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Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley - InStyle Golden Globes Party 2014

Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley - InStyle Golden Globes Party 2014

Nina Dobrev hits the red carpet at the InStyle and Warner Bros. Post-Party following the 2014 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Also in attendance at the party was the 25-year-old Vampire Diaries actress’ co-star Paul Wesley.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nina Dobrev

“ID … Gum… Lozenges … Tonights purse essentials for the night! #globes #sicky,” Nina tweeted before heading out for the night.

FYI: Nina is wearing an Armani Prive dress, Aperlai shoes, and a Raowulf clutch.

15+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley at the after party…

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41 Responses to “Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley - InStyle Golden Globes Party 2014”

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  1. 1
    Ewww Says:

    Paul looks always so creepy! What’s wrong with your face dude?

  2. 2

    @Ewww: hahahah maybe he should try to smile a little bit! Sorry Paul! Big fail again! Maybe next Time ;)

  3. 3
    Nina Says:

    I’m sorry but Nina looks trashy here! I don’t like the Dress at all. Kat’s Dress was awful too! The only Dress I liked was Claire’s! She looked very elegant and classy!

  4. 4
    Raven Says:

    @Ewww: Oh my, the Delena’s are showing there ugly faces, again. You Delena’s got what you wanted. Too bad the ratings have PROVEN you are NOT the majority. As for Ian winning at the PCA’s, I can see a bunch of pathetic older women spending endless days, not showering, eating in front of the computer voting over and over and over again. It would be a real award if it was honest. Which means 1 vote per person. Both Paul and Nina look gorgeous. Looking forward to Nina and Paul moving on from the cw and accepting there own Golden Globe awards. Don’t worry Delena’s I’m sure the cw will keep Ian on as a Sheriff or dad.

  5. 5
    nellie Says:

    Paul and Nina look amazing

  6. 6
    Sam Says:

    @Raven: hahaha are you serious? Paul Fans spend endless Days and Nights VOTING AGAINST IAN/DELENA/NINA out of spite just to make them lose! Who’s more pathetic now?

    I don’t know much about Paul because he’s not really interesting imo! All I know is that he has some really disgusting Fans! Voting against someone…thats just sad and SO LOW!

  7. 7
    Uschi Says:

    Torrey already moved on with a new HOT YOUNG Guy! She must have been very tired of Paul! He’s probably super boring!

  8. 8
    Raven Says:

    @Sam: Actually if we are being honest. I didn’t bother voting. But you keep living your dream Sam. Fast forward next year. Ian’s name won’t even make the ballot because TVD’s will be on its last season. Though Ian will be tweeting/begging people to vote for him. We can thank Delena’s for the downfall of the show. Like I said the ratings since Delena got together have gone down hill, fast. People like me have stopped watching what I thought was a show about The Vampire Diaries and is now The Delena Diaries.

  9. 9
    Sam Says:

    @Raven: oh c’mon you pdubber went CRAZY voting non stop for Jensen/Klaine and tatiana or Kristin! And don’t worry about Ian…he will make the Ballot AGAIN! But you should worry about Paul cause despite of him tweeting the link (!!!yes he begged peole to vote for him!! REMEMBER? lol ) he didn’t get nominated! ALL celebritys do that! Some of them were tweeting the link more than once A DAY! So what is your Problem about Ian tweeting it?

    Delena is the best thing that could have happend to the show! They are everything! Won more AWARDS, POLLS, FANS than any other fandom! And Ratings are NOT down because of delena! WTF?! No ship can have an influence on Ratings! Get your facts straight

  10. 10
    Hollywood Says:

    Don’t fight guys! We all know this fandom has become awful and unbearable! I hope TVD ends soon so that all the Actors can move on from this ****** show! Ian Paul Kat Candice Nina Kat Steven, they deserve so much better! And I wish them all the best!! And congrats for the PCA win Ian and delena! Well deserved :) :) :)

  11. 11
    Raven Says:

    @Sam: Nah, we really didn’t vote. As for the polls your talking about. Lets see, on a good day there are literally under 60 comments/votes, Ian wins. What’s that saying? As for the ratings, check your facts. Because, I’ve checked the ratings and since Delena got together the ratings have never been so low. Viewers like myself and my friends don’t watch TVD’s anymore. We used to, when Stelena were together and the show was about vampires. And oh yeah, that’s when the ratings were through the roof. Since Delena got together and the show became the Delena Diaries we all left. Leaving you Delena’s to watch. Remember you only have Delena’s to blame when the show is cancelled.

  12. 12
    what a thing Says:

    One thing i don’t understand is – why when you dislike Paul’s appearance (i’m talking for this event) you are 100% Delena fan? Your logic sucks. Ratings are down mostly because :
    1st.SOME fans are crying like babies because their dreams are not fulfilled
    2nd The Original family moved for another show. Basically 1/4 of the TVD fandom watched TVD only for them.
    I agree this fandom became disgusting. I don’t know why but i don’t think TVD cast deserves fan like this. We should be supportive and not making wars for every little thing. However, Paul.Nina and Claire looked stunning.

  13. 13
    Sam Says:

    @Raven: okay first STOP LYING! We saw it okay…everyone saw it! Pdubbers created 48261574849286161 Accounts to vote against them ALL DAY! You guys helped Jensen and Klaine Fans and that is a fact! Don’t even try to deny that! Second: if polls are so easy to win….why don’t you SE/Paul Fans win anything? Ian has a huge fandom and they are incredible passionate! He wins Awards and polls because he deserves it. But you guys spend more Time complaining and hating on others than supporting Paul! Why?

