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Beyonce Attends Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday Party - See the Pics!

Beyonce Attends Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday Party - See the Pics!

Beyonce poses with the presidential pup Bo as she attends Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday Party on Saturday night (January 18) at The White House in Washington, D.C.

The 32-year-old entertainer was reportedly joined by Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, and more for the star-studded bash thrown by President Obama.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce

Even though details of the event are being kept under wraps, sources told the Chicago Tribune that Bey serenaded the crowd with her hits “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” and “Irreplaceable.”

The following day, Beyonce shared some photos of herself getting ready for the event, as well as some other chic shots on her Tumblr page.

FYI: Beyonce is wearing a Randi Rahm gold fringe dress.

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce getting ready for the birthday bash…

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beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 01
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 02
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 03
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 04
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 05
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 06
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 07
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 08
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 09
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 10
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 11
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 12
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 13
beyonce attends michelle obama 50th birthday party pics 14

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  • putastoptoit

    Even though details of the event are being kept under wraps, ‘sources’ told the Chicago Tribune that Bey serenaded the crowd with her hits “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” and “Irreplaceable. SOURCES=BEYONCE!!!! The bleached-one just couldn’t keep her damn stinky mouth shut… have to let the hive know!!!!

    Here comes her bully squad to tell me, I’m hating and yada yada yada yada yada…. I have one thing to say to:- Ya’ll can go ph.uck yourselves, cyber-bullying starving losers!!!!!!

  • mary

    I think its very easy to hate Beyoncé. Why do people still moan? She’s the biggest btch in the industry right now. Rich for playing a fake person who only exists in people’s imagination. She’s not real!! And rich for being a 0 in charisma just a voice which many people could make a better use of. You are crazy. That person doesnt exist!!! She’s like an sponge and takes the best out of everyone to capture it into her “new herself”. She should be in jail and copyright should work also in these cases. This world is going too mad!!!!

  • Amy

    Beyonce should do what Oprah has , buy a magazine so she can put her face on the cover every issue,,cause Bey thinks she’s a model. The wigs she wearing look awful, why doesn’t she just go natural, look a lot better then that mess , her her legs always look slimmer in her pictures then in pap shots, someone like the to photoshopped too much.

  • http://verytrue ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!

    Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  • Patrick

    @maty you’re delusional and nothing you said was fact just hype , Beyonce’s the biggest in her own mind, it’s always the ones that aren’t , that have to talk big .

  • mary

    @Patick Dont be weak and recognize that many people have just gone out of their minds. People like you for example. You dont want to see reality, you are just focused in your own thoughts. That’s not a good mental state. Please open your mind.

  • NYC

    I cannot stand her. Can you believe she wore that to The White House?

  • Betty

    Lip syncing and wiggling your ass gets you places, I guess. What a sad message to girls!

  • Apples

    I see that the hating ” ITCHES” are out in full force today….You sad pathetic beings…LMAO at the envy you all possess…Get a life already and stop hating on her success!

  • Apples

    @putastoptoit…Call your therapist ASAP…you clearly need some help!

  • ??????

    Thunder Thighs always reminds me of a hamster…..always spinning on that wheel as fast as she can to stay relevant. So overdone.

  • Apples

    And yes we know that some would rather see her unhappy…But she keeps smiling…Its called love and happiness…Go spread some on RiRi and Kim K post and get off Bey’s post you hatemongers.

  • Apples

    OMG! Look at that smile…just Gorg! You hatemongers would rather see her unhappy but she keeps smiling. Go spread some love and happiness instead of you hatred

  • Nick

    @ NYC… Well at least she wore pantyhose, probably make her man legs look slimmer with that ho’ outfit she’s got going on . Her face and hair look so clownish, almost drag queen , she should go more natural, she would look prettier.

  • Apples

    She is so beautiful…You lowlifes just can’t handle it…WOW!

  • Apples

    @NYC, Nick, Betty, ??????…Haters.

  • Apples

    Haters always hate…Low life haters (@NYC, Nick, Betty, ??????…Haters).


    @putastoptoit: @putastoptoit: It’s funny how you talk as if not to like Queen B, but you actually took out the time to search for her abd click on this article. Not only that, you wasted your energy on her being a negative lil bitch about nothing. Speculation arose that Beyonce would indeed be performing for Mrs. Obama before the event even took place. Not only are you a hater, but you’re ignorant, dumb and pathetic too! You must be an insecure black skin b*tch for alleging Beyonce bleaches her skin. Her skin is naturally of that complexion and it’s gorgeous. That is why you’re mad. bwahaha


    @NYC: LMFAO the lies!! Ho* you can’t get enough of Beyonce! That’s why you took out the time to search for her and/or clicked on the article. You ho*’s are funny and simply are pathetic! Stfu and sit down you sad individual.


