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Brad Pitt: SAG Awards 2014 with Director Steve McQueen!

Brad Pitt: SAG Awards 2014 with Director Steve McQueen!

Brad Pitt poses for a photo with his 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen while attending the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Saturday (January 18) in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old actor was seen cheering on his co-star Lupita Nyong’o from the film’s table when she won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Brad also stopped to take a photo with Captain PhillipsBarkhad Abdi during a break at the show.

The day before, Brad was seen arriving at LAX Airport just in time to attend the show!

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# 1

Pappa Pitt is so damn hot.

# 2


If you say so. I think he’s aging badly.

# 3

Loving this movie and also this beautiufl family.

# 4

brad has finally arrived for awards season. 12YAS was amazing

# 5

Brad is a beautiful man.

put a picture of him next to some of the other actors. Then see who is aging badly. I ain’t Brad..

man is hot.

# 6

Brad is one hot sexy dad, Angelina is what keeps this man in check.

# 7


# 8

Brad looks great.

# 9

One hot sexy 50 year old. He would have been dead if with Jen. Not only skin cancer but cracked out of his mind.

yes here our boy cute cute…..
and i am gald they pictured together and the naysayers rest……
TYS set to win tonight hope if this doesn’t come true i will be …. no i will do nothing… but mad lol

Brad has done so many wonderful things since being with Angelina. Love this family.

Matt Damon next to Brad, not a good look for Matt. The next time anyone wants to talk about Brad’s age, they need to take a good look at Leo and Matt who are way younger and look much older.

congats again to LN as much as she looks always great has nice body i like mm wife yellow dress for some reason more here…

Sweet and delicious!

Yea, Rita! Yikes- Ben A look quite unimpressed with Ms. Rita- boo on him!

Thank God he will campaign for the film on the ground.


I don’t think Matt has aged well either.

Wow! Just got a shot of Brad in the audience applauding for Rita Moreno during her acceptance speech for her Lifetime Achievement award. The man looks HAWT!

Brad looks great.

Umm……… Amy eat my s Hi T you hag. You contribute nothing but negative garbage about this beautiful family. So much jealousy spewing from your post.

@Bea: chatty matty was great on L. and he look good in those kind of parts not? because i remember seeing one of a kind a while back too? btw…. he seems taller? haaaa!! hollywood guys all of them actually haaaa!!!

Now, Ticky, that ‘s how you speak…….oh, sorry, you’ll never have to ………bwahahahaha …… go, Lupita……hope TYAS does a sweep tonight.

FINALLY!!! Work those academy voters Brad!!!

Entertainment Weekly ‏@EW

Moreno called out to both Brad Pitt and Jeremy Renner in her SAG speech. She has good taste. #SAGAwards

vickifromtexas @ 01/18/2014 at 9:21 pm

rita m just said “hi brad”. he looks awesome. what????? rita m is in her eighties? she looks amazing. love her.

Boomer Matthews ‏@TheBoomerRumor 27m
Is everyone else freaking out about how hot Brad Pitt looks at the #SAGAwards SO SEXY.
Elsa Corsi ‏@Elsa_Corsi 40m
Brad Pitt looks good again!.
rylie ‏@RAADRYLIE 27m


What family? I’m just talking about how badly Brad and Matt are aging. Are they related somehow? ;)

I knew JR would get a pic with Brad.

Brad is so danm handsome, just mouth watering. This proud father has the family he’s always wanted and a perfect mother for his children.

frans ‏@fran_bennington 26m
Photo: Inspiration !!! #style #fashion #bradpitt #new #mileycyrus #marianodivaio 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Scandalicious ‏@Scandalicious05 8m
I’m really loving Brad Pitt’s Macklemore hair cut
@Scandalicious05 Nope, Give me Brad Pitt with a full head of hair
Kit ‏@its_KITTENTIME 26m
Nancee 0/5 ‏@Nancee_Styles 27m
Brad Pitt needed that hair cut! He looks so gorgeous at the awards tonight! 😍💕
Gabby Rodriguez ‏@rodriguez_gd 28m
Brad Pitt is looking mighty fine tonight! 😍 #betterwithage

Brad looks Hot on the show JJ bought some less than flattering pics of him.He looks good in Getty pics .

vickifromtexas @ 01/18/2014 at 9:35 pm

lupita is flawless.

vickifromtexas @ 01/18/2014 at 9:36 pm

hello to all of the lovely jolie-pitt fans.

ok I may voted to soon before I see other pictures of the dresses than jared I think …cause Lupita’s dress looks more good at us lies weekly

melinda barrett ‏@melbylove 29m
Brad Pitt has a Mohawk #pantydropper
❁mauricio❁ ‏@retromaury 30m
brad pitt looks hot with that hair
Chelsea Henderson ‏@chelsayyyy_ 37m
Brad Pitt got his **** high and tight and I’m feeling grateful for life because of it.
Boomer Matthews ‏@TheBoomerRumor 39m
Is everyone else freaking out about how hot Brad Pitt looks at the #SAGAwards SO SEXY.
Roni Abario ‏@roniabario 41m
Brad Pitt looks hotter now. Seriously! Deyymmm #SAGAwards

@vickifromtexas well, hello then ;)

:D as real fan crazy right? not

I didn’t watch the SAGs (will have to watch once some uploads the video) but I read the camera cut away to Brad in the audience quiet a bit and the result from that is clear to see through people’s reactions. Go on twitter and see all the comments talking about Brad looking hot!

Brad does looks very handsome but he also looks likes he misses Angie. He is much more at ease and jovial when Angie is with him at these events than he is without her.

Bizzy Bee @ 01/18/2014 at 9:46 pm

First of all, I would like to congratulate Brad for all the accolades 12YAS is receiving. As a fan it makes one feel helpless that we have to leave the judging up to the old coots in the Academy. I ALMOST wish the public could vote like American Idol LOL.

Matthew McConaughey winning the GG for best actor? Never saw it coming, he doesn’t strike me as a dramatic actor. With all the great actors who’ve put in work for years and haven’t won, and this guy makes one okay movie suddenly he’s the favorite to win an Oscar. Hollywood is funny.

um ok LN your father may not watching to many movies if he doesn’t know who Brad is then I hope he watch your movie….

Lupita looks so lovely in that dress. The colour is just smashing on her. She presents herself with such grace and charm and sincerity.

The Sag tonight ain’t anywhere on Brad’s bod………seems like he is causing quite a stir among the ladies in attendance……

first and last post @ 01/18/2014 at 9:51 pm

Hi to vickifromtexas,
we are never posting at the same time…good to see you on tonight. Lupita looks beautiful and Rita Moreno WOW…at her age, still active, gives eighty year olds a good name LOL.
Hi to all JP fans from around the world.


I agree that Brad looks much more comfortable with the Jolie attending. Very happy he’s there supporting the movie/winners.

It tells how much Brad is missed at award shows that as soon as he shows up at one, somehow people manage to reference his presence in one way another. Mindy Kaling tweeting about Brad, Lupita with her Brad story, EW twitter account tweeting about Brad, Rita saying “hi Brad!”. He is very much liked!

Bizzy Bee @ 01/18/2014 at 9:54 pm

So many threads, I hope I’m on the right one. Hello to all fans.

Lupita is slaying the fashion game! Who is her stylist? If this is just the SAG dress, I can’t even imagine what she’ll wear to the Oscars.

Johnny Depp is looking TERRIBLE! I think it’s the cigarettes that are drying him out. He looks like a withered old vampire, like Lestat when Louis found him hiding out in that old house LOL.

Well, with MM, winning the SAG award, I guess I should prepare for an MM win at the Oscar’s….ugh. But this just makes me really excited for the BAFTAs now, because I know he’ll win at home!

And what was with MM’s acceptance speech. He made absolutely no sense!!


read for comprehension. he didn’t say he didn’t know who Brad Pitt was. he said he didn’t know him personally. Big difference.

Brad is the movie star to other movie stars……..

Gosh, I can’t believe Chiwetel didn’t win with such a great performance in TYAS.

vickifromtexas @ 01/18/2014 at 9:59 pm

hello esme.
falp, i am so glad to see you here i hope all is well with you.
rita moreno is certainly an inspiration.
i am so excited to see what is next for lupita.
dawne, i agree no “sag” on brad. so hot !

Brad is not animated when Angie is not with him. I don’t think he likes being solo. It’s a ‘duty’ sorta like when Tampon has to blow the landlord in lieu of rent.

@Dawne: like that one even it is you meanny hos

I love that Lupita dresses like Angie…… body parts falling out of her dress. Simple and classy and elegant in her manner and speech…..very much like Angie.

I refuse to believe that MM was just high on life there.

He seems to be drinking his own Kool-Aid there. Like Leto, he is getting lucky because the awards people love those who lose or gain weight for roles.

ROTFLMAO!!! Cate Blanchett just threw shade on MM’s acceptance speech!! I love her so much for that. Thank you Cate!!!!

This is a great picture
39 minutes ago
Selfies with Brad Pitt Steve McQueen Lupitan Yongo @lupitanyongo @stevemcqueen @bradpitt SagAwards

@hmmmm: I just go by what looked implying there …. not what said exactly… regardless not big deal not all people must know all famous people…
btw where is your name?

Brad looks very similar to John Ritter right before he di……

@Bizzy Bee:

I agree about Johnny Depp. And that blond hair color is doing him no favors.

vickifromtexas @ 01/18/2014 at 10:08 pm


that was so funny !

American Hustle Won

Why do I like jps? surprising me because I hate this hohohos and it is almost as if it is involuntary coming here for me.lolol

Jones @ 01/18/2014 at 10:03 pm

ROTFLMAO!!! Cate Blanchett just threw shade on MM’s acceptance speech!! I love her so much for that. Thank you Cate!!!!


What did she say? Please share.

@Kim: what? it is sad……. very sad……. I got it wrong…. like by two I thought angie will present as well :(((((((

Martyn ‏@guyswherearewe 27m
yo, brad pitt is looking completely fab and flawless at the #SAGAwards hair is on point. i can’t believe he’s fifty.
Brooks ‏@Mr_Brooks13 28m
Brad Pitt’s such a god damn stud.
ashlee 1.0 ‏@bagends 34m
holy cheese brad pitt cut his hair and he’s back to looking 30 again #bless
ENRIQUE FOLLOW ME!! ‏@IsaBellaNHoran 35m
OH MY GOSH!! Brad Pitt is so perfectly PERFECT!! Love this man so bad <3 <3
Auly Fauziah ‏@fauziahauly 39m
Wouldve given everything to see Brad Pitt and Benedict Cumberbatch on the same stage :")

People magazine ‏@peoplemag now

Brad Pitt gets mobbed on the floor during a commercial break. Gracious as always, he takes pics with people and shakes hands. #InsideSAG

Damn, TYAS didn’t win.
What’s milk without the Oreo cookies ladies @catalystluxurylifestyle emoji check them out #bradpitt my #favorite #fashion #redcarpet #sagawards #dapper #welldressed #whitemen #blackmen #billlionairemag #approved

Well, I guess the SAGs can’t say they are racist like the GGs, they did give out one token award.

Yay for them and their inclusion.

I am glad at least he is went sunshine he. Cause waiting till the end and this would ve been very bad….
there is always Oscars…… they win two major awards so far so…..

People magazine ‏@peoplemag 29m
Brad Pitt gets mobbed on the floor during a commercial break. Gracious as always, he takes pics with people and shakes hands. #InsideSAG

Lupita deserves @ 01/18/2014 at 10:23 pm

Wow, congratulations Lupita, you deserves …

I only don´t understand why Chiwetel Ejiofor don´t win, he was the soul of the movie and he was flawless and powerful like no other actor.
MM was good but not excellent.

When Chiwetel will be recognized for this amazing work ? It´s not fair if he don´t win nothing for this interpretation. He deserve an Oscar for sure, hope he get it.

Im more upset about Chiwetel there is no way he will get the Oscar.TYAS is still in the running with AH and Gravity.Oh well Im going to bed.

it looks like I flip flop I thought TYS and non but it become Lupita and none. Sags you got it wrong TYS is better movie… Well not good being sour after it is over now. Cause there are bigger awards are coming. they won Two major already so.. I will cross my hands to see Brad and the whole cast on the stage winning in at least one of those.



poor pitty;(…………travel from london to lose

@Bea: Hi be a, I was so disappointed tonight. First, IMO that was a very boring show. I don’t understand how Chiwetel or Fassbender are not given an award. Also, I totally disappointed that 12 YAS was not given best picture. Hoping the Oscars will do justice to this movie. Btw, Lupita looked absolutely beautiful. Whoever is styling her is doing a great job. What can I say, Brad is the man, I know he was missing Angie tonight.

does mm say more crazy stuff? dude needs to cool it then. he was liked for like 2 minute and he goona be back on being as**h flirt as he is.

Is just me Brad’s hair is even shorter?

Best Ensemble is not Best Picture. PGA will decide Oscar Best Picture.

Lupita is going to win Oscar Best Supporting Actress, JLaw is NOT going to get her second Oscar.

Lupita deserves @ 01/18/2014 at 10:34 pm

What the hell they saw so special about American Hustle ?

It´s a comedy movie. In one year no one will remember this very normal comedy.

12 years a Slave by the contrary it will be in the memory of the world for many and many years.

Why they don´t give the award to the best dramatic movie? a Comedy won ? Wtf….

Fassy didn’t bother to show up.

@lurker 01/18/2014 at 10:09 pm
Okay, to understand Cate’s shade, you have to listen to MM’s speech first. Here’s his nonsensical bullshite:
Now here’s Cate’s speech:

if CE wins and lesson everybody how things were bad then imagine…. MM truly is doing it over full off himself . no wonder some of you don’t like it now i know why….

What is it the Academy sees that everyday people don’t? Matthew Mcconaughey is a romcom/ Magic Mike actor, any hack can lose weight and paint some blood on their face to look like they’re sick. So what?

Perhaps 12YAS makes them feel GUILTY and they can’t handle it.

My darling Brad looked gorgeous as usual, notice how everyone gathered around him and wanted to shake his hand. His personality is magnetic.

