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Zac Efron: I'm a Fan of Sex on the Kitchen Table!

Zac Efron: I'm a Fan of Sex on the Kitchen Table!

Zac Efron is all smiles while standing with employees at Facebook headquarters on Tuesday (January 14) in San Francisco, Calif.

The 26-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller while promoting their latest film That Awkward Moment.

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“You have to explore the space. I’m a big fan of the kitchen table,” Zac recently shared in an interactive Q&A about where he likes to have sex. Check out the video below!

Zac Efron – ‘That Awkward Moment’ Interactive Q&A

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan posing for pics at Facebook headquarters…

Just Jared on Facebook
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 01
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 02
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 03
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 04
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 05
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 06
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 07
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 08
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 09
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 10
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 11
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 12
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 13
zac efron im a fan of sex on the kitchen table 14

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  • Q

    If this was a female celeb she’d be getting called a wh()re. But not this coke head because he’s a male.

  • Hahahaha

    He’s ADORABLE! ^.^

  • Sam

    Three A**Holes thinking they are all that. Lead the the king of D-bags
    Zefron the Arrogant.

  • Of course

    Nothing better but negativity in Zefron posts. Stay pressed haters. I forgot you all are so perfect.

  • britney spears


  • Hudgens_oops

    Zac rocks!!! His ex is another matter

  • Gretchen

    They’re all definitely supposed to be acting as their characters in this. If you read their Glamour interview MBJ is actually kind of an a hole and Miles and Zac are pretty decent

  • OK

    Of course you guys know this is PR for their movie? Zac would never say anything so personal.

  • OK

    Once again Zac is looking his best in these pics..

  • Poor lily

    Poor Lily Collins can you imagaine having this Player as a Boyfriend? Run Lily run as fast as you can. Your so much better than to settle for this Player.

  • Pleeze

    @Hudgens_oops: Pleeze don’t bring the ex into this. they are separate people she is in love with someone else and very happy. He is dating as well and seems to be happy now too.

  • jan

    @Gretchen: #7

    You racist.

  • vanfan

    He also ditched vanessa saying he’d never text

  • Really now

    @vanfan: Actually it was a touchy subject and that is one question that should never have come up . It was very insensitive . But some people will sell ther soul to sell a movie.

  • Dan

    Seriously leave the ex out of this thread he is dating Lily Collins now and she is the one who will have to deal with him and whatever he says and does.

  • OK

    According to” Beauty World News” The site that was always throwing Zac and Lily together , tonight says Zac confirms he split with Lily. Telling Kirby at Face Book he was single despite going to Disneyland with her.

  • OK

    Don’t believe any of their stories. I think they are back tracking now because they have been wrong.

  • OK

    Love This man.

  • Gretchen

    @jan: you caught me


    He can f me on the kitchen table all he wants ;)

  • Jill

    Note to friends of Zac: Don’t eat at his kitchen table.

  • OK

    @britney spears In tat case I have tables in my kitchen and dinning area. However unfortunately for me, he is straight.

  • nic

    @really now no person who produces child porn deserves sympathy even if that person is an underage herself or even if that person is your idol.

  • village princess

    I wouldnt mind to have sex on the table with Zac aaahhh

  • Hick1967

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  • vagi summereve

    so who’s the lucky guy Zac?

  • Jaded

    They’re promoting this movie so they have to say stuff that is provocative..and sex on the kitchen table is pretty tame. Sex on the kitchen table = missionary position or girl on top. We’re not talking whips and chains people!

  • http://comcast Patricia

    Zacs best role was in The Paperboy with Nicole Kidman, he was amazing in that movie. The movie didn’t get the credit it deserved, great, great actors in that movie.

  • Tammy

    It actually really sad that people who don’t like Zac come on to a Zac post to hate on him. Wow. Zac is a amazing person who has dealt with addiction, wow what a horrible person he is for that. If you don’t like Zac, far enough but do not on this page because of that reason.

  • Tammy

    @Of course:

    You know Zac haters, they have nothing better to do than wait for a Zac post and then starting hating on him.

