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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Critics' Choice Dinner Party!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Critics' Choice Dinner Party!

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse hop into the back seat of their car together after having dinner at Adoteca Restaurant on Thursday evening (January 16) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor and the 22-year-old actress grabbed dinner with some friends after he attended the 2014 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, where he won the Best Acting Ensemble award for his movie American Hustle.

Bradley and Suki were joined by Leonardo DiCaprio and his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Margot Robbie, as well as movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

FYI: Bradley is wearing a Bottega Veneta suit.

15+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse after dinner…

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 09
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 10
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 11
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 12
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 13
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 14
bradley cooper suki waterhouse critics choice after party 15

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  • alexandrina

    i thought she was Miley with longer hair…

  • Lol

    it’s quiet here. everybody follow Fassbender/ Madalina story now ;-)

  • Huh

    Bringing this over here since JJ jumped on this quick. The original Daily Fail article insinuated this was a romantic date between Bradley and Margot with no mention of Suki (or Leo or Harvey) at all before adding her as an afterthought. Lol And look, he’s sitting next to her in the car. Haha

  • Yuk

    She doesn’t look happy… And can she not wear something decent for dinner it really looks like he is taking his daughter out for dinner..

  • Huh

    @Yuk: I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt about looking angry/upset. They exited from a side entrance to avoid the paps, yet there they are and with an extremely bright flash on the camera. I wouldn’t be too happy either.
    Do we think Margot was invited to keep Suki or Harvey W company at dinner? LOL

  • Suki Puki

    Daddy please change my diaper!

  • scarlett

    She couldn’t have at least made a bit of an effort? It speaks volumes that he’s not taking her to these events, I mean at least Leo took Toni to the GG after parties.

  • Tom

    Yuk I agree for a model I expected little more dress sense or elegance.
    But they are together and he sat next to her so wait for the name take overs hahaha

  • London Calling

    I can’t believe that there is just 1 year (age difference) between her and Margot Robbie …difference between a woman and a schoolgirl I guess.

    You go out to dinner with your ‘boyfriend’, Leo, Harvey & Margot & you where THAT??!!** Bet Margot chewed her up and spat her out for desert…words truly fail me. In this particular instance she seems a little camera shy with the hoodie up reminds me of the photo arriving at LAX with contents of bag all over the floor….

  • Tom

    London Calling Agree words fail me kind of dress sense when it is a casual meal between BF and GF.

  • London Calling

    Kind of dress sense when you pop to the local store to buy some milk…!

    This girl is supposed to be a model?? She clearly has help to dress herself for the professional photo opp……this one was obviously unscheduled hence the ‘not able to put an appropriate outfit together without help’ get up.

    Coop, put this thing back under the rock you found her and date a real woman & not just any easy lay…

  • Tom

    London Calling Hahahaha Yes

  • kristy

    Bradly Cooper is incredible but I think he deserves better.

  • Agnés

    Bradley, congrats for the award. Who cares about what Suki wears?
    She got him!!! Congrats for her too.

  • Agnés

    Bradley, I have insider information you are engaged. Is the blue ring it?
    Get married to the whure in February for Valentines Day!!!

  • Yuk

    @Tom: at each other’s house not when you are out…terrible and she’s a model????

  • London Calling

    She got him…but for how long…looking like that I’d say not for much longer…
    You’ve got smoking hot Margot to have dinner with and then you go home with a disheveled grubby looking teen. Wow bet Suki felt so over dressed out with his friends, she obviously put her fashion sense to good use. Who cares what she wears? Obviously most people because that’s why she put her hood up!!! I just don’t understand it I really don’t……

  • London Calling

    Wow engaged – and the blue ring is it….shame it’s on the wrong finger and he is more generous than I thought.. can pick it up for 25 pounds!!!Geeze he must really think a lot about her…..

  • Agnés

    #15 not me, the crazi´s back.

  • Yuk

    Some men like to slum it I guess..

  • Gosh

    Wow, I actually think she looks a bit scared in that car. The fifth photo looks like she is being dragged in reluctantly. I know she is 22 but she looks about 18 there. She actually looks out of her depth.
    Hope I am wrong.
    But he doesn’t look happy with her in the car.

  • Agnes=Duh=Tom=Yuk

    This is the unhappiest engaged couples. Crazy Agnes is posting lies all over the internet. She posted on the red carpet story as well. Crazy AgnesHuhhelloTomYuk knows they are not engaged. She wants to annoy Bradley’s fans.

