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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: PDA at Sundance!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: PDA at Sundance!

Bradley Cooper holds hands with his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse as they hit up the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on Sunday morning (January 19) in Park City, UT.

The night before, the 39-year-old actor and 22-year-old model sat together at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

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Bradley and his American Hustle co-stars took home the award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. Congrats again!

“Drunk in love bey bey,” Suki tweeted later that night.

Stay tuned to JJ for more photos of Bradley and Suki at different Sundance events!

FYI: Bradley is wearing a Hugo Boss coat and Red Wing Heritage 8114 Iron Rangers boots. Suki is wearing a J Brand sweater.

15+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse holding hands…

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 09
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 10
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 11
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 12
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 13
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 14
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 15
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 16
bradley cooper suki waterhouse pda at sundance film festival 17

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  • maya

    I also love to watch “Drunk in love” !!!

  • Rhonda

    I’m starting to like them as a couple.

  • daisy

    Why would he date this mediocre yellow thing?

  • Sweetness

    wow, that’s impressive to be in LA and now the next day they are in Utah..when do they sleep.

  • Kelly

    He looks good in that hat!

  • Rose

    What a joke! Only a week ago the pair were doing everything in their power to avoid being photographed together, and now?? Drunk in love, my a..e

  • Gaby

    They’re beautiful couple, their pics in SAG tonight were so tender

  • FAKE PR Couple

    What fake smiles all for PR to make Suki famous and for Bradley’s career for Harvey Weinstein. What is Bradley telling the love of his life Italian AmFr now?

  • kellysantoro

    Wow, somebody’s reallllly stepping up the PDA!!! I guess that dinner with Harvey on Thursday really made a difference!!! We’re to believe that all of a sudden Bradley is SMILING at the sight of paparazzi?!

  • Ugly Suki

    Ugly talentless Suki taking a walk with her 40 year old father.
    How disgusting.

  • Say hi to Zoe

    Bradley was at Sundance with Zoe last year.
    Zoe is there this year. Bradley has his dirty puppy siki with
    him to feel like a man. I hope Zoe pacs on PDA with her
    husband Marco.

  • Harvey Weinstein is the boss

    He says jump and Coop says how high…

  • Tam Honks

    You nutters ranting about Harvey Weinstein really need to get lives.

  • Tam Honks

    Is she wearing Bradley’s jacket and sweater. Did
    Harvey Weinstein add the Utah trip to their schedule?
    I think so. Hideous ugly suki wearing Daddy’s coat.

  • mary

    Suki lives in a fantasy world. Enjoying her 10 mins of fame without nothing real in reality only the money she may have earned and probably the offered clothes to wear to parties. If Suki ever grows she’ll think to herself “ok, I had fun but what a waste now”.

  • Alaia

    Why is he even in Sundance? He has no film to promote there.

  • Funny

    I don’t know if I prefer the thread of Leonardo Dicaprio, Bradley Cooper or Gererd Butler? The one of Michael Fassbender since this week is priceless….. They all have particular taste for women :-)))) I go back on the thread of Fassbender, it’s more recent we have fun, if you want you can ;-)

  • kellysantoro

    @mary: 10 minutes? This joke has been going on for a year.

  • Janna

    Cute couple.

  • wahhhh

    I read an article saying they got engaged 2 weeks ago and that he’s waiting till after the Oscars to announce it. Sure seems like he’s easing us into the announcement.

  • la

    Let them be, maybe they just ready to be more public and he is really happy. He is more tactile and willing to be seen with her than any other gf. Last year with zoe he didn’t do anything beyond publicity shoots. I thought this was PR now I think its real and will probably get married and even think she seems pregnant at the moment, wouldnt surprise me and maybe why he’s more public with her.

  • mary

    @kellysantoro: 10 mins for her

  • Wanda

    LOL, Bradleys strutting around town with the child like a peacock.

  • LA

    @Gaby: They’re not a beautiful couple….she’s a user wannabe who calls herself a “model,” and he fell for it. Everyone on the inside knows that she’s desperate to break into Hollywood and she’s using him to do it. He could do much better with someone closer to his own age.

  • Nina

    @Alaia: He’s promoting HER, she’s the one who’s trying to get exposure.

  • Gianna

    I agree that they make a good couple. Haters to the left.

  • la

    Ugliest father daughter in the world. Suki sleeps with men to be come famous. Luke, Miles and now Bradley.

  • PR Team

    @LA: yeah but if he prefers to be with her… I don’t understand why you talk about another girlfriend that he hides… why? Suki is not a good PR relation so it’s because he really wants to be with her that he’s with her…. Don’t try to understand why Michael Fassbender dates Madalina Ghenea who is worse than Suki I promise. Don’t understand Leonardo Dicaprio but the facts are and they do it because they want

  • Gianna

    I agree they are a horrible couple. Suki is a Whore. Bradley has another woman he is after. This is strange.

