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Leonardo DiCaprio - Producers Guild Awards 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio - Producers Guild Awards 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio is all suited up for the 2014 Producers Guild of America Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 19) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor is there to support the producers of The Wolf of Wall Street.

The producers of the flick, Riza Aziz, Emma Koskoff, and Joey McFarland, are up for The Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures award. Best of luck tonight!

The producers of Wolf of Wall Street are up against the producers for Blue Jasmine, American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, Her, Nebraska, Saving Mr. Banks, and 12 Years a Slave.

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# 1

Leo”How many as$es can I kiss tonight???”

# 2

Lookin good bb

# 3

He looks nice but really bloated then usual here, kinda weird because he looked really good at the Critics Choice Awards.

# 4
Awards Season @ 01/19/2014 at 10:09 pm

He looks so happy to be there! lol

# 5

Denise Schaefer (@deeeniseS)
1/19/14, 6:24 PM
So much fun with my blonde twin last night at Leo Dicaprio’s party💋 taylorgeeeeee @ 1OAK

# 6
Dicaprio Hustle @ 01/19/2014 at 10:11 pm

looool Leo gon start campaigning naoo

# 7
Dicaprio Hustle @ 01/19/2014 at 10:11 pm

looool Leo gon start campaigning nao

# 8


Well as you can see from the tweet I just posted, he was clubbing last night! LOL

# 9

Ah, that explains the bloat face! Lol

Oh, the haters lol.

Leo looks really good.

UGH its a shame because he was looking good this awards season but if he’s going to look bloated again in the face come Oscar time it’s going to suck. Club less, Leo!

He is not bloated, smh.

Some people are too superficial, yawn.

I stopped commenting on his looks and accepted the slicked back hair look recently, its just imo he looks heavier here then he did at the Critics Choice Awards. Like I said he still looks nice here he would just look better if he didn’t club and party so hard.

He looks good , come on guys with the bloated, same sh*t every time.

Leo is delicious, yummy


he definitely looks a bit bloated.

His life, he can party whenever he wants ;).

@Vicente Yes, same sh!t, same sh!t.


Well when he drinks too much he does look bloated. He needs to cut back on his drinking.

I would love @ 01/19/2014 at 10:28 pm

to see photos of people from here, they MUST be stunning lol

Leo is gorgeous!

Mean variance @ 01/19/2014 at 10:29 pm


He looks great not bloated

@I would love: yeah, I’m pretty stunning actually! : )

notbloated @ 01/19/2014 at 10:34 pm

Leo just has a big head

His movie was so gross. Too many obscenities to be watching it with dad.


It was rated R. Do you usually watch R rated movies with your dad?

@Seattle: LOL! Hi! Definitely not the kind of movie you want to see with your parents! Fyi – it’s actually much better the second time.

Do you think he’ll meet his barely legal German T-Bone at the after-party?


Do the PGAs have after parties?? LOL

Does every f-cking thing Leo does have to revolve around Toni for f-cks’s sake.

@####: Hi lady! Lol! I was actually thinking that! I don’t think the Critics Award did because there wasn’t a single tweet.

That Denise Schaeffer sure looks like a professional escort. Leo likes to pack the clubs with hookers when he gives parties, doesn’t he.

@Amy: I didnt know that. The trailer seemed different.

@Zzzzzz: I hope so! But for now I dont feel like watching it again. DiCaprio’s mom must have watched the movie as well but I guess moms with sons are different or he simply doesn’t care.


No offense or anything but you should probably google a movie first before you go to see it.

@Seattle: I felt the same way. The second time you see it you kind of tune out the sex and drugs and you can see the rest of the scenes, which you probably missed because of the initial shock.


I guess we’ll see if there are any tweets of him at after parties or dinner or something later.

@HAHA12: meant to say that Brad’s hair is hideous!!! OMG! It has to be for a movie.

Yeah I’m kind of iffy on the hair, but you cannot deny he looks damn good for being 50 years old.

@HAHA12: before he cut his hair, I would agree. I can’t get beyond that hair! (Yeah it’s shallow, but damn! It’s god awful!)

Honestly I rarely try to comment on his looks, this is the first time I have in awhile. No one seems to comment about how obsessed some are with Toni on here for example or how redundant the namecalling of her is with phrases like lapdog and giraffe.

@Zzzzzz: I watched the whole movie anyway. It wasnt so difficult to follow or understand.

LOL I don’t think it’s that bad, atleast it’s better then that awful Jesus look he was sporting for the longest!

@HAHA12: ignore the comments. It’s people just trying to stir the pot.
What do you think of Leo doing a film with Spike Jonze? Do you think he would?

@HAHA12: LOL! I think I’m going to have to disagree with you! The Jesus look wasn’t good because his hair looked ratty. When he actually takes of his hair, itm looks nice when it’s long. I’ve always had a weakness for long haired bad boys! ;)

Typo *it looks….

You’re right, its a waste of time. Regarding your question, I would love for him to work with Spike Jonze. Especially because imo Leo needs to play a more down to earth character like Joaquin’s in Her and I think Spike Jonze could write a great character for him. Did you know he had a cameo in WOWS. His cameo was one of the first scenes in the beginning with Leo, it was hilarious

LOL I’m going to have to disagree with you then, I hated it on Pitt! But I have to say Jared Leto is rocking it this season imo


@HAHA12: I heard that. I’ll check out the link when I get home. My phone can be a pain. It won’t always open up a link or it will open, but I can’t see the images. Maybe they are already talking to each other about doing something together?

I wish they work together! But unfortunately I doubt it will happen since Leo doesn’t seem to be into the type of stories Jonze directs/writes and he still hasn’t found a new project. Personally, I hope he works with Wes Anderson one day.

Guess this was a good excuse to get away from

@####: hey do you know if he attended this before? ;)

Love and Happiness @ 01/20/2014 at 12:22 am

that girl is gorgeous whoever she is. She looks ****** but gorgeous none the less LOL

I think Leo looks very handsome here. He doesn’t look bloated, he has a naturally chubby face, like me. But I think in the end that helps you to age better than those people with scrawny a$$ skinny faces! :P no offense! I just think it’s better to have some fat on your face than no fat, it keeps you looking younger longer!

Love and Happiness @ 01/20/2014 at 12:24 am

I said sl*tty! ;)

@Love and Happiness:he did’t always have such a roundish looking face if you go back to like 2006.. or so his face was more defined or even 2008.. jmo

@BZ girl:

I would think he’s attended before but I don’t know an exact year.

@Love and Happiness:

He’s been looking good lately but he was in the club last night so his face looked a bit bloated this evening. Just my opinion. :-)

12 Years As A Slave and Gravity both tied for the PGA, wow! Either of the two could be the Best Picture winners, this awards season is really exciting. Thank God American Hustle isn’t winning.

@HAHA12: he looks totally wasted in that photo its Leo in the back next to q-tip on in the page boy cap.. lol! Good to see Lukas..:)

@BZ girl:
LMAO! I can’t at the thought of this man turning 40 next year. Also I think I spot Adrien Brody on the far left??

J@BZ girl: lol! Wasted is putting it mildly! That’s probably the party the girl was tweeting about. Is that Adrien Brody in the front? When did he start hanging with Leo.

HAHA12:yep..the crew in full where is everyone they have got to see this.. #partyboy #withtheboys.. smh

@BZ girl:
Tbh I don’t recognize any of these people besides Lukas and Adrien Brody.

@HAHA12 & BZ girl: I think Vinny is next to Brody and I think the guy next to him might be Ritchie (owner of 1 OAK). Interesting that Kevin C. or Tobey aren’t in the photo.

HAHA12:well the guy in the front is danny a (he introduced leo to bar)eyeroll but .. thats vinny next to him.. the black guy is Q-tip the rapper..who’s next to Leo…forgot the rest!

@BZ girl:

So I guess it was vinnys birthday party at 1OAK last night?? Leo in his hat!! LOL

I’m more focused on his face LMAO

@BZ girl: so that’s Danny. Thanks for that. I thought Ritchie would be in the photo somewhere!

@BZ girl:
Is Danny the guy Clooney recently dissed in that Esquire interview??

@####: lol..i wonder if T-bones was invited.. he looks so drunk..


He definitely looks like he’s having a good time!! LOL

@HAHA12: I thought it was Ritchie he dissed, but I could be wrong.

@BZ girl:

Is that Casper smart (j lo’s boyfriend) in the glasses behind Lukas??

@BZ girl:

Re t-bones, I’m sure she’s a blast in the clubs! LOL

@####:no that’s not casper..

Leo looks uncomfortable on this red carpet. I hope he wasn’t having a bad day, or wasn’t feeling well ( since he was partying). It could just be this set of photos. He still looks handsome! Lupita is rocking that pale orange dress in the photos with him. Orange is my favorite color, so it is nice to see it in any gown. The blue Gucci she wore to the SAG awards was so gorgeous too. I didn’t watch them but saw the pics. I am glad MM won, but I am rooting for Leo for the Oscar. Since I have to choose.

Re: that Instagram pic – Just knowing Leo is that d-bag in the club is just so… Ugh. Seriously, dude. It makes you and your friends look like tools. And you all look old as f*ck. Get out of the clubs! /rant over/

Something nice. That man can wear the sh*t out of a suit.

Missed from the party? apparently Tobey…

@HAHA12#40 @ 01/20/2014 at 5:10 am

TBF you ARE obsessed with Leo’s looks. You never stop talking about what a mess his hair is, how many wrinkles he has , his bloated face and what not.
You gotta understand honey that Leo is not a model. He’s a 40 year old actor and you shouldnt judge him so superficially.

Not exactly. It’s just that there seems to be a consensus about Chiwetel Eijofor having given a performance more worthy of an Oscar than Leo did. Leo was amazing in Wolf but I absolutely agree that Chiwetel deserves it more. 2nd comes McConaughey and 3rd Leo. JMO.

The birthday picture is old, I think,
Richie Akiva posted the same picture and a few minutes later Q-tip posted on his Instagram a video watching drake on SNL with lorne michales. Which means he was in NYC.
So I’m assuming it’s one from many of their parties together.

We can recognize Milan (far left of the pic) on the red carpet at the PGA’s.

Lies. HAHA12 is one of the LEAST superifical posters on here. She writes more about Leo’s project, prospects or reveiws than everyone else combined. Her focus is on Leo or commenting on the picture at hand, than attacking his girlfriend (s)

So this escort was referring to the party Leo threw for Vinny’s birthdday on Saturday night.

@OK: Hello, yep that’s my name. It just gets abut confusing.
Bu the way I saw a tweet but can’t link the pic where Toni is with Leo. It looks like the same place.

@Ok: why don’t you post the tweet?

#89;why are u so invested in what is posted here?
its just an opinion(with a basis).Going by your logic many many lies are written not only here but everywhere.

@also…: I still don’t know how, I think it’s my laptop. But there was an instragram that someone posted in the last thread. It could be the same party?

@Ok: You just select the tweet, copy and paste it here. Or just post the tweeter`s name and we can find it… I`m curious to see the photo.

+1. Its funny how an opinion on a PUBLIC forum is dismissed as a “lie” by this poster just because they don’t like it /disagree with it.

@Ok- i would like to see the pic too.You can post it here:)

Leo looks great in these pictures.
I think he has some make-up on his face?!

@ @lol: To be honest comment #85 is a huge exaggeration. HAHA12 writes about his looks AND many other things so I don’t see why it’s a big des how that person reacted. Maybe ‘all lies’ was string but you see the point. Every single little things gets picked on. All I’m saying that both sides has a point here.
I also would like to see that photo. If you can’t post the tweet maybe you could just post the tweter’s name so we can find it.

@BZ girl:
who’s Danny?(i only know about Vinnie-Vincent leo’s friend)

@un: I guess it’s Danny A. A long time friend of Leo’s, I think he is an actor and wasn’t he the one who introduced Leo and Bar?

Thanks So where’s Danny something(dont know his last name) in the pic?
And something else: is this Milano’s father right in front of the rapper?

Toni Garrn @ 01/20/2014 at 8:58 am

No doubt Official Escort Toni was at the club, mingling with the Unofficial Escorts. #EscortReunion #cute

Lukas’s fingers in this pic make him look like an alien.

@um: between Vinnie and Lukas in the grey hat and dark jacket.
Lukas with a cup of coffee! lol
Hmmm, I started to doubt that the photo ( Toni and Leo ) exists…

@103;leo looks so funny in this photo!!!

Toni Garrn @ 01/20/2014 at 9:08 am

Toni’s biggest Fear: Brunettes in the Club.

@Ok: This Lupita love is really starting to get on my nerves. Unless all of it is going to translate into future roles, I am over it.

I for one dont get JLawrence’s hype.I cant believe this twit has an oscar and Leo doesn’t!!

Brad Pitt is going to win a Oscar this year?

