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Kanye West: People Try to Make Me Look Like I'm a Lunatic

Kanye West: People Try to Make Me Look Like I'm a Lunatic

Kanye West breathes fire on the cover of Interview magazine’s February 2014 issue.

Here’s what the 36-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag, where he was interviewed by 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen:

On people trying to silence him: “People are strategically trying to do things to mute my voice in some way or make me look like I’m a lunatic or pinpoint the inaccuracies in my grammar to somehow take away from the overall message of what I’m saying.”

On the “Bound 2″ video with Kim Kardashian: “I think people are afraid of dreams, and that video is one of the closest things to the way that dreams look and feel, or the way joy looks and feels, with the colors.”

On taking risks: “Well, all we have is today. You know, the past is gone, and tomorrow is not promised… The risk for me would be in not taking one”that’s the only thing that’s really risky for me.”

On success: “Only one of two things can happen: either I’m gonna be right or I’m gonna be wrong. But if you look at the past 10 years, I’ve been right.”

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Credit: Steven Klein/Interview magazine
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  • Jinny

    Yes, poor, diarrhea mouthed Kanye, the victim. He’s such an idiot!

  • chillpill

    Who are those people? Right in what?

  • mick

    I think he’s doing a pretty good job all on his own of looking like a lunatic.

  • Pam

    Love Kanye and kimmy K

  • Isabel

    Sorry, Kanye. People think you’re a lunatic because you are one.

  • Bobby

    YOU MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A LOON BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE…seriously what is the matter with people.

  • Amy

    “pinpoint the inaccuracies in my grammar to somehow take away from the overall message of what I’m saying.”

    Hmm…no. How about they’re trying to point out that you should get an education and go back to school.

  • Red Head

    Typical victim mentality.

  • mimi

    he’s not look like lunatic, he is one.
    the problem is, as a reader, we will never know, the magazine print a lot of that out of the way or maybe he is like that.
    Because when the media put him like this forever and his act as it is, do anyone ever wonder what kind of child he will be raise in to.

    logically, how you live your life is a part of your children characters someday bad or worse, even though you bring them differently, in the end, the apple won’t far from the tree.

  • happy

    No Kanye, people don’t try to you look like a lunatic, you do it all by your self.

  • freya

    Kanye West: People Try to Make Me Look Like I’m a Lunatic

    Well he act, speak and dress like one what does he think?
    Plus the fact that he is so proud to be with someone who is the joke of Hollywood for being famous for her ass and her sextape. and the whose morality is as big as her pinky toe. He should adhere to the age old tried beliefs that if you want respect ACT LIKE YOU DESERVE ONE RESPECT IS EARNED NOT FORCE SOMEBODY TOO GIVE IT TO YOU.
    I wonder why nobody do this to Beyonce and Jay Z maybe because they act with dignity, respect and humility. Maybe Jay z Can give Kanye some tips.

  • freya


    That is so ironic since his late mother is an English teacher. He is degrading the memory of his mother on not improving himself at all.

  • Mary

    Who are these “people” who are trying to silent him? He’s been successful, and he speaks way too often, frankly. He is constantly being interviewed, and has many opportunities to do and say exactly what he wants to do and say.

    This guy is unreal. He is an incredibly immature, self-obsessed child. He really has no idea what a privileged little brat he is. So tired of him trying to play the underdog, pretend he came from nothing, and feeling so persecuted.

  • Vincent

    Always the victim “never my fault,” it’s other people who have it against a black man trying to become a success” , this is what liberalism has brought least 3 decades , victim mentality and a whole group of people that believe there is blame but never them or … Racism .. Which has accumulated into presidency of Obama.

  • Deborah

    So if Kanye was the devil incarnate, from this cover we’d know what he would look like.

  • Vicente

    “pinpoint the inaccuracies in my grammar to somehow take away from the overall message of what I’m saying.”
    He should be grateful that some people focus on his grammar because his message is even more ridiculous. .
    Don’t worry Kanye the public got the messages .
    Kim should be on the cover of Vogue, she has a better butt then Michelle Obama and you invented the leather jogger and didn’t get respect from the Paris fashion houses, did I miss anything… O ah and Beyonce made the best video of all time.

  • couper

    “You AINT got the answer man. You aint got the answer sway. You AINT got the answer man. You aint got the answer sway. You AINT got the answer man. You aint got the answer sway. You AINT got the answer man. You aint got the answer sway. You AINT got the answer man. You aint got the answer sway.” – Kanye West.

  • Amy


    LOL. Drugs?

  • ugh

    @Vincent: What – ever! You’re just another bitter “whiner!”

  • ugh

    @Vincent: And yet Kim Kardashian, a woman who was NOT black but was rich, famous and beautiful, chose this “victim” to have a baby with. Go figure!

  • couper


    Kanye got really mad at a radio host once when the host asked him about marketing/brand. All Kanye could say to the host was, “You aint got the answers sway. You aint got the answers!”

    It’s a pretty hilarious interview. Watch until the end when Kanye has to freestyle and he has no clue what to do:

  • couper


    Watch at 17 minutes onwards. Kanye starts freaking out at 17:20

  • LordGray

    I thought lunatic is the image he was going for

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Let’s count the number of times where he lost his integrity, starting with taking Taylor Swift’s award-winning moment away from her and before that carrying bottles of liquor around in public, on red carpets. He’s got a big mouth and a bad temper and will be Kim’s “ex” within two years of Kim having yet another wedding (one of many I’m sure)..afterall it’s all about the wedding and attention for attention-seeking Kim, not about the marriage. For the life of me, I don’t know why the press bothers with her…she’s a big-boobed, big-butt nobody.

  • Diedre

    *Laughing so hard my sides hurt* He is truly a delusional, narcissistic sociopath.
    No Kanye, PEOPLE are not responsible for making you look like a lunatic. YOU PROVE to the public every day that you are a lunatic.
    This guy would be dangerous if he had an IQ in the double digits.

  • Sheyenne

    No … you make yourself look like a lunatic!!!!

  • Diedre

    @Vincent: Shut up. Blaming the advancements of people of color for this idiot’s ranting is ludicrous. So, what do you think should have happened the past three decades? Maintaining the small minded status quo and not allowing anybody who isn’t a white, anglo saxon protestant their civil rights?
    Go crawl back into your hillbilly shack, moron.

  • santamariavargas

    Does anyone really give a rats*ss what Kanye West has to say. He is giving himself way too much credit for his importance. Go home & play with your idiot wife or whatever she is.

  • Jessie

    If he doesn’t want to look like a lunatic he should keep his mouth shut.