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Leonardo DiCaprio WINS Best Actor (Comedy) at Golden Globes 2014!

Leonardo DiCaprio WINS Best Actor (Comedy) at Golden Globes 2014!

Leonardo DiCaprio has another award to add to his mantlepiece after a win at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor won the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical for his work in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

Leo beat out American Hustle‘s Christian Bale, Nebraska‘s Bruce Dern, Her‘s Joaquin Phoenix, and Inside Llewyn DavisOscar Isaac.

After earning ten Golden Globe nominations over his career, this is the second time Leo has won the prize. He previously won for The Aviator in 2005.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio winning Best Actor at the 2014 Golden Globes?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Acceptance Speech
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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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172 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio WINS Best Actor (Comedy) at Golden Globes 2014!”

  1. 1
    Mirela Says:

    It’s about time he won a freaking Golden Globe. I bet he was jumping and screaming internally. Proud of Leo. He deserves it! Wolf Of Wall Street was so good.

  2. 2
    Leokas Says:


  3. 3
    Amber Says:

    He was fantastic in the movie. The movie was out of control, lol, but Leo has never been better. Very deserved award

  4. 4
    sarah Says:

    It’s about bloody time!!!!! Leo is a fantastic actor!!

  5. 5
    July Says:

    He deserved it!

  6. 6
    roo Says:

    long overdue. oscars next?
    congratulations leo, much deserved

  7. 7
    Amber Says:

    He definitely deserves to finally win an Oscar. I have a feeling though it will go to Matthew McConaghey though :(

  8. 8
    Well Says:

    Actually, it’s his second Golden Globe award. The first one was for the Aviator.

  9. 9
    #### Says:

    Well we knew eventually the joke was going to be on Leo! I have to see his face when he’s walking out after Tina says it!!!

  10. 10
    Yay! Says:

    I’ve loved his acting for years! He has put out a great body of work and this is so deserved!

  11. 11
    BZ girl Says:

    Congrats to Leo……. :)))

  12. 12
    #### Says:


    Hopefully he’ll get the nom. We’ll know on Thursday!

  13. 13
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:

    Are you watching the awards on TV?

  14. 14
    Ellie Says:

    He was amazing in The Wolf of Wall Street!!! Very well deserved.

  15. 15
    joke Says:

    Someone please tell what Tina and amy said before introducing him? Of course it happened the one minute I walked away from tv

  16. 16
    also... Says:

    @####: I still can`t believe it! I just can`t wrap my mind around that one! Leo must be PISSED!!!!!! Right after his win!

  17. 17
    BZ girl Says:

    @ ####: yes…. baby cakes won… LOL! :)

  18. 18
    @also Says:

    I don’t think he is actually. In fact he looked at them like ‘good one’
    I think his Globe win means a lot of things he might be anal about he’ll get a sense of humor for now

  19. 19
    also... Says:

    @joke: Tina said something like ` like a supermodels vayjay, let`s give a warm welcome to Leonardo Dicaprio` ( as he walked up to stage to present an award ).

  20. 20
    BZ girl Says:

    #also: what did they say!

  21. 21
    also... Says:

    @ @also: He is a pro and I don`t think he would show signs of upset but that`s just my opinion. I don`t think he is up for a joke like that on national TV.

  22. 22
    joke Says:

    Lol that is AWESOME

  23. 23
    luckyone Says:

    Lucky Toni wasnt there, even more embarassing for her

  24. 24
    #### Says:


    I know!! Boy she zinged him good and it was at the end of the show so it is definitely going to be remembered!!! LOL

  25. 25
    Happy Says:

    I’m happy for Leo! Was surprised he won! Very pleasantly surprised…liked his speech..although he forgot to thank his co-stars…don’t live in bubble Leo, remember your peers. Otherwise, congrats!

  26. 26
    BZ girl Says:

    omg that’s Awkward! smh!

  27. 27
    #18 Says:

    Agreed, he seemed to laugh with them, and the GG will put him in very good humor. And Leo needs to learn to get the stick out of his ass if Johnny Depp can take ribbing he should.

    And is it true Kate Winslet was actually not on the list of female actresses but Leo cheekily threw her name in while reading the list of nominees??

