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Liam Payne Sends 'Duck Dynasty' Star Love for His Family Values

Liam Payne Sends 'Duck Dynasty' Star Love for His Family Values

Liam Payne took to Twitter to show some love for Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson and his “family values.”

“huge love to you/your family huge respect for your business prosperities and the family values you still all behold. big fan,” the 20-year-old One Direction singer tweeted.

Liam later added, “Being a fan of someones show and the way they still hold a family together doesnt mean i am ok with all they say.”

The stars of Duck Dynasty recently came under fire after patriarch Phil Robertson said some anti-gay remarks in an interview. He was quickly suspended from the show, but then A&E lifted the suspension before it had any effect on the series.

Duck Dynasty premiered its fifth season on Wednesday (January 15) with 8.5 million viewers tuning in, which was 28% lower than its record-setting fourth season debut in August last year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Liam Payne sending love to the Duck Dynasty family?

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  • soy

    this is not a good move for his popularity

  • bonita

    @soy: Who cares? Ya know, freedom of speech ring a bell?

  • stella

    Why is nobody allowed to have an opinion anymore? Geez….

  • flynn5928

    @bonita: @bonita:

    Does Equality ring a bell?

  • boring

    LMFAO, i wonder what his fans will say now, still love him?

  • soy

    @bonita: hollywood and showbiz care, these tween stars’ success is based on popularity, say something wrong and goodbye career

  • Hee

    It’s hysterical that he would say that, since most people know that two of his bandmates are gay. Shock!!!

  • Chelsea

    @bonita: what about freedom to life, liberty and security? I’m pretty sure those anti gay remarks infringe on people who want to get married, but are gay’s rights.

  • ok

    I think that people are too quick to judge. Much like he tweeted after…. being a fan of someone doesn’t mean you agree with everything they do. From what I’ve seen the way that family runs a business is incredible and they stick together through thick and thin… maybe that’s what he was referring to. He has been nothing but supportive of fans of all kinds and he seems to get the most crap.. should he have maybe been a little more weary of that tweet, maybe… but we’ve also become so judgmental that we automatically assume the worst of people.

  • alexandrina

    lol… it’s his opinion .. gay people are so sensitive these days…

  • rontex

    It’s absolutely his right to say what he feels but just be prepared for the sh*t storm coming your way from the fans in 3, 2 … Dumb a**

  • flynn5928


    Yes you are, but we can have the opinion that your opinion sucks because they negativity affects thousands of people around the world that aren’t treated equally

  • whitney

    Good for him.

  • http://swagasdfghjkl12 hshsh

    funny how if justin bieber said this all hell would break loose

  • Love The Shoes

    @Hee: Who are “most people?” You people kill me assigning gay badges to people based on some teen/tween bs assumptions. Say who they are and back it up with fact……………………..I dare ya.

  • xa

    @alexandrina: “lol… it’s his opinion .. gay people are so sensitive these days…”
    “lol… it’s his opinion .. black people are so sensitive these days…”
    “lol… it’s his opinion .. jews people are so sensitive these days…” etc

  • sara

    What a moron, and even more so for backtracking, have some ba**s to at least stand by what you believe in. Even if it means you a douche!

  • Paul

    My guess is that it is a hidden message to one of his bandmates, who he probably just had a bitchfight with, and then in the spur of the moment took to twitter and wrote something that he knew would hurt that persons feelings. Silly young man. You’ll regret it when you’ve cooled down.

    One more thing. There are surveys and discussions going on in England that shows that gay teens are having an alarmingly hard time in schools and such, so it makes it really unfortunate that the country’s biggest teenstar intentionally or unintentionally throws more shade their way. Come on Liam use what brains you have.

  • rio

    WOW just WOW reading the fans comments just left me speechless, you really can`t see right from wrong when it comes to them, can you guys? take a step back and try -really hard- to see who is in the wrong here and form your OWN opinions. so sad…

  • really

    what a moron! he sure deserve the kind of fans he has

  • rrodriguez0309


    if you were gay. or had a family members thats been hurt by such words. you wouldn’t say something like that. and yes

  • rrodriguez0309

    I already know what’ he’s going to say if hell breaks loose

    I’m sorry about i said Blah Blah Blah, I love our gay fans.
    and i’ll respond with.
    “NO you don’t love your gay fans, you love the money they provide for you” LOL!!

