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Henry Cavill & Gina Carano Add a Puppy to Their Family

Henry Cavill & Gina Carano Add a Puppy to Their Family

Henry Cavill and his on-again girlfriend Gina Carano are all smiles while posing with their new puppy in this new pic!

“We are proud to announce the newest members of the Big Bear family! Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) and Gina Carano (Fast and Furious 6) are the proud owners of a Big Bear Akita. It was so great working with Henry and getting to meet him as well as Gina was truly a treat,” breeder Big Bear Akitas shared about the 30-year-old actor and the 31-year-old actress.

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They added, “Both Henry and Gina are genuine and a joy to be around. It was truly an honor to add them to our extended family and thank them for their patience in meeting us and our children. It’s not everyday that an A-list celebrity, much less 2 celebrities come to Beebe, AR to visit.”

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# 1

I’m speechless!

# 2

that makes me laugh! when they broke up (as they have done) who will have the puppy? Another story like Robsten and their dog? lol

# 3

I don’t like this couple :-/ I feel the same I felt when he was dating Ellen, and well… they ended their engagement. I HOPE he won’t rush! I wish the best for her but I don’t think they are meant to each other… it’s not “fan’s jealousy”

# 4

another fake couple. Hate Gina so much. Looks like Henry’s mother

# 5

O what a cute puppy, gorgeous doggy.

# 6

Back together with his beard.

# 7

If they got him from a breeder they didn’t ADOPT him, they bought him.

# 8

Akitas are the best!!!

# 9
British Latin American @ 01/10/2014 at 9:15 pm

Could British society accept Gina if Henry were to marry her?

Who is the man in this couple?

living in a box @ 01/10/2014 at 9:21 pm

this is one messed up PR. first henry and gina were dating, then broke up, then Henry is dating Kaley Cuoco, then broke up, Kaley getting engaged, now married, now henry is back with gina and just adopted a puppy. the pr games ins hollywood is crazy.

Oh Henry u can do better!! get out of this *****!! She only wants fame!

From kaley to this **** called gina? c’mon Henry!
Go for a real women! not for a man!

@ Lua…I agree with you. I don’t them as a couple and they will not last. The broke up before for a reason and they will again.

Gina is the worst actress I have seen in years, so she needs fame because she doesnt worth anyting, so her manager put her with Henry to have fame. end of story

@living in a box: Exactly! PR Games.

Poor henry @ 01/10/2014 at 9:31 pm

Henry, where are your glasses? u must be blind to be dating that *****!

Dont understand @ 01/10/2014 at 9:33 pm

Henry never say a word when reporters ask him about his private life and suddenly he is showing himself with that horrible woman? lol PR AGAIN!

oh Henry, this woman is ruining your career! havent u never google her?

@Johanna: TRUE! get away Gina! ure awful for him! bye godzilla bye!

@tarin: I was going to say the same thing. I don’t understand why people still buy pets.

Taking-A-Break @ 01/10/2014 at 9:43 pm

1st Gina, then Kaley Cuoco, then Gina again… goodness, I hope he’s gay & doesn’t have this bad of taste in woman. Otherwise Henry has lost any appeal he had going for him by the nasty woman he picks. Gags! And I had such high hopes he’d be a person of interest in Hollywood. Now he’s just an insignificant person of no interest with bad taste. I’ve had a ‘strong dislike’ of Gina since she was on American Gladiators. I’m just glad they didn’t pick her to play Wonder Woman. Nasty! Just nasty! RIP Henry’s career… RIP.

actually, this pic was taken months ago, it has nothin to do with the kaley stuff. So, get over it, people, like Henry and Gina did :p
Anyway, I don’t think they’re a good couple.
She looks so old…so ugly… :( al least in this pic..
Date me Hen :D

PRRRRR!!!!!!! again!!!!!!!! they thing were stupids!

Sweetness @ 01/10/2014 at 9:44 pm

I don’t get why all the hating on Gina. If anything Henry Cavill should be on his hands and knees and publicly apologize to Gina for dumping her when Superman came out and he thought he was going to blow up huge..didn’t happen..and during the fake period he hooked up with that bimbo Kaley Cuoco. Gina was a solid girlfriend who was with him before Superman and then his ego took over. Gina may not be the best actress but where is she using him for PR..He’s using her because he looked liked an idiot this summer!

@Taking-A-Break: Well said!!! I’m with u!

@Sweetness: months later superman realeased, she suddenly was with him because she needed to have fame because no one knows her wordwide, so it was a PR sin the begining. Henry must have a secret girlfriend (a REAL girlfriend)

This guy is so vain. The guy next to him can’t act either.

Gina stop eating deserts, u looks like a cow in winter

Didn’t you hear? These two never broke up in the first place! It was all for fame and money, so that he would sell MOS better as a single guy. They NEVER broke up!!! Why do you think they look so smugly together so fast? Because they NEVER broke up! Fake, fake, fake.

Btw, wasn’t this picture suppose to be private for a business Facebook and they asked people to remove it??? Why the change now?

Henry has gained haters since he is with this man, oh soorry gina (i cant see the difference between a man and u)

@spade: They (thanks god) were never togheter. get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!

why this ***** is famous? the only thing she can do is show her as*

@Megan: Oh you idiot. It was real. Why do you think they are buying a house together?

that woman makes all the girls in planet were like her. a trash and disgusting. she causes me nauseas!


I don’t get how being dumped by him was advantageous to her when his film Superman was the one being sold as the next summer blockbuster. I can’t imagine that if she was looking for that kind of PR! An attention seeker would have wanted to with him on red carpets for Superman..and then watching her ex linked to Kaley Cuoco..who’s name actually got more attention with her “brief” pr dating stint with him..He sounds like the shallow creep who wanted to be seen with the blonde B List starlet as opposed to Gina who not many know.

@spade: for people like u the PR guys are rich

@Sweetness: you are right, but I really dont know why henry had dissapointed so many fans with that kind of ****. we want a real actor, not a gossip actor. They could had chosen a beautiful girl instead that woman-man.

THAT FEMALE deserves a thash bin as a boyfriend, not henry

Superwoman @ 01/10/2014 at 11:00 pm

Henry is gorgeous, and she is….whatever. This MUST be a fake PR couple, like the one he had with Kaley Cuoco.

@sEBA: lol man u are right! she looks like a transexual!

Kryptonite @ 01/10/2014 at 11:15 pm

I still think he’s gay and she’s nothing more than a beard.

Cave chick @ 01/10/2014 at 11:48 pm

You are all idiots!! I assume you’re all 12 year old girls and not grown women. This picture was posted to the Facebook page of the breeder, taken in their private home. How the f$&@ is that “PR”? Even the breeders have asked the public to stop posting her private photos. Also, did it ever occur to any of you jealous morons that maybe he’s in love with her? Yes, he loves HER, not YOU! Yes, Google her and you will find that she is a highly respected athlete who opened doors for women to enter combat sports. She is successful on her own and has even been one of Maxim’s Hotties. Quite sure none of you ******* have ever been in Maxim.

Cave chick @ 01/10/2014 at 11:52 pm

@farila: Months ago? It was taken on 6th of January according to the breeders website. Do your research before you post .

Cave chick @ 01/10/2014 at 11:55 pm

@Ham: Look up her Under Armour pics. Pretty sure your ass is bigger than hers. She’s ripped. You??? That’s what I thought.