  28. 28
    #### Says:


    He definitely wouldn’t let it show in front of his peers but I’m sure he’s not too happy that she said it. They basically put him on blast!

  29. 29
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: I posted this comment on the other thread. The BZ poster PinkCouture posted what Tina and Amy said and thought it was hysterical. Wonder what the other BZ posters will think?

  30. 30
    luckyone Says:

    Its even worse because the comment was made by a beautiful, intellegent, confident and funny woman

  31. 31
    Glove Says:

    He laughed and gave a thumbs up…not pissed

  32. 32
    HAHA12 Says:

    Only on for a minute but so happy Leo won! Completely deserving and what a great speech. And omgTina’s burn, ‘and like a supermodel’s v*gina, let’s give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio” LMAO PRICELESS

  33. 33
    HAHA12 Says:

    I don’t think Leo was pissed either btw, but more embarrassed. He laughed off the joke well imo

  34. 34
    ^ Says:

    And then he is spotted with a dumb model at the party after.

  35. 35
    also... Says:

    @Happy: He did (thank Margot and Jonah ) but I don`t think anyone paid attention after that joke… I mean he should have done it in his initial acceptance speech but he tried to redeem himself while presenting. That joke certainly didn`t help.
    @####: I think he refrained himself for sure. He is a pro and a damn good actor. I think he is fuming right now!
    As I looked at twitter people keep saying the Clooney and the Leo jokes were the only two funny jokes of the night. Even if there were more funny ones this will be remembered for a long time! I wonder what`s gonna be the reaction tomorrow by bloggers and stuff.

  36. 36
    LOL Says:

    He “say I love you you know who you are ” you think was for toni?

  37. 37
    also... Says:

    This might turn into a bus #1 and bus #2 argument about his reaction. That broadcast glitch didn`t help to see his initial reaction.

  38. 38
    also... Says:

    Here is the joke but not Leo`s reaction:

  39. 39
    Indri Says:

    Congrats Leo! You deserved it. Proud of Leo so much :)

  40. 40
    S Says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Leo won! I was jumping up and down watching. Leo looks so handsome in his tux. I was hoping for a bow tie and he wore one. The joke was funny and I know Leo can take a joke, but the timing was really sh*tty and rude. Since he had just won and he was beaming. I hope he can shake it off, and enjoy his night. Congratulations to Leo!

  41. 41
    luckyone Says:

    @also…: thanks for vid, love the look on Amys face

  42. 42
    also... Says:

    @LOL: I heard the speech and it was clear he referred to his friend and family by that.

  43. 43
    @27 Says:

    Its true, Winslet was not nominated for anything but Leo threw her name in. How sweet and awesome was that

  44. 44
    joke Says:

    according to bellazon leo wasnt mad, they said he laughed and gave them a thumbs up! Lol!

  45. 45
    HAHA12 Says:

    Kate Winslet was actually nominated for Labor Day, he didn’t just throw in her name but she didn’t attend the ceremony.

  46. 46
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @also. ..: thanks for the tweet! I’m sure that joke is going to be repeated for a long long time. I think the fact that Leo got the Globe, he’s probably more relaxed and doesn’t care as much. He’s probably so happy he won that the joke hasn’t really sunk in yet. I’m sure when it gets repeated over and over, it will really begin to bug him.

  47. 47
    HAHA12 Says:

    That said I DO FEEL bad for Leo omg, they should of used that joke earlier but right after he won?? That must suck but its good he handled it well.

  48. 48
    @44 Says:

    On here too some don’t think he was mad and some do, people have their own interpretations.

  49. 49
    HAHA12 Says:

    LEO WON! I totally didn’t expect him to win! :) He had a lovely speech too. Soooo happy for him.

  50. 50
    BZ girl Says:

    @LOL he said thanks to my friends and family you know who you are….

  51. 51
    @HAHA12 Says:

    Oh she was? Thanks I stand corrected *sheepish*

  52. 52
    #46 Says:

    Jesus is a f*cking joke and he was a good sport about it. How is it going to bug him? I’m sure he can take a joke, it was funny.

    Loved that Bradley Cooper and Joaquin gave Leo a standing ovation when he won.