Love Conqures All @ 01/18/2014 at 10:40 pm

I have a feeling that TYAS will win the PGA tomorrow night. It will be AM winning SAG, TYAS winning PGA, and Gravity winning DGA.

AH win the Oscar
Leo win
pitty 0

On twitter people are saying that the movies that win the SAG cast award haven’t won the best picture Oscar in over 10 years. Thinking about it, that seems accurate. BTW, it seemed to me that the applause was not deafening for AH and there was no standing ovation…just sayin’

Leo won’t win Oscar, looks like MM will win.

@the ring:

I bet you were worried for a while though. lol

where is saint angie?

AH won CCA Best Ensemble too, but lost Best Picture to TYAS.

not true. i think its won 10 out of 20 times. argo won last year, the help the year before, then kings speech, then inglorius ********.

@Jones @ 01/18/2014 at 10:36 pm

Thank you! Cate is so sassy and classy! I really like her and I’m happy she won. I feel sorry for TYAS and especially Chiwetel. I first noticed him in one of my guilty pleasure movies : 2012, it was one of those end of the world disaster movies but even there he was so good. I also feel bad for Brad, he has done such good work not only as an actor but also producer but it seems they take away the prize from him at the last minute after teasing with nominations and praise. So many other people have managed to fly through these awards and gets wins for much lesser work. Doesn’t seem right some times. I hope the Oscar surprises and does the right thing although I’m very doubtful now and will not be surprised if AH and MM win.

Picture of Lupita and Jennifer Lawrence
Cameron Bailey ‏@cameron_tiff 1h
Passing the torch? via @JarettSays

@Jones: Hi jones, thanks for the video. Did you see Forrest Whitaker’s expression? He was not impressed with MM win.

Lupita deserves to win every award. I hope PGA and Oscars redeem themselves. I hope this is not the year that GG and CCA are more credible than PGA and Oscars. That would a shame.

Lupita deserves @ 01/18/2014 at 10:58 pm

Matthew McConaughey it´s a pathetic full of shiiiit , he knew that it was a role to get an Oscar, if he could look like a Aids terminal patient. So he just work very well his looks. …. and voila…. one GG, one SAG, …and one Oscar?
It´s a better performance than Chiwetel ? not even closer. But let´s be clear and speak the true.

MM it´s white and the other it´s …. Black.

I rest my case…..

Lupita won because she have the same kind of spirit and beauty as Angie. With Lupita it´s more difficult to cheat because she is powerful and charismatic like Angie.

But she was the only Black to win ? WTF ? Why? Something it´s not right in America.

Good evening Phool, late getting back to you. lol The Butler has come and gone, no one cares. Oprah already got her honorary Oscar and that’s enough for her. If she doesn’t ride for Chiwetel and Lupita, she will look like a complete hypocrite.

Did you listen to MM’s award speech? He’s lecturing the audience, telling them how to feel and think. The winning streak is going to his head and his beady eyes are getting on my nerves. Chiwetel Ejiofor is being snubbed for THIS guy? Crazy.

Good night, my friend and all fellow JP fans.

Passing Through @ 01/18/2014 at 11:01 pm

I’ve been in Internet Hell for most of the day so I’m just now getging online. Congrats to Lupita on her win, but I see my prediction has come true – Matt Mcconaughey is this year’s Sandy Bullock – well-liked by his peers and being rewarded for finally having a decent role after years of shittty romcoms. Nevermind the fact that he was nowhere as good in his movie as others were in theirs. All that sucking up is paying off. I’d much rather see him win the Oscar than Leo.


Forget about the award, no one applauded when Fassbender;’s name got called, while with other actors not in attendance, that were nominated, they (their peers) did applaud. Plus, the way they presented their film showed that Chiwetel has to address the camera twice. Wonder why that happened …

Just the way it is @ 01/18/2014 at 11:06 pm

Brad, Leo, Tom, Johnny, Will, etc are never winning oscars. It’s just the way it is. Their too big. Academy doesn’t want to award mega stars. They are perceived to have it all. Guys, like MM and Leto or whoever need it more than them. Just the way it is.

When you compare what Chiwetel did to what Matthew did, it is VERY puzzling…seem like all of MM flesh-pressing is working- reminds me of Ben A last year. Speaking of Ben A, every time he was on camera, her seemed unhappy to be there- I saw him pull a face about Rita M, too. Hey, maybe he’s a TYAS fan, and was mad when Fassy lost :). When you look at CE’s body of work compared to MM’s it’s even more ridiculous. Sadly, we probably have a lot more PR stuff from MM & Leo to endure in the next several weeks. Matthew seems nice (unless you’re his neighbor & he’s playing his bongos at 3 AM), but, that speech- so bad & arrogant.

Ok Bloggers, I do not know what you are seeing about Brad, because he is overrated in the age department, he looks tired and he’s aging in the eyes and the neck areas.


@Bizzy Bee:

“Johnny Depp is looking TERRIBLE! I think it’s the cigarettes that are drying him out. He looks like a withered old vampire, like Lestat when Louis found him hiding out in that old house LOL.”

LOL! Agreed.

CE and MF will win BAFTAS for sure, I am glad BAFTAS didn’t even nominated MM and JL.

I wonder how long Brad has to keep this hair. I mean he could let it grow, if there is a reshoot, he can cut it any time. He doesn’t have to keep it like this all the time. I hope he let it grow.

@FLow: What you’re saying does not make sense. Are you saying no one in that room applauded for Fassbender? Not even his fellow cast mates on TYAS? That’s impossible. Steve McQueen referred to him, Fassbender, as a genius a few days ago. Everyone I hear talking about him always says he’s a really good actor.

Anyway, it’s ain’t over until the fat lady sings. She will sing on March 2? I’m not sweating this until Oscars night.

Congrats to Lupita for winning the SAG award…Love her dress as well…
This girl can’t do any wrong in the style department…
It’s a shame that TYAS did not win the ensemble award…and MM is continuing his winning streak as Cate Blanchet..
Let’s hope TYAS win PGA tomorrow…if it does it will win the Oscars…
Damn…I was hoping to see Brad on stage to accept the ensemble award…


That’s the first thing I noticed:-)

Jennifer Lawrence is overrated in looks department and in acting.

@ lurker 01/18/2014 at 10:48 pm
Totally agree with you. Brad has consistently worked hard for the past nine years to bring compelling stories to the screen and has yet to get his due, while others walk in and get it on the first try. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
@ Rose 01/18/2014 at 10:55 pm
YES!! I saw Forrest Whitaker’s expression and nearly spit out my tea!! He was so not impressed. Didn’t even bother hiding it. LOL!!

Happy for Lupita & Cate, but Chiwetel & MIchael also should have won. I hope TYAS wins tomorrow. JLaw is a huge JP fan and I think very talented. If you don’t like her other movies, see Winter’s Bone- you won’t doubt her talent then. I know some people think she is too mouthy, but I think that she will be fine as long as she doesn’t plow into Julia R territory.

I saw on the jps thread where someone called MM Anne Hathaway 2.0 re: needy campaigning- hilarious!

Brad looks great
@Jones: What was that speech about. Oh boy he’s really feeling it. Hope the Oscar goes to CE. But I won’t be holding my breathe. I guess that thing about losing /gaining weight for a role=getting acting awards is true.
So PGA is tomorrow. I hope TYAS wins.
@bap: Jen Lawrence is pretty and Brad is handsome. You just have bad taste.

OUCH!! Poor Brad, he travel all the way from london or australia, to show up to the SAG awards and his movie… DIDN’T win!! That must hurt!!

On another note… WOW!! Angelina’s new trailer for Maleficent looks AMAZING!! And she looks so Beautiful!! I LOVE HER!!

Anne Hathaway 2.0, totally.


Nobody cares tampo.

I was looking at what Nikke FInke was saying about tonight’s wins, especially AH taking the best ensemble, and as she said, no one should be surprised at that, after all, everyone in it’s cast is a well known A-List actor. Hopefully the Oscars won’t be determined by how many A-Listers you can cram in one film.

I think Brad should do some campaign for TYAS.

lucy @ 01/18/2014 at 11:53 pm

I was looking at what Nikke FInke was saying about tonight’s wins, especially AH taking the best ensemble, and as she said, no one should be surprised at that, after all, everyone in it’s cast is a well known A-List actor. Hopefully the Oscars won’t be determined by how many A-Listers you can cram in one film.

So there is hope…Fingers crossed that TYAS takes the PGA tomorrow…
I don’t think this event is televised…do we know when the winner is announced?


I wonder if Brad and Angie had time to watch all those nominated movies.

Christopher Nolan mentions Brad.

“The U.K. filmmaker also credited Brad Pitt as one of the main reasons “Memento” caught the eye of festival programmers, saying Pitt’s initial interest in the project (he later passed) generated a buzz around Hollywood, which ultimately led to Guy Pearce’s casting.

“I’m very, very grateful,” he told Slamdance President and moderator Peter Baxter at Saturday’s Q&A.”

tampo?? what the f&ck is that?? are you R£TARD or what??

PLEASE keep posting on here!! It’s nice to see other Angelina’s fans on here!!

How can you award anything other than TYAS, TYAS is THE movie of the year and even the decade. If PGA and the Academy choose other movie instead of TYAS, it is their lost, they need revoke their memberships.

@fyi: It seems as if Brad was the “go to” man in a room full of movie stars, from Tom Hanks to the guy that portrayed the Somali pirate in Captain Phillips, everyone wanted their picture made with the KING of Hollywood, too bad the Queen was working, she was really missed, especially by the King.

Thank you DULCE!

@a lurker: I remember Angie saying in an interview that she was the worst person to sit and watch a movie with, 10 minutes into the film she said she would be asleep. I can see that, for someone like Angie that rarely sits down, she has get tired

Why the troll “bap” aka “DULC€” talks to itself as if it can fool anyone. Lol.

Congrats Lupita. Oscar for sure for her.

I bet half of the men in HW are on the phone with their agents right now telling them to find them a part that requires them to either lose 40 pounds or dress as a woman, or preferably both.

WOW ~ Brad looks like sh!t !!! He has aged horribly….I love it….He is alone tonight, or maybe not????? He had to get away from the skeleton sk@nk…He is working on his next movie… “9 Years a Slave”(and a chump)…It’s about his life since he has been with the wh@re….He will be free soon…WOW I can’t get over how bad he looks…Thanks JJ…The pics are perfect…hahahahhahahahha….

Brad is in a very good mood talking and laughing. Even though TYAS ddin’t win SAG, I am hoping it will win PGA tomorrow, but the accolades TYAS has received are amazing.

LOL the only fraud on site is your paranoid mind. DULCE is a real blogger who is not control by the need to be excepted on this site.

Brad looked so hot. I am so happy for Lupita, she looked beautiful and stylish as always. I think TYAS will definitely win Oscar BSA and Adapted Screenplay, Best Picture depends on tomorrow’s PGA. Fingers crossed it wins and it deserves to win.

blogbrat stop flaunting your ignorance toward Angelina. If Brad looks bad its because he chose to movie after movie he is fifty years old not twenty five. Age catches up to everyone from Cary Grant to Paul Newman.

Maybe Brad is going through that fifty cycle, Is he really spending time with his family?

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 01/19/2014 at 12:49 am


You said that every time and you still look at him. What’s the matter? Couldn’t shut your eyes every time you see Brad. He is so ugly, he made you look every fcuking time. Brad can’t wait for you to look at him next time.

@fyi: Brad must be saying something really funny, he really has the group laughing. Now, he needs to turn that acclaimed Pitt charm onto some of the old geezers that are afraid TYAS is “too brutal”, yeah, they didn’t think Schindler’s List was too brutal, but then that was the “bad guys” aka Nazis, not some good ole guys from the USA.

@blogbrat lmao at your comment:) he really does look old. he has it pretty good right now. he’s not wearing his ball & chain. he can cheat with whoever he wants an his witch could care-a-less. she will be in other countries hiding her ugly head from the shame she has brings to herself & her so-called family.

Schindler’s List wasn’t brutal, but Black people’s Schindler’s List is brutal. If this isn’t racist, I don’t know what is. Brad really should work on getting Oscar members to see the movie.

I saw where Angie is supposedly shooting the scenes right before and after the plane crash inside a studio with tight security, these have got to be some really intense scenes, hopefully next year she’ll be with Brad at these award shows, Angie for Unbroken, and I wouldn’t doubt at least a couple for Maleficent, after seeing the newest trailer, and Brad for Fury.

Media Wh@re Man never fails to play my puppet…She loses her cookies bigtime when you speak the truth about ugly Brad & his wh@re…I can’t help that they are both dawg ass ugly now… Be mad at JJ for showing these wonderful pics of Grampa Pitt….bruhahahahahahaha

@So true: Maybe Brad can do some schmoozing since Fury has wrapped, if he’d promise to be at the screenings, all and sundry would turn out to see TYAS, everyone wants to meet and greet Mr. Hollywood, himself, Brad Pitt.

Schindler’s List was brutal at times to watch for me at least. I put my hands over my eyes for parts of that movie just like I did for parts of TYAS. I do think because this is an American story that some people think it’s more brutal.

Brad looks young and gorgeous. I am not used to him complete clean shaven, I am so used to his beard/goatee. lol.

Congratulations to Mr. Brad Pitt n his teammates of 12 years of slaves on their nomination ! Great movie n they deserve to win d Award !

Schindler’s List was about jews and Jews dominate HW.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 01/19/2014 at 1:23 am


Thank you for looking at our handsome Brad. And thank you for posting here instead at the FF 80,000 threads. We know you love it here more than there because Brad is way to handsome for you to shut your eyes. I hope JJ keeps bringing more photos of Brad so you can’t help but keep looking at his sexy and gorgeous face.