@Cave chick She was in Maxim because she’s fit, she’s not fat and that’s all that matters for these publication which doesn’t mean she’s beautiful she has a man body.
And about Henry, I don’t know, but sometimes I wonder…

Cave chick @ 01/11/2014 at 12:03 am

@Lola: Look up her Maxim pictures. Or maybe the GQ. You’ll see the difference then, B$&ch.

@Sweetness: How did he look like an idiot this summer? What did you mean?

PS.: Btw it’s just curiosity, I’m not attacking or anything. Because sometimes online we can come across as offensive even if we’re are not. Thanks

@Cave chick: hey girl, Barney left u? ure who looks like a 12 years old girl answering each comment. If u are a fan of gina, marry her

Cave chick @ 01/11/2014 at 12:06 am

@Johanna: Really? Two franchises in 2 years equals a ruined career? What is your definition of success?

Cave chick @ 01/11/2014 at 12:08 am

@British Latin American: Who gives a ****! People love who they love. F$&@ society!

@Joah: @Joah: she must be a shemale like gina lol

Cave chick @ 01/11/2014 at 12:10 am

@Sweetness: Completely agree! He’s damn lucky she gave him another chance!

@Cave chick: which chance? they were never been a serious couple. she’s a *****

@Lol: Completely agree! she needs fame!

I dont know why are people who cares what that woman trash does. she is a *****, and henry is a man. henry havent found his real woman, so lets him get some fun with her prost*ute

@London: well said, dude

cant believe why henry is whit that **** prostit*te

i have a crush on henry and of course gina is not the most beautiful girl in the planet but he looks happy with her, so obviously he doesn´t care about the looks he even have something with the athetes women, his ex girlfriend ellen is a equestrian rider, kaley cuoco practice a lot of sports and gina is a mixed martial artist, so stop all the hate!

Curly Sue @ 01/11/2014 at 1:50 am

Leave Henry and Gina alone! Gina is a strong, beautiful Italian woman! She can kick his ass and put him in his place (which is why he probably likes her!). This isn’t a publicity stunt. They probably did break up during MOS promo because of the crazy press tour, he messed up, flew her to Rome and begged to have her back. She still loved him and now they’re taking that to the next level – buying a dog together. If Henry’s happy, I’m happy. I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness together!

I bet all these hate comments against Gina are made by the same person using different e-mail add. Get a effin life whoever you are. I hope all these nasty things your spreading against Gina will soon catch up with you and Karma would smack you so hard!

You go Gina and Henry! Just laugh at these idiots cuz obviously their lives are miserable!

Gina you are a big inspiration to many women. Henry is very lucky to have you… This is coming from Henry’s biggest fan.

Candycrush @ 01/11/2014 at 2:47 am

Omg! Some women here are evil! The only reason you are hating her is because she’s Henry’s girlfriend! You haters should join a dating website…. find yourself a bf!!!!

I’m glad he came to his senses and got back with her. She’s obviously a strong woman who can withstand all the nastiness and jealousy from his fangirls.

A-list?? lmfao

Lolll so many little girls on this thread crushed by the fact that he’s dating a real woman. She’s beautiful and an amazing athlete who made a name for herself YEARS ago. I personally think they make a very cute couple and in this case his choice of woman makes me respect him even more. Girls need to stop tearing down successful women. Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius. Grow up.

Damn, I’m sad that they’re back together and I feel mean for saying that! But Henry could do A LOT better. Are they seriously a couple or is it pr crap?

I think (hope?) the media are blowing this wayyy out of proportion. This is Henry’s dog, that he happens to have gotten while he’s dating her. I dont think that makes them a family. Not until she does the *oopsie my birth control failed routine*.

Also the idea that these two broke up because MoS press tour is BS

Look at the time lines. Everyone still just assumed they were together during that time. It WAS AFTER WARDS that him and Kaley boned for a week.


I agree, all the hate rants are probably from the same couple of fans trolling around. I don’t understand why people think their opinion on Henry’s relationship, or Gina personally, is worth a damn bean!
You may think his ideal women is: “blonde, size zero thin, shares his interest in classical history, *insert generic characteristic*, blah, blah, blah etc and so on”, but that’s what you’ve all constructed in your own minds as being his atypical ideal, dependent on your own fantastical ideologies. *News flash*, no matter what type of female you prefer him to be with, and no matter how ‘perfect’ that model appears to be on paper, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a happy and healthy relationship in reality.

A lot of hate remarks are directed towards Gina’s appearance, and I think that is completely disrespectful. I am envious of their relationship, but I can appreciate that Gina is physically pretty, and she has a natural and sincere appeal. If that is a reflection of her personality, then Henry is lucky to have such a partner, and fans should support that.

Lastly, no offense, but if you’re going to take the time to criticize or make comment, try to show some decent literacy skills. Otherwise your argument comes across as ignorant and invalid.

Tough I think she is pretty I don’t know how you can say she is “natural”
Its widespread known that she has breast implants. So uh… not so natural.

Henry C. is gay! He was often seen in gay clubs!

awwww. happy family photo. they will make beautiful babies too.

Pretty pathetic that this photo sold to JJ. The owners of that dog place asked people to remove it from the fan sites. So why did it end up on a tabloid site?

Doesn’t that tell you people anything? Henry, Gina, and the owners of the pictures got paid for this photo.

Another forced aren’t we cute photo-op. Didn’t Cavill learn anything from the Kaley Cuoco debacle?

Did no one learn from the whole Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dog custody issue? Plus they arent the only ones with the whole “lets get dogs because we cant do the kid thing right now!”

ugh! this woman is so nasty! Henry, please! Go for a real woman with class!

lol I just red that she looks like a shemale! yeah! its right! so henry must be gay!

You are a cave chick @ 01/11/2014 at 11:10 am

@Cave chick: I’m sure you’d never qualify to be in Maxim, either. Stop calling people idiots, because you’re the one who sounds like one. You don’t know them any more than anyone else, so stop acting like you do. There have always been strong gay rumors surrounding him, especially after the fake Kaley romance, so who knows if he’s really in love with her or not.

@GoneGirl: completely agree!

It would be nicer if they had adopted from an animal shelter instead of a backyard breeder. So many homeless animals die in shelters every year.

Henry’s female fans are among the worst I have ever come across. They are petty, nasty and immature. Like if they could even nab a man like him. Gina was already making a name for herself before Henry broke big with MOS. She is a hard worker and a role model for women and feminism. The girl does not need him to make a name for herself as seen in her rising career. From MMA to movies. She is natural here and and unlike those dolled up Hollywood stars who when you see them without makeup you’d not see anything special either. Henry and Gina best of luck to you. With fans like these Henry does not need enemies.

@John S: sorry man, Im not a woman and your comment against them makes u like stupid gay. did gina pay u to say that kind of things?

@Josh wth are you defending those haters? Well obviously you are one of them and I bet you’re a woman hiding in a man’s name! Yeah whatever *****! Lmao

Gina Carano is a real woman with class so now you know why Henry is with her?! Go Gina and Henry!!!

@Buddy: stop drinking man, make u have allucinations

These two look so natural… NATURALly without grace, talent, personality, spontaneous, brightness, direct. Lack of neurons in 3,2,1… Oops! be late!

You people are vicious! Two people, back together, looking happy, new puppy…what is there to be so mean about?

I don’t get all of the hate Gina either. Henry’s a big guy so he would need a beautiful but strong woman who doesn’t look like she would pass out beneath him. I can’t see him with one of those wispy angular thin models.

LOL – poor Henry! Love him but he needs a better PR group and just come out please. Biggest joke now.