    Kate winslet was nominated for Labor day but didn’t attend. Leo didn’t just mention her name.

  53. 53
    @HAHA12 Says:

    As we hoped earlier this win could be a sign of encouragement to him to keep taking risks and think outside the box in his future choices.

  54. 54
    tina Says:

    i watched it live he wasnt mad at the joke he actually gave her a thumbs up!

  55. 55
    also... Says:

    @ @44: That`s what I said. I guess people see it differently. I don`t think he took it well but he would never show that on stage. I`m sure others think he was a good sport and didn`t take it seriously. The timing was bad and took away from his effort to finish his acceptance speech and of course right after his win.
    It`s funny because I`m still watching NBC ( news ) and they had a short recap of the GG. They showed plenty of categories with winners but Leo`s was left out… I can`t remember it was only his ( male actor in comedy ) or was it female actress in comedy as well that was missing.
    @Zzzzzz: There are tons of tweets with the joke and a video. I wish we could see Leo as well walking in. Maybe later. Many think it was the joke of the night so I guess it will be around for a while.

  56. 56
    Frankie Says:


  57. 57
    #### Says:


    I think he’s probably more embarrassed by the joke and maybe mad later when he realizes that it’s gone totally viral and people are making fun of him. What sucks is it was at the end of the show. If it had been at the beginning, it might not have been remembered. Plus it was right after his win.

  58. 58
    HAHA12 Says:

    Yes yes yes! It’s especially great he won for a performance he is so proud of and a movie he spent so many years to make, that along with The Aviator. OMG I am just so shocked and happy, I really was expecting Bruce Dern to win. And I also died at the constant affection Bradley and Leo showed each other through the ceremony and I also love how Joaquin gave Leo a standing ovation! I hope those 2 work together some day. All in all a great night for Leo, one joke about his modelizing won’t ruin it!

  59. 59
    HAHA12 Says:

    When I was watching the ceremony, IMO Leo’s reaction was embarrassment but he also smiled and found it funny. I don’t think he’s THAT pissed about it. And also, the Clooney joke got a much louder reaction then Leo’s did, so atleast Leo will be in company lol.

  60. 60
    #58 Says:

    Exactly, he’s not the only guy in Hollywood who dates models. Its a joke and that’s it and it was funny and he laughed and gave Tina Fey a thumbs up.

  61. 61
    tina Says:

    Lol you guys are crazy i mean really, i watched it live, he laughed at the joke. why would he give a crap anyway? they were making fun of everybody, he might not be as offended as you all are hoping.

  62. 62
    also... Says:

    @####: I think no matter where you put it, the beginning or the end, that was a joke to remember. I couldn`t believe my ears! And the fact is that there weren`t good jokes during the show. As I said earlier everyone who is supposed to be funny was not funny. There were two actual jokes so my opinion is that this would have stood out no matter what.

  63. 63
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @46: didn’t mean to upset you. It just seems that even though he only dates modes, he hates it when someone tries to bring it up in an interview. It’s like he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. JMO, I could be completely wrong.

  64. 64
    #60 Says:

    Yeah the Clooney got a better reaction. They’re both great jokes. Love that Tinay Fey took a shot at Taylor Swift, that was another good one.

    Personally I thought the Clooney joke was funnier but the Leo joke was great too.

    Did he thank Jonah in his speech? I don’t remember hearing Jonah’s name, he must of forgotten since there were so many people to thank.

  65. 65
    HAHA12 Says:

    I agree, the joke was funny and I don’t think Leo is pissed about it. Probably embarrassed but he laughed it off well. Let’s be real, hes gonna be too busy thinking about his win then one joke made about him.

  66. 66
    HAHA12 Says:

    He thank Jonah, Margot, etc after Tina made that joke. He had so many people to thank so he probably forgot to mention them. And yep, I watched the show live and the Clooney joke got WAY more of a reaction then Leo’s did. And once again I’m pretty sure at the end of day Leo will be too busy being happy over his win then one joke made about him. I’d like to hope he’s self aware enough inside to just find it funny and laugh it off.

  67. 67
    probably Says:

    I would think the joke is more embarassing for the models that so easily open their legs for him

  68. 68
    Nice pic of Leo Says:

  69. 69
    probably Says:

    Leo giving the thumbs up, do you think that makes it even more demeaning to the models?