***from the last thread @ 01/20/2014 at 9:20 am

In response to the “psychics” @ 01/20/2014 at 8:50 am

in response to the psychics, I’m #820 here again. Sorry, but I’m so bothered by the fact that some people insist on making this girl out to be some poor little hurt girl that cries over Leo at night or something. Boo hoo, that’s not true at all. Yes, she’s endured a lot of pain (in the past), and I emphasize the past, because she’s past that phase of her life already….this year is a brand new energy and she’s making huge changes in her life to go along with this new energy! She’s NOT staying stuck in the old energy, sorry, but that is NOT what I see at all. Furthermore her happiness is not contingent upon Leo either. She has her own life and is in charge of her own happiness and her own destiny. He can’t save her or make her happy, just like she can’t do it for him either. They are both in charge of their own lives! And she does in fact want True LOVE more than anything that is for 100 percent sure, and her heart is wide open. She’s not hanging on to hurts and baggage from the past. If Leo is not the man for her that appreciates and loves her the way she deserves than I believe the universe will find a perfect guy for her, another soul mate to fulfill this wish of love in her heart. I have no doubt about that, and I have no doubt that they are both being taken care of. Leo will find someone, and she will too if they never come to be, so stop with the negativity, because that’s not good for her. You take her power away when you do that, it’s like you’re saying that she is nothing without Leo. Sorry but that’s ridiculous!.. She’s perfectly happy in her life right now.. happy and excited for what’s to come!! all good things is what I see. I see lots of love and light all around her. Many Angels and Archangels surround her, there’s NO darkness at all…just love and light.

Don't get it @ 01/20/2014 at 9:20 am

I think the poster is talking about a tweet i copied in the last thread but i was told that it was an old photo from Cannes.

Here is the tweet

@ismaelamurgia: e comunque ci tenevo a dire che a me toni garrn e leo di caprio piacciono da morire, ABBELLI #tonigarrn #leodicaprio
2:43pm – 19 Jan 14

@newbie: I like Lupita and I’m not tired of her but I agree with you. Let’s see what her future is going to be like in Hollywood. And I have to add Margot as well. I’m not sick of her either and I know she already has new projects in the works but let’s see if she can live up to the current hype.
@um: I agree on JLaw. She was just too much from the beginning and it has t changed. I like it that she has a fun personality but it’s just too much for me at this point. I think she is a good actress but her role in SLP was overrated I think.

An oscar won’t define him as an actor. Leo makes millions and the audiences make a beeline for his movies.
Oscars are about politics and… luck(competition-wise).
Moreover he works alongside legendary directors. This says a lot.

@Don’t get it: That’s from Cannes 100%

yep.Its from the Grisogono party in Antibes (May 21)

Danny A posted this. Maybe he could forward it to Leo…

Toni Garrn @ 01/20/2014 at 9:38 am

Q&A with Leo
Q: Your relationship with Toni is serious?

So, Leo owns a home in Cabo. I didnt know that…

I spot Adrien Brody on the far left. Didn’t know they hung out.

Toni Garrn @ 01/20/2014 at 9:45 am

Q&A with Leo
Q: Ideas to move her lazy ass out of your house?

@Toni Garrn: LMAO! That hilarious!!!!!
@um: Me neither.

@Toni Garrn: OMG! So funny!

i read about his house in Cabo in the article i posted.

freaking funny!!!!! @ 01/20/2014 at 9:49 am

@Toni Garrn:

Toni Garrn @ 01/20/2014 at 9:53 am

Q&A with Leo
Q: Toni is probably begging you to take her to the Oscars and walk the red carpet with her.

@Toni Garrn: you are baaad! But so funny! You keep cracking me up!
@um: Me too

And since there was a talk about that Madalina lady:
Well, Hollywood is a big happy family:)

@um: this thread says he was looking for properties in Mexico so apparently he found one. I’m sure it has a revolving door for his girlfriends…

Madalina G. is the female version of Leo Dicap?!

It makes sense. Thanks for this article.

@***from the last thread: I am psychic and I can tell you all this here is bs. SHE IS NOT HAPPY right now…#fakepsychicsgetalife

Psychic Drama @ 01/20/2014 at 10:30 am

That his soul mate may be hurt right now or little disappointed by Leo doesnt mean she is throwing darts to his picture or want to chase him with torches. The poor girl is allowed to express feelings not?

I’m Leo’s fan and some of his behaviors doesnt make me the most proud fan of the world. I guess sometimes we feel frustrated. It’s called having emotions or feel sympathy for the person. We only wish the best for him.

Leo looking good as always. Love his blue eyes <3

He looks bored as usual.
His kiddie wont make him happy.

Remeber physics don’t have egos. Have a lovely day everyone, and spread some happiness :) :) x

I HAVE written about his looks but I haven’t in the longest until yesterday. And I don’t think my comments judge him harshly, more its just mere criticism when there’s nothing else to talk about and just that it surprised me how bloated he was looking compared to the last award show he attended. People make way worse comments then mine on Leo’s looks, just go on ONTD and see how they rip apart his appearance every time and get mad at him for not looking like Jack Dawson anymore and don’t even consider the fact he is nearly 40. I’ll stop doing it for future reference but imo but you have got it wrong if you think I’m the only poster here who has commented on Leo’s looks and I don’t even do it in a nasty way, more like in a teasing way. And considering he gets called worse things like sleazy and even called a pedophile on here I don’t get why you are coming after me specifically when I try to comment on his career before anything else.

nice pics indeed:)
Irrelevant, are you “Johanne’ from Leo’s fanforum?

Thanks for your comment, but I’ll try to stop commenting on his looks now. It is true he is not a model and now I realize it bothers some people which I understand. think Toni is isolating herself. Most of her friends are without her. Plus she doesn’t tweet them now. It’s all about Leo’s friends….. ‘sick’

Yeah, it’s me^^

oh thanks for the response.
Have you ever seen Leo in real life?

I’ve met him a few times in Berlin… in 2009 & 2010 ;)

There is a 16y age gap between Margot and Leo

I would love to see Leonardo in a movie with Jennifer Lawrence. Something similar to the Hollywood classic 1956 movie Giant, which had film stars Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean in it.

Since Leo and her appear to be friends, its possible they may work together at some point.

But you don’t comment on his looks in the abstract. You reference it either from his lifestyle, clubbing, worries e.t.c Please don’t let anyone stop you from posting what the heck you want I always enjoy what you have to say. Much worse is written about Leo’s girls by many but that is not considered superficial nor does not offend people much it seems.

Cancer + Scorpio

Water + Water = Deluge

People born under the same elements generally feel comfortable with and attracted to each other. This is the case for Cancer and Scorpio. Both of you are sensitive, emotional and caring, but Scorpio has a very different way of expressing love. Scorpio’s love is demanding, and asks a lot more in return than you can give.

Cancer, you’ll feel that you’re showering love and kisses on Scorpio, but it’s never enough. You probably handle the possessiveness of Scorpio better than most signs, because you are an adaptable sign and can comfortably adjust to the Scorpio will.

But Scorpio has to learn to control the desire to dominate and to push people away through sometimes unrealistic demands, both practically and emotionally. Scorpio will use power on any level to get what they want.

Although Cancer and Scorpio are elementally well suited, both being water signs, there are differences sexually. Scorpio is driven by the purely sensual. You, Cancer need love and bonding, not just raw sex.

Scorpios born between 24 October and 2 November are instantly attracted to you, and their sexual energies will be heightened. Astrologically, they are your best match by far. This is an excellent combination, as your water element will instinctively seek out and feel at ease with them.

You find this Scorpio a sort of ‘cause’, and you dedicate yourself to them emotionally. Many people find their strong and silent exterior off-putting, but you seem to be able to break the icy exterior and connect directly with their souls. You’ll have a loving and long relationship with them.

Those born between 3 November and 12 November have spiritual foresight, and will want to protect you and share higher knowledge with you. This is a spiritually based connection. You can learn a lot from these Scorpios; they will act as mentors to you. You are drawn to them, because you feel they can help you improve as a human being.

You will have good emotional rapport with Scorpios born between 13 November and 22 November. You’re likely to bring out their emotional side. Eventually you will feel that your destiny is tied to theirs. The two of you can work together, helping other people or solving your family’s crises, but don’t let this dominate your relationship and your life.

Hello, so some physics are saying it could be next April/may, but some are saying this April/may with the SM.

@Lilly: What do you think? #155

With his girlfriends its a different story, people say the nastiest stuff about Toni but since most posters dislike/hate her I guess it doesn’t bother people as much. But thanks for your nice words and taking your time to back me up :) I really meant no harm when I was commenting on his looks, people need to read ONTD more if they really want to see people trashing his looks especially in disgusting ways. I’ll just stop for future reference because like I said it seems to bother people and I don’t want to be mistaken as only liking him for his looks or something.

@Largot: I have vines and feelings it is this. I have put in some of my and my friends predictions :) xx have a lovely day xx

@Lilly: That is amazing! Good insight to Leo’s relationship. He has dated over three cancer signs!

You are saying he will meet this woman this April/May?

@HAHA12: They are both strongly linked to April/may x


You are so lucky that you got to see this beautiful diamond of a man!!!!!!
I’m so jealous, god!
What did he say to you?
Did he ask you your name or another personal question?
Did he kiss you(as his fangirl of course)?

Has anyone else’s noticed he is linked to brunettes, but dates blondes?

@Pink box:
I have..I’m guessing its deliberate on his part. He’s also been linked to WOC but never publicly dated one.
Interesting. Thanks btw

@Lilly: So now it’s April-May next year?

Guess this means T-Bone gonna stay longer.

@Oh boy…:
No, she said April/May of this year.

But she just said in post #155 that some physics think it could be next April/may,

Universe .. why you hate us? Why???
How many hashtags and bimbo duck faces our brains can handle?

@Oh boy…:
Well, she said some think its this year while others think its next year. We will never know until those months arrive lol


I wonder if maybe her short hair is causing her not to get hired for a lot of work and that’s why she’s not doing anything but hanging in LA with Leo??

@um: a lot of people don’t have oscars who deserve them. that doesn’t invalidate the work that a talented actress or actor put into earning theirs.

Jennifer is very talented but I can see how her ott personality can be a turn off. Good thing people tend to pay more attention to the work instead of the rest of the bs. We’d have no celebs to fawn over if the pops it were the case

Toni Garrn @ 01/20/2014 at 11:56 am

Toni Garrn knows priorities. And since “What happens in Miami is well known in St Barts” it is best not to leave Leo with brunettes not even a second.

She’s a talented actress but needs to do more movies like Winter’s Bone and not work with DOR anymore. I actually thought she was quite good if a little out of depth in SLP and she has some really good moments in American Hustle and has great comedic timing. But if we’re comparing her to the other actresses who played young trophy wives/were rocking a Brooklyn accent and were blonde, imo Scarlett Johansson and Margot Robbie were better then her in Don Jon & WOWS respectively.

@HAHA12: those are all completely different characters to comparing their portrayals is apple and oranges. Although I do agree that Margot should have been nominated. She was phenomenal and I hope her career isn’t riddle with the same characters over and over.

I thought she was the better part of American Hustle and compared to the rest of the nominees, she has a fair shot. That category is weak this year. That movie is a train wreck. Even Bale didn’t measure up to his usual standards. She won’t work with DOR anytime soon. I can tell by how awkward the cast is now that they did not film well together.

I hope she doesn’t work with Bradley again. He’s a black hole of acting. And if she continues to do movies like Winters Bone shell end up like Carey Mulligan or Mia W. Overlooked and typecasted. My guess is that once the hunger games are over and her last movie with Bradley is out, she will take a break like Ryan G did. She’s dangerously close to over exposing herself. I would have taken a backseat this year after realizing that Lupita is the worlds darling this year.

@Toni Garrn:

By the way love your posts! Keep them coming!!! :-)

She’s definitely staying close to Leo for a reason. if he gets tired of her hanging around he’ll either take off with his friends or send her on home. LOL

Im sorry for asking all these personal questions:)
I got really enthusiastic when you said you saw Leo in real life.
Next time you see him (probably at a premiere in Berlin)
dont forget to tell him how proud of him his fans are for his great performances in his movies and he’s a real artist.

I only compared them since I noticed they were compared by other peeps on movie sites especially comparisons were made between JLaw and Margot since they are both 23 years old. Bradley was the only one I did not like in American Hustle. I actually think he’s a good actor but I do not get the acclaim he’s been getting. Bale was good but whoever called it a Bob DeNiro impersonation was spot on and he wasn’t really Oscar worthy but I guess since he has been snubbed before people don’t really mind. I liked Amy and Jeremy Renner best. I don’t think JLaw should only do indies but atm I think they’d be better for her bc like you said she’s gotten overexposed fast. Hopefully she takes a long break after the Hunger Games because I can’t imagine how tired she must be especially with experiencing awards season all over again.

Ugh I’m on my phone so I have lots of typos.

And yeah I agree Margot has potential but I fear she’ll go the way of ScarJo just because she’s attractive and it doesn’t help she looks like a barbie doll. She’ll probably be typecasted a lot as the young hot wife or something.

@HAHA12: Jeremy Renner was soooo underrated here. I think it’s because the movie was over the top that his performance got lost :(
Bradley is ok but all I see when he’s acting is that movie where his best friend is lost in Vegas. And then you could tell that most of his lines were improvised. I mean AH is an enjoyable movie but it’s nowhere near oscar worthy.

Scarlett is a great actress but you’re right about her being typecast as well. That’s partially her teams fault since that’s how they marketed her for a long time.

It just bothers me how there will be an it girl one year who gets all the attention and then she’s thrown away for a new one exactly one year later. It’s a good learning lesson for her though. I think she will take a break. I tread that she’d been getting very sick this year.

And back to Leo lol I think he’s in a great spot for his career. I get the feeling that from now on he’s going to do passion films.

