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Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Looks like things are heating up between Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea!

The 36-year-old actor was spotted holding hands with Madalina, 25, on Wednesday (January 15) while walking around Italy together.

If you didn’t know, Madalina was linked to Gerard Butler last year. They were last seen spotted out together while taking a romantic sightseeing tour around Rome back in June.

Michael and Madalina were both in attendance at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival in September, where he promoted his movie 12 Years a Slave and she premiered her movie Dom Hemingway. The pair were both at the Fox Searchlight Party during the festival, so perhaps that is where they first met?!

DO YOU THINK Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea make a cute couple?

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353 Responses to “Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!”

  1. 1
    Lori Says:

    Or perhaps he just called an escort service and she is who they sent?

  2. 2
    Shamu Says:

    I bet she gets pregnant. I’m sure she tried it with Butler. She’s as low as they come.

  3. 3
    Fercat Says:

    He has a type.

  4. 4
    Nicole Says:

    And she was with Leo DiCaprio in 2011. Sure gets around…

  5. 5
    Yeah Says:

    So… I bégin to prefer bradley and Leonardo… And gerard has run away…

  6. 6
    Blue Says:

    Congratulation Michael, your girlfrend is well known a
    pros.ti.tute and Es.cort :)) her name was in yatch girls list who is giving free s.e.x and fun to richest guys in Cannes :)

    #Lori, I think fassie only called pascal vicedomini who is her pim.p.

  7. 7
    poor Fassy Says:

    search ghenea and look at Milan pics…poor Fassy

  8. 8
    Paola Says:

    girls if she really is a prostitute, looking for more evidence! Poor Fassbender? this guy plays, you’ll see that when he wants a wife, the lady will be someone like Lupita…

  9. 9
    Paola Says:

  10. 10
    Yeah Says:

    This is why je cancells his présence on Norton show… To Be with her…

  11. 11
    Blue Says:

    ahahahaha:) this pros.ti.tue was so in love an other man in July and august. I mean 5 months ago:) Fassie are you id.iot?

    So I said Gerard Butler…:))))))#madalina #madalinaghenea #madalinadianaghenea #follow #followers #instagood #instagram #instamood #gbgals #mrsgerardbutler

    From London with love#alina #madalina #live#love #life #madalinaghenea #madalinadianaghenea #instagram #instamood #instagood

  12. 12
    Shamu Says:

    Fassbender and Ghenea seen in a pediatric hospital in Milan. Could be a charity thing or a personal visit. Could be total bollocks also, but this lady claims she saw them in the clinic and Ghenea looked “sad” after her tests came through. Yea right. Kaching!

  13. 13
    Confused Says:

    I am confused by the out out pouring of hate towards this woman. Where is the actual evidence (and I don’t mean dodgy internet sites). Seriously, who cares if she has dated more than one famous actor. People date people in their same field if work all the time – why does this make her a prostitute or escort? Lucky woman – she’s bagged some hot men, wish I had half her luck. I hope she doesn’t read the press surrounding herself as it’s truly cruel.

  14. 14
    jamie Says:

    He sure doesn’t like white women. lol

  15. 15
    girl has a history Says:

    2011 – Leonardo DiCaprio
    2012 – Adrien Brody
    2012-2013 – Gerard Butler
    2013-2014 – Michael Fassbender

  16. 16
    FYI Says:

    Madalina Ghena is white. She’s Romanian.

  17. 17
    Funny Says:

    I begin to like the game of Mdalina… Please more posts on Facebook! We follow!

  18. 18
    sdf Says:

    @FYI: actually she was born in romania but she is of berber origin. they have african roots.

  19. 19
    news Says:

    Fassbender was with Madalina in Romania when she was there visiting her family in early January.

  20. 20
    LOL Says:

    Madalina Ghenea @GHENEAMADALINA

    Michael Fassbender is new victim of Romanian pros/titu/te? #MadalinaGhenea #pr #for #RomanianSlut #madalinaghenea

  21. 21
    Strange Says:

    looks like Fassy likes her a lot, interesting. Also are news that he went to Romania but no pic

  22. 22
    Photo Says:

    Here’s the photo:

  23. 23
    Paola Says:


    No crees que si fuera en serio la hubiese llevado a la fiesta de los Globos de Oro como si lo hizo con su respectiva novia Bradley Cooper?? a ella se nota que le gusta la notiredad publica y loa provecha, por parte de el al parecer no dura mucho con sus novias pues busca diversion…el no es ningun incauto jajaja creo que menosprecias la inteligencia de Fassbender ellos al igual que Leo toman a cada “modelo” del momento para usarlas y dejarlas, si al final llegan a casarse lo hacen con mujeres como Lupita, J-Law, entre otras. No gastes esfuerzos jaja

  24. 24
    Cally Says:

    True. But there are some pictures on Madalina’s FB and IG taken in Romania that look an awful lot like Fassbender.

  25. 25
    Adelaide Says:


    She’s not caucasian, she has African ancestry. His previous girlfriend is black too, Nicole beharie.

  26. 26
    Photo Says:

  27. 27
    Curious Says:

    @Paola: translation?

  28. 28
    You forgot Says:

    @girl has a history: Paul Haggis.

  29. 29
    Actually Says:

    @Adelaide: “She’s not caucasian, she has African ancestry.”

    She is of Roma Gypsy stock.

  30. 30
    Cally Says:

    Madalina looks TERRIBLE in those hand-holding photos from Italy. She looks like she hasn’t slept in days.

  31. 31
    Hahahaha Says:

    Announced the day before the Academy nominations, too. Same old tricks, different dude. ROFLMAO!!

  32. 32
    FYI Says:

    Madalina Ghenea is Caucasian. Both of her parents are white and so is her brother.

  33. 33
    Whatever Says:

    @Cally: probably because she has been happily banging the hotness that is Michaek Fassbender. Good on her. Wish it was me under him, on top of him, whatever. I wouldn’t be sleeping either ;-)

  34. 34
    Good time girl Says:

    @Paola:”girls if she really is a prostitute, looking for more evidence!”

    This is not proof but when she was in Rome with Gerard Butler he siting at the side of a fountain and she was standing beside him wearing a dress that left nothing to the imagination, hem line up past the knees and jugs hanging out, and a policeman came up and started to question her because he thought she was a prostitute touting for trade. The pictures are on the web somewhere.

  35. 35
    No Says:

    @Whatever: Stay away from him as she’s probably given him a std.

  36. 36
    Reputation Says:

    I’am sur MF is aware of all that and he has a PR team so… Maybe he doesn’t care…. But now, it will be hard for him because fans will stay on that love affair… welcome in the media frenzy :-)))

  37. 37
    Really Says:

    @Good time girl: The same thing probably happens to girls out on the town and going to clubs with their mates. A short skirt does not a prositute make. What has she done to piss off so many people other than date some famous dudes??

  38. 38
    GB Fans Says:

    I haven’t followed but Gerard Butler’s fans have a lot to say…. I let them explain if they want…

  39. 39
    Fan tips Says:

    Sorry Fassy fans. Do yourself a favor and don’t read her fb page unless you enjoy being a human cat toy. Also, any minute now at least one foreign troll will show up and claim they are getting married just about every day, so you have that to look forward to. Good luck to you!

  40. 40
    Whatever Says:

    @No: I’d take that risk :-P

  41. 41
    Anna Says:

    @Good time girl: yes because GB behaved like an idiot. look at the pic you have the link in the art above

  42. 42
    Bey Says:

    White, black who cares? Acting like you guys know him or even stand a change of getting to know him. Get a life! Let him date who he wants, if he likes black girls so be it. And by the way this girl is white as she can be! Because she’s a “gipsy” she’s black? For real people?? Smh

  43. 43
    Poor man... Says:

    I love the lack of feminism here. It’s always the woman to blame isn’t it? Can’t two people of either gender like dating around? You feel sorry for him,? Why – he has a brain and is a big boy who can look after himself. Have you read his recent comments about his track record dating as he is so committed to work? Maybe he is out for fun, maybe she is, and maybe, just maybe they actually like eachother. All these men she has dated – maybe they have treated HER badly and she is the one who people need to worry about? Or maybe she likes having fun? Any scenario – I can’t see how these men are the victims.

  44. 44
    clay Says:

    Madelina is absolutely beautiful. Why are you posting such horrible comments about this beautiful woman. Even if what is said is true, I bet she did a superb job at it. Positively gorgeous.

  45. 45
    plastic Says:

    For anyone trying to guess MG’s ethnicity, you need to base it on her real face and body. Her lips and b’oobs are fake.

  46. 46
    Jesse Owens Syndrome Says:

    If she’s brown he’ll go to town. It’s odd how many German’s have a dark skin fetish, is it because of the rarity of Africans in their population mix or is it some kind of reverse status symbol?

    Honestly I’m surprised Diane Kruger didn’t marry Taye Diggs or a Wayans brother.

  47. 47
    Anna Says:

    @Bey: She is not a gipsy she has a decent family: mother is a vet, father – foreman and her brother completed his studies in the U.S.

  48. 48
    So what? Says:

    @plastic: So what? Just like half of Hollywood, famous or not famous. Who cares?