  70. 70
    also... Says:

    @tina: Who said we hope he is mad? It`s an opinion not hope or anything like that… Different people think about it differently. He laughed it off for sure. But you don`t know whether he is mad or not. We all see it differently.
    So I found it on youtube. The screen goes black for a couple of seconds right after the joke but you can see Marty laughing so hard!

  71. 71
    #### Says:


    They’re too young to get the joke! LOL

  72. 72
    Mari Says:

    I’m happy Leo won; it was well-deserved. I think Leo got thrown off a bit when the send off music started during his acceptance speech and that’s why he forgot to thank a few people. I thought the joke was hilarious and he handled it well. Too bad there was a glitch in the broadcast so we missed his immediate reaction. Scorsese was laughing hysterically though. Congrats to Leo.

  73. 73
    Well Says:

    Indeed. It was more directed to the willingness of these barely legal models he is used to easily catch.

  74. 74
    Pl Says:

    I didn’t see “thumbs up” but rather like a scolding index.

  75. 75
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Here’s his acceptance speech.

    I want to see his reaction to “Like a supermodels v*****, let give a warm welcome
    to Leonardo Dicaprio”!

    Someone on BZ SAID HE GAVE A THUMBS UP TO THE COMMENT! He must be proud!?

  76. 76
    probably Says:

    @####: LOL TRUE!! The latest will probably be at the after parties later soaking up the attention from it! If I was her I’d be too embarassed to be seen in public! lol

  77. 77
    #### Says:


    Funny!! I’m glad he won!!! He will party tonight and enjoy his award!! Whether it pisses him off or embarrasses him remains to be seen but it’s not like he’s laughing when he gives his thumbs up. He’s probably more worried that he forgot to thank his co-stars!! LOL

  78. 78
    LOL Says:

    Other notable quotables included:

    Fey introducing Leonardo DiCaprio: “”And now, like a supermodel’s ******, let’s give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.”

  79. 79
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I posted the link to the joke with his reaction.
    @probably: I doubt she realizes how she / they are seen at this point. I mean getting a joke like this… it`s embarrassing. But for her it`s about daddy and the perks.

  80. 80
    #### Says:


    Soaking up the attention and not realizing the joke was about her?? LOL

  81. 81
    HAHA12 Says:

    Here’s the gif of Leo’s reaction
    He’s like, ‘yep that’s true, can’t hate’ LMAO

  82. 82
    Pl Says:

    Their risque humour sees Tina Fey and Amy Poehler walk a tightrope between funny and rude.

    But the pair perhaps went a step too far at the Golden Globes on Sunday night when they brought The Wolf Of Wall Street winner Leonardo DiCaprio on stage with a eyebrow-raising introduction.

    Wearing wolfish grins, Tina and Amy said: ‘And now, like a supermodel’s ******, let’s all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.’

    Leonardo has, of course, dated a stream of model beauties – including his current squeeze, Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn, 21.

    But as he made his entrance to the stage to guffaws of laughter from the audience, the actor’s face showed his embarrassment.

    Blushing bright red, he then stumbled over his words as he tried to keep a straight face.

    Reading the Best Actress in a Drama nominees from the Teleprompter, he misread Judi Dench’s film Philomena as ‘Philomania’.

    Despite his blushes Leonardo seemed amused by the joke – just one of many by the comedy duo.

  83. 83
    #### Says:


    Let’s not forget she’s a Leo fangirl!! LOL

  84. 84
    @HAHA12 Says:

    Thanks for the gif, Love it

  85. 85
    #### Says:


    That’s about how I saw it! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  86. 86
    V Says:

    OMG guys, I can’t believe they said such a joke. Of course he must be pissed. Now, at this moment a fragment of WOWS comes to my mind ‘which really pissed me off…’ They tried to ruin his night. Humor is one thing but this is deffinitely not humor. I watched it online, not on tv and his reaction was actually very short, like a second short, he smiled a little for less than a second, then immidiately started to thank/continue his thank speech. He acted very cool, like a typical Scorpio. So good for him that he didn’t lose control but inside he must have felt not good. I’m starting to lose respect in GG awards, a joke like this could never ever be said on Cannes Film Festival or Venice FF. And the award for drama given to MCC was so not deserved IMO. Did you notice how much more the audience cheered/screamed when Chiwetel’s name was said. They screamed twice as much than to McC.