Scarlett isn’t the most talented of her age group but I do really like her and find her underrated. For years she was marketed as the new Marilyn but that never helped her career and I’m glad for her critical success this year.
About American Hustle-I didn’t hate it and it has some good things about it but I agree its not Oscar worthy at all, neither is the cast save a few and yeah Renner is grossly being ignored for his work in favor of Bradley which is a shame.
I think Leo has finally grown as an actor between Django and WOWS and I really hope all the awards attention he’s gotten encourages him to keep pushing himself and taking more risks. It was nice talking to you :)

In response to the “psychics @ 01/20/2014 at 12:31 pm

so now psychics are using hashtags too?? lmao that is too funny! smdh Whatever you say, keep on with your little soul mate pity party you got going on there. Yeah, you sound like a “real psychic” alright…sure! :)

@Oh boy…:

omg, your post at #167 made me chuckle, that was too funny LOL :P

When is the Berlin premiere?


The movie is already out in Berlin.

@####: And it already opened in Australia. Margot was at the Brisbane premiere ( only one from the cast ) today.

@HAHA12: hi lady! Listen you! You post whatever you want! This is a public forum. There are people who say a lot worst things about his looks. Just because one person complains, doesn’t mean you stop giving your opinion. Don’t let them bully you!
I’m off! Talk to you later! ;) xo

Lol thanks girl! Its better off not getting involved in the arguments that go on here thats why I prefer not to say anything about it again, but thanks again :p

No, it’s ok ;) It wasn’t THAT personal! He ask me ‘how are you?’ in german & he gave me a autograph. He laughed a lot & was very sweet to his fans @ the red carpet … the next time we saw him he recognized me & my friends and gave us a personal wave which was really cool. He’s adorable <3

@Margot: She’s told that story so many times!

“the next time we saw him he recognized me & my friends and gave us a personal wave” Now that’s really awesome!!!
Im so happy for you Missy!!
Leo is an adorable man and when he smiles it’s like he has a rainbow deep down in his heart!
Nice talking to you, Missy:) xoxo

Leo looks more affectionate with Lupita then he does with any of his kiddies!

@HAHA12: Just on for a sec! You were right about the Clooney comment. I thought he said Richie, but he actually mentioned Danny. My bad! ;)

@also…: I wonder what Toni thinks when girls are all over him. I mean, I know she’s not like me,but I’d be annoyed.

@Pink box:

She looks too old for him! LOL

@####: Lol. But you see girls in night clubs prattacally throwing themselves at him. Usually his young blonde type. I just want to tell those girls to get self respect.

@199- so a female’s flirting with a male means having no self respect?
That’s an exaggeration.

Toni Garrn @ 01/20/2014 at 4:07 pm

Toni is an expert in turning a blind eye. She only keep her eyes wide open everytime she catches Leo flipping the Vs catalog.

not only her eyes.Her legs too…

@and?: No, but throwing yourself at some does.

@Nice Pic: Hi! Great photo! Thanks for posting it!

Is he that handsome in person as in pictures? And his eyes?

@Pink box: haven’t you read that German Gala article? According to ‘sources’ she just laughs off rumors about Leo. She must be laughing a lot! lol


Well, either she trusts him or they have an open relationship.

@Amy: I doubt she has a choice but to trust him or go with an open relationship. Whatever daddy wants…

Toni Garrn @ 01/20/2014 at 5:06 pm

Or she knows it better to be in the plastics, hating life,than to not be in at all. Because being with the plastics was like being famous… people looked at you all the time and everybody just knew stuff about you.

@also…: Yeah! I do think there are a lot of rumours that are false. But also a lot that are true. I would find it very difficult to date someone famous because of all the media and attention you get, you would be constantly scrutinised for what you do and look like. But also if they are caught with someone else, I don’t see why you should stay with him. I mean it must be hard for her, but she doesn’t help herself. When you are in the spotlight you need to be careful. She just comes across as Bar 2.0
Did you see robin thickle and that woman. They were all over each other. I saw it on the dailymail.

This remindes me of high school. The populars would rather hate life in the spotlight than be out of it. What I’m dpsaying is Toni will do whatever Leo says because he comes with a lot of perks. I’m sure he’s very charming, but a model couldn’t resist the; fame, holidays, gifts, and status.

@Pink box: But look at Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon or other celebs who also live in the spotlight yet they manage to have a family and not be in the gossip sites all the time. It`s not just about spotlight… It`s about being an aging frat boy / womanizer. I`m not saying I could handle the attention celebs have to deal with but some of them can manage pretty well.

Stop trying to make Toni some victim and act like Leo forces her to be with him.
She clearly doesn’t give a crap what he does when she’s not watching so the chances of them having an open relationship is not far stretched.

Why should Leo get married and settle down?
It’s his life, he doesn’t want to clearly so why should he just because Matt Damon or whoever is.

@ @also: Are you sure you are replying to the right person? Because I`m pretty sure I didn`t say or imply Toni was a victim. Mainly because I don`t think she is a victim. But I`m getting used to the fact that I post one thing on these threads and I get a response for something completely different. What`s new?

@215: Who said he has to get married? Because I brought up the example of married guys? That`s what you took from that? That Leo needs to get married. Maybe that`s what`s your conclusion about my post but it was surely not mine… :eyeroll:

@also…: I see your point. But Leo gets a heck of more press than they do. Mark and Matt manage to stay out of the public eye. There was a list of B-listers which are A-listers who the press don’t follow as much, they we on it. Leo gets stalked. So does Jennifer Aniston. It’s not impossible to date an a-lister. I’m just saying they come with what I call baggage, his girlfriends call perks.

” I doubt she has a choice but to trust him or go with an open relationship. Whatever daddy wants…”

Comments like this. If she didn’t want to be with him, then she wouldn’t. I just cant find myself to feel sorry for her, but to act like he bosses her around to do whatever he wants like she’s his slave is absurd. This girl is 21, not 5. If something pissed her off that Leo did then the right thing would be to say something about it. It’s not like he’s holding a gun to her face telling her she has to stay with him no matter what. The fact she doesn’t care what he does when she’s not around shows how willing she is to be with him. He ain’t forcing her to do sh=t.

@Pink box: I agree Leo comes with a baggage: fame, attention, paparazzi, Hollywood. It`s not easy. But being single, a party boy and a womanizer fuels attention. As I said in my previous post I`m not saying him getting married is the solution but being single, going to parties and chasing up and coming models all the time sure brings attention to him. He can be low key if he wants to but he is a paparazzi magnet for some reasons. It`s not impossible for someone to date a celebrity. There are many who married `outsiders` and they are fine. Leo is a huge star and with his reputation he sure attracts the media.

Do you honestly think what would happen to the woman who marries Leo? Matt Damon love him is a big star but he doesn’t have the insane and crazy fanbase Leo has. Like the poster said above there is a lot of pressure that comes with being Mrs. DiCaprio, I’m not shocked at all he isn’t married. And because of how more famous he is, the harder it must be to find a true woman to fall in love with, if you minus his modelizing.

@219: Well, that`s your interpretation not mine. It`s far from seeing Toni as a victim. If that`s how you wanna read it that`s your thing. Not mine.

I have noticed a lot of posters here try to make us feel sorry for Toni and paint Leo as this awful man like he’s forcing her to be with him and its ridiculous. I can’t feel sorry for her at all, and if its true she is ditching her closest friends like Karlie to spend her time following him then her breakdown when they split will be a hot mess.

@221:”there is a lot of pressure that comes with being Mrs. DiCaprio’

can you be more specific? Does this pressure have anything to do with the”insane and crazy leo fan-base”?

i feel sorry for toni garrn because she 1. has daddy issues and 2. she’s not smart.

Yeah. Leo is one of the biggest superstars in the world, and he is known for his strong and passionate female fanbase. He is like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise levels of fame, imagine the pressure the wife or girlfriend would feel if she was dating him especially if she wasn’t in the show business but rather had a normal job like a waitress. Paparazzi are known to target Leo especially since he is always in hiding and I just can’t imagine a woman being willing to marry him. Matt Damon is more lowkey and is really famous but not on Leo’s level.

At first I felt sorry for her but when I learned she was friends with Erin and knew what happened between her and Leo and how haughty her personality appears I can’t muster up any sympathy for her whatsoever. Her breakdown will be worse then Bar’s.

@tia: No, it has to do with people who simply post their opinion here. I don’t really see why the ‘insane and crazy Leo fan base’ was necessary or has to do with anything here… :eyeroll:

Oh shush. You know damn well what I mean by Leo’s fanbase, and I wasn’t referring to the posters on here. Look at Ryan Gosling, his fanbase is even worse then Leo’s and look at him, he’s still not married.

I’m out for the night…

@226: My thoughts exactly. I asked you to elaborate because i wanted to make sure we are on the same page.
Leo’s life is frantic.Many many many people around him,”friends”, businessmen, paps. Lots of hard clubbing ,trips all year round.
Tabloids&rags that are thirsty about the ins and outs of his life.
So yeah it would be very hard for a woman like you and me to deal with all these.Not to mention the embarrassing encounters of his wife with all these women he has slept with over the years(COUNTLESS women)
I kinda feel sorry for his future wife

As do I, if he ever marries and she’s not a model. She’s going to have to go through a lot. I would especially feel iffy to know how woman he’s shagged up and how countless stories like the Bobbie Brown one would come out. And then, dealing with paparazzi and Leo’s crazy partying ways and cheating. I dunno, maybe Leo can be tamed by the woman he chooses to marry, IF he marries like I said. It will be difficult for both Leo and the wife, but I hope it works out.

@Really?: Guess she’s with Leo then

@Pink box: I figured she is still shadowing him. Silver Lake? Their was a sighting at Silver Lake a couple of years ago: Leo, Bar and their parents. He likes to return to old places with new kids.

I don’t see that guy getting married.
I don’t see him with children.
I see him living the same life he is living now.


She’s so ridiculous! Surprise LA has parks!!

I think going out with a guy who is into superficial things isn’t the right kind of husband.

@also…: Yeah he goes to the exact same places. Isn’t it weird. Plus it must be weird for his friends, especially when you get used to someone and they are replaced not so soon after. I mean diddnt he date Blake after a couple of weeks from breaking up from bar. Then again lots of people said they were having an open relationship. Yeah….. I just find the whole situation weird!

@####: I think she was trying to be funny. Big shock, she isn’t. By the way, do you know what her moon sign is?

@Really?: The Instagram link is not working for me what does it show/say please?

@Pink box: She is a cancer with a Tarus moon. taruas moon and Libra moon are not very compatible.

I googled Toni Garrn, and she’s gotten a lot of publicity since the golden globes. Pictures with Margot, and of course the one with Leo.

@####: Seriously? LA has parks? Duh! Maybe this has a playground and that’s why she is so excited! This is just dumb! And Leo is into her! Oh, boy! No wonder he is hiding her!
@ @233: It’s a park with a lake. And she says: surprise of the day LA has parks.
@Pink box: Taking his new toys to the same places he took his exes? Come on! Leo gives new meaning to comfort zone.

@Pink box: I haven’t seen that much of her after the GG in sites or in tabloids. Maybe some smaller sites were posting her photos.

mario bro @ 01/20/2014 at 7:01 pm

Did he sign a deal with victoria’s secret or something? Like he dates all of them and gets money?

mario bro @ 01/20/2014 at 7:03 pm

@tia: Don’t think he’s ever going to get married……

I’m not trying to start a fight or call anyone out directly, but some of you really are out of touch with the reputation and the impression that out of towners and foreigners have of L.A and California overall.

Either that or you’re just looking for something to complain about.

@…: Toni has spent quite some time in LA already so I wouldn`t really say she is a foreigner or out of towner. I remember when I went to Chicago for the first time I had a similar reaction. It was surprisingly green. But that was my very first visit there. This is not her first time there… JMO

Ok, so you have to write down what you think of men and woman from these places, just a game;

L.A; Man- Woman-
New York- Man- Woman-
Texan- Man- Woman-
French;Man- Woman-
German; Man- Woman-
English: Man- Woman-
Irish; Man- Woman-
Australian; Man- Woman-
Italian; Man- Woman-
Mexican; Man- Woman-
Spanish; Man- Woman-
Swedish; Man- Woman-
It will be fun and interesting!!


If she’s with Leo, more than likely he’ll get seen during the day and nay be someone will post a tweet or a pic. I don’t know if she’d post that if she was with him. But with her you never know…..

Ok, so you have to write down what you think of men and woman from these places, just a game;
L.A; Man- Woman-
New York- Man- Woman-
Texan- Man- Woman-
French;Man- Woman-
German; Man- Woman-
English: Man- Woman-
Irish; Man- Woman-
Australian; Man- Woman-
Italian; Man- Woman-
Mexican; Man- Woman-
Spanish; Man- Woman-
Swedish; Man- Woman-
It will be fun and interesting!! You can pass on any though

@####: After that roadtrip photo with the glimpse of his hat in the mirror…or posting from their Aspen/Cabo trip I’m not even remotely surprulised. Or the GG after party post from his house. After that would you be really shocked if she was indeed with him at that park?

Anyone going to play?

Ditch these basic ass models you’re always with and get with a REAL woman Leo. Smh :/

Is she trying to be funny? Again, with this type of comments on social medias, it goes to show you her level of intellect and her mental age.
Wake up, DiCaprio!!!!!

YAAS. Leo needs to wake up, WTF is he doing parading around with this basic and clueless little girl? Smh, his taste disappoints me so much.

