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Kristen Stewart Explains Story Behind Her New Dog's Name

Kristen Stewart Explains Story Behind Her New Dog's Name

Kristen Stewart gets escorted to her car by security after landing at LAX Airport on Saturday (January 18) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress was on her way home from the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, where she attended the premiere of her new movie Camp X-Ray.

Kristen sat down for an interview with MTV and confirmed that she got a new dog named Cole!

“I have a pup, yeah. I actually got on her on Camp X-Ray and named her my character name, which is so embarrassing. But it’s so cute. Young Cole,” Kristen said. “She’s a mutt. We found her on a frisbee golf course, and she was small and scared.”

Kristen Stewart – Sundance Interview

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the airport…

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  • bestman
  • hawk

    I would like to see CXR. Reviews are awesome for the performance of Stewart and Maadi. People standing ovation and tears and applause all around at the end of the film. Big congratulations and enthusiasm for this film.

  • Sarah

    She’s so awesome! Plus Josh is the best interviewer out there

  • just guy

    I loved the photos Krist Stewart and Robert Redford. Stewart has a great range and talent, I like it.

  • LOL


    where are the reviews?

  • oops..not good

    from EW :
    “But in Camp X-Ray, I never believed — not for a moment — that she was someone in the military. She has no toughness, no moxie, no callouses on her hide. The Stewart mannerisms (the pretty-girl scowl, the flared nostrils) really make their presence known this time, because even though she’s working hard to play them down, trying to give an almost minimalist performance, all of that substitutes for what she should have been doing: acting in a way that breaks new ground for her, with, perhaps, a greater sense of physicality. Her character, Amy Cole, has been thrown in with a bunch of macho military brutes, and the reason she doesn’t fit in with them isn’t that she’s just about the only woman. It’s that they really seem like soldiers, and she seems like…Kristen Stewart trapped in Guantanamo Bay.

    When it comes to giving you a journalistic sense of what the prison at Gitmo really looks like, and what goes on there on a day-to-day basis, Camp X-Ray is reasonably well-staged. But it’s also a flatly made movie. Amy starts talking to one of the prisoners, a Muslim from Germany named Ali (Payman Maadi), who calls her “Blondie,” and as soon as we hear that derisive/affectionate nickname, we know what kind of movie it’s going to be. The two are going to talk. And become friends. And realize that under the skin, they’re just alike. Oh, and that therefore U.S. policy is unjust. Don’t get the wrong idea from my sarcasm: I believe that the prison at Guantanamo is a travesty, that it years ago outlived any national-security purpose it might ever have had, and that the way those detainees have been locked up without due process, and subjected to “enhanced” methods of interrogation and punishment, is a national disgrace. But Camp X-Ray is not the kind of movie that effectively carries that message. Much as I’ll defend Kristen Stewart as an actress, she is pouty and moody and self-involved, and those simply aren’t the things you want to call on to signify moral outrage.”

    well good luck with finding a distributor.

  • only some:

    @ HitFixGregory: Částečná ovace ve stoje pro Camp X-Ray # Sundance
    @ HitFixGregory: Kristen Stewart a herec z odloučení jsou vynikající v Camp X-Ray. Směr má nějaké problémy stimulace. Pěkný 3. akt. # Sundance
    @ HitFixGregory: Camp X-Ray zpracovává Guantanamo Bay jako docela jako by někdo mohl očekávat. Naruší nějaké červené jestřábi ačkoli. # Sundance2014
    @ HitFixGregory: Nejste si jisti, jak komerční Camp X-Ray je, ale mohlo by to dělat solidní Dům umění podnikání. # Sundance2014
    @ fanspired: Kristen měla výkon na celý život # campxray # sundance2014
    @ fanspired: Jsem v slzách! Krásně upravovat, úžasné skóre … Nemám slov! # Campxray # sundance2014

  • Ryan

    @oops..not good: Congrats idiot, you found 1 of 1 bad review. They don’t like her, they never will. If you go into a movie not wanting to like it, you won’t like it. She’s gotten great reviews & Idk why people like to take that away from her. You poor pathetic old women that take pride in bullying this young woman because your dream man fell in love with her. Grow your old a$$es up.

  • oops..not good


    oh please get over it. the movie is not all that great. deal with it..other reviewers of it say as’s not just’s the entire film that’s weak.
    calling people names because of a negative review seems funny..movies get reviewed all the time. deal.

  • Sim

    @oops..not good: If he was weak, hardly, camp x rax had a lot of good reviews from some idiots not to be endeared to others hahah kristen POWER to pry was great, only an idiot can say no if you do not like go away, that no one cares critics praised it, but some people probably do not have a brain

  • Eh I might see it

    @Sim: Nothing for nothing. I like a lot of movies that have gotten sh(tty reviews. I haven’t seen Camp X-Ray, but I’m not going to judge it based off someone’s review. I’ll decide for myself. Sometimes there are just straight up movie snobs who can never be pleased. People take someone else’s word for it too often. If EW doesn’t like it, they don’t like it. You can make someone like something just as much as you can’t make someone dislike something. It sounds like they just didn’t like the movie in general, but they made a point to pick on Kristen simply because Kristen is fun for people to pick on. But, whatever, different strokes for different folks.

  • Eh I might see it

    Oops that was a reply to “oops..not good” and “Ryan”, not “Sim”. Sorry about that.

  • Eh I might see it

    On another subject: Kristen, I can respect your love of caps and buttoning the first button of everything you wear like the California hipster you are, but please please please stop wearing THOSE particular caps. They’re just fugly. I’m sure they have meaning to her, but they’re still fugly. Hopefully she’ll be in a different phase once she does another movie. It seems like she’s in an obsessive trance with each role and right now she really thinks she’s a member of the military lol.

  • talia

    @oops..not good: i will agree with you that the film has got some not so good reviews but it also has gotten good reviews. The film in my opinion was always going to be a hard sell due to the sensitive/controversial subject matter regardless of who was in it.

  • Katy

    @oops..not good:
    Who is EW ? I don’t care
    Kristen may feel happy that the haters of her buying the ticket for watching her.

  • Sim

    @Eh I might see it: Yay for God’s sake, just have not seen the film, it has good reviews, I saw good reviews and the film was a fungus, but even so, when there are many people cried It’s worth the interest, kristen ma accounts to the military, it’s good some people that are understood Well some people how they see not, some of the comments here are seriously stupid

  • Bakedinfilo
  • Daisy Duck

    @hawk: I’m with you They better release it to us. After all we are the people who make the movie money. I have only read good things about Kristens performance, the only reason they wouldn’t release it, would be to help Spielberg to Balckball her career.

  • Daisy Duck

    @oops..not good: That may be your opinion. but who ever said that you know anything. By the way most of the reviews were positive about her performance. Are you by chance one of her Haters. Just a question. You must have missed all those positive reviews looking for a negitive one.

  • Daisy Duck

    @Sim: True you know that when she trained for this part it was with a group of ex service men who train actors that need to look realistic in their part. They gave her a commendation for how well she trained and they were sure that she would look like a real soldier in the movie. This commendation was on a plaque that they awarded her. Of course some of the reviewers have never been in the service so their judgement might be sort of biased. I cannot wait until I see this movie. At Sundance she even was standing getting her picture taken with the rest of the cast, and there she stood just like she was guarding her post. Since I didn’t hear of anyone noticing, there must not have been many who were ever on guard duty.

  • Leslie

    Perhaps Kristen could explain who the “We” is in the naming of her newest rescued dog? JS