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Olivier Martinez Steps Out After 'Revenge' Casting News!

Olivier Martinez Steps Out After 'Revenge' Casting News!

Olivier Martinez is “unstoppable” as he steps out of Bristol Farms in his favorite t-shirt on Thursday (January 16) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 47-year-old actor just signed on to join the cast of ABC’s hit series Revenge as the father to Karine Vanasse‘s character!

Olivier will play Pascal LeMarchal, “Margaux LeMarchal’s (Vanasse) media magnate father. He is a cutthroat businessman and has a competitive history with Conrad (Henry Czerny), and an even more complicated one with Victoria (Madeleine Stowe).”

10+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez shopping after the Revenge casting news…

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olivier martinez steps out after revenge casting news 04
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  • Miz_Fit

    He seems a little young to play her father.

  • jada

    I will definitely be watching. I love me some Olivier

  • superjosh

    yay, his jeans fit! LOL

  • Shelbethegreat

    Looking good, looking good! Can’t wait to see hot Olivier on that show. I bet the love scenes on the show will be smoking hot!

  • just saying

    What hot about him he play a daddy, poor thing that what he is reduced to TV guest role.

  • yes

    @just saying: Yes, you are right he will have a re-occurring role and not a permanent cast member as of yet.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: I guess dads can’t be hot in your book unless they are an aging male model welfare queens. Tom Cruise plays dad roles all the time and he is certainly smoking hot. You just hating on him because he and Halle just keep making the money. Little Maceo should be proud of his father, working so hard for him.

  • Dang!

    Would you look at that Aston Martin! What a beautiful car! Must be nice being rich.

  • Where’s the baby?

    Come on JJ, it’s going on February. Where are the pictures of Olivier’s baby? Send out the hounds!!!

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat Women you are crazy Tom Cruz and Oliver are like Apple and Orange’s. Tom Cruz is super Star that worth millions of dollars and is always working. Olivier is not getting work that why he take a guest appearance on Revenge . Tom Cruz is big box office star

  • Where’s the baby?

    @just saying: Olivier working more than that moocher Gabriel and despite the money difference, lots of stars take mommy and daddy roles. You act as though there is some shame in it. That gold digger Gabriel is a daddy too and he ain’t working at all. You the fool that keep giving the moocher a pass. Olivier is all man.

  • Huh #7?

    @Shelbethegreat—other than Jerry Maguire what other movies has he played a father like character? Interview with a Vampire doesn’t count. Maybe you know something I don’t?

    Also, Tom Cruise Net worth (after taxes) is $250Million to Olivier’s mere $20 Million. Plus Cruise has had several box office smashes, Ollie Boy hasn’t. Cruise gets top billing in most of his movies. Olivier doesn’t only once for some TV movie where he plays a giggilo.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Huh #7?: How about Cruise in War of the Worlds, dummy. You do your best to not think about old Gabe living on child support now don’t cha! And frankly I would be mighty happy with a mere 20 million dollars, could last me a life time. Kind of makes Olivier richer than you, me and the welfare queen huh. Even in your small world that is a lot of money!

  • Huh#7

    @Shelbethegreat: War of the Worlds , did forget about that one, thanks-=-however one extra role is not the same as him playing daddy roles all the time ( your words). Nor I am a dummy my IQ is over 140 (genius level).

    Yes, Tom is good looking. And even went to HS in my hometown at St X. I know his cousin William.

    I have had a trust fund since I was in my 20′s from when my folks died. So, don’t judge people when you don’t them personally or their situation.

    Aubry has nothing to do with this article or anyone’s post. I don’t know why you are so obsessed with his so-called financial situation
    BTW please let me know if you can find Aubry on the 01/15/14 list of delinquent taxpayers. Here’s not listed nor the alleged $206,536.

