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Figure Skater Ashley Wagner Makes USA Team Over Mirai Nagasu

Figure Skater Ashley Wagner Makes USA Team Over Mirai Nagasu

Ashley Wagner is now a member of Team USA for the 2014 Olympics after finishing in fourth place at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships!

The 22-year-old figure skater was put on the team over Mirai Nagasu, who won the bronze medal after placing third during the championships, which is not the Olympic Trials.

“It’s been a long 4 years to this point. I’m so proud and incredibly grateful that I’ll be representing my country at the Olympics in Sochi!” Ashley tweeted after the announcement.

Mirai shared in a statement, “I’m disappointed in the decision. Though I may not agree with it, I have to respect the decision the federation made. And I’m grateful to everyone who has supported me and look forward to what comes next in my skating career.”

FYI: The US Figure Skating takes into account the past three years of competitions before making their selections for the USA Team.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Ashley Wagner making the USA Team?

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  • mick

    The figure skating part of the Olympics have always been corrupt. Still are. Mirai Nagasu should be going.

  • OK

    Who ever decided this :
    “:So Mirai Nagasu did a fantastic performance and got third but Ashley Wagner miss multiply times and got fourth….mmmmmmmmmmm who should we take ???? I say Fourth place !!!!!!!!!!!” *sarcasm *

  • claire m.

    in what universe does 4th place trump 3rd place? sorry to say..i smell racism

  • Nikki

    Racist skating judges.

  • sdf

    clearly racism! I would like to see anyone argue that this isn’t racism.

  • kami

    this doesn’t make sense. it should be whoever gets the highest score this year, not in previous years. ashley’s papa must have money or connections with the federation.

  • Nicole

    Ehhh racist much?!?!?!

  • Boo

    Unjust and ridiculous. The USFSA has turned this event into a joke.

  • tammy

    If her name was other than Mirai Nagasu……….

  • Organic Grapes

    It’s all about race and PR. Who looks more like Miss Golden USA? Wait 50 years and Anglo Saxons will be in the minority compared with ‘ethnic’ peoples such as Latins, Asians, and African Americans.


    The USFSA, and many other skating federations do not base their decisions ONLY on the National competition and instead base their selection on how skaters have performed in the past year(s) (like MANY other sports, who ALSO select based on overall performance for the year!). I have adored Mirai’s competitive career, she was such a dynamo, especially at the 2010 Olympics; however, in the past THREE most recent years, she has NOT placed nationally in the top 3, or even qualified for any major international competitions due to lack of consistent jumps and stamina.

    AND does everyone commenting realize the REASON why the United States will have actually THREE (instead of two or one) women representing in the Olympics? OH YEAH, because Ashley placed so high at the Worlds Championships… That, with high placements at international competitions AND making the Grand Prix Final (top 6 skaters WORLDWIDE on the circuit, I don’t even know if Mirai was even ON the circuit), make her a way better, well-deserved choice.

    ALSO: USFSA once gave Michelle Kwan (a CHINESE-AMERICAN, may I just add) a spot on the National team and she did NOT even compete that year at Nationals, but because she was impressive internationally that year and years before. So.. NO, everyone this IS NOT RACISM, this is international sport.

  • Dlady

    @Nikki: Know the sport before commenting. The judges have NO say at all on who the USFSA send to the Olympics. The marks reflected the performances. No racism there.

  • maria

    @OK NOW…LISTEN UP.: Thank you. The USFSA has to put the best team on the ice for the Olympic games. Though Mirai placed higher in this ONE competition, you have to consider Ashley is the reigning US champion for the last 2 years, is the 2012 Four Continents champion, 2012 Grand Prix Final silver medalist, 2012 Skate America champion, 2012 and 2013 Trophée Eric Bompard champion. Those accomplishments must be considered when naming a team for an Olympics. Anyone can have ONE great skate, but that does not make them the best choice overall.

  • Fred Flinstone

    If Ashley choked at the US Nationals how do you think she’ll perform at the biggest stage of them all, the Olympics? Nice move USFSA!

  • Verity

    She was robbed!

  • kelli

    the top 3 should go, end of story. their previous performances are not indicators of future ones, as well have all seen before. unfairness.

  • figureskatermyself

    BS…top 3 should go. International work boosted ashley but if she chokes in nationals, she’ll choke during the olympics.

  • Fercat

    First it was Lupita now Mirai.

  • Zig

    They picked the skater who bombed BOTH segments of the competition when they’ve never done that before. They’ve named athletes who were too injured to compete at Nationals, but they have never sent a skater who finished lower than another skater.

    Follow the money. NBC paid big bucks for the Olympics, Wagner has featured in lots of Olympic advertising. Nagasu was a surprise at Nationals. And, she isn’t blonde.

  • a

    It’s not racism, they don’t base sending someone to the olympics on this one competition, Ashley wagner has had a better season. The last 4 years have been better than Miirai, Ashley has been more consistent. She won that competition last season, and the one before, medaled in the grand prix, and had more international success.