Hoe the F is this a PR?People hated Gina when he was dating her the firdt time…he would not go back to her if it was for PR!And there were more pictures of the two together with the puppy but were removed because the owner posted them in his provate FB page and got anry when the pictures were taken without permission!None photo was bought and noone got money.

@yulla seriously?Peter Dinklage,Chris Evans and many other STRAIGHT celebrities have been spotted in gay bars.Kit Harrighton recently said that there is one particular gay bar that he loves to hang out.This is not a medieval society we live in.Straight guys can have gay friends.It’s quite common in Europe.

And you people are seriously are hating on Gina?To begin with,she is a beautiful woman.I would love for all of you who call her ugle or fat to post a picture of you and see how you compare to her!It’s really sad that that you call an atletic woman with curves “fat”.

@Anna: u must be blind, girl stop making rich to the pr guys


inspiration????? so I have to destroy your face with my hands to ‘inspire’ someone else???? come on! I don’t wish her bad but come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samara fox @ 01/11/2014 at 2:07 pm

Lmfao! I lost all respect for henry…I don’t think he wants a woman to look prettier than him if..he keeps going for dude girls,I used to think he was different ..he JT, brad Pitt they never date normal ppl it always have to be with someone famous

@Samara fox:

Or maybe he is not superficial and cares about her personality.You alla keep calling her names because of how she looks but here’s the thing :

Everyone,from actors to directors and people who met Gina in real life,have only nice things to say about her.So be happy that he chose a nice girl and not a victoria secret model!

And for the fat-shaming that is going on here…pathetic!

Henry likes the transvestites?… time colliding planets

@Jane: not sure. I wouldnt say nice things about a person who is violent. sorry

What is the foundation for saying that returned?

I’m happy for You gina Don’t listend to all this jealous people they’ll love to have your body, You are beautiful , love your baby

Poor puppy, it will be punched by her

@WMMA FAN: another shemale! great! its a circus

breezedash @ 01/11/2014 at 4:28 pm

WAT??? Girlfriend? OMG, such a bad day…

@breezedash: dont believe that ****. Its PR stunt

Adopt please @ 01/11/2014 at 4:54 pm

In .02 seconds I found about a dozen Akita rescues in and around LA, assuming that’s where they are.
So they probably paid more than 1000 for this dog, to a breeder across the country. Meanwhile they could have paid around 100 to a rescue group and adopted a much needier pup. Or better yet, saved one off of death row in a high kill shelter. Way to go.
Don’t shop, adopt!!

SUPERMAN REALITY @ 01/11/2014 at 5:30 pm

FAGGOTTO!!!! And EVERYONE KNOWS it!!!! You can hide, sir henry, but you won’t get far!!!!

I think this “relationship” is proof that Henry likes dudes.

REALLY Henry???? Other PR relationship? You could do sooo much better baby.

This relationship is proof that Henry is gay. People have been saying it all through his career. Now this is proof that he doesn’t like women.

ohgod these two again. they are both so unlikable.


I agree. This is a PR relationship so Henry can get with guys and the public will think he’s straight. this whole dog this is obviously a PR stunt too. just like their relationship.

I seriously think Henry Cavill is b1s3x@l and Gina is a semi-beard of sorts. I don’t doubt they are genuine to a level but for Cavill, it’s part PR and convenience as well.


OH GREAT the lunatic guy is back with his countless names!Pretty sure he is the one making all these comments regarding Henry’s orientation. The guy is obsessed (he went with the username @gaydar before and many other-countless-usernames).At least make an effort to not sound the same all the time!BTW,curly?you have quite the imagination!

OH the 8 last comments is from the lunatic guy who changes names all the time!

OH and i agree with @adopt please


LOL i know right?Gaydar/g8r/in the know/curly/Meagan/etc. is so desperate to proove that Henry is like him!It’s actually creepy!

@Riley: @Anna: I don’t know about that. At least a good few of those posters are longtime JJ posters. Riley/Anna seems to be the only two accounts preaching the same thing on this comment board. Just saying.


changed your name again?And what’s “the same thing i’m preaching” with Riley?And this is not my first comment here either!And i definetly don’t agree with @adopt please(COME ON…Akitas are the breed of dog that you have to get it from a breeder in order to get the “real deal”)

” At least a good few of those posters are longtime JJ posters. ”

Proof?…but a valid one!Don’t attach a link leading me to a comment of an old story that happens to have the same username!


Henry what are u doing with her? u re so good to be with that ****!!

@Buddy: A real woman with class?! LOL!!! Hahaha- she’s got fake titties. How is she a real woman?

@Anna: Hardly, you gay lunatic. I just said a few of the posters you said were the same are actually longtime posters on JJ and that you and “the Riley account” were the only posters claiming he isn’t homosexual. No harm done, but calm down. You post like the real raving lunatic on JJ. Just simmer down.

Wow… so many bitter and twisted people post things here. Newsflash – none of you actually know Henry or his gf, and never will. He’s not going to dump her for you. He probably wouldn’t look at you sideways. Enjoy his movies, perve on his hot body, but get a reality check and calm down with the hatred.


I’m the gay lunatic?Seriously?Look yourself in the mirror you crazy queen!I’m not even a guy!

And all these girls going on and on and on about how Henry should dump her obivously think that he’ s straight!And,pretty sure,that,unlike you,they have not changed their names with every comment!

I’ve yet to see anything that says caveboy cavil isn’t a homosexual. Mainly ludicrous posturing for photo ops.

And where is all the evidence that he is gay?

Who cares who he roots anyway – none of you will ever get a piece of it I’m sure!

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/11/2014 at 9:22 pm

I am happy Hen is back together with Gina. Hopefully they will marry and make many beautiful little Henries together! That’s what I’ve been preaching for: marriage and kids. No more gay bars, etc.

P.S. I did not post any of the hurtful comments above.

@gaydar/radar/in the know/etc.:

OH please…you are not fooling anyone!

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/11/2014 at 9:45 pm

Paranoid much, Riley? I am happy he is not hanging out with his gay friends. Too much temptation from them. What’s so hard to understand?

Remember I warned Hen against HIV, anal and oral cancer, etc., all associated with gay sex. I asked him to marry. I am being consistent.

@gaydar/radar/in the know/etc.: You must be drunk! Get some sleep and watch the photo again! 130 comments see henry with a shemale! And u want they have children togheter? please! Thanks god this is a PR stunt

JustChill'n @ 01/11/2014 at 11:15 pm

Umm…. I personally think Henry’s bi. There probably is some cover up going on. I think he probably swings both ways, but does ultimately want to have children one day like his brother(s). Face it, a woman is his best option if he wants to father his own children – which he has indicated is the case from his previous interviews. Now Gina… I don’t dislike her because I have a delusional fixation for HC (his appeal is gone thanks to KC & GC). I dislike her based off her previous interviews – before HC. She seriously talked & acted like a thug. She talked about getting drunk on her “40s” & enjoying physically fighting with her then boyfriend. She acted like some tough dude. She really put off a manly vibe – on purpose. You can’t criticize others for calling GC manly when she was the one to put forth that image in the 1st place. She hasn’t done anything to change it since then.

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/11/2014 at 11:37 pm

@Samy: I am not drunk: she is pretty. Even I, as a bi guy, would do Gina (or maybe she would do me:)

These pics tell me they slept together. Just look at her supersatisfied smile:
htt p://

…and her adoring gaze:
htt p://

If you’re going to say they were acting for the cameras, you forget neither of them is a very good actor. Especially her. That’s why I trust her supersatisfied smile and adoring gaze.

