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Leonardo DiCaprio & Daniel Bruhl - BAFTA Tea Party 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio & Daniel Bruhl - BAFTA Tea Party 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio looks very handsome while attending the 2014 BAFTA LA Awards Season Tea Party at the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor was seen mingling with many members of BAFTA at the event. He received a nomination from the organization for Best Leading Actor for his work in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Also in attendance at the tea party were Daniel Bruhl with model girlfriend Felicitas Rombold, Jason Isaacs, and Rizzoli & IslesSasha Alexander with director hubby Edoardo Ponti.

Make sure to watch the Golden Globes later tonight to see if Leo or Daniel pick up the awards they are nominated for!

FYI: Leo is wearing Mulberry.

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and others at the tea party…

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  • Lilly

    He looks good there :-) have a good day everyone x

  • Yup

    Wow. Leo is looking good. Bringing the hotness, which is rare these days. Hope he wins tonight!!!

  • h

    Daniel Bruhl girlfriend Felicitas Rombold is not a model she is a psychologist

  • BZ

    Beverlyhillsjambo ‏@Bevlyhillsjambo1 min

    At bafta golden globes tea party- Leonardo Dicaprio sporting goatee beard thronged by bafta members n some hot ladies- he loves it

  • Jjj

    Toni garrn googles herself. She probably knows what people say about her…

  • Iim

    While sugar baby is sleeping. Not in the same bed. Then he couldn’t cheat.

  • Ok

    Woe, we made it four comments without someone posting about toni.

  • Ok

    Thank you!

  • @5

    The Obsession is real
    What the fack has Toni got to do with this post?.
    Good luck at the GGs Leo!!

  • lol

    @Ok: LMBO. IKR

  • francine

    Please, Jared…The lady with the pink jacket is way too elegant and classy to be a model….LOL!

  • Isa

    Leo looks great and in a good mood !
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • Well

    Do you think Leo will surprise the public by having his “toothpick” barely legal giraffe on the red carpet with him tonight?
    Or will she have the only privilege of waiting at some of his after-parties with the rest of his old pals to celebrate with him (like his ex-gfs)?

  • @fangirls

    Did’t see the like…stop lying why would Toni like a pic? Stop making up things that are not there. LIARS, LIARS YOU NEED TO STOP THE MADNESS!!

  • @3

    Sasha Alexander remains beautiful. I’m so happy for Daniel in getting a GG hope he gets an Oscar nom

  • model

    Felicitas IS a model. A Z list model. Google it, guys.

  • Lilly
  • she’s a fangirl

    @@fangirls: its not a lie, I saw it too…she liked a pic of Leo in the sea looking for Rose around the same time while Leo was out working!!! LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PSYCHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This isn’t the first time she has fangirled leo btw! Stalker in the making…

  • Types

    If I’m honest. I prefer the Leo thread to Gerard’s. You think Leos fans are bad. Not as bad as his.

  • fangirls

    Leo fangirls are pathetic! I feel sorry for Leo’s girlfriend and ex-girlfriends.
    These fangirls are 30, 40 year old. LOSERS!

  • tweet

    •mawieeener• ‏@marinabyrne 48m

    omg my uncle met Leonardo Dicaprio……. BRB CRYING

  • What’s next

    @Lilly: I muast say Some are being very hard with Leo and this film. But Leo also choose the wrong words to explain himself.

  • tweet

    Brooke Caldwell ‏@Brookecaldwell_ 11h
    We were driving through Hollywood and we were literally like 20 feet away from Leonardo dicaprio 😍

    tessa ‏@tessadubay 9h
    @Brookecaldwell_ what oh my gosh he’s my love omg

    Brooke Caldwell ‏@Brookecaldwell_ 9h
    @tessadubay I know😍 I I only got to see him driving up and all the paparazzi but still I was so close

  • S

    Leo looks handsome! Going to be watching tonight. I really think he deserves to win!

  • she’s a fangirl

    @fangirls: and what does that make Leo …he’s 40 still in the kiddie pool. Oh I know SUPER pathetic LOSER! : )

  • tweet


    Ayub Dwi Ardiyono ‏@AyubArdiyono 6h
    Leonardo DiCaprio was Here!!!! #TravelAsean (at The Memory At On On Hotel) —

  • lolz

    @she’s a fangirl:
    i was going to post EXACTLY the same thing but you posted it first:)
    I want to add that its funny how this poster calls Leo fangirls pathetic while she’s one of them….

