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Katie Holmes Braves Weekend Rain with Starbucks Coffee!

Katie Holmes Braves Weekend Rain with Starbucks Coffee!

Katie Holmes stays warm with a cup a coffee at Starbucks on Saturday (January 18) in New York City.

Later in the day, the 35-year-old actress braved the rain while stocking up on groceries at a local Whole Foods market in the Big Apple.

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The day before, Katie jammed to some music while taking a solo stroll.

In case you didn’t know, three of Katie‘s films – Days and Nights, Miss Meadows, and Mania Days – are all in post production and scheduled to release sometime this year. Stay tuned for more details!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes running errands on the weekends…

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katie holmes braves weekend rain with starbucks coffee 01
katie holmes braves weekend rain with starbucks coffee 02
katie holmes braves weekend rain with starbucks coffee 03
katie holmes braves weekend rain with starbucks coffee 04
katie holmes braves weekend rain with starbucks coffee 05
katie holmes braves weekend rain with starbucks coffee 06
katie holmes braves weekend rain with starbucks coffee 07
katie holmes braves weekend rain with starbucks coffee 08
katie holmes braves weekend rain with starbucks coffee 09
katie holmes braves weekend rain with starbucks coffee 10

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  • money’s little money maker

    where is Suri?

  • Ines

    those have to be the most unfeminine legs in hollyweird. That includes the men ;)
    Seriously girl, those are clydesdales.

  • KHo the train wreck

    That’s one of the ugliest cross body bag I’ve ever seen. The way this gold-digging, fame hungry HO wears it makes it look even cheaper.

  • me

    Her legs are thick as if she couldnt move them slightly. She looks like a potato in pics. I dont know in reality.

  • K-Flop – What we don’t know

    No, K-Flop looking “chic” descriptives with the story today?

    Post production films scheduled for release SOMETIME this year, doesn’t promising.. doubtful? Will these be released in a theater? Rental?

    Does any of them or will any of them have a trailer? Excluding The Given, which is confirmed, so will most likely have a trailer in spite of K-Flop.

    Holmes & Yang NYFW Feb 6-13, 2014?

  • K-Flop – What we don’t know

    correction: Post production films scheduled for release SOMETIME this year, doesn’t sound promising.

  • Nathan

    Can’t wait to see Katie’s new movies! I’m looking forward to “Miss Meadows” the most her character carries a gun and drives a cool old car. I think it’s going to be a great movie!

  • Drats

    There are those god awful ugly booties she’s been wearing for about seven years now. She thinks they make her cankles look thinner.

  • YAWN

    I see the 2014 “Katie Holmes walking in and out of buildings” season has started already. Ohh how suspenseful. Will she be holding coffee? Will she brush her hair? Will she get new boots? Will Suri be throwing a fit? Will Suri wear a coat in NY winter? Stay tuned for another full year of Katie Holmes doing absolutely nothing in front of the paps.

  • anne

    @K-Flop – What we don’t know:

    Frustrated lesbian. Get a life. Why so much hatred for a people who you not know?

  • KHo the train wreck

    What’s up with the hatred towards lesbians? I don’t K-Flop’s hate, the person is simply analyzing KHo’s ‘career’, while you, my dear, shows so much hate towards women who love women, what’s up with that? Go see a shrink about it, would ya?

  • K-FLOP – Get a Life


    LOL, seriously? after calling me a frustrated lesbian with no life?

    “hatred for people you don’t know?” <_ take your own advice – get a life (instead of someone else’s).

    by and by, Ho(l)mley & Yang, NYFW, Feb 6-3, 2014?

  • ANNE

    @KHo the train wreck:

    I do not hate anyone. Just think you only put bad things about Katie. You root for everything to go wrong with her.
      She is living her life without harming anyone. Let’s hope KH find a new love, keep working and be a great mother to Suri. Tom his mega-star status in HW is already settled. I hope he finds a new GF that is happy and respects their beliefs. A hug.
    Kisses Annie.

  • annie

    go anne!
    lots of hugs and kisses for your comment!

  • rubyz

    How can this woman consistently wear several thousands of dollars worth of clothing and look like she just crawled out of a dumpster?