  87. 87
    #### Says:


    That’s funny!

  88. 88
    @HAHA12 Says:

    To be honest with you from that gif he looked to be expecting something to be thrown at him by them (especially after they went after Clooney). The slight nod of his head says – you got me!!!!

  89. 89
    also... Says:

    @####: So all is good in Toni-land. #yayyy #ggparties #whatjoke? #thatwasntaboutme #imspecial #davetoldme

  90. 90
    BZ girl Says:

    @####: Wonder if Toni even knows what the Golden Globes is…LOL

  91. 91
    #### Says:



    I think now that the globes are done he will be heading back to Europe for more premieres???

  92. 92
    #82 Says:

    Leo is not the only one who’s been mispronouncing Philomena. They’re are other actors who have as well like Zoe Saldana and I forgot that dude’s name but he’s a comedic actor also did as well when he was announcing the globe nominations.

  93. 93
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:

    LOL….she just knows she gets to dress up and be Leo’s arm candy tonight!!!

  94. 94
    also... Says:

    @V: I`m still wondering if those couple of seconds with black screen were intentional… They beeped out parts of some speeches so maybe they did something there? I mean I haven`t seen anything like that during the whole show.
    Pissed or not he handled it like a pro and I think he brought out the best of the situation.

  95. 95
    Leo's speech Says:

  96. 96
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Thanks for posting. He is laughing but also looks kind of uncomfortable/embarrassed.
    I would think Toni would find it embarrassing as well. Of course, she knew what she was getting into.

  97. 97
    #### Says:

    RGD Lee (@rgdlee)
    1/12/14, 8:48 PM
    “@AwardShowNews: Leonardo DiCaprio with his Golden Globe Award.” @realironmario your Leo wins!

  98. 98
    Ellie Says:

    C’mon, ALL he dates is supermodels so it’s not that harsh of joke. Leo knows he is ripe for a joke like that thrown at an award show such as this.

  99. 99
    probably Says:

    @V: The GGs are known for being fun and making jokes at the actors expence. If he didnt live life the way he does then people wouldnt make jokes like this.

    @@HAHA12: Agree, he has probably been waiting for someone to get up the courage to make a joke publically about his personal life, I’m sure he has heard jokes like this before but not so public!!

  100. 100
    Blacksharpie Says:

    And when she walks in, people will be thinking here’s the latest supermodel v*****.

  101. 101
    #### Says:

    Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin)
    1/12/14, 8:45 PM
    “RT @goldenglobes: Leonardo DiCaprio backstage after winning at the #goldenglobes!” baaaabe

  102. 102
    Curious Says:

    Is it just me but this get a lot of cheers when he won the globe.

  103. 103
    also... Says:

    @Ellie: I think it was pretty harsh and not as expected.
    @####: I don’t know… Maybe. Usually there are big premieres in Germany and Italy. Maybe he will go? I don’t know.

  104. 104
    Curious Says:

    Is it just me but did he get a lot of Cheers when he won the globe

  105. 105
    HAHA12 Says:

    I’m being totally honest and not lying when I say this but YES, I noticed he got A LOT of cheers and applause when he won especially from his colleagues! Goes to show the respect he commands even tho we joke about what a joke he has become.

  106. 106
    HAHA12 Says:

    Agreed, I think Leo is self aware at this point that he knows to expect jokes about his modelizing now and I think he had a good sense of humor about it.

  107. 107
    #### Says:



  108. 108
    ??? Says:

    Screw up on teleprompter for WOlf intro with Jonha and Margot. Strange camera angles during Leo’s speech. Then the black out when he presented ( joke related or not). Hmmmm… not he GG’s finest work.

  109. 109
    BZ girl Says:

    @####: Did you see how Margot was cheering for him with so much admiration…she could’t keep her composure such a sweet girl :)

  110. 110
    Curious Says:

    @HAHA12 Lol okay good. I thought he got a lot of cheers from his peers when I was watching it Live. I thought Leo speech, McCounaugheys and JLaw speech were the best of the night. I really enjoyed what he said about Bruce Dern.