I wish these wussies would get over it already, HISTORY was brutal, and not only for Jews or slaves, really, you’d think grown men could watch a movie about a crucial time in the history of our country, it certainly wasn’t a time to be proud of, and it was far from pretty, but it happened, face it, and see what a masterpiece of film making Steve McQueen has made of that time.

just saying @ 01/19/2014 at 1:32 am

Blogbrat is right. He looks like Val Kilmer now. YIPES!!!! WTH happened to this once hot sexy man? He looks sooooooooooooooooo OLD! I bet it’s his nasty girlfriend that has sucked all the hottness out of him. She ruined everything about him. She is aging terrible herself, so I guess they can go on medicare soon. They won’t have to worry about Nobamacare!

Like someone said before, it would be shame if GG and CCA had more guts than Oscars and PGA.

I guess the trolls can’t stop drooling over gorgeous Brad. Lol.

The troll stole jp fan ” just saying” name. Lol

Oh come on Media Wh@re Man don’t get so upset…You know I come here to work you like a puppet…You are so easy to pull out…I bet it isn’t as easy to pull that big old pair of granny panties that you got all up in a wad when you read my posts…..So you have an old man fetish, that’s ok…Some like em old & worn…You obviously have to settle for that……

Have you seen your granny idol Ticky lately? Lol.

I love all Lupita’s red carpet dresses, but I like her hair at CCA more than today’s.

Nice to see Brad Pitt again. His Angie is busy filming in Oz, he will be flying out of LA soon to be with his family .God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

Brad is looking so young because Angie takes good care of his man.God bless them.

This person was at SAG
Lisa Kurdziel ‏@lilikurdz now

Lovely evening at the #SAGAwards tonight. In other news: Brad Pitt is as gorgeous and kind in person as you’d hope!

just saying @ 01/19/2014 at 2:09 am

LOL you morons! No one has a patent on any of the post names on here. Anyone can use any post name they want, and if it ticks you off at the same time, 2 birds with 1 stone as long as they keep talking about old man pitty & his nasty loser girlfriend!

Everyone has seen Brad/ Angie in person always says they are as gorgeous as you’d hope.

@JUST SAYING Angelina is not a loser, she a winner.

@just saying @ 01/19/2014 at 2:24 am

@just saying: YOU are HERE talking about Brad so you are the one stressed. keep stressing over Brad Pitt, MORON. Brad is Old but he still got your stinking drawers in a wad. use your own name, moron!! Where is blabber nose Maniston and her serial killer lookalike stolen man, MORON!!

Brad looks way younger and hotter than Leo and Matt Damon, Leo is 39, Matt is 43, they are younger than Brad.

@blog rat @ 01/19/2014 at 2:35 am

@BlogBrat: The only one here upset is you dirty rat. Where is dirty Jennifer?? Creaming her panties thinking Brad should have been with her. The more you female fvckers run over here screaming how bad Brad looks the more his fans know you can’t get over BRAD PITT, THE GOD!! Keep longing for Brad, MORONS!!! The more you scream, the more the fans laugh, ha, ha, ha, ha. MORONS!!

I find something interesting about TYAS crew that Steve M and CE who are black, their spouse are white. Fassy is white who dates only black women and Brad used to date black women too.

Maybe Ejiofor has a chance:
Omar Moore ‏@popcornreel 4h
Only thing is, will Oscar do what he did in 2002 and award Ejiofor? Halle Berry won that year after Sissy Spacek won SAG.
So agree with these tweets about Oscar winners.
Omar Moore ‏@popcornreel 14h
I know this isn’t the awards criteria but which film will you most likely remember 20 years from now: 12 YEARS A SLAVE or A. HUSTLE? #Oscars
Harold Itzkowitz ‏@HaroldItz 13h
@popcornreel 12 YEARS is the keeper. The Oscars record is spotty for keepers. ORDINARY PEOPLE, anyone?
Lou Lumenick ‏@LouLumenick 13h
@HaroldItz @popcornreel Last 3 Best Picture winners (King’s Speech, Artist, Argo) comfort food movies. Hopefully 12 YEARS breaks pattern.

@twitter: AH will be as quickly forgotten as Argo.

just saying @ 01/19/2014 at 2:43 am

Oh no I see media wh@re is having a total meltdown over these horrible pictures of a very ugly Brad. All those caps & !!!!!! Take some meds girl. You take this way too personally. Everyone does see them together but there is never any affection or love between them. If there was believe me as big of PR wh@res that they are they would be at least acting in love, but no one ever sees that. Maybe it’s because the whole thing is a sham for the kids. The sooner you j/p trolls figure that out, the better off you & your families will be. Don’t go kicking any puppies Media Wh@re Man. I know the truth hits you harder than the others. It shows in the immature words that leads to caps & ! flyin all over the place. Even when you change names. Shhhhhhhhh I won’t tell.

@huh: Brad looks HOT AS HE’LL!! that’s why the hens are here creaming their triple wide drawers thinking about the hunk that got away. Brad looks better than all those younger guys including Justin T, the serial killer look alike. Justin with the balding head, and the hair plugs with the pinnocho’s nose. Can you imaging what jt smells like wearing the stinking booths winter, summer, spring and fall? stink is the answer. Poor blubber nose, cannot get. Good man after Brad.

@just saying @ 01/19/2014 at 2:50 am

@just saying: You are the one sound upset and stress. Take your meds Moron, no one stressing over Ticky and her bought piece of ugly. Perfect match, ugly and uglier. Stop stressing over Brad Pitt. The only one kicking puppies are you and your fat fvckers friends!!

Ted Gibson who use to work on Angelina’s hair is doing Lupita’s hair for the red carpet events.

Ted Gibson ‏@tedgibson Jan 17
Starting my day #hollywood #lupitanyongo xo
Ted Gibson ‏@tedgibson 9h
Just finished #sagawards #hair #beauty #gorg #lupitanyongo xo

Seeing as how Skankalina’s mom moved her boyfriend into her bed at age 14 Skankalina could make her movie called 23 Years a S!ut.

Poor trolls, can’t get it through their heads Ticky is the ho, she’s had 3 times the men in her bed in the last 9 years than Angie has had in her entire 38 years. No wonder Brad says Angie is the “elegant, classy” one.

@lol: So you have to bring up something that’s 24 years ago.

Let’s talk about Ticky for the last 10 years, VV, GB, JM who dumped your girl twice, the SPORTS F GUY, MODEL GUY, and about five others before JT, now who is the s!ut.

Let’s talk Angelina, last ten years one man, Brad Pitt. Love Angelina.

As we predicted, once Brad in the room, the camera cut it to him all the time. I think that’s why Brad skipped some awards shows, he knew if he attended those awards, he’d steal his cast members’ spotlight and he wanted spotlight to focus on them not on him.

The Truth @ 01/19/2014 at 5:03 am

Someone still got angry of herself,that she got abort since she was 13 year old,today she is a barren !!!

troll in pain @ 01/19/2014 at 5:37 am

Brad loves Angie, Angie loves Brad and troll in is pain, for the 3,333 day in a row.

Lupita is goin to win the oscar. while for best picture it’s becoming clearer they won’t give it to TYAS.
like what I predicted a few months ago, It ‘s either AH or Gravity, and BA for MM, BD for A. Cuaron.

Good morning to the great Jolie Pitt’s fans. Today is another big day for anticipation. I’m hoping 12. YAS is going to kick assess tonight. If not, we still have several more awards coming up. So good luck to 12YAS casts and crews, plan B ect.

Susan, did you know someone was posting viruses under your moniker yesterday?. Whoever it was even stooped so low, the person used the same blue letters used by you in your moniker/name.

Everyone have a great day. Go 2 YEARS A SLAVE!! Go Brad Pitt, good luck tonight.

@lulu: Good morning lulu, how are you today. Lulu since you are predicting the unknown, please give me the winning lottery numbers. Thanks a million.

@lulu: Lulu, you know I’m joking. However if you feel lucky, give me some numbers. I can’t win squat,lol.

Good morning J-P fans.
@Rose, how are you? getting ready for the next Polar Vortex, almost forgot it was Winter, the last couple of days, in the forties.
That was tampon, his Erectile Dysfunction along with his other health issues are really getting to him. So he is lashing out right and left, no wonder his family disowned him, too vile and they know him.

@twitter: Lupita’s hair was nice at the GG, the next Awards Show she had a side part, a little change up, still great but the last two shows, especially last night her hair looks weirded, so if that is Ted Gibson’s doing, maybe she should go back to who she was using before, even if it is a barber.

JJ, got a hen working the weekend shift? A thread of frickin’ Matt Bomer and nothing main paged on Brad…….gmafb

The MM win was an atrocity……so far TYAS has been kicked to the curb in a major way albeit a few crumbs have been thrown at them so they all don’t appear to be the racists they are.

@Susan: Susan, I agree with you about Lipata’s hair last night. I saw a close up Of lupita’s hair last night and I prefer and the low cut hair style she wore at the, CCA. The low cut is absolutely beautiful on her. She looked like an African Queen there. I guess Mr Gibson relaxes her hair for more volume for it to rise like that. Or he might have put a piece in to give it height. I loved her gown last night. She has a very nice body to dress. Btw, did you see her defined arms? All her dresses have been just beautiful on her.

Awful haircut……he’s looking old!!!!!!

MM speech was icky and I noticed an arrogance/disdain that I hadn’t seen before in him. Seriously, he’s spouting off about what it’s like being a great actor in front of people like Chiwetel who have MUCH more impressive/diverse filmographies and done tons of theater, including Shakespeare. And I think it would be a VERY safe bet that Chiwetel would have given a much better acceptance speech. Bradley Cooper’s spew & his fawning all over DOR wasn’t much better.

were the morons @ 01/19/2014 at 9:19 am

Good morning fans! Good morning Rose, Phool, Ssshhii_baby and Anustin.

I see the little hen is crying wee wee all the way home. LMAO. Poor hen, none of them expected to see handsome Brad last night. They got a refresher of how a real man is suppose to look like. The hens are used to seeing a balding, midget gigolo- so seeing Brad was a breath of fresh air. Lupita won again, and nobody from the morons movie got a nomination, or a recognition. Bahahahaha. Sucks to suck, maniston hens.

@Rose: Lupita’s posture is great, and she wears clothes well, her stylist is doing a fantastic job. Is she going to Michelle Obama a run for the best arms? LOL
Looking at Jennifer Lawrence, nice dresses but she is alway slouching, so it looks like the dress is wearing her.

@true: Matthew maybe be hitting the pot again, and back to playing his bongo drums naked.

Goodness a sighing of Brad drives these idiots crazy.

Brad looked handsome and very much the Power Player that he is. Which is why everyone was swarming him. They all wanted a moment; their moment in his light. And he is gracious to allow it. Looking forward to seeing him tonight again. I miss him and Angie on a RC.. I hope they will be able to attend the BAFTAs since Angie should be done filming by then.

this is what happens when Stars meet A STAR.

nok thailand @ 01/19/2014 at 9:39 am

He looks great.

Good luck Brad. :)

Re MM “arrogant” speech
That’s what AJBP differ from other celebrities. With AJBP’s demeanor & during interviews, there’s always an aura of HUMILITY, never a trace of CONCEIT, especially Angelina. They are not known as self-absorbed individuals but rather just plain GRATEFULNESS & MODESTY for every recognition of their work or success. One could noticed that with their words & action.

Kinda interesting what Robert R said about distribution of his film/no Oscar nom at Sundance:

But then Redford calmly but pointedly criticized Roadside Attractions, the distributor. “We suffered from little to no distribution,” he said. “I don’t know if they didn’t want to spend the money, or were afraid. Or they just were incapable. “Would it have been wonderful to be nominated?” Redford posed rhetorically. “Of course. But I’m not upset by it, disturbed by it, because it is a business, and we couldn’t conform to that.”
He continued: “It stood the chance of having a wider distribution had they stepped up.”

were the morons @ 01/19/2014 at 10:26 am

@busted: I’m hoping Angie and Brad attend the oscars, too.

Brad is old, bloated, & anemic . Maybe you fugly bone idle porkers have a chance?,,,lol

can you post the link to bf site? the general one where you don’t have to be member to view. I don’t have the permission to be member to any website, but I like Brad & Angie and liked seeing all the pictures of them on the bf site without mean spirited comments. I was saving the site on my computer but lost it accidentally and now cannot remember the web address (view history got cleaned out). I would appreciated if you could post the website link. thank you!

@were the morons: Hi WTM, how are you. I know you were disappointed last night. I cannot understand why no love for Chiwetel or Fassbender. Anyway I hoping the Oscars will right the wrong. Did you see Matthew M last night? I believe someone was hitting that ganja pipe, lol. Brad is looking good, and that’s what drove those hens cray cray last night.

I love when the hens come over here to tell us how bad Brad is looking, however, they are still very much interested in his every move. I believe they take each and every picture of Brad and put in under the magnifying glass. They can tell us what under pants he’s wearing is you read some
of the crazy things they write.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 10:50 am

Muahahahah looks like karma finally caught up with deadbeats face.

To “Really?”
As far as I know, BF site (
was already closed. The AJBP sites (with approved membership) are:

@busted: Busted, hi my friend. Can you imagine seeing BA on the Red Carpet the first time this year? You know everyone will be going crazy, from the press to the fans. It’s been a while. Anyway, we just have a few more weeks to wait. the press missed them as much as the fans.

Don’t care what anyone believe, Brad and Angie bring the glamour to whatever event they attend together. The only person owning that room last night was Brad, Lupita, KB, IMO, and I’m sure one or two other
stars. Don’t know who they were, lol. Anyway, we have something to
look forward tonight, hope it’s a good night for 12 YAS. :-)

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 10:53 am

@busted: lmao you are so delusional. Why is his face so waxy? The only reason he might get swarmed is because people know deadbeat is an attention ***** and his big plastic mug will make its way to every tabloid this week .

Karmic justice has set into deadbeats face with all that waxy sheen that’s where the light is coming from

Rose, we know that other celebrities know that if AJBP are on any red carpet or any event, people’s main attention will always be about them. That’s how powerful their presence are. They can’t help it. It is just the way they are. For other stars, it is not fun to walk the red carpet when AJBP is around. It is because they know what the public basically wants… it’s AJBP. And that’s a fact.

@TYAS: This is why Steve Mcqueen thanked Brad and other producers. They fought to make sure TYAS had the budget and the distribution for this movie to be seen.
Sundance Film Festival was always about helping small movies get attention. Maybe it’s a good thing that Redford did got nominated/win because it will make him work even harder to help get small films out there for the public to see.

