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'American Hustle' WINS Best Cast at SAG Awards 2014!

'American Hustle' WINS Best Cast at SAG Awards 2014!

The cast of American Hustle has just been honored at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Saturday (January 18) in Los Angeles.

The entire ensemble of the David O. Russell film won the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture award.

American Hustle beat out 12 Years a Slave, Ausgust: Osage County, Dallas Buyers Club, and Lee Daniels’ The Butler for the big prize of the evening.

Congratulations to the cast of American Hustle, which includes Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, and more.

ARE YOU HAPPY that American Hustle won the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture award???

‘American Hustle’ Cast – SAG Awards Acceptance Speech
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  • teri

    I don’t agree!

  • hmmmm


    how does the best Assemble not have a winning actor or actress. This film is not that great. I hope the Oscars don’t get it wrong too.

  • Amy

    I think American Hustle is going to win the Oscar of Best Picture.

  • um

    The movie is too much like Argo. It CAN’T win BP Oscar

  • Aflsno

    f– straight , and if race politics weren’t used Jennifer Lawrence would have won best supporting actress… There’s a reason why last 7 years 3 actress that won best supporting have all been first time nominated black actress and if the race hustlers have it again this year it will be 4 out of 8 years. And even though the SAG were biased they didn’t even nominate Amy, or Bradley or Bale they still gave it to American Hustle, they know they being conned, same method the race hustlers used to get first term junior senator Obama elected President.

  • zey

    weird movie because it had the best “performances” but the script and plot were weak.. so do you reward a cast with not as good performances in a better movie or better acting in a mediocre movie.. they went with acting in a mediocre movie and I have problem with this pick..

  • zey

    like i was bored with the plot but loved watching them all go all in with their characters and pull them off.. I’ve never had so much fun at a movie and been so bored at the same time..

  • Sweetness

    Actors VOTED for American Hustle. Get it…Their peers voted for AH to win which means they thought that as an ensemble the cast worked together well.
    Congrats to the Cast!
    12 YAS may win Best Picture but that’s about producers voting for producers and calculating other factors that has less to do about the actors and more about the producers and organizing the financing to fund the this case that will all go to Brad Pitt.

  • Sammu

    This cast was not the best Wolf of Wall Street was much better.

  • Vince

    If American Hustle doesn’t win best picture , it is the best of the year, the dummies in Hollywood should think smart and give it to Gravity, foreign grosses are 60% of Hollywood box office , Gravity is a cinematic achievement , has made over 650 million world wide , a movie with no super heroes and a women lead. Hollywood needs international audiences to care about the Oscar’s and not some movie that’s about 130 years ago American history that has been done before , that no cares about , that has grossed domestic /foreign less then 50 million, even Lincoln last year made over 280 million gross, no one cares about 12 years except liberals in Hollywood and the media.

  • dylan

    AH is not that great of a movie!!! wtf

  • Gladys

    Tom Hanks was snubbed.

  • Jordan


    American Hustel must be one of those Harvey Weinstein films. ACK!

  • Maeve


    Well in truth the way SAG voting goes the vote could have been split with TYAS and “Gravity” (which didn’t have that many in the cast!) or WOWS or “August, Osage County” — allowing “American Hustle” to take the win. I agree it makes no sense though.

  • robyn

    WTF are you even talking about? JLaw didn’t win tonight simply because quite frankly my dear, her performance just wasn’t that strong. Now deal. It’s getting to the point where they’re just giving Jen awards anyway, which is annoying. I’m glad Lupita won and feel as though she deserved it. Lets not make this a race debate. Okay, a$$ h0le?

  • Maeve


    Spoken like someone who hasn’t seen “Twelve Years A Slave” and Lupita Nyong’o's incandescent performance. Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress but so is Lupita. And Lupita’s work was far superior this year.

  • James

    WTF?! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? The way this is going, I’m not going to be surprise if this awful movie win the Oscar…I’m mean c’mom (!!!)…pissed of right now ¬¬

  • etsy

    people are pressed that somebody had a better performance than Jen, race has nothing to do with it unless Jen sweeped the awards this season, then that will be Meryl Streep – Viola Davis oscar snub part 2. the plot of AH sucked, the only thing I remember were the crazy hairstyles, there was nothing oscar worthy about that movie, O. Russell thought he can get oscar gold for putting an award winning cast together, guess his theory didn’t work towards his favor. Idk if they have best ensemble cast as an oscar category but I’m sure 12YAS will win best picture cause AH was definitely not the best movie out of that bunch.

  • T

    I agree with everyone that says American Hustle is overrated, so I don’t get why it is being praised so much. Sure it has the big stars, but the start was too slow, and the rest of the storyline was average. It annoys me when people say that those who didn’t like AH “don’t get it”. We don’t always need action in movies, and the film didn’t need it, the story wasn’t that engaging. It deserved its high expectation especially with a quality cast, but a lot of people were let down after seeing it. Just because its a David O Russell film and a great cast doesn’t make it a great movie.

  • talia

    O’russell always looks so smug to me at these awards show,don’t think american hustle will win best picture but you never know with the academy.

  • sweet asho

    ok i watched this movie just bcoz of all the awards , then this movie turned to be the most sh*t movie i ever saw in my life … END

  • Helen

    Best cast. Are you kidding?

    In the press room the cast of AH acted very unprofessionally, only Amy Adams was trying to do her best.
    But Jennifer Lawrence definitely behaved bratty and rude in that press conference!! I understand the attitude towards the stupid, disrespectful and degrading questions – but there were questions about her roles and her work that she should have answered with more dignity and respect. Perhaps too much drink for her or she was pissed off because Lupita won.

  • Good

    Haha! he stuck in between,by what he started as a fun to make jealous JL and Zoe.becouse if it was real r/ship he will not kiss a girl on straits and infront of cameras, who just know for a week.another pathetic Holywood LIFE!

  • Good

    Haha! he stuck in between,by what he started as a fun to make JL and Zoe jealous.becouse if it was real r/ship he will not kiss a girl on straits and infront of cameras, who just know for a he even will mary her to convince ppl.another pathetic Holywood LIFE!