I am getting sick and tired of seeing this ***** with Henry already. They are making the gossip rounds…Eonline, LaineyGossip,Celebitch, you name it. Henry said he was a private person, so he’s quite the liar. Speak of the devil. So much for being private. He and Gina are becoming gossipwhores. As for Gina, you can tell she loves attention. I don’t understand why a woman would go into fighting, where there are mostly men watching? Unless she enjoys attention from men. Henry okay with that? If they marry, I don’t think it will last and will give them 3 years.

Just Jared why are you letting these degrading comments on your page? Most of the comments here are based on hates and these has to be deleted!

@gaydar/radar/in the know/etc.: so u love shemale 2? henry was sick in these awards.
Look the face of henry’s father and then tell me if all of this **** its not a pr stunt. girl, i work doing what ure believing. thats why i told u.
and yes, hes an actor. Shes a prostit/e who has nothing to do well. horrible actress, fake body (all plastic) covered with grass and violent.
and do u want this for henry? cmon!

@gaydar/radar/in the know/etc.: Damn, all these haters. They just jealous because Superman is banging Gina Carano rough and hard, UFC style just the way she likes it. She done shown him some new trick that’s why he come back to her. Man can’t get enough of that dirty a$$.

@HELLO: Girl, this woman never had enough peolpe who loved her. she always had more haters. Dont u think JJ doent know that?

@snoop: thats what u think lol keep reading 50 shades dude

@HELLO: LOL maybe because it’s what Henry and Gina’s team want. Let’s think about this, they are getting attention for free. Next thing you know, we’ll see new pics of the house they bought together, the engagement announced, even though they pretend they didn’t want it to be announced, pregnancy pictures of Gina, Gina walking pregnant to the gym, Gina walking to get Henry’s Starbuck, Gina walking their dog while carrying his baby, new baby pictures on the cover of People’s magazine. What else am I missing?

@snoop: OMG I think you win for the funniest comment post LOL

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/11/2014 at 11:55 pm

@Samy: Yeah, man. I would rather he sleep with Gina or some other female than with men. I don’t want him to catch HIV or the HPV virus that causes anal and oral cancer from gay sex. I love Henners too much.

@Emma: divorse because gina cheated henry. tipical

@gaydar/radar/in the know/etc.: I’ve never wrote that henry was gay. I dont think so. Here we’re saying henry has a really bad taste in women

@Emma: And u missed that henry lost his great career for a gossip. welcome charlie sheen

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/12/2014 at 12:03 am

@Samy: l agree with you: he is certainly not gay. He is bi.

@gaydar/radar/in the know/etc.: my hope is in he’s heterosexual. but, the time will tell us

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/12/2014 at 12:08 am

@Samy: Yes, time will tell. No secret stays hidden forever. Not with the press, especially the British one, snooping on celebrities.

@Riley: Sorry, but I’m not a lunatic guy. Other than this post, I’ve only posted one time in this thread, so you have the wrong guy!
I’m not a hater; I enjoyed watching Henry as Superman; he’s the best superman ever. And Gina’s a beautiful lady.

So this thread consists of butthurt fangirls and gaydar/in the know/curly/g8r/samy/etc. who is changing names and is replying to himself. LOL wishful thinking is a *****.I’m out….

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/12/2014 at 7:41 am

@Jane: You’re paranoid, too, not just Riley. And don’t make any sense whatsoever.

I am HAPPY Hen is back with Gina. Read again my posts above and on prior threads. I am being consistent in my urges to him and my hopes he marries a woman, whoever she may be, not a man. Why would I post hateful cr*p about the happy couple then?!

Paranoia is a b*tch, I’m telling you.

What is really funny is the haters meltdown because Henry and Gina are a couple..

I hope they will marry soon. =) Such a beautiful couple.

@Pam: Poor u, stop reading stupid pink novels honey. This is a PR stunt and, otherwise, gina is a shemale monster with nothing of talent.

@Armie: Wow, u discovered the world writing down your comment. Stupid

Taking-A-Break @ 01/12/2014 at 11:32 am

I think some of you who cry “jealousy” are lacking insight. Ask yourselves this… what are ultra, alpha, manly, heterosexual males like toward other males that are feminine? Are they accepting? He!! NO they’re no!. Most hetero alpha males are resistant & resentful of feminine males. AND… most feminine males are resistant & resentful toward hetero alpha males. Right or wrong, that’s the case. It’s just human nature – like an inner defense mechanism wanting to preserve ones species. That’s the same here just flipped gender. Feminine females are resistant & resentful toward masculine females. We have an unconscious desire to preserve our feminine nature. We don’t like to see our femininity exchanged with male attributes & be accepted – ESPECIALLY publicly. I think all the negativity toward GC is more due to this fact than jealousy over HC. Let’s face it, HC is good looking, but now women’s fancy of him has been tainted. Whether or not this is a legitimate couple, & whether or not they stay together, HC has damaged & lost his appeal with feminine woman because they feel betrayed by him for his inclination of choosing masculinity of femininity. Woman hold some darn tight grudges. And, GC will never be liked accepted by most females because she’s too opposite of what most woman are. It’s just a matter of perseverance; it’s human nature. None of which I suspect HC nor GC give a darn about. But still not good for their careers.

The magic flying fairy princess meets Gina Carano and her new dog.

I dont mind Gina but she looks like a fool for getting back with Henry – the guy who supposedly dumped her ahead of his SM tour, so he could go and date Kaley Cuoco who he supposedly always wanted to date. Henry had so many rumors flying around this summer – being a manwh0re who upgraded from women to woman, these rumors werent quashed so do we take them to be true? Also the few girls who said he touched and admired their a$$es at clubs – such a gent. All I know is they both look stupid getting back together, most of all Gina because going back to a guy who treated her badly so publicly makes her look desperate.

Just so you know, i told Henry in person when i met him here in nyc that Gina is one lucky lady. stop hating and judging people. What a lowlife and sad life you must have.

@Pam: Oh sorry, my life is better than yours. Go to drink hot milk with your mom, girl. u looked stupid


I think you’ve got a point here. I don’t agree with everything you’ve said I do agree that to fans gina is so very different. She was a cage fighter etc. I’m not going to list how different but henry is with her so he likes her. I think people will get used to them being together. I just hope their relationship is strong enough against the backlash. . Unfortunately for henry the mess of summer 2013 may never leave him. I hope 2014 is better for him.


Well if that’s a problem search for his real estate girlfriend,or his DIOR girlfriend!Also there were rumors that the brunette bartender he was seeing in Toronto was a gorgeous girl known to the Toronto citizens.

But people don’t choose who they fall in love with.Maybe it was not her appearance that attracted Henry.Maybe he met her first,saw that she has a great personality and then wanted something more!

I’d rather see him with a man than with Gina. Oh, wait…

Precious! @ 01/12/2014 at 2:31 pm

What a beautiful couple! aww I love their new baby Akita too!

Glad to see them back together. Gina is a very beautiful woman and Henry is such a handsome man. I love seeing people in love. Best wishes to Henry and Gina!

@Precious!: tell me where u see beautiful in this couple of men

@JRC: sorry dude, ure believing another pr stunt

Oh Henry please! You againg with Godzilla??
Go and look for a normal girl, not a fake

I don’t care the stupid couple, but why they’re using the dog to make the people happy?? c’mon Public Relations guys, this move is so old!

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/12/2014 at 3:09 pm

@Kyle: lf they marry, will you still call it PR?!

