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Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Looks like things are heating up between Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea!

The 36-year-old actor was spotted holding hands with Madalina, 25, on Wednesday (January 15) while walking around Italy together.

If you didn’t know, Madalina was linked to Gerard Butler last year. They were last seen spotted out together while taking a romantic sightseeing tour around Rome back in June.

Michael and Madalina were both in attendance at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival in September, where he promoted his movie 12 Years a Slave and she premiered her movie Dom Hemingway. The pair were both at the Fox Searchlight Party during the festival, so perhaps that is where they first met?!

DO YOU THINK Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea make a cute couple?

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Credit: Michael Buckner, Gabriel Olsen; Photos: Getty
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  • Jealousy?

    And something else… I’m waiting her next posts on facebook, I like it. yes, it’s funny ;-)

  • Lesbian mad Alert!


  • @#152

    Or just her !

  • Paola

    and if she is a whore , who cares!!! jajaja Fassy just wanna have fun(8) jajajaja better for she is dating with a old rich guy

  • Paola


    she looks like the Kravitz girl

  • Jealousy?

    And I think one more thing: if she gets pregnant she’s right… He’s sexy, rich and famous… if she has the opportunity honestly? I understand her so you see I’m not jealous because I will never be her ;-)

  • Oleg

    Romanians are European they are not Latin! Latin is a language not a race. She is mostly gypsy.

  • Paola

    and if she has implants What would have wrong?? … sure that will increase self-esteem, the “models” in Latin America have implants, surgery, are very different from the top international models … if you go to PERU, COLOMBIA, by example, many “models” have implants and they are not material for the international market. In some pictures I’ve seen the girls from Eastern Europe also tend to have implants, then it would not be weird …..Many hollywood actors, I think the majority likes natural breasts, I cant recognize any actress with breast surgeries, just nose … just do not waste time and effort in hate a person, if it is an easy woman is her problem. I bet yo that she end up married to a rich old man, as Salma Hayek.

  • MadalinaGheneaPROS/TITUTE

    Silicone fam/ewh/ore!!!!

  • Good Luck

    Good Luck Fassy Fans. It’s definitely going to be a bumpy ride. Post 149 is right, she will taunt you all from her FB and she will even comment here too. I see all of the MG trolls have come out from under their rocks to tell you over and over and over again how beautiful she is and what a talented actress she is and how jealous you all are. Ignore them. Trust me. They are worse than roaches. They don’t even believe that sh/it themselves, they are only trying to rile you all up. Hang in there. Fassy will get rid of her soon enough and this nonsense will be over before you know it.

  • Dasha

    He certainly has a type.

  • Romanian boxing

    Is that a black eye on Maddie in Italy!

  • Yep

    I agree with @Good Luck. The same shi/te has already started for you guys, and the troll or trolls have begun their sales campaign. They start with calling you jealous. In a few days they will start with the wedding talk. As you can see, she has already started her games on fb by posting the photo of the go-carting and now out comes the Italian magazine with his go-carting shoot. See the pattern here? Get used to it. Hopefully you won’t suffer long.

  • What?

    @Yep: what with the karting? She has no posts since days…

  • Yep

    @What?: Her go-cart post was posted during the same time he was there shooting the magazine spread. She loves her “cryptic clues.” See the photos of his shoot here…(scroll down).

  • Russian guy

    Миша, она однозначно хорошая баба, но ШЛЮШКА!

  • What?

    @Yep: OHHHH yeeessss…. It’s clear now… Thanks ;-)

  • Game

    @Yep: It’s really a game so…

  • Good Luck

    It’s the same go-cart lol

  • Family

    Honestly, when I listen all the bad rumours about him… I think about his family. He seems to give importance to his parents and sister… he speaks about them in interview… So someone who loves his family and is attached to them is someone good for me ;-)

  • Xk
  • areal

    He beats his gf’s…bet she had a miscarriage after he beat the hell out of her :(.

  • hee hee

    @areal: LOOOOOL

  • roronette

    MF beating her ? Come on… –’

  • Tired

    They look tired… it’s different…

  • punker

    I like Fassbender on the big screen, but I have no allusions about him being some upstanding person off the screen. A man that good looking is going to get the attention of women–fame or no fame, money or no money. Does anyone really think he had problems getting women before, let’s say, his stint on “Hex”? I am convinced this man has been having all the women he wants since high school.

