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Kim Kardashian Shares New Baby North West Photos on 'Ellen'!

Kim Kardashian Shares New Baby North West Photos on 'Ellen'!

Kim Kardashian shows off some adorable new photos of her seven-month-old baby girl North West during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Friday (January 17).

The 33-year-old reality star revealed that her fiance Kanye West is not a fan of changing diapers.

“He’s not a diaper changing kind of guy,” Kim said. “But he would if it’s an emergency he will. But I love that time. I know it sounds crazy, but I love my time with her when she’s on the changing table. She tries to talk so much and I really enjoy that bonding time when I’m with her.”

Kim revealed on her Instagram account before heading to the taping that the dress she intended to wear broke, so she modeled a couple of options for her fans before deciding on outfit number two. Check out the photos below!

Kim Kardashian Says If She Will Have More Kids

Click inside to watch Kim Kardashian talk about Kanye West‘s recent incident…

Kim Kardashian Comments on Kanye West’s Recent Incident
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kim kardashian shares adorable new baby north west photos 01
kim kardashian shares adorable new baby north west photos 02
kim kardashian shares adorable new baby north west photos 03
kim kardashian shares adorable new baby north west photos 04
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Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros., Kim Kardashian
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  • soy

    i bet they even photoshop the baby pictures

  • frida

    North is precious, sooo cute!

  • Paola


    jajaja the one beautiful from Kardashian-Jenner family is Kendall, Kylie is just body…

  • nobull

    The kid is cute and does look happy… regardless of her ridiculous parents.

  • Ashley

    Sometimes I wonder I’d she is even Kanye’s baby.She looks way too light.I bet that’s not his baby.Also,why is there not a single picture of him out there holding the baby.

  • Ava

    Why hasn’t this guy been arrested yet?

  • alex


  • Ashley

    I hope they lock him up for a long time for beating up that teenager.He is nothing but an undercover gay wanna be thug.I feel sorry for that little girl because of the type of parents she has.Btw she looks just like Mason in that second picture.She really doesn’t look half black at all.

  • Connie

    @ashley.. I know I don’t think Kanye’s the father, been rumours for years he was gay, more likely the guy she was married too, who was half back and white and Kim with her olive skin and dark hair/eyes …. And the picture from Ellen the baby looks photoshopped… These people would lie about anything.

  • alex



    you are very ignorant. I know MANY mixed race children whose parents are black and white and whose children came out lighter skin. just look at zendaya from disney channel. go somewhere else with that.

    bye feliciaaaaa

  • brit11

    wish them the best. no hate from me. beautiful child.

  • Niko

    “Here’s what’s funny to me. Why do people hate her?? She has did nothing to you personally and does not have any impact on your personal lives. If you guys don’t like her, then why do you waste your time to go on content involving her and make insults. I’ve noticed that the ones who hate Kim, are the fat, ugly out of shape ones. Attractive girls are secure with themselves and don’t feel the need to put down, or judge other females..”

  • LOLA

    why do people even invite her to shows and give her free publicity, she is pure trash

  • baseeee


    like was previously mentioned, i don’t think you have met a lot of mixed race children in your lifetime. they are not always on the darker end of the spectrum and many of them come out very light skinned.

    the ignorance about her race on this thread is irritating.

  • BILO


    Um…why did you care enough to click on this thread? maybe your trash

  • alexandrina

    Humans are suspicious and jealous creatures. When they see something perfect, they wanna find a flaw

  • Sabine

    I don’t care for her parents but, she is a cute baby

  • wandalismus

    @Niko: It does have impact on the public – the young girls which look up to this fraud. Kims pictures are all retouched, she’s telling lies about herself to the people & mediaand screams murder if somebody tells the truth about her, a truth she doesn’t accept. I simply don’t like her and that has nothing to do with the fact she is rich or so-called “beautiful”. This girl has more plastic surgery done, than Cher in her heyday. She isn’t real, she is fake and fake people are the worst.

    And to all the people who think this isn’t Kanyes Baby…look at her cheeks – she has is jawline and his chipmunk cheeks.

  • Lisa

    @Ashley: B*tch you better go ask your momma who your daddy is. You have to be a blind idiot to not see that this is his child, you sound like an ignorant child. I pray you are not older than 16

  • Lisa

    @alexandrina: AMEN

  • roronette

    What a cutie !

  • Mylene – Montreal

    Don’t like Kimye but this little girl is very beautiful

  • LOLA


    well, dummy she makes it very hard to escape her

  • Womb

    can we please stop giving talentless ‘personalities’ air time? esp those who like to photoshop their photos to make their large a$$e$ even bigger?
    Ellen’s a boring sell-out and she couldn’t make the most interesting interviewee in the world engaging with her fluffy talking bubbles.

  • jenna

    that kid has such a wide mouth.and i bet north will be Impudent and arrogant.because of the racist papa that she has.

  • dee

    Looking like her daddy.

  • Diedre

    I really like Ellen, but I’m disappointed that she gives this fame ho any air time. What does she actually have to talk about? That fatuous piece of crap show featuring her and her @sshole family? How ‘skinny’ she is even as she trundles out with her horse hips and massive butt? What a great mother she is even though the only proof she seems to have of that poor baby’s existence is when she post pictures of her (for her own benefit…not because she cares about North)?
    I wish these jack@sses would go away, already.

  • Mary

    It’s very unfortunate that people like her get air time, and I’m a little confused as to why she’s doing daytime tv with her breasts hanging out. She’s a walking ball of insecurity and seems obsessed with her looks. I always wonder why interviewers never ask any real questions

  • Michele

    That kid is FRICKING adorable. No matter what you feel about her parents, that kid is a cutie.

  • Territc

    Nori is just toooo cute.

