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Evangeline Lilly: Men Stopped Talking to Me When I Got Famous!

Evangeline Lilly: Men Stopped Talking to Me When I Got Famous!

Evangeline Lilly looks smart and chic in this new shot from her feature for DuJour magazine‘s January 2014 issue, on newsstands now!

Here is what the 34-year-old The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug actress had to share with the mag:

On people approaching her: “Once I became a public figure, that ended. Men stopped talking to me. Because they think, ‘Why would she want to date me?’ But the irony of it is, that’s exactly why you’d want to date them”everyone needs something to ground them in their life, and often for public figures, that’s their partner.”

On where she was in life before Lost: “When I got the job on Lost, I was a broke university student living in the crappiest part of town, with a duct-taped back window on a broken-down car. I existed on peanut butter and tea. When somebody said, ‘I will pay you a lot of money to come and do this,’ it was worth it to make the sacrifice for a certain amount of time in order to have the flexibility that comes from having more financial freedom.”‘

On playing a non-Tolkien character in The Hobbit: “There are a lot of forums online where fans are furious. They’re venting that anger and expressing themselves, and I just feel like, more power to you”get out there and express your opinions… I’ve had people who have seen the film who have daughters thank me for being part of it, because otherwise their daughters would have had hours of cinema without a single female character onscreen. In 2013, that’s unacceptable.”

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  • Sayer

    This woman is so full of herself. Please, you’re not that famous or attractive.

    You dated a hobbit.

  • meriadoc

    maybe those men heard she is a cheater and didn’t want her

  • mimi200

    Oh, really….

  • Ouch!

    I knew it!!! I knew coming here I would only find hate in the comments! LOL People here are so predictable! Stay pressed, you ugly frustrated hags!

  • Pretty Ka

    @Ouch!: Time to post some positive comments then! … To me, she really seems down to earth, as opposed to “full of herself”; if she’s not reached A-lister fame, it’s partly due to the fact that she’s chosen to stay low key, after the whole LOST phenomena.


    No.5; I like posting on J2 because all the dummies here make me look like a genius.

  • Ali

    There’s this old-fashioned misconceptions when it comes to who should approach whom. Hoes stay winning because of their ability to not only approach a man, but strike up the conversation that keeps his attention as well. “Let the hoes keep winning, my prince charming will approach me in due time”. This is all due to ‘If’s’ if you’re approachable… if the guy you’re feeling is confident, and if you’re prepared to deal with the thirsty men who are going to holler while you wait for your guy to notice you. That’s a lot of ifs.

    In my young days I was so scared of rejection especially from a female, but rejections are always the key to success….well at least for some. One thing men never learn is how to accept being rejected or the notion of it so we keep trying with almost every girl we come across, or seem to find attractive. women on the other hand have predominantly never been rejected by a man so they don’t want to feel like his first victim so they wont even bother to approach this guy.

    When being approached by a man the least you can do is introduce yourself. The man will do most of the work. For example, The man has to ask you out. The man has to take you out. He has to work to show you a good time and try get a second date. He has to work to get you open enough for sex. He has to work at giving you great sex. He has to work at being a better boyfriend than your previous assholes. He has to work to afford a big ring. He has to work up the nerve to propose. He has to work at calming you down because you’re worried your wedding won’t be as perfect as you dreamed. If you’re picking good men, not any of these dolt guys, then he will work hard to make you his and keep you his. Saying Hello is far from “doing everything”.

    Gone are the days men had to do all the working, but since in the UK there are 7 women to a man, men can have 6 other women if they chooses to, so the chances of men doing all the working seems to have diminished over the last 5 – 10 years but women can’t still discern to notice the difference. I’m not asking for women to arrange the first date, pay for the dinner, get the man safely home etc. I am asking my generation of female’s to get off their lazy arse’s and give men of today who have a world full of hoes they could easily sleep with, a reason to work hard. If he can’t hold a conversation, don’t give him your number. As a woman you always know when a guy is into you or not. This is quite controversial and subjective but most female’s get dumber by the year without even noticing this. Show me a female who’s supposingly a “wifey material” and I will give you 5 or more guys who have done everything with her in the books of kamasutra.

    The same way you can’t discern if a female is single is the same way you wont know if a guy is single or not unless you talk to them first. Women who are single and successful dress the same as women who are broke and living with their parents. A man is not going to approach you based on how he thinks your stock portfolio is doing, he’s going to approach you based on looks and keep talking to you based on how cool you are, or intelligent he thinks you are. How can you tell a successful man from some bum ass dude? Easy, men let you know as soon as they walk into the room that they’re getting money (the outfits, trainers, car etc).

    Statistics and Scarface (the movie) show us that when you look like money, smell like money, and getting money, you no longer have to approach the girl, they approach you even though most will be hoes but who cares? as you are only going in for the ass and titties and not marriage until maybe in your late 30′s. When a man is content with hoes always on his d**k, he will even ignore the prettiest girl in the room unless she’s either truly sexy, a 10, (not 8 or 9 but the perfect 10), famous (a girl he’s heard of) or infamous (a freak he’s heard of before). Why would Mr. I have it all or Mr. successful risk being rejected unless he’s super keen on you, or even take off his cool and approach you first?.

  • Kimberly

    Not that famous? She’s a very talented actress (look up the long list of awards she’s been nominated for). Not that attractive? Really?! I think she is stunningly beautiful. Even with hardly any makeup (on Lost), she was gorgeous. Not that it matters now (because she is married), but men probably did quit talking to her because they were completely intimidated. I don’t think that comment makes her full of herself, it was a statement about her experience. As for old rumors about her ex, who cares?! I wish her the best with her career and I am a huge fan!:)