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Suki Waterhouse: Bradley Cooper's SAG Awards 2014 Date!

Suki Waterhouse: Bradley Cooper's SAG Awards 2014 Date!

Bradley Cooper laughs along with the show while sitting next to girlfriend Suki Waterhouse at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Saturday (January 18) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old actor was a big winner during the show, taking home the award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture along with his cast members from the movie American Hustle.

The cast beat out the actors from the films 12 Years a Slave, August: Osage County, Dallas Buyers Club, and Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

FYI: Suki is wearing an Andrew Gn dress. Bradley is wearing a Gucci tuxedo, David Yurman studs and cuff links, and an IWC watch.

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  • Woody’s Better

    I’m glad Brad the twink didn’t win Best Supporting Actor.

  • Frida


  • O_o

    She looks like a child. How old is she?

  • Cara

    She looks so much better than that simian Saldana who has now bought her own white husband.

  • Wendy

    I do actually quite like that dress. I think they look nice and happy together.

  • Anon

    I’m not wading into the age difference controversy, but the thing is she’s not even pretty. If he’s going go for the young, blonde type, a Margot Robbie is what I’d go for if I was him.

  • alexandra

    @O_o: she’s 22

  • Lonnie

    Bradleys lost a big part of his fan base. This doesn’t make young girls jealous of Suki, it makes mothers cringe and daughters gag.

  • Clooney

    Both Cooper and Dicaprio like them young. Young women are easy to impress.

  • Miranda

    Cute couple!

  • nyc

    I do not understand this combo.

  • Dilcia

    Cara you are so racist. I don’t like Zoe Saldana all that tough either, but I wouldn’t dare call her an Ape. I’m sure she looks a hell of a lot better than you. She had to buy her white man? No, clearly he was attracted to her for whatever reason. Get over your racial bull crap. It’s 2014 for f*cks sake.

  • Stella

    I think Brad and Suki are better suited for one another he never looked right being with Zoe.

  • Jett

    Suki and Brad are better suited than Brad and any of his girlfriends previously , namely Zoe and Renee


    Bradley is with Suki . He is not with the monkey Zoe Saldana.

  • Ugly Suki

    Suki looks ugly even in a designer dress. Daddy Bradley looks okay.

    @FAKECara: You stole the other Cara’s name. You are NOT Cara. We know you are th eevil troll vabenyc andrea armuar scott fan from Foro Vogue in spanish.

  • PR Couple

    Fake PR Couple.
    They have looked unhappy fake
    for months. Fake PR Couple
    smiling for the cameras. Where are th epics where
    Bradley is smiling at Jen and kisses Amy as soon as he wins.

  • Dilcia

    I’ve said it for months. Bradley is gay and has fXXXked half the men in hollywood. The man can’t act. His fans have to calm down. He will come out of the closet in 2015.

  • Jellison

    LOL You are all so pressed about this. The couple looks happy.

  • Whare Suki

    Whare Suki with no talent your 10 min of fame are up soon. Go find your 4th man to sleep with to make you famous. Bradley is with you for PR.

  • print

    Awww daddy brought his little girl to the show.

  • Trudie

    I can’t believe Bradley had the magazines calling her a super model before she had the nose job and her tombstone teeth shaved down. I still think her nose looks swollen.

  • Perca

    Both look good. Poor Bradley, it appears that some crazy person grabbed him on the red carpet, they should have better security, the pictures are on the entertainment photo sites

  • Sonya

    Didn’t Laura Dern attend the award show with her Dad too? Bradley must have been in college when this girl was born. Creepy.

  • sdfghjk

    He’s GAY.

  • Sam

    I’m 23 and this grosses me out. I used to think Bradley was extremely sexy, but this is weird. If he were with someone young who had a brain (see: Jennifer Lawrence) it would be different, but this is just weird.

  • Susan Y

    17 years apart!! Holy cow, what on earth do they talk about? It looks even worse because he looks to be in his early 40′s and she looks about 16. Typical Hollywood men B.S. Why can’t they all be decent grown up men like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Also, is Suki here real name? Like off of True Blood.

  • Madyson

    @Lonnie I totally agree with you. I am 23 and just graduated college last year. I think he is totally freakin hot but, I’m NOT jealous at all. He was in college when she was born. It looks creepy and my parents would cringe. My mom and dad are 43 and 44 they would hVe more in common with him than me.

  • Suki is a Slat

    Suki is a Slat who sleeps with men to become famous.

  • Ugh

    A Daddy daughter date then? Bradley looks 44. She looks 17. Suki is ugly. Bradley is ok. They have no talent.

  • Holly

    Cute couple going official, congrats. She looks beautiful, and it´s no need at all to offend previous girlfriend, Zoe Saldana. I read some racist comments, horrible comments, Zoe Saldana is a classy and beautiful woman. Some people enjoy being agressive with no need.

  • L

    There is only 4 google news links about this story, nobody gives a crap about them, Harvey W magic wand is not working anymore

    Find the whole photos fake again

  • Ruby

    #4 took over another poster called @Cara because the poster told her the truth.

    #4 is a woman who uses the ID Vane NYC and andreaarmua and scottfan and Camparina azul on a spanish board. She has said many racist against blacks and latinas. Cara is a nice poster and VaneNYC racist woman took over her name.ON JJ she uses many IDS to insult celebrities and their mothers. Some of her IDs:

    Are you Serious
    casula observer
    Lucy R

    Ignore the racist crazy woman. Zoe Saldana is talented, beautiful and happy.

  • Ruby

    I forgot to say @Holly is also one of her names. This person has called Zoe many terrible names. She also calls Bradley and Suki terrible names. Sheis pretending.

  • John

    @Ruby: Thank you. Sounds like a terrible woman. Thank you.

  • cindy


    Thank you Ruby

    This person sounds sick.

  • kellysantoro

    Every bit of news about them gets 300 raging hate comments here and NOW you’re finding them cute?! Eww, twisted couple.

  • Lolita

    Oh dear Bradley, this has done ‘zip’ for your credibility and fan base ….please date someone your own age and not your shoe size….

  • ace11

    I am totally shocked his mom hasn’t stepped in an put the kibosh on this

    I know he is 40, but based on how close they are I figured he would listen to her

    This girl wasn’t even born when he was in HS

  • Nikki

    A man who would date a woman 17 years younger than him either does so because he knows he can, he has maturity issues and a girl in a much younger age range is the only type of girl he can keep or impress, or this is all PR. Any of these reasons really detracts from Cooper’s appeal.

  • Carlos

    #33, not racist against LATINAS LATINAS ARE WHITE SALDANA IS NOT!!!

  • Good1

    He started as a fun,but now stucked in b/n.he was to make JL&Zoe jealous,b/c if it was real thing/love u will not kiss someone you just met infront of cameras and on straits .another holywood pathetic life!

  • jack

    She really is nothing special to look at…..

  • Fake Hollywood

    muppet miss piggy is more fitting for skanky whorehouse.

  • Ale

    They make such a lovely couple, she’s beautiful!