  • Hello

    Wow…..Another great set of pics. She looks like a child who just has been reprimand by her father….

    BC’s agent was there and H. Weinstein too…..Does that mean something? The contract with SW is terminated and they signed another contract with MR :-)

  • Minda

    This gf is even worse than Toni Garrn!!! She makes Bradley look even more ridiculous!!!

  • Ann

    What in the world is he doing with that ugly tramp???

  • Lori

    @Minda: I really don’t find Suki attractive or appealing at all. Her nose still looks large even though she’s had work done on it and that hair- the style and the way she keeps it up is atrocious. I agree, Suki is making Bradley look ridiculous. Both their personalities and body language is always off.

  • DJ

    With all of those people, he may not have had a choice but to sit next to her. LOL J/K I can’t believe she wore that to dinner either. I’m sure she knew he would be coming from that awards show and dressed up. It seems to me that she could have done the same.

  • Lydia

    Is that really what she’s wearing? Jeans and a hoodie? What a slob.

  • Moxy

    So how is Bradleys mattress coming up with these fashion jobs? She obviously doesn’t have the looks of a model, nor a stylists idea of whats appropriate to wear.

  • Yuk

    Does Bradley wear glasses cause if he doesn’t he really should..

  • Huh

    @Hello: Lol
    Was Bradley’s agent at the dinner? If this was a contract termination and new sign, why was Leo there? As Bradley’s true love, he needed to approve the new beard? ;)

  • Dolly

    So, I already posted this on another thread because I didn’t realize this one had started:

    It looks like she is wearing a sweater under the hoodie. No matter. She can’t possibly be going to dinner with him in that outfit. I wonder if she is just going over to his house with him. I get the feeling that she doesn’t stay at his house when she is in LA. This just gets stranger and stranger. I don’t think she will be at the SAG awards with him. He is trying to keep her under wraps.

    I think Brad’s handlers are trying to keep him from being seen with her. They can’t make him break up with Suki, but they can tell him not to take her to events for the sake of his image. I think he listens to his people. He has talked about how much he trusts his agent. Suki on the other hand is just a PR mess. She keeps trying to get attention with her social media and makes herself look worse and worse.

  • casual observer

    Bradley is not gay he just has terrible taste in women. Last year he was looking for someone and the scank was there willing and available. At 22 she is past her prime to become a model. The reason shes pissed all the time is her plan backfired.

    She wouldve been better off hanging with cara this past year. Look what it did for that ugly rita ora. Shes constantly being papped.

  • DJ

    I’m surprised Leo didn’t bring Toni.

    @Dolly: I wonder if his agent(or anyone else in his life) has advised him to end the relationship. If he’s in love with her, I can understand him not ending it, but this doesn’t even seem like love.

  • vicky

    I bet Suki thought she’d be attending all these events with Bradley and is probably pissed she’s being hidden and dragged out of back doors into waiting cars. After all those cosmetic treatments and procedures, she still looks like an oaf.

  • Dolly

    @DJ: My guess is that someone on Brad’s team has talked to him about how this looks. And no, Brad doesn’t look happy. I wonder if it is winding down and they will split in the next couple of weeks or months. The split is coming eventually. They can’t go on like this forever. Brad has already made his choice: he is putting his own image before his girlfriend. And I doubt that he is happy about Suki acknowledging their relationship in Elle UK. I think when they had this romantic jet set thing going on in Hawaii and Europe it was different. But Suki is in the thick of things in LA now and I’m sure she is a laughing stock. Not good.

  • seraphia

    She just looks like a homeless girl he picked up. OMG!

  • vicky

    Obviously she knows the cameras are on her. Enough said.

  • Mary Lee

    @vicky: I know, why the theatrics? Have you seen the things this girl posts of herself on twitter and instagram? She is an attention seeker.

  • DJ

    @Dolly: I don’t think what she said in Elle magazine was that bad. I mean, after about a year of dating, a person should be able to at least acknowledge that they are with someone. No one expects either of them to give an interview about their relationship, but to not even be able to admit you’re in one is ridiculous and disrespectful to the person that you’re with. Why would any woman, not just Suki, but any woman put up with that? I mean, you’re dating for a whole year, but you’re supposed to pretend like you don’t know each other in public? After awhile a woman would have to wonder if it’s a question of privacy or shame.