How is this a pr stunt when these pictures were never meant to go viral?The fact that there were more pictures out there and were taken down suggest that there was no intention for the pictures to be seen and make headlines.

Also many blind items and stories out there to proove they are real!Now i don’t know what you think about Gina and ,frankly, i don’t care.If Henry wants her she can have her. Personally i don’t think she is beautiful BUT i can see why someone can find her beautifull.There are a lot of men out there that are attracted to girl like Gina. Go to IGN or CBM . com and you will see that men consider her “hot”.

And the dog is probably the cutest thing i have ever seen!

Lmao! I bet you ******* look like a pimples compared to Gina. Stop hating woman who are thousand times prettier than you! Get a job!

and btw Gina is a very gorgeous woman. Too bad some women here are so threatened that they feel the need to bashed her. Thank God Gina don’t give a crap to anyone of you *******! Go Henry and Gina stay calm and positive!

Gorgeous couple! Love you both Henry and Gina!!!!

Yayyy finally I see new photos of them together again. I love you beautiful Gina. You are an inspiration to so many Women, Men and children around the world. Keep doing what you’re doing cuz good karma are always on your side.

Evil. you haters are evil and stupid. You cannot conceive of someone just liking a woman – a perfectly nice looking woman – for who she is. They have a lot in common! He probably broke up with her for exactly these reasons – his publicist wanted a more “hollywood” girl for Superman. At least now he’s happily back with the woman he actually likes – despite you lot and your shallow nonsense.

The only stupid thing I see here is that the same person with differents names is writing good things about that prostitu/e. So, get a life starchy/ Jenalyn/ Swaying and jim. She s not a real woman, look she has more sillicon than my mousepad. so shut up and admit that the ***** had always haters and its because she thinks she is clever to look and act like a man. She is an insult for the classy women. So, where are the jealousy??? I SEE HATE

Henry arruined his career to be with that **** and they PR stunt

@gaydar/radar/in the know/etc.: darling, nowadays marriage is not like we suppouse towas years ago. YOU CAN MARRY AND TOMORROW DIVORCE! as fast as Las Vegas. If they marry( they wount last more than 2 months), they would divorce quickly. Henry would cheat her with a REAL woman

@NE: What mess during the summer? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

What a classy lady Amy Adams is! Henry had such good chemistry with Amy (Lois Lane) on and off screen, at MOS afterparties. So what if she’s 8 years older? She is still not married and is hotter than ever after winning the Golden Globe last night. Who knows, maybe something good will happen between them on the MOS 2 set and she will drop her BF for Henry. One can only hope…

I think this is not about beauty. He´s VERY handsome so fans always are gonna say ‘she´s not that pretty’ It’s not about beauty or shapes; you can see a couple and say ‘he’s handsome’ or admit the girl is gorgeous but feel that they are meant to each other; and that’s the thing here, they look weird, like friends who date. Sadly, this is not a PR situation, there are many pics (not public) where you can see his interest on her; I don’t see that on her… But, I don’t feel or see right vibes here, only interest… not enough. Hopefully, they will recognize this and stop trying… Wish them the best but I see the same here as I saw when he was engaged with Ellen. Hopefully he won’t rush again!!!

Give Henry a break over the fiasco with Cuoco! There are compelling arguments their showmance had been ordered by their common employer WB studios, that own both HC’s MOS and KC’s BBT. First and foremost, of all superhero movies, MOS, despite its good opening, had the biggest drop in ticket sales the following week, greater than 60% according to Box Office Mojo stats (all other superhero movies had sale drops of under 60%). This must have worried the big wigs at WB who had been expecting 1 billion $ revenues according to WB’s ex-CEO. Their fears were well founded: MOS grossed a third less, 661 M worldwide. Secondly, KC tweeted a pic of herself mouth ajar under a MOS poster urging her BBT fans to go see it. Thirdly, on their staged grocery shopping outing, HC wore Superman’s colors, red t-shirt and blue jeans.

Well done!! @ 01/13/2014 at 5:34 pm

So the PR stunts continue into 2014. get a cute puppy call it kal-el. pretend the pics are released without permission. good publicity for the movie. I guess the puppy will get used to the travelling. looking forward to the next story. how come we did not see them with the puppy at the airport?

oh please! really all comments are laughable. Time will tell.

Some, most, of these comments are so laughable, especially the ones stating practically everything Gina, or Henry, or Henry and Gina do, are PR. stunts. It gives me a such good laugh! I think MARIA pretty much nailed it in with her comment. The only thing that does bother me, is the fact that Henry didn’t save a shelter animals life and adopt rather than shell out a bundle of money to a breeder. We don’t need anymore animals being created by breeders, there are plenty dogs and cats waiting to be adopted, and dieing because their time has run out. IMO, that should be the real issue of the story.. I think I have more respect for those people who come right out and admit they don’t like Gina, period., instead of being malicious, and hateful, and crude, toward her. You can not like someone, and/or be green with envy toward them, and still keep some semblance of civility. Since none of us know Gina, that’s the only thing we should be doing. Personally, I have no problem with her, I’m happy they are together.

Henry, u just ruined your life being with her. She would have herpes because she was with a lot of Hollywood men. She only wants fame

Disappointed @ 01/16/2014 at 10:34 am

Again with this….what a joke!!

Film critic @ 01/18/2014 at 2:21 pm

HC got his MOS role mainly for his looks, not so much for his acting skills: he does look the part. He should not sleep on his laurels and expect to win just as easily the James Bond audition after Daniel Craig retires. He will need to work on his acting skills for that.

Five Great Things About ‘Man of Steel’

Superman finally returns from “Superman Returns”

Source for both reviews:

htt p://{6BA4D56B-1218-48DB-86B5-6A6E007D4A7C}

@Adopt please:

Well, no. They were in Arkansas.

In less than 2 seconds, I found that out.

Sweetness, you are so right. I don’t get why people are all over her either & perhaps the don’t get the level of success she has reached in her own field. Prior to Henry Cavill landing Superman & it’s promise for more than one movie it’s very likely her net worth was well above his & that’s not including the family money she was born into on both her mother and fathers side. One owns several casinos, hotels, restaurants & vineyards and the other an oil company. She is credited by many respected members of the sports media and piers for elevating women’s fighting to the level it is now, with the interest it has now. Not only did she make money fighting, she also made money with endorsements. They likely met while she was filming F&F 6 with his friend in London. She is an athlete of a certain fame attempting to cross over to another field, no different than many before her. Models to acting, singers to acting, athletes to acting and so on. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Often these athletes don’t make it crossing over and then move on to other very successful ventures. She Kathy Ireland for an example.

Either way it’s clear the split for whatever reason during the man of steel launch & press & then reunited a couple of months after. It’s possible that it was she who did the splitting, maybe she didn’t want to deal with the stuff that goes along with it.

I don’t know either, but I do think him hooking up with her makes him more appealing to me. Picking a strong, successful partner who doesn’t fit the Hollywood stereo type look wise exactly is a breath of fresh air. I am sure if many of you saw today’s actresses in person you would be shocked how sickly and skinny the look in person.

Caio lima caldas @ 01/22/2014 at 8:15 pm

Soon or late they will split out again !!!!

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/22/2014 at 9:03 pm

I have a very good gaydar. None of Henry’s mannerisms during this 44 minute long documentary featuring him struck me as gay. So he is definitely not gay. Maybe bi?

