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Jennifer Lawrence - SAG Awards 2014 Red Carpet

Jennifer Lawrence - SAG Awards 2014 Red Carpet

Jennifer Lawrence hits all the right notes on the red carpet at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Saturday (January 18) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress is a double nominee this evening for her work in American Hustle. She is up for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role against 12 Years a Slave‘s Lupita Nyong’o, August: Osage County‘s Julia Roberts, Nebraska‘s June Squibb, and Lee Daniels’ The Butler‘s Oprah Winfrey.

The cast of American Hustle is up for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture against the casts of 12 Years a Slave, August: Osage County, Dallas Buyers Club, and Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Dior dress, Brian Atwood shoes, a Jimmy Choo bag, and Jennifer Meyer jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence at the 2014 SAG Awards

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  • whoops

    she lost, woohoo

  • amelie

    i guess this is a vast improvement on the gown she wore to the GGs. i’m just bored of seeing her in strapless dior gowns. i hope for the oscars that her stylist requests a vintage galliano gown.

  • mele

    @amelie: raf won’t let her wear vintage galliano and that’s a fact, nobody has worn galliano since raf has taken over. It’s an obvious improvement from before but I never liked sequin dresses, they look cheapish imo.

  • Ha

    Am I the only one who’s tired of seeing this girl!? I don’t know why, she just rubs me the wrong way. Can’t stand her already. GO LUPITA

  • Isa

    Now that’s a beautiful dress… she looks amazing.

  • amelie


    u need to be careful – any time anyone says anything vaguely critical about jennifer on here you’re accused of being “jealous” or a “hater”. i think that she is likeable but people go over the top with how “hilarious” they think that she is. & she has won way too many awards for very mediocre film performances.

  • elf

    @Ha: the thing is that she always tries to pull the humor card, like every single time, like armpit fat tonight? that was her trying too hard, she looked fine in the dress, believe me if i saw an ounce of armpit fat id mention it but she was clearly exaggerating, she doesn’t look fat at all and wants to come out with these subliminal insecurities. all i can say is chill jen, enjoy the night, u may not have won, but nominees still get free swag thats worth thousands of dollars, id be pretty grateful to be in her position.

    @amelie: shes good at being “natural” but its not oscar worthy. winter’s bone was more oscar worthy than her performance in SLP, but since she was acting like a natural girl next door, she gets the oscar. and then O. Russell keeping on campaigning for her is so off putting, lupita or anyone from 12YAS hasn’t campaigned and they’ve deserved every award. big difference

  • Guest

    wow… she looks amazing

  • Amanda

    @elf: You just said everything.

  • Diane

    you’re stunning Jen!!

  • Bill

    OMG! Jennifer is absolutely perfect! This is not her year, but she has already accomplished so much for a 23-year-old girl. I’m sure we will see her in many awards! Go Jen! :-)

  • Lilly

    The jealousy is strong. She lost the SAG and probably will lose the Oscar even though she deserves the win. People forget how hard she worked to be where she is now. She’s not some blonde bimbo who got famous for a blockbuster or co-starring with a Hollywood leading man. Winter’s Bone anyone? All this unwarranted hate on this poor girl makes me sick.

  • Nick

    She looks beautiful and doesn’t think looking like a child did her make up is a good look…also doesn’t need race identity politics to win a award.

  • ava

    O look a bunch of losers delighted that chick who will never be heard from by this time next year won a SAG instead of Jennifer Lawrence , while Lawernce has been nominated for 3 Oscar’s in for 4 years and has a oscar for best actress , is the highest grossing women actress in the world , and has for the first time a women as the lead for the higest grossing movie in North America since 1965′s Sound of music .. And 23 and has a gorgeous boyfriend..

  • pat

    Love the dress , she looks really good , too bad she didn’t win she stole American Hustle , and was the part of a cast of outstanding performances .

  • izzie1957

    @Ha: In a few months, a new girl is going to appear and you are going to say thing about lupita, is not fair to judge jennifer just because you are tired of seeing her. jennifer and lupita are great, there is space for both in hollywood.

