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Orlando Bloom - Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet

Orlando Bloom - Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet

Orlando Bloom keeps it handsome at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor will hit the stage to present an award during the telecast.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Earlier in the week, Orlando was spotted pushing his three-year-old son Flynn on the luggage cart while arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

FYI: Orlando is wearing Lanvin.

Make sure to watch the 2014 Golden Globes, hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, airing NOW 8/7c on NBC!

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashains: Orlando Bloom has to hope and pray that he will always have some lame @ss excuse to attend award shows like the GG’s because he will never get there with a nomination of his own. Also, I know he’s unemployed but he really should stop shopping for his tuxes at JCP. Couldn’t someone lend him a better suit so he didn’t show up looking like sh*t?

  • Andrea

    Orlando looks very handsome and he has not aged at all. It’s great that they asked him to be a presenter at the Golden Globes. Looking forward to hearing about upcoming work projects from Orlando.

  • @2

    There will not be any upcoming work projects from Orlando. Unless Peter Jackson is making a new movie. He’s always willing to give Orlando a mercy role.

  • Rachel

    He looks so old! What happened to him?? :(

  • Ha

    Well I think he’s hot

  • Wow

    I just wonder how stupid Elena really is.
    Being invited to present is a lame excuse? That’s as stupid as your insistence last year the O&M “crashed” the party.
    And changing your name for posts 3&4? Why even bother when you are spouting the same garbage over and over?
    Orlando looks gorgeous, and not only was he invited to present, but he is seated near the front. Right behind the table for American Hustle, as a matter of fact. Did they seat him there out of “pity”, too?
    Don’t you ever get tired of being laughed at?

  • Yes!

    He looks amazing! So handsome.

  • Cloe

    Time has not been kind to Mr. Bloom.

  • Anna Sophia

    His tux is ill fitting and his hair needs to be cut. Two thumbs down!

  • @9

    Nah, his tux fits fine. And personally, I love his hair this length. IMO his tousled look is very sexy. But to each his own, I guess.

  • Anon

    @Wow I don’t get why people are saying Orlando doesn’t look good. He looks handsome. Orlando is a great actor and was in The Hobbit which made a lot of money at the box office. I saw that Orlando was seated near the front behind American Hustle at the Golden Globes. The fact that he was asked to be a presenter at the Golden Globes shows that he is an A lister.

  • Tammy

    @10 I agree that his tux fits him perfectly. I also love his hair this length. He looks handsome and hot with this haircut.

  • Zach

    He really should have washed his hair.

  • !!

    Guh! He looks so hot!!!!
    Love him!!

  • Miss Sansa S.

    He needs to hire a stylist. Maybe she could find him a pair of pants that actually fit. #menswarehouse

  • !!

    No wonder they had to digitize the heck out of him for the Hobbit. He’s old and ugly.

  • @the troll

    Hmmm. I guess that the GG’s took pity on Tom Hanks, too.
    You know. Since Orlando is sitting at the same table.
    He looks beautiful in his tux.

  • Envy

    Lovely man but not a great actor and never found him hot without the long blond hair.

  • sara

    He looks so gorgeous! I love him in a tuxedo!

  • Barbara

    Orlando looks gorgeous. I don’t get why people are bashing Orlando. He does not look like he has aged and still looks great.

  • Justraging

    Sth a fellow lotr actor said lately: ” I read interviews with people who allow themselves to be dragged into that or who are interested in talking about their personal life, and I generally find that all very boring, so it’s not something I want to fall into.” I thought he is your idol Orlando ;)?

    A an btw…We don’t know If those presenters were invited or If their management paid sth so they could present…

  • @21

    Hmmm, since Orlando never discusses his private life, he must not have meant Orlando, then. You really are reaching.
    And PAYING so that they can present???? BAHAHAHAHA!
    Oh, sure. His having a highly publicized role in one of the biggest movies of the year had nothing to do with his being invited. Oh noooooo, how could that be? *rolleyes*.
    Pardon me miss, but your pathetic desperation is showing.

  • Dee

    Pay no attention to the mentally deranged stalker Elena, who bashes Orlando while simultaneously being completely obsessed with Orlando. Classic stalker/nutjob behavior. Let’s just hope the Cave Troll stays in her basement where she/it belongs. She might frighten people if she goes out in public.

    Orlando looks very handsome, I love his smile.

  • Sally

    I think it’s lovely to see Orlando present an award at the GGs

    I do hope that now he’s finally back in a successful film it allows him to be considered for other roles.

    The first Hobbit movie was a huge success last year with Martin & now the 2nd is as well & no doubt the 3rd will be too.

    On the one hand that’s good for Orlando’s career but at the same time it once again sees him reprising a character he’s already done before even though Legolas is a very popular & loved character.

    I’m just concerned that it may not change directors opinions about him & has pigeon holed him again in the same way with them all still thinking of him only in the same vein as Legolas & Will Turner type of roles.