Enjoy it @ htt p://

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/23/2014 at 12:50 am

Henry does seem too sensitive and protests (too much) to his male companion’s joking question “what about me and you?” at min. 42:50. “You lost me there. Seriously!” retorts Henry. He is too afraid to be perceived gay over a mere male friendship that he over-reacts and completely misses the jocular nature of the question. Why so sensitive, Henry?

well, SADLY for Henry haters… (those who say that he could be gay) an martial arts trainer put a recent pic of himself with Gina on his facebook, took on January 23… and he lives in Salt Lake City. So they are together and is not PR. I don’t like her for Henry but that’s another topic… lol pg

gaydar/radar/in the know/etc. @ 01/27/2014 at 12:33 am

Thank you, Isa! I am so happy for Henry that he is with a woman! Most men cannot be monogamous in relationships with other men (gay men), I know it first hand as a bi guy. Gay men do sleep around (20+ partners on average) and so end up with HIV, HPV which can cause anal/oral cancers, etc.

For all those jealous/deluded who claim GC was/is a beard and HC gay, why was she not by his side when bearding would have been most necessary, i.e. during the MOS promotion tour?! That’s not how bearding works. Also, try to explain the random, not staged fan pics of the 2 together:

htt p://

htt p://

htt p://

That’s right: they were and are together for real.

Oh, and Gina is pretty: even I would do her!

I don’t see anything wrong with being gay or not being gay, don’t understand all the agenda driven posts. It’s either folks going overboard to prove he is gay or he isn’t. If he is, big deal, if he isn’t big deal also. I would say based of recent evidence and many many first hand encounters from regular people, that Henry and Gina are in a relationship & have been for the majority of the time between August 2012 and now. It’s really not difficult to believe that based on evidence to support that and also Henry’s interview with Interview magazine in which he said she was his girlfriend and that they lived together. So one could have said they are friends who hang out together, but Henry’s interview explained their relationship as more and there is no reason not to think, based on their actions that they are not currently a couple as well.

The person who posted the link to Gina being with a martial arts trainer in Salt Lake City, you link didn’t work. Who was it & what gym.
Henry Cavill is in Detroit now, has been photographed by a couple of fans at a few bars.


Just delete the blank space in the jpg extension to make the link work.


as you say “anything is wrong with being gay or not being gay” but for his fans must be very uncomfortable, the link works

@Sweetness: Thank you Sweetmess for the only rational and decent comment here! Who the Hell are all these Gina Haters???? She is a great Athlete, a healthy female role model and is very fit and Beautiful. I don’t judge a book by its cover but if you want to diss Gina for her looks, try Googling his Ex Kaley without make-up, she is not a pretty woman and she is not a good actress either Thanks. All these Nimrod comments about Gina are from Guys with little Dicks that hate her because she can kick their stupid, fat Asses, and from Girl Haters who want to Bang Henry and are Jealous and insecure about themselves do they have to Bully her. Jesus people, take a look in the mirror and work on yourselves before throwing the Hatchet at people you don’t even know! That’s really what you do with your life? Sit in the cheap seats hurling insults at strangers? You’re a bunch of Bullies and gurantee you would be too big of a coward to say your trash talk to her Face! Get a Life!

I don’t think they are judging a book by its cover, I think they are talking about this: h ttp://
h ttp://

I didn’t know why I always felt something fake when I see her, maybe is that ??? she tries hardly to look like a lady but… Bu I can’t say she’s a “prostitute” like someone said here (what they know or heard to say that?!) or a bad person because I don’t know her.

Oh please Gina isnt lucky.
Henry Cavill is lucky because if I was Gina Carano
he would have to come with a real good reason to get back with me.
Hollywood hunk or not!
You dump me for an other women and when you had enough,
You return to me.
I dont think so!
My ex did the same, and the relationship ended.
Afther we seperated I focused on my career and
graduated from university.
Two months later I check my lotery numbers and I won.
Now he wants to get back with me.
unfortuntly for him I met a fantastic new guy.
I told my ex we will never ever be together any more,
Not in this lifetime.
Good luck, see ya.

Sheena, Henry went out with Cuoco on their common employer’s orders, Warner Bros., to promote his not as successful as hoped for MOS to her geeky BBT fans. After a great opening, the MOS numbers dropped a lot, more than any other superhero movies. I am sure Gina was informed of this charade, that’s the only reason why she took him back without thinking twice.

It’s pretty clear that they split or decided to take a timeout heading into MOS opening and all the press tours. I would bet that it was actually HC stepping out in public with another famous person that really finalized the split. HC’s brother was married in August and HC was the best man, Gina C was not at the wedding, so it wasn’t a fake split. It might even be possible that HC ended things in a flash with KC because of Gina’s reaction to it. Somehow they got back together, so they must be serious, especially if they spent the holidays together and also traveled to get a puppy together (regardless of who the owner is). It has to be hard to keep a relationship going with all that traveling and then having your families located in different countries .

A new pic of Henry and a friend. Hot!

Another new hot pic of Henry with his two friends Chris (blond guy) and his brother James:


hi, that pic is not new (I mean not took it lately) that was in a beer festival, one or two years ago? in UK :o)


yes! she didn’t go to the Henry’s brother wedding, they were not together at that time, and Cuoco’s thing was not fake but she exagerated with pics, twits and paps!!!!!! well, that’s what she always does, is her way and it works for her but not for him…

Don’t get me wrong here, I love Henry but I noticed that in his pictures he seems too close to the guys but the chicks he dates? Or whatever is going on this time around, he seems to pocket or walk hands free when he is with them.

It’s just something I noticed for a while. And to me, it’s a tad too weird. I mean really, show some public display of affection. Hold my freaking hand like you mean it, instead of walking like you are being forced to look happy. Put your arm around my waits for pity’s sake!

I took a look at the BAFTA awards pics and I was like really? He was pocketing looking the other way while Gina was smiling and ogling at him.mi was kind of disappointed coz it looked so off!

But that’s just me and honestly I don’t think I’d like to look like the recycled chick, regardless of whether my boyfriend was in the middle of a PR stunt or not. Getting dumped is a deal breaker. Carry your own weight and let the fans notice you. Being genuine is cool!

Wait a minute, so Henry sold his 3.5 mil mansion in the private estate in Hollywood? I must have been on vacation for too long. Didn’t he also say that it was his relationships with Gina and Kaley that led him to wanting a more private life ?

And that there was no privacy at all? Mmmmm? So now what? He no longer needs the privacy? Did he get over the whole following him around issue?

Forgive me, I love Henry but seriously…… If you want to stay private, stay private. Don’t jumble up the process.

Oh and by the way just in case anyone was wondering, Henry does not have a twitter, Facebook or Instagram page. Let alone Vine or YouTube channel or Tumblr. Jesus social media is huge!

Ok, so for any news on him, check his fan sites. The sites are not official. They are run by his adoring fans. Although they said they only focus on Henry, his career and not his personal life.

Last thing the world needs is a fan gal Facebook uproar lol!

Speaking of fan gal uproar, Jen Aniston listed Henry as one of her back up boyfriends and it led to a **** storm on FB! Lol!!!!!!!
Although i agree, Henry is no one’s back up. It’s rude to call people that. Honestly, it is.

The sites are many so take your pick. Safe bet is typing in Henry Cavill sites or fan sites on google.

Loving adoring fan,


@Jo: Closer to the guys than gals in pics? Doesn’t hold hands with gals? What are you implying?! That he might be gay?!?!?!

