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Johnny Depp & Robert Downey Jr. - Golden Globes 2014

Johnny Depp & Robert Downey Jr. - Golden Globes 2014

Johnny Depp hits the stage to present the final award of the evening at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 50-year-old actor presented the award for Best Motion Picture – Drama to the team behind 12 Years a Slave. The night before he stepped out with his girlfriend Amber Heard to attend the Art of Elysium’s Heaven Gala.

Robert Downey Jr. hit the stage during the show to present the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy to American Hustle‘s Amy Adams.

FYI: Johnny is wearing a Rona Pfieffer pocket chain.

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  • -_-

    Johnny’s hair looks terrible. It makes him look so haggard.

  • Isa

    I don’t understand what happens with Johnny Depp , he seems so sad and annoying …
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • tam

    Robert looks fantastic, as always, but Johnny looks really bad. Has he been sick?

  • Tiffy

    I kept looking for Johnny in the audience to see if he was actually sitting with Amber, but I never found him.
    What did they do? Sit him in the back by the kitchen?

  • JDF

    JD looks amazing! much better looking than RDJ.

  • Kate

    @tam: Depp actually looks much better than RDJ. He’s older than him and he has less wrinkles in his face. If looking really bad is looking like that then I want to look bad too!

  • Yousef

    @Isa: He’s just very camera shy and he’s always been like this. Have you even seen the actual thing or you are just judging on that picture in which he looks pretty great? And how exactly is he annoying? The only annoying person on these pictures is Robert JR

  • Mary

    I hope RDJ is not going down the Johnny Depp (making money with stupid movies) route.

  • @6

    Are you even looking at the pictures?
    Robert looks heathy and robust, while Johnny looks pale and drawn.
    Look how deep the lines are around Johnny’s mouth. He looks awful. How can you not see that?
    And he wasn’t a very good presenter. He acted like every word was painful, and that it was a bother to have to be on stage. He should have stayed home.

  • Paul

    @Mary: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that made me really laugh because he’s already down that route. Iron man (1, 2, 3), Tropic Thunder, The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes(1,2) are all stupid commercial forggetable movies.

  • Logan

    RDJ looked great; better than JD. Rob Lowe and Jason Bateman are 2 actors that never seem to age.

  • Kate

    @@6: I dunno are you sure we are looking at the same pictures? Robert looks far from healthy. Those lines around his mouth are because he lost weight, unlike fat Robert, he is a skinny and healthy guy.

    So he wasn’t a very good presenter just because he just presented the award without trying so desperately hard to be charming and funny like Robert?

  • Mary

    Tropic Thunder, Iron Man and Avengers were a stupid movies? You better not say this out loud among sophisticated movie buffs!

  • Violetta

    @Logan: Ugh. He wish he looked better than gorgeous JD. How can you look 30 when you are 50? Ask Johnny Depp!

  • Paul

    @Mary: Is this a kind of a joke? sophisticated movie buffs? did you mean teen fanboys who likes any stupid action movie they watch? sophisticated movie buffs likes movies like Casablanca and the likes of that and not cr@ppy meaningless action movies.

  • roronette

    RDJ is so sexy, it’s almost unbelievable…

  • Queen VXII

    Wow Depp looks better than ever!

  • yara

    @roronette: Nothing sexy about a self-obsessed middle aged filthy animal.

  • Wurry

    Johnny – should have stayed off all the booze and stayed with your beautiful wife. You look like such misery.

  • JDF

    @Wurry: He used to drink a lot when he was with his “wife” but he stopped when they broke up and is sober and healthier now. His “wife” didn’t want to get married because she thought it is just a meaningless paper and since when is his “wife” beautiful? She is a walking corpse and only looked pretty when she was young. He looks so much better and happier ever since he broke up with her and do you know why? It’s because she made him miserable in their last years and it was all her fault and now she is not even taking care of the kids and is always working in france with her boyfriend. Don’t judge someone you know nothing about it’s just pathetic!

