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Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea: New Couple Alert!

Looks like things are heating up between Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea!

The 36-year-old actor was spotted holding hands with Madalina, 25, on Wednesday (January 15) while walking around Italy together.

If you didn’t know, Madalina was linked to Gerard Butler last year. They were last seen spotted out together while taking a romantic sightseeing tour around Rome back in June.

Michael and Madalina were both in attendance at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival in September, where he promoted his movie 12 Years a Slave and she premiered her movie Dom Hemingway. The pair were both at the Fox Searchlight Party during the festival, so perhaps that is where they first met?!

DO YOU THINK Michael Fassbender and Madalina Ghenea make a cute couple?

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  • Oscari

    @Oh no: I wait the interview!!!!

  • Oscari

    Thanks to Madalina, Fassbender will become One of the mots popularise star on gossip websites with more comments that he has Never had! What nos an oscar nomination in front of that!!!

  • Oscari

    And last word: now suki of bradley and toni of Leonardo look like angels ;-)))

  • Sabian

    Madalinia want real man so she with Fass now who is straight. Gerry gay always be gay and he cover it well but many now know he gay you know it too. Ask why he never really with girl it always stage you know. Staged. My English not good. I hear Gerry gay from being in France from Francais friends. Sorry for him but Madadina like real men now.

  • nasty horrible person alert

    @If it wears trousers..


    @If it wears trousers…

  • I’m very entertaining reading

    @Sabian: Apparently she still in the same job, I’m pretty sure that Fassbender is gay, and now that he’s famous studies hired Madalina to cover appearances.

  • Sabian

    @I’m very entertaining reading: Doubt Fass is gay. The guy has one gf after the next, he’s always with a new gf or one of several months at a time. Hardly the picture of a gay man. Meanwhile, Gerard seems to hang out only with his ambiguously gay buddies. All of his piccies seem staged and set up. I think his peeps hire MG to beard for him.

  • I’m very entertaining reading

    @Sabian: That’s my point, not lasts with his alleged girlfriends, just see, Nicole and Zoe, seemed more good friends than girlfriends, just see how they behave with him and other of they boyfriends. maybe they just help him. And Louise Hazel and Rosario D. nothing was said were just rumors. Seems Fassy like to be having a good time with the girls but that does not mean had relationships with them.
    If you research well Fassy also spend much time with friends, as the motorcycle trip he took to Europe. He did it with his father and a childhood friend… among other things. LOL just saying, but well, ignore me, just a theory.

  • Sabian

    @I’m very entertaining reading: you could be right

  • Maura Oshawa

    @FYI: but she looks like his all time favorite type …black women she has huge lips and dark features people live this man he’s a good guy happy smart laid back just a serial dater And they don’t want him with some whore or Harlet that’s been passed around Hollywood

  • Maura Oshawa

    Honestly Fassbender is smart I truly think he’s enjoying fame and soiling his oats he comes from good stock so he know a woman from a play thing and he has stated in countless interviews he’s not ready for a relationship. He travels too much however he’s a man and likes the company of beautiful women. I don’t think he plans on bringing her home to his house or family OR Marrying or having kids with her she’s a young tart and he’s a horny fart! Get over it!

  • punker

    The crappy thing about this story is that it detracted from the better story of his first-time Oscar nomination. Personally, I’d be hopping mad if I worked my behind off to earn that Oscar nom and all people were talking about on nomination day was who I was sleeping with. She is always going to be the woman who tarnished that special day for him. He tarnished it himself too.

  • People are vile

    @punker: I di agree that this reaction has taken some of the shine from his nomination. The fact is Michael Fassbender is a brilliant actor. I really hope he wins an Oscar, because he deserves it. It doesn’t matter who is he shagging in his personal life as far as I am concerned, as this does not take away from his acting. She didn’t tarnish his nomination, neither did he. Is he supposed to live in a bubble and not go out for a walk with his girlfriend, or whatever she is to him, until the Oscars? Blame the paparazzi and blame the people who are reacting with such venom for tarnishing it. I suspect he is hardly the type who reads his own press, and so I really hope he doesn’t notice this kind of publicity. Actually, even if he does, he probably doesn’t give a toss. Just because he is in the public eye it doesn’t mean he has to run his relationships past his fans. I suspect he could go out with a saint and people would still call her a slut. Seriously – he will never meet you, he doesn’t care what you think and why the hell should he??? You might not like his taste in women … WHATEVER.

  • Christy

    I feel sorry for Fassbender. Because Madalina is nothing BAD news. Just glad that Gerard Butler is free of her.

  • Slay Madalina Slay

    They gone have a pretty baby that’s for sure! Slay hunty get that Fassdong and take him for everything’s he’s got. 18 years y’all!

  • Campbell

    @Just wait:

    I am not sure what MF sites you are referring to but I do know that Michael Fassbender Online isn’t mean at all. They are a respectful site that focuses on his film work and career and stays away from gossip. There is a particular blog run by one person that does get pretty possessive and mean spirited though.

  • Campbell


    This has always been their policy over the years. They post this reminder occasionally. Especially because there are so many new fans joining all of the time. They have never been a site to gossip.

  • Campbell


    You are wrong. Fassinating Fassbender is run by the “passive agressive attitude” not Michael Fassbender Online. MFO has a team of 2 men and 4 women that promote and support his career and film.