  • LynnB

    @Ashley: LOL you are clearly very young or just uneducated in certain things. When it comes to a biracial couple, there are many possibilities for the outcome of the baby’s skin tone. Clearly took more of her mothers side considering she is light skinned. Kim isn’t black so there was a greater chance of the baby coming out light. North looks like Kanye, and so for pictures.. There’s only a handful of them out there? He’s a private person. You sound like an idiot.

  • Janese

    @Womb: Ellen has been having a lot of talentless, famous for no reason people on her shows lately. Look at those Sophia and Grace girls. What is their reason for fame? Kim Kardashian seriously? What is she famous for anyways? F–king some random dude in a sex video. Ellen should have some of those Oscar nomanies on her show. Most of them are far more famous and more intresting then these no-talent losers.

  • Janese

    @Diedre: These no-talent people don’t have anything to talk about. I bet Ellen gave Kim like 20 minutes of air time. Which is stupid because I have seen far more talented ppl on her show that only get like 5 mins to talk about things. Ridiculous.
    And nobody cares about Kims baby. Nobody. Its an ugly baby with ugly D list parents. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise are far more beautiful with A list parents and the paparazzi goes more crazy over them then this ugly baby. Kim is probably jealous at the amount of attention Shiloh and Suri get over this ugly baby.

  • Rocky


    Totally agree. She’s a cutie pie.

  • Jenny

    To everyone saying that the baby doesn’t look ‘half black’. First of all, this may be a surprise to you, but black people aren’t born with the colour they will end up being. They are often very light when born, and gradually get darker as they get older. Being black myself I have gradually grown darker and as have all my siblings, so it’s pretty common. Just as your hair can change from blonde to brown or your eyes from grey to blue or green, our skin changes too. As does our hair texture. Just look at Blue Ivy when she was born and compare her with how she looks now. Her complexion and hair texture is so different. She looked like a different race entirely. Let’s not be ignorant people.

    Secondly, it is not up to you to determine what looks black and what doesn’t. There are a myriad of mixed people from all over the world who don’t look like their race or ethnicity. I have friends who look completely English or slightly tanned and who are half Indian or African. Or fully African people who look very light mixed raced. Please educate yourselves before you say such sweeping statements. And read this blog if you don’t agree: As much as I hate Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, that girl looks very much like his and Kim’s baby. The eyes and cheeks are unmistakably theirs. Come on people.

  • Chrissy

    Cute kid but notice how Kim always resorts to carting out the baby pictures when she’s involved in some sort of controversy? The events of this week have not helped Kim’s or Kanye’s images at all. They are a laughing stock and the most reviled couple in America. Shame on them for using their kid to deflect public attention away from them! It won’t be long now……tick, tick, tick…..

  • leonoe

    That so called ‘attack’ was staged. Just like her wedding to boost ratings. How else could Kanye West be able to fly off to Paris after ‘beating’ some kid up? And Kim would not have been able to come on Ellen either probably. These two will do anything to out-live their fame, which is coming to an end. I bet you that 18 year old kid was a paid actor hired by Kim and Kanye to take away attention from the GG and now the Oscars. Pathetic people. I wonder what scheme she will make up to upstage the Oscars.

  • Kristen

    The baby is incredible cute :D

  • Kelie

    Ugly baby with ugly, talentless parents. Next!

  • allison

    North is a cutie but I have to laugh at her parents. They went on and on about not selling North baby pics because it was putting a price on the baby’s head. But Kim is selling North just like she sells herself on Twitter and instagram. Posting clothes designed for North. Posting pics of North. Then posting a twitter about the party or event happening. Sell sell sell. Should we have expected anything else since Kim really has no talent to fall back on. Butt pictures is her talent.

  • redwine11

    What a darling picture! She looks just like Kayne. She will be fine. Kids grow up in spite of their parents. No one is perfect.

  • chris

    The baby is cute. I just wish her mother wasn’t trash. I am glad however that other people are finally catching on. A lot of media outlets and publications are pulling stories and no longer putting them on the covers. Their show is falling faster then a stone. my understand is kris is out of friends and time and is no longer able to secure jobs for her hookers. I just with JJ would catch on

  • nini

    This baby is so beautiful!!
    Why people are so bad…she is just a little baby! Live them alone.

  • laura

    Have you guys noticed than whenever there is something important or attention grabbing like award season Kim and Kanye have to do something to be in the media, like this.

  • jj

    uh..hope she grows up to be cute. She looks too much like Kanye.

  • Viryanna

    I expected her daughter to look more like her. NW looks more like Kanye, but cuter. Safe face shape, nose and eyebrows. No doubt she’s Kanye’s daughter. She looks bi-racial to me. She has very dark skin but her face is lighter. Probably photoshop?
    I don’t see any resemblance to Kourtney’s kids. Penelope and Mason look a lot like their mom.

  • Tom

    He’s not the father, Kim’s dark herself and Kanye West’s very dark with black features , when children come out barely looking black the mother’s blond and blue eyed or black parent is mixed in their heritage, I don’t put anything pass this fame hungry family .. Just like Beyonce and a jay Z surrogate rumours.

  • worldoffools

    that baby of hers is used for PR damage control image. master manipulators are the kardashians. All the men they choose has no mothers alive meaning no mothers in laws but only kris jenner. rise a question. her baby mouth is huge like her mother is she drooling. Pathetic people. her gangester man is on the run from the law. enough of this garbage.
    as if she ever fed or diaper changed her child or spend time away from cameras and media. their life is so boring. money dont buy hapiness.

  • OK

    @jenna: yeah I bit she will just like Simone kids is going to be the bluntest meanest kid and have a talent to judge because his “daddy” is a great judge……IDIOT

  • OK

    @Kelie: I want to see YOUR beautiful baby dick