  • Huh#7 part 2

    The list of delinquent tax payers is current and he’s not listed. Whether he does or did before the last current list, IDK…he’s not on the list nor is the $206,536.46

  • just saying

    @ Where’s the baby? What is your problem with Gabriel? he won’t gave you a child. Is that why you ragging on him. No one speaking about him. We are talking about Olivier Halle Berry so called husband.

  • shelbethegreat

    @Huh#7: If you are a trust fund baby then unlike you, Olivier had to earn his money.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: Gabriel is a loser @just saying and Olivier is rich! This article is about a man that works for his family, so eat it. Money that will be used to support his son.

  • Not true

    @shelbethegreat:Not true. It was set up when I was doing drug and drinking. I’m the one with 27 yrs sobriety and my mother was dying of cancer. I work very hard for my $$$ as a writer, coach and marketing consulting. I don’t use it. My mother wanted me to be protected, it’s growing interest on what little is in the account. I am not a trust fund baby.

  • Not true part 2

    I probably make more at my jobs writing, coaching and consulting. I make anywhere from $50-$100+ per hour. And will be branch out to do multi thousand dollar speaking gigs. How much do you make an hour?
    Sorry,it’s my own fault for bringing up the trust fund , because folks assume the stereotype. I work very hard for what I have.

  • Serious question

    @shelbethegreat serious question why are you so obsessed with Olivier and Gabriel’s financial situation regardless of what’s on the Internet or real?

    Not to be rude, does Gabriel remind you of someone in your past and Olivier is the guy you would like to be with?


  • Shelbethegreat

    @Serious question: Well, who wouldn’t want to be with Olivier , but he is taken and I have no intention of having my eyes scratched out by his wife. I am just a fan. The financial situation has to do with all the hate that was being thrown at Olivier on this site. It is disgusting that a person lives only on child support and contributes nothing financial to the raising of their child, and Gabriel does this. This is true also in the case of women getting pregnant just to get a pay check from a celebrity or athlete. A real man or woman contributes both emotionally and financially to the support of his child and Olivier does this. Neither man reminds me of my past, it’s just my opinion.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Not true part 2: A truce then. I don’t know why you don’t like Olivier but you have your right to as I have a right to like him. I believe that Olivier is a good man who fought for the honor of his woman. The man is working, doing what he is train to do and you look down on him for this because it is not the roles you think a star should have. Don’t be a snob, what he earns doing this role for one day is probable more than you make in a year. Work is work, be glad Halle married the one willing to do it. And he is wealthy, maybe not like Tom Cruise, but wealthy still.

  • thank you

    Thank you for answer both questions.

  • just saying

    @ shelbethegreat are you his accountant

  • Shelbethegreat

    @thank you: Your welcome.

  • Mix Up People

    @ Shelbethegreat you are a snob, what have you against Gabriel? You don’t know anything about his personal life or his money yet you called him all kindred of name like gold digger and so on yet you want us to like Olivier. We have told you that Calif. Law and still you talk about the child support like it your money. I don’t care who Halle sleep with that her business, but when you let you new man beat up your old boyfriend you cross the line and payback time is a b***h. Whatever you do bad to someone you are going to pay for it , mark my words you will see

  • msirene


    Dang, do you ever give this website a rest? I signed on here, not to see what was written regarding Ms. Berry, Olivier or Gabriel, but to see exactly how many times you’ve posted on any topics concerning either of these three. You are either a stalker or someone in the Berry camp, or just plain cray-cray!

    You really need to go take a cold shower and give this a rest for a few days.


  • Shelbethegreat

    @Mix Up People: Look @just saying, you come on here all the time talking bad about Olivier, trying to bring him down to Gabriel’s level. You know the police already said who started the fight and you ain’t changing your mind and neither am I. Gabriel is a gold digger law or no law. He don’t contribute a dime to the support of his daughter and you know it. If he was a millionaire why in the world would he need child support. He is broke and living welfare check to welfare check. That money he uses could be put to his daughter’s trust fund or buy Maceo some diapers. He’s a leech pal accept it.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Shelbethegreat: I post a lot because fools like you are always addressing me. Does that answer your question.