  • aquarius64

    @OK NOW…LISTEN UP.: In other words, the skating federation picked Wagner because they think they have a better chance in bringing home an Olympic medal with her and help with the overall US medal count. It still stinks. Wagner tanked that night – who’s to say she won’t bomb in Sochi? Because of her past season? I usually root for Team USA in figure skating but I can’t now. And I think this decision left a sour taste in a lot of people’s mouths. Fair is fair. Whoever wins 1-2-3 makes the team; 4th place is the alternate.

  • aquarius64

    @maria: Karma may come back on Ms. Wagner and she may NOT make onto the Olympic podium. The whole process stinks. And if it comes out this is another Skate-gate like in the Salt Lake Games – where the judges did some fixing – I hope this girl goes down hard.

  • Heather

    If Ashley had any morals, she would step down. She fell twice & bombed. She cried the moment she stepped off the ice because she knew she blew it. She shouldn’t go, and if she does, I hope she bombs again!

  • mellow

    To everyone who says the judges made a decision because of racism:
    THE REASONS WHY ASHLEY can go to the olympics are these:

    Ashley deserves to go to Sochi, because:

    The judges decide about the three Olympics spots on the last results from the last 4 seasons (!) which are:

    - Ashley won the Nationals 2 times (2012 and 2013) while Miray got only two disappointing 7th places in these seasons

    - Ashley won 3 Grand Prix events, she was twice on the podium in the Grand Prix Finals, while Mirai didn’t win any GP events and she didn’t even got into any Grand Prix Finals!!!

    - Ashley got a 4th and a 5th place from the World Championships, and Mirai didn’t even qualified to any of the WCs (last time she was there was at the 2010 World Championships where she finished 7th)

    Just because Mirai had a good day at the Nationals this year, and Ashley didn’t, it doesnt mean that Mirai should go to the Olympics. I really love Mirai’s skating, she’s very talented, but her results since the 2010/2011 season are way way worse than Ashley’s.This is the reasons why the judges decided so and IT’S NOT BECAUSE OF RACISM. NO ONE THINKS that except that ones who don’t know much about the rules of figure skating…….


    @OK NOW…LISTEN UP.: First why pretend like the Nationals matter when it comes to the Olympics when it doesn’t. It’s like saying regardless who wins the AFC NFL football game because Tom Brady has a better resume in the playoffs than Peyton Manning. Such bs.
    Kwan got in because others were hurt. She did not jump over other skaters that placed in the top 3 at the Nationals.
    Racism maybe not. But it is hard to look away from the blond, blue eye being sold in NBC and other sponsor’s Olympic ads.
    The US Figure Skating made a mistake. They should have left either Wagner or the 15 year old off the team. Because the US people believe in fairness in competition this decision smells big time. Which is why the audience in Boston gave Nagasu a standing ovation.
    BTW if Wagner could not handle Boston how in the world is she going to hand Sochi and all the media pressure she is going to have after the USFSA decision.

  • Yuna

    Bullshit racist decision.

  • aquarius64

    @YOU LISTEN UP….: You bet Wagner is going to be under pressure at Sochi. If she doesn’t bring home Olympic gold USFSA is really going to look bad with its decision. Silver or bronze is not going to be good enough, even if it helps the overall US medal haul. A post-Olympic career is successful if you strike gold AND you are well liked outside the figure skating community.

  • Chloe

    @aquarius64: The chances of any US woman getting gold is not very high…there’s Yuna Kim, Mao Asada, Julia Lipnitskaia, and several others who’d have to make major mistakes for a US woman to get gold. Even if Mirai was competing, her best chance would be been bronze and that’s far from certain. Ashley’s past several years have been much more consistent than Mirai, and she’s the reason the US has 3 Olympic spots in the first place.

  • Rocky


    You are 100% correct!! I am a die hard Michelle Kwan fan and I totally agree with your statement. The comittee took Amber’s body of work and Mirai’s body of work and picked Amber. Amber had one bad day and that drove the vote for her to be part of the team. I love Mirai, but she’s very erratic in her skating and you never know what you’re getting from her on any given day. I think Frank Carroll almost went bald when he was coaching her. For those who want to drag ‘race’ into it — get over yourselves, because there is NO GREATER American ice skater than Michelle Kwan who never won a gold at the Olympics yet you mention her name and everyone knows who she is. Can anyone remember Tara Lipinski for Sarah Hughes?

  • Rocky

    It’s going to take a hell of alot of ice skating to beat Korea’s Kim Yu Na!

  • aquarius64

    @Chloe: Tonya Harding racked up some titles too….until she had the Nancy Kerrigan attack scandal, and finished 8th at Lillihammer. Funny 20 yrs. later and a new women’s figure skating controversy brews before the Games.