Oh, and just general American; Man- Woman-

Just used a word or more to describe the man or woman from the country or state. Come on@also…:

@Pl: Ok, so you have to write down what you think of men and woman from these places, just a game;
L.A; Man- Woman-
New York- Man- Woman-
Texan- Man- Woman-
French;Man- Woman-
German; Man- Woman-
English: Man- Woman-
Irish; Man- Woman-
Australian; Man- Woman-
Italian; Man- Woman-
Mexican; Man- Woman-
Spanish; Man- Woman-
Swedish; Man- Woman-
It will be fun and interesting!! Come on👍

STFU. No one wants to play your game clearly.

Oh boy... @ 01/20/2014 at 8:02 pm

Surprise of the day: #LA has parks?! #silverlake #what

WHAT, What did we do to be punished with Garrn´s Instagrams?

Leo doesnt feel like losing brain cells just to be near to these idiot? I know that is how I feel reading her moronics post.
God, She must be good in bed.

Leo's Fantasy Soul Mate @ 01/20/2014 at 8:04 pm

Any thing is possible for a man like Leo! What do you want next, Leo?

An Oscar trophy or trophy wife?

I think you’ll look better with the Oscar, Leo baby.

A real woman has to be black or non basic. Lol how desperate are you black women. First your men don’t marry you now you demand Leo or HW stars date you. If you were so great you won’t have to beg for attention on web blogs
And Lupita may be very talented but she’s ugly IMO and the Lupita love fest reminds me of the same patronising love the Precious girl had. We’ll see were she is by this time next year

@Oh boy…:
Amen. WTF do her and Leo even talk about? This one is by far the most vain and clueless of them all, and people thought Bar was the most awful one. Leo you disappoint me with your sh*t taste in women, or should I say kids? UGH, you look at pics of him with real women looking so happy and then looking at pics of him with his barely legals is so depressing.

@Oh boy…: wow, her post are BEYOND moronic. She tries to be funny and interesting and keeps failing…what the heck does Leo see in her..oh wait….Is Leo that much of a loser for some sex?????

Um, WTF is your problem? How ‘desperate’ are we black women? WTF does being black have to do with it? I posted that pic with Lupita because it was posted here a few pages back, if she happened to be white and I liked her I still would of posted it. Gtf with your self entitled attitude, I bet you fawn over basic ass girls Leo screwed like Blake Lively considering you find Lupita ugly. Lmao, what a joke.

@@256: Play the game please

And then you say men WON’T date black women? Honey it is 2014 not 1955, and unfortunately for you I gotta let you know I have dated plenty of men before. And actually it is quite common for men in Hollywood to date WOC so stfu with your flawed logic about real men not wanting black women and then Hollywood stars not wanting them either.

F.y.i IMO I thinkLupita had an amazing skin tone, she can pull off these amazing colours that I couldn’t.

Oh really lemme guess they are dating but hiding them? .LOL same desperate claim as always.
Shame they don’t hide Asian women the same way
Why do even black sports stars dump on black women also?

U f*cking Racist +Can you not read? Did @Ugh say anything about blackwomen are real women? When I saw the pictures with Leo & Lupita I thought the same as Ugh, not because of Lupita’s skin colour or origin. She seems to be a real, mature woman with personality & in my opinion she is talented, funny & beautiful. p.s. you dont have to be black to compliment black women you idiot

hello racist... @ 01/20/2014 at 8:26 pm

@@256: I know who you are. Always complaining about the “Lupita Lovefest” And how annoyed you are!! Busted!!…be proud to be a racist…Come out with your name! Don’t even deny it cause I wont believe you! And True Love is color blind but a peon brain like you wouldn’t know that! : ) Wouldn’t it be funny if Leo did end up with a woman of color so you can sh!t your pants! And they said there wouldn’t be a black president…

Thank you. I won’t even reply to that person’s last reply. You said it all. Not once did I imply once that only black woman are real woman but that moron interpreted it as that and then goes on to say no one in Hollywood wants to date black woman and if they do then they are just hiding them. Says a lot about that person and their f%cked up mindset. Will they admit to being a racist? Unlikely. What a miserable person you must be.

Toni good in bed? pleassse .She probally justs lays there till it’s over saying yeah yeah yeah!!lol #blandlay #escort

@BZ girl:
Lord, after watching Wolf Of Wall Street I am not convinced Toni and Leo in bed could share the same chemistry Margot and Leo displayed. Like, I can’t even imagine them in bed together, just gross tbh.

lonely Leo Read @ 01/20/2014 at 8:36 pm

Its not about being good in bed. Leo is a lonely lonely man trapped in his lonely lonely existence. Don’t believe the smiles. But he’s too superficial to open his eyes to true love so he sticks to the same formula even tho its not working. He’s scared to follow his heart.

I found this in one of my books today. I made compatibility with moons.
This is for Libra and Taurus moon.
Harmony, pleasantness, and peace in your home life and personal relationships is so important to both of you that you’ll ignore or cover up the conflicts and differences that exist between you. Both of you are very uncomfortable expressing anger and afraid of creating upheaval. As the song goes, “you’d do anything to avoid a fight”! Of course, Libra’s innate diplomacy and courtesy, and Taurus’s slowness to take offense go a long way toward keeping your relationship smooth, but there are times when you need to look plainly at the problems, or you are bound to experience dissatisfactions at times. For instance, one area that might be a problem is that Libra enjoys and needs a lot more verbal communication than Taurus is inclined to, and Libra may feel unhappy or neglected unless there is a running conversation going on. Also, Taurus is more prosaic and once a relationship is comfortably established, may take it for granted, whereas Libra wants romantic gestures and a certain style or elegance in order to stay interested in the relationship.

Taurus’s tastes are simpler, and Libra has more of an interest in art, literature, theater, culture, etc. than Taurus does.

These problems certainly do not need to become major ones, but you should acknowledge your differences and confront your problems when they arise.

@lonely Leo Read:
This is true and makes me sad for him tbh.

lonely Leo Read @ 01/20/2014 at 8:40 pm

@Ugh: but this will change…something is going to happen

@lonely Leo Read:
From your lips to God’s ears =)

Toni Garrn @ 01/20/2014 at 8:43 pm

If you hang out with stupid people will you become stupid yourself?

Leo is already showing signs. Blank look, like his brain is in ‘sleep mode’.

You’re welcome. I guess somebody was just jealous that Leo has greeted Lupiiiiiitaaaa with a kisssssss on her cheek & not our JJ racist. Oooohhhh :D Neither will I respond to that racist anymore, lets ignore the hater! p.s. Lupita is amazing, I’m glad she is being recognized and I hope she wins the oscar OMG Just imagine Leo winning one too. Wouldn’t that be perfect?! More images with these two just for the haters!!!

lonely Leo Read @ 01/20/2014 at 8:47 pm

@Ugh: unfortunately I don’t think its something good or at least it will not be perceived that way but in the end it will be good for him…

@ugh: I said it before but Margot has a scorpio moon I think that’s the steamy chemistry they share..

Looks like that racist idiot went back to being invisible. Lmaooo, they clearly wrote that for a reaction SMH at me for taking the bait. And yes girl, I would prob die tbh seeing Lupita and Leo holding statues together. On E! they showed a tidbit of him on the red carpet and he said that she has his vote, I’m assuming for the Oscars. And she said she’s loved him since she was like 12. She is just lovely and she better win that Oscar, because poor Chiwetel isn’t. UGH, I’m gonna need Leo to win over Matthew McConwhatever especially since I cannot endure any more of his speeches I’m sorry. Rooting for you Leo, campaign your ass off and Scorsese too!

@lonely Leo Read:
What do you think will happen to him by chance?

@BZ girl:
All I know is Margot and Leo are hot together but she clearly has too much spunk and flavor for him lbr.

@Ugh: I think a lot of people would change their opinion of her if she were to date Leo. She’s a bit like Jennifer Lawrence, she’s likeable at first but then it wears in you. Plus their is an 16year age gap, still called robbing the cradle! Also she is very ambitious. I like her and Leo, but not as a couple. I think they might have some intense personality clashes.

Yeah, I wouldn’t want them to date just because she is once again too young but I dunno, she seems older and not just in her looks. Compare her to Jennifer Lawrence, and you can tell Jennifer is in her 20s and crazy immature. But Margot? I get a very sophisticated vibe from her. Like you I also like seeing her and Leo together, I actually can sense chemistry between them. Leo usually looks bored around his female co stars so it was refreshing seeing them interact during promotion and premieres and all that. I get the impression she intimidates him, much like a young Kate Winslet did.

@yep : I think If you should have some don’t always have to get along with the person that becomes boring it’s ok to rock the boat a little.. Who wants a twin shawdow ..that agree’s with everything and doesn’t have their own opinions…just like those girls who abandon their friends to be with their bf day and night.. Toni is one of them .these type of girls are always the most disappointed when the relationship ends!

lonely Leo Read @ 01/20/2014 at 9:19 pm

@Ugh: oh it could be ANYTHING but it will be drastic enough where he will be “forced” to listen and carry out the call of his heart otherwise his life circumstances will just get worse and worse. A special dispensation has happened because he is so stubborn and the universe will increase the pressure on Leo to be his more authentic self and stop “hiding.” What it boils down to essentially is more pain for Leo if he doesn’t follow the calling of his heart. He CAN’T escape this, its non-negotiable. And that’s the only reason his relationships don’t work out because they’re not suppose to. Yeah, this is another one of them…Bye.

Respect Bradley @ 01/20/2014 at 9:24 pm

Say what you want about BC but you have to give it up to him for taking His Barely Legal out in the sunlight for all to see. Does this mean that Leo and him will hand out less with the BCs because Leo is still in hiding???hmmmm…

@lonely Leo Read:
Well, he can only go lower and lower until he rises back on his feet. Maybe this midlife crisis is needed for him to come to some realizations, including his fear of falling in love, in actual love with another woman. Not a girl who does whatever Daddy asks. You can’t be happy without suffering some pain, and the longer Leo chooses to ignore the real world the worse it will get for him. The sad part if he’s grown so accustomed to his lifestyle that I don’t think he even knows what being happy really feels like.

@lonely Leo Read: What do you think will happen when Leo’s mother passes away? :’(

Yep they are gone. Dont understand how these racists could end up on a Leo thread, he is such a tolerant & intelligent person. And hasnt he adopted a girl from africa while shooting Blood diamond?
I’ve watched her interview with Jimmy Kimmel where she was telling everyone how she asked Leo for a picture & loved him since Romeo & Juliet, it was so adorable.
Unfortunately I havent seen that bit with Leo on Lupita re oscar but honestly I’m not surprised at all he seems to like her.He could have said ‘hi’ and walked away but you know…he can be a real gentleman.
I like Matthew Mc but I love Leo and have lots of respect re his professional life, even though I haven’t seen Dallas buyers Club yet ,I’m so rooting for Leo.
Mc’s speech at SAG was interesting & then annoying. Leo & Wolf team have to campaign the “right” way and the next weeks are crucial for the voting. I’m a bit nervous and excited!
Was really nice talking to you. :) I’m off to bed now

@Respect Bradley @ 01/20/2014 at 9:31 pm

lol, you so naive

Yes he did I remember seeing a picture of her holding him it was precious. And he is known to have many black friends and other races as friends so I am truly baffled how a racist could be on here and still be a fan. Just disgusting but I got over that fool’s comments. Won’t let some moron stuck in the 1950s bring me down. I saw Matthew’s movie, he was good and all. But Chiwetel, Leo, & Oscar Isaac were better last year alone then him. I don’t understand why HE has to be sweeping all the awards, praying a miracle for Leo because sadly Chiwetel’s chances are completely dead. Paramount and Scorsese better campaign their asses off for Leo a few weeks before Oscar voting begins, because I cannot take another speech from Matthew McCwhatever blabbing about Neptune. LEO was born for speeches, he was so precious at the GGs.
Great talk girl and peace out!

@Soulmate @ 01/20/2014 at 9:34 pm

“What do you think will happen when Leo’s mother passes away? :’(”
I don’t even want to imagine.
If he’s still not married by then, he will have nobody except a father he’s not close with and his hanger on friends.
That would be so sad.

@@Soulmate: He is close to his father!

@Soulmate @ 01/20/2014 at 9:47 pm

Not nearly as close as his mother. His mother is everything to him, once she’s gone, I don’t know how he’ll survive. But you could say the same for all of us really. But him especially.,

@BZ girl:

I think a poster many many threads back knew someone who slept with Leo and said he was lazy. I guess he expects to be serviced??? LOL

@Soulmate: I said that a couple of threads ago. He really needs a strong woman to look after him. If she passes, his friends won’t be able to comfort him like a wife. Sure he’s close to his dad, but usually men feel more able to cry more to a woman than a man. Fingers crossed for the soulmate!

Are there any boundaries?
Jeez, I know a lot of you are desperate to see Leo settle down, but why is his mother and death even a topic of conversation?

Leo's Fantasy Girl @ 01/20/2014 at 10:01 pm


Leo would you settle for a milf like me? (or similar)

I found more things in this book.
The Scorpio man and Taurus woman both tend to be hard-headed and somewhat stubborn, so arguments are bound to arise. On the other hand, the Scorpion and the Bull will each have a deep respect for the other, and they’ll enjoy a deep sense of commitment and loyalty in their relationship.

