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Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Looks like things are heating up between Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea!

The 36-year-old actor was spotted holding hands with Madalina, 25, on Wednesday (January 15) while walking around Italy together.

If you didn’t know, Madalina was linked to Gerard Butler last year. They were last seen spotted out together while taking a romantic sightseeing tour around Rome back in June.

Michael and Madalina were both in attendance at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival in September, where he promoted his movie 12 Years a Slave and she premiered her movie Dom Hemingway. The pair were both at the Fox Searchlight Party during the festival, so perhaps that is where they first met?!

DO YOU THINK Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea make a cute couple?

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Credit: Michael Buckner, Gabriel Olsen; Photos: Getty
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  • Observer

    @Right: Sean Penn hasn’t had so much positive press since he’s been hanging out with Charlize though people are still stunned because Penn’s record of violence is indisputable along with his efforts in Haiti. Quite the paradox. The Penn Paradox.

  • hahaha

    @Looks very Caucasian to me: Is that the reverse of what Michael Jackson was doing to his skin?

  • Fans

    I have the feeling that it will be harder to eal even for Madalina… MF is considered as one of the greatest actor and so the bashing will b harder that with GB fans because people are upset… There are already bad comments on photos she posts on facebook and instagram and where she seems to be with Michael… Wait her next post on Facebook…. I’m sure the Fassy fans will be more agressive….and not only the fans…

  • hahaha

    @sugar baby: Given the privacy issues that all famous people have to deal with everyday, I think I’d want to avoid women who play that game of musical beds with my colleagues and peers because you know they all talk and gossip about you. Then again men may not care and it’s a competitive thing.

    Read that a rapper was sending another rapper video of him having sex with that rapper’s “harem” as payback.

  • FassyFans

    Some fans didn’t like Zoe Kravitz, Nicole Neharie or Louise Hazel…. They were great no?

  • Idea

    It’s strange that since all the spreading of the news, she hasn’t post anything…. she posts often but… What will happens?

  • happy

    soo happy; Thank you Fassie taking this bim-bo from our life.

  • Jessie

    Fassbender has already said he doesn’t have time for a relationship, but he does get lonely traveling so much. Sooooo…… He’s a man and she’s a woman, it doesn’t have to be love. A lot of men have a ‘type’ Leo’s is young blonde models. Leo isn’t dating them for their conversational abilities.
    Fassbender dated Olypyian Louise Hazel for a minute after Beharie, probably dated more, who knows. He never stays with them long, he’s a fast moving target and they know it. Since he did SHAME and women got a look at his junk they’ve been all over him. lol. He’s not stupid, he’s not fooled by any of the women who are with him because of his celebrity. But he isn’t beyond using what they are freely giving. They all are adults.

  • OK

    @Oleg: doesn’t matter where your from or your skin color h0e and easy are one in the same

  • HIV


  • Oh no

    How disappointing. It seems the fame and adulation has gone to his head… both of them. Well at least we know that he’s a very good actor on and off the screen. He had me fooled. I thought he had more sense then to take on a woman like that. Let’s hope it’s all a horrible apparition. I am afraid if it’s true he’ll been seen as a laughing stock amongst his peers.

  • Oh no

    I’ve just seen the pictures. What a class A idiot.

  • Graham Norton Cancelled?

    Maybe scheduling conflicts? His new girlfriend is pregnant and needy? Or he doesn’t want to field questions about her?
    Why turn down a big show like that?

  • FYI

    Fassbender has a movie premiering at Sundance tomorrow night, “Frank Sidebottom”.

    Question for the MF, what movie is he supposed to be filming in Romania?


  • Oscar

    @Graham Norton Cancelled?: I don’t know why but it’s not a good sign… and he’s torn apart lot of other websites… It’s sad, he must enjoy his first nomination but I don’t think it can be the case…

  • Oscar

    @FYI: MacBeth is not in Scotland??? He will be at Sundance?

  • FYI

    I have no idea what is being filmed in Romania. Odd that all these “news” items about MG and MF mention he is filming his next movie in Romania but they don’t name the movie?

    The Sundance site mentioned they expected Fassbender to show up. Doesn’t mean he will or won’t but even if he does not actively campaign for an Oscar, usually actors show up to the premieres of their movies and particularly at Sundance and it never hurts to keep visible.

  • Oh no

    It’s just bizarre that he’s got himself entangled with a woman who’s so well known for being passed around the leading man circuit. Very odd. He’s really gone down in my estimation. I think a lot of people will think that way too. He’d better move on quick or she’ll do what she did for Butler’s career. I think his agent and publicist need to carry out an intervention…fast. At the moment people have given him a pass on his bad rep with women. I think that’s about to end.

  • Oscar

    @FYI: I didn’t read that for MacBeth but that it will be in Scotland and England… So we will see for Sundance but after he cancells the Norton Show, I have doubt…

  • Oscar

    @Oh no: Yes…. People on other websites even forget that he has an oscar nomination…. Yeah his PR team must be crazy now… But I have the feeling that the rumours of pregnancy were true and that the rapport in italian press that they were seen in Milan hospital… If that’s true… Good Luck to his PR team… Gerard Butler will seem ery clever (good for him!)

  • Oscar

    @Oh no: Have you seen the photo on the Facebook or Instagram of Madalina? It was the first true clue… A selfie of her with a man kissing her… At that time, I say: “No he’s too private and clever to let someone like that take a photo and spread it”… But it seems not…

  • Oh no

    @ Oscar
    I guess he’s a movie star now. They say extreme situations show your true colours. Hey ho.