  • Mary

    She looks modern and age appropriate. It’s a fun look and I think she deserves the accolades that she is getting. I also think that Lupita deserves the awards that she is getting. I really don’t understand being happy that someone lost and being so spiteful. She has performed extremely well in a variety of roles. If she’s not your cup of tea, so be it, but why be so gleeful in meanness?

  • Amanda

    @ava: The only “loser” here is you, dear. Go treat yourself, obsessed stupid Jennifer Lawrence’s fan.

  • Isa

    @ava: Oh man… just shut up you retarded fan. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t even know you existed, you moron.

  • Isa

    @Lilly: Jealous? When people say another actress did a better performance than Jennifer Lawrence is called jealous now? Really? Just grow up, little girl.

  • Taylor

    @ava: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you just cant hide the angry after seeing your biggest idol loosing the award, dont you? reading your comment the only thing that comes to my mind is: what a pathetic person. really feel sorry for you. so pathetic.

  • Lilly

    @Isa: Do not call me a little girl, I’m a grown ass woman. Have some respect. Being extremely happy someone lost while putting then down isn’t the most “grown up” thing if you ask me. Jennifer didn’t’ win in her first Oscar nominated performance she worked her ass off and now she’s extremely successful. This new girl does not deserve the win she hasn’t worked hard enough to be awarded all these prestigious awards. This Lupita girl is only winning because she’s black not because she’s a good actress…. there I said what everyone thinking. I’ve seen 12 years a slave and she was pretty average at best.

  • Bill

    Jennifer and Lupita are both talented and beautiful women. I don’t understand why people are trying to create a rivalry between them. They won’t even compete for the same role. Julia, Oprah, June and Sally Hawkins also gave outstanding performances last year. More love!

  • Taylor

    @Lilly: I respect every opinion, but you really don’t, you called everybody here “jealous” when their comments were about Lupita winning over Jennifer. This is not so respectful coming from a “grown woman”, don’t you agree?

  • liz

    she’s gorgeous no matter what she wears but i am really getting sick of seeing her in strapless dresses! she could do one shoulder, short sleeve, cap sleeve, or a long sleeve gown. just something else, please!!!

  • Lilly

    @Taylor: There’s a way to give your opinion without being disrespectful and rude. Putting someone down because they lost to someone else shows how jealous and mean spirited you are. Half of these people haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave. Goes to show you what their intentions really are. Nobody really cares about this new girl.

  • Alexa


    I am agree!

  • marilyn

    @Lilly: a lot of people care about lupita, she’s a Yale drama school graduate that has been awarded for her very first featured film, that is a huge achievement in of itself. You’re a pressed stan, you do realize that there’s a whole bunch of young undiscovered talent that are better actresses than Jen. She’s not the new Meryl like stans believe. if Jen wins consecutively for the next couple of years, people will get really tired of her and her constant contrived humor. And O. Russels comments about him saying that she’s worth more than what she’s getting paid for was an ignorant and pretentious comment when normal 23 yr old girls are working their butts off with minimum wage jobs and have thousands of dollars in debt because of college tuition, just to end up having a career that will still make way less than what Jen earns, Jen has more than enough in her bank account, if she’s so overworked, she can stop filming THG but that’s HER choice to keep working so I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

  • laura

    I like Jennifer, she is kind of annoying thought but with that said she is a good actress. However, we need to give credit where credit is due and Jennifer’s performance in AH was not as good as Lupita’s who really deserves to win. It seems that they are just handing these awards to Jennifer because of her popularity and that’s not cool.

  • Lilly

    @marilyn: What is a stan?

    All of that is your opinion and I wholeheartedly disagree. Most comments I’ve read admit that they haven’t seen 12 years a Slave, but hope Lupita wins anyway. What does that tell you? I’m fine with Jen losing but if she wins she deserves it. She’s a very gifted actress and has accomplished so much for someone so young. Lupita is a fine actress but not Oscar worthy as of yet, not for this performance and not for her first film. She simply hasn’t shown what she has to give the industry. Her performance was average and one trick, and can’t see her branching out into more commercial things, other than indie and made for Oscar buzz films. If Lupita wins and Oscar for her very first film it would be because she’s black and not the performance itself. That is not something to be proud of or something to build and sustain a career. I don’t see much of a future for Lupita.