  • jacqueline

    “freedom of speech” actually means the government isn’t allowed to dictate what you can/cannot say. it doesn’t mean if you say wrong intolerant sh*t, you can’t get criticized. if he and that other bachelor moron go around saying problematic things, they deserve and will get called out on it! not that i think liam said anything offensive, he even said enjoying something doesn’t mean you agree with everything they say. and, no, gay people aren’t really sensitive these days, it’s just gay people have a voice now and are right to protest against the violence they’ve suffered and continue to suffer for just being who they are.

  • Sheyenne

    I agree that it’s not fair that people who are anti-gay always get bad responses when they give their opinion. But what I don’t get is how it’s okay just because he said it. If it was somebody else it wouldn’t be okay.

  • Cassie

    Thank you for reporting on this, JJ.
    I think the damage such words/opinions can cause is tragic.
    I think those kids are really ignorant.
    I wish they’d take the time to educate themselves.

  • whoops

    who never heard of him?

  • theo


  • Malcolm

    Gross. I will never ever purchase music by 1D again.

  • Clitcomander

    I wish someone would tell me to May face what I can and can’t believe or say.

  • JJ

    Why is it bad not to agree with someone’s behavior? I have my opinions, but apparently if you don’t agree with what’s “popular” somehow you are the one of the worst people on the face of the planet. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon and believe it or not….SOME PEOPLE WONT FREAKING AGREE WITH YOU!!!!! That’s what with everything, not just gays. And just because I don’t agree with gay marriage doesn’t mean I don’t like the people. I don’t agree with their actions but I don’t agree with their behavior. Just because we don’t agree with something doesnt mean we are “intolerant”. There are a lot of things that people are divided against. I don’t hate on people who support gay people, so why should you hate on those who don’t? Grow up, you are being intolerant, because the only way it’s ok is if everyone agrees with you. Sorry for the rant, and I know I am going to get hate for my opinion.

  • Jimmy

    @theo: how is he a homophobe bigot just because he doesn’t agree with being gay. We’ll your a bigot for saying what you just said.

  • tina

    You guys need to stop crying. It’s his opinion and he’s hot so he can say whatever he wants.

  • really

    @tina:mmm… and so do we … not the brightest crayon on the box, are we Tina?

  • M

    Honestly, I think this is being blown way out of proportion. I think Liam meant he respects that fact that even though Phil created controversy with his comments, Liam respects the fact that Phil’s family stood behind him and supported him through the backlash. Not all the members of the family agreed with Phil’s comments, but family didn’t turn their backs on him. The value of family. Liam said he liked the TV show. He never said he agreed with the comments that Phil made about homosexuals.

  • CandyCurses

    I don’t know this guy but he said this whole thing knowing that the DD guy is in the middle of a controversy. So either this 1/5 Direction is a homophobe or really, really, really stupid. Mentally challenged even.

  • really

    @CandyCurses: most likely both, and not the only one in that band

  • Aisaiko

    Sorry, but he sounds like another bigot hiding behind the “family values” bs. Don’t trust it. Won’t support him or his band. Take your bigotry back to the UK. We’ve got more than we can handle.

  • NE1

    Time for Harry Styles to go off on his own.. Can’t wait until they see their profit margins without all the gay teens buying into their BS.

  • NE1

    @alexandrina: gay kids also buy their music and go to their concerts, you rarely see the gaybies in the music videos, they prefer to put girls chasing after them.. but their accountants see them. these people have huge gay fanbases, and boybands have a fickle shelf life as it is, this could be the end for 1D.

  • Wake

    Opinions are opinionsm if someone opines that he or she believes in traditional marriage, or doesn’t believe homosexuality is right, that doesn’t mean he or she’s done something wrong, or is a bad person. It does, however, show that there are some people so biased that they’ll attack and criticize people for merely having opinions. It’s juvenile at best, and despicable at worst. Can’t we all just be adults and not try to destroy people for having different views? I have colleagues from all walks of life, and I don’t try to harm their livelihoods because they believe something differently than I do.

    Phil Robertson voiced his opinion. So has Liam. So what? Since when are honest opinions and beliefs the same as verbal attacks? What? Anything not in favor of viewing homosexuality as 100% OK is a vile personal attack and an act of bullying? What is wrong with you? There’s something wrong with you. Why? Not being patient and tolerant of others views, while trying to damage peoples lives over them… Is abnormal.