  49. 49
    Doctor Know Says:

    She’s gorgeous. I can’t believe he’s not dating an African American/UK lady though! She dated Leo and Gerard…so what?

  50. 50
    Yuck Says:

    She looks horrible in those pics. Those are some major black bags under her eyes. Imo she needs photoshop to look good, otherwise not so much.

  51. 51
    @girl has a history Says:

    2011 – Leonardo DiCaprio
    2012 – Adrien Brody
    2012-2013 – Gerard Butler
    2013-2014 – Michael Fassbender
    Eros Ramazzotti
    Simone di Pasquale
    Pascal Visedomini
    Paul Haggis
    Marco Borriello and t. d………
    can continue the list ….. long …

  52. 52
    janet Says:


    Those pics were taken on the same day that she and Fassy were spotted at the department pedriatrico / gynecology in which she was crying afterwards. Perhaps the tests confirmed a pregnancy or she had just suffered a miscarriage. No wonder her eyes are puffy in the pics.

  53. 53
    hahaha Says:

    @Fercat: She seems paler than his usual type.

  54. 54
    True Says:

    @Yuck: She looks bad in those pic, true. She is pretty without photoshop (that selfie with him on instagram is much better). Looks like something bad happened to them

  55. 55
    @girl has a history Says:

    Luck will turn away from Fassy until this dirty and stinking gypsy Drakulina be with him! It is nothing but pity!

  56. 56
    hahaha Says:

    Well if this is serious, where was she on the Golden Globe red carpet or the Golden Globes weekend in general? I know he was with his sister but Leo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper, two of his buddies had their girlfriends and mothers with them at the Golden Globes. The reality is she is dying to be paraded on the red carpet. No doubt she targeted MF specifically. Horny but with more red carpet potential.

  57. 57
    Sarah Says:

    @True: Is not Fassbender on that Instagram pic with her, that pic is from last week and his red beard is very evident for a while, the guy on the pic has a mustache (looks blonde) but no beard. (
    I know it could be an old pic, but that guy’s mouth is very different from Fassbender’s, so it is not him!
    And to the people saying that she is white/caucasian: she is so white as Paula Patton and Zoe Saldana! Just compare her pic here with Fassbender’s pic and you can clearly see the difference of their skin, if she is white, so Paula Patton and Zoe Saldana are white as well!

  58. 58
    Clara Says:

    @True: “Looks like something bad happened to them” – Looks like something bad happened to Michael. His gf is prostitute, and and he will get a bad reputation (like Butler)

  59. 59
    FYI Says:

    Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Look at Madalina’s photos from years ago. She’s white. She’s sporting a spray tan and fake lips. Look at pictures of her family. They’re all WHITE. You Fassy fans better get used to something. Madalina Ghenea is as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

  60. 60
    Sad Says:

    @Clara: I follow his fanpage Facebook michael Fassbender online and he cancells last minute his présence in Norton show… So…

  61. 61
    suzy Says:

    good luck to them. She is gorgeous looking and a human being. So she probably won’t always be looking like she just stepped out of a perfume ad. Or do you always look good in everyday situations? Good for you!

  62. 62
    Isa Says:

    Michael definitly looks bad on these pics … And he wasn’t in his usual mood during the GG or when he arrived at LA .. I’m quite sure something wrong had happened

  63. 63
    Shamu Says:

    She’s pretty fosho, but you can’t turn this pumpkin into a princess. I see the Fassy fandom imploding if this couple is for real and/or if she’s preggers. Butler learned his lesson. Fassy ain’t that smart.

  64. 64
    True Says:

    @Clara: Butler already had a bad reputation. Only a lot of gossip about him and rubbish work. That’s why he’s got so terrible fans because is nothing else to talk about him!

  65. 65
    Beauty Says:

    @suzy: I am sûre that m’en look at her in the streets… She has à plastic beauty but beauty is not realy important here… I wish that nothing wrong happens to Fassbender… Gréât actor… But thé first signs are bad… Reputation, bad looking on photos, cancell a show,… Wait and see ;-))

  66. 66
    Sarah Says:

    @FYI: You clearly don’t know the meaning of white/caucasian!
    Like I said, if she is white, Paula Patton and Zoe Saldana are white too! lol Plus “romanian” is not a race, is a nationality!
    I’ve seen other pics of Madalina and she is not white, sorry for saying the truth!
    And I’m not even a fan of Fassbender, but anyone with brains knows how a white person looks like.
    I’m surprised for not seeing anyone calling her “latin”, since in US if you are not blonde and blue eyed, you are latin or “looks latin”, even if you was born in Pakistan! lol

  67. 67
    Weird Says:

    I thought Fassy was supposed to be a smart guy. Guess not.

  68. 68
    Ellen Says:

    @hahaha: Bradley Cooper and DiCaprio didn’t bring their call girls to the Golden Globe! both were there with their moms just like Fassbender was with his sister.

  69. 69
    You are right! Says:

    @Sarah: Ironically, Romanians are latins. Probably the only ones in Eastern Europe. They have Roman roots, their language is 90%latin and like italians they are not really white

  70. 70
    suzy Says:

    you are right. These signs hint at something unpleasant and painful. Too bad he cancelled the show. I was looking forward to it. Anyway, hope it turns out ok for both of them.

  71. 71
    FYI Says:

    I have to throw up my hands at your ignorance. Madalina is 100% Caucasian. Look at her family for god’s sake. They’re all WHITE!!! Explain that! You obviously haven’t looked at her old photos of her, either, or you would see that she now wears a fake tan and she has enhanced her lips to about 4 times their natural size. I know what Caucasian means, you idiot, but you obviously don’t. A spray-on tan and silcone lips does not change someone’s RACE. I think it’s hilarious that MG’s cosmetic enhancements have tricked you into thinking she’s not Caucasian. Ha ha ha ha ha! You have so much egg on your face right now!!!

  72. 72
    Clara Says:

    @True: I`m sure Madalina can ruin the reputation of Fassy.( We will see, aren`t we?

  73. 73
    Beauty Says:

    @Clara: it has already begin… Look comments on Facebook and Instagram…

  74. 74
    Olivia Says:

    @You are right!: That’s true about romanians and italians! they are latins as well! but unfortunately people only think that latins came from Mexico, Spain, Central and South America, otherwise they are white or europeans.
    Funny, huh?

  75. 75
    You are right! Says:

    @Olivia: I think that word latino comes from latin language. They speak Spanish and Portuguese in South America (latin languages).

  76. 76
    wrong Says:

    Why so defensive? She is clearly of gypsy heritage. Romanian gypsies originate out of India, and that is exactly what she looks like; Indian. Her eye shape is NOT caucasian in the least, even without all the surgery. Not to mention her black hair, black eyes, and thick eyebrows. She looks like she could have been born in Mumbai. She looks nothing like any of her family members, either.

  77. 77
    The Black Widow spider Says:

    Madalina again weaves his spider web, now around Michael. She is a The Black Widow spider! ugh

  78. 78
    Clara Says:

    @Beauty: Really sad.( He`s amazing actor! One of my favorite.

  79. 79
    Chris Says:

    @FYI: Go back to school, moron! You are the ignorant here!
    Who cares if her family is white? my cousin is white and has 2 black children and other 3 white children! so what? her color doesn’t change the color of her black children!
    Based on that, someone who is black but was adopted by a white family is white like them!
    Halle Berry has a white mom, so is she white?
    Btw, a tan doesn’t make a caucasian person looks black or latin for the rest of its life!
    And if Madalina was born in Mexico for example, I’m sure you wouldn’t call her white!
    I love those people who think that if someone was born in Europe, they are automatically white…

  80. 80
    noemi Says:

    In Italy , in a gossip blog say they have been seen in a hospital

  81. 81
    no Says:

    @wrong majority of Romanians look like her – black/brown hair, brown eyes. Anyway even if she would be gipsy, what is the problem?

    Here a pic of the another Romanian model in Italy. Is she a gipsy too?

  82. 82
    cubfan34 Says:

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for him.

  83. 83
    hahaha Says:


    You are right I am not sure if Suki was with Cooper but Toni was there.

  84. 84
    Fans Says:

    He will lost some fans…

  85. 85
    wrong Says:

    I don’t have a problem with her being a gypsy, or the fact she’s not a caucasian. You seem to, however.

  86. 86
    Olivia Says:

    @You are right!: Yeah, but french, italian and romanian are latin languages as well, but you don’t see a french person being called “latin”, do you?
    The term “latin” is only applied for third world countries. Interesting…

  87. 87
    EM? Says:

    @Anna: ” because GB behaved like an idiot.”

    What’s that got to do with the cops thinking she was a prostitute?

  88. 88
    True Says:

    @plastic: “Her lips and b’oobs are fake.”

    Yea, but the adams apples real.

  89. 89
    curious Says:

    Why do some people seems rather obsessed about what race this woman is. Does it upset someone that this woman isn’t Negroid to use the anthropological term. Weird.

  90. 90
    Anne Says:

    Well, I’ve seen pics of Madalina’s parents and she doesn’t look nothing like them! she might be adopted. So @FYI’s theory about her being white because her family is white, doesn’t mean anything!
    OMG! this thread is looking like Zoe Saldana’s threads, with people saying that she is latin, not black because her parents are from a latin country.