    While doing Romeo gave him good exposure & he was wonderful it was again the same type of character with even some critics saying he was too old for the part. Leo DiCaprio played Romeo at a much younger age & the start of his career.

    I’m not in any way disparaging him doing the Hobbit as I love the character of Legolas but I just wish he was offered other roles as well so he can prolong his career. Maybe now at 37 he will start to be offered more diverse types of films as he gets older & will have now pasted the aging “pretty boy” tag.

    I thought doing Zulu would have helped but I must admit I haven’t heard much press about the film at all other than a brief mention of him doing a full frontal scene.

  • @24

    He has done other types of roles in smaller films whith directors willing to give him a chance. But he even said a little while ago that he was surprised about how hard it is to change people’s preconceptions.
    Orlando is getting great buzz for Zulu in Europe. Critics have been praising his performance. Maybe if the movie gets enough of that buzz it will make it to the US. Then, hopefully, he will be able to change the minds of his critics over here. I just wish more people could have seen his performances in Sympathy for Delicious, or The Good Doctor. They wouldn’t say the he was just a ‘pretty boy’ then.

  • LOL

    So desperate, he and Miranda should back as soon as possible, two desperate d-list. LOL

  • @26…

    Oh please how in the world can Orlando presenting an award at the GG’s & both he & Miranda attending the after party along with other A listers be considered “D list’????

    They were at the same party but not as a couple, no doubt they have a lot of friends in common after being together for 6 years.

    I think it’s great that they’ve remained on good terms & are still friends putting Flynn first!

    Miranda looked absolutely stunning in her black dress & believe me not many women could pull off such a dress.

    But of course the “haters” will be out in force tearing her to pieces for having the nerve to look gorgeous all REEKING of petty jealousy & sour grapes……4 3 2 1….lol.

  • Justraging


    I didn’t say that he meant him O_O

  • Justraging


    And I didn’t say HIS management paid…I thought about is IN GENERAL … O_O You just read what you WANT to read.

  • Yuck!

    Someone hose him down! Please! He looks like he smells.

  • gigi

    Remember when Orlando Bloom was relevant? Neither do I.

  • Industrygal

    Don’t get all the hate and whether or not, you personally find him attractive, Orlando Bloom is still acknowledged as one of the best looking people on the planet. I was at the GGs last night and even in a room full of beautiful people, he stood out. Gorgeous and I’ve never been much of a Bloom fan. In fact, the only movie I’ve ever seen of him was the Ridley Scott crusader one which he was fine in. Friends have said for years he was spectacular in person and he is. The hair, those eyes and he has amazing skin. The only other time I have been shocked by good looks in reality is Halle Berry and now Orlando Bloom. I have also heard repeatedly he is a sweetie and he certainly is popular. He seemed to know a lot of people who were all pleased to see him. These things are work – no matter how glamorous, people are not relaxed, they are working it – like the most glamorous office party ever – but you can tell when people are being polite and when they are genuinely pleased to see someone. And now I sound like a fangirl but I was not the only one drooling, eh, Ms Roberts?? Ms Lawrence? Among others. And no, noone pays to be a presenter. Ha. They don’t get paid either but the gift baskets are pretty awesome. It’s usually actors working the awards season, involved in a big movie either recently released or upcoming. Sometimes, an up and coming actor’s agent – who usually represents someone bigger as well so they have a trade-off – will push for a spot but that would not be Bloom. He is more established actor, not especially hot right now, but still in the mix. And I wouldn’t worry about his work offers. He gets plenty but he skill, as always, is in knowing what to take and what to turn down. He’s had enough success to be a little picky, a little strategic. I could go for hours about actors, career arcs and role choices, it’s what I do and I’m off to do it but wanted to drop by and acknowledge the fine flesh that is Orlando Bloom. Final word: the suit was custom Lanvin and he looked bloody good in it.

  • Liv

    This is the job of Miranda and Orlando, never miss an opportunity to be fotogrado and be in the media. They are always so easy to photograph, I doubt that the paps have minimal work to find them, if they were discrete, I doubt they were photographed one time per month.Miranda still believes she will be an actress. lol

  • ICU

    @@2: You are an idiot and you are proud of it? Well, everyone is finding fun somewhere, I guess. Meh.

  • ?

    So attending an invitation only, big time, important event in Hollywood is a sign of desperation?
    And you haters wonder why we laugh at you?

  • Kath

    INDUSTRYGAL…..THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH for informing EVERYONE & the likes of W*NKERS like ELENA some “REAL INFORMATION” from inside the industry you work. Its totally refreshing & really interesting to hear a snippet of what REALLY happens as opposed to speculation & sh*t that people are posting. So with your comments hopefully a w*nker like ELENA might give up on the “unemployed” crap being thrown at Orlando. Reading INDUSTRYGALs post really shows how F*CKING STUPID ELENAS posts are!!! And just so you know ELENA…l thought l would look at IMDB & under Orlando it has the 3rd Hobbit movie with 2014 as the release year. So still another movie for him to promote. Then l checked somone random like Julia Roberts & her next movie is a TV movie. But because u hate Orlando l bet u would call him loser if he had a TV movie coming out…..right. Orlando looking HOT as usual!