    Word on the streets of London is he is a player,and I’m inclined to believe it based on my observations and personal experiences with good-looking men. So he has hooked up with a female player? Not a big surprise! At least they have something in common, which cannot be said of his previous girlfriends. Neither Fassbender nor Madalina Ghenea have been able to maintain an enduring relationship before, so the likelihood of this one working out is not high, especially given Fassbender’s work schedule for the next year.

    I don’t understand why Fassbender dates B or C level actresses when he could be dating A level actresses who might actually help his career.

  • Looks very Caucasian to me


    There’s a procedure in plastic surgery which she has a lot done where you can darken your skintone to look more exotic. Beats having to go to the tanning salon every other day!

  • Right

    @punker: I was asking the same thing… Why not dates some A actress… Like in the past Charlize Theron? Like now Lupita? And for the rest… He’s certainly a player… We have put him on a piedestal but if he prefers to date women like that. He was honest about it in interview saying that he doesn’t have the time for a true relationship…

  • Right

    @punker: before he was seen with Louise Hazel… Not the same…

  • FanPageMessageFacebook

    FRIENDLY REMINDER: We at Michael Fassbender Online do not discuss or allow discussion of Michael’s personal life. We also require respect for Michael, his family, friends, fans and MFO. Offensive comments and links will be deleted and it may lead to you being banned if you cannot comply. Thank you for understanding. The MFO Crew

  • FanPageMessageFacebook

    So… It’s beginning hard… I have seen that they have deleted some posts on the facebook page…

  • lorna

    The producers of “Borgia” must be loving this. People are going to be tuning in to that series in droves just to see Michael Fassbender’s girlfriend.

  • Lara

    After seeing all his works, He is high on my list of amazing actors. I really don’t care what goes on in his personal life as long as he gives his all to movies. I will watch them.

  • Yeah

    @lorna: True ;-))

  • Does it matter

    Does it really matter, Fassbender isnt exactly known for keeping long relationships. My bet is she will be gone before Easter…

  • Oleg

    She is Romania they are European she is not Latin!

  • vladulienka

    I give them 3 months… Michael is not a type for a long relationships….

  • vez
  • sugar baby

    Why do all these A-list actors insist of sharing women and sleeping around with many models and such? What does it bring to them? Is there nothing else more important in life then just having flings and using up all ur money and partying????

  • scarfs?
  • Shamu

    Michael Fassbender Online is run by some fangirl who has a passive aggressive attitude towards anybody who says anything negative about Fassy. The truth will hurt. Not discussing it wont change it one bit.

  • Likes black women

    “He certainly has a type.”
    He dates primarily black women. He thinks she’s black enough to date.

  • Likes black women

    She finally got a header again.
    Too bad Butler wouldn’t give her a split up thread! He must really dislike her very much.

  • Likes black women

    She looks arrogantly evil in the photo they are using.

  • Likes black women

    @sugar baby:
    They pick disposable women like this for a reason: because it is hard to form an attachment to them. Deep inside they know the type they are and how low their self-esteem is so they’re ripe for the picking.

  • Baba

    I wonder if reputation sticks on you? She tries to become an actress with opening her legs for famous men. I have heard the story of the old Hollywood times and the casting couch. But these are different times. The time of Social Media which she uses. But what do we see? She has this history of men and is getting jobs. It looks like she is selling her body like a girl on the street. Should I feel sorry for her? What kind of person what to see her in a movie?Horny men?. She’ll never be a Jennifer Lawrence.
    I don’t think she is going to be an serious actress is she keeps on acting like a who…e. What is if she is getting older and her look fades.
    I think she believes like a lot of good looking people believe good looking is talent. In the end only the people with talent survive in this job and that is good.

  • Jane
  • Baba

    Oh by the way wanted to watch Borgias season 2 (European Version) in Germany. They startend the first episodes in ZDF about 20.15. The next week they changed to midnight because of the ratings. I Wonder if they Show season 3 or they just sell the DVD.

  • Likes black women

    She’s black enough for Michael. He likes them black and his track record shows that. Next she’ll be on FB saying she’s not black and so forth. Haha

  • Oh Please

    Michael Fassbender doesn’t have an official site so anyone coming up in here, acting like they’re his reps or some needs to have a stadium full of seats. Any sites with his name on them are FAN SITES. BY FAN GIRLS. FOR FAN GIRLS. Ex: MichaelFassbenderOnline. And those sites are crazy (emphasis on the ‘crazy’) possessive of the man.