  91. 91
    Anna Says:

    @EM?: police wanted to see their passports. they didn’t say why but was when he was making stupid pic next to the fountain. She was dressed decent

  92. 92
    Caucasian Says:

    Caucasians are not always white. People from Europe, North Africa and Western, Southern, and Eastern Asia are all Caucasian.

  93. 93
    Oh Please! Says:

    @Anna: “She was dressed decent”

    She was dressed like a sl ut.

  94. 94
    Lola Says:

    But she’s so ugly! I don’t get it.

  95. 95
    Lisa Says:

    In (north)americans mind:
    People with dark skin born in Latin America = not white.
    People with dark skin born in Europe = white.

    So contradictory!

  96. 96
    Career damage warning! Says:

    Ghenea is career venom.

  97. 97
    Anna Says: If this is like a sl/ut you probably live in the monastery, or you are generally full of sh/it

  98. 98
    Oh Please! Says:

    @Anna: “She is not a gipsy she has a decent family: mother is a vet, father – foreman and her brother completed his studies in the U.S.”

    So Gypsy’s can’t be decent people? What a bigot you are.

  99. 99
    Rose Says:

    @hahaha: Toni might be there, but she didn’t walk the red carpet with Leo. And Bradley never brought a girlfriend to an award show or red carpet in general, they only go to after parties, but Suki wasn’t there either.

  100. 100
    Mia Says:

    @Anna: “police wanted to see their passports.”

    What a load of garbage. People don’t carry passports around with them but leave them in the hotel safe and police in Italy don’t go around asking to see passports. People who were nearby said that the police accused her of soliciting.

  101. 101
    Anna Says:

    @Mia: link please. thanks

  102. 102
    FunOrSad Says:

    I don’t know if it’s sad or funny but MF threads are becoming a joke now…

  103. 103
    ahahaha Says:

    @FunOrSad: Because MF is an I/D/I/O/T:))))))

  104. 104
    Yep Says:

    @FunOrSad: because GB fans are are bored to death (what to say about him?!!) and they moved here!

  105. 105
    hahaha Says:

    @Rose: Yes it seem Suki had a fashion show to do for Burberry or perhaps she would have been there at least for the afterparties. Mr. Fassbender was partying with Cumberbatch both Saturday and Sunday night along with the cast of “12 Years a Slave”. I suspect Cumberbatch is SO much more fun, and either one attracts women like flies, together, what a team.

  106. 106
    blackluck Says:

    Not only threads funny also his life will be joke with this *****.

  107. 107
    blackluck Says:

    ****** is wh-roe

  108. 108
    Clara Says:

    @blackluck: # 106 +100

  109. 109
    2 words for you fassy Says:


  110. 110
    FunOrSad Says:

    @Yep: yes but now MF will be funny too… he had never has so many comments before…

  111. 111
    Just wait Says:

    The Fassy fan sites are just catching on. Word is they are even meaner and more protective of him than GB’s, so this could be interesting.

  112. 112
    Mallory Says:

    Yeah…what am I suppose to say…She gets around a lot. Interesting that she dated only Hollywood-Actors in the last couple years. And just before the Award-Season all those realtion-ships got public.
    I’m sorry, but to me, she is a fame-*****.

  113. 113
    @Mallory Says:

    I think she’s made that fairly obvious now, lol.

  114. 114
    she reminds me of Says:

    mayonnaise….they both spread easily and smell of egg

  115. 115
    Mallory Says:

    Yup.Just wanted to point it out :-D

  116. 116
    Fetish Says:

    What irks me about Fassbender is that he dates women of color like it’s a fetish.

  117. 117
    ahahaha Says:

    She is disgusting as hell! On her face botox was burst??? Fuuuuuu!

  118. 118
    sema Says:

    Oh, and it’s all over the news now… a few days ago me and a few more wrote to her facebook account that it was michael on that infamous photo and she said “no! it’s not michael fassbender!” Now i think she’s happy and reading all the columns and comments about it. And that’s for her if she’s pregnant: LUCKY THIS TIME, girl. It will ruin his career in no time.

  119. 119
    FYI Says:

    Some of you are so stupid, facts have to be written out for you a thousand times before you get it. Madalina has a spray-on tan and fake lips! That’s why she looks different than her family these days. Before her cosmetic enhancements, Madalina looked just like her mother and brother.

  120. 120
    Danny Says:

    @Adelaide: She is from Romania, which, for all those who skipped Geography classes, is in Eastern Europe, and is populated with Caucasians, mostly fair-haired and with white skin. It’s impossible for her to have African ancestry….. And as for her dating history, she’s an actress too, it’s obvious she would date people from the same line of business, she doesn’t have many chances of meeting engineers or teachers, does she?

  121. 121
    FYI Says:

    You’re the ignorant one – and you apparently don’t know how to read, either! Without MG’s spray tan and silicone lips she looked JUST LIKE her white family – light skin color, thin lips, JUST LIKE THEM. Is this getting through to you yet? Do I need to write it out phonetically? Her new skin color and facial features are fake.

  122. 122
    Romanian plasticsurgeon Says:

    @no: wow that other Romanian model looks just like Maddie – they must use the same plasticsurgeon in Romania Can I please have his number so I can have a look like that too and get all these men too and I hope she is pregnant and have her wish come true and that he does not hurt her but just love her

  123. 123
    ahahaha Says:

    @Danny: as for her dating history, she’s an actress too, it’s obvious she would date people from the same line of business, she doesn’t have many chances of meeting engineers or teachers, does she?
    She’s not an actress, she’s elite sl/ut in life and on screen. Her role-10 second role who/res! LOL!

  124. 124
    Please gurl Says:

    @Danny: You must be her or work for her PR. Her so-called acting career only started recently. Two were small Italian films and one where she got the part because of who she was dating, and got her no recognition at all. The reviews were not good. She has been dating Hollywood actors, and since she doesn’t live or work there, that’s a little unusual, no? Give us all a break.

  125. 125
    No Says:

    @Romanian plasticsurgeon: No plastic surgery for the other one. Look another one who looks lihe her, is Romanian and you can find her on Gerard Butler’s twitter: – no plastic surgery either. this is how they look like

  126. 126
    Mallory Says:

    She must be quite happy now. Since Michael just got nominated for an Oscar.
    So she can say now, that she is dating an Oscar nominated actor. I think she can’t go any further…Oh wait, no. Next step: Dating an Oscar WINNING actor.

  127. 127
    MG Says:

    @ahahaha: she had two premieres this year, yes she is an actress whether you like it or not. I am not Madalina, I am one of her fans

  128. 128
    DH Says:

    @Please gurl: I’ve seen the movie, I like JL. She is a Romanian in that movie so maybe they needed somebody with Romanian accent. Wasn’t an important role but she was ok

  129. 129
    FunOrSad Says:

    I’m reading the comments here and on others sites and now I’m sure: she can ruin his carreer… his reputation it’s done!

  130. 130
    FunOrSad Says:

    And nobody cares ha can have an oscar? Do you think he will go with the future mother of his child? I’m sure that she may be pregnant now… Good job :-)

  131. 131
    not a fassy fan Says:

    but this girl is clearly not white…she looks indiany!!/hipanicy

  132. 132
    ProtectiveFans Says:

    Wait about that… if he goes to Oscars with her, I wait the reactions of the fans… and even more if she’s pregnant… A media mess for fassy!!!

  133. 133
    Madalina Facebook Says:

    Madalina, I’m waiting a facebook post. It’s boring without her! Honestly it’s funny to follow!!!!!

  134. 134
    tweet Says:

    Oscars Nomination 2014: 86th Oscars Nominations Announcement

  135. 135
    Madalina Facebook Says:

    I begin to like her strangely ^^

  136. 136
    Madalina Facebook Says:

    @tweet: It’s too serious that please ^^

  137. 137
    Face Says: her face looks rough. did he beat her?

  138. 138
    NoFalseRumours Says:

    No please, he don’t beat her… She looks tired, it’s different… and he looks tired too…

  139. 139
    FansProtective???? Says:

  140. 140
    FansProtective???? Says:

    And it’s the beginning….

  141. 141
    JS Says:

    The idiotic jealous poster here called LOL is a Russian wh/ore who frequents the Butler threads and hates MG. She even created the fake TWITTER site which she keeps pushing.

    Please don’t buy into jealous girl’s lies. MG is not an escort or a pros.ti.tute. MG is a respectable and lucky girl who is single and hot and she has all the men chasing after her.

    Some of the jealous types who post on these boards are insane with rage against these women for “taking him away from me”. They don’t have lives so they live hoping Gerard Butler or Fassbender will take them away but these men prefer beautiful models. These “fans” can’t deal with it.

  142. 142
    Irish Says:

    May the luck of the Irish be with him.
    May he get out of this fiasco fast.
    Normally he is quite a private person, especially in relationships, not with this person she wants fame and plenty of coverage.
    Run for the hills Michael. Don’t spoil what you have worked so hard to achieve.