  • Oh no


    Yeah. Well done Gerry, Adrian, Leo, Haggis…Jeez the list goes on and on and on and on and on. Good grief.

  • FYI

    @Oscar: And MacBeth should be filmed in Scotland, and England is OK too.

  • gina

    She needs the publicity for getting the attention. This one has almost no acting career so she needs to trap an A-lister to put her into the spotlight, take her to events, etc. I also feel that she will pull something to keep Fassbender around. She can’t afford more missed relationships. Michael stay away!!

  • Give us a Break!

    Fassbender is a wonderful actor, but that’s as far as it goes for me. He seems somewhat sleazy and I don’t crush on those types of men — in and out of beds constantly, taking their souls straight to the devil himself. Ugh! As for Fassbender sometimes dating black women, how do you know he’s not just “using” them as playthings? I know Caucasian men who did stuff like that because their parents forbid them to MARRY a black women, but black women were okay to mess around with. Then later on, the men married and had kids with white women. Also, Fassbender may have no intention of marrying anyone at all and may therefore be playing the field, dating whatever comes his way. Maybe he is like the character he played in “SHAME.”

  • Dee

    Gerard butler irks me. And the fact that fassy would go for his sloppy seconds…. ://

  • Oscar

    So… With all upcoming projects, red carpets and shows, we will see… But he cancells an important show, doesn ´t look good in the photo with her and some other bad rumours… Not feeling good vibes but Wait and see ;-)

  • Just to point out

    @Oleg: “She is Romania they are European she is not Latin!”

    Latins ARE Europeans.

  • not white

    what is is with you pathetic white people trying to claim this ho(she isn’t white) you can have her!!

  • Don’t you know

    @scarfs?: “Why is she constantly wearing scarfs???”

    It’s to hide her Adams apple which is big.

  • European

    @not white: Nobody is trying to claim her but it is a fact that Europeans are white and Southern Europeans have darker skins than those in the North.

  • Oh no

    As Oscar pointed out, all the news is about her not him being nominated for an Oscar. Very clever. Wow she’s really knows how to play the media game …in the short term away. There’s big trouble ahead with this one if stays with her. I’m grabbing a bumper bag of popcorn. She gonna try to get everything she can out of him. And you know what I don’t blame her. It’s not as of he didn’t know she had major form. He’s obviously lost the plot.

  • not white

    @Eurightopean: Can she join the K.K.K.??? Would they accept her?? Alright then….

  • Question

    Did Madalina Ghenea have a spot in the movie Hangover Part II?

  • Oscar

    @Oh no: I agree, I don ´t blâme her, even if she ´s pregnant… You want to play so play! I wait her posts Facebook! I take my popcorn too ;-)) she has already won… Nobody cares for oscar bécause à lot of people are now sûre he will not have it but Jared leto Who was campaign during fassbender was in Romania… Great ;-)

  • Oscar

    And for the other discussion my mother is belgian and my father is north african. Weh I read your comments I don t know antimite if i am white but it seems!

  • Oscari

    I don ´t know anymore not animite. My french dictionnary becomes so sory for the mistakes ;-))

  • Rose

    How do these nobodies score famous actors? Seriously, I want to know their secrets.

  • Oh no


    All that hard work his publicity machine put into consolidate him as a serious actor has gone up in smoke with a few photos of him hold hands with the wrong type of girl. Now it’s all about her. I bet she’s rubbing her hands with glee thinking about all the money she’s gonna make from the speculation and the photo ops. Never underestimate the power of fake boobs, fake lips and knowing how to use your “you know what”. Clever girl. Silly boy. His PR people must be going into meltdown.

  • Oscari

    @Rose: have you seen her look? A plastic beauty and she ls a player. A very good with men but I don ´t think she can have à carrer bécause of her reputation

  • Oscari

    @Oh no: I agree. The Best job she has Never done! Good Job Madalina! I begin to wish that she ´s realy prégnant to have a full démonstration of her power!!!! And people will not joke about her… But about him!

  • Oh no


    If he sticks with her it’s definitely gonna be entertaining. Hehehehe

  • If it wears trousers..

    @@girl has a history: “2011 – Leonardo DiCaprio
    2012 – Adrien Brody
    2012-2013 – Gerard Butler
    2013-2014 – Michael Fassbender
    Eros Ramazzotti
    Simone di Pasquale
    Pascal Visedomini
    Paul Haggis
    Marco Borriello and t. d………
    can continue the list ….. long …”

    Yea, and don’t forget that other models who were at the same modeling school as her say that she had a reputation of sleeping with any man she thought would help her career.

  • Oscari

    I Go to bed! Good night for The ones Who will sleep soon and see you tomorrow for others photos or informations. Or à Facebook post of Madalina . You are the star now!

  • Sara

    @Don’t you know: “It’s to hide her Adams apple which is big.”

    That’s because she used to be a man.

  • Oh no

    I forget there’re clips out of his new film today too. Who cares about that now. She’s trumped him big time.

  • Oh no


    Night night. I’ll expect there’ll be pictures of her half naked on the cover of some magazine within the week and an interview saying how she’s really a private, shy person, who doesn’t want to talk about her new relationship, because it’s so special and sacred.
    Be it good, bad or sad publicity, she’ll get her money’s worth out of it. She knows how to play.

  • Oscari

    You know it ls even in french press and all over… I was reading on dailymail and celebitchy… It ´s everywhere and The same mess. It ls sad for his first oscar nomination… People don ´t care. She has already won!

  • Leo, Gerry, Fassy

    Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho!