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Miranda Kerr Rocks Full Body Slit at Golden Globes Party 2014

Miranda Kerr Rocks Full Body Slit at Golden Globes Party 2014

Miranda Kerr rocks a dress with a full body slit while attending the InStyle and Warner Bros Post-Party following the 2014 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“Thanks for a great night @instyle. Congratulations to all 🙌,” the 30-year-old model tweeted following the evening’s festivities.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda‘s separated husband Orlando Bloom was also in attendance at the party after he presented during the show that night!

FYI: Miranda is wearing an Emilio Pucci dress and Casadei shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the 2014 Golden Globes After Party

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miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 01
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 02
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 03
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 04
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 05
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 06
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 07
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 08
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 09
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 10
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 11
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 12
miranda kerr rocks full body slit at golden globes party 2014 13

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  • amber

    Look at me look at me!! Tacky!

  • go go

    Wtf is she even doing there anyway? Ar least Orlando is an actor.

  • My eyes !!!!

    I really hate that dress. Paula Patton may have been the worst dressed of the night, but I absolutely and truly hate everything about this dress.

  • Chrissy

    Tacky in 1994 by Liz Hurley in Versace and every tackier now. Why was she even ther??? What an attention wh*re!

  • Lydia

    Angelina did the leg first and did it better, try-hard.

  • Martin

    Miranda just listen to me. You make me sick.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Miranda Kerrdashians shows up at a party she really has no right to attend wearing a tacky(!!) frock, bad hair and a bloated face. Lay off the Botox, MK. For reals.

  • adrianafan

    Wow shes the new Heidi Klum. Subpar modeling career and like a roach when it comes to events and parties. Always there, never goes away.

  • @Elena #2,3,4,5,6,7,8…

    Sooooo very vey bitter…….jealous much???

    Miranda looked stunning & that’s what bothers you the most…lol.

    She has the perfect figure to wear the Emilio Pucci dress & you can’t stand it.

    Miranda was INVITED so has every right to attend the after party.

    Just because she’s no longer with Orlando doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be invited as Miranda is not only a Supermodel but also a celebrity in her own right!
    It’s not just for actors but for celebrities from all different fields including singers, models etc.

    So keep posting your little rants that REEK of SOUR GRAPES but it will NOT change the fact Miranda was invited AND looked gorgeous!!!!!

  • @Adrianfan…#9

    So because Adriana didn’t get invited you’re now going to insult Miranda out of spite & sour grapes!!!

    Talk about being immature & childish, you sound like a 2 year yr old throwing a tantrum……Grow up!

  • James

    @@Elena #2,3,4,5,6,7,8…: Is it too difficult to you to understand that some people don´t like her, hate her fake smile and her disgusting media love? Thery´re not jealous, they just can´t stand her as well as you on the contrary blindly love her. Is it really that difficult? Hating doesn´t always come out of jealousy. Things aren´t that simple. So please stop that bullying. People have right to say their opinion as well as you do. Your constant correcting (it´s months and months, maybe even years now) is unbearable.

  • Justraging

    @@Elena #2,3,4,5,6,7,8…:

    You must be a terribly annoying kind of…person..x’D That kind everyone hated at school x’D

    Even a fan should see that the hair is sh*it here ;D

  • Bonie

    Hey!!! guys this is the same dress that Gwyneth Paltrow used in the premiere of the country strong remenber, so no big deal for me.

  • mbl

    she is creepy

  • Anna

    She’s there for Leo…

  • Journalistic

    I don’t know why but Miranda never looks good on red carpets. Everywhere else she looks great, it’s weird.

  • Lena

    @@Elena #2,3,4,5,6,7,8…:

    I totally agree with you. Miranda is totally gorgeous and of course she was invited. I hope she and Orlando get back together.

  • claudia

    those who can’t make headlines because of their talent make them because they’re trashy.

  • @#10 & 11

    Stop using the phrase “sour grapes” in every post…You sound like top an idiot

  • Dieter !!!!

    Full round ass !!!
    IQ of 160 !!!


    No.21; You nail it every time dude.

  • Eat Large Food!

    Wow, she’s been packing on the pounds since her split.