  143. 143
    Jealousy? Says:

    @JS: I’m not sure… If he has been with Lupita for instance… She’s beautiful and talented and I don’t think he will be torn apart even by blogger like he’s now… So it’s not jealousy… I want to be a Lupita or even Charlize Theron…. but I don’t want to be MG…

  144. 144
    JS Says:

    @MG: That makes at least two of us. I think she’s charming and pretty. She could go far in acting, too. She just finished S3 of the TV miniseries Borgia in Europe, which starts again soon. I believe the producers were ending the series with this season, though. Borgia can be seen at Netflix, amazon prime etc.

    People should start loving each other or at least stop the hate which only brings them down. There’s so much hatred and unhappiness in the world. I love Fass and wish him and Maddie all the best.

  145. 145
    ebony Says:

    Thank God Gerard is not with this one anymore..
    Michael my condolences

  146. 146
    Irish Says:

    @ebony: Here here.

  147. 147
    Me Says:

    @Jealousy?: Doesn’t matter what you want, is his life, his choice. Grow up!

  148. 148
    JS Says:

    Madalina Ghenea is beautiful. Sorry, I can’t see this any other way. Michael will probably date her for a few months and then move on like he always does. He’s another serial womanizer like Butler, a “bad boy” who will never settle down. Who can blame her for having fun? She’s only 25, why not travel the world and enjoy yourself with the world’s hottest men? Go Maddie and best of luck!

  149. 149
    ex GB fan Says:

    I am laughing so hard right now. Fassy fans, get ready. This chick will taunt you and hate on you like you have never seen. She lives on Facebook, and loves to read about herself on gossip sites. She is the ultimate fameho, and clings to her prey like a desperate octopus.Get your popcorn and settle in for a wild ride.

  150. 150
    Jealousy? Says:

    @Me: I am a big girl but you are on a gossip subject so what do you expect? MF is a great actor so people were waiting him with a great actress for instance like Lupita and it’s not the case so they are upset. If you don’t want to read comments, don’t come here. it’s all I want to say, it’s a kind of “game”. I’m not a star and will never be but this is the “madia frenzy”

  151. 151
    Jealousy? Says:

    And something else… I’m waiting her next posts on facebook, I like it. yes, it’s funny ;-)

  152. 152
    Lesbian mad Alert! Says:


  153. 153
    @#152 Says:

    Or just her !

  154. 154
    Paola Says:

    and if she is a ***** , who cares!!! jajaja Fassy just wanna have fun(8) jajajaja better for she is dating with a old rich guy

  155. 155
    Paola Says:


    she looks like the Kravitz girl

  156. 156
    Jealousy? Says:

    And I think one more thing: if she gets pregnant she’s right… He’s sexy, rich and famous… if she has the opportunity honestly? I understand her so you see I’m not jealous because I will never be her ;-)

  157. 157
    Oleg Says:

    Romanians are European they are not Latin! Latin is a language not a race. She is mostly gypsy.

  158. 158
    Paola Says:

    and if she has implants What would have wrong?? … sure that will increase self-esteem, the “models” in Latin America have implants, surgery, are very different from the top international models … if you go to PERU, COLOMBIA, by example, many “models” have implants and they are not material for the international market. In some pictures I’ve seen the girls from Eastern Europe also tend to have implants, then it would not be weird …..Many hollywood actors, I think the majority likes natural breasts, I cant recognize any actress with breast surgeries, just nose … just do not waste time and effort in hate a person, if it is an easy woman is her problem. I bet yo that she end up married to a rich old man, as Salma Hayek.

  159. 159
    MadalinaGheneaPROS/TITUTE Says:

    Silicone fam/ewh/ore!!!!

  160. 160
    Good Luck Says:

    Good Luck Fassy Fans. It’s definitely going to be a bumpy ride. Post 149 is right, she will taunt you all from her FB and she will even comment here too. I see all of the MG trolls have come out from under their rocks to tell you over and over and over again how beautiful she is and what a talented actress she is and how jealous you all are. Ignore them. Trust me. They are worse than roaches. They don’t even believe that sh/it themselves, they are only trying to rile you all up. Hang in there. Fassy will get rid of her soon enough and this nonsense will be over before you know it.

  161. 161
    Dasha Says:

    He certainly has a type.

  162. 162
    Romanian boxing Says:

    Is that a black eye on Maddie in Italy!

  163. 163
    Yep Says:

    I agree with @Good Luck. The same shi/te has already started for you guys, and the troll or trolls have begun their sales campaign. They start with calling you jealous. In a few days they will start with the wedding talk. As you can see, she has already started her games on fb by posting the photo of the go-carting and now out comes the Italian magazine with his go-carting shoot. See the pattern here? Get used to it. Hopefully you won’t suffer long.

  164. 164
    What? Says:

    @Yep: what with the karting? She has no posts since days…

  165. 165
    Yep Says:

    @What?: Her go-cart post was posted during the same time he was there shooting the magazine spread. She loves her “cryptic clues.” See the photos of his shoot here…(scroll down).

  166. 166
    Russian guy Says:

    Миша, она однозначно хорошая баба, но ШЛЮШКА!

  167. 167
    What? Says:

    @Yep: OHHHH yeeessss…. It’s clear now… Thanks ;-)

  168. 168
    Game Says:

    @Yep: It’s really a game so…

  169. 169
    Good Luck Says:

    It’s the same go-cart lol

  170. 170
    Family Says:

    Honestly, when I listen all the bad rumours about him… I think about his family. He seems to give importance to his parents and sister… he speaks about them in interview… So someone who loves his family and is attached to them is someone good for me ;-)

  171. 171
    Xk Says:

  172. 172
    areal Says:

    He beats his gf’s…bet she had a miscarriage after he beat the hell out of her :(.

  173. 173
    hee hee Says:

    @areal: LOOOOOL

  174. 174
    roronette Says:

    MF beating her ? Come on… –’

  175. 175
    Tired Says:

    They look tired… it’s different…

  176. 176
    punker Says:

    I like Fassbender on the big screen, but I have no allusions about him being some upstanding person off the screen. A man that good looking is going to get the attention of women–fame or no fame, money or no money. Does anyone really think he had problems getting women before, let’s say, his stint on “Hex”? I am convinced this man has been having all the women he wants since high school.

    Word on the streets of London is he is a player,and I’m inclined to believe it based on my observations and personal experiences with good-looking men. So he has hooked up with a female player? Not a big surprise! At least they have something in common, which cannot be said of his previous girlfriends. Neither Fassbender nor Madalina Ghenea have been able to maintain an enduring relationship before, so the likelihood of this one working out is not high, especially given Fassbender’s work schedule for the next year.

    I don’t understand why Fassbender dates B or C level actresses when he could be dating A level actresses who might actually help his career.

  177. 177
    Looks very Caucasian to me Says:


    There’s a procedure in plastic surgery which she has a lot done where you can darken your skintone to look more exotic. Beats having to go to the tanning salon every other day!

  178. 178
    Right Says:

    @punker: I was asking the same thing… Why not dates some A actress… Like in the past Charlize Theron? Like now Lupita? And for the rest… He’s certainly a player… We have put him on a piedestal but if he prefers to date women like that. He was honest about it in interview saying that he doesn’t have the time for a true relationship…

  179. 179
    Right Says:

    @punker: before he was seen with Louise Hazel… Not the same…

  180. 180
    FanPageMessageFacebook Says:

    FRIENDLY REMINDER: We at Michael Fassbender Online do not discuss or allow discussion of Michael’s personal life. We also require respect for Michael, his family, friends, fans and MFO. Offensive comments and links will be deleted and it may lead to you being banned if you cannot comply. Thank you for understanding. The MFO Crew

  181. 181
    FanPageMessageFacebook Says:

    So… It’s beginning hard… I have seen that they have deleted some posts on the facebook page…

  182. 182
    lorna Says:

    The producers of “Borgia” must be loving this. People are going to be tuning in to that series in droves just to see Michael Fassbender’s girlfriend.

  183. 183
    Lara Says:

    After seeing all his works, He is high on my list of amazing actors. I really don’t care what goes on in his personal life as long as he gives his all to movies. I will watch them.

  184. 184
    Yeah Says:

    @lorna: True ;-))

  185. 185
    Does it matter Says:

    Does it really matter, Fassbender isnt exactly known for keeping long relationships. My bet is she will be gone before Easter…

  186. 186
    Oleg Says:

    She is Romania they are European she is not Latin!

  187. 187
    vladulienka Says:

    I give them 3 months… Michael is not a type for a long relationships….

  188. 188
    vez Says:

  189. 189
    sugar baby Says:

    Why do all these A-list actors insist of sharing women and sleeping around with many models and such? What does it bring to them? Is there nothing else more important in life then just having flings and using up all ur money and partying????

  190. 190
    scarfs? Says:

    Why is she constantly wearing scarfs???

  191. 191
    Shamu Says:

    Michael Fassbender Online is run by some fangirl who has a passive aggressive attitude towards anybody who says anything negative about Fassy. The truth will hurt. Not discussing it wont change it one bit.

  192. 192
    Likes black women Says:

    “He certainly has a type.”
    He dates primarily black women. He thinks she’s black enough to date.

  193. 193
    Likes black women Says:

    She finally got a header again.
    Too bad Butler wouldn’t give her a split up thread! He must really dislike her very much.

  194. 194
    Likes black women Says:

    She looks arrogantly evil in the photo they are using.