I tried the link but one would have to be a member to view it. I remembered the website link started with news… but it was a long time ago. neer, thanks for trying. I will just have to wait until I get the permission to be a member to the bf site, which I like very much because most posters are nice compare to this site. I just come here to get Brad and Angie’s news.

were the morons @ 01/19/2014 at 11:10 am

@Rose: You know as racist as Hollywood is they weren’t going to let all the black people win. But I was still disappointed, nonetheless. But lupita man, she killed them again! She can sure rock some dresses. Did you see the picture of lupita and jlaw? I thought it was a cute picture…

As for the trolls- I knew they were going to lose their shite over another TYAS win and Brad being present. They are like clockwork, lool. Then they started stealing fans monikers again. Can they be original for once? I figure FF was dead once again and they all came here like a roach infestation. Lol

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 11:14 am

Did anyone have the guts to ask deadbeat how long it’s been since he last saw his brood? I would’ve loved it if someone came up to him and said say happy bday to zahara oh wait you can’t because you’re a deadbeat, ———- insert evil maleficent laugh————
Maybe shia laplagierist will mention it one of dese days . Hahahhaahahahhaah

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 11:17 am

You know what’s happening to his face? The botox is no longer making him look younger . It is doing the opposite and adding a sheen of wax like build up.lololololol

@neer: Ne’er, I remember George C saying that walking the Red Carpet is loud, but when Brad and Angie steppe on the carpet there is a defining ovation, everyone stops and pays attention because they know distinctly that Brad and Angie has arrived, :-),

Ne’er, how do you like Lupita Red Carpets gowns? Omg, she kills it every time. Up to this point I love everything gown, dress she wears. Her stylist is doing a great job. I hope she goes back to her short hair tonight. I believe we are going to see black people following her style, if not, they should. That girl has style. I remember the first time she walked the carpet last year when the movie first came out. She wore a off white gown with some kind of gold trimming, compared to what she’s wearing now what an improvement. I love everything she’s styled in, really beautiful.

Maybe people don’t applaud Fassbender just because is not present at the events…. like others…

Love Conqures All @ 01/19/2014 at 11:29 am

PGA awards for tonight schedule

5:00pm Arrivals
5:30pm Cocktails
6:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Awards Ceremony

OH Val Kilmer in the SAG

@were the morons: WTM, someone woke up with Brad on the Brains this morning. It so comical for the trolls pretending they can’t stand Brad, yet they can’t stay away from Brad and his fans. WTM, i believe I can speak for you and my self, we don’t like Ticky and Tacky and we are not on their thread talking about them, every gad almighty day. WTM, I bet you those trolls have wet dreams about Brad at nights. Omg, the thought of that just gave me brain freeze. I can’t believe they have a life size doll with Brad’s face that they kisses at nights before going to bed. Omg.

@Love Conqures All:

Thanks, can’t wait to see pitty to lose again

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 11:43 am

@Rose: talking bout yourself and nasty dreams you have about deadbeat daddy. Eww you are so gross, rose. That’s not the type of info I would ever think U would share. Nasty.

Poor thing . I’m sure it’s because you haven’t seen la jolie in weeks so u are having nightmares about a big doll with a waxy deadbeat face. Ahhh

Funny thing is deadbeat looks like a wax statue

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 11:45 am

@the ring: hahaha I love how he ditched his kids AGAIN because he thought he was gonna be up on that stage last night.
Oh well I’m sure his kids are happier than hell without him anyway

@Love Conqures All:
Since this awards show is not being televised, have you found anyone who is doing live tweeting or live blogging of this?

were the morons @ 01/19/2014 at 11:54 am

@Rose: Exactly! You don’t see us going to fugs first to post about Ticky. Why drive up the hits on that site? These hags hate Brad because he left the mother hen years ago. Poor things, can’t get over something that happened long ago. Well as long as Brad and Angie are alive, the trolls will have to deal with hollywoods royalty. Swoon.

a figure of wax of Madame Tussauds in the SAG, ah is pitty

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 12:01 pm

@were the morons: some of us just don’t like him simply because he’s a deadbeat. I do not support fake fathers. La jolie is raising her kids solo —not really solo because she has help— without the father of the year. If one day he decides to be honest and tell the world that he’s not there for his children then and only then will I stop making fun of him and his fans -brangtards and fftards, But he must be honest about his lack of parenting that the jolie children receive from him. Be honest and tell us he got bored with fatherhood.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 12:03 pm

He got bored with fatherhood and decided to just ditch them. Something that an immature loser like tom cruise would do. Suri and zahara should be friends.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 12:06 pm

I bet he tells lupita that she reminds him of someone he just can’t figure out who. Zzzzzzzah not that’s not it . What was her name! Zebra ? Sara ? Zada? Zelda? Nope still can’t figure it out.

Love Conqures All @ 01/19/2014 at 12:07 pm

The PGA has a twitter feed and page. I’m sure they are reporter the event on their twitter page. Here the link

@were the morons: WTM, – This is Off Topic: did you see Bradley Cooper’s girl friend? Talk about looking out of place. If you want to see Kiki? DM has photos. Also, more gossip, word is on the streets that BC and MM were seen sharing something, hmmmmmm. That could be the reason for MM rambling speech to Neptune and back, lol.

In 2014 this will be Angelina time to shine. Especially her directing UNBROKEN.

So the drug addict is such a lousy father that he couldn’t keep his adopted kid with him for three weeks. He’s been in the UK by himself. I thought loons were dead certain that he was with the love of his life and his kids as one big happy family? Poor Maddox was probably embarrassed after seeing Daddy Drunkest lose himself on a drinking binge in the middle of a flight, and probably requested his bodyguard to take him back to Mommie Dearest on a separate flight. I’m not surprised if he calls him “Brad” instead of dad. Who would want such nasty human scum as a father figure anyway?

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 12:25 pm

@bap: sadly deadbeat will be there to ride her coattails because his ww2 movie -the one he ditched his kids to make- will be released first. He obviously took the role because he was angry at the fact that angie didn’t want him in the role of Louis Zamperini. She actually hired someone with little baggage and a whole lot of talent. Can’t wait to see it. But be warned that his pr team will wage a war against la Jolie’s film because they are both ww2 movies

We are all laughing @ 01/19/2014 at 12:25 pm

Anyone else laughing at deadbeat daddy/the ring and his alters? Basically talking to himself for the last couple

@We are all laughing:

Oh honey I’m definitely laughing at you and your endless arrays of alters that you use to talk to yourself, JP troll! :P

EatYourWords @ 01/19/2014 at 12:27 pm

@Deadbeat daddy pitty

OMG there you are again! I can’t believed the child of the most fake caring father is having tantrums again. How’s your dad? Did he realized how shameful he was because he doesn’t even know how to be a great father to you. From your statements made, you clearly made that your such a desperate child of your father seeking for a pure love yet you are denial that is why you’re here attacking JP because everything what they have was your lost. How sad your dad past away without even teaching you on how to become a good person. We don’t know how old are you living in this world but it’s already 2014 stop throwing your anger to people who doesn’t need your attention and opinion. Whatever Your dad’s messiness leave you behind don’t live with it. Get up and be mature. I don’t think you would appreciate the karma that comes back to you if you continue to live with hatred with people who doesn’t do anything to you.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 12:29 pm

@We are all laughing: u wish. That’s what y’all tell yourselves when someone is making good points about ur idol,.”oh he has many alters” nope that’s what you do, darling.

Good points.
He had a recent Karmic bitchslap on his face that’s why he looks so damn waxy and greasy. He’s a loser of a dad .
He is desperate to win and he is an attention *****.

Good points for the day.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 12:33 pm

@EatYourWords: my father passed away from cancer a few years ago. He is who I measure other men against. He was the best most caring man and always put his family First.

Sorry to disappoint you but your long winded theory is about as fake as deadbeats face looks now, hahaha

EatYourWords @ 01/19/2014 at 12:47 pm

Deadbeat daddy pitty

Really? Now tell us how could you live a life like this with full of hatred if your dad was the most caring father in the world??? You mean hatred is the result of being a caring person?? Hatred and spreading lies was the result of your dad’s being a caring father? How could it be? If your dad was caring then i could say you must supposedly have a life now with peace but honey it’s very contrary to what you claimed, how shameful it was for you and to your dad because here you are everyday same complaints and everyday increases the hatred to people who didn’t do anything wrong to your life. Sorry to your dad because you always bring him here. Let your dad rest in peace. Sorry also because again it’s very contrary to what you said, i dont think your dad was a caring father because the evidence was you, a person full of lies and hatred.


I see Kuroko the Gay man ,who hopes Shiloh,Viv and Knox get Cancer,is here.You personify Evil .I used to have empathy for you because your family rejected you .Looking in the eyes of a innocent child and hoping they develop Cancer because you hate their Mother? You are evil and your fellow trolls who support you,who havent condemned you are no better.May God have Mercy on them.

were the morons @ 01/19/2014 at 12:58 pm

@Rose: Sharing something? What were they sharing lol? And yes I just saw her! She looks really young and immature. She looks like she bought her dress at the local Marshall’s, lol. Her hair? I think baby girl did that herself lol. BC needs to not let his gf look like she just rolled out of bed. Yikes!!

Oh, notice how Tammy appears right after a poster calls ‘deadbeat dad’ poster out? Like clockwork I tell you.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 1:00 pm

@EatYourWords: I’m not going to read your garbled gibberish. But I did catch the part where you say I’m lying. Please tell me what exactly am I lying about.


Even some of his fftards fans are seeing what a lousy father he is.

Time to pull your head out of deadbeats pimply butt and see reality for what it is.

Oh and nice try changing the current subject.

More good points.

Deadbeat only visit the children when the media is about to question the brand and he makes sure to be photographed- even if the entire family looks sad-. -he skips birthdays . We all remember how important b-days were when we were kids. Spends months away from his kids and when he does see them it’s for a few days at most .

But to be honest the children look happier when it’s just them and their ma


Eat these words idiot your fairy tale is a bust. Aj is happily filming and deadbeat is happily doing what he loves most posing for the camera click click click


I am in awe at Lupita’s beauty and graciousness. What a wonderful sweet actress who deserves an Oscar. So nice to see her pick up the SAG award last night.
Seeing Brad was delicious, not just for me but as always Brad draws the crowds. Love the pic of him talking and the many stars glued to his sweet charm and good looks having a good ole laugh.
Everyone loves Brad.

Will exclude the PITA trolls, jealousy is NOT becoming…Period!
Oprah Winfrey Joins MLK Drama ‘Selma’ as Producer (Exclusive)

David Oyelowo, who acted with Winfrey in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” is starring as Martin Luther King Jr. in the civil rights drama.

Oprah Winfrey is coming on board to act as a producer on Selma, the drama about the historic civic rights marches that has David Oyelowo portraying Martin Luther King Jr.

The move puts her in company with Brad Pitt, who is already on board as a producer via his Plan B production company, and its execs Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner. Plan B was behind 12 Years a Slave, the slave drama that just nabbed 9 Oscar nominations.

Also producing Selma is Christian Coulson, who won an Oscar for producing Slumdog Millionaire. Pathe, the company which financed last year’s Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, is financing Selma, and the company’s Cameron McKracken is also producing.

Selma details the attempts of black marchers to walk from Selma to Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, in 1965 in order to gain voting rights, only to be beaten back by police. It took the organizers three attempts to make the journey, which swelled in numbers each time. It was also a critical time in King’s life

“It’s a subject matter close to her heart,” Ava DuVernay, who is directing the movie, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The producers are behind some of the most forward-thinking movies of last year and they are all coming together.”

I knew after TYAS’ success, Plan B would get funding for its future projects much easier.

Everyone wanted to take pics with Brad last night, the camera was on him so often. Brad was so gracious and kind to them.

Oprah Winfrey Joins Brad Pitt as Producer of MLK Drama ‘Selma’

David Oyelowo is starring as the civil rights leader

Oprah Winfrey will produce “Selma,” an upcoming biopic of Martin Luther King Jr. focused on the voting-rights marches he led in Alabama.

Brad Pitt is also producing under his Plan B banner with colleagues Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, as well as Pathe’s Cameron McKracken and “Slumdog Millionaire” producer Christian Coulson.

David Oyelowo plays King in the film, reteaming with “Middle of Nowhere” director Ava Duvernay. Oyelowo has appeared in a couple of other civic-minded films recently — “Lincoln” and “The Butler,” in which he played Winfrey’s activist son.

Also read: Oliver Stone Tweets Martin Luther King Project is Over

“Selma” chronicles three marches from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, the first of which was known as “Bloody Sunday” because cops attacked marchers with clubs and gas. The protestors were seeking an equal voice in elections, which they got (at least in writing) with the passage of the Voting Rights Act later that year.

There are a few other MLK projects in development across Hollywood, including “Memphis,” which Paul Greengrass has struggled to get made, and another that Oliver Stone was writing but said earlier this week was deep-sixed.


I was looking at getty and yes they were all over him. It was so great to see him looking so gorgeous. Such a handsome man.
Slicked Back Studs at the SAG Awards: Brad Pitt, We’re Looking at You
Yes, Jared Leto’s highlights deserve their own award, but his sun-kissed, perfectly tousled mane wasn’t the only dude hair to get our attention last night. There was another style that Hollywood heavy hitters were sporting, and it involved serious amounts of gel.

From left, Brad Pitt styled his half-buzzed mane into a sleek swept-back do. This is the shortest the actor’s hair has been in a while (catch a retrospective of all his looks here), and we think it looks polished with his tux. Next, Dermot Mulroney went for a severe slicked do (we’d like to know how much product he used) with his long strands flipping out at the back of his head. And Game of Thrones star Kit Harington tamed the unruly mane that we’re used to seeing on his character Jon Snow into an impressive well-groomed style.

Brad and Plan B are unstoppable. Go Brad, Go Plan B.

An Interview with Christopher Nolan
What’s the deal with Brad Pitt and “Memento,” did Nolan turn Pitt down?