  111. 111
    also... Says:

  112. 112
    V Says:

    @also…: Yes, he is a pro in every way. But they shouldn’t have said it. I still kind of can’t believe it, even though I saw it with my own eyes, weird. I think very soon it will be on youtube. What I’m angry about is that the media started to comment this joke and not his award. Is that the way to do it? I’m starting to think that there is a huge lobby for some actors in Hollywood and for others there isn’t. So some are extremely tolerated but others not.

  113. 113
    also... Says:

  114. 114
    HAHA12 Says:

    Leo’s speech was great IMO. One of my favorites of the night. Classy, polite, eloquent, etc you name it!

  115. 115
    also... Says:

  116. 116
    #### Says:

    @BZ girl:

    I did! I really like Margot!! :-)

  117. 117
    also... Says:

  118. 118
    Leo with Robert Redford Says:

  119. 119
    also... Says:

    All is well in Toni-land. Ready to join sugar daddy

  120. 120
    Leo and BCoop Says:

  121. 121
    #### Says:


    I do t like that dress at all.

  122. 122
    Leo tweeted Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio ‏@LeoDiCaprio
    Thank you #GoldenGlobes & HFPA. Big thx to Marty, the Wolf cast and crew.

    Aw, he must be so happy

  123. 123
    also... Says:

    @####: Me neither. Emilio Puccinir not she looks cheap and trashy. Like a working girl… She is not even shy about putting it out there where she is heading.

  124. 124
    Blacksharpie Says:

    That’s pretty blatant! Her friend must be going too. I wonder if that her friends house or Leo’s?

  125. 125
    #### Says:


    The girl with her was in aspen. I think she may be dating Joey McFarland, one of the producers???? Not sure but there’s a pic of her and McFarland at the NYC premiere.

  126. 126
    also... Says:

    She is getting very comfortable for sure. You can’t blame her for soaking it up while she can.

  127. 127
    @Blacksharpie Says:

    Judging by the art my guess is Leo’s house.

  128. 128
    LOL Says:


  129. 129
    #### Says:


    Should have finished that last sentence with “on her instagram.”

  130. 130
    also... Says:

    It does seem like Leo’s house and the other girl posted a photo with Margot so she might be the producer ‘s girlfriend indeed.

  131. 131
    #### Says:


    I don’t think that’s Leo’s house. The decor doesn’t seem like him. Skulls, a weird lamp…. LOL

  132. 132
    BZ girl Says:

    Huh was not expecting sugarbaby to post tonight… she’s so coy..eyeroll following like a lapdog ..smh

  133. 133
    also... Says:

    @####: The pictures on the wall make me think it might be his place.

  134. 134
    Blacksharpie Says:
    The girl was in aspen with them

  135. 135
    BZ girl Says:

    @####: LOL..Leo and Kerry…he’s checkin out the brown sugarr! :)

  136. 136
    #### Says:


    IMO it does not seem like his taste. I mean that weird lamp and the skulls??? I don’t think that’s the kind of art he would have on his walls either.

  137. 137
    V Says:

    @probably: “The GGs are known for being fun and making jokes at the actors expence. If he didnt live life the way he does then people wouldnt make jokes like this.” They crossed the line of joking. That was rude. Besides GG are said to be the second most prestigious film awards after the oscars. Or at least so far they were.

  138. 138
    Blacksharpie Says:
    He made some interesting and maybe troubling comments:
    “I haven’t been able to work since”
    “You put your entire life on hold”

  139. 139
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I agree when you look at the Art is kind of strange. A large heAd bear running on its hind legs!?

  140. 140
    also... Says:

    So are we gonna get ‘Leo’s birthday’ kind if videos tomorrow? If he celebrated with a 12 hours long party after a premiere what’s gonna happen after his win tonight? Drunk and sloppy kissing all loved up or no mention of the lapdog?

  141. 141
    also... Says:

    @V: I agree. This was harsh and you can’t put it in the expected category.

  142. 142
    Kristen Says:

    So glad Leo won a GG well deserved!!!