  195. 195
    Likes black women Says:

    @sugar baby:
    They pick disposable women like this for a reason: because it is hard to form an attachment to them. Deep inside they know the type they are and how low their self-esteem is so they’re ripe for the picking.

  196. 196
    Baba Says:

    I wonder if reputation sticks on you? She tries to become an actress with opening her legs for famous men. I have heard the story of the old Hollywood times and the casting couch. But these are different times. The time of Social Media which she uses. But what do we see? She has this history of men and is getting jobs. It looks like she is selling her body like a girl on the street. Should I feel sorry for her? What kind of person what to see her in a movie?Horny men?. She’ll never be a Jennifer Lawrence.
    I don’t think she is going to be an serious actress is she keeps on acting like a who…e. What is if she is getting older and her look fades.
    I think she believes like a lot of good looking people believe good looking is talent. In the end only the people with talent survive in this job and that is good.

  197. 197
    Jane Says:


    Where do you get this crap from? she’s 100% romanian.

  198. 198
    Baba Says:

    Oh by the way wanted to watch Borgias season 2 (European Version) in Germany. They startend the first episodes in ZDF about 20.15. The next week they changed to midnight because of the ratings. I Wonder if they Show season 3 or they just sell the DVD.

  199. 199
    Likes black women Says:

    She’s black enough for Michael. He likes them black and his track record shows that. Next she’ll be on FB saying she’s not black and so forth. Haha

  200. 200
    Oh Please Says:

    Michael Fassbender doesn’t have an official site so anyone coming up in here, acting like they’re his reps or some needs to have a stadium full of seats. Any sites with his name on them are FAN SITES. BY FAN GIRLS. FOR FAN GIRLS. Ex: MichaelFassbenderOnline. And those sites are crazy (emphasis on the ‘crazy’) possessive of the man.

  201. 201
    Observer Says:

    @Right: Sean Penn hasn’t had so much positive press since he’s been hanging out with Charlize though people are still stunned because Penn’s record of violence is indisputable along with his efforts in Haiti. Quite the paradox. The Penn Paradox.

  202. 202
    hahaha Says:

    @Looks very Caucasian to me: Is that the reverse of what Michael Jackson was doing to his skin?

  203. 203
    Fans Says:

    I have the feeling that it will be harder to eal even for Madalina… MF is considered as one of the greatest actor and so the bashing will b harder that with GB fans because people are upset… There are already bad comments on photos she posts on facebook and instagram and where she seems to be with Michael… Wait her next post on Facebook…. I’m sure the Fassy fans will be more agressive….and not only the fans…

  204. 204
    hahaha Says:

    @sugar baby: Given the privacy issues that all famous people have to deal with everyday, I think I’d want to avoid women who play that game of musical beds with my colleagues and peers because you know they all talk and gossip about you. Then again men may not care and it’s a competitive thing.

    Read that a rapper was sending another rapper video of him having sex with that rapper’s “harem” as payback.

  205. 205
    FassyFans Says:

    Some fans didn’t like Zoe Kravitz, Nicole Neharie or Louise Hazel…. They were great no?

  206. 206
    Idea Says:

    It’s strange that since all the spreading of the news, she hasn’t post anything…. she posts often but… What will happens?

  207. 207
    happy Says:

    soo happy; Thank you Fassie taking this bim-bo from our life.

  208. 208
    Jessie Says:

    Fassbender has already said he doesn’t have time for a relationship, but he does get lonely traveling so much. Sooooo…… He’s a man and she’s a woman, it doesn’t have to be love. A lot of men have a ‘type’ Leo’s is young blonde models. Leo isn’t dating them for their conversational abilities.
    Fassbender dated Olypyian Louise Hazel for a minute after Beharie, probably dated more, who knows. He never stays with them long, he’s a fast moving target and they know it. Since he did SHAME and women got a look at his junk they’ve been all over him. lol. He’s not stupid, he’s not fooled by any of the women who are with him because of his celebrity. But he isn’t beyond using what they are freely giving. They all are adults.

  209. 209
    OK Says:

    @Oleg: doesn’t matter where your from or your skin color h0e and easy are one in the same

  210. 210
    HIV Says:


  211. 211
    Oh no Says:

    How disappointing. It seems the fame and adulation has gone to his head… both of them. Well at least we know that he’s a very good actor on and off the screen. He had me fooled. I thought he had more sense then to take on a woman like that. Let’s hope it’s all a horrible apparition. I am afraid if it’s true he’ll been seen as a laughing stock amongst his peers.

  212. 212
    Oh no Says:

    I’ve just seen the pictures. What a class A idiot.

  213. 213
    Graham Norton Cancelled? Says:

    Maybe scheduling conflicts? His new girlfriend is pregnant and needy? Or he doesn’t want to field questions about her?
    Why turn down a big show like that?

  214. 214
    FYI Says:

    Fassbender has a movie premiering at Sundance tomorrow night, “Frank Sidebottom”.

    Question for the MF, what movie is he supposed to be filming in Romania?


  215. 215
    Oscar Says:

    @Graham Norton Cancelled?: I don’t know why but it’s not a good sign… and he’s torn apart lot of other websites… It’s sad, he must enjoy his first nomination but I don’t think it can be the case…

  216. 216
    Oscar Says:

    @FYI: MacBeth is not in Scotland??? He will be at Sundance?

  217. 217
    FYI Says:

    I have no idea what is being filmed in Romania. Odd that all these “news” items about MG and MF mention he is filming his next movie in Romania but they don’t name the movie?

    The Sundance site mentioned they expected Fassbender to show up. Doesn’t mean he will or won’t but even if he does not actively campaign for an Oscar, usually actors show up to the premieres of their movies and particularly at Sundance and it never hurts to keep visible.

  218. 218
    Oh no Says:

    It’s just bizarre that he’s got himself entangled with a woman who’s so well known for being passed around the leading man circuit. Very odd. He’s really gone down in my estimation. I think a lot of people will think that way too. He’d better move on quick or she’ll do what she did for Butler’s career. I think his agent and publicist need to carry out an intervention…fast. At the moment people have given him a pass on his bad rep with women. I think that’s about to end.

  219. 219
    Oscar Says:

    @FYI: I didn’t read that for MacBeth but that it will be in Scotland and England… So we will see for Sundance but after he cancells the Norton Show, I have doubt…

  220. 220
    Oscar Says:

    @Oh no: Yes…. People on other websites even forget that he has an oscar nomination…. Yeah his PR team must be crazy now… But I have the feeling that the rumours of pregnancy were true and that the rapport in italian press that they were seen in Milan hospital… If that’s true… Good Luck to his PR team… Gerard Butler will seem ery clever (good for him!)

  221. 221
    Oscar Says:

    @Oh no: Have you seen the photo on the Facebook or Instagram of Madalina? It was the first true clue… A selfie of her with a man kissing her… At that time, I say: “No he’s too private and clever to let someone like that take a photo and spread it”… But it seems not…

  222. 222
    Oh no Says:

    @ Oscar
    I guess he’s a movie star now. They say extreme situations show your true colours. Hey ho.

  223. 223
    Oh no Says:


    Yeah. Well done Gerry, Adrian, Leo, Haggis…Jeez the list goes on and on and on and on and on. Good grief.

  224. 224
    FYI Says:

    @Oscar: And MacBeth should be filmed in Scotland, and England is OK too.

  225. 225
    gina Says:

    She needs the publicity for getting the attention. This one has almost no acting career so she needs to trap an A-lister to put her into the spotlight, take her to events, etc. I also feel that she will pull something to keep Fassbender around. She can’t afford more missed relationships. Michael stay away!!

  226. 226
    Give us a Break! Says:

    Fassbender is a wonderful actor, but that’s as far as it goes for me. He seems somewhat sleazy and I don’t crush on those types of men — in and out of beds constantly, taking their souls straight to the devil himself. Ugh! As for Fassbender sometimes dating black women, how do you know he’s not just “using” them as playthings? I know Caucasian men who did stuff like that because their parents forbid them to MARRY a black women, but black women were okay to mess around with. Then later on, the men married and had kids with white women. Also, Fassbender may have no intention of marrying anyone at all and may therefore be playing the field, dating whatever comes his way. Maybe he is like the character he played in “SHAME.”

  227. 227
    Dee Says:

    Gerard butler irks me. And the fact that fassy would go for his sloppy seconds…. ://

  228. 228
    Oscar Says:

    So… With all upcoming projects, red carpets and shows, we will see… But he cancells an important show, doesn ´t look good in the photo with her and some other bad rumours… Not feeling good vibes but Wait and see ;-)

  229. 229
    Just to point out Says:

    @Oleg: “She is Romania they are European she is not Latin!”

    Latins ARE Europeans.

  230. 230
    not white Says:

    what is is with you pathetic white people trying to claim this ho(she isn’t white) you can have her!!

  231. 231
    Don't you know Says:

    @scarfs?: “Why is she constantly wearing scarfs???”

    It’s to hide her Adams apple which is big.

  232. 232
    European Says:

    @not white: Nobody is trying to claim her but it is a fact that Europeans are white and Southern Europeans have darker skins than those in the North.