No, he turned me down! [Laughs] Truthfully, [Pitt] did read the script, that’s where the story comes from, is he read the script and he met with me about it when he didn’t have any reason to know who I was or anything about it. And nothing came of it, other than him being interested in it, I think within the sort of agency world where the script was circulating, just sort of perked up a bit of interest in what was a very obscure project otherwise.

And I think really that’s how it came to Guy Pearce’s attention, he sort of got the ball rolling. I’m very grateful to him… It was a very nice thing that he liked it.

I am so happy Selma is going to happen with a black female director. I am thankful for Oprah’s involvement.

it is good other MLK projects seem to be out. I was worried there might be to many MLK movies. Now only Brad’s MLK will be made.

How crazy is for Lupita? Her first movie and she will win Oscar, but the girl deserves all the awards, such a graceful beauty and such a talent.

Love Conqures All @ 01/19/2014 at 2:06 pm

12 Years A Slave (Fox Searchlight) – $40,619,298

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 2:08 pm

@busted: gorgeous? Gorgeous and deadbeat don’t go together. I think your name better explains this face.

busted . Hahahah

Brad looked amazing last night. Fingers crossed TYAS will win pga tonight.

Brad probably made the deal with Oprah last night because yesterday morning Dede Gardner was at PGA breakfast, she said Plan B didn’t choose its next project yet. Today it announced Oprah is joining to produce Selma. Bravo Brad.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 2:16 pm

@OMG: hahah another liar.

- ———— -
Looks like using black peoples history one time to get himself an oscar wasn’t enough for that white devil. Here he goes again using Blacks struggle for more attention. How sad that he ditched his black daughters birthday to work with shia laplagierist.

@were the morons: Exactly. Jenhags still screaming @ the ocean. 9 years and counting.
At this point it’s just dribble and everytime I see there postings are just do an eyeroll and lol.
@Love Conqures All: Thanks for the information
And Plan B keeps on moving forward. The young man who will play MLK jr in this movie was talking to Brad at the SAG awards.

Too bad poster deadbeats old man was a diddler not just to other little boys but to deadbeat. Now he is just one angry jerk off to such beautiful men like our darling Brad Pitt.
Okeeey now we understand. But why not go cry to your mama?
OOps I forgot she is the one who sat back and watched.
Poor deadbeat no compassion for jerk off’s. YUK!–brad-pitt-steps-out-for-first-award-show-this-season-174845663.html

He’s Back! Brad Pitt Hits First Award Show This Season, Gets Photobombed

Guess who decided to (finally!) make an appearance on the award show season?

That would be, Brad Pitt. The “12 Years a Slave” producer got gussied up in a tux to attend the 20th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on Saturday in Los Angeles.

This is the first time we’ve seen the 50-year-old actor during the award show season, despite his film being nominated for numerous accolades and scooping up wins for Best Film at the 2014 Critic’s Choice Awards and Best Picture: Drama at The Golden Globe Awards.

Naturally, Pitt came back with a bang and started off his evening with a viral meme. During the awards show coverage, Mindy Kaling photobombed Pitt and then tweeted about the funny situation.

During Saturday’s show, Pitt was seated at the “12 Years a Slave” table and was spotted cheering enthusiastically as his co-star Lupita Nyong’o won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role.

The dapper actor was definitely in high demand at the soiree. He was snapped chatting with nominee Barkhad Abdi, sharing a laugh with Tom Hanks, and enjoying the company of his former castmates like Matt Damon. He also took a minute to snap a photo with his longtime pal and “Ocean’s Eleven” co-star, Julia Roberts. The duo smiled for the cameras and looked happy to be reunited.

Pitt’s fiancée Angelina Jolie did not attend the evening’s festivities. The Academy Award-winning actress, who was last photographed in Australia on the set of her film, “Unbroken,” is believed to still be working on her film Down Under.

We’re glad Pitt is back in town for awards season.

Dead Beat is having a meltdown. Lol.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 2:25 pm

@So sad: yep, this right here is deadbeat fan. You are disgusting but I won’t take it as personally as you take all negative talk about your hamster. Hahaha mauauhahahah

@Love Conqures All:
Monday we will get foreign box office update. TYAS is doing so well in UK.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 2:28 pm

@Lol: is he??i wonder if it’s because one of the tabloids is going to FINALLY do their job and report on what a Lousy daddy he really is. That’ll be the day. Muahahahah or perhaps someone questioned him about his children and when the last he’s spent time with them was. I think he’s officially childless. Hahahaha

EatYourWords @ 01/19/2014 at 2:29 pm

Deadbeat daddy pitty

And why are you not going to read my post about you? Hmhmhm because we know for a fact that it hurts you so much to throw back your bullshitness right in your mouth! how dare you asking why i say your lying? Your questioning me for that when you clearly shows it to the world. Now tell me and convince me how dare you say brad is not happy with his life when all he got right now was the dream come true for him. And what was your bases that he is not happy? The tabloid lies? When you see a pictures of him alone or travelling alone? Your so blind and insensitive, aren’t you? Dont forget the pictures of him together with his family, it shows how happy they are. You have a life of bitterness, sorry to bring again but can i ask you? how about the days when your father left you for several days? it means that he is not happy to be with his family and want to escape your family. It’s that how you interpret with it?Again and again it’s another minus point for your caring dad. How pitty he was.


@Deadbeat daddy pitty:
it is you, deadbeat. Go take your meds. Lol.

Brad and Oprah are producing MLK, interesting you need funds that bad to make the movie. Oprah who has taken sides with X wife against Angelina and now you partner with.

The Golden man, Angelina has been hurt in magazines, newspapers TV for Love of Golden man. I always go back to his relationships to others who have hurt Angelina.

Angelina does not care really about what people think about her, or does she internalized it through her weight loss, I wonder. It always go back to Brad’s women friends that he keeps as loyalist who do not like Angelina.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 2:33 pm

The pitt has officially been removed now they will be known as the Jolie children.


Brad produced Normal Heart starring Julia Roberts.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 2:34 pm

@EatYourWords: I’m not gonna read your entire post because you make you make no sense, dear. I read your first one and it gave me a headache. You are seriously retarded. I’m sorry for that.

Brad is a force to reckon in producing. He is becoming one of the most powerful producers in HW.

I think Brad should stay in LA doing campaign for TYAS until March 2.


I don’t think Oprah is friends with X anymore, not since she lied to Oprah on her show, the Ope doesn’t appreciate that sort of thing.

After tonight’s award ceremony I really hope he goes back to Australia and really help Angelina at home with the children while she finishes up her directing duties. We will see.

A lot of you believe being fifty has not bothered Brad, I wonder, this year we all will see where his head is at. With family, more projects away from home, marriage to Angelina, those are the questions.

Turning fifty plus for any man some men can handle it.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 2:42 pm

@bap: one thing we can all agree on -brangtards, fftards and me – he has no balls.
I think you’re right about her internalizing the hurt and it coming out in weight issues.

I think for a while -years-there she was living in a happy -even if it was fake- bubble. So when someone would say something mean she would be perfectly safe and fakehappy because she had the family she longed for ever since child hood. She was trying to hold on to that for her children and herself.
Now that she’s spent sooooooo much time away from Deadbeat I’m sure she realized she doesn’t need him and her children don’t need him either.

I don’t usually make predictions but I’m calling it. Breakup 2014.

were the morons @ 01/19/2014 at 2:42 pm

@jmho: I haven’t heard of Oprah and the X together since 2011. I think Oorah finally saw the light, and went running towards it.

@were the morons: #228

God love you, moron! You and Rosie just don’t get it, do you? How many times do we have to explain it? Obviously your reading comprehension and Rosie’s Ebonics make it really hard for you to comprehend the ENGLISH language. Let me try this again: my loathing this man has nothing to do with his ex… Nada! And my disgust with his baby mama has nothing to do with her baby daddies ex either. NEWS FLASH: There are people in this world who simply do not like THEM! And that is okay…


One more thing… Pitt is really not aging well at all! He looks like he is 60 instead of 50! He might want to lay off the ganja and cigarettes. That shiit will age you faster than anything!!!

All ticky hags deny they are ticky hags, but you are tikcy hags. Lol

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 2:46 pm

@bap: he’s as selfish as ever. Ditching his responsibility as a father . laJolie experienced a life changing event with her double mastectomy plus 40 is only a year away for her. But we all know he’s weaker than she is.

Congrats to Brad Pitt for making his stellar Plan B Production Co. a glowing light, known today for making Holly woods finest films. Brad shows up last night looking gorgeous as ever and signs on for another amazing movie in the making. The golden man is unstoppable.
It shows what a good woman will do to help make her man successful. The magnificent Angie and Brad together created sheer brilliance.

Julia Roberts has never said a nice thing about Angelina. These so call friends of Brad are now are at the bottom of there careers and Julia needs Brad to elevate her from now on.

I so glad Angelina did not decide to give up her career for the Golden man.

Observer2 @ 01/19/2014 at 2:53 pm

Congrats, to Lupita! Well deserved.

She is so charming.

Brad is looking good.

Looks, like everyone wanted to talk to him. Just like it is with him wherever he goes.

I don’t know if MM gave a better performance as I have yet to see The Dallas Buyers Club. I have a hard time believing it was better than Chiwetel’s.

The trolls are really jealous of Brad’s success. I am sure Angie is happy about her man’s success.

Observer2 @ 01/19/2014 at 2:57 pm

I see that the bunny boiler has taken the place of the fvckwit putz, Tam$hit, today on their psycho ranting meltdown.

The bunny boiler isn’t any bigger fan of Angelina’s. Angelina is a very strong, take charge woman and an extraordinary mother.

But, according to the bunny boiler, she’s weak, she’s easily manipulated, she’s a liar and a very, very bad mother.

Good to know that we know, exactly where the bunny boiler stands on both Brad and Angelina.

pity for pitt @ 01/19/2014 at 2:58 pm

He looks all bloated and fat because he drinks and does drugs. It is a clear sign when a person looks so puffy. After he gets a look at himself he most likely won’t want to show up for anymore award shows. No one really wants them there anyways. They have no friends in the industry because of Jolie’s antics and long lists of enormous lies she has told for attention. No one that is anyone in HW wants to be known as “A” listers that have anything to do with these two now “D” listers. I mean look at the guy. He is so on drugs and alcohol! I bet they are terrible parents to those poor kids. Brad and Jolie are DONE!

We are all laughing @ 01/19/2014 at 2:59 pm

@Deadbeat daddy pitty:

Your doing it again. lol

more troll pain @ 01/19/2014 at 3:01 pm

Julia was also in Eat, Love Pray, which did very, very well for Plan B and Julia acknowledged several times that she owes Brad a lot for giving her a chance when her career was cold BC she hasn’t had a hit in years. I never heard Julia say bad stuff about Angie…other people, yes. Brad loves Angie and Angie loves Brad- that is the root of all troll pain, everyday, all day.

@pity for pitt:
Delusional much? Lol

Having sex or enjoying sex doesn’t make one a “****”. Promiscuity might …. but then again Angie has never been promiscuous.

Someone getting their panties in a twist over a 14-year old having a monogamous relationship for 2 years needs to wake up and smell the coffee!

I have football game watch at 3:00.

In 2009 and 2010 Brad grew a long, long, long beard. I often thought about it, did he have work done on his face. A reporter ask him why he was growing beard so long once, he said he was bored. Brad’s face was very tired and worn after he had the twins and bloated. Moneyball was postponed.

When you are considered the most beautiful man in Hollywood, you know you career is not predicated on your total acting ability but your beauty. Brad’s main support is from the Ladies.

Very, very tired and empty eyes…
What is wrong with you Brad Pitt?

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 3:08 pm

@We are all laughing: no you’re doing it again. Getting all in your feelings because we’re being honest. Bap actually seems like half brangtard but she’s slowly waking up to the facts. @Observer2: awww is you’s feewings hurt. Grow up any stop getting upset over comments I make about your hamster.

George Clooney name dropped Brad again, he said he couldn’t afford Brad, Matt Damon was cheap, so he got Matt in Monuments Men

Observer2 @ 01/19/2014 at 3:10 pm

Brad’s loyalist female friends have said horrible things about Angelina? When?

You mean the women in his life?

His mother? No. She loves Angelina and adores her.

His sister? No.

His sister in law? No.

His nieces? No.

Catherine Keener? No.

Cynthia Pett? No. When she’s spoken about Angelina, it’s been lovely.

Dede Gardner? No. Same as Cynthia.

I’ve never heard Julia talk about Angelina one way or the other. Though, she’s not one of Brad’s close circle of friends. They’re showbiz friends. They’ve known each other for years and years.

Now Brad and Angelina are D-Listers? LMAO!

No one in HW wants to work with them?

That’s why TYAS is a nine time academy award nominated film because no one wanted to work with Brad.

That’s why Unbroken was written by the Coen Bros. and the cinematographer is Roger Deakins, who just got nominated for his 11th AA.

Sure. It’s not like they get to work with that director of Management or their co-stars are a dog, a ski mask, fruits, vegetables and by products made by Oscar Mayer.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 3:12 pm

@bap: well Duh. One glance at the hamsters face will tell ya all you need to know about his biggest insecurity. The thing about it now though is something is going wrong. Like did he get a bad batch of botox or is his face finally saying ENOUGH ? Deadbeat is greasy and oily and botoxed up the ying yang.

Observer2 @ 01/19/2014 at 3:12 pm

Awww, bunny boiler. You hoping that a tab picks up your tripe?

That’s why you’re here the same time every week repeating the same thing over and over again. Even the tabs know your full of crap.

Rant away.

Your addled psycho tendencies are showing.

Julia never talked about Angie, I can sense a little jealousy because well she used to be the queen of HW, now Angie is the queen of HW.

@were the morons:

More like 2009!! Oprah had X and Adam Sandler on her show to push that JGWI mess and X lied to her again that she turned down Lorne Michaels for a SNL job back in the day. Oprah stared at her and said “Really?” and I knew that X was lying!!!!

@Cassi: #305

Delusional, to say the least! Not to mention, pathetic. Queen of HW??? Bawahahaha!! LMAO!