  • Tara

    @rubyz: It is one of the great mysteries of life. She is a pretty woman and while her figure is not perfect, instead of emphasizing her good points she consistently wears styles that are unflattering, colors that are not good on her and of course she often can’t be bothered with minimal grooming, although she has gotten better lately.

  • @tara

    I’m pretty sure it’s because you can’t buy class. She doesn’t have any and doesn’ t know how to carry things off. She always comes across messy and unkept.
    just noticed last thread someone said she looked like Jackie O. Had to laugh out loud. Dark hair and sunglasses does not make you a Jackie O look alike. (and didn’t she butch that movie big time?). JO would never have pimped her kid nor taken her kid or herself out in public looking such a mess so many times for starters.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @rubyz: Just came home from Barcelona where style is king. Have to agree! At least cut it with the tight Jeans. Black leggings are in and never see her wearing them. Can’t wait to see her in The Gift and Miss Meadows. Hey, maybe she is taking more coaching classes. I read somewhere where Julianne took coaching classes to prepare for her roles. If Justin Timberlake can bring it than why can’t she? And now Selena Gomez? Like the Underdog, she really does have the potential and so many root for the “underdog”., I.e. It is all waiting for her, she just has to reach out and grab it. God Speed.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    It’s the, “Yes, I have Lower AB Issues; but I’m Katie Holmes, once married to (hence my career got put on hold – catholics love to play the quintessential martyr) and LEFT TC, got Suri so I don’t care,” walk!

  • @19

    lol. Was it you in another thread that was saying how she seemed bitter still? I think I understand that now. IMO from what I see of her she seems like the kind of person who wouldn’t take the time to evaluate her role in what happened (and see her character flaws and part in the failed marriage) but would be bitter and blame everyone else. I can see it because it fits with what we have seen of her character otherwise. She was a spoiled child and then came into the DC thing and then married TC and thought she was going to be queen of Hollywood but we all know how that worked out. Some people really think they are special and think they are owed it all. I can see that in her from the way she was brought up and its hard for them when it doesn’t go their way. Add to that her own admission of being very messy and unorganized to me she seems like a very lazy minded person. Someone else described her as doing everything ‘half azzed’ and it makes sense. I just get the feeling when everything was given to her she wasn’t really grateful but thought she deserved it .

  • Dare To Be Honest

    Yes. And I’m the one who Annie accuses of being Rubyz, Sincerely Concerned, #85 etc. What a hoot….

  • annie

    didn’t say you were rubyz.
    but didn’t you say , you were both, dare to be honest, and sincerely concerned, if you didn’t , that’s ok , because you are,
    and no point waiting for the Gift…….it came out years ago.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @Sincerely Concerned: So I’m you?!?!?:)

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @rubyz: I guess I am no longer YOU!

  • rubyz

    #24 I’m glad we’re clear on who’s who, LOL. Holmes is still a mess, but at least we’re all good here : ).

  • lets be honest

    @annie I always knew you liked Katie very much and I thought you were a lesbian for a very long time your always here and always watching Katie I like reading the comments and always see your name do you feel frustrated? carpet muncher your calling names

  • Dee

    @@19: To me, she is no different than all the other spoiled Hollywood brats out there; so IF she grows up and puts some sweat equity into it, than she can pull it off. I agree with you though, if she doesn’t take time to take personal inventory; ……..hence the foreseeable train wreck people are waiting for,

  • Dee

    @Sincerely Concerned: Maybe she could at least buy some scarves (to class it up)!

  • @Dee

    Yes, IFIF but that is the problem. She doesn’t seem to have what it takes since she is also unorganized and lazy and doesn’t seem to have an ambitious nature. (one of the many reasons I think her and Tom** were not good for each other the minute the initial attraction wore off for both of them)….but, regarding her career: I think most things were handed to her and she was just given A list status due to marriage and couldn’t cut it with those opportunities(given at her prime ) so to me, I have a hard time picturing her at 35 making a good come back in anything aside from very small roles.But I do think she will be bitter about her past and think she is/was owed it.
    **disclaimer: doesn’t mean I am CO$ member or defending Tom I just see kh as an equal partner if fu*kery in this mess.