  • Yep

    The delusional JDF is here, along with her sockpuppets.
    Robert looks handsome and healthy, and acted like he wanted to be there. He was great.
    Johnny really does look like he’s been sick, and read the nominations like he couldn’t care less. If he didn’t want to do it he should have stayed home and let someone else present. He should have had more respect for the nominees.
    And BTW, unlike Johnny’s movies, Robert’s have been well received by audiences AND critics.

  • JDF

    @Yep: Delusional your mother and sockpuppets your ass. Accept the fact that he has many fans and admirershere.

    Robert is an attention wh0re while Depp is not. Depp did exactly what he is supposed to do without making lame jokes, he read the nominations respectively and announced the winner and then clapped for them and shook hands with them.

    You mean unlike Johnny’s latest movies? At least he didn’t play the same character in 4 different movies. Even Tine Fey joked about it last year and sarcastically said “How versatile”.

  • Elle

    @JDF: “Don’t judge someone you know nothing about it’s just pathetic!” HAHAHAHAHA
    So how can you judge Vanessa? did you live with her? how can you say that she was the reason of his problems and drinking? are you retarded or what?
    Johnny is just looking worse and miserable alongside his fake ‘bisexual’ call girl who is only with him for fame and money!

  • JDF

    @Elle: You are the only moron here, I know the truth and only judge based on it. He was drinking heavily because of her and when they broke up.. BOOM, he stopped and started looking much better!
    Johnny is just looking better and happy alongside his gorgeous loving girlfriend. Only with him for money and fame, huh? Is that why she never spoke about their relationship and never walked the red carpet with him even though she is with him since more thn 2 years? She is with him because she loves and it’s a fact. Believe what you want to believe you delusional loser.

  • Mary

    JDF, take off the pink shades, the only thing Depp wants from his fans is their money. Beyond that he is no better than Clooney and Co. Hooking up with some generic bimbo for publicity. But even Clooney every now and then cares about making interesting movies. Depp solely cares about his paycheck so he can buy another island on which none of his delusional fans will ever be invited.

  • JDF

    @Mary: Wow you obviously know him very very well to know what he wants from his fans and judge him horribly! He is a humble loving person who respect all of his fans. He appreciate their support and admiration and If you actually saw how he treat fans without the cameras you would see that. You are right about Clooney but so wrong about Johnny, if he was dating her for publicity then why don’t he speak about her and walk the red carpets with her and attend all social events? He only does what interests him and he only have one island so don’t make it sound as if he buys a new island every year and of course his lovely fans will never be invited to his very private island. He buyed it so he can go there and rest without having cameras and strangers at his face and you want him to invite total strangers to it?

  • brenda

    To @9 and @12 Kate..: JOHNNY DEPP LOOKS BETTER THAN ROBERT DOWNEY JR EVEN LOOKING LIKE THIS …SO THIN AND WITH HIS 50 YEARS OLD..FACE IT! But I have to say that he should have stayed at home and let her do her thing at the Golden Globes..because Johnny looks so thin and ill now and I really don’t wanted he go to the Golden Globes..because I DON’T LIKE THAT BLONDY’s makes him look like ·” this no healthy”! I don’t know what happen with Johnny..but I think he is like this and he doesn’t care about nothing. I really wanted to see him beautiful with his dark hair ,well dressed with her (=( ) at the Oscar..but well,what can we do?

  • brenda

    By the way..Johnny Depp is better than Robert Downey Jr in looks in EVERYTHING..Johnny is unique and natural..he is NOT FAKE and he is not trying to look funny all the time with stupid jokes like Robert..! Robert is so OVERRATED AND he is SO VAIN! And Robert is not CUTE ..he is full of wrinkles!!

  • hi

    Johnny looks just beautiful!!!I love him!!!

  • katri

    Johnny looked so handsome,so cute.His face is very beautiful.
    of course,Johnny handsome than Robert

  • katri

    Johnny is beautiful man all the time

  • srah

    but they want? for two men 50 years look like children, but mature men look great for your age have

  • srah

    but they want? for two men 50 years look like children, but mature men look great for your age have

  • @22

    But he has played the same character. They just have different names.
    But if you watch POTC, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dark Shadows, and The Lone Ranger, they are ALL Jack Sparrow. All the same. Just with different clothes. Johnny has become lazy.
    And no, Johnny didn’t have to crack jokes. But he at least could have sounded alive.