  • Elena

    @Industrygal: You’re about as in the “industry” as I am.
    @Kath, I have a bridge on Mars to sell you. Dirt cheap. It looks good in a bad tux, too.

  • @Elena

    Yeah, your bridge to Mars probably costs less than that supposedly bad tux. You’ve been owned & outed, so deal with it. industrygal sounds a lot more real than you do.

  • Flychick

    Wow. It had been a while since I’ve heard from him. But I did see about him kinda recently.

  • Elena

    @@Elena: Outed? What does my sexuality have to do with anything and if you really want to believe a liar just because her lies suit your delusions, you go right ahead and do that. Get that tinhat of yours on there real tight and filter out the truth.

  • @40

    And you are not liar?

  • Kath

    Oooooohhhhhh…..ELENA…..hit a nerve did we?……hhmmmmm….really sounds like it! Yes… l re-read your post….aannnddd….you are definately NOT in the industry!! Geez ELENA you should learn not to sound so cut! Gosh you sound sooooo upset that someone shows just how stupid you are. And no comment about the IMDB thing l mentioned??? Nope?….l bet you checked though….Your just proving more & more you are just one funny stupid c*nt!

  • Kath

    ELENA….whats with your “outed” comment? Are you that dumb? Do you lack that much general common sense? Are you saying that one flew over your head? If you dont know what #38 meant by being “outed”…then by god… are more f*cking stupid than l imagined! Why is everything sexual to you? Are you really patting your cat like you say or really patting your best friend your v*gina? Get your hand off it mate…all that masturbating is fogging any brain you do have.

  • Two Cents

    @Elena #38. You just cant say that Industrygal isnt in the industry without saying why? So why? What BS are you going to try and pass us this time?

  • Hmmm

    There are rumors that Orlando hooked up with the pretty blonde from Wolf of Wall Street at the GG party. They say that she stayed with other folks from the movie, and Leo’s group, which included Orlando.
    Not sure whether there is a shred of truth to the rumor, but there is a video of Orlando leaving with Leo, Toni and this new girl, all in the same SUV.
    Where there’s smoke…..

  • @hmmm

    Margot? Yeah, she’s gorgeous.
    Fun facts….
    She’s Australian. Spent a lot of time while growing up on her grandparent’s farm. Moved to the states to further her career….
    Am I sensing a pattern here, Orli?

  • Kath

    Geez…thats interesting. If there is any truth about Orlando & Margot Robbie l wonder what Miranda would think? As Margot is a hottie & being aussie to boot. Im sure that would ignite at least a teeny bit of jealousy?? I just wish M&O would work things out & get back together & give us another cute sibling for Flynn….but it doesnt seem like it will ever evenuate…

  • Derp

    Probably is true, I mean come on, Orlando is single, it was the eve before his 37th birthday, it was an afterparty so I’m sure alcohol was involved. Obviously he has a thing for Aussies….He was probably like “Hell yeah I’m going to screw this hot 23yr old, why not? What do I got to lose?” However, this will probably just end up as a fling between them. She’s 23, and up & coming actress, she’s said so herself that she can’t keep boyfriends because she’s never in one place for too long. For Orlando that wouldn’t work because of Flynn. Besides I doubt she even remotely thinking about being in a longterm relationship with a guy with a 3yr old…..highly doubt she would want to become a step-mother or something yet….she’s still young and naive.

  • Sal

    Yeah, during one of the interviews on the red carpet, they jokingly asked that since she was single, would she be looking for her next boyfriend among all of the gorgeous men in attendance. Her answer was that she didn’t want to date another actor. And I doubt that Orlando is looking for a serious relationship so soon. This if anything, was just a fun night for them both. For him, she’s gorgeous. For her? He’s not only gorgeous, but what girl would pass up a fling with ‘Orlando Freaking Bloom’! (That skit still cracks me up)

  • http://@cenielora_olote Ave

    True right you are, @Derp, Orlando was drunk.
    You can see how he ridiculously pushed a selfie with Lisa Stanley’s phone. And the result is:
    Not good in my thought. He “suddenly” love to post selfies, pic or vid. So, I guess this only led by 2 most sensible reasons:
    1. He hurt, because of the fact of “marriage” he had all along. But believes that he actually doesn’t deserve any of it, since his reviving career, his unaged face, his eternal ethereal charm, and so on.
    2. He trully is in love. With someone far younger than him, so he constantly need to impress this young lady. And yup, this youngster also is the biggest force that make him dare to end his “marriage”.
    I guess I see both of these reasons in him though. Especially ’cause I often stumble across him directly (thank God for my new job).