  • WTF

    HOW are people starting to like this couple?! SERIOUSLY???

  • woopy

    She’s another brainwashed lil girl captivated with fame since she was so young.

  • WTF

    @Gianna: Oh stop with this bull already, I stopped believing that crap 8 months ago when it became obvious Suki wasn’t going anywhere and they were only getting more touchy in public.

  • Suki SLat

    Suki is a Whuure. Ugly talentless Whuure. Gloria Cooper will NEVER llet this move forward.

  • Julie

    This is the most PDA they public has ever seen of him with a woman. It is probably as real of a relationship as you can get with a girl who is 17 years your junior. They will probably be together for quite some time and I don’t think anyone would be surprised if she got pregnant. Oh…her mommy and daddy must be so proud of her. But, really people lets be honest….if not for Bradley’s looks would anybody really care about him (I am also guilty). The man is not that great of an actor. I have only seen the hangover movies and Silver Linings but, have been obsessed with how good looking he is and he seemed like such a down to earth humble man. Wow was I wrong. He was nominated last year I think more because of the director and Jennifer Lawrence and there was not a whole lot of movies that got snubbed. This year the same thing. I do not think that he will win. He is nowhere near the caliber of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon who are also his age. I also believe for a man who says he does not like social network and the paps he is playing a lot of games with the public who, are the ones who make him famous and make him rich. The more I read about him the less attractive he is becoming, he is a total hypocrite and liar and seeing pictures of them together is starting to gross me out. It just looks very sleazy and makes him look so creepy. He should at least shave so he can look a little younger. These two can’t even play the age difference as she looks so ridiculously young and he looks a few years older than he really is.

  • ??????

    Why does Weinstein care if this girl happens or not? He needs to pick better, more interesting protegees.

  • Idea

    The fact is that we wait great couple of stars and we see them with their co stars: Bradley with Jen Law, Michael Fassbender with Lupita, Leonardo with Margot…. but in the end, they choose women younger and with not a great career…. they are all friends and have the same type of behaviours….

  • ??????

    I guess Weinstein likes his protegees to look like homespun farm girls??

  • Nope

    @Julie: He was brilliant in SLP, better than Jennifer and he did a fine job in American Hustle as well. I think he deserved his nominations and should’ve won something substantial last year. That said, I am completely turned off by him now and turned on him for selling one image and then going on to do the complete opposite. Just another Hollywood lying douche trying to promote a movie. Enjoy with your child, Bradley, I bet you are the laughing stock of your peers.

  • No Way

    I do not see Michael with Lupita at all. I do not see Leo with Margot either.
    Suk might be pregnant. She looked pregnant last night and is covering with large clothes.

  • ciria

    @Idea: Your idea is so slapdash. Bradley doesnt love Jennifer. Oh my goodness…

  • Young

    @No Way: if she is it is very young and will stop her career… she has contracts with big brands no?

  • Nope

    @Young: That stupid kid went on in Elle magazine about how cool it was to be a young mom. Wouldn’t put it past her, her career certainly isn’t going to develop any further.

  • Rose

    LOL! This relationship is definitely fake as hell! PR at its finest. They’re only together to help further her career and promote Bradley as a straight leading man.

  • Ursu

    Really love her sweater. Bradley is always looking like a fox.

  • Yeah

    A question ecause i don’t know well the story: she advertises this? I mean: she posts photos or tweets to say or show that she’s with him?

  • Lucy

    Bradleys parading his new mattress in Utah. Sukis claim to fame is bedding a man 17 years older.

  • sweet ashoo

    idk if he & Leo ply a game called ( Who is can bring the youngest ? )
    BUT she dosen’t look like a model beside she’s not that pretty so plah plah plah

  • Ronny Seal

    Hm… I get it! He is far more interesting than any boy of her age and he is happy to know that he can get any woman, of any age, any time with his new status of the sexiest, oscar nominated actor. Simple.
    He is not into having a family and put any breaks to his career and she is the perfect date. Hustle free, not American aka lives 1000sand miles away. Doesn’t get pissed that he is never at home, no time for her, etc
    Just perfect. His mom is too old to get around to all these events, he doesn’t want to be constantly caused mommy’s boy and neither gay. had to show a girl at some point ans she is the lightest version than any man could ever have. I’d choose the same :)

  • Ronny Seal


    Spot on!

  • Floyd

    @Ronny Seal: Bradley seems like the type who wants to control any relationship he’s in. A younger, naive, star struck, uneducated foreigner who has no shame, fits his bill.