Observer2 @ 01/19/2014 at 3:16 pm

Christopher Nolan just gave Brad’s a heads up. You don’t say. Saying that if it wasn’t for Brad, an actor with an A-List reputation, if he hadn’t first taken an interest in Memento, it might not have gotten made?

Imagine that.

Poor Ticky. Christopher admires Brad. She can’t say the same.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 3:18 pm

@Observer2: well I have your attention seeing as though you know my posting schedule.
I’m just soooo shad for yous.

One good thing came out of him ditching his kids…. We got tons of photos of laJolie and her kids looking happier than ever and now she knows she can handle being a single mom.

Single mom angie has a nice ring to it.

I really hope Brad and Christopher Nolan to make a movie together.

Let’s ignore the stupid troll Deatbeat, no angie fan would be as stupid as her.

Observer2 @ 01/19/2014 at 3:21 pm

You keep taking your swipes and both Brad and Angelina.

You excel at both.

You’re still an addled, psycho that rants.

Can’t take that away from you. Tam$hit, the fvckwit putz, might disagree. But, then he’s too busy hoping that Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne get cancer.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 3:22 pm

@plz: you can’t ignore facts, deary.


more troll pain @ 01/19/2014 at 3:24 pm

Yeah, these concern trolls always turn out to be the same troll going off the same old JP hate script- they always slip up and reveal themselves before they change their name to spew the next troll talking point. Nearly a decade of the same lies and trash against the JPs and what is the result? JPs still in love (alien concept to nasty troll), still raising six kids, and still doing so much good in the world. EPIC fail for the troll…of course, failure is clearly a concept that the troll understands and is very familiar with- ha!

Deadbeat troll aka dirty tampon: We know how in love you are with Brad so you hate that he is together with Angie. Such delusions of grandeur. You think everyone will be subordinate to you if you call them or us fans names. Just shows how pathetic you are. Can’t get ahead anywhere. Can’t have anyone to like you, even y ourself.

Calling Brad deadbeat isn’t going to make you feel better. Coming to their threads and belittling every one isn’t going to get you any real joy…cause you know why? You are still a nothing…you are still not going to be white, attractive and lovable. You’re still a piece of trash wherever you are.

You will never be like Angelina Jolie and you still will never snag a Brad Pitt. Call them names if you like….but it only shows that’s what you think of yourself….a nothing piece of trash that will never be happy.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 3:25 pm

@Observer2: lmao you are so angry. It’s almost as if the things said about deadbeat hurt YOU on a personal level.


Things said about him should not hurt you and make you this angry. Poor thing. Lololololol

Chris Nolan was nobody back then when he was trying to make Memento, Brad’s interest in the movie got things going and the movie finally got made, HW recognized Nolan’s talents. You can say Brad boosted Nolan’s career.

groundcontrol @ 01/19/2014 at 3:25 pm

@pity for pitt:
Oh god. Some guttersnipe got on her broom and flew over from ICU or FF. It’s always the same with them – up is down and day is night. All you can hope for is that they get their meds adjusted and keep off the roads.
I think Brad’s great success at producing quality films is something to be hugely proud of. And what a year producing he has had. Taking the reins of WWZ and turning into a critical success as well as a financial success in the face of the naysayers. Producing the masterpiece that is TYAS. Am I forgetting something?

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 3:27 pm

@trt: hi eat my words. Still didn’t read your whole post. God I have y’all in your feelings today. It must be because you know he looks terribly botoxed. But this time the botox actually makes him look old. Hahahhaahahahhaah

Observer2 @ 01/19/2014 at 3:27 pm

I’m so angry and taking it personal? I’m not the one that has gone on a tear.

I’m not the one posting in caps.

You’re not Angelina either.

DAILY MAIL ARTICLE ABOUT TROLLS and the facts they use to harass fans.

AGGRESSING: – others by insulting, or otherwise plainly attacking them without provocation. This is open and deliberate aggression without any clear justification, but with the aim of antagonizing it’s target to retaliating.

HYPO CRITICIZING: – : Especially for a fault that the troll then displays him/herself. A simple tatic, often this is the pedantic criticism of Grammar, Spelling, or punctuation IN A POST WHICH ITSELF CONTAINS PROOFREADING ERRORS TO PROVOKE an exasperated response from others.

ANTICIPATING: – by taking up an alienating position by asking spud- naive questions: eg, the tatic is HEAVILY RELIANT ON DECEIVING the group it is aimed at and covertly manipulates egos, sensitivities, morals, and feeling of guilt usually to trigger emotional responses. It can also create moral dilemmas.

TROLLS LIKES TO START SHITT WHEN FANS ARE HAVING A GOOD DAY. The higher monkey climb the more monkey shows it’s dirty drawers.

1). Digressing from the topic at hand, especially into sensitive topics;

2). overly argumentative, trying to frustrate it’s targets with pointlessness and circularly complexity and digression into sensitive topics triggers the strongest responses.


Oprah is like Ellen, etc. – showbiz phonies that can be flattered

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 3:28 pm

@Observer2: -insert evil maleficent laughter-

Ticky hags have been delusional for 9 years. Brad is getting more successful, Ticky hags is getting more delusional. Lol.

Observer2 @ 01/19/2014 at 3:30 pm

#318 @groundcontrol:

Hey GC-

So, this is where they’ve got their material? Fat Fvcks R Us and IUC, otherwise known as, Ian’s a D!ck.

Well, good to know that the fvckwit putz, the bunny boiler and their friends, can come together like they do. LOL.

Deadbeat daddy pitty @ 01/19/2014 at 3:35 pm

I wouldn’t fit in with the fftard crowd. I’m not a deadbeat fan and i like la jolie. So there goes that one.

It will be interesting to see if the attitudes toward Oprah (Okra) which she has been nicknamed by some JP fans here will change now that she is a producer with Brad and Plan B.

I do hopeTYAS win big tonight. Brad’s the man everyone wants to know. Funny how everyone was trying to greet hime because they know that their next job could be a Plan B movie. Angelina’s in the same boat now as a director everyone want to meet her because her name is getting much respect in HW as a director.

Oprah is like Ellen, Billy B, etc. – showbiz phonies that can be flattered and/or bought by desperate PR addicts like old manny- Julia is slightly different because she isn’t desperate to be liked, but still craves the spotlight- a lot. She is another that parroted Angie about raising her kids as citizens of the world during ELP promo, like filming it had shifted her worldview …sounded genuine, well, for Julia at least.

@Rose: #321

STHU, Rosie! What does the Mental Health Society say about people that go to gossip blogs to be VALIDATED? That is the one you need to read, and take action on. Your pathetic “goodbye” due to Passing Poo hurting your precious feelings, speaks volumes about you. It is nice that you know how to copy and paste, but I really think you need to learn proper English and grammar.

@Deadbeat daddy pitty:
You didn’t read my words??? Okay, don’t read this…you are still a piece of trash that will never amount to anything. The only way you think you can put yourself above anyone is when you call people names.

Don’t read this….but you a still a piece of trash and that’s how everyone perceives you. That will never change.

I am no way jealous of Brad’s success, its great that he can produce. There is something off about Brad right now, he has far away look. Maybe he does miss Angelina when he is away from her.

Bless your heart, trt… Obviously someone is pushing your buttons! I think you might want to take a break from posting and read Rosie’s gem from the Daily Mail… It has your name written all over it!


Oprah could have come out very strongly in Angie’s defense!! when she had Bra don that time she acted like AJ didn’t exist in his life even though BP was right in front of her discussing the photos he had taken of ANGIE! When he was praising Angie she cut him off and changed the subject. And especially after it was clear that Jenny-poo was lying to her. She could have supported New Orleans way, way more than she did after Katrina. She is always hedging her bets with the black community in my opinion and her building a massive zillion dollar school for a few elites in Africa really stick in my craw. I think AJ knows Oprah is a fraud in the humanitarian department and that is why OW doesn’t embrace AJ and didn’t even before the triangle nonsense started.

As a Black American and long-time Angie fan Oprah would have to do way more than through chump change at PLAN B for me to change my opinion of her.

I am pretty sure Selma will boost Ava DuVernay’s career, she is a talented director needs to be acknowledged. Brad helped a lot of people careers in the movie business.

@watching: Why would opinions change. I’m a big fan of Fincher but I can’t stand Ben Affleck. But they are working together in a movie. Doesn’t change my opinon of how arrogant Affleck is.
Anyway Brad and Oprah aren’t even working together. It is doubtful they will even see each other more than once or twice pre any award nominations.
The Esquire guy wrote some negative comments about Angelina in article where he interviewed her. Yet Angelina did another interview with him.
Some of you people need to grow up and step into the real world.

@BAB: #333

And you know, hon…. Oprah could care less what you think or, what your opinion is of her. Get over yourself!

Julia Roberts is going to meet Angie at the Oscars, let’s see how she will act in front of Angie.

@ were the morons, I hear a dog barking. Do you have a bone? I don’t,

daily mail troll tactic.

HYPO CRITICIZING. Especially for a fault that the troll then displays him/herself. A simple tactic, often this is the pedantic criticism of Grammar, spelling, or punctuation in a post which itself contains proofreading errors to provoke exasperated response from others.

AGGRESSING – others by insulting or otherwise plainly attacking without adequate provocation. This open and deliberate aggression without any clear justification with the aim of antagonizing it’s target to retaliate.

Here doggy, doggy, eat my SH IT.

BTW if Paul Grassgreen who directed Captain Phillips and the Bourne movies can’t get finance for his MLK movie than that shows Brad/Plan B is a major power player these days.

Observer2 @ 01/19/2014 at 3:53 pm

Poor, bunny boiler is selling themselves short. They’d be a perfect fit for Fat Fvcks R Us since they don’t like either Brad or Angelina.

I have some football championship games to watch.
–Broncos/Manning vs. Patriots/Brady-Go Broncos!
–49er’s/Kapernick vs. Seahawk/Wilson.-Go 49er’s!
–49er’s vs. the Seahawk fans at the Sports Authority Field, where they’re so loud that they register as a small earthquake on the richter scale.-Go 49er’s!

you know it is very hard said than done. but, just forgive and forget with people. these obviously are not “good” people and are not your “friends” you will expect in time of hard. they are good time people that will come in to y our thingie… when you have good vibe around you…. so just forget…. 10 years and beyond everything…. i think itis better….. you don’t have to love but you don’t have so much to hate on for old things just my openion….. brad and angie are not only famous but they are like IT couple so…
check back to see what PGA will bring…what if angie go with him? wishful thinking offcourse…

seriously @ 01/19/2014 at 3:57 pm

Brad has produced the finest film that is 12 Years A Slave. Oscar or not, the movie is a classic and will be talked about for years and decades while other so called Oscar winners are disappeared in one year. Not that Oscar always awards the finest films. just look at past winners, Argo and The Artist, neither was the finest of respective year which tells a lot about Oscar’s merit has been degrading.

sorry but I rather read clinqua rant than observer jmo dude cool always get my wrong side don’t know why even when i agree with him. haaa!!!!

@trt: The trolls read every one of our comments. They are mentally I’ll people with computer privileges. It sucks to be a delusional Bi Polar drug addict with delusions of Grandeurs. Its so funny they are so delusional they believe they are better than the fans, yet they are here with us. Go figure.

It looks like they should all go for ocean 14 not liking all personally but just because…..

I love Brad Pitt especially watching how proud he was of Lapita O picking up her much deserved award last night. Brad does grab a crowd all smiles for his lovable ways. Brad is very well liked and always has been Hollywood’s sweetheart. His great love is Angie as he made this known to the world. Angie and Brad with their adorable brood of six are what rock the powerful couples world. Films, producing, directing etc all come second, no doubt about that.

I saw AH and thought it was boring, am waiting for TYAS to come to my city. I have only heard amazing things from ppl as well as critics who have seen TYAS.
Still have my fingers crossed that TYAS will be bringing home the Oscar.

Love to Brad Angie and children.

dude needs to cool down i meant it #343

were the morons @ 01/19/2014 at 4:02 pm

@Rose: no bone, but I do have raid. *sprays raid at trolls*

hello, tampon. Read it as liz and not deadbeat? Who are you fooling?

EatYourWords @ 01/19/2014 at 4:06 pm

@ deadbeat daddy pitty

I was laughing while reading your comments. What wrong with you? Does your brain have dirty worms? I dont know what to conclude now whether you are angry with brad or jealous of angie for having brad in her life or jealous of their family. Seems your out of your mind and dont know how to handle your life. Hmhmhm bet your caring dad plays a big part of this craziness of you. Your so desperate to have attention from the jolie-pitt family. Imagine you came here everyday of your life just to post lies and hatred about them. But you know what i found out today about you? It seems i like more and more to have you here and i will welcome you because you make laugh so hard by your comments. Please keep posting…let see what is your new fanfiction for brad when we will see him leaving for australia. Im looking forward to it. I love your stories now.


Angie will not be meeting Julia at the Oscars- she’s met her before. Neither she, Oprah, Ellen, or the Easter Bunny matter to the JPs. They never have and never will. Brad and Angie are polite and kind to everyone they see- one of the many things they have in common. Brad and Angie don’t throw birthday parties for themselves or go clubbing or have parties and invite the paps and release the press release the guest list. Unlike most of Hollywood, they have no PR. This makes PR addicts VERY angry and scared.

Lupita in a picture with Sofia Veragra and Jesse Tyler Fugerson – SAG afterparty

Did ffkers shut down? It is hysterical that these sad little people who claim to hate this the JPs together or individually park themselves here day after day, hour after hour to spew their pathetic little yarns and pray that somone notices them and even better – respond to them directly.

It’s very disturbing to think of these poor souls who are giggling behind the computer screen with each horrible thing that they write – like they matter somewhere.

I hope one day they find someone in their lives who will show them some kindness and get them the help they deserve.

Lupita is so beautiful.

@BAB: I remember watching Brad on Oprah Show when Shi was, maybe, about two yo. Oprah says to Brad, “you’re looking happier than I ever seen you”. and Brad replied, “I Dared say”, and Oprah Replied, “I dared see”.
IMO, Oprah was saying to Brad, I did not see you this happy with the X, in other words Angie and the kids are the reason Brad was very happy.