  • Dee

    @@Dee: But would that not be her PR guys job to put up with her shit?? You know; massage her lazy ego…

  • Alexander

    @@Dee: I understand she was an honor student in HIGH School. I guess what we are seeing in this lazy, sloppy presentation is a cumulation of years of I’m privileged coupled with ungreatful festering into a chronic, I don’t give a shit demeanor. Like the boil that can’t be popped!

  • @31

    I heard that too and that she got into Columbia but lets be honest– doing well in HIgh School in Ohio is much different then being ambitious or actually going to college and finishing it. The kind of major one goes after makes a big difference too. Science or humanities??
    @DEE:Yes, but her pr people are the same that have been with her a while now. They let her go out in public the way she does- not sure if they tell her the truth about that or any other area of her life.

  • annie

    there you go again responding to all the different posts you wrote, pretending to be other people, you’re a scream!
    carry on, you are very amusing, ”sad” , but amusing!
    don’t you feel in the least bit stupid, i feel for you!
    ok , now we have something else, on our never ending list, I’m a lesbian, and katies education.
    this is getting funnier by the second.!

  • Alexander

    @annie: I see you haven’t seeked professional advise yet. Would not want want to be around you as you slumber off into early dementia. You’ll probably be one of those paranoid nail scratching old ladies that won’t let you transfers them to the toilet.

  • @annie

    what are you talking about??I am #32 and yes I replied to Dee and Alexander. Are you now implying I am them too????
    I am not DEE or ALEXANDER. lol.
    AND I never said anything about you being a lesbian. That also was not me.

  • @annie

    Annie- also just read the post where the person asked if you were lesbian. Pls note she/he said they read your post over a long period of time. Remember I am the one that is new to the TC/KH post here and although I did read some old threads I have not followed it here long. So you can assume I am all of those 3 people but you will be wrong.

  • @ all

    suri going to school yesterday I think (although one last pic seems to be a few years old since she looks smaller- the one with katie there.)

    so is this the new plan? no more walking her to school to change her image?
    AND no boots in the snow of

  • Dare to be NOT Sincerely Conce

    @ANNE: I hear there may be something brewing with one of the bodyguards (via twitter). That would be ideal!

  • . Sincerely concerned

    I think it is a combination of her: Walk – she has this pigeon toed gait (just like her father’s – major daddy issues there!) that makes her look stiff with those tight jeans. She would do better in bell bottom, loose type jeans (in my opinion). Side view – she has long thighs that look unusually thin but when you look at the Frontview – they look VERY wide and thick. Then – her legs/calves (normally sized) just blend right into her ankles… Hence, the potato walk. Someone needs to go in and clean out her entire wardrobe and burn those blanken boots and jeans. Possibly someone with some fashion sense;)

  • Date to be NOT sincere

    Unfortunately, no amt. of exercise can change that but make it more pronounced… It’s all orthopedic. She could so easily off set it by doing core strengthening. If that sidekick of hers is her personal trainer, she needs to fire her and hire someone who knows what they’re doing. The first clue is to look at the “appearance” of the trainer. That girl looks “not all put together”. But then I guess white trash attracts white trash:(

  • Date to be NOT sincere

    @Date to be NOT sincere: Why have a personal trainer unless she employed a trainer/friend!?!? Can not recommend enough The Military Wives workout – only 20 minutes long. Of course; cut the sugars, bread etc. I.e., Everything white. Uhhhmm .. Hence white trash. I just kill myself with my insight:)

  • Dee

    Those jeans!!! I hope she does laundry regularly.

  • Dee

    Not a fan of hers, BUT! When she left Tom, I thought, breakout with a GOOD role in a movie, show, play, whatever. I would love to see her team up with Scorsissi with their love of NY and all. Leo could be the younger, incorrigible brother who she tries to keep in line. I guess he only retells history but their must be a plot out there that would work. Her eyes have so much depth with the Paps/pics. If she channeled that into the movie camera she’d nail it. ……In my opinion.

  • as seen on tumblr

    From tumblr blog===
    On seeing Katie Holmes outside of the office….
    Me:How did she look?
    Coworker:Tired. Like huge black bags under her eyes.