I don’t think he is gay. Although I did notice it, too, he sits closer to guys than girls in photos. Maybe he likes both :o)

He for sure likes girls. Here’s a pic of him and his GF Gina, taped to the dashboard during the Driven to Extremes documentary, shot Aug. 26-29 , 2012. Too small to see unless you freeze the frame and zoom, so clearly not for PR:


He was training in Salt Lake City, now he’s doing the same in Detroit. Obviously he can’t be in his new house because of work.

All pics we see is from fans not from him. Thanks fans!!!!!!! :o)

time will tell! @ 02/24/2014 at 11:59 am

to all the gina hater/bashers remember she’s never called the paps on herslef the way kaley cuoco did and certainly doesnt sit around reading peoples comments about herself then tweeting a response ala Kaley cuoco LOL. they seem like the real deal….just sayin….


It’s just something I noticed in many pics. Am not implying anything but still it’s too weird. I have a very keen eye.


That was 2012 though before the MOS and the drama that followed.
And honestly if am treated like a distant memory at my premier and
no pics of us together, Then you’re off posing with some bimbo? Dude bye!!

Like seriously it’s not even remotely cool in my book to get back with that same guy coz the two week PR fling suddenly got engaged and then got married.

Personally I’d feel cheap. But hey that’s me. Although i confess, giving Henry up would not be easy, although he’d have to work hard to get me back. Lol

@Jo: I believe Gina was aware of the showmance between HC and KC or else she has no self-esteem at all.

That it was a showmance almost nobody denies, it was so obviously fake and staged. It’s just the reasons for it that are debated. Some say it was to promote him among US viewers using her. I maintain that the showmance was ordered by their common employer, WB, that owns both MOS and BBT, in order to promote MOS among her BBT fans that hadn’t seen it by early July ’13 yet. They were expecting $ 1 BILLION revenues according to the WB ex-CEO, just as with each of the Batman movies. Instead the numbers dropped after the opening weekend for MOS and totalled a third less, $668 million.

All you haters kill me. LMAO. Like get serious. Calling her fat and whatever? Most of the women in Hollywood portray a VERY unhealthy and unrealistic image of what a woman should look like. This woman is and athlete with muscle and OMG isn’t a size 0!!! Shocker. You’re all just cowards at the keyboard with verbal diarrhea, who as long as your real name and face aren’t shown, aren’t afraid to attack anyone about anything. This is what our society has been reduced to. Depressing. On a happier note. Happy for them. Cute puppy.


well… being slim is not being unhealthy, that’s your prejudge. She’s not fat but she has not curves; it doesn’t mean that’s awful, that’s ok

I think one reason of “the attack” is all the environment she lived on when she was fighting, for example she got naked “to lose weight in the balance before a fight” come on! and drunk pictures… Some girls don’t like she got boobs… maybe another reason could be that she’s not a (good) actress… she has a hardworking team because she’s a GREAT fighter but not an actress, maybe with the time???

she seems sweet but for a reason I don’t feel her 100% real, I don’t now what it is (and I saw tons of interviews to say that) Anyway, everyone deserves good luck and she’s having it, great for her!


well… being slim is not being unhealthy, that’s your prejudge. She’s not fat but she has not curves; it doesn’t mean that’s awful, that’s ok

I think one reason of “the attack” is all the environment she lived on when she was fighting, for example she got naked “to lose weight in the balance before a fight” come on! and drunk pictures… Some girls don’t like she got boobs… maybe another reason could be that she’s not a (good) actress… she has a hardworking team because she’s a GREAT fighter but not an actress, maybe with the time???

she seems sweet but for a reason I don’t feel her 100% real, I don’t Know what it is (and I saw tons of interviews to say that) Anyway, everyone deserves good luck and she’s having it, great for her!

Corey, his best gay friend, kissing Henry:

Is Henry gay?

Gina’s fans, You must be like Britney’s fans: they know and realize that she has an awful (medium?) voice but they support her work. It’s the same with G, she is not a (good) actress, face it! although, she is a good fighter! It’s not about “hating”, it’s her!

These must be 2 female friends or even ex-GFs? Does anybody know for sure?

htt p://

htt p://

So he’s probably not gay, if anything bi or straight, but not gay.


Hi Lori, the first one in one girl from Calgary who he dated and the second one is a fan from Spain when he filmed there.

I DON’T understand some people who say that “he’s stiff” but when he’s natural and casual (like any of us) with his friends or fans “he’s gay” or a “womanizer” That’s just crazy! lol

Is he gay???

htt p://

Cavill often frequents gay bars!

Henry is Gay but he is Superman and he must have a woman next …! Business is business!

Looking at the photo of Henry and Gina look like two friends with a dog, Gina and Henry are in love with Henry is gay! but I made ​​her!


You are a bad person!

“In October 2006, Taylor became engaged to NASCAR driver Burney Lamar after just three dates. They met at an autograph session in January 2006. Their wedding was on December 27, 2006, at the Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, California. Instead of gifts, the couple asked for donations to be sent to Victory Junction Gang Camp, a camp for chronically ill children in North Carolina.
Taylor and Lamar’s first child together, daughter Ciel Taylor Lamar, was born on March 4, 2009, one day before Taylor’s 34th birthday. Taylor lives with her husband, daughter and sons in a French colonial house on 7 acres (28,000 m2) in Brentwood, Tennessee. On November 16, 2011, Taylor gave birth to her second child with Lamar, a son named Rex Harrison Lamar@


I don’t think he dumped her… they just ended the relationship because both looked VERY happy at that time. If he’s using her as you wrote so, she is dump! don’t you think? The truth is that they are trying and that’s ok right?

well, sadly for those who always are trying to say that he’s gay, here’s a new pic of them (this March 10th in Detroit where he’s working) As you can see is very clear that they didn’t see that someone took the pic, so (sadly for me lol) they still together…

Henry Cavill is gay but he should not confess because his career would end, and then takes pictures with actresses, Cuoco and Gina, but loves men!

@patricia: Ikr? It’s so friendly like looking and SO detached. And I hate it when he looks like he’s trying too hard to look happy. Yet when I see him in pics with men he’s all giddy. Look at that pic of him & Corey for example plus the previous pics.
I love Hens, I really really do, but ugh just ugh….everything seems so forced.
I always get that smelly instinct that something is just not right.

@Ricky: See? Now those are the kind of pics that make me go.. Um why can’t you be that way with the chicks Hens? Why do you seem so detached from the females?

So he says he’s monogamous! Lol! I’ll admit I did not know that. I thought he was a one woman kind of man. Am still cracking up!

When he put on the Superman costume: “Laugh?” Henry Cavill is staring at me incredulously. “Of course I didn’t laugh. For a guy, it’s pretty much the most awesome moment you can possibly imagine.”

His private life: “It’s important to keep your private life separate from your professional life when you’re in the public eye, otherwise the two get horribly blended together and it bites you in the ass one day… [Celebrity relationships] take a lot of understanding from the other person, because there’s a lot of time apart, but I’ve always been a monogamous man.”

His taste in ladies: “What’s important to me is that a woman has confidence in what she is, as opposed to trying to conform to someone else’s type.” We establish that he dislikes aggressive women “because they’re always on the defensive” and that romantically, he’s “old-school, but still very much of the times”.

He likes ladies who drink a lot: “l like a good drinking buddy… and I can drink a lot”

He doesn’t want ladies to dress provocatively: “There’s something incredibly sexy about a dress that leaves you guessing.”

He loves women’s bodies: “Well, what’s great is a woman’s shape as a whole. I mean, no artist could imagine a more beautiful shape. It’s incredible. A man can look attractive, beautiful even, but nothing like a woman naked. That’s why women would rather look at other naked women than at men.”

