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Gwyneth Paltrow Supports Brother Jake at Sundance Premiere!

Gwyneth Paltrow Supports Brother Jake at Sundance Premiere!

Gwyneth Paltrow steps out to support her younger brother Jake Paltrow at the premiere of his new movie Young Ones at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on Saturday evening (January 18) at the Eccles Center Theatre in Park City, Ut.

Also in attendance to show their support were Jake‘s godfather Steven Spielberg and his family – daughters Sasha and Destry, wife Kate Capshaw, and step-daughter Jessica Capshaw.

Young Ones is set in the future when water is hard to find and follows a teenage boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who sets out to protect his family and survive.

FYI: Gwyneth is wearing a Fay coat.

10+ pictures inside of Gwyneth Paltrow supporting her brother at Sundance…

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gwyneth paltrow supports brother jake at sundance premiere 01
gwyneth paltrow supports brother jake at sundance premiere 02
gwyneth paltrow supports brother jake at sundance premiere 03
gwyneth paltrow supports brother jake at sundance premiere 04
gwyneth paltrow supports brother jake at sundance premiere 05
gwyneth paltrow supports brother jake at sundance premiere 06
gwyneth paltrow supports brother jake at sundance premiere 07
gwyneth paltrow supports brother jake at sundance premiere 08
gwyneth paltrow supports brother jake at sundance premiere 09
gwyneth paltrow supports brother jake at sundance premiere 10

Credit: George Pimentel, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Looselipz

    She has the worst personal style. I just can not find anything beautiful about her. Of course her smug snotty personality doesn’t score her any points either.

  • Troll Patrol

    @Looselipz: Loose, just give it up. Every time there’s something about GP you spew hatred. Why are you even opening stuff about Gwyneth if you don’t like her? You’re not convincing anyone who likes her to take to the hate so just move on. You’re nothing but a troll.

  • blonde lover

    I wish GP would go back to a more natural shade of blonde. This one washes her out.

  • Sam

    Jake looks more feminine than his sister.


    @Looselipz: Loose or maybe Looser would be a better greeting, you need therapy, no one can hate as much as you and be happy. Go get help, then you will realize the celebrities you hate and bad mouth could care less what you think. Your narcissistic thoughts will show you that they really don’t affect others as much as you think they do. Go get therapy and stop all the hate.

  • Sea

    I wonder which struggling director lost their Sundance spot for this schlub.

  • Utah

    @Sam: I gotta admit you have a point there. She has gotten rather masculine looking as she’s aged especially when you seen her in candids.

  • lory

    who knows Gwyneth Paltrow to talk bad about her? because is a celebrity ? so stupid.
    she was born in a family of hollywood have always been part of this kind of world
    Chris Martin is forced to be the actor in his world as he prefers to stay with her lover, Not his world and he had said on an interview of Howard Stern.
    I can be a friend of Gwyneth Paltrow was just like my mother or my sister have more in common with her.
    Unfortunately my sister is part of the nobility by marriage.
    uncles and aunts so snobs and rich too.
    so why not if I knew Gwyneth Paltrow.
    But do not ask me to be friend with 150’000 registered Goop. would the first to insult me and all common people ​​because imbued with the snobs of perfection that does not like common people like me.
    So I support Gwyneth Paltrow but not his world.

  • Evelyn Apricots

    @Lory I read your comments enough and believe you are an insider in the Paltrow-Martin world.

  • Tracey

    He ASKED her NOT to come. He is private and they are not close. He doesn’t want his pic taken with her even – just like Chris – go figure. Heard Robert Redford did not want her either – considers her now another Paris Hilton type that disgusts him. Sundance is his baby and is very unhappy for last few years it has been used for PR nothings, which apparently even Redford knows is what she is now. Some sister. Awful. And awful wife and Mom….yuck. Blythe is not going to like this either – don’t believe her PR BS, all a pack of lies. She has no life outside her own arse. No consideration for family at all. Poor Jake, he so clearly avoids any connection to her and there she is….what a greedy greedy woman.

