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Shia LaBeouf Retires From Public Life, Thanks Fans for Support

Shia LaBeouf Retires From Public Life, Thanks Fans for Support

Shia LaBeouf has taken to his Twitter account – possibly for the last time ever – to tell his fans that he is retiring from “public life.”

“In light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity, I am retiring from all public life,” the 27-year-old actor tweeted very early this morning. “My love goes out to those who have supported me.”

He concluded his message with “#stopcreating,” which alluded to a cease and desist letter he received from famed artist Daniel Clowes‘ lawyer.

In case you’ve missed the whole story, Shia plagiarized his new short film, which was a direct adaptation of a comic written by Daniel.

Shia posted the entirety of the cease and desist letter for his fans to read, and even made the image his Twitter cover pic, where he blacked out all of the lettering except “he must stop all efforts to create.” Check out the letter below.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Shia LaBeouf’s retirement from public life??

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  • Alexis

    He’s an idiot.

  • go go

    Wish he meant it,,,,,

  • Alaia

    But did he plagiarise it?

  • annejumps

    Epic flounce

  • scarlett

    Not surprised. I actually think he has some sort of mental illness…literally. His behavior is too unpredicable and bizarre. Wouldn’t be surprised if he suffered from bi-polar disorder or some other mental illness.

  • jill


    You are an idiot.

  • Sara Z

    Entitled brat takes a hissy cuz’ he got caught stealing, oh I mean ‘creating.’ Boo f@#$ing Hoo. First world problem much……..

  • N.

    God bless him. People are so judgmental. Its worse people doing worse things. Where’s the humanity?

  • N.

    @Sara Z:

    He has apologized countless times. You want him to donate body parts, sacrifice his first born? Let it go

  • Nicole


    Well, he could start by not acting like a jerk about it. But, since he is incapable of acting like he cares, he should definitely go away. I used to be a fan long ago, but now, I say good riddance.

  • redwine11

    I agree with Alexis. He’s an idiot. Major douchebag.

  • living in a box

    @N.: this is not his first time plagiarize someone work. and yes, there is no longer originality in Hollywood. example Iron Man 3 have a same premise with The Incredibles, or Pacific Rim with Evangelion.

  • :)

    I feel sorry for him in a way. I’m in my 20’s as well and I understand what it’s like to want credibility. However, nobody over 35 takes you seriously. One mistake and the superiors are ready to sacrifice you.

  • Janire

    WTF with this dude?

  • Lyn

    Why is this even news???? Though I do have to say that every time a “star” gets in any kind of public conflict or “trouble”, they then pull the whole “I’m closing all my social media accounts and going dark” routine. Look, I wish them all well- I really do, but they need to get over themselves. Geez.

  • Kelly

    he’s just acting like a child about the situation. Hopefully he’ll learn how to handle things better in the future.

  • SnarkAttack

    Stunt queen.

  • Artistic

    LOL – “artistic” and Shia should not be used in the same sentence….face it, he became famous from a role anyone could have done. Next….

  • :)

    Geez alot of haters on here. Life is a tough crowd

  • beth

    So…the Illuminati were messing with him lately and he decided to retire from public life….we’ll see how long it will take until we’ll hear again about him, bad or good thing

  • redwine11

    His level of arrogance deserves sarcasm.

  • Lalique

    Regardless of the accuracy of the accusations of plagiarism,

    1) He will not be missed — he is not famous enough;

    2) He will be back when he thinks this has blown over.

  • Amy

    LMAO. I wonder how he would like it if someone plagiarized his work. I’m sure he would sue them.

  • MimiB

    He was caught plagiarizing, he is performing live sex in a “art” porn film… I think he’s done this to himself. Not judging him, but I don’t think I care to support his performances by buying tickets.

  • jane

    how do you retire from ‘public life’???