Glad you stayed, Rose. There is nothing that the trolls like the dirty tampon likes more than fans with each other.

They are here because the fans are always having a good time talking about our faves, the JPs. They want to be included in the discussion but like kids in the playground where other kids are playing, they don’t know how to make a good approach. Either it’s fear of rejection or lack of social skills. No self esteem.

When you slam them back after their awkward advances, they think you are being aggressive. That;s a rat’s attitude. Just think of them as garbage….because that’s what trolls are.

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 01/19/2014 at 4:16 pm

Brad Pitt has become a powerhouse. And his ascent as a producer is just beginning. Oprah wants that Oscar; so I am not surprised that she has latched onto Brad to get it. This is the same move that Clooney pulled with Osage county. Only, unfortunately for Georgie, that flick went nowhere.

And can someone explain why people are responding to trolls?

Passing Through @ 01/19/2014 at 4:17 pm

I’m playing catchup since I’m finally back online again after on-an-off Internet Hell for the last day…
# 17 Media Wh@re MANiston @ 01/17/2014 at 11:23 pm
PT – Brad is wearing your favorite pants. I prefer him in jeans. He looks so damn hot in jeans.
I can only shake my head. I swear Brad is TRYING his damnedest to negate his innate hotness with those pants…

@trt: I meant fans arguing with each other. Trolls being trolls, like that.

@were the morons: You know the time is coming up soon for the award show to start in a few hours. We must expect more yelling at the ocean tonight. Poor doggy, they are becoming unglued, sucks to be a troll.

Angelina does not use Oprah or Ellen to promote her movies. Brad does use both. Its business to him. But I Myriah Cary’s husband defends her honor know matter.

groundcontrol @ 01/19/2014 at 4:27 pm

LOL! poor babies were convinced Brad was in “rehab” because they hadn’t personally seen him in a few days but I guess he was on the rehab express line. LOL!!
Their harping on drugs so much stems from their posted admissions of their own usage and the fact their own kids have sordid histories of drug addiction. It’s why they hate Brad and Angie being good parents. Well, what does anyone expect from the vile creatures that inhabit the motherships of bitter females? Surely their own dysfunction produced dysfunctional offspring. I pity their children and their spouses.
Here’s hoping for a good result at the PGA.

Pitty announces the split

groundcontrol @ 01/19/2014 at 4:32 pm

Hey PT, i need to view a crime scene DVD and it wants me to download some software. I was worried it could eff up my machine.
The file is a REM CLIP. It wants me to download Java Virtual Machine to my c drive.
When you get the chance can you email me? Thanks.

@trt: Totally agree with you. Let’s have a great night. Hopefully 12 YAS get some love tonight, they need to spread around those awards. Chiwetel and Fass should get some love, hopefully, tonight is the start.

well- yes, PR addicts are only comfortable with other PR addicts. Moreover, they are threatened by people without PR, and get mad because they can’t leverage them. Here is another cute tweet from Garret:
Garret Dillahunt (@garretdillahunt) tweeted at 3:59 PM on Sun, Jan 19, 2014:
Two other dudes I hope I work with the rest of my life: @BKBMG and @chalkchris. #12YearsASlave #SAGAwards

It looks like he & Lupita have the same manager:
Manager #DidiRea was proud of her two #12YearsASlave clients last night. @Lupita_Nyongo #SAGAwards

@tweet: Wow TYAS had a lot of it’s actors there. I so wish TYAS had won the SAG.

Passing Through @ 01/19/2014 at 4:45 pm

# 125 Media Wh@re MANiston @ 01/18/2014 at 12:48 pm
@Passing Through:
Nice fanfiction PT. Shouldn’t you be posting this crap at the 80,000 threads on FF? You must be desperate stealing PT’s name.
Still playing catchup – I see the troll had stolen my name to post that fake CDAN blind. My stalker cracks me up – if I’m not posting then she can’t stand it. If I am posting…then she can’t stand getting her ass kicked. She needs to make up her mind.

So, so, pathetic! I see Rosie came back…. Bless her heart! It is truly sad when one needs and seeks VALIDATION on an entertainment gossip blog. Speaks volumes about the person needing it, and it isn’t pretty.

what of charlie? @ 01/19/2014 at 4:59 pm

What does that make Charlie Rose, chopped liver?! So silly! Angie has been on Ellen plugging a flick and on O sharing her humanitarian work. Neither Anderson Cooper or Christiane Armanpour have never defended Brad- the horror! Neither Brad nor Angie have ever done ANYTHING that needs defending. I”m not sure why you think Mariah C needs defending, but she’s a big girl and if she wants to fight with Nicki Minaj or whatever, I’m sure she knows the consequences, as does any adult. All these chat show hosts need people to interview, so they will be chummy to EVERYBODY, especially folk who shower them with gifts and invite them on vacay or parties. Phonies, insecure hypocrites ABSOLUTELY, but, only the JPs get attention and adulation like Brad did last night. ALL of those chat show hosts would prefer to interview the JPs over almost anyone else, despite all the bribes…it’s actually pretty funny.

if there is miracle and pitty wins PGA, he is going to dedicate the award to Rose

Opra is no longer under Huvane!s CAA, what I read before was she kicked them out. or she did not renewed her contract to them that!s why she can chose who ever she wants to be involved with when in comes to movies .. she can no longer manipulated by Huvane , told her what to do and whose to side with (re-Angie or Annuston) before. She!s been controlled, now she!s free., Hope it!s not to late for her to make amends to Angie., because she sided with the Ho before knowing she(). Annuston is the victim, when in fact she!s the liar. She lied to her so many times, and finally Opra see the light hopefully .

to the kangaroos, to bambi, to his botox and to his friends Shia, Ellen ect etc

now Opra is wonderfull LOL

I forgive Oprah for siding with Ticky before since she is co-producing Selma. Selma is a movie should be brought to the big screen. Plan B wanted to make it for a while. Now it is actually going to be made.

crazyring @ 01/19/2014 at 5:21 pm

Poor crazy ring ..he’s so hurt about the success of the joliepitts…:( ouch ouch ouch!

were the morons @ 01/19/2014 at 5:25 pm

@babes: how did you find this out?

TEAM HEIDI @ 01/19/2014 at 5:35 pm

Hello fans,

I didn’t watch the SAGs yesterday, don’t know how it went, but I know that re-tarded Aniston’s trolls always say that no one cares about Angie & Brad, and all that shite.

Just a little reminder, just recently in last November, when Angelina got her 2nd Oscar, Marc Malkin reported on tv,

“EVERYBODY was coming to talk to Angelina, every manager, every agent, AND every star..and it was just very sweet.” Direct quote.
Of course, “everybody” coming to talk to Angelina, were some of the biggest names in the industry.

It must hurt to be so re-tarded, and ALWAYS wrong for almost a decade !! Knowing that, it’s beyond amazing that it comes here everyday for some more humiliation..:)

Gorgeous JPs @ 01/19/2014 at 5:39 pm

Catching up- so many threads! TYAS is doing great. Of course, TYAS truly deserves all the awards, but not winning does’t take away from the quality of the film- it is a masterpiece. Everybody wants pics with Brad- so cute- he is always so wonderfully kind and patient, just like his sweet Angie. Oprah may be a proven hypocrite (and rather annoying, IMO), but she has also proven herself to be a good business person. Brad has great taste and the world knows it.

@babes: Oprah will kiss anyone’s ass for ratings, Lindsey Lohan.
She knew Angie was not going to come on her show, shedding crocodile tears and sucking up to her.
I don’t think CAA had any control over guest, that were not their clients, if she could get ratings out of a door ****, it would be on her show.
This is a woman that wore green contact lens for years, until Maya Angelou, spoke to her about them.
Why would she need to make amends to Angie? They were never friends, not related, Opes can’t stand to be a second banana.
As they say (show)business, makes strange bed fellows

AJ always shine every year, It is just on different aspects of her life, HUMANITARIAN especially is one of those (of her being the UNHCR Special Envoy & with various foundations & charity works) plus on her BUSINESS & PERSONAL life. Hopefully, for this year 2014, the spotlight will be on her in terms of CAREER or PROFESSIONAL life as well.,,20768374_20777470,00.html

First-time SAG nominee Lupita Nyong’o was understandably overwhelmed when she won the award for female actor in a supporting role for her memorable performance in 12 Years a Slave.

Raising her arms and jumping up and down when Matt Damon announced that she had won in a category that included Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Lawrence, the 30-year-old said “being recognized by fellow actors is an honor of the highest order,” but it’s unlikely that the award is going to go to her head anytime soon.

“I want to thank my family who have kept it real,” said Nyong’o, who makes her American film debut as a slave named Patsey in 12 Years a Slave.

“My dad, he was the first person I called when I got this role,” she admitted. “I said, ‘Daddy, do you know Brad Pitt? I’m going to be in a movie with him.’ ”

“I don’t know him personally,” her father, who is a Kenyan politician, replied, “but I’m glad you’ve got a job.”

“So am I,” she responded. “So am I.”

EatYourWords @ 01/19/2014 at 6:06 pm

@ deadbeat daddy pitty



Wait A Minute!! @ 01/19/2014 at 6:07 pm

I just noticed that the Oscars and the Super Bowl are airing the same night, how the hell did this happen!!?? The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event on TV whether you’re a football fan or not.

Am I wrong on the dates??

Gorgeous JPs @ 01/19/2014 at 6:11 pm

No- they are a month apart.

saw this OT tweet- kind of funny, unless you are a NE fan:


RT @MattGoldich: Patriots have never won a Super Bowl in a season after one of their players murders a guy

Wait A Minute!! @ 01/19/2014 at 6:12 pm

Nevermind, wooooo the Oscars are March 2nd. Sorry about that. I was lkke what the Sam Hell!


ITAWY and if AMPAS chooses (once again) to pick the “safe” feel-good (???) movie to honor they will be falling more and more into the irrelevance they have been cultivating for the past 10-15 years IMO. Sometimes I get a visual of some tottering old mogul slobbering over his cream o’ wheat while his houseboy checks off his Oscar ballot.

Same goes if they pick Matthew Nutjob for BA!

Gorgeous JPs @ 01/19/2014 at 6:36 pm

Football will be on in my house, but I am REALLY looking forward to PBS line up tonight- Downton/Sherlock. The teams I really care about are out…I guess I want the Seahawks bc some friends are fans, but nothing makes me too psyched for the superbowl. Hopefully, we’ll get some more Brad pictures from the PGAs tonight/tomorrow- go TYAS!!


I agree with you Rose but it is hilarious Oprah cannot even speak Angie’s name don’t you think? She changed the subject when Brad was saying what a wonderful Mum AJ is. Very telling.

I remember someone talking to an African elder who said AJ really gets what is needed in education in Africa …. talking to the communities involved. AJ has always done that and in Cambodia and Afghanistan also. Now Angie supports somewhere upwards of 18 schools, five healthcare units and four orphanages worldwide while Oprah has 1 …. that is ONE school and Madonna took the two children she hand-picked from Malawii and built NONE of any of the above after having people displaced from their homes.

Lupita’s selfie with Brad and Steve.
15 minutes ago
@sagawards #selfie with #BradPitt #SteveMcQueen and #BradWestin #NewRegency

groundcontrol @ 01/19/2014 at 6:48 pm

PT, check your email when you get a chance. I also have a funny for you.

Has anyone else seen Yahoo and the pictures of Brad at the SAG awards, there are actually crazy Hens over there swearing that Ticky is sitting beside Brad, it’s DeDe, and you can only see her hair and profile, but the Hens are actually convinced Brad and Ticky are together. The Hens are some very sick creatures. ROTFLMAO

Passing Through @ 01/19/2014 at 6:54 pm

# 70 tweet @ 01/18/2014 at 10:16 pm
People magazine ‏@peoplemag now
Brad Pitt gets mobbed on the floor during a commercial break. Gracious as always, he takes pics with people and shakes hands. #InsideSAG
BBBBWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I thought the trolls said nobody likes or respects Brad? It’s really gotta suck fo know you have an UNBROKEN 9 year losing streak of being WRONG about everything Jolie-Pitt. Other celebs, including fellow A-listers Damon, Hanks and Hyena came to Brad to get their pix take – not the other way around. The same thing happened when he and Angie were at the Governors Award – celebs FLOCKED to their table to talk to them. Meanwhile, isn’t it ALWAYS the rainy season in Costa Rica? LOL!

Hopefully the old man will thank Angelina and his family if he wins!

Don’t you know when Ticky hags see a blond next to Brad, they immediately think it is Ticky? Lol.

@lucy: I thought trolls say Brad is old, ugly and dirty. Why would they want Ticky to be with old, dirty and ugly Brad. Trolls are so full of it. They can’t get Brad out of their minds. We always knew Jen hens wanted Brad to get back with the dead end, it ain’t going to happen.

of course @ 01/19/2014 at 7:02 pm

Yes, FAT tick old manny was sitting next to Brad- leathery old cougar had a Steve McQueen mask on.

@Passing Through:

Yeah I remember someone tweeting that poor Angie couldn’t enjoy dinner because people were coming to her table. I caught the second broadcast of SAGs and I like how they kept panning to Brad every chance they could. I think they would have done it more but someone was scared to be so obvious. I have seen a couple of articles and such talking about his hair. LOL did that happen to any of the other actors at the other shows. NOPE.. dame they even go so far as to keep pictures of his past hairstyles. Who else gets that kind of focus.. Angie but nobody else.

that is called STAR POWER and Brad has it in spades.

@sweet: Yes he does, and that is the power of fillers. Please, just look at the same man a couple of years ago and he was aging badly (billy goat beard remember?). Angelina can get very thin but has beautiful bone structure and will always be beautiful though.

Brad’s hair and beard always make headlines. The man keeps changing hair and beard that drives everyone crazy. I love it.