  • Dee

    Going through my morning ritual of reading various blogs: looking for any possible trailer for The Giver and found one on “Hitler’s rxn to Taylor Swift being casted in one of the roles. My main thought a flyer watching it was,; Annie really needs to get a grip. No one is exempt from “critiquing” in the entertainment world!

  • NG

    Just Jared didn’t like my previous comment and didn’t print it so I’ll shorten it. Wonder where Katie stores all her clothes, yes, they are casual but just the casual jackets, coats, and sweaters are a lot. I hope they converted on of their bedrooms into a walk in closet. I mean, the shoes, handbags, Suri’s clothes, etc. If one is not keep up this come very messy.

  • anne

    @Dare to be NOT Sincerely Conce:

    I do not understand what you mean. More for you and envious of this site, go here: Katie Holmes was wrong (as we all do), corrected her mistake, took an innocent in this mess and are following with your life. She is young, beautiful and talented. Will win. She left a life of luxury and glamor, more unhappy, and try to find true love.

  • annie

    @ Dee
    you know, what I don’t get, is the fact that it’s seems ok for people to bash someone, about anything from breathing down to their education and everything in between, yet if somebody comes to their defence, they need to get a grip, or they are lesbian, and everything else.
    there are people and one in paticular, who does post over and over, saying mean things, and uses different names.
    why is that ok?
    how many people would continue to go on to university, if they were given a tv series. after KH made Ice Storm she went back and finished her schooling, and got good marks, and got accepted, into Columbia Uni.
    how is somebody, who makes movies, has endorsements, whether you like it or not, Holmes/Yang going on 5 yrs, raises her child, lazy?
    the only difference between Katie and other actresses seems to be she doesn’t go to a lot of,. have to be seen events. so you don’t often see her dressed up, which I think is a bit of a shame, but anyway.
    I have always said it, and will continue to say it, I think she looks heaps better, than most actresses, and the proof is on JJ everyday.
    also there are not many actresses who stay home for a year after having a baby, when their movie careers are just taking off , mix that with a couple of wrong decisions…
    when i give examples, that her movies did better than some movies with bigger name actors, that doesn’t count, well you can’t have everything Dee.
    I’m not lying , not making up stories to suit myself, like others do here.
    And yes I do understand that it’s s celeb gossip blog, and people can say whatever they want, that’s the trouble they say whatever they want, however doesn’t necessarily means that it’s fact or the truth.
    to me, this poster that goes on and on, about not having family, friends, career and everything else, when there is so much evidence around to the contrary, what’s the satisfaction in that?

  • NG

    I’m #46 and commented about where Katie might possibly store her clothes. Doesn anyone every think about that. Look at this video of Denise Rich’s $65 million apartment that went on the market. It shows one of the closets for one of the master bedrooms and its really not that big considering this is a 7 bedroom apartment. Click on this link to view. Now we all know that Katie lives in the Chelsea Merchantile Bldg in a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. I just wonder how does she store all her clothes. I mean the coats and jackets, the different shoes, and handbags alone must take up a lot of space. I have a fairly sized wardrobe and I have to perdiodically make sure that I’m using all my clothes. I wonder how she does it. I am very organized and don’t know how I would handle it if I weren’t organized. Here’s the video of that 12,000 square foot apartment that used to belong to Denise Rich. I was DISAPPOINTED in the shoe closet.

  • Dare to be Honest

    @NG: ALL her clothing and you only see her in tight jeans, boots and yes different coats and with different purses; and that athletic trainer of hers with those oversized tennis shoes looks like something gaudy out of Chagrin Falls. My big gripe with her over the past year is the actions she takes since the divorce: how about a little bit of I am women hear me roar instead of I am bitter, WTF. Action trumps thought, fake it till you make it etc. If she just dressed with a little class, you’d loose half these naysayers. She actually looked quite classy with the basketball……. (minus the short coat going into the stadium) Don’t tell me she can’t put the same effort into her daily routine minus the heels. I get the whole catholic all girls dress protocol but like Nick said in The Great Gatsby, you can’t repeat the past. I would do anything to be her assistant PR person. Why? Because I get her; all the way from the devote catholic upbringing down to the astrological pitfalls… Just 6 mos!