  • really


    he said he never took nudes. And really if he ditched her then why did he support her after it. No, seriously. If you don’t like, don’t comment on here.

  • really


    and he said he is worried where they will end up cause he doesn’t want it to happen cause he saw how it affected V.

  • Zefronthedumbegomaniac

    The nudes question was dumb and Efron answering it too but he is all that, hence the bathing on pussy and all that crap… As for the sex, damn he is egolatric and dumb and ridiculous and dumb and ridiculous and dumb and so on…

  • What an a$$

    Ok. This is what has always bothered the crap out of me about him. I don’t give a rats a$$ if he’s promoting a movie. Who says sh*t like that? He is at his WORST when he promotes movies. He insinuates relationships with costars, gushes disgustingly about them, and is embarassing. Someone needs to put a filter on his stupid mouth. He just does NOT get what is appropriate to say.

  • okok

    @Jaded: what about sex in the kitchen table???

  • Jaded

    @okok: Most people have had sex on the kitchen table at some point in their life…just make sure to remove any cutlery that may be laying around.

  • Jaded

    @okok: Missionary position guy on top. Doing it on the kitchen table: sex 101.

  • Mmh!

    @What an a$$ :why is it shit if he say he like sex on the kitchentable?but i agree with @jaden it’s only to promote his movie he plays his character.

  • Jaded

    I actually think Zac is into “spinners”.

  • Rachel

    Jared, why isn’t there any post on the sweet encounter he had with a fan and the post he wrote her?

  • Zachy

    That’s the best place for man on man action so he should know….

  • vic

    never heard the term spinner learned a new word

  • What an A$$

    @Mmh!: It’s NOT a problem that he likes it privately, BUT you do NOT need to say that publicly. Makes him look like a man-wh*re. Oh, wait. He already is.

  • OK

    MY God folks can’t you see they are all promoting a movie? I did not see where he said anything about his co-stars here in a derogatory way.
    This post is not about his exes. Yes guys and girls both can do it on a table and I’m sure it is not that uncommon. There has never been any evidence of Zac being anything but straight.

  • What an A$$

    @OK: Why do you have to give him a pass here? Is this something he should announce to the world, just for the sake of a movie? No class in my book. This announcement was just NOT necessary.

  • kelly martineau

    Zac have sex on the kichen table with vanessa. Go out and find her and have sex with her. Zac is desparte to have sex. He prombley hasn’t had sex in a very long time.

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    I don’t hate Zac at all I just don’t like him anymore!He just seems full of himself these days like his better then everyone else.He has made mistakes and bad decisions in the past and I forgive him for that you shouldn’t continually bring up people past,make fun of it because words does hurt peoples feeling.I don’t want to jump to conclusions or start a War with Zac Efrons fans but I think he is the one that asked Vanessa for those pictures and Vanessa was to crazy about Zac so she send it to him(When you young you do stupid staff that you do regret later soon.I think it was honest and right of him to say not took take naked pictures in general because you don’t know where they will end up indeed but seriously he dissed Vanessa and he may have started a feud he could of just avoided the questions.Maybe he was just saying the things he said to promote the movie more?.People are calling Vanessa a Whore until this very day(Judging,Dislike,Hate) you don’t know if she is one,she was just pleasing her boyfriend at the time. We are all you human beings that makes the same mistakes daily its just unfair because your a celebrity and now whats expected of you is to be perfect.

  • sigh


  • Mmh!

    @What an A$$: a man-wh*re, hahaha, because he likes sex and said it?He is an adult !! I don’t understand people like you, sorry!

  • What an A$$

    @Mmh!: And I don’t get people like you. He didn’t just announce he likes sex. He had to give more details and announce he likes it on the kitchen table, for crissake. Is that necessary? Is that classy? NO. Does anyone look at the kitchen table the same now? NO. Do we know WHERE say, Brad Pitt, likes to do it? NO. Do we know Leo Dicaprio likes sex? Of course he does. He just does NOT need to say so. It’s understood. THAT is class.