Passing Through @ 01/19/2014 at 7:38 pm

# 250 fyi @ 01/19/2014 at 1:30 pm
Oprah Winfrey Joins MLK Drama ‘Selma’ as Producer (Exclusive)
Yet another of Ticky’s hens working with Brad instead of producing something for Ticky. Too funny. Wonder if Ticky managed to drum up any prospects of work at the GG after party? Cuz we all know that’s why she went to it. She’s looking for work in a good movie so she went to the party to try to make some connections. Let’s see if she tries to get a presenting gig at the Oscars this year since Brad nommed again. She was there last year though and stole the Peeps cover from JLaw with her fake wedding leak so she may not want to push her luck continuing to insert herself in places she doesn’t belong and make the story about her when she’s not nominated for anything let alone a winner.

interesting @ 01/19/2014 at 7:41 pm

This was retweeted by Ted Gibson. It seems Ted used a hair piece to add height to Lupita’s hair.
Sakita Holley ‏@MissSuccess 22h

Yup. Ted Gibson’s work I believe. RT @jaredmichaelowe: lupita, girl, is that a hair piece?!?!

Brad’s hair is indeed always fabulous, but it is so funny how some of these sites pretend like the hair has nothing to do with a film role when it does. Heck, some sites have Fury pics on the same page- they’ve been doing this stuff for years when it comes to the JPs. Another nice TYAS tweet:
ICE T (@FINALLEVEL) tweeted at 3:12 PM on Sun, Jan 19, 2014:
“@EunuchJelly:You should see 12 years a slave, if you appreciate good cinema.”/ Of course I’ve seen it. I’m a Brad Pitt fan!

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 01/19/2014 at 7:46 pm


I can’t believe the hens still want Brad to got back to MANiston. How pathetic. I guess the hens were faking it when they say they are happy for MANiston who finally found a man. If they are happy for her, why would they think Dede is MANiston with Brad?The hens haven’t gotten over Brad.

@Rose: Yeah, odd isn’t it, one minute Brad is an ugly gargoyle according to Ticky’s hens, the next they’re all excited because they THOUGHT she got to sit beside him, too funny.

@cattyelizabeth #selfie with #BradPitt #SteveMcQueen and #BradWestin #NewRegency

Passing Through @ 01/19/2014 at 7:54 pm

# 289 bap @ 01/19/2014 at 2:49 pm
Julia Roberts has never said a nice thing about Angelina. These so call friends of Brad are now are at the bottom of there careers and Julia needs Brad to elevate her from now on.
Quit talking out of your ass. Hyena Laugh has NEVER said one word publicly about Angie. NOT ONE. I may not like the trick but she knows better than to talk smack about Angie – especially if she knows it’s going to get back to Brad. Brad is friendly with Hyena but their not friends the way she is with Porgie.

Yup, no one said the trolls were Mensa members…….Brad left his family in Aussie, showed up to support his film and then invited Ticky over to his table……..not in this lifetime…..but dream away………..seems you’ve got the time.

Looks like Lupita & Jaquelin Bisset will be on the Queen Latifah Show.

Another pic of Brad and Julia Roberts
56 minutes ago
#BradPitt and #JuliaRoberts having a sweet moment at the #sagawards ! #osagecounty #12yearsaslave #sagawars2014 #moviestar #movie #movies #friends #pals #smile #laughter #prettywoman #goldenglobes


You don’t like george, matt, ben, amber, johnny, jenn. garner, ellen, oprah, j. law, julia r, mathew m, r. witherspoon,maddonna, charlize th, etc etc. gosh

@Passing Through: I’ve always got the feeling from just some of the things Julia says, that she believes Brad is somehow HER’s, in some weird, twisted way. The way she hangs onto him every time she sees him, the way she talks about him, and to Julia, Angie took something she thought belonged to her. Julia’s the type of woman that believes every man should be hers’ for the taking, and she doesn’t like that Brad fell for someone more beautiful than herself, with Ticky, Julia had no problems, she knew Ticky was not Brad’s equal, but Angie, yeah, Angie is competition in every aspect, and not just for Brad.


UUUHHHH …. It was VF & Vogue actually and Angie doesn’t read her own press any more than she does tabloids. She probably doesn’t connect one writer from time to time unless someone emphasizes to her she doesn’t want the writer again …. someone like BRAD flipping PITT!!!!!!!!! You will notice he hasn’t forgiven VF yet and AJ hasn’t done any of that kind of press since 2011.

Oprah isn’t a Vanity Fair writer. She has always been weird with AJ and I think she can’t risk being in AJ’s presence due to comparison. She acts like Brad’s kids were an immaculate conception.

Oh dear, my comment is in moderation all because I wrote that whenever I read Sofia Vergara’s name I somehow end up pronouncing it as sofia v-i-a-g-r a. LOL!
Let’s see if this comments comes out!

Passing Through @ 01/19/2014 at 8:23 pm

# 364 groundcontrol @ 01/19/2014 at 4:32 pm
GC -
OK. Sounds simple enough. You should have Java on your machine anyway because it’s used by a lot of websites.

troll meltdown @ 01/19/2014 at 8:25 pm

nobody but troll in pain is hating and spewing lies…all rest is facts- Matt M made an arrogant speech and Chiwetel certainly acted circles around him, and he did say some nice things about Angie’s humanitarian work when she got her latest Oscar. Ben is mopey unless grubbing for awards and pap parades for coffee, and praises JLo more than his wife…but he loves JPs, so somewhat cool in my book..the list goes on- all facts. If you don’t like it here you are allowed to go, I think. Give it a try. BTW, that is a nice pic of Brad & Julia, but they cut out Steve McQueen :(

Lmao at okrah…….just want to connect the very nice fragrance of the brad Pitt …..

Got ur agenda okrah!

LOVE BRAD @ 01/19/2014 at 9:06 pm

PGA alredy begun?

@ LOVE BRAD 01/19/2014 at 9:06 pm
Yep!! Folks are arriving. Looks like Lupita continues her red carpet dominance.
Lupita Nyong’o in another winning dress! Beautiful! #pgaawards #redcarpet @ The Beverly Hilton

Now · The Beverly Hilton
#BradPit getting ready to walk the #redcarpet. We are always excited to see him! @producersguild


He looks awesome in that tux!

Lupita looks stunning as always.

Brad looks so handsome.

@troll meltdown: A lot of sites are cutting out either McQueen or Julia’s husband in the pictures of Brad and Julia.

Brad looks so hot.

Video of Brad Pitt and Steve McQueen at PGA Awards. Oh the mayhem!

Star Magazine ‏@Star_News now

Brad Pitt just arrived looking fresh with his new haircut! What a stud! #PCA

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 01/19/2014 at 9:37 pm

Not crazy about the dress, its color or the shoes this time for Lupita, but she is lovely as always.

Sarah Paulson … NO! Please, somebody, anybody, take her in hand. Between this and the SAG, I can’t.

Passing Through @ 01/19/2014 at 9:39 pm

# 416 lucy @ 01/19/2014 at 8:11 pm
@Passing Through: I’ve always got the feeling from just some of the things Julia says, that she believes Brad is somehow HER’s, in some weird, twisted way. The way she hangs onto him every time she sees him, the way she talks about him, and to Julia, Angie took something she thought belonged to her.
I’ve never gotten that impression from Hyena but that’s because she struck out and knows Brad doesn’t want her. When they were making The Mexican Ticky high-tailed her ass down to Meh-hee-co because she was afraid Hyena was going to put the make on Brad. She tried – Brad wasn’t interested. After she took up with Danny Moder Hyena told Brad HE could have had her. He told her, “I still could” and walked away. Having Brad was never even an option for Hyena. I’m sur that hurt her pride…cuz really, getting turned down for the fug mess that is Ticky? Ouch.

Passing Through @ 01/19/2014 at 9:43 pm

# 424 Jones @ 01/19/2014 at 9:13 pm
Lupita looks great again. She’s killing it this awards season and showing some of these other tricks how to do it with class.

I love Brad’s swagger. so hot.

Bizzy Bee @ 01/19/2014 at 9:44 pm

Shout out to all the great fans, especially Phool, Rose, and Anustin.

It’s great to see a star dressing appropriately for her age. Lupita keeps it young and fresh without being immature.

Passing Through @ 01/19/2014 at 9:48 pm

# 432 William Bradley&The Jolie @ 01/19/2014 at 9:37 pm
LOL. I was just thinking how lucky Lupita is that she wear almost any color with her skin tone.

Jessica Radloff ‏@JRadloff now

Brad Pitt & Steve McQueen=class acts for walking the entire press line tonight. Intvw on @glamourmag Mon.

TheGloss ‏@theglossdotcom now

Brad Pitt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Steve McQueen represent the men’s department on our #PGAAwards best dressed list.

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 01/19/2014 at 9:55 pm

@Passing Through:

It’s almost the same dress that Adams wore yesterday at SAG. I didn’t like it on Adams either, but I did love the color. I think the dress would work much better if it were in the blue shade of Adams’ dress. That blue would pop against Lupita’s skin. I just think the color is kind of a wash and would not flatter anybody really.

By the way, do actors and directors normally attend the PGA? Or are they there by invitation?

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brad stays the week and then attends the DGA to support Steve and 12YAS. The week would also give him some time to do screenings or other meet and greet type events.

Brad appears tall. In all the pictures from SAG, he always appears atleast a few inches taller than the other people, no matter who it is. Same in the instagram video of him at PGA Awards. The ladies were looking UP at him.

Lupita is a stunner again……oh, the warm tones against her skin are breathtaking…….the colour of this dress would make most people look like they puked on themselves, but she carries it magnificently.

Glad Brad is getting increased attention for TYAS…..the cast was doing a great job on their own, but doesn’t hurt when the King of HW tags along and puts the icing on the cake……..

Tony Cabrera ‏@tonycabrera now

Interviewed Brad Pitt again at the #PGA Awards. He was with fellow producer Steve McQueen for…

Passing Through you are control freak on this site! You think you know all about Brad and Anniston.

Passing Through does not like anyone challenging her knowledge about Brad who she feels she owns the rights to.

Nice pic of Chiwetel, Brad and Steve in their tuxes looking SO good.
Brad Pitt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Steve McQueen represent the men’s department on our #PGAAwards best dressed list.

I never, ever thought this type of haircut could be appealing on anyone but seriously, Brad looks hot! And to top it of, every comment him about him is that he’s gracious with everyone he interacts with, which makes him hotter. Then when you think about what Angie has gone through this year and how Brad has been this solid rock of support for her, it makes him swoon worthy.


He has amazing posture. Angie does too. And if you look at the kids they have great posture as well. I guess it is genetics.. because he stands so straight and tall. Angie does as well. Gives you a great air about you.

EpicLLOYD ‏@TheEpicLLOYD now

I’m eating the same chicken as Brad Pitt right now. #PGAAwards


Question Passing Through you think Brad will remember to Thank Angelina if he wins?

@Passing Through:Maybe it’s just because I don’t like Julia, and she seems to think that just because she was in the first Oceans Film somehow those guys are HER guys, especially George and Brad. And I also remember the story about her telling Brad he could have had her, and him saying he still could, and you know that’s true because Julia sleeps with ALL her co-stars, bet it really put a dent in her ego when Brad turned her down, especially knowing Brad was with that fugly Ticky too. But we know Brad was not in his right mind, has anyone ever seen that movie, The Mexican, all I can say is I HOPE Brad was stoned when he signed on the dotted line to do that film, or he just wanted to get away from Ticky. lol

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 01/19/2014 at 10:07 pm

William Bradley Pitt is killing it in that tux. All hail his tailor. Ejiofor and McQueen look wonderful. The tailoring, the tailoring, the tailoring. Always.

Brad is wearing his age very well, he looks so distinguished and very much a family man. He always wears the haircut he has in a movie for some time after the filming is done, and I love this cut on him.

I think The Fury will be one of Brad’s favorite movies, he put so much into it. I can’t wait to see the final product. It’s always fun to have a Brad movie to look forward to!

My heart is a little heavy at the thought of Chiwetel being shut out of all the awards, especially after all the critics named him the frontrunner. I’m sure he, like Lupita, just feels blessed to have been apart of such an incredible movie.

@bap: Hey, don’t throw shade on PT, I’ve learned a lot from her, she certainly knows more about Brad, Angie and Ticky than I do.

That’s right. PT is my go to gal for pertinent info and a good read.

I gotta love how the drug addict is still trying to steal the spotlight from McQueen… how pathetically sad and demented is that? Of course that’s the only thing he’s got going for after being dumped by Paramount and Brad Grey both.

It’s no secret he’s 1/6 of a producing team, and that’s only because the company he’s got a partnership in owned the novel’s adaptation rights. Besides that he only showed up on set to ruin the film with his “downside” cameo. Even funnier is how the demented worshippers of this site are still overhyping Pothead’s involvement in the film, as if he had been a mastermind who made it all happen. If you were to believe any of the praises loons are singing about his participation, you’d think he wrote, directed, did casting, financed, photographed, edited and composed the score.HAHAHA- that’s the joke of the year!

Newsflash loons! It is McQueen’s masterpiece, not Pothead’s, and Steve has been very, very vocal about it. I’m pretty sure eventually one of the tabloid addled psychos will claim that McQueen is in Huvane’s pocket. XD

PS: Good job on the paid posts Jared, way to stay objective! The post should be about McQueen. How’s Francie doing?

Passing Through @ 01/19/2014 at 11:41 pm

# 455 lucy @ 01/19/2014 at 10:14 pm
@bap: Hey, don’t throw shade on PT, I’ve learned a lot from her, she certainly knows more about Brad, Angie and Ticky than I do.
DJ can ATTEMPT to throw all the shade she wants but since she lives in a cave it’s a little hard to shade other people – especially since she never knows what she’s talking about.

Passing Through @ 01/20/2014 at 1:17 am

Congrats to Brad, Dede, Jeremy Kleiner, Steve McQueen & Anthony Katagas on their PGA win…even if the PGA did cop-out by giving it a “tie” with Gravity. Basically they’re saying they’ll leave it up to AMPAS to be the tie-breaker. But…Leo didn’t win, now did he, Ring-a-ding-dong? Oh wait…he wasn’t nominated, was he? LOL!

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