  233. 233
    Oh no Says:

    As Oscar pointed out, all the news is about her not him being nominated for an Oscar. Very clever. Wow she’s really knows how to play the media game …in the short term away. There’s big trouble ahead with this one if stays with her. I’m grabbing a bumper bag of popcorn. She gonna try to get everything she can out of him. And you know what I don’t blame her. It’s not as of he didn’t know she had major form. He’s obviously lost the plot.

  234. 234
    not white Says:

    @Eurightopean: Can she join the K.K.K.??? Would they accept her?? Alright then….

  235. 235
    Question Says:

    Did Madalina Ghenea have a spot in the movie Hangover Part II?

  236. 236
    Oscar Says:

    @Oh no: I agree, I don ´t blâme her, even if she ´s pregnant… You want to play so play! I wait her posts Facebook! I take my popcorn too ;-)) she has already won… Nobody cares for oscar bécause à lot of people are now sûre he will not have it but Jared leto Who was campaign during fassbender was in Romania… Great ;-)

  237. 237
    Oscar Says:

    And for the other discussion my mother is belgian and my father is north african. Weh I read your comments I don t know antimite if i am white but it seems!

  238. 238
    Oscari Says:

    I don ´t know anymore not animite. My french dictionnary becomes so sory for the mistakes ;-))

  239. 239
    Rose Says:

    How do these nobodies score famous actors? Seriously, I want to know their secrets.

  240. 240
    Oh no Says:


    All that hard work his publicity machine put into consolidate him as a serious actor has gone up in smoke with a few photos of him hold hands with the wrong type of girl. Now it’s all about her. I bet she’s rubbing her hands with glee thinking about all the money she’s gonna make from the speculation and the photo ops. Never underestimate the power of fake boobs, fake lips and knowing how to use your “you know what”. Clever girl. Silly boy. His PR people must be going into meltdown.

  241. 241
    Oscari Says:

    @Rose: have you seen her look? A plastic beauty and she ls a player. A very good with men but I don ´t think she can have à carrer bécause of her reputation

  242. 242
    Oscari Says:

    @Oh no: I agree. The Best job she has Never done! Good Job Madalina! I begin to wish that she ´s realy prégnant to have a full démonstration of her power!!!! And people will not joke about her… But about him!

  243. 243
    Oh no Says:


    If he sticks with her it’s definitely gonna be entertaining. Hehehehe

  244. 244
    If it wears trousers.. Says:

    @@girl has a history: “2011 – Leonardo DiCaprio
    2012 – Adrien Brody
    2012-2013 – Gerard Butler
    2013-2014 – Michael Fassbender
    Eros Ramazzotti
    Simone di Pasquale
    Pascal Visedomini
    Paul Haggis
    Marco Borriello and t. d………
    can continue the list ….. long …”

    Yea, and don’t forget that other models who were at the same modeling school as her say that she had a reputation of sleeping with any man she thought would help her career.

  245. 245
    Oscari Says:

    I Go to bed! Good night for The ones Who will sleep soon and see you tomorrow for others photos or informations. Or à Facebook post of Madalina . You are the star now!

  246. 246
    Sara Says:

    @Don’t you know: “It’s to hide her Adams apple which is big.”

    That’s because she used to be a man.

  247. 247
    Oh no Says:

    I forget there’re clips out of his new film today too. Who cares about that now. She’s trumped him big time.

  248. 248
    Oh no Says:


    Night night. I’ll expect there’ll be pictures of her half naked on the cover of some magazine within the week and an interview saying how she’s really a private, shy person, who doesn’t want to talk about her new relationship, because it’s so special and sacred.
    Be it good, bad or sad publicity, she’ll get her money’s worth out of it. She knows how to play.

  249. 249
    Oscari Says:

    You know it ls even in french press and all over… I was reading on dailymail and celebitchy… It ´s everywhere and The same mess. It ls sad for his first oscar nomination… People don ´t care. She has already won!

  250. 250
    Leo, Gerry, Fassy Says:

    Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho!

  251. 251
    Oscari Says:

    @Oh no: I wait the interview!!!!

  252. 252
    Oscari Says:

    Thanks to Madalina, Fassbender will become One of the mots popularise star on gossip websites with more comments that he has Never had! What nos an oscar nomination in front of that!!!

  253. 253
    Oscari Says:

    And last word: now suki of bradley and toni of Leonardo look like angels ;-)))

  254. 254
    Sabian Says:

    Madalinia want real man so she with Fass now who is straight. Gerry gay always be gay and he cover it well but many now know he gay you know it too. Ask why he never really with girl it always stage you know. Staged. My English not good. I hear Gerry gay from being in France from Francais friends. Sorry for him but Madadina like real men now.

  255. 255
    nasty horrible person alert Says:

    @If it wears trousers..

  256. 256

    @If it wears trousers…

  257. 257
    I'm very entertaining reading Says:

    @Sabian: Apparently she still in the same job, I’m pretty sure that Fassbender is gay, and now that he’s famous studies hired Madalina to cover appearances.

  258. 258
    Sabian Says:

    @I’m very entertaining reading: Doubt Fass is gay. The guy has one gf after the next, he’s always with a new gf or one of several months at a time. Hardly the picture of a gay man. Meanwhile, Gerard seems to hang out only with his ambiguously gay buddies. All of his piccies seem staged and set up. I think his peeps hire MG to beard for him.

  259. 259
    I'm very entertaining reading Says:

    @Sabian: That’s my point, not lasts with his alleged girlfriends, just see, Nicole and Zoe, seemed more good friends than girlfriends, just see how they behave with him and other of they boyfriends. maybe they just help him. And Louise Hazel and Rosario D. nothing was said were just rumors. Seems Fassy like to be having a good time with the girls but that does not mean had relationships with them.
    If you research well Fassy also spend much time with friends, as the motorcycle trip he took to Europe. He did it with his father and a childhood friend… among other things. LOL just saying, but well, ignore me, just a theory.

  260. 260
    Sabian Says:

    @I’m very entertaining reading: you could be right

  261. 261
    Maura Oshawa Says:

    @FYI: but she looks like his all time favorite type …black women she has huge lips and dark features people live this man he’s a good guy happy smart laid back just a serial dater And they don’t want him with some ***** or Harlet that’s been passed around Hollywood

  262. 262
    Maura Oshawa Says:

    Honestly Fassbender is smart I truly think he’s enjoying fame and soiling his oats he comes from good stock so he know a woman from a play thing and he has stated in countless interviews he’s not ready for a relationship. He travels too much however he’s a man and likes the company of beautiful women. I don’t think he plans on bringing her home to his house or family OR Marrying or having kids with her she’s a young tart and he’s a horny ****! Get over it!

  263. 263
    punker Says:

    The crappy thing about this story is that it detracted from the better story of his first-time Oscar nomination. Personally, I’d be hopping mad if I worked my behind off to earn that Oscar nom and all people were talking about on nomination day was who I was sleeping with. She is always going to be the woman who tarnished that special day for him. He tarnished it himself too.

  264. 264
    People are vile Says:

    @punker: I di agree that this reaction has taken some of the shine from his nomination. The fact is Michael Fassbender is a brilliant actor. I really hope he wins an Oscar, because he deserves it. It doesn’t matter who is he shagging in his personal life as far as I am concerned, as this does not take away from his acting. She didn’t tarnish his nomination, neither did he. Is he supposed to live in a bubble and not go out for a walk with his girlfriend, or whatever she is to him, until the Oscars? Blame the paparazzi and blame the people who are reacting with such venom for tarnishing it. I suspect he is hardly the type who reads his own press, and so I really hope he doesn’t notice this kind of publicity. Actually, even if he does, he probably doesn’t give a toss. Just because he is in the public eye it doesn’t mean he has to run his relationships past his fans. I suspect he could go out with a saint and people would still call her a ****. Seriously – he will never meet you, he doesn’t care what you think and why the hell should he??? You might not like his taste in women … WHATEVER.

  265. 265
    Christy Says:

    I feel sorry for Fassbender. Because Madalina is nothing BAD news. Just glad that Gerard Butler is free of her.

  266. 266
    Slay Madalina Slay Says:

    They gone have a pretty baby that’s for sure! Slay hunty get that Fassdong and take him for everything’s he’s got. 18 years y’all!

  267. 267
    Campbell Says:

    @Just wait:

    I am not sure what MF sites you are referring to but I do know that Michael Fassbender Online isn’t mean at all. They are a respectful site that focuses on his film work and career and stays away from gossip. There is a particular blog run by one person that does get pretty possessive and mean spirited though.

  268. 268
    Campbell Says:


    This has always been their policy over the years. They post this reminder occasionally. Especially because there are so many new fans joining all of the time. They have never been a site to gossip.

  269. 269
    Campbell Says:


    You are wrong. Fassinating Fassbender is run by the “passive agressive attitude” not Michael Fassbender Online. MFO has a team of 2 men and 4 women that promote and support his career and film.

  270. 270
    Campbell Says:

    @Oh Please:

    Couldn’t be further from the truth in regards to Michael Fassbender Online. This site supports Michael’s film work and career and doesn’t participate in gossip. The team consists of 2 men and 4 women that are professionals and highly intelligent. They appreciate the arts and film and great acting.