  • pinkydoo

    Typical narcissist. Its payback time

  • Azgirl71

    Wow! Alot of hate and anger being spewed! I think he did wrong and knows it and how many of you, when you were young , did something wrong and wanted forgiveness and had to work to earn it. Why shouldn’t he shut down his social media sites when all any body can do is spew hate and hanger. Let it go people!

  • Rae

    Not hating, just honest. Never cared for his work.

  • :(

    This is sad news! He had a real talent in acting, I was hoping to see him play Mutt Williams in Indy 5, despite what all the nasty people say about his character in that movie, I thought he was witty. Sad to see him go! I wish him all the best, maybe he can pursue psychology like he said he wanted to major in.

  • Jessica

    So, plagiarism is “artistic integrity” now? Shia, get your head out of your ass and your giant ego and be grateful for the level of success you have had already. Your ego precedes your talent and you don’t have a strong enough resume of good films and performances to claim to be an artist yet.

  • smartest thing

    Best of luck to Shia…… I believe the smartest thing a famous person can do is stay off ALL social media. Ban it from their lives. Don’t tweet. Don’t get on Facebook. Don’t read articles and papers about yourself. Certainly don’t blog. It’s the only way to stay sane because no matter how good or noble you are, or how physically attractive you may be, you will ALWAYS have haters and people who don’t like you. Constantly taking all that junk into your spirit and becoming aware of how the public feels about you will take a toll on your emotional well-being… eventually. Not worth it.

  • Too Bad

    He is soooooooooo strange!! This explains why he gets beaten up all the time at bars, he probably insigates it. That video of him staring down the motorcylist from inside his truck is proof he wants to start Sh&t with people…hope this guy gets help.

  • :)

    @smartest thing I agree! Celebrities are people too. It’s sad that people are so nasty. I bet it’s nice to read comments fom supporters though. Beautiful souls do exist in the world

  • thema

    artistic integrity??hahaahahhaahahaha

  • Jessie

    He’ll be back. Maybe even tomorrow lol. He is a narcissist who can’t help yapping about his delusional $hit. Maybe this is what happens when you see your mother having sex with strange men too many times. According to him it ain’t nothing but a thang.

  • jennyred

    @Lalique: @:):
    I agree with you haters with no heart.

  • jennyred

    FYI 1) He will be remembered, For a brilliant mind he has.

  • jennyred

    I agree with you, negative people with no heart and no soul, Shia will come back, but hopefully not to his twitter account. Poor man it’s already haunting him now.

  • kelli

    Who? Can’t miss someone I don’t even know

  • Taking-A-Break

    He doesn’t seem too mentally stable.

  • alexandrina

    what does it mean by retire from ‘public life’? living in a jungle or something?

  • Louise

    This guy has been a well known douche for is it news to people he was capable of this?

  • Thoughts

    He’ll be back.

    Maybe during his sabbatical, he will learn how to treat people better, Nd not bite the hand that feeds him. He’s got talent but no humility. He’s been given every advantage in the world then just insults those that have given him great work. He needs to grow up. If time away will give e him some perspective, that’s good. I hope he does follow through and comes back more level headed and calm.

  • OMG

    @:): You don’t get credibility by stealing it, you have to earn it.

  • cake

    This is a bitter shame about Shia.He is definitely one of the better celebs that acted for the love of “art”not for the superficial reasons that some celebs do. I really hope he has a change of heart about this. You can tell by his acting that he seemed to be passionate about it.

  • Jack


    And each one of those apologies have been plagiarized from older apologies from other people. Get all the facts. Shia has either lost his mind or his ego is the size of the world.

  • :)

    @OMG I never said what he did was right. Sometimes you have to let young people learn the hard way.

  • Snowball.

    Shia needs a 5051 involuntary psychiatric hold put on him for the safety of himself and others. Less violent people then him have had one, and if people actually care about him, they would know it’s overdue.

  • Lilly.

    Shia has become mentally sick and needs help. He needs to be taken in on a involuntary hold for mental evaluation. It’s called a 5051 hold. He’s going to hurt someone bad and everybody knows it!