  • wt

    White trash! And nothing else! If this is what Hollywood has to offer then don’t look for me to watch. She is horrible. Can’t act, is completely rude and vulgar, and is absolutely unattractive. Bring Liz Taylor out of the grave!

  • puravik

    I’m so glad that Lupita won.
    I’m really getting tired of Jennifer Lawrence and all this attention she gets.
    But fortunately this look is quite ok and for once her eye make-up makes her eyes look beautiful. And this gown is much better than her previous one.

  • Cate

    This is definitely one of her better Dior looks but my goodness these variations on long strapless Dior dresses are so tiresome. Her hair looks better, not so much middle-aged mother like it was looking before

  • denial

    @Lilly: loooool you really think jen did a better job than lupita? you need to learn a heck of alot more about acting if you think so cause lupita’s performance was unforgettable, jen’s performance was a real housewives of new jersey cameo lmfao. big difference, lupita’s performance IS what you call an oscar worthy performance. clearly this hater never saw what lupita’s character Patsey went through in 12YAS, you never saw the movie, just be honest cause you’re pressed to put her down for her incredible work. she’s a proper ivy league drama school graduate versus jen never actually getting any acting lessons because she was told by acting coaches to not lose her “natural” ability. she’s good at being natural that’s why she’s a good actress, not oscar worthy, especially when bradley deserved the oscar much more than jen’s “girl next door love interest” role in SLP. im pretty sure any girl her age could’ve done Tiffany just as good as jen, it wasn’t a memorable role, she was lucky to be at the right place at the right time to be O. Russell’s favorite little girl.

  • Arial

    “>Lilly: And what about Lawrence? She got famous at age 20 or 21, and just got lucky with the Hungar Games franchise and all these movies. She got her first Oscar at age 22. She hasn’t worked hard for like 10 or 12 years trying to break in the industry. Lawrence’s fame is almost instant and overnight. What hard work has she done? Even the legends in Hollywood had to work hard for many, many years. Even the likes of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise all had to work hard for years and years to get where they are. Lawrence barely had to lift a finger for all her success.
    And you seem like a racist by saying that young woman is winning because she black.

  • Lillian

    This is exactly why I love Kristen Stewarts gowns on the red carpet way more. The girl knows how to take risks. This strapless Dior look is getting old. She is way too young to dress this old

  • Lilly

    @Arial: I’m guessing you missed my comments in the first page? Jennifer Lawrence did not get her first big break on the Hunger Games and her success wasn’t overnight. She has been working steadily since 2006, even playing a mascot in Monk. Her very first break and she doesn’t show her face. After that she did a bunch of B movies nothing major that would getting her notice by the academy. Her big break was in 2010 in the film Winter’s Bone, a film that awarded her with her first academy award nomination. The fact of the matter is Jen has shown that she’s a phenomenal actress and can play an array of characters. Stop making this a racist thing. Lupita’s acting in 12 Years a Slave is one note and average. She cries and cries and gets whipped. Such range… Not. Lupita hasn’t shown range or actual acting ability. Any black woman could play her part an get nominated just because she’s black. Lupita’s performance in 12 years of slave is nothing special and way overrated.

  • huh

    @Lilly: Respect is earned. You expect others to respect you when you yourself do not respect others opinion. Certainly, things you said about Lupita are unpleasant and you are supposed to be a grown woman.

  • Lilly

    @huh: Exactly respect is earned. People here are extremely rude and nonsensical Let’s all ignore @wt and @denial’s comments and focus on me. All I did is state what everybody was thinking, in a very respectful way. Nobody cares about this new girl and her acting is way overrated.

  • huh

    @Lilly: Sorry, I believe you have double standards. Trying reading your comments and they obviously are derogatory especially in the way you bash Lupita. You actually behave otherwise!