Love henry @ 03/18/2014 at 7:48 am

@ricky: yeah you forgot to mention that this same gay friend stated on his Facebook henry is straight. Nice try though

Unfortunately Henry Cavill is gay! You have to accept that Harry loves men! To prepare for the role of Superman did Henry not being too much gym too high. however, is his business!

Love henry @ 03/21/2014 at 10:18 pm

@sandy: I will accept henry being gay if that truly is the case. I just think that if he was gay his gay friends would not approve of him bearding with several women. They might not mind him being quiet about his sexuality but bearding I don’t think so. I am just curious why you are so certain. I can understand questioning his sexuality but because he has gay friends does not automatically mean he’s gay. Just curious what makes you sure. Again his gay friend who supposedly is a gay activist said he’s straight. I don’t see lying about that

Krinakristina @ 03/31/2014 at 9:14 am

Gina is a f*t woman without class and you dear teen girls do not say I’m happy if Henry is happy sounds so L*me .Do not forget to make a fan club or kiss gina’s fat a*s full of cellulite

Gina look’s like a infl*table doll if they will marry. They will divorce very soon. It will be a tragedy for Henry’s family .

Passing by @ 04/07/2014 at 1:59 pm

How anyone can assume to know what type of person Gina Carano is or what type of family she comes from is beyond me. It’s simple to check someone’s background & family info on the internet. A few facts, she comes from money on both sides of her family & it’s not just casino money, their own chains of gas stations, an oil company & vineyard with high end restaurants in California. She is not divorced ( never married), doesn’t have children out of wedlock, and has no arrest history. She has also managed to make a name for herself and her own money despite being born into privilege. As for what Henry Cavill’s family May or may not think of her, none of us has knowledge of that information. It might also help to know that one on Henry’s brothers is married to a woman who has been divorced and has children, and nobody seems to be judging her in the cavill family. Seems the only problem people have with GC is that she created a career for herself as an MMA female fighter & that job requires her to have a muscular body vs the typical holywood type. Interesting how everyone is accusing her of using Henry cavill to make a name for herself and yet during her interviews for her new movie she has yet to mention him once , nor has her pr people allowed any questions regarding him or her current relationship status to be asked.

Did any of you ever consider the possibility that Henry dates ugly women because he likes to be the pretty one?

Also interesting that they got back together right before the next Superman movie started shooting and they were looking to cast Wonder Woman. Poor Henry.

omg lets make a drama now gina f*t carano is a victim . now she is an independent sl*t. ? No she isn’t because she wants more fame wh*re because she is a real sl*t with a big v*gina. And henry is also hungry for publicity.Nobody from europe have ever heard about gina f at carano now she is famous because she is f*cking with cavill

Passing by @ 04/09/2014 at 2:59 pm

Folks clearly do not understand what it means to use another to self promote your career, if they did they would understand that clearly isn’t what is going on with these two. Celebs that want to pimp an image make sure they are seen together and often. Many times they do this while acting as if they protest having their relationships and children in the public eye. See ben affleck and jennifer garner who will hardly walk a red carpet together and yet make sure the live in the heart of la pimping out their family for photographs daily. Also making sure to speak about the other during every promotional interview along the way. Or G. Paltrow & Chris Martin who just happened to announce their seperation the week he was on the view and releasing an album. They don’t want the apps to take photos and yet release pictures of their kids on twitter and Instagram to millions. See Beyoncé and Jayz and then Reese Witherspoon and so many more.

I don’t see henry or gina making mention of the other on the web or in interviews ( except Henry in Details) , neither post personal photos either. Instead of leaks about Gina returning to the MMA or her Movie, if she was using Henry for PR her team would be pushing the fact that henry is her boyfriend and that’s not what is going down. It’s clear her team is taking the opposite approach in having those questions banned. Better yet, why don’t the just show up at places the know the will be photographed together like other celebs? Even Kaley C is still using the power of superman mention for self PR while claiming otherwise. And the hard truth is most people don’t even know who Henry Cavill is yet, he isn’t an A lister at this point.

Good morning,

I just wanted to say something in regards to Henry’s sexuality. It’s really non of the world’s business. Although the peak of interest in it is high if you ask me. I would also wonder. But am kind of done doing that. He confuses me most of the time. But my love for him tramps all that.

As for the gay activist friend stating that Henry’s straight… what exactly would you want him to say if in fact Henry is gay? He can’t just blurt it out there because it’s not his secret to tell. Well if it’s a secret anyways.

There was an actor who stated that before he came out of the closet he had to pretend to be straight. Appearances with women and all that. Fr work related purposes of course. He also frequented gay bars on a regular basis and most of his company was with men. Until he decided there was no reason to be silly and act like he did not prefer men. So he put it out there for the world to know. And also said that he could not be any happier.

So…. If Henry’s gay and he prefers to shut his mouth about it, that’s his business.

I’ll be honest about one thing though. Henry’s answers on his sexuality are always vague. Pay attention to them. And maybe just maybe he does like it both ways. Mmmmm? Who knows?

Anywho the media seems to have taken it down a notch in following him around so that’s a plus for him I guess. Lol.

There was also a very cute clip from pop sugar of Henry and his fans in West Hollywood. And I’ll just say that he seemed very chipper and happy. I think in the last cute segment he was walking home. Lol. He did say he loves to walk.

Have a nice weekend all…. Ciao!

Stop the hateful comments!
These two people seem to be beautiful inside and out!
Wish them the best!

Love henry @ 05/04/2014 at 2:51 am

@Jo: you should read the earlier post I did. If henry was gay and it was a secret it would make more sense for corey to just say it isn’t his place to talk about Henry’s sexuality not go on his Facebook and point blank state that he is straight. I doubt a gay activist would out a friend but I doubt they would lie about their sexuality either

Love henry @ 05/04/2014 at 3:10 am

@Jo: oh yeah who is this actor you mention talking about henry? What is the actors name? By the way henry hasn’t been vague about his sexuality. He has said he is straight not just corey. You would have to believe both are lying as we’ll as his other gay friends. Bottom line gay,straight or bisexual it’s not like any of us have a chance him.

Sassy Gurl @ 06/20/2014 at 5:42 am

Henry is gay and needs a beard; Gina is his beard. Ellen and Kaley couldn’t accept the fact that they were his beards. They both wanted real relationships. Gina doesn’t care since she has no acting career to speak of: cannot act to save her life, only knows how to fight. Plus, he probably doesn’t care that she is a woman since she looks like a man anyway. Have you seen her hands? They are man-hands!!!

Lovehenry @ 06/22/2014 at 1:24 am

@Sassy Gurl: here we go again. What part of private life do you not understand? Henry’s private life is exactly that, private. After three years of those kind of accusations I would think you would stop with your obsession with this mans and move on. I don’t know what is driving this obsession of yours but you need to let it go. Henry has stated before that he is straight. Only he knows whether that is true or not. You should him the benefit of the doubt and if it turn out that henry was lying then you can accuse of bearding and say I told you so. For right now I will believe him unless proven otherwise and you should do the same

Love henry @ 06/22/2014 at 11:04 am

I seriously doubt gina is a beard for good reasons. 1. No studio in their right mind would choose a beard that is a mma fighter especially over a model or beauty queen contestant. 2. Even if they did hire gina she was nowhere to be found at the “man of steel” premieres. She did not make an appearance at any of them. 3. I don’t know if they are friends, friends with benefits or girlfriend and boyfriend but it is none of your business. You should give him the benefit of the doubt and stop making accusations you cannot prove

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