  • Mix Up People

    @ Shelbethegreat just like what @just saying you really are a nut job and a fool you are dumb. The fact is who have more money will always pay more that the law in California. Halle take the man to court and told the judge that Gabriel is not rich like her and judge said ok pay him 20 grand a month for your daughter to live like a queen . So why are you getting in these people personal business it’s not your business what Halle pay Gabriel. Minded your business and get a life just like @msirene said take a cold shower.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Mix Up People: I don’t care what any of theses pathetic haters think, especially you. That leech gets his butt kicked in grand style by an older, smaller man and you think I got problems. Tell the hot head to watch what he say, I am sure he don’t insult Halle anymore. Halle is right about that gold digger, he is a poor mouth and you fools on here think he’s rich on his own. He just another parasite like all the other women, using a child to live on from a wealthy man instead of getting a job. And you are right, what goes around comes around, and one day that aging male model will wake up to an 18 year old daughter and the poorhouse. He should use some of that money to learn how to fight so the next time he mouths off to a man 10 years his senior, he won’t look like he was in an auto accident.

  • By the way

    @Mix Up People: By the way, the man with the money is driving the Aston Martin, loser.

  • Mix Up People

    @ By the way Driving and Aston Martin don’t mean you own it, you can lease it like all those star does and turn them back in and get new car show the paper work and then I will believe he owned It did you see him driving that car in France get us picture of him driving it in France. @ Shelbethegreat you hate for Gabriel will make end up in the hospital. You are sick and needed help very soon you are pure poison.

  • stella

    Mix up People, you write a lot of hateful things about Halle and Olivier, and yet you can’t take it when their fans defend them. We love Halle and Olivier, and you gonna have to deal. Haters are gonna hate.

  • Mix Up People

    @ Stella where did you come from and why are you attacking me. It takes a hater to know a hater. By the way where is the paper work for the car. You and Shelbethegreat is always fight with every on the post if their disagree with the two of you, back off pit-bull.

  • stella

    I never mentioned anything about the car, you did. Who cares if he’s leasing or buying? Sometimes it makes sense to lease. I don’t have time to be worried about some rich celebrity’s paperwork for their car. Having lived in France, I will tell u that you’re likely to see people walking than driving, even the rich ones. Every time there is a compliment to Halle and Olivier, you always come back with something negative to say. Halle and Olivier’s haters will have to deal as they keep winning. Haters are gonna hate.

  • Mix Up People

    @ stella I have the right to fact check everything you and Shelbethegreat say and am American we have freedom of speech ,and it my right to speak my opinion if you don’t like it express you opinion but don’t attack other people. Since when someone give the opinion about Olivier there are hater, Lady it take a hater to know a hater just like you go after Gabriel it you opinion not mined it’s your freedom of speech it’s American you are not in Europe, STOP ATTACKING PEOPLE.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Mix Up People: Leave Stella alone, she only speaking the truth. You Halle and Olivier haters are dying because nothing you say or do can stop them from being successful. As for the Aston Martin, I would say if you had 20 million dollars you could afford one, it’s a vintage model and people don’t lease those. Being poor like you and Gabriel are, you wouldn’t understand how people can live like they do. And actually have such a car of your very own.

  • Mix Up People

    @ Shelbethegreat Mined your business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SEI

    Don’t watch the show. When will he be appearing on the show? Best wishes with show and while living in the US.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @SEI: We won’t miss you. Definitely watching that show now. Olivier is svelte and looking hot, hot, hot!

  • HUH????

    @Shelbethegreat: Gee, all I said was I don’t watch the show, asked when he was appearing on the show, and wishing the very best with the show and him being in the US and you got defensive. I was actually making positive statements.

    No offense and not to be rude, do you have trouble reading or always jumping the gun?

    How you can think I was hating is beyond me–my comment wishing him well on the show and being in the US is from all of the negative comments and gossip that he didn’t like being in the U.S and othe4r related comments.