Scorpio can be extremely moody, and he has an explosive temper. Fortunately, he usually gets over his rages quickly. Nothing stokes his ire as much as anyone or anything that threatens what he considers as his. He’s the type who forgives, but he never forgets. The Scorpion is also fiercely protective of his loved ones and usually feels that it’s his appointed duty to keep them safe and well cared for. If Scorpio cares about you, he’ll defend you to the end and will be the most loyal friend you could imagine.

what the hell??? @ 01/20/2014 at 10:13 pm

are you for real?? why would you even ask something like that? his mom is only in her 60′s. Leave her the hell alone! don’t talk about people dying like that.


I agree with you, I can’t even believe somebody would ask that. Some people just love being dramatic and depressing.Stop it with the doom and gloom already!!

Scorpios are the most sign likely to cheat. But if you wink or smile at a guy they get angry.

Respect Bradley @ 01/20/2014 at 10:19 pm

@@Respect Bradley: fock You! What is naïve about that? I don’t think you know what that word means!

Sex with Scorpio @ 01/20/2014 at 10:20 pm

Scorpio man is a volcano. Do not play with him in bed! If you are what he wants and he will be the only one that knows it, you will have a man yours forever. If you’re not, you’ll temporarily or completely possible share him with at least two or three partners. Scorpios love sexwith power. They want to control every part of your body but also your mind. Sex commands from him, should be acceptable for you! You simply obey. They like practices with the complete subordination of the female body and if you resist too much, they will not hesitate to take you with them!!

In the relationship can allow you to analyze issues of high spiritual value, but when you get to sex, everything is primitived! Generally, sex is pretty violent and they want instant gratification. When erything is quiet and romantic, he will grab you and drag you violently in bed. The earthly and completely animalistic instinct of Scorpio man will come up, he will make you forget yout tact and discretion and you will be surrendered to him.

Scorpio is sensitive and he is often emotionally involved in sex. He is modest and he needs confidence. If he overcomes his reticence, he can make his wild fantasies come true. He is expressed by the eyes and touchment and he does not like to talk during sex. He hides tension and mystery. He does not consider sensuality and passion only in the sexual act. He likes foreplay and every kind of sex except boring sex. He has no boundaries and taboos. He has fantasies that wants to practice them. He is impulsive and passionate, loyal and trustworthy. He knows the techniques of lovemaking. He can feel and sense what his partner wants.

They are possessive and they also hide their feelings. They show themselves, slowly. Scorpio looks calm and sometimes outlandish but in bed is the perfect lover. Love and desire are important to him. He explores the dark areas of sexuality, the depths of the soul. He likes to experiment and knows how to send you in the seventh heaven. Sex gives energy to him while routine kills him. He is attractive, he fascinate his partner, and he loves beautiful smells. He wants to feel that you belong to him entirely. If you flirt with another partner, you’ve lost him. Involved in love affairs, often frivolous. His sadomazohist tenses are developed! He likes kinky underwear and body oils especially with flavours. He likes bite, lick, cuddly on his thighs and oral sex. His erogenous zone is his genitals.

what the hell??? @ 01/20/2014 at 10:20 pm

@Oh boy…:

omg, I LOVE your sense of humor. I was cracking up at your comment below. You are too funny! :P

“WHAT, What did we do to be punished with Garrn´s Instagrams?Leo doesnt feel like losing brain cells just to be near to these idiot? I know that is how I feel reading her moronics post.”

not in her 60's @ 01/20/2014 at 10:23 pm

she’s in her 70′s
Irmelin DiCaprio was born in 1943 …

@Respect Bradley @ 01/20/2014 at 10:24 pm

lol, stay pressed
great! now we have a Suki (wtf is this name? lol) stan here

Yeah Baby! @ 01/20/2014 at 10:25 pm

@Sex with Scorpio: Now this is what I’m talkin’ about!!!!

@Sex with Scorpio: that’s similar to what lily put ages ago. What toumput was Interesting though.
Lily post more!!!

Respect Bradley @ 01/20/2014 at 10:26 pm

@@Respect Bradley: ok dunce bat, I’ll stay press you bird! I bet you have problems understanding multiple concepts but I’ll stay pressed! lol

@not in her 60′s: It’s scary that you know that. Oh well. Do you know her moon sign? I wind what his dads moon sign is… Hmmm.

Irmelin. Is 68 born in 1945 for god sakes….smh

@Respect Bradley @ 01/20/2014 at 10:28 pm


mommy problem @ 01/20/2014 at 10:28 pm

Leo has a mommy problem…he needs to cut that umbilical chord with mommy before true loves comes into his life otherwise its his mummsie!!

After watching this video of Bradley and the American Hustle cast at SAG, I can never respect him again. He is thirsty and seems like a douche.

People really think Irmelin has a say in Leo’s love/sex life? LOL

not in her 60's @ 01/20/2014 at 10:31 pm

@Inuijcn: google is scary?!?

@Sex with Scorpio @ 01/20/2014 at 10:32 pm

“He explores the dark areas of sexuality, the depths of the soul. He likes to experiment and knows how to send you in the seventh heaven. Sex gives energy to him while routine kills him. He is attractive, he fascinate his partner, and he loves beautiful smells. He wants to feel that you belong to him entirely. If you flirt with another partner, you’ve lost him. Involved in love affairs, often frivolous. His sadomazohist tenses are developed! He likes kinky underwear and body oils especially with flavours. He likes bite, lick, cuddly on his thighs and oral sex.”

Damn son!! :O

TBH Bradley is not the worst part in this video. JLaw is. This is not funny, this is work and still she acts like #$%@.

And, as usual, Princess Amy is classy. Love her :).

Scorpio Erogenous Zone: The genitals are everybody’s erogenous zone but since the Scorpio is the most sexually charged of all zodiac signs, the genitals are extremely sensitive and will ignite a passionate fire that cannot be extinguished. Stroke and caress these areas lightly. There is no wrong way to stimulate this area, but be gentle.

Sex With Scorpio: Sex with Scorpio is a total emotional and physical experience with passion and intensity. They have amazing stamina and can last all night long, round after round. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that is the most likely to act out a sexual fantasy. Most people will talk about it but the Scorpio will do it, they will fully throw themselves into the role. Do not suggest a fantasy to a Scorpio unless you plan to do it! Most Scorpios are direct and forceful and they seem to be an expert at what they do. They continue to seduce you even as the act continues. A thrilling experience not for the faint of heart! 

If a man’s Venus is in Scorpio which Leo’s is, the femme fatale is just fine for him. He is especially attracted to women who ooze sensuality, who are perhaps a little dark and mysterious, and who have a magnetic and powerful aura. 

Leo has an libra moon so i thought i’d do, Sex With Libra:

Sex is enchanting, sensual experience, like a sex scene out of a movie. Lots of gentle rubbing, stroking, caressing. Libras make very imaginative and creative lovers. They are good at what they do and they are willing to try something new. Always keep it classy however, Libras are not one for bathroom stall sex. Set the mood with lots of teasing foreplay and create ambiance with candles and scented massage oils. 

mommy problem @ 01/20/2014 at 10:39 pm

@#325: who said anything about having a say in his “love” life? I’m talking about his overly maternal love for his mom is unhealthy and its one of the many things that’s preventing him from finding someone decent. Do you understand now? Or are you still lost?

I guess she does’t have a say… she liked Gisele a lot but Leo did’t marry her.. I think Gisele was just a little too emotionally overbearing for him… She seems in some ways more aggressive than Leo and will say exactly what she feels…Leo seems more like he says whay you might want to hear instead!jmo

@Bradley: This is supposed to be America’s new sweetheart?
WTF was her problem? Acting like that, she should be thankful to be up there after receiving awards she doesn’t deserve!!

@Lilly: This may sound bad, but it’s what I have imagined Leo to be like….. Not in a creppy way.

Tbh i give her credit for leaving leo and finding a husband to fulfill her needs but i dont like her personality at all.

That is really interesting I like reading your posts it’s like insight to Leo’s life

@BZ girl:

Irmelin DiCaprio

Actress | Producer

Irmelin DiCaprio was born in 1943 in Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany as Irmelin Indenbirkin. She is an actress and producer, known for Blood Diamond (2006), The 11th Hour (2007) and The Beach (2000). She was previously married to George DiCaprio. See full bio »

Born: Irmelin Indenbirkin
1943 in Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany

@not in her 60′s:

Someone on another thread said that year if birth was wrong. She’s 68.

Leo’s mom will turn 71 on February 14 (or 15). That makes her 50 years older than Leo’s barely legal T-bone. No Wonder she qualify as her granny.
Disturbing when you think about it.

@Lilly: i love reading what you write, I love those sort of things. Keep it up!!!

@####: someone on the internet.?..ok…that’s very reliable…

Leo’s mom was definitely born during WWII.

@#325: I don’t know, but it would be unhealthy

What was the story that Armie Hammer’s wife told about Leo hooking up with some random?

@Bradley: Do you have one of Leo?

@??: Well.. that was nice of her to say about someone she barely knows lol…


LOL. I feel bad for his wife after that interview he gave about their sex life or lack thereof. He definitely has a madonna/***** complex.

@??: it was her roommate. She asked him if he remember her name and he did.

UGH is there anyone Leo hasn’t f-cked??


What is it were talking about?

@LOL!: Martin Scorsese, hopefully (despite their chemistry lmao). Maybe even Erin Heatherton? They literally had no connection.

“I actually met Leo when I was modeling in Tokyo when I was in high school. He hooked up with my roommate,” Chambers tells the mag of the star, who she encountered years later on the set of J. Edgar, in which her husband Hammer, 25, costars.

“When I saw him after all those years, I said, ‘Tell me you’re not an *sshole. Do not make me hate you for the rest of the shoot’,” she says.

Her interrogation of DiCaprio continued: “‘She was Spanish — you took a bath your first night together. What’s her name?’”
DiCaprio’s response? “He goes, ‘Marta.’”

“Texas women are incredible!” an enamored Hammer marvels. “They’re like, ‘I love you, I’m sweet, I’m kind, but don’t f*** with me, because I’ll stab you.”

Read more:

@baby babe:
Erin was cute, but her and Leo had no chemistry whatsoever. Completely stiff in their pics together. That said, I want to gag at the thought of Toni and Leo in bed.

First Tina's Joke @ 01/21/2014 at 12:00 am

And now major magazine no matter what you think of them, people do read them is talking about Leo being a womanizer…interesting…I see a trend…

First Tina's Joke @ 01/21/2014 at 12:02 am

All his hens are coming out to roost finally…his reputation is growing and now in a good way…Good knows how many people he slept with! Over 100 or more probably!

No one cares about his reputation or womanizing, he’s not the first and certainly not the last man to sleep with a lot of woman. He’s a straight white man, they can get away with anything in Hollywood. As long as Leo continues to bring in the dough, what he does in his personal life is not as relevant. I swear, people on this site are so damn overdramatic. Y’all act like his career is in ruins because he dates supermodels, lol please get a grip and realize not everyone is pressed about who he does or doesn’t f-ck.

@m: well maybe its time for straight white men to stop getting away with everything!!Its only fair!! : )

Please inform me, what does Leo do that should be banned or considered illegal? He’s immature and dates supermodels and you guys don’t like that, you prefer he dates “real woman” or women of color. Therefore you take your frustrations out on him and liken him to men like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. Rofl, what a joke.

So because he’s a straight white man that means its ok? STFU you’re so dumb and NOT helping your case but just probably proving why he us such a SL.UT!! I don’t care about other people in Hollywood! You can always find other people who are doing other things and better people who are doing better things.. If this was a woman so many would be so down on her!!

I could give less of a sh-t who he screws and what he does in his personal life unlike you all who track his every move and trash every single female he comes into contact with. I never said only dating supermodels is okay, but its HIS life and the way people talk about him on here you’d think he was involved in some major scandal, was arrested, etc like the likes of Mel Gibson. It’s Leo ****, he can f-ck who he wants and when he wants and I feel sorry for his fans who get so pressed thinking they should tell him what kind of woman he should be with.

@LOL!: nothing I’m just stating the fact that he’s a major w.h.o.r.e if you don’t like it don’t read it b!tch! More jokes on the way! : )

Yeah he is a wh-re, did I deny that? But have you heard of Warren Beatty? Jack Nicholson? Leo is far from the only man in Hollywood to screw around so get over it and cry more because he is not dating the ‘real’ type of woman you wish he was. Have fun calling Toni a lapdog too!

@LOL!: dont care about anyone else, I only care about Leo. Wishh he would stop dating those slu.ts and I wish he would stop being a sl>ut himself!! I do have fun calling Toni a lapdog, sugarbaby, Giraffe! Its a lot of fun. Thank you! : )

To Leo fangirls.. @ 01/21/2014 at 12:28 am

Happy early Valentines Day from Leo xx

I don’t care about who he sleeps with. Honestly I really don’t care who anyone sleeps with as long as they’re being safe and using protection.

@To Leo fangirls..:

The 3rd one is my fav! ;)

@Amy: there is no such thing as safe when you sleep around…


He doesn’t have any baby mamas so I’m going to assume he uses protection.

@HAHA12: Hi! I watched August: Osage County. There was some really good acting by the entire cast. Meryl and Julia were excellent. Even though, Julia was really good – I still think Lupita’s performance was better. If you have the time, I would watch it.

@####: Somebody said that Arnie’s wife was talking about Leo and some random hook-up. I answered and LOL! printed the article.


I saw that. I actually remembered the article after LOL posted it. Thanks! :-)

sm maybe taurus with moon leo ????

