. Quite sure none of you bitches have ever been in Maxim.

  • Cave chick

    @farila: Months ago? It was taken on 6th of January according to the breeders website. Do your research before you post .

  • Cave chick

    @Ham: Look up her Under Armour pics. Pretty sure your ass is bigger than hers. She’s ripped. You??? That’s what I thought.

  • Crica

    @Cave chick She was in Maxim because she’s fit, she’s not fat and that’s all that matters for these publication which doesn’t mean she’s beautiful she has a man body.
    And about Henry, I don’t know, but sometimes I wonder…

  • Cave chick

    @Lola: Look up her Maxim pictures. Or maybe the GQ. You’ll see the difference then, B$&ch.

  • Mariam

    @Cave chick: @Cave chick: which website?

  • Arianna

    @Sweetness: How did he look like an idiot this summer? What did you mean?

    PS.: Btw it’s just curiosity, I’m not attacking or anything. Because sometimes online we can come across as offensive even if we’re are not. Thanks