  • Walter

    The psycho Goop haters at it again, LOL

  • yawn


  • Tracey

    To Looselipzs – ignore these people jumping on you! It is the horrid “Troll Patrol” and “why do you hate” that are the true haters here and just as self absorbed, critical and superior as Princess Paltrow too. News flash – almost NO ONE including those who know her like Gwyenth. Also, we have a right to express ourselves without being abused.. If you disagree, you can, and really should, just express your disagreement or your opinion in a less hostile way! Ridiculous in my opinion. And BTW, Paltrow is about the only person I don’t like… but folks like you are on that short list too now- attacking fellow commenter is not cool. And for example, I could spew out a lot worse about you both right now but am controlling myself and giving you the benefit of the doubt even, as people, but just had to say I don’t like your unjustified comments to Looselipzs. Furthermore, I can assure you Gwyneth would NOT come to your defense – so why all that for her? Are you some of her staff she pays to comment on these sites to defend, glorify her?

  • Rob

    @Tracey: LOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHA. My God, Troll Patrol you’ve caused Tracey to melt down!!! She may be on her way to the hospital right now in a hysteric fit! GOOD JOB TROLL PATROL. Keep the haters at bay. On Gwyneth’s payroll, LOLOLOL!
    My God, Tracey takes the absolute cake when it comes to obsessed whack jobs living in some other world. BTW, Tracey, Troll Patrol has your house bugged and watched by cameras, It’s all so Gwyneth knows what you’re doing all the time LOLOLOL…

  • Walter

    @Tracey are you writing your comments from the computer room in your mental institution or, god forbid, are you still allowed to walk the streets?

  • Troll Patrol

    @Tracey: Your comment #13 was a little scarey…#10 was absolutely Stephen King disturbing. In all sincerity Tracey, if you really believe you know what goes on in Gwyneth’s world, or what her brother thinks, or what Robert Redford thinks, you need serious help from a mental heath professional. Rob laughed at you and I’m sorry about that. I’m sure he didn’t mean it. Please get some help to overcome your dellusions and obsession with Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Comic-Con

    Not sure about the quality of the film but it’s a shame that most of the coverage foucsed on her being there.

  • Walter

    You heard about the movie because of her, didn’t you?

  • plenty

    @Walter: People are hearing about GP being at the event, not about the movie itself.

  • Walter


    Well if you can read you will find out the title of the movie, what it is about, the name of the main actor in it and who directed it. It’s not that difficult, you know!

  • CH

    celebrity hobos

  • YUCK…


  • YUCK……


  • mickey.

    ugly chick

  • Sundance

    He’s got his sister, God father and God father’s step daughter there. All he needs to complete this is his third grade teacher and friend from band camp.

  • lory


    for my part it’s been said to me that I am a fanatic of Chris Martin in my world, Chris Martin not exist
    ok I am in a mental institution psychological, for a job and so in semi jail.
    bah I have the right to make me fairy tales. kind King will deliver the cinderella.
    and then I have the right to watch movies of Blythe Danner ex : “what’s your number ?” (S) ex list
    at the same time there is Chris Evans is obsessed with chicks and Chris Martin or other.
    nothing it’s just a nightmare and I’ll wake up one day in the life. I wrote a movie

  • lory

    @Evelyn Apricots:

    or I do a parody of my real life and I’m still in the right direction or I do not know, hard to lose everything in life.

  • lory

    oh there also has strange jumpers ! and you know hidden scandal of america ?
    when President Obama was on the net troll and almost jumping on the lover ugly of Chris, no one was there either.
    to see before it happens chris being kind on the clip is called almost ,
    Chris Martin rocked with a shout out to Obama.

    it would never have happened, but not is always wife Gwyneth Paltrow of Chris Martin.

  • Vero


    Don’t say! Jake told you he didn’t like her only sibling’s support, that they’re not close, etc… Why don’t you get a life? Where do people like you come from?