Jordan Belfort on Piers Morgan Talking About Leonardo DiCaprio

@Gisele: So? What is the point? You don’t like her personality? Why? You don’t like Tom Brady?
Anthony Kiedis:

@HAHA12: Hi! I watched Captain Phillips. It was good movie – a little slow at times. Tom Hanks was good, but not great. Barkhad Abdi was much better and I can see why he got the Oscar nod. Have you seen it? What did you think of it?
Catch ya later! ;)

Margot is in Australia for WOWS premiere. For a second time, Leo was absent from attending one of his important movies in that country.
Nice. Very nice of him.

Why so bitter? You dont know the reasons why he avoids the aussies like that .But of course here in jj people know everything about Leo.

Do you have an idea “why” he couldn’t attend that Aussie premiere of his movie? Tell us….

I am not a know-it-all so i have no idea.
At least i give him the benefit of the doubt.
I suggest you do the same.

Because if you remember well, that was his excuse why he skipped the Aussie Gatsby premiere….
Was too busy doing with “personal” matters.

@Well: The Australian premiere that Margot attended was really small in Brisbane which is less than an hour from her family, so Leo would not be expected. It was really just to honour a home town girl. With the time difference he could not have gone to the producers awards and that premiere.

@Zzzzzzz, definately think it will be a satellite feed for that show, or maybe pre recorded. The interview with Margot was satellite and she was home here on the Gold Coast, which is a 2hr flight to Melbourne where the show is filmed. Whoever the person was that posted about Djokovic and DiCaprio will probably be very sad because I Just watched Djokovic get beaten in the tennis.

Like I said on the last thread we dont have many big premieres here in Australia for hollywood movies, its just not a big market on a global scale so the producers are not going to pay for big premieres, especially because TWOWS got an 18plus rating here which is going to cut the audience even further.

FYI people in Australia dont care that he wasnt at Gatsby (maybe just the people who showed up on the day!). He said he had personal reasons, and if not, Australians understand the need to party!!!

@386 should have been tweeted about Djokovic and DiCaprio not posted (someone just posted the tweet)

I didn’t know people from Australia were soooo good at forgiving and so understandable:) I’m impressed.

@Well: whats to forgive, 99.99999% of us wouldnt have seen him any way, and the people of Sydney had him there for months while he made the movie. After the premiere Baz gave interviews that praised Leo so who really cares, didnt change my life at all, and I enjoyed Gatsby, along with many other Australians because it was really successful here, and the movie and Leo got great reviews here.

There is a small number of people in the press here that are annoying, even Australians dont like their style so can completely understand why celebs try to avoid them.

Toni Garrn @ 01/21/2014 at 8:26 am

Special Recognition: To Toni garrn for being THE dumbest and laziest model #congrats #what

I think it was an all time low for Leo professionally to ditch the Gatsby Sydney premiere. It was obvious why he did it and it didn`t reflect good on him ( no matter what Tobey and Buz said in interviews about his absence ).

I think it was an all time low for Leo professionally to ditch the Gatsby Sydney premiere. It was obvious why he did it and it didn`t reflect good on him ( no matter what Tobey and Buz said in interviews about his absence ).
This time with WOWS I think it`s different. First of all Leo wasn`t the only one missing out on the Brisbane premiere. Marty wasn`t there, Jonah wasn`t there… With Gatsby it was a big premiere and only Leo was missing. This time it was a small premiere and only Margot was there. I don`t see anyone mentioning the absence of the director or other co-stars.
Also it`s award season and Leo is nominated for this role, he is one of the producers of the movie and it was the PGA on Sunday. At least it`s a professional excuse for him not being there. JMO
@Toni Garrn: LOL! Keep them coming!

Sebastian Danzig ‏@SebastianDanzig 5h
What a wonderful life I live… Currently in a Rolls Royce on the way to Bootsy Bellows. #DouchebagTweet

Sebastian Danzig ‏@SebastianDanzig 2h

Brilliant, was dancing with Leo Dicaprio.

lainezaf1 ‏@lainezaf1 17h

I did not win a producers guild award tonight, but I wash my hands next to Leonardo Dicaprio in the bathroom. I chalk it up as a win.

Black sharpie @ 01/21/2014 at 8:42 am

There are pics on BZ of Leo sitting at the table at the PGA event. I don’t know how to copy them to here. He looks bored out of his mind! Too funny!
So he brings Milan to an awards show but not his girlfriend?!

I ate a ham sandwich @ 01/21/2014 at 8:47 am

@Black sharpie: Milan was their? Photos?

I ate a ham sandwich @ 01/21/2014 at 8:49 am

@Black sharpie: can you link bellazon because it won’t come up. Thanks

Black sharpie @ 01/21/2014 at 8:54 am

There’s a pic on BZ, I can’t copy it, of PGA arrivals. It looks like Milan in the background. I thought it was already mentioned on here.

@Black sharpie: yes, it was mentioned. There was a red carpet photo posted and you could see Milan in the background.

Looks like the model he danced with at bootsy bellows was a brunette! LOL

He and Jordon Belfort are one in the same!

I ate a ham sandwich @ 01/21/2014 at 9:45 am

@####: What there a pic?

@ ####

Are you talking about this tweet?
Sebastian Danzig is man.

Sebastian Danzig ‏@SebastianDanzig 5h
What a wonderful life I live… Currently in a Rolls Royce on the way to Bootsy Bellows. #DouchebagTweet

Sebastian Danzig ‏@SebastianDanzig 2h

Brilliant, was dancing with Leo Dicaprio.

Yes, the tweeter is a brunette. But I just checked her twitter account and the second tweet is missing… ( `Brilliant, was dancing with Leo Dicaprio ). Why did she delete it?

lol, is not that a guy? I think so

Wait! That`s just the photo of a brunette on the twitter account. This is a guy ( I didn`t pay attention to the name just the tweet and the photo on the account ). Maybe the brunette is his girlfriend or something… Either way the dancing tweet is gone.

I ate a ham sandwich @ 01/21/2014 at 9:53 am

@also…: I wonder what Toni thinks aboutnhimngetying close. She must be laughing a lot.


Sebastian Danzig is man.
He is guitarist of Palaye Royale.


Oops. I just saw the girls pic on his twitter background.

hahahahahaha @ 01/21/2014 at 10:02 am

Toni breathed a sigh of relief. lmao

I just wonder are Djokovic and DiCaprio friends?

the tweet was just deleted?

Sebastian Danzig ‏@SebastianDanzig 2h
Brilliant, was dancing with Leo Dicaprio.

I think they met before and I Djokovic is a huge fan of Leo.

* Djokovic is a huge fan of Leo

Maybe was not Leo?

@@Sofia: Ok thanks. I’m a Rafa fan and I’ve seen DiCaprio like the us open final and french open semifinal when djokovic and nadal played against each other. And sorry to djokovic fans I really wanted a djoko nadal final, because they are the best

Ugh, I love Rafa too. Who doesn’t? He is so good and humble and HOT.
I would love to see the ‘Nadal beats Djoko’ headline again lol.

@can: Didn’t I say that it was a guy just before your comment?

I know you have been attacked many times by trolls for no reason but as far as I understand- #can was not mean to you at all.

@@Sofia: Yes he’s amazing in ever way. Hope he wins Australian open one step closer to beat rogers record that would be so amazing if he did.

Omg yes.Roger is amazing too but Nadal is a beast, toro.

@Oh boy…: You aren’t being punished with her tweets or Instagram. Stop following her accounts if you don’t like it.

@@272: Get out of you, racist. lol and I’m pretty sure I know which regular this is.

@ @also: I didn’t say that poster was mean. She corrected me after I corrected myself. I no offense but you are on my case 24/7.

Mwahahahaahhaha @ 01/21/2014 at 11:13 am

The Consequences After Leonardo DiCaprio And Naomi Watts`s Kiss At The Golden Globes Afterparty?(PHOTO)
Poor Toni Garrn. The tabloids always pretend that she doesn’t exist, instead preferring to write reports about Leonardo DiCaprio hooking up with far more famous women. In this case, a report from Star Magazine claims that Naomi Wattsand husband Liev Schreiber got into a fight, and Naomi decided to ‘focus on’ Leo for the rest of the night.

A supposed ‘source’ tells Star, “Naomi was dancing very sexually while looking into Leo’s eyes. She had a crush, and he knew it!”

Umm… I’m not really sure what to say, except I don’t think anybody would speak like that, especially a tabloid source. First of all, Leo was seen making out with his girlfriend, Toni Garrn, at a Globes after-party. Sure, Leo’s not exactly the most trustworthy boyfriend around, but would he be so flirty with another woman in front of his girlfriend? Oh, what am I saying, of course he would.
Ok, let’s say that Leo was interested and totally willing to reciprocate. Have you seen Liev Schreiber? If he and Naomi did have a fight and she was dancing ‘sexually’ in front of him with another man, he’d probably beat that man into a tiny piece of pulp, even if that man was Leonardo DiCaprio. Plus, Naomi doesn’t seem like the type to deal with her problems in such an immature manner, even if she does have a harmless crush on Leo.

What do you guys think? Would Naomi have danced with Leo to make Liev jealous? And would Leo have reciprocated her dance moves, especially with his girlfriend nearby? Also, this is all on the word of a tabloid, which is difficult enough to believe without any picture proof. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Just Frank ‏@bluredfrank 9h

Little Birdy tells me Leonardo DiCaprio is coming to Kuala Lumpur. You Heard It Here First. #Leonardo #KL #YouHeardItHereFirst Keep Calm.
Just Frank ‏@bluredfrank 9h

@AdrianNCF Our friends at the _________ Hotel are stocking up on champagne for Mr DiCaprio’s visit already. #DiCaprio #KL #Bubbly

Kelly Blakey ‏@KellyBlakey 2h

I NEED to see Wolf of Wall Street & pretend i’m still in NYC. Met Leo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill in a club & they were so cool and down to earth!

@???: I don’t think he is leaving any time soon. Doesn’t he have the SBFF on Jan 25 with Marty? So why would they be already stocking up on champaign?

1. The source is Star Magazine so credibility is immediately down the drain.
2. The story was already denied last week. As you said yourself Leo was out with Toni ( even though he attended several parties that night and I don’t know if Toni was with him for all the parties ) I think I read how well he got along with Naomi during Hoover shoot and he liked her but I don’t see it happening. Probably they met and hugged but I doubt this story is true.

@???: One of the WOWS producers is from Malaysia so maybe they go there at some point to celebrate? Definitely not for the premiere since the movie is banned there.

Bedford + Bowery ‏@bedbow 8m

Leo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper dropped into @ByRobertJames. “I thought they were college bro dudes,” says a manager

Nah I dont think he’s leaving anytime soon either. After the SBFF there’s the Grammy’s in LA and we know he loves to hit the after (and after after) parties.

Rotfl I’m still waiting for an explanation of that back scratching. Somebody should ask one of them lol.

And Bradley rubbing Leo’s arm after their hug ends ROFTL

OMFG I didn’t notice until now. Hahahahaha!
Honestly, what the hell rotfl.

I’m not gonna lie I’m getting a weird vibe from them as well after seeing their affectionate encounters at the GG.
@Grammys: I don’t know about the Grammy’s. If it’s for a WOWS money man he might go and skip the Grammy parties.

Lmao I love it! Love them.
Im just very, very curious why he was scratching BCoops back, why BCoop rubs his arm tenderly and just why they look at each other so intensely in general LMAO. Joking..

Do you see the way Bradley looks in Leo’s eyes in one of those gifs? Like long lost lovers meeting again LOLOLOL

With Jonah they’re cute and I think Jonah sees Leo like a big bro plus I think he really really looks up to Leo. With Bradley I have question marks all over my brain on the one hand I just love they get along as I really like Bradley but on the other hand I honestly havent seen Leo doing all that with another actor haha. Like with some actors its normal because of their personality. RDJ is an example. He likes to fool around and he’s touchy with his male co-stars quite often. As is Tom Hardy (he’s such a hugger lol). But Leo. And Bradley. Hahahaha!

Toni Garrn @ 01/21/2014 at 12:09 pm

@Grammys: The Grammy’s is some redcarpet that the lazy german model can walk without people wondering “what the heck she is doing there” since is full of wannabe stars wearing ****** dresses #famewhoredom #finallyworking #HeidiKluminthemaking

Ya I won’t exclude the possibility that Bradley MIGHT be bi-sexual. Not Leo, but Bradley could have felt some kind of attraction. I dunno I cant be sure obvi.

Spot on with Jonah. I see as just looking up to Leo and enjoying working with him and his hero Marty Scorsese. They seem like total brothers. But Bradley? I kinda sense attraction from his side to Leo’s no offense and it wouldn’t surprise me if Bradley was BI, weren’t there strong rumors he was? Lol JMO mean no hate otherwise I wouldn’t post these gifs, they crack me up rotfl. You are so right about Tom Hardy, I think he’s still good friends with Leo but Inception era they hung out a lot and were always smiley with each other.

Yeah there were rumors saying BCoop was gay/bi. It’s possible. Though I don’t get those vibes from him in general (except for these gifs rotfl) He seems too masculine. Generally an actor gives himself away in the way he talks or moves even if it’s very subtle.
Lol at Tom Hardy. I love him so much.

@Toni Garrn:

LMAO!!! I doubt they would want her for the red carpet. She has nothing to do with music and doesn’t know anyone in the music business.