    @??????: Bitter h*e’s such as yourself keep her relevant with the negativity you all spread. You just mad cause your fav isn’t doing it big right now, close to being irrelevant and isn’t rubbing shoulders with The Obama’s. You sad muthaf-ckas may be annoying as fuq, but you sad individuals actually help to keep Beyonce relevant when yall talk about her. So, thanks b*tchz!! bahahaha


    @mary: Of course Beyonce is easily hated. You b*tchz are mad that she has the spotlight and your fav doesn’t. It’s not Beyonce’s fault that she is just so blessed and does her job very well. You’re so ignorant and stupid, just like all of her other haters. It takes more than just having a great voice for an artist to even be in a lane like the one Beyonce is in, in the music industry. You h*e’s can try to discredit her all you want to, but that’s why she is the best to do it of this generation and has The President and First Lady stanning for her! She is loved, admired, an inspiration, gorgeous, intelligent, kind, caring, humble, genuine, a sweetheart and envied unfortunately. Beyonce is just f-ckin fabolous!! She is a top certified Diva like the incomparable Diana Ross. Why you hatin your b*tch a** was checkin for her tho. LOLz Smh

  • Walter

    Diana Ross would have never ever lip synced at a presidential inauguration. A real diva sings live!
    Beyonce is a sad example of how low brow, cheap and gimmicky black music has become. Just look at the trashy language her so called fans use.
    Maybe Potus should address that next time he does a speech about the future of young people and their education in America.

  • apples

    Walter sit down somewhere with your ignorant self! You have no idea what Diana Ross would’ve or wouldn’t have done in that situation…You’re just simple to make a remark like that…Guess you knew I would’ve responded like this too…Ignorant…

  • Walter

    Yeah ESPECIALLY Beyonce stans are in desperate need of better education!

  • Yazzi

    Some of you Beyonce fans are crazy. Last time I checked, this was a free country and people are entitled to their opinions. There’s no need to attack people for a woman you never met before. People are stating the obvious about her character. She’s not perfect and the dress was inappropriate for such an event, but she’s Beyonce so what do you expect. I guaranteed if you all was on fire, she wouldn’t spit on your assess (I’m talking about these crazy fans). She’s not GOD you guys so stop getting your panties in a bunch. I’m have all of her albums except for the last one. I look at her as an entertainer and nothing more. She’s not my idol or a role model, therefore I don’t get upset when people talk about her. I actually find it very pathetic when people get so upset over this woman, you would think someone was talking about their mother or something. People she is human just like us so calm down.

  • apples

    Yazzi you said it…she is an entertainer and she is at a party where she was the entertaiment…Her dress is very appropriate. You sound like the type who would walk over someone because its none of your business if they are hurt…Beyonce’s fans respond to idiots who act as if they know her and is hell bent on slandering her…

  • apples

    Walter thank you for admitting that you are a secret Stan! Now go get that education…

  • anonymous

    I won’t hate on Beyonce. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth badmouthing. She’ll have her day when she’ll pay the price for her choices and actions. Only time will tell. I had the same feeling when it came to Tiger Wood, couldn’t pin point to what it was and why I disliked him so much. And I feel the same with Beyonce, something about her I don’t have a good feeling about..time will tell. The universe has a great way of revealing when it’s time. Truth always comes out.

  • Sysprint Printimine

    Beyonce is always so beautiful.

  • india

    ummm me think Beyoncé is playing defense on this post.i see you B.

  • Zeynep Karakurt Ozman

    If Michelle Obama was not going to share the news of her 50th Birthday with us, why did she announce that party months and months before.

    I find it sad that one goes to internet to watch the pictures of Michelle and Barack Obama on the First Lady’s big 50 party and ends up watching Beyonce’s and Jennifer Hudson’s pictures instead.

    However, I wish Michelle and Barack best of everything in the coming years.

    Love from İstanbul – Aunt Zippy

  • essie

    no hate here. seems to me that hooker dress she was wearing was probably for him and not her. It is the exact same dress that marilyn monroe wore when she sang that super sexy happy bday to JFK. only beyonce dress is so short it barely covers her crotch from the bottom, and from the top it barely covers her boobs. she wasn’t wearing that for shelly O. they say she has a crush on him.

  • cassie


    It is easy for me to hate her because she is setting the black community back 40 years by having her husband promote and sign only the high yellows in the black world. Oprah and Iyanla are even talking about how brown and black girls are being pushed backward, and it is not white people doing it. JZ and her are on a mission to promote high yellows like rihanna, beyonce, rita ora, shakira, etc. check his record.

  • nancy

    well ppl need to look up to real ppl, beyonce she is hot but certainly a good role model….she is fake and has no morals

  • http://davidd David Bonney

    Beyonce is just Beyonce and by talking right or wrong about her can not change her position in life. She was destined to talk about. So let them talk.. In order to live on this earth as human you have to have two keys that keep your life operating smoothly and those keys are Mr. NEGATIVE and Mr. POSITIVE.. Don’t throw stones at someone glass house when you own a glass windows..