  • Huh

    Did some Googling and that is indeed Dave walking in with Margot. Dinner consisted of Bradley, Suki, Dave, Harvey, Leo, Margot. Congratulations on giving the PR theorists enough ammo for a year. Lol

  • Starbucks

    How does Bradley NOT look happy? He doesn’t look bothered at all to me..Leo taking Toni to an after GG party is pretty much the same thing as Suki going to these after party things. And I really think something is “Off” with Bradley. I think he has a different persona on camera and off camera he is a completely different person and Suki is the only thing he can get in Hollywoodm sadly. If he is this great guy then why did his marriage last like 2 months and he is with her?? And I don’t buy the BS of this is a contract relationship and that he is with her because she follows him around and does what he says and blah blah blah..there are PLENTY of girls that would that look way better than her.

  • Eeww….

    I can’t believe girls on here are trashing Suki but NOT a word about how CREEPY Bradley Cooper is for not only dating a 22 yr old but even worse because she looks like she’s 15!!!

    What does that say about him????????

    Last year at the park the way she was dressed in pig tails & overalls draped all over him while he read “Lolita”…..that is beyond perverted on his part & not NORMAL.

    There is something VERY twisted about the fact he obviously gets his kicks from her looking & dressing like a very young girl……Yet you’re all blaming her & ignoring that he’s nearly 40 & should know better!

    He’s a famous actor & she’s probably infatuated so is easily manipulated by him.

    It’s very TELLING that both Bradley & Leo are keeping their young girlfriends hidden & out of sight.

    If they had nothing to be embarrassed about both Suki & Toni would be with them on the red carpet in front of the cameras not just kept around for later.

    Bradley Cooper & Leo DiCaprio are beyond SLEAZY & I really hope the media & other actors will stop ignoring the elephant in the room & call them out on their behaviour.

    Tina Fey dissing Leo about him only dating models was a start & hopefully now others will as well but I very much doubt it as it’s such a boys club.

    Imagine the outcry if a famous 40 yr old actress continually ONLY dated very young blond male models that got younger & younger every year like Leo, we would NEVER hear the end of it……Such a double standard!!!!

  • Hello

    @Huh : On the DM pics, the man who walks beside MR is BC’s agent David Bugliari. He was also sitting with BC at the CCA last night.
    I was joking about the contract :-) But if we buy the PR theory orchestrated by H. Weinstein, it’s just convenient that BC’s agent, HW and SW were together at a restaurant…..

    @DJ : It’s hard to believe that he can be really in love with her….She looks like a child, she acts like a child…..It’s still so incomprehensible….

    She seems to has removed the naked pic of her and her friends in the bath in Vegas. Maybe someone told her that it was inappropriate to post this pic on internet.

  • Lucy R

    @Huh I thought that was his agent too. It’sactually a little disrespectful to go to your bf’s celebration dinner looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards. Some people are starting to feel sorry for her, i hope she doesnt play the victim card now to gain sympathy. None coming from this end she knew what she was getting herself into. If i was him i’d have been mortified.

  • Dolly

    @DJ: I agree with what you are saying, but I think that Suki talking publicly about having a relationship with him overstepped her boundaries. Even though she didnt reveal much, she still talked and I get the feeling that is a deal breaker.

  • Dolly

    @Hello: I wonder if Cara and Georgia or their handlers told Suki to take down the bathtub pic. The photos that Cara has posted are not controversial looking. Just group shots and pictures with Celine Dion. Both of those girls have very professional looking social media. Someone is probably running it for them.

  • Huh

    @Hello I was joking too. But, if we see Margot and Bradley dating in a few months…..

    @Eeww Plenty of people on multiple threads have criticized Bradley as well. Unfortunately, because a lot of us are fans of his first, he gets a bit of leeway.

  • Huh

    @Dolly Cara doesn’t need to post anything controversial to her social media, she’s a walking controversy! Wasn’t Cara the one being drunk and rowdy and making out with an actress at a basketball game recently? (It was either Cara or Miley Cyrus. None of these young girls can keep their tongues in their mouths)

  • Hello

    @Dolly : It’s probably someone around BC that told SW to remove this pic as she seems to have a lack of judgment.
    @Huh : Lol….I hope this will not happen…