  • JJ

    @Wake: Thank you for posting this. You said it so beautifully and perfectly. That’s what I have been trying to say too. It’s funny how the people commenting have become the bullies.

  • Bane

    Liam,One Direction,And Duck Dynasty are nothing but illuminati trash….they produce entertainment that is utter paint dry…even watching a kid’s show is more entertaining then these idiots. Liam and Phil are just fueling the flames to this controversy because for Phil it will generate more views for his sh!tty show and Liam to generate more mindless fangirls for his lame band….that’s why they want this to drag this crap on and you people just eat it up like as if you’d regurgitate Thanksgiving dinner and just gobble it all back up again.

  • Emily

    We’re talking about a guy who apolgized to his fans after standing on a ledge for fear of his fans imitating him and get themselves in danger! If all he really cares for is money like some of you said, he wouldn’t apologize. All he said is he admire some people for virtues that don’t necessarily include their homophobia. He’s human. He made a mistake. Then tried to right his wrong. Some of you had said something wrong in your life right, or tweeted something then deleted it? Just because he’s a famous celeb doesn’t make hime less human than you.

  • alexandrina

    @Wake: Agree i think some people these days are tooooo sensitive… im not fan of 1d, but i just don’t see any problem here…

  • Michael

    @jacqueline: Thanks for what you said. I wish more people felt as you do. For the record, I take offensive to what Liam said, and I respect his right to say it, but I am also entitled to my opinion and I think he’s a selfish, self-centered ass.

  • johnsson

    im loving the antibuttpacker train that is going around now.

  • elvis

    @Wake: “Not being patient and tolerant of others views, while trying to damage peoples lives over them… Is abnormal.”
    Mentioning that’s someone’s opinion just might be intolerant isn’t intolerant.
    In the US freedom of speech doesn’t protect you from the consequences of your speech.
    Claiming that criticism of your speech is intolerance is simply showing that you don’t like being criticized.
    As for Phil, he’s not just anti-gay, that GQ interview was a grab bag of offensive statements toward just about anyone who isn’t a cranky old white, certain brand of Christian, Southern male.

  • Kat

    Only 3-4% of the population of the USA is gay. It’s a much smaller amount than most people think because of the in your face pro gay rights militant activists out there who are intolerant with respect to anyone who DARES to have a different belief than theirs. Since the majority of America is straight, one shouldn’t be surprised if a majority of people believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Gays want equal rights– then respect the rights of others to disagree and seek to have adult conversation instead of attacking those who disagree with you. Put on your big girl panties and understand people can think and say what they want in this country. You are the minority, so there will be those with different view points. That’s life. Quit brow beating people trying to silence them. You want respect and tolerance, then be tolerant to those with da ifferent view points than you I think people have the right to believe in either side and no one has the right to try to shut someone up and keep them from expressing their beliefs. It is personal choice.

  • Dumbleedum

    This is all very sad and his tweet rant at 5am didn’t do him any favours either. Being from the UK and seeing this as completely out of character for Liam I think probably two things have happened:

    1) He wasn’t fully aware of the GQ interview comments (it’s not been in the news here) and so was referring to them being tight as a family, The 1D boys have been in a bubble for the past few years and in interviews he has very much not been up on his world news.

    2) We use ‘family values’ very differently here – more about sharing meals etc. – and I doubt he is fully up on how bigots in the US have twisted it into a weapon against equality. I read a lot of US sites and still had no idea people would automatically connect it to bigotry.

    Looking at his friends and how he is with the other boys in the group (Tumblr search ‘Ziam’) I really, REALLY doubt he is homophobic or racist, or that anyone in One Direction is a secret bigot. Their fans certainly can be though, or at least use horrible, vicious slurs against people who criticise them – he should have been aware of that and shut the whole thing down. The first tweet was baffling though, he came across as a dumb fanboy. Kicking Tyler Oakley out of the fandom was petty and slamming journalists very unprofessional. He’s grown up so much physically in the past year it’s hard to think he’s only 20. But he should have known better.

    So I’m not supporting homophobia or those who defend homophobes, just saying people like myself who tweet daft, ill-informed things when drunk at 5am shouldn’t lose their livelihoods :)

  • Natalie

    I really do think that what he said has nothing to do with antigay stuff. He didnt say those exactly words, did he? Stop judging based on what you THINK he MEANT to say,