  271. 271
    Dlisted Says:

    Michael K’s hilarious take on the Fassbender/Ghenea story:

  272. 272
    New Thread Says:

    JJ just posted a new thread about Fassy and Madalina:

  273. 273
    Shamu Says:

    @Campbell Oh, I may have gotten that wrong. I know there’s someone who’s gone Fassy mental with their fandom. MFO seems to be on the defence still. I think they might have connection to him personally, since they’ve taken such a “high road” to his career. The truth is the guy is a good actor, but as a man as bad as they come. And that’s not an easy compination for PR people.

  274. 274
    JS Says:

    I am only on this thread because it was pointed out to me that someone has been posting in my name. Posts 141, 144 and 148 are not me. I have no interest in this woman at all and would never post anything favourable about her. The fact that the monicker stealer who has been active on Gerry Butler’s threads has moved here proves that it is one of her deranged fans who is doing this. If any more posts appear by JS then they are not me.

  275. 275
    Shamu Says:

    The person at Fassinating is all over his Wiki “monitoring” it and removing anything that she doesn’t like. She also claims to be psychic and calls the Golden Globes a sham, just because Fassy didn’t win. I think this is the same woman who sends threatening letters to Lainey’s gossip site whenever she posts something negative about this guy. The truth is there’s a lot of negative things to report.

  276. 276
    Jon Says:

    LOL @ you people saying she’s African/Gypsy. Yet have no evidence to back it up.

  277. 277
    Jon Says:

    + I’m fairy sure if she was a gypsy she would state it. She looks like Angelina Jolie/Minka Kelly

  278. 278
    M Says:

    @Jon: A large percentage of the Romanian people are Gypsy.

  279. 279
    Jon Says:


    88.9% Romanians
    6.5% Hungarians
    3.3% Roma
    1.3% other

    3.3% large’ LOL

  280. 280
    Jon Says:

    Keep it up with the anecdotal evidence, it’s funny.

  281. 281
    Me Says:

    Oh how the envy talks in all of you :)

  282. 282
    Envy? Says:

    @Me: you know it ls a gossip site so let people have fun commenting. For thé envy, I have nothing against her but I don ´t want her situation… She is torn apart on all websites and I am asking: how can you achieve to have a so bad reputation? So, Every man Who will Be next to her will become like Fassy in The média… And how can she become a famous actress with all that rumours…

  283. 283
    mia Says:

    haters gonna hate . She is a beautiful woman , of course she wants to date hot and successful men , put yourself in her situation. If you are at a party and Michael Fassbender flirts with you of course you wanna date him LOL

  284. 284

    The person who posts under SABIAN is a troll from the gerard butler thread and posts under BMORNINGSTAR She speaks perfect English but comes across as an idiot and foreign. Far from it and will always accuse him of being gay. That’s all she will ever talk about. Evil and nasty person. She lies to stir the rumor

  285. 285
    mia Says:

    3,3% are gypys , they are called romi , but if you count them how many are right now , you will see they are fewer , because they are scattered in europe steeling .

  286. 286
    mia Says:

    At first i did not like this chick , but after i listen some interviews , i change my opinion , she seems like a nice person , and i heard that she adopted at distance a child from haiti , but of course thoser kind of things are not discuss .

  287. 287
    Jon Says:


    And you got that information from where? Your ass?

  288. 288
    Problem Says:

    After He cancells the Norton Show yesterday, MF cancells Sundance, he will not be… And there’s all the events like Critics Awards and all the others are there. He’s nominated and he’s nowhere…

  289. 289
    mia Says:

    i just found this video , come on people and stop beeing haters ,they are a hot couple whatever are you saying . i wish them good luck ^^

  290. 290
    Problem Says:

    @mia: honestly, it’s strange that he cancells everything if he’s so happy… and he doesn’t look good on the last photos…

  291. 291
    FYI Says:

    Michel Fassbender is expected to dine at the Supper Suite (Adriana M. Barraza/

    In case the pampered stars get a little peckish they can enjoy lunch or dinner at the A-List Communications Supper Suite where Emile Hirsch and Best Supporting Actor Oscar-nominee Michael Fassbender are slated to dine.


  292. 292
    Problem Says:

    No he will not be, he cancells:

  293. 293
    mia Says:

    @Problem That may be for any other reason, i don’t think that she influences his career , she has her own job , and in her last interview for romania she said that she has her program full for the next 6 months. that was in 21 november .

  294. 294
    Problem Says:

    @mia: It must be realy bad to cancell all that because it’s not just parties with no importance he’s cancellins but big tv show, premiere at sundance and presence at awards events…. I don’t care of her agnda… there’s something… and it’s not good news

  295. 295
    mia Says:

    @Problem: only his agent knows, i’m sure he is fine ,

  296. 296
    Problem Says:

    @mia: not sure… if you’re fine and happy and he must be with an oscar nomination, he will not cancell… So we will see… A flu?

  297. 297
    mia Says:

    “I’ve read a few sites who are poo-pooing Ghenea for being a fame-***** etc after news of her latest romance surfaced. I say more power to the successful 25-year-old who’s a noted international activist, having donated plenty of time to causes for Haiti relief and money to improve the maternity ward at the hospital in her hometown of Slatina.” from

    this is the real Madalina ,

  298. 298
    Problem Says:

    @mia: She has not adopeted a babay from Haiti? I don’t remember I think I have read that here…

  299. 299
    mia Says:

    @Problem: yes she adopted at distance a little boy who was very sick and she paid for his surgery

  300. 300
    Problem Says:

    @mia: Yes good but i wait to know what happens to fassbender and if he’s well to have a full confidence about her… I am not a GB fans so I don’t know but she’s so hated…

  301. 301
    mia Says:

    hated or not , she’s his girlfriend, so she wins anyway :)))

  302. 302
    Problem Says:

    @mia: Wait and see… I don’t call that win…

  303. 303
    Problem Says:

    @mia: It can be worse even for her carrer… She must try to work and not be in gossip sites anymore to be respected… she will be more famous but until now it’s bad words…

  304. 304
    mia Says:

    we will see what happends ,i’m curious too , in romania everybody is crazy with them :))

  305. 305
    Problem Says:

    @mia: I wait if he will take her at an official event on the red carpet… After that, she has won but not before that…

  306. 306
    mia Says:

    yes you are right , she did not made a good impression , but please , how can you resist to these hot and famous actors, of course i don’t think that they will be so serious ,and they will marry each other because MF like Leonardo and Gerard is not that type . I don’t think she date these famous actors just to use them for her to become famous , it;s not a good deal because now she is hated .In interviws she never wanted to talk about her relationships

  307. 307
    mia Says:

    yess i’m so curious too if he take her to an event , :)) maybe they meet Leonardo or Gerard =)) that will be awkward

  308. 308
    Problem Says:

    @mia: I’am not sure it must happen…

  309. 309
    janice Says:


    No she’s NOT. She’s of Romani gypsy stock and to my knowledge they aren’t considered white.

  310. 310
    janice Says:


    Gypsies are NOT consider white. I have a romanian friend and she told me so. Keep dreaming b/c her features are ANYTHING but that of a White woman.

  311. 311
    janice Says:


    She looks manly IMO.

  312. 312
    janice Says:

    @Does it matter:

    I have a feeling this one is going to gt pregnant! Watch. At the person that said he is a player, that seems to be the case based on his dating pattern. She seems to be a fame ***** IMO.

  313. 313
    correction Says:

    You’ve got some of your facts wrong. Madalina is not filming something for 6 months anymore. That job is over. She was talking about her small role on “Borgia”, which started filming in May. You may have been reading an article printed in November, but she gave the interview in May. Madalina is currently unemployed.
    She also did not adopt a child in Haiti. She sponsored a child in Haiti. Those are very different things. She is no longer participating in Haiti charity. She only did that for about 5 minutes when she was dating Paul Haggis. Paul asked her to go to Haiti a couple of years ago. She went on a brief trip, sponsored that kid’s surgery, came back to Europe and bragged about it, and she’s never been back since.

  314. 314
    Dianne Says:

    @mia: mia one of the best posts ever! RIGHT ON! That’s what I think, too. MG is gorgeous, single, wants to play the field and have fun and who can blame her? Why not Fassy? He’s the hottest right now. Much more sexy than old gray stuck-in-his-ways Butler. There’s no competition…Fassy is the man!

  315. 315
    JS Says:

    @janice: Janice, you sound bitter and jealous because Maddie has all the hot men and you have only Just jared LOL. Pathetic and racist you are, too. Have you seen Maddie’s parents? They’re white like she is. So is her brother. There’s no Roma in them. She wears a lot of eyeliner but that doesn’t make her Roma. You’re just sooooooooooooo jealous and it’s funny watching you act like an azz here.

  316. 316
    JS Says:

    @correction: That’s what Gerry did. He showed up once with Haggis and has never been back. It’s the way some of these celebrity charities work. Their names are dropped for support and that’s that. End of their time and they move on to something else. Don’t blame Maddie for making one appearance when your own Butler only made one showing there in Haiti, too.