  • mmm

    @aquarius64: I agree.. Ashley will NOT medal and will NOT have fans on her side. Mirai should be going. I actually don’t think this is racism (USFSA loved Michele Kwan more than any one) but about money, endorsements, medals. Still, Mirai is more talented, proved it here and should go. I don’t care about Ashley’s record the last two years. She is a boring skater – can’t sustain the technical difficulty and bombed on the big state. GO MIRAI – THIS WILL COME BACK IN POSITIVE WAYS TO YOU!!

  • mmm

    @aquarius64: this is true!

  • mmm

    @Chloe: umm…how about Gracie Gold helping to get that 3rd spot. IF, and I agree it’s a big IF Gracie skates well she could get gold. Yuna has been injured and is not her 2010 self (although she is of course amazing) — Mao’s triple axels have not been consistent (though she’s amazing too) — the little Russians I would say are equal with Gold and Polina. Mirai would have to have an amazing day and others falter to medal – but it could happen. Gold, Nagazu and Edmunds should be the team. IF they had to give Wagner the spot, they should have dropped Polina.

  • Norah

    Why even have any of them compete, since it didn’t matter anyways. This has left a very bad taste and makes you not even care who wins now. What ever happened to fair competition???

  • Rei-lin

    Spread the word about this controversy! The mass media isn’t saying enough about it!

  • Louie K

    This is the only time they have not used the nationals as a qualifier, barring injury. Never before, ever. Shame on you Pat St. Peter.

    This is completely disgraceful and corrupt. I think it is about sponsors, not racism, but what difference should that make? Shame on you Pat St. Peter.

    If they fall at Sochi, no one will consider what they did last year when they get 0 medals. Shame on you Pat St. Peter.

    No one cares about your stupid club rules, the Olympics are supposed to be about fair competition and everything in skating smells like dog dung. Shame on you Pat St. Peter.

    Let the competition results stand!

  • Louie K

    Shame on you Pat St. Peter.

    People posting here paid by Wagner’s sponsors and the USFSA, supporting this travesty of a decision. You are corrupt and I hope social media ends everything about you.

  • cei080584

    for those calling racism, perhaps, but I would beg to differ in that Michelle Kwan was propped up by US Figure skating her entire career over the likes of Tara Lipinski and Sarah Hughes (who both ended up winning gold in their respective olympic competitions). In 1998 Olympics Michelle was given 1st place standing by the US Judge over Tara (who had to win the support of other countries outside the US). Our country has many issues with race and social class, but for once I do not think this factored into the results of this olympic committee decision. For those that might not be familiar with this sport, feel free to look at the USFSA selection process for the olympic team and it might help you understand this decision. Unfortunately for Mirai, she has struggled very much since her 2010 olympic success, while Ashley has proved herself to be capable of placing top 7 in most international competitions.

  • cei080584

    except that is not how the olympic team is selected and USFSA made it very clear to all competitors. why does no one understand this???????? how is it different than say the US olympic hockey team being selected by the players that have performed well all season, not just one specific period of time. AHHHHH please do your research people. or just continue to post ignorant statements.

  • Pattypete

    A travesty. With this controversy, NBC and sponsors will get even greater viewership in this popularity contest. I can already hear Al Michael’s voice intro… “Will she collapse again under the pressure or will the will the heart of a champion emerge? Up next, after a word from our sponsors…”

  • Smith

    @claire m.: In Japan, for one. Their committee just selected Daisuke Takahashi, who fell and was in the fifth place, to go to the Olympics instead of one of the winners.

  • Chilly dog

    Newsflash!! For those of you not to will plugged in to the world of FS. This year’s Olympic figure skating medals will be based on “body of work”.

  • D-DFW

    NBC has already started promoting Wagner as a media spotlight piece. Her not making the team would damage the marketing strategy of the network covering the Olympics. Results be damned, it’s about making money.

  • noiseswithin

    Everyone will be nicely surprised at how well Ms Wagner handle the pressures of the Olympics. She didn’t do her best at the Nationals because she knew she didn’t have to.

  • Jana

    Takahashi pulled out of 2013 Grand Prix Final with a leg injury. He also injured himself during the FS at the Japan Nationals. Thankfully all the US ladies are healthy this year.

  • Pamela

    The top 3 should represent the US, and yes I believe racism was involved. The competition should be based on your performance that particular day, not on what happened the past year. If Mirai looked like a so call “all American girl,,whatever the judges think think that should look like, then she would be representing the United States, I am so done with skating now. Good luck Yuna Kim and Mao Asado!!!

  • eileen

    We’ll know after the Olympics whether or not the judges made the right decision. They will either be gloating over their choice of Ashley or they will have egg on their faces.

  • Frank

    It only makes sense that Ashley should go, because the Olympic medals will be awarded on the basis of all work since the last Olympics and not just according to the standings at Sochi. Right?

  • Smith

    It actually would be good if they would change their minds and let Marai go. Let all of these people who think this is based on race or anything other than skating see a real Marai performance. That would be about the only way to shut off this nonsense. It would be pretty hilarious actually considering all of this hysterical drama.

    Ashley has the best chance of of the two but the reality is that she probably will choke again. Especially with all of this. Please send Marai!!