    Ever considered that Fans may dislike the Storyline itself? I’m very tired of all the doppelgangers! Also TVD got some real competition on thursday Nights! Btw, the Episode with the worst Ratings EVER is a STELENA EPISODE! #justsaying

  14. 14
    lel Says:

    @Raven: Oh, are you 11 years old? “Viewers like myself and my friends don’t watch TVD’s anymore. We used to, when Stelena were together and the show was about vampires.”
    Here’s a news flash : this show was always about a girl who falls in love with two brothers aka love triangle. The whole vampire stuff is just a filling. From the beginning almost everyone knew that at some point Stelena will split up leading to Delena. How much time do Delena spend together? Not as much as Stelena. There were a whole episodes only about Stefan and Elena’s love life, which many people didn’t care about.
    Don’t blame Delena for the low rating. Blame the babies who stopped watching the show only because something didn’t went in the way they wanted.
    I don’t want TVD to end, but if this fandom stays full off pre-teenage depressed girls, who are crying over a none-existing things, CW should stop the series at the end of season 5. The cast doesn’t deserve fans like this.

  15. 15
    Hollywood Says:

    I sometimes wonder if Pdubbers really love Paul because they spend so much Time voting against Ian and DE while they could easily vote for TVD so Paul can win an Award too! Its sad to see their hatred being bigger than their love for Paul! really really sad! He deserves better Fans! :(

  16. 16
    Raven Says:

    @Sam: First I heard of this was from YOU. You seem to know more about what’s going on then “pdubbers”. Nope, I really didn’t vote. Your right, fans do NOT like the storyline and stopped watching because of it. Oh wait, the storyline is Delena, just sayin.

  17. 17
    Raven Says:

    @lel: Yep, I’m a baby who has stopped watching because of Delena. Looks like I’m not alone. Ratings prove it. Lol

  18. 18
    Sam Says:

    @Raven: the Storyline is not just Delena! They barely had any scenes in the last few episodes! I don’t know how often I need to tell you….Ratings depend on many different things! You aren’t an Expert, are you? So stop blaming Ratings on a couple! Thats ridiculous!! And if you stopped watching because of DE then I truly pity Paul. I love & support Ian and I would never stop watching TVD because of Stelena!

  19. 19
    Ele Says:

    I don’t ship Se I don’t ship De I stop to watch the show because I don’t like anymore the storyline I love Ian, Paul and Kat

  20. 20
    Nanabell Says:

    I don’t like Paul but he’s the one who looks nice.
    Nina Dobrev… Okey we just saw how to look cheap wearing expensive brand. Nina’s dress is so vulgar and WTF with her hair and make-up? These false eyelashes are very… fake (: It’s sad. Really sad. And as my friend said – “Dear Dobrevics give your queen some attention or next time she will come without dress at all”.

  21. 21
    Raven Says:

    @Sam: Whatever dude, all I know is that since they put Delena together PEOPLE STOPPED WATCHING. Go and check the ratings. It’s a FACT. The only ones watching are Delena’s and proves they/you are not as big as you thought. Course now that the ratings are down Delena’s will make excuses. Bottom line, the show ended once Elena had sex with Damon. Fact. Even Stelena’s DO NOT want Elena back with Stefan. It was one thing that Damon and Elena flirted. Having sex ruined it to the point there’s no going back. It’s great your an Ian’s fan. Like I said, the cw will always have room for him. Course he’s getting a little to old to be playing a vampire. But, whatever. He can go on PLL’s and play someones dad or a cop. Nina on the other hand has proven she belongs on the big screen. She is a movie star.

  22. 22
    nellie Says:

    @Nanabell: this comment is from Ian’s fan.. really pathetic.

  23. 23
    Lisa Says:

    I never got all the bruh hahaha over this show, Nina or Paul/Ian. Is the TVD run over soon so the next group of “pretty but pointless” people can show us why Hollywood will forever remain a revolving door. Good thing about all of this is at least these folks made enough money to retire on. LOL

  24. 24
    ranitvd Says:

    @lel @Sam
    I’m a die hard SE and Paul fan but I get it. What screwed TVD up the sb and the whole season 4 storyline not DE itself. I also give credit to the DE fans that didn’t leave the show when SE was on. It is messed up that SE fans leave when DE is on. I watched the show from the start and and I’m waiting 4 the 100th ep. Just becuz DE is on the show is still awesome. The polls part however is halfly wrong. Not all PDubbers sit at the pc voting OVER and over again but some crazy ppl do. Just like not all somerhalics do that but the crazy ones do. In the end Ian has a bigger fandom but thats ok. I like to think we r small but strong. Anyways the point is not all of us r babies and not all of us r crazy.

    As 4 the rest this other stuff. Nina and Paul look great and I hoped they took the time to hang out!

  25. 25
    CC Says:

    @nellie: Stop the “It’s the Ian’s fans” remark. People comment because they have seen the change in Nina’s personality. The thirsty, look at me, attention seeking ways and appreciating fans only when cameras are around or things aren’t going her way. I think the word is FAKE. All the “you should love flawless Queen Nina” is not going to change what I see and interpret. It has nothing to do with breaking up with Ian. If she was still with Ian, I’d still be shaking my head at her and wondering what happened.

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