  • tary

    Why? vanessa has to speak, vanessa live in France and very well with her boyfriend, johnny also noticed much better after separation more shares with his mother and cares for her children.

    johnny love

  • tary

    @22 you say they are the same characters agree with you, but also all a success at the box office but The Lone Ranger, a film that reminds many people of work depends on the script and not the player who runs simplimente johnny goes and does what it says director did not forget that.

    if the director directs the movie bad or has a bad script or just bad production and becomes a bad movie is not Johnny’s fault.

  • @36

    Part of it was Johnny’s fault. He was given a lot of freedom in creating the character of Tonto. He fell back on his old habits and made him Jack Sparrow. During previews in theaters, you could hear a lot of derisive comments when Johnny appeared on screen. He has to share the blame for the failure of that film.

  • lila

    Alice in Wonderland $1,025,467,110

    pirates of the caribbean Dead Man’s Chest $1,045,713,802

    pirates of the caribbean $1,066,179,725

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $474,968,763

    the fact show the opposite n_n

  • tary

    johnny was not at fault because he was not the protagonist, the full weight of callus on the shoulders of johnny, the other actors did nothing you can use the analysis of other bad actors , who performed the best is johnny.

    the Lone Ranger seems that directs a child 5 years
    long movie
    bad script
    out of context
    Starring actors fatal side
    bad direcion
    I feel like that’s not the fault of johnny

  • Sally

    Too many haters here. The same people writing against Johnny’s new relationship are here, writing against everything he does. Because Johnny looked amazing! and that’s the general opinion about him. Even with his blonde hair he looked handsome and youthful. And stop telling that he looks “ill” only because he isn’t bloated anymore and not tanned. It’s for his new role!…he is a blonde english man…have you seen a blonde english man looking tanned?

  • PearlySoames

    Finally, the buddies are in one news post! :D I love Robert so much, he’s a great an funny guy and so is Johnny, too! I’m looking forward to “The Judge” – Movie! <3

  • antigoni

    OMG!! my two favorite actors!! i love themm!! Both look beautiful! i don’t really like Johnny’s hair but it’s just for a movie! but his face is still amazing.. LOVE THEM!!

  • 25

    @@6: @@6:
    Totally agree, I never thought I’d say this but RDJ looked better, healthy and not to mention he is charming. JD is looking rough, and weird way to present an award, looks like he didn’t know how to do it properly for a moment I thought he was drunk, and he seemed antiphatic.
    That ugly hair is for a movie though.

  • he is stoned

    JDF is delusional, she and youself and the other protecting Depp are clearly the same person, it’s hilarious. She is literally his only fan in this site, but let her live in her land of denial, he looks very bad and everyone knows it, deep down she knows it too that’s why she is having a meltdown, she just wants everyone to kiss his ass like she does.
    On a side note, my, he really looks terrible, is he on drugs again?, he is distant and seems lost, like stoned, not to mention he doesn’t look healthy, like ill or something. If I have to pick one, I pick Downey, I don’t even find him attractive but he looks better than Depp for sure.

  • JDF

    @he is stoned: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I only post with this username and no i’m not his only fan because here as you can see he has a lots of fans! you are the delusional one for thinking that i’m the same person as others who said good things about Depp and that i’m his only fan here. It’s your problem if you think he looked bad because in the real world all the people thought that he looked handsome and sexy. Just go and see on Twitter or Tumblr you delusional hater. He looked amazing and healthy and at least he is fit and his figure is great, can’t say the same for Robert.

  • JDF

    @@22: All of these characters are NOTHING alike. They are different characters with different personas and in different worlds and he also acted so differently in each character.

  • brenda really need glasses! Johnny is the winner!!!

  • Shelley

    for those who says johnny depp looks terrible and that his movies are bad could suck on Tonto’s left nut,

  • Brenda

    show some respect to johnny depp and STFU

  • Edgar

    Robert downey jr and johnny depp are pure awesome