  317. 317
    correction Says:

    You’re point is completely irrelevant. I criticize any celebrity who uses charity for PR. Madalina, Gerard, Kim Kardashian, any of of them. It is disgusting to exploit underprivileged people for personal gain. The fact remains that there are a lot of celebrities who really do care. Who are true philanthropists, who stick to a cause, not for personal gain, but because they believe in it. So just because there are other shallow celebrities, doesn’t excuse MG’s shallow behavior. There are plenty of celebrities who are sincere and don’t do that.

  318. 318
    mia Says:

    She went for the first time in haiti in 2011 , and then in 2012 she adopt at distance the child and in 2013 si went again to see the child , she is going there at most once a year . That is a good cause , like sponsoring the hospital from slatina . Why not appreciate the good cause and let it go

  319. 319
    mia Says:

    @Dianne: thank youu .I mean let’s be more positive and less haters. and i think that Michael flirted with her like Gerard was hitting on her , she is shy . And of course if Michael Fassbender flirts with you , you will not say no , let’s be serious , she is a woman

  320. 320
    NO Says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s 100% bullsh-it. Madalina made NO trip to Haiti in 2013.

  321. 321
    NO Says:

    The photos Madalina took with the baby in Haiti were taken in 2011. They’re old photos.

  322. 322
    Shy Maddie Says:

    “i think that Michael flirted with her like Gerard was hitting on her , she is shy”
    Yep, Madalina is real shy! LMAO!

  323. 323
    Shy Maddie Says:

  324. 324
    I wonder Says:

    @Shy Maddie: Why you’re showing an obviously fake twitter link. Ghenea has a real account and that’s not it. Why are you playing stupid games? Hate her that much? How childish and immature.

    Madalina Ghenea real official twitter is:

  325. 325
    PR Team Says:

    These photos are priceless to show the shy side lol

  326. 326
    PR Team Says:

    @I wonder: yes but the photos are not false. I am not for the bashing of this Woman but come on she is not an angel with all bad people around her trying to Be bad with her. When you want to play.,, play!

  327. 327
    Shy Maddie Says:

    @I wonder
    I posted the links to show you the photos! It doesn’t matter who the twitter account belongs to, the photos speak for themselves!

  328. 328
    janice Says:


    Yes you are Right! I’m so jealous of her. I’m a soon to be doctor, have a gorgeous boyfriend named Tyler and would GIVE all that up to look like this chick in drag. Please! you people are so pathetic. just b/c I don’t like her it makes me jealous.

    She comes across as a fame seeker, desperate to climb the social ladder, I never got that feeling from his previous girlfriends.

  329. 329
    janice Says:


    So b/c she is European she is automatically white? I’m pointing out she isn’t white so that make me a racist and pathetic? Look who’s calling the kettle black. I HIGHLY doubt she doesn’t have Roma blood in her.

  330. 330
    janice Says:

    @Good Luck:

    dude seriously you could not be more right! Now remember we are Jealous Haters b/c we can”t see the halo on her head. ;)

  331. 331
    PR Team Says:

    I was joking at the beginning but The facteur he cancells everything mâle fans worried now… We wait to see him tonight in LA at SAG Awards… If he comes…

  332. 332
    Jade Says:

    @PR Team: Why does he need to do anything for you? It’s his career, isn’t it? He’s in love and spending every minute with his new girlfriend from what I can tell. It’s possible they have been seeing each other since before those NZ pics showed up online. He’s a big boy *and how* and he can handle his own life without “fan” interference, no?

  333. 333
    PR Team Says:

    @Jade: if he ´s un love and happy, it ls good. I don ´t insult her like others do bécause I don ´t know for escort and so. It ls not à question of fans interférences, it is à question that this évents and public appereances are part of the job and it must Be a happy périod before oscars. So maybe I don n’y understand and he ls just So in love that he doesńt care anymore. There are so many rumours now that I say now: wait and see…

  334. 334
    Not shy, but an exhibitionist Says:

    Only shy when in the company of others.
    All an act. The only acting she’s good at.

  335. 335
    Mioara Says:

    How ugly can be both of them !!!! Madalina can not be recognized without make-up.Madalina, look at you in the mirror. You need some rest and food !Your face is so thin that you’re ugly.

  336. 336
    Oi'VaY Says:

    Noooo! Not Fassy too…these boys don’t care about girls with class becuz they are too bizzy chasin’ exotic A$$! lol

  337. 337
    Me Says:

    @@Envy?: @Envy?yes it s a gossip site and everybody can have fun commenting like I do :) Regarding she becoming a famous actress, let this be her problem ;) I think she can handle it :D

  338. 338
    Gerard Butler Says:

    Congratulations! I’m finally free at last!

  339. 339
    no words Says:

    If one thinks about all the times that Steve McQuenn has his work exhibited at the Venice Biennale, his high profile, the Turner Prize and Cannes and so on… and now the Oscar Nominations…and you think that also the name of Madalina Ghenea is somehow involved thank to the bad choises of Fassbender, it turns my stomach

  340. 340
    Crystal Says:

    @FYI: We know she is white. But he does’nt like white women look at his past girlfriends,he has a type so does butler. this is all pr trying to change these mens and it never works. it won’t last and she needs attention since butler, But i can tell she had been crying when i seen the photo. but this won’t last. Micheal likes black women” he said that himself. Black, AfricanAmerican. deal with it Hollyweird! this might be the problem with beiber. hollywood has no problem when it black men and white women. and Micheal is not all that, but he is a great actor!!

  341. 341
    flop Says:

    But who cares? Fassbender has now gained enough just to live the rest of his life moto riding around the world, and with whom he wants. The question is: could show greater responsibility to the audience and perhaps make different choices? Apparently not, and is convinced that this will have no consequences. Sure. He is sinking in this self-referential world and then we will see the flop coming up, and you can tell to yourself and to the other that this doesn’t touch you – but once you are in limelight would you accept the darkness? Anyway the market does not forgive and so in maybe two years we can say goodbye to Michael Fassbender – To Madalina Ghenea not, next is coming.

  342. 342
    truth Says:

    So read all the comments here,
    I know it is a long read, but here is the basis of the truth, since they are already disappearing a little ‘things from the web.

  343. 343
    maia Says:

    Madalina was very calculated when she started this relationship with Fassy. She innitially didn’t want it but when she re-evaluated the advantages she decided to take the trip to New Zeeland. Michael can clearly bring her more exposure than Butler , he’s younger, reacher , and less experienced to women . Her on the other hand has been involved in over 10 relationships to date averaging less than a year each. If he’l hang out with her too long his career will be over before it started.

  344. 344
    NotVeryCovert Says:

    Fassy should run.
    She is not very bright.
    He is behaving stupid too.

  345. 345
    I would like to know Says:

    She has more miles on her than F1 tires!

  346. 346
    LOL! Says:

    Pathetic….All this hate over this woman because she’s not blonde haired and blue eyes. Get over it! He prefers women of color ie….black women.

  347. 347
    Cat Says:

    @LOL!: madalina is white.

  348. 348
    lol Says:

    I swear, I’m crossing my fingers because she is not pregnant. That would be too much. Poor baby … On this there is not much to laugh about. Definitely she will take advantage of his own child to gain visibility. She did it with the elusive miscarriage, she joked with his own health, so she has no sense of what are the real moral values. He took advantage of a poor little survivor in Haiti to make a show on facebook. A terrible thing. A child does not deserve a mother like her.

  349. 349
    A Black girl Says:

    Lol, maybe Fassy don’t date women of color anymore because of “12 years a slave” lol #joke

    Seriously, STOP, she’s WHITE, CAUCASIAN. Get over it.

    Yes Fassy said that he prefer “darker women” BUT darker women =/= dark skin black women. I am a dark skin black woman myself and i’m tired of people comment that Fassy “only” loves black women. He never said that, plus, we all know that’s false. He likes all kind of women i think. (He dated asian girls too.)

    Just look at his “black” girlfriends: they are not even dark skinned! They are light skinned or brown.

    I personnally think when Fassy said he prefers darker women, he meant ‘darker to whit’e, so “tanned” girls i think and Madalina is tanned.

  350. 350
    A Black girl Says:

    To those who say that Fassy said that he loves black women: show me a prouf!
    He just said that he prefers “DARKER” women. “DARKER” doesn’t mean necessarly black women….

  351. 351
    Juli Says:

    Totally agree with you Black Girl

  352. 352
    Shannon Curtis Says:

    I usually don’t answer any of these posts, but when I saw one saying Gerard Butler’s fans didn’t like him and talked smack about him, I had to reply. Go to his OFFICIAL FaceBook page–the one that has a flag where his photo should be. Read the pages and pages and PAGES of his fan comments…Christ, they go on forever. Gerry is not just loved but respected and absolutely ADORED. We don’t go around insulting and attacking other people’s posts on this website. If we disagree with one another, like adults, we work it out. Its a lot like a sisterhood, there. So if anyone reading this gets tired of reading hateful, hurtful, POINTLESS and UNTRUE gossip about such a decent but passionate man, join us over at GERARD BUTLER FACEBOOK.Try absorbing radiant, POSITIVE energy—you’ll find it in droves on his FB page.I really hope you try it.Best wishes to you all. Unless you’re one of those douche bags who just LOVES to stir the pot and talk ****. YOU can blow me.

  353. 353
    barrebera Says:

    girl has a history @ 01/16/2014 at 3:12 am:

    Yeah….so? Your point?

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