  • Campbell

    @Oh Please:

    Couldn’t be further from the truth in regards to Michael Fassbender Online. This site supports Michael’s film work and career and doesn’t participate in gossip. The team consists of 2 men and 4 women that are professionals and highly intelligent. They appreciate the arts and film and great acting.

  • Dlisted

    Michael K’s hilarious take on the Fassbender/Ghenea story:

  • New Thread
  • Shamu

    @Campbell Oh, I may have gotten that wrong. I know there’s someone who’s gone Fassy mental with their fandom. MFO seems to be on the defence still. I think they might have connection to him personally, since they’ve taken such a “high road” to his career. The truth is the guy is a good actor, but as a man as bad as they come. And that’s not an easy compination for PR people.

  • JS

    I am only on this thread because it was pointed out to me that someone has been posting in my name. Posts 141, 144 and 148 are not me. I have no interest in this woman at all and would never post anything favourable about her. The fact that the monicker stealer who has been active on Gerry Butler’s threads has moved here proves that it is one of her deranged fans who is doing this. If any more posts appear by JS then they are not me.

  • Shamu

    The person at Fassinating is all over his Wiki “monitoring” it and removing anything that she doesn’t like. She also claims to be psychic and calls the Golden Globes a sham, just because Fassy didn’t win. I think this is the same woman who sends threatening letters to Lainey’s gossip site whenever she posts something negative about this guy. The truth is there’s a lot of negative things to report.

  • Jon

    LOL @ you people saying she’s African/Gypsy. Yet have no evidence to back it up.

  • Jon

    + I’m fairy sure if she was a gypsy she would state it. She looks like Angelina Jolie/Minka Kelly

  • M

    @Jon: A large percentage of the Romanian people are Gypsy.

  • Jon


    88.9% Romanians
    6.5% Hungarians
    3.3% Roma
    1.3% other

    3.3% large’ LOL

  • Jon

    Keep it up with the anecdotal evidence, it’s funny.

  • Me

    Oh how the envy talks in all of you :)

  • Envy?

    @Me: you know it ls a gossip site so let people have fun commenting. For thé envy, I have nothing against her but I don ´t want her situation… She is torn apart on all websites and I am asking: how can you achieve to have a so bad reputation? So, Every man Who will Be next to her will become like Fassy in The média… And how can she become a famous actress with all that rumours…

  • mia

    haters gonna hate . She is a beautiful woman , of course she wants to date hot and successful men , put yourself in her situation. If you are at a party and Michael Fassbender flirts with you of course you wanna date him LOL


    The person who posts under SABIAN is a troll from the gerard butler thread and posts under BMORNINGSTAR She speaks perfect English but comes across as an idiot and foreign. Far from it and will always accuse him of being gay. That’s all she will ever talk about. Evil and nasty person. She lies to stir the rumor

  • mia

    3,3% are gypys , they are called romi , but if you count them how many are right now , you will see they are fewer , because they are scattered in europe steeling .

  • mia

    At first i did not like this chick , but after i listen some interviews , i change my opinion , she seems like a nice person , and i heard that she adopted at distance a child from haiti , but of course thoser kind of things are not discuss .

  • Jon


    And you got that information from where? Your ass?

  • Problem

    After He cancells the Norton Show yesterday, MF cancells Sundance, he will not be… And there’s all the events like Critics Awards and all the others are there. He’s nominated and he’s nowhere…

  • mia

    i just found this video , come on people and stop beeing haters ,they are a hot couple whatever are you saying . i wish them good luck ^^

  • Problem

    @mia: honestly, it’s strange that he cancells everything if he’s so happy… and he doesn’t look good on the last photos…

  • FYI

    Michel Fassbender is expected to dine at the Supper Suite (Adriana M. Barraza/

    In case the pampered stars get a little peckish they can enjoy lunch or dinner at the A-List Communications Supper Suite where Emile Hirsch and Best Supporting Actor Oscar-nominee Michael Fassbender are slated to dine.


  • Problem
  • mia

    @Problem That may be for any other reason, i don’t think that she influences his career , she has her own job , and in her last interview for romania she said that she has her program full for the next 6 months. that was in 21 november .

  • Problem

    @mia: It must be realy bad to cancell all that because it’s not just parties with no importance he’s cancellins but big tv show, premiere at sundance and presence at awards events…. I don’t care of her agnda… there’s something… and it’s not good news

  • mia

    @Problem: only his agent knows, i’m sure he is fine ,

  • Problem

    @mia: not sure… if you’re fine and happy and he must be with an oscar nomination, he will not cancell… So we will see… A flu?

  • mia

    “I’ve read a few sites who are poo-pooing Ghenea for being a fame-wh0re etc after news of her latest romance surfaced. I say more power to the successful 25-year-old who’s a noted international activist, having donated plenty of time to causes for Haiti relief and money to improve the maternity ward at the hospital in her hometown of Slatina.” from

    this is the real Madalina ,

  • Problem

    @mia: She has not adopeted a babay from Haiti? I don’t remember I think I have read that here…

  • mia

    @Problem: yes she adopted at distance a little boy who was very sick and she paid for his surgery

  • Problem

    @mia: Yes good but i wait to know what happens to fassbender and if he’s well to have a full confidence about her… I am not a GB fans so I don’t know but she’s so hated…