Omg Tom Hardy is fine as hell <3 I've always gotten BI vibes from Cooper, remember him and Ben Affleck last awards season? Hahaha but mostly again I think he probably looks up to Leo despite finding his own success since they have known each other since Leo's Titanic days.

No way is Cooper a closeted gay. When he’s accompanied by his Suki girl
he’s beaming with joy.End.of.story.

Yeah I read that interview with BCoop where he talked about how he first met Leo. He looks up to Leo for sure. He was an elevator boy and Leo was already a superstar in Hollywood making crazy amounts of money and stuff. Bet he never thought one day he’d be enjoying the same benefits, and he’d be in the same circles, sitting at the same Award shows as Leo’s peer one day. Stories like this always get me.

But he’s beaming around everyone. He’s a happy smile-y guy in general so yeah.

@@no way:
I wish Leo was beaming with joy like Brad.He always looks so bored and jaded

@@no way:
But because of his being a smiley guy as u say, people assume Brad is gay!!

To me that’s silly. I don’t think he’s gay because of that. He indeed looks pleased to have Suki around but Bradley was like that with Zoe Saldana as well. And with Renee Zellweger too. He’s always smiling he’s always happy, in interviews as well. I think he’s free of insecurities and other complexes like arrogance. Seems like a great guy to hang out with tbh.

For the record it`s not Bradley being smiley is why I get the gay/bi vibe from him. That`s something I actually like about him even though I`m not a big fan of BCoop.

Toni Garrn @ 01/21/2014 at 1:03 pm

Toni Garrn arriving at the Golden Globes After Party

I ate a ham sandwich @ 01/21/2014 at 1:06 pm

Bradley is drivning her friends, lol is Leo did that!!!

If she weren’t so damn young compared to him I’d actually find this adorable. They’re nothing like Leo and Toni who in general looking disconnected and awkward even when they share a kiss.
Hate to admit because of Suki’s age, but Bradley and Suki actually have chemistry.

@Toni Garrn: You’re lame!!! Get some self-esteem!

@ @465: I don`t see chemistry but they look less awkward and disconnected than Leo and Toni. Maybe it`s just the fact how young Suki looks especially with Bradley. But at least Bradley is OK to be out with her in public and he doesn`t feel the constant need to hide. He does seem more relaxed and happier than Leo.
@Toni Garrn: Gosh! You are bad but I still find it funny!

Yeah the fact that they’re so at ease could be the reason. I still see chemistry tho. As I said if she weren’t so young (and she looks really young, like she could pass for 15 or 16 even) then I’d totally ship them lol.

@also…: Leo has been like that with all of his girlfriends, so it is not a true reflection of his feeling (or lack of feelings) for Toni. You don’t know how they are together in private. And in 2 months it will be a year that they’ve been together, so they must like something about each other.

@tony garrn~ @ 01/21/2014 at 1:26 pm

You are sooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad giiirl ! lol

@ugh: yeah “SOMETHING” …

@no way: Leo a happy guy as well, but he don’t over do it. Bcoop a try hard.

@Drake: under does it to the point where he looks like his bored out of his mind to be net to her….yeah he underdoes it alright! lol

@ugh: No, not all his girlfriends. Blake Lively and Gisele weren’t anything like this. And even with Bar you saw more than this. So I respectfully disagree. Leo has been going downhill ever since Bar and looking more and more awkward and bored around his gf. And 2 months until their anniverary? I don’t think so.
@ @469: As I said tj might just be the fact that Suki looks so incredibly young that makes me not see the chemistry. I find tj a little odd that after dating women his ow age or older he goes for someone so much younger.

@,…..: Just like everyone has their own reason’s for being in a relationship. But does it change the fact that they’re together?

If there was not such an age gap bewteen Bradley and Suki, I think they would be very cute together. They have more chemistry than Leo and his last few girlfriends. Sorry but I still laugh at the one where he is applying sun lotion on Erin’s back…. He seems to like girls with unusual name like, Bar, Erin, Gisele, Toni…

Can’t hang with B-Coops no more because he’s not into hiding again… ((((( he go have to hide by himself now!! :((((((((((((((((((Po po Leo….
: ((((((((((

@Po’ Leo: Did you just get finished watching 12 years…. why you talking like that?

at all the Bradley’s stans here
wtf is that?

So? Why do you care? And why the hell call them stans?
Can’t people like Bradley?

He’s dating girls who have the same IQ as him.

So is Bradley escorting the babies now?

@Leo’s House?:

I doubt Leo would allow a photoshoot at his house.

He used to be this really small kid with a big nose, now he’s dating tall women. By the way, some women who are not supermodels are most of the time better looking than supermodels. he’s all about status, not about substance

Did his mom called him this morning? I heard she is his alarm clock LOL.

@,…..: he does not look bored out of his mind with toni. He just kissed toni at the golden globe after party. What more do you want from him. Bradley relationship is 100% fake so off course he looks more happy.

This Suki (what a lame name) girl is so ugly and looks frighteningly young. I think Brad is a nice guy but hm, no.

Leonardo’s relationships are fake; they match him up.

Bradley is a better actor when he with Suki than he is in his flicks lmao.

@Drake: Idon’t think they have a lot to say to each other.

@ugh: oh yeah, I’m sure this is a very very deep relationship!

#484 lol, you tried ;)
The video on Daily Mail lol. Leo’s smooch on Toni was more realistic than that, says alot.

@Drake: that awkward kiss is all you have? lol

Realistic Leo Toni smooch? Thanks for cracking me up! lol

honest question @ 01/21/2014 at 2:10 pm

Is Bradley losing fans?
His threads here are dead.

@DD: I couldn’t agree more. Looks and status above all ( substance, brain, personality ). He is shallow and superficial. No wonder he looks bored and miserable with his lapdogs most of the time. He is with them for the wrong reasons.

#498 Can’t you read?

“he does not look bored out of his mind with toni. He just kissed toni at the golden globe after party. What more do you want from him. ”

And you can bet after the party they had sex. Just as he kissed and had sex with Bar and Erin. And yes, He looked so happy with them. lol

@lol: I didn’t see the video of them kissing at the GG, could you link it?

"I don't think it's her..." @ 01/21/2014 at 2:13 pm

Somebody pull out the video of Leo and Toni making out at his birthday.
The one also still can’t admit was Toni!

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 2:13 pm

Miss Garrn is back in NYC. She used a curioues hashtag “#FinallyBack”
What it so hard to be on vacations for a month Dear?.

@Ok I am talking about the Bradley and Suki vid.

@also…: yep. when someone only dates victoria secret models (who all look practically the same) it sort of becomes like a joke. I think he has low self esteem and needs to boost it. But it’s difficult to take him seriously in his work when you see how shallow he is in his lifestyle. maybe he takes them young like this they don’t have a lot of exes, and are not really experienced in bed. he can dominate them. ever since titanic it feels like this guy truly believed what he had to say in the movie: “i’m the king of the world”!

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 2:15 pm

sorry typo “was it so hard to be on vacation for…”

@Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 2:16 pm

Miss Garrn back in Ny. Mr. Dicaprio partying at the Bootsy bellows.

this is so boring @ 01/21/2014 at 2:17 pm

the same sht over and over

@also…: the birthday party kiss, the kiss in Spain on the boat. What more do you want from him. Leo been doing the same song and dance in All his relationships after Giselle. Toni is no expection you can’t get mad he dating models and should date women his own age then get mad he isn’t flaunting them around. Him and toni may not have a whole lot of chemistry and that’s fine they aren’t trying to force anything.

how do you know that? maybe he is in Ny too?

Looks like T-bone is back in N.Y she tweeted. guess Leo had enough of playing the so- called bf.. #byesugarbaby #hanginwiththe boys LOL

@Don’t get it:

I don’t get why she doesn’t have a key to her own apartment.

Is Leo on L.A or New York?


It’s hard to say if he will head back to NYC or not right now. He has the SBFF which starts on the 25th. Even though he and Marty will not receive their award until February 6, who knows if he will go on other days or not.

Maybe he sent her home so he could have a break!!! LOL

@Drake: yeah and then comes the BREAK UP!! You forgot the add that in the line up…you know its going to happen also!!

@Drake: his life outside of movies is boring. Partying like a 16 year old, parties, clubbing, supermodels, drinking, drinking and drinking, spending money, partying on a boat, and then another boat then clubbing, then having lunch…..There is not mental stimulation, it’s all about the looks. He represents people who hit the lottery. sure he produces cause he has a lot of money, acts from time to time. but he’s not an artist, nothing seems authentically interesting in his life.

Yes, maybe she is back to work? lol
I think we will see if Leo is in NY, we always have sightings when he is there.

hahahahahaha @ 01/21/2014 at 2:27 pm

Let’s play where is Leo. lol

@BZ girl:

Let’s play who can guess how quickly Leo will make a beeline to a club…..


Wednesday night?

Thursday night?

Friday night?

Saturday night?


Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 2:39 pm

@Amy: Don’t know either. She is back to work, fashion week is almost here. She skipped Haute Couture.

agreed. You make good points.Especially your comment about the lack of mental stimulation.So true.

Very classy!

Bradley cooper auditioned for the WOFW. jonah hill was chosen, I’m pretty sure he was scared to be upstaged by cooper. and bradley is better looking than leonardo.


Leo was scared because Bradley has weird eyes, he looks like a psycho lol. Are you f kidding me? Maybe, just maybe, you know, he was NOT good enough? Think about that.

@####:LOL u mmm I’m guessing friday..or saturday nite, but who knows I wonder why she left I mean it snowing in NY the weather is bad there ..Can you believe her friend Madison is waiting for. her there..Ugghh this girl really doesn ‘t know how to be alone…smh

is a horrible actor.
He lost a role for Jonah Hill? LOL

I think she lives with her friend, no?

life reflection @ 01/21/2014 at 3:00 pm

The choice of a partner reflects who you are, where are your interests, priorities in life and indicates your sense of values.
No wonder why Leo refuses to reveal his private life….

how old are you? Why is it so hard for you to understand that some posters have a different opinion and maybe they like Brad?

Just because they like Bradley(he is a good actor and a nice guy) it doesnt mean they dislike Leo /they are “Bradley stans”.
Grow the F up!

@@DD: yeah! I think we both agree on that! :) I just want to see actors who want to act, who want to really work hard. but most of them seem to be ceremony artists. they like to show off and take all the advantages of celebrity. what about your work man? I prefer Actors like dustin hoffman, al pacino, robert de niro …. their work is amazing and seem to have learned early on that you are either an actor or a personality..

@life reflection: wow, that comment is clever. it is really revealing. it’s like he’s proud and ashamed of it at the same time.

@BZ girl:

If he stayed in LA, clubbin’ could be on the agenda tonight especially with the new 1OAK in LA! LOL

Maybe Madison was holding her key while she was gone and that’s Toni’s only key?

@#533, Toni does not have a roommate anymore.

life reflection @ 01/21/2014 at 3:10 pm

A significant one is by extension the extension what appeals to you in life.

@#528: Bradley doesn’t have weird eyes. I would be surprised that he wouldn’t be good enough. He’s very truthful. I love his acting. But he seems to be a threat to leonardo. I would have loved to see him in WOWS. He can do comedy and drama. I’m sure he was very good, but leonardo s propably reeally jealous of him.

@life reflection:What the fu;;ck? did you smoke something before you came on this blog? mannnn

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 3:20 pm

@DD: Sorry for intruding in the conversation. Bradley in my opinion is a good actor, but there is no way that Leo is jealous of him. I mean, they are worlds apart. Besides, i can’t imagine Bradley doing the role of Jonah. Once the movie premiere is very hard for me to imagine anyone else playing the role of Jonah. I think his performance is very good in the movie. And besides Bradley and Jonah are so different. Maybe Bradley wasn’t what they were looking for.

@####: is there a prize for whoever finds the Instagram photo posted by a youngster from his house tonight?

@ @also: On my case as usual. You are creepy!

@life reflection: wow, so sorry, i responsded to the wrong person. it was another comment, i apologize

I doubt that he’ll be in NY anytime soon. We have a storm here and 1000s of flights to and from have been cancelled.

@Don’t get it: Don’t get me wrong, Jonah hill is really great, wonderful actor. But Bradley too. and I think leonardo doesn’t like competition. He’s very self centered.

@####: Tonight? lol you think 10 ak seems to be his spot right now besides TAO.. .It would make sense to just carry the key with you! But since she such a ditz she might loose .I’m sure she will be posting duck face selfies with corny random hashtags.. Leo does get a break just imagined if she lived in L.A fulltime. Notice all of the official gfs have all lived in NY not L.A Except Bar who lived in a another country!Leo’s smart!! :)

@BZ girl: She probably left cause she sees he doesn’t care about her.

Of course Leo is jealous of Bradley, and this is why Bradley is trying so hard to be like Leo lol. Whatever floats your boat, gurl.

@BZ girl: Then if he thinks she’s corny and clueless, why is he dating her?

So are you a Bradley fan? There’s nothing happening on his threads?


LOL….whoever finds it gets a WOWS DVD but you’ll have to pay for it!!! :-)


@#DD: not a fan, i think he’s got a lot of potential. but whenever we see leonardo on the redcarpet he always acts in a very hypocritical way with people. he doesn’t come across as a very honest and genuine person. his interviews arre always sort of staged, like he learned his lines just like when he’s acting. It’s just really strange to see how superficiality attracts him. when he spoke about his character in WOWS, it’s like he speaks about many sides of his own personality.

@####: So it is true, his only activity is clubbing and being drunk? here is a guy who goes on to “defend” things in society, environment, etc etc…..and you see the life he leads. how do you want people to believe you leonardo? you don’t come across as truthful or reliable as a person. you look like a victim of your own money and fame.

@BZ girl:

I’m only saying tonight IF he stayed in LA. Zzzzzz mentioned that the new 1OAK in LA is 5 minutes from his house so he could stumble up the hill after partying all night or it’d be an easy commute to sneak some girls to his house! LOL

Yeah I’ve said it before. I don’t think he can handle hanging around with his young girlfriends for long stretches of time. He gives them a few weeks and then he has to be free to breathe and hope that the brain cells he lost being around them, return!!!

@####: i hope he does not have herpes. maybe he out who you sleep with leonardo, don’t end up with a sickness

LOL. Ask your boy with “a lot of potencial” to stop to act like a d!ck in a press conference (SAG) and to stop licking David O Ruseel dirty a$$ and maybe people will like him. Now, go cry at the corner and only talk sh!t here when he has HALF of the sucess Leo has had for almost 20 years.


He likes his young, blonde, leggy supermodels. It seems like she’s easy to control as well. Basically, he doesn’t have to do anything with this relationship because Toni will be there no matter what. Then when he gets bored, he sends her away so he can have his guy/clubbing/sexing time! LOL

What are you doing here then? Trying to pick fights? If you do not like Leonardo, go away. We do not need people like you here.

“So it is true, his only activity is clubbing and being drunk? ”

Girl, shut up. You know nothing about this guy.

@@DD: what is success when you don’t have someone you truly love to share it with…Life is just as empty as anything else…

Leo hater detected.

@#556: and you do?lol

Leo has lots of people in his life. His family, friends and fans love him.
Some people here are too stupid, smh. I am out.

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 3:57 pm

@DD: I agree with you that Bradley is a good actor. I don’t agree with what you said about Leonardo being competitive. He worked with renowned actors and nobody ever said anything bad about him. I would like to see Leo and Brad together in a movie! We have different opinions and thats ok

Leo is an artist,honey.A true artist. One of the very few left in Hollywood.

@@DD: It’s not about success, it’s about talent, and keeping your feet on the ground. but leo has a major problem with alcohol. one day he’ll have to stop escaping by partying and drinking and stuff. or else he’ll wake up an old man paying young chicks to date him….

@Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 4:00 pm

Leo is anything but a competitive guy. Have you read what Matthew MaC said about him? ANd all the people who have worked with him?

@omg YES!

Ok if you want to talk about bradley and not anything Leo related then I highly suggest you go onto a Bradley thread.

@@si: and yet he still looks depressed expect when he’s working…his job is his life! And true love trumps friends! Sorry it does! It trumps everything!


@omg: No, just a die hard Bradley fan. #564

You life can’t be your job unfortunately for Leo IT IS


Off topic: I still have not seen WOWS yet I’m hyping my self up for it! Lol,but I hear Leo punches Margot in the stomach.. in the movie of course!So i saw an interview with Margot talking about ! (mouth open) :O

The problem is: Bradley’s threads are boring lol.

I suggest we ignore this stan and maybe she will leave ;).

@####: lol So I`m not really keeping up with the thread right now. How do we know that he is still in LA and not in NYC?

Girl, go see it. AMAZING!

@omg: an artist? is he like picasso? Fellini? does he write, draw, direct…? no. I would not call leonardo dicaprio an artist. he participates in the surface of hollywood, the money, the vip tickets and so on..
His ticket to fame is called Titanic.

@####:yes, he’s a user and he needs constant attention and affection;

Ignore, please!

please. Go away. You are very provocative. Are you a troll?

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 4:11 pm

@@Don’t get it: tp #570. That’s what i said!. What’s wrong with you? I said he isn’t competitive at all.
Some people in here are so f*cking crazy.

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 4:17 pm

@DD: He is an artist so are designers, painters, writers, architects, directors, musicians….. What he does for a living is an art. Like any other actor out there. You are not thinking straight if you think Art only involves painters like picasso!.

moving on @ 01/21/2014 at 4:17 pm

So would you like Leo to win his FIRST oscar for a polarising comedy where he portrays a lowlife??

@Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 4:19 pm

Girl, I was agreeing with you lol.
Sorry if I did not myself clear at #570.

moving on @ 01/21/2014 at 4:21 pm

to be honest it would be awesome if he won the oscar for a drama film. JMO

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 4:23 pm

@moving on: He did a great job interpreting Jordan Belfort in the movie. His performance is excellent, he put a lot into making this movie. So yes, i think he deserves an Oscar. What do you think? Does he deserve it?

@omg: Speaking your mind about people is wrong? Not to me. If he likes truth like he says he does, why is he so phony? someone like him who fights for a projects like WOWS (which is an excellent movie, i love Scorsese), acts in it, then talks about it as if he is saying what’s wrong with society is that type of behavior then parties like a slob, spends his life on private planes, mansions, big boats, spending all his money,spends his life clubbing, drinking like there is no tomorrow and dating women who all work at the same place etc etc is hypocritical. I have to give my point of view; Because hollywood is like a big machine, and he is part of it. he’s just like most of the character he portrays and yet critizes them in his interviews, that’s not honesty.

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 4:24 pm

@@Don’t get it: oh ok!!!. I thought you were attacking me. Sorry then :)

moving on @ 01/21/2014 at 4:26 pm

@591-his performance was EXCELLENT but if he wins, its gonna be his first oscar and like i said i would like it to be for a dramatic role.
(his first oscar nomination was for a drama)


I don’t know where he is. I figure we’ll get a sighting eventually of him being in LA or NYC.

Hopefully he sent her away because he finally got bored and needed to recoup some of his brain cells! LOL

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 4:32 pm

@moving on: Well i think it is be very important for him to win an Oscar for this movie in particular but i think he will still want to win an oscar for a drama. He did repeat during all this award season that he was winning awards because of a comedy.

@Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 4:32 pm

Haha, It’s ok ;).

I also think he deserves the Oscar for WOWS. Leo showed his range and his performance is remarkable. If not him, Ejiofor ftw. They are brilliant. Matthew did good too, but Leto stole the movie imo.

@####: If he is in NYC we may not get it today since the city is shutting down thanks to another snowstorm and another article vortex is coming. He experienced the last own so maybe he is staying in LA and enjoys warmer temperature… I wonder when she left. That photo she posted is her friend’s apartment so she made it to NYC and to her friend’s place… Was she even with his at Bootsy Bellows last night?

@also…: His life is empty, he’s very alone and he can’t love anybody. the only thing that furfils him is alcohol.


My guess is he stayed in LA…..just my guess. We’ll see though.

She probably left this morning because the photo was posted about 11:30 (my time – pacific time) so that would be 2:30 your time?

We don’t even know if he was at Bootsy Bellows last night do we? I only thought he was at Bootsy Bellows because I thought that guy’s tweets were a girl’s! LOL

@Toni's next instagram @ 01/21/2014 at 4:43 pm


@####: You’re right, he doesn’t like anybody. as soon as someone has turned his back, he does whatever he wants. the thing is, he is really, i mean really self centered and cannot accept to be told anything. he’s like louis THE 14th. completely full of himself, ignorant and is insatiable. he always needs more more more more. he doesn’t know who he is, the guy hasn’t been working for a year, he’s just clubbing.

@Toni’s next Instagram:

Do you think she’ll notice that the plate is a clock?? #timetoeat LOL

@DD:you dont know a lot about Leo.
Leo is very frugal with his money.Yopu should have known that. You are not his fan, so what are u doing here?His rich friends spend their money for their lavish vacations and Leo gets invited all the time.

“someone like him who fights for a projects like WOWS (which is an excellent movie, i love Scorsese), acts in it, then talks about it as if he is saying what’s wrong with society is that type of behavior”
Leo chose this movie because he wanted to make a point(about the darkest side of human beings, their avarice and their fall). So he’s not phony.

We dont know how Leo lives his life (besides some tweets, photos tabloid articles ) So i suggest you stop jumping to conclusions and make assumptions about a stranger just because he’s an actor in Hollywood.

@####: either way, guy or a girl, the tweet said he was dancing with or next to him so I assume he was there. I guess we will see soon enough where he is.

@um: blah blah blah blah blah…

Ignore this troll, please. Same person with different monikers ;).

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 4:55 pm

@@Don’t get it: Well i’ve been saying since the very first minute that IMO is between him and McConaughey. Let’s hope Leo wins!

@Don’t get it: oh come on! are you really comparing leonardo “jack dawson” dicaprio to Picasso? you must be kidding, please!!!! leonardo is ok in some roles but in other areas of his life you cannot say he is an innovative artist. there is a huge difference between being an artist and being a star. HUGE. This guy cheated his way to high school. His slides on money and spends his time spending it, having sex with every girl out there. An artist works, works works. Hasn’t he been partying for a year? You guys need to know who you are idolizing? a person and his talent or an image that’s all over the place. think about artist who work hard and have to fight to get there then you see people with no values who only care about appearences and the nightlfe and being vip wherever they go. think about it.


troll, you know nothing about leo. You accuse him of being superficial YET you are superficial just as much when you judge him so superficially!

Leo is a sensitive man and a great artist.
Go away.

@Don’t get it: Leo is definitely not winning anything as he shouldn’t. Both MM and Chiwetel are way better. He’s not 60 so I don’t think he’ll get it for overall work. : )

it was for @Suzy-613.

Directors Guild Awards 2014 is this Saturday. Scorsese is nominated.

Don't get it @ 01/21/2014 at 5:06 pm

You should read again what i wrote before commenting some stupid **** like that one. And FYI i’m not a fan of leo’s life! I’m just saying that acting, which is what he does for a living, is Art. Whether you like it or not. Or you want us to discuss the personal life of the people most acclaimed in the art history?.

@Suzy: If he is as wild as his character in wolf, love him even more!!!! Leo is a star! he is the Don Juan of the century!!! love him this way, I don’t want him to change, ever. Getting supermodels and partying is cool! He is a hollywood star! I wish i could be like that too! If I could I would go clubbing all the time and if I had a lot of money I would lead the same life. He’s lucky and he’s cool, and he should never get married or have children. There are always stars like that, he lives in hollywood, of course he goes clubbing, drinking and flirting, so what? That would be my kind of lifestyle.

@@612: He will win! he will win them all!!!

hmmm… how interesting!

@@Pops: why not? it’s his life! If the guy likes to party, why not?

@POPS: lol……..LOL!

@um: Well, he probably wanted to act out (not make, he did not direct it as far as I know) HIS darkess side. For all I know not everybody is greedy and into superficial things as he is. The supermodels he dates have weird faces but long legs. hell, i even still think Gisele used to be a dude!

@@612: Gisele and leo got together because they both got nose jobs.

@@614: leo a sensitive man? He seems careless and superficial. who the f dates all the girls from a photoshoped catalog?

whoever he dates: a man, a woman, whoever he befriends, he needs to control and cannot be stimulated. he wants to be followed. like a snotty, spoiled little kid.

@DD: lol,…that’s pretty deranged

@@630: you? I know? you should take a look a what he is like in real life instead of worshiping a guy who can’t make his own bed.

@DD: you sound like you know something???

Nicole ‏@Nicole_stammy 3h

Loved seeing Leonardo DiCaprio last night. LA Is full of suprises! #actualLedge

When is leonardo going to direct a movie?

@DD: I can’t make my own bed either!!!

@???: I want leo as a surprise too! in my bed

Japan Today ‏@JapanToday 14m

DiCaprio, Scorsese, Howard, Hemsworth due in Japan next week

DiCaprio, Scorsese, Howard, Hemsworth due in Japan next week TOKYO —

Movie fans will be in for a treat next week as Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl visit Tokyo to promote their latest films.

Dicaprio, 39, who was here last year to promote “Django Unchained,” will be making his 9th visit to Japan. He and director Scorsese are making a whirlwind two-day visit to promote the Oscar-nominated “The Wolf of Wall Street.” They will walk the red carpet at the Japan premiere at Roppongi Hills on Jan 28 and attend a press conference on Jan 29.

DiCaprio can also be currently seen in Japan in a bourbon commercial campaign for Jim Beam, which was recently acquired by Suntory. He has said he will take a break from acting after “The Wolf of Wall Street” and currently has no future films in the works.

I actually just finished watching Captain Phillips. Tom Hanks was fantastic! Especially during the last 10-15 minutes, some of the greatest acting of his whole career, he left me numb and shocked. It’s a damn shame he was not nominated imo. It wasn’t perfect but I really enjoyed the movie too overall. Have you watched Blue Jasmine? I also watched that today, Cate Blanchett deserves that eventual Oscar she will be winning for it. It’s like a modern day version of A Streetcar Named Desire.

I really do hope Leo wins the Oscar..he’s put so much into this project I think if he doesn’t he’s really , really going to be disappointed especially this time. Remember his disappointment at the last GG ..he looked so sad..never seen him like that before, he looked so vulnerable.. so hopefully he wins this! :)

Why the heck are there a load of Bradley fans on here. Lol at how someone thinks Leo could feel intimidated by Bradley. Sorry but Leo is an amazing actor, can’t pick a good wife, but an amazing actor.

@BZ girl:
I’m praying he pulls off an upset and wins the BAFