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Henry Cavill & Gina Carano Add a Puppy to Their Family

Henry Cavill & Gina Carano Add a Puppy to Their Family

Henry Cavill and his on-again girlfriend Gina Carano are all smiles while posing with their new puppy in this new pic!

“We are proud to announce the newest members of the Big Bear family! Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) and Gina Carano (Fast and Furious 6) are the proud owners of a Big Bear Akita. It was so great working with Henry and getting to meet him as well as Gina was truly a treat,” breeder Big Bear Akitas shared about the 30-year-old actor and the 31-year-old actress.

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They added, “Both Henry and Gina are genuine and a joy to be around. It was truly an honor to add them to our extended family and thank them for their patience in meeting us and our children. It’s not everyday that an A-list celebrity, much less 2 celebrities come to Beebe, AR to visit.”

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  • Joah

    @Cave chick: hey girl, Barney left u? ure who looks like a 12 years old girl answering each comment. If u are a fan of gina, marry her

  • Cave chick

    @Johanna: Really? Two franchises in 2 years equals a ruined career? What is your definition of success?

  • Cave chick

    @British Latin American: Who gives a shit! People love who they love. F$&@ society!

  • Ham

    @Joah: @Joah: she must be a shemale like gina lol

  • Cave chick

    @Sweetness: Completely agree! He’s damn lucky she gave him another chance!

  • Lol

    @Cave chick: which chance? they were never been a serious couple. she’s a whore

  • marian

    @Lol: Completely agree! she needs fame!

  • London

    I dont know why are people who cares what that woman trash does. she is a whore, and henry is a man. henry havent found his real woman, so lets him get some fun with her prost*ute

  • Mattew

    @London: well said, dude

  • Freya

    cant believe why henry is whit that shit prostit*te

  • jennifer

    i have a crush on henry and of course gina is not the most beautiful girl in the planet but he looks happy with her, so obviously he doesn´t care about the looks he even have something with the athetes women, his ex girlfriend ellen is a equestrian rider, kaley cuoco practice a lot of sports and gina is a mixed martial artist, so stop all the hate!

  • Curly Sue

    Leave Henry and Gina alone! Gina is a strong, beautiful Italian woman! She can kick his ass and put him in his place (which is why he probably likes her!). This isn’t a publicity stunt. They probably did break up during MOS promo because of the crazy press tour, he messed up, flew her to Rome and begged to have her back. She still loved him and now they’re taking that to the next level – buying a dog together. If Henry’s happy, I’m happy. I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness together!

  • Pretty

    I bet all these hate comments against Gina are made by the same person using different e-mail add. Get a effin life whoever you are. I hope all these nasty things your spreading against Gina will soon catch up with you and Karma would smack you so hard!

  • Pretty

    You go Gina and Henry! Just laugh at these idiots cuz obviously their lives are miserable!

  • F_ckU

    Gina you are a big inspiration to many women. Henry is very lucky to have you… This is coming from Henry’s biggest fan.

  • Candycrush

    Omg! Some women here are evil! The only reason you are hating her is because she’s Henry’s girlfriend! You haters should join a dating website…. find yourself a bf!!!!

  • wow

    I’m glad he came to his senses and got back with her. She’s obviously a strong woman who can withstand all the nastiness and jealousy from his fangirls.

  • jane

    A-list?? lmfao

  • Realist

    Lolll so many little girls on this thread crushed by the fact that he’s dating a real woman. She’s beautiful and an amazing athlete who made a name for herself YEARS ago. I personally think they make a very cute couple and in this case his choice of woman makes me respect him even more. Girls need to stop tearing down successful women. Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius. Grow up.

  • Nikki

    Damn, I’m sad that they’re back together and I feel mean for saying that! But Henry could do A LOT better. Are they seriously a couple or is it pr crap?

  • MoS

    I think (hope?) the media are blowing this wayyy out of proportion. This is Henry’s dog, that he happens to have gotten while he’s dating her. I dont think that makes them a family. Not until she does the *oopsie my birth control failed routine*.

  • MoS

    Also the idea that these two broke up because MoS press tour is BS

    Look at the time lines. Everyone still just assumed they were together during that time. It WAS AFTER WARDS that him and Kaley boned for a week.

  • Mari


    I agree, all the hate rants are probably from the same couple of fans trolling around. I don’t understand why people think their opinion on Henry’s relationship, or Gina personally, is worth a damn bean!
    You may think his ideal women is: “blonde, size zero thin, shares his interest in classical history, *insert generic characteristic*, blah, blah, blah etc and so on”, but that’s what you’ve all constructed in your own minds as being his atypical ideal, dependent on your own fantastical ideologies. *News flash*, no matter what type of female you prefer him to be with, and no matter how ‘perfect’ that model appears to be on paper, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a happy and healthy relationship in reality.

    A lot of hate remarks are directed towards Gina’s appearance, and I think that is completely disrespectful. I am envious of their relationship, but I can appreciate that Gina is physically pretty, and she has a natural and sincere appeal. If that is a reflection of her personality, then Henry is lucky to have such a partner, and fans should support that.

    Lastly, no offense, but if you’re going to take the time to criticize or make comment, try to show some decent literacy skills. Otherwise your argument comes across as ignorant and invalid.

  • @Mari

    Tough I think she is pretty I don’t know how you can say she is “natural”
    Its widespread known that she has breast implants. So uh… not so natural.

  • yulia

    Henry C. is gay! He was often seen in gay clubs!

  • Pam

    awwww. happy family photo. they will make beautiful babies too.

  • GoneGirl

    Pretty pathetic that this photo sold to JJ. The owners of that dog place asked people to remove it from the fan sites. So why did it end up on a tabloid site?

    Doesn’t that tell you people anything? Henry, Gina, and the owners of the pictures got paid for this photo.

  • ???

    Another forced aren’t we cute photo-op. Didn’t Cavill learn anything from the Kaley Cuoco debacle?

  • pechilvr

    Did no one learn from the whole Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dog custody issue? Plus they arent the only ones with the whole “lets get dogs because we cant do the kid thing right now!”

  • Belen

    ugh! this woman is so nasty! Henry, please! Go for a real woman with class!

  • Belen

    lol I just red that she looks like a shemale! yeah! its right! so henry must be gay!

  • You are a cave chick

    @Cave chick: I’m sure you’d never qualify to be in Maxim, either. Stop calling people idiots, because you’re the one who sounds like one. You don’t know them any more than anyone else, so stop acting like you do. There have always been strong gay rumors surrounding him, especially after the fake Kaley romance, so who knows if he’s really in love with her or not.

  • Roci

    @GoneGirl: completely agree!

  • Doggy

    It would be nicer if they had adopted from an animal shelter instead of a backyard breeder. So many homeless animals die in shelters every year.

  • John S

    Henry’s female fans are among the worst I have ever come across. They are petty, nasty and immature. Like if they could even nab a man like him. Gina was already making a name for herself before Henry broke big with MOS. She is a hard worker and a role model for women and feminism. The girl does not need him to make a name for herself as seen in her rising career. From MMA to movies. She is natural here and and unlike those dolled up Hollywood stars who when you see them without makeup you’d not see anything special either. Henry and Gina best of luck to you. With fans like these Henry does not need enemies.

  • Josh

    @John S: sorry man, Im not a woman and your comment against them makes u like stupid gay. did gina pay u to say that kind of things?

  • Kristine

    @Josh wth are you defending those haters? Well obviously you are one of them and I bet you’re a woman hiding in a man’s name! Yeah whatever bitch! Lmao

  • Buddy

    Gina Carano is a real woman with class so now you know why Henry is with her?! Go Gina and Henry!!!

  • Freya

    @Buddy: stop drinking man, make u have allucinations

  • Maggie

    These two look so natural… NATURALly without grace, talent, personality, spontaneous, brightness, direct. Lack of neurons in 3,2,1… Oops! be late!

  • cmac

    You people are vicious! Two people, back together, looking happy, new puppy…what is there to be so mean about?

  • Nina

    I don’t get all of the hate Gina either. Henry’s a big guy so he would need a beautiful but strong woman who doesn’t look like she would pass out beneath him. I can’t see him with one of those wispy angular thin models.

  • Kathlyn

    LOL – poor Henry! Love him but he needs a better PR group and just come out please. Biggest joke now.

  • Anna

    Hoe the F is this a PR?People hated Gina when he was dating her the firdt time…he would not go back to her if it was for PR!And there were more pictures of the two together with the puppy but were removed because the owner posted them in his provate FB page and got anry when the pictures were taken without permission!None photo was bought and noone got money.

    @yulla seriously?Peter Dinklage,Chris Evans and many other STRAIGHT celebrities have been spotted in gay bars.Kit Harrighton recently said that there is one particular gay bar that he loves to hang out.This is not a medieval society we live in.Straight guys can have gay friends.It’s quite common in Europe.

    And you people are seriously are hating on Gina?To begin with,she is a beautiful woman.I would love for all of you who call her ugle or fat to post a picture of you and see how you compare to her!It’s really sad that that you call an atletic woman with curves “fat”.

  • Rohan

    @Anna: u must be blind, girl stop making rich to the pr guys

  • karina


    inspiration????? so I have to destroy your face with my hands to ‘inspire’ someone else???? come on! I don’t wish her bad but come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samara fox

    Lmfao! I lost all respect for henry…I don’t think he wants a woman to look prettier than him if..he keeps going for dude girls,I used to think he was different ..he JT, brad Pitt they never date normal ppl it always have to be with someone famous

  • Jane

    @Samara fox:

    Or maybe he is not superficial and cares about her personality.You alla keep calling her names because of how she looks but here’s the thing :

    Everyone,from actors to directors and people who met Gina in real life,have only nice things to say about her.So be happy that he chose a nice girl and not a victoria secret model!

    And for the fat-shaming that is going on here…pathetic!

  • Aracely

    Henry likes the transvestites?… time colliding planets

  • Roci

    @Jane: not sure. I wouldnt say nice things about a person who is violent. sorry