  143. 143
    Amy Says:


    Seriously? They’re comedians. That’s their job. Imagine if Sarah Silverman hosted instead?

  144. 144
    also... Says:

    ‘someone had to say it’ lol ‘chronically dating supermodels’

  145. 145
    also... Says:

    I’m on my phone so this is the link for the mobile version ( JJ has the link to the regular site. )

  146. 146
    @also Says:

    Blake Lively is not a supermodel

  147. 147
    next project Says:

    So does anybody think his next project might be a comedy co-starring Tina and Amy??!! LOL

  148. 148
    also... Says:

    @ @also: :eyeroll:

  149. 149
    Amy Says:

    @next project:

    Some people on this thread are cracking me up. He wasn’t offended at all. Remember when he was younger, Leo and his friends called themselves the P*ssy Posse.

  150. 150
    @also Says:

    Just correcting you :eyeroll:

  151. 151
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Now he’s the one man super model p**sy posse! Lol

  152. 152
    Kristen Says:

    @Black sharpie: LOL true..

  153. 153
    Ellie Says:

    Well, regardless of how anyone feels about the joke, Leo, I’m sure, will be just fine. The well-known fact that he only dates young models doesn’t effect his career. He is well respected and regarded in Hollywood for his great talent. I enjoy him in every film I watch him in. TWoWS was no exception – he was fabulous.

  154. 154
    #### Says:


    And here we go…..the joke heard round the world!!! LOL

  155. 155
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Blacksharpie: hi! Thanks for posting the link to Leo’s speech. Very nice speech.
    @also…: thanks for posting the link to his reaction.

  156. 156
    #### Says: (@JustJared)
    1/12/14, 10:00 PM
    Leonardo DiCaprio Shows Off Golden Globe at Weinstein Party with Mom Irmelin!

    New thread

  157. 157
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi! How excited are you? I was so stunned! I would bet that Dern would have won! Oscar nod next! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.
    @Amy: re the p**systems posse. Somebody asked him that in magazine interview and he completely denied it. Said he would never say that it that was really degrading to women. I forget which I magazine it was. Not sure I believe him. I think he said it so he wouldn’t sound like a jerk. Who knows.

  158. 158
    Zzzzzz Says:

    Typo! p**sy posse (stupid phone! )

  159. 159
    Eli Says:

    Being able to laugh at yourself or at a joke thrown your way by a comedian is a great quality. It’s one of the reasons why I like Matt Damon so much. So, if Leo is able to laugh and take it for what it was…kudos!

  160. 160
    Amy Says:


    I mean, he was a young man with raging hormones. I’m sure he talked like that with his friends.

  161. 161
    also... Says:

    @ @also: I was quoting the article. Your correction made a huge difference.
    @Amy: Good for you that you know he wasn’t offended at all.

  162. 162
    perezhilton Says:
    Best joke of the night!

  163. 163
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Amy: Oops! I misunderstood you. I’m sure he did……. he probably still does.. lol! :(

  164. 164
    Amy Says:


    If they made fun of his career, then he would be offended. His dating life? It’s not inaccurate. I’m sure he knows his type by now.

  165. 165
    NEW THREAD Says:

  166. 166
    Ugh? Says:

    Why would he be pissed about the joke? He probably is proud of it and the world (at least the male part) is envy of his position

  167. 167
    cantabric Says:

    China?? wtf??? I don’t get it. Anybody’s explanation?

  168. 168
    kelli Says:

    i really don’t think cussing on screen for a solid 3 hours counts as great acting. I watched the movie and wasn’t impressed – there were actors from other movies that did much better. I don’t think he’ll get the Oscar because they will put comedy/drama together and Matthew M. or someone else will get it.

  169. 169
    Leonardo DiCaprio WINS Golden Says:

    Lol that is AWESOME :)

  170. 170
    Leonardo DiCaprio WINS Golden Says:


  171. 171
    Elaine Says:

    I was thrilled that Leonardo won the award. I saw the movie on the day of the awards and loved it. I know there are a lot of haters for this movie but I am an older woman and could not stop laughing. The way to go Leo!

  172. 172
    Leo's Fan Girl Says:

    @Leonardo DiCaprio

    Congratulations on your Golden Globe award!

    Love you,

    Maria Royse

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