  • ####

    Leonardo Fan (@LeoDiCaprio_Fan)
    1/12/14, 5:26 AM
    [Photo] Leonardo DiCaprio attends the BAFTA Awards Season Tea Party at Los Angeles in Beverly Hills on January 11. #3

  • lilz

    @####: what the heck is Leo looking at? lol

  • ####


    I don’t know…wondering that too!!

  • @lilz

    He saw Toni’s shadow sneaking into the party.

  • HAHA12

    Daniel and his gf look nice together. I didn’t know he was also dating a model.
    And a win for Leo tonight would be awesome, but I still say the odds are in Bruce Dern’s favor, which I wouldn’t oblige, since he’s gotten great reviews for Nebraska. Just hope Leo loosens up and has fun tonight. The GG’s are my favorite awards ceremony of the year by far! Love seeing movie stars drunk and mingling with each other.

  • so funny

    So Daniel decided to bring his model girlfriend and Leo decides to LEAVE HIS model girlfriend at home looking him up on the internets! Nice! lol I know I’m stretching it here and most people don’t agree but don’t even think she’s going to be at the after parties!!

  • hammer time

    @so funny: looking up leo online while you’re dating him is one thing, posting and liking pics for the public to see shows a lack of awareness and proves she likes Leo the movie star…. I guess this is why she has no idea the hammer is coming…

    Leo leo leo,…always talking about someone liking him for himself and not because he a movie star. Someone could use their own advice.

  • @HAHA12

    Hi and agreed but I’m still hoping I mean Dern will likely get the Oscar, so can Leo get the GG pretty please?????????????

  • HAHA12

    I REALLY HOPE LEO WINS! Like I’d be sosososo happy, I haven’t seen Inside Llewyn Davis or Nebraska yet but between Bale, Joaquin, and Leo I gotta give Leo the edge for the better performance. I don’t know man, most people are saying its between Dern and Leo so he definitely has a shot unlike previous years where he was just nominated because he’s a movie star. The Globes love their stars and especially Leo so its a possibility. I really DO NOT want more sad Leo gifs ffs!

  • Amy

    @so funny:

    She’ll be at the after parties. He’s not going to bring her to the GG because he’s never brought his past girlfriends either. Gisele was the only one who walked a red carpet with him.

  • Amy


    I wonder if anyone has ever tweeted the Leo gifs and memes to him? LOL

  • @HAHA12

    Win or not the Leo gifs are here to stay until he wins an Oscar (and ten there will be gifs for that). Lol. TBH I find some of them good humored than malicious.
    I just want him to be rewarded for this performance which IMO took a chance

  • HAHA12

    LMAO I bet he knows, I mean he’s dating a girl of the social media generation. I really hope an interviewer shows him the Oscar memes one day like they did with Ryan Gosling and the ‘Hey girl’ meme. I would kill to see his reaction.

  • HAHA12

    LOL the Leo gifs are the funniest part of awards season I just don’t want to see him look sad again!
    And I’m with you, in previous years I didn’t feel he was worthy of a win except for maybe The Aviator or The Departed but this time he really turns in a performance that is worthy of awards consideration and I really hope he wins especially since he put everything into the performance.

  • Casper
  • @so funny #33

    Obviously Daniel’s girlfriend looks a little more “bringable” on a red carpet. She looks elegant and keeps her feet together while posing. Leo made the good choice by leaving his barely legal giraffe at home…

  • @HAHA12

    @HAHA12: LOL The GG 2013 gifs were hilarious IMO. The GG 2012 were more despondent

  • shir

    TMZ posted a video from one of the parties and you see in a car with a blonde girl. I think It is Toni

  • HAHA12

    The memes were legendary last year, the 2012 gif of him looking sad during Morgan Freeman’s tribute was just depressing. Hopefully he provides the laughs or makes a fool out of himself again!

  • #45

    I’m terrified of this becoming another first/second bus thing but I think its her too, especially because of the height/earrings. JMO

  • @45

    @shir: That is Leo with his “I dont know you” meme towards his girlfriends. lol

  • @HAHA12

    OMG. Thanks for the set he was going through all sorts during the 2012 GGs, but I think the presence of Jonah and Bradley really helped his mood last year. And those two are going to be here again this year so there should be lots of humor

  • @HAHA12

    HAHAHAHAHA. There was another quote written under those memes where they call DDL’s name and Leo is ‘saying’ “I hope you all die”