    She looks DREADFUL. She’s the shallowest person I’ve ever seen.

  • Eat Large Food!

    @Dieter !!!!: IQ of 160? Really? Can you post the link that will back up your bizarre and false claim ? We’re waiting… and waiting.

  • Liverwurst

    Ugly.overrated apple head.

  • Kath

    Ugghh….Miranda I like you but l dont like this dress or the jewelery or your hair for that matter. You looked so much better last year. #17… l agree, her street style is great but shes missed it for the red carpet this year. Though she has a banging body so she can pull this dress off. The shoes are great however. JAMES…leave the fan girl alone. She is just defending Miranda against the stupid c*nt ELENA. You know the one who constantly dribbles sh*t…who definately is jealous…the one who rants on & on & bullying everyone about having kids…..the one who is pretending to be different people & wanting to own them….who just cannot stop looking at M & O stories even though she cant stand them. And now trying so hard to be relevant in the sh*t she spews every post! It really is the most f*cken funniest thing lve ever seen….. just how much this crazy b*tch is a stupid c*nt!!….Hahahaahahhaa…yes it is SOUR GRAPES…hahaahahaa

  • @12

    Oh please YOUR constant BULLYING of Miranda simply because she’s a gorgeous & successful woman has everything to do with PETTY jealousy.

    Miranda has never done anything that warrants such spite from “haters” like yourself.

    Using the EXCUSE that she has “a fake smile” to INSULT & call her “DISGUSTING” does REEK of SOUR GRAPES.

    The fact YOU “hate” her because she SMILES a lot is just so CHILDISH & makes NO sense. Who knew that “smiling” & having a happy positive attitude to life was a bad thing!!!

    The same with the “media love” claim.
    Miranda IS a successful Supermodel, business woman, has amazing fashion style & a very happy smiley child.
    Newspapers, magazines & celebrity sites all want her pics because they know they will get more hits on their sites, it’s called supply & demand
    Why do you think there’s so many articles about how to get her style & the secret of her health & exercise routines???.
    So it’s only natural that the paps take pics of her, just like they do of other famous celebrities.
    You seem to ignore the fact that Miranda is popular & many people like her with over 4 MILLION followers on Social Media.

    Every other female celebrity smiles & poses on the Red Carpet just the same as Miranda yet you single her out & call her nasty names.
    Yet she’s usually just doing her job as a model promoting a campaign or having fun attending an event like the GG’s after party where everybody’s SMILING….. ; )

    Talk about being a hypocrite & using a double standard, one set of rules for her compared to other people. Instead you expect her to have a scowl on her face & look miserable just to make YOU happy!

  • Hot.

    I love her dress, I have to say there are not very many women even in Hollywood that could wear it. She has an amazing body.

    I also like her hair pulled back & kept simple as any other style would have been too much with the high neckline at the front of the dress.

    The only criticism I have is that she didn’t need to wear both the gold necklace & the matching platinum diamond earrings & necklace set.

    Either one would have been enough but that’s just a minor point as she still looks hot regardless, showing your back & leg is not new & besides she carries it off beautifully.

    The only women that have a problem are mostly just envious because they know could never wear such a dress so they put her down to make themselves feel better!

  • Wow.

    She looks amazing!

  • Chubby

    Looks like she’s gained some weight.

  • adrianafan

    @@12: lol if the law of supply and demand regarding this bubble head were accurate why isnt she on every huge American,French,British, Italian A list magazine cover? Why isnt she in ANY prestigious campaigns this season (or ever..)? Shes not a go to girl for selling products in the slightest. Shes a go to filler girl to be available at events with many more talented,major celebrities. Her so amazing successful modeling career has been deduced to cheap commercial modeling and famew*oring at events and pap pics. Unlike the TRUE supermodels of the past, this one wouldn’t even habe a career without paparazzi. The Kim K of the modeling world. When she gets an American Vogue cover and stars in a Chanel,Fendi,Gucci campaign, hit me up

  • Dee

    Well holy crap! First of all I am casual Orlando fan who has always been somewhat tolerant of his ex Miranda. But for the love of kittens, I cannot stand this bimbo anymore! They have just split up, why did she have to take her butt to the GG’s knowing Orlando was there to present? She cannot let him have a moment in the lime light just for himself? I am sick to death of wanting to know what is up with Orlando and being bombarded with crap about Miranda, who I could care less about. I still think the Delphi stalkers go way too far, and some of them like (Elena) seem totally cray cray, but consider me in the Miranda Hater camp now. Geez give it a rest woman!

  • LOL!!

    “Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr awkwardly saying hi to her ex, Orlando Bloom, only for him to give her the cold shoulder…” (via The Daily Beast)

  • jeannifer

    what did she do there? she’s never been involved in any movie and trying hard to be the center of attention. go home girl!

  • Dee

    @jeannifer: She went because she’s a f@mewh@re.

  • Twinkle

    She always puts it out there leaving little to the imagination. Frankly, I don’t understand why people think she’s sexy. Tiny boobs and skinny/anorexic. What’s sexy about that?

  • laureeen

    Ugh, I can’t stand Miranda Kerr.

  • Kath

    If Miranda is such a fame wh*re as you w*nkers say….how did she get to Turkey & back to the US through the airports without any snaps? You w*ankers are always going on about how she calls the papps & your all being so called bombared with Miranda Kerr all the time…..just goes to show you all talk sh*t for the sake of it. If you dont like her STOP LOOKING or are you all that f*cking stupid? The fact is it doesnt matter what you w*nkers say shes wanted. Whether its a detergent add in Japan… on a fitness magazine cover…modelling for swarovski or walking the catwalk in Paris….blah… blah…blah… She seems to be doing it all and is still here…..looking happy & healthy. I love how its easily pissing everyone off…suck it up or stop looking & get over it.

  • Arianna

    I think if anyone can pull this dress off its Miranda. She looks fantastic as usual but I much preferred the dress last year. She looks tired. This poor woman has had a tough year. Separation, Orlando cheating, a crazed stalker, car accident, the media constantly bullying her and attacking her. I hope 2014 is nicer to Miranda. I’ve never ever seen her be nasty about anyone even when people say the most horrible disgusting comments.

  • Arianna

    @adrianafan: what are you talking about she just got back from Turkey doing a fashion show for Dosso Dossi and she modelled for Stella McCartney in France and did a shoot for Chanel. Get your facts straight at least.

  • Lucy80

    Bad outfit , rounded face, too much nude for a Golden Globes after party….no grace, no charming here…

  • Lucy80

    It seems to me she used the sofĂ  cover or the bedroom’s awning like a dress… Miranda, do you secure it 5 minutes before the party with little necklaces????…Truly bad quality of cloth….

  • Lucy80

    @Hot.: What the hell??? It’s really not jealousy, that’s a bad bad bad dress…. Nobody can wear it ’cause it’s horrible….

  • lol

    @Arianna: and any of thats prestigious work to whom? She does ok in runway, I will give her that. (But still not the star of shows, shes not even asked to open or close). A true supermodel always opens or closes. Kate,Naomi would never in a thousand years be thrown into the mix. Covers and ad campaign wise, shes getting C list work at best. Shes no where near the chanel campaign where are you digging this one from?

  • insiderboi

    @LOL!!: Of course! They only play “happy family” when the schedule the paparazzi to be there to witness it. They have hated each other for a very long time in private, before Flynn was even born. They have been living apart for longer than anyone realizes because they really can’t stand the sight of each other.

  • Dieter !!!!

    @Dieter !!!!:

    She has an IQ of 160 as was featured several time in German InTouch.

  • Zzzzz

    Miranda did an Autumn/Winter show for Chanel in 2012. Does that help?

  • @45

    Oh thank goodness. A sooper-seekrit insider cane here to dish the TWOOTH!!!
    Sure. We believe you. Sure. Sure.

  • Elena

    @@45: Wait…so y’all believe “industrygal” from the Orlando post because she spouts bullsh*t you like and diss “insiderboi” because he says something you don’t. I see how that works. Effing hypocritical c**ts (I know how much you hate that word).

  • Elena

    @Dieter !!!!: And we are all supposed to take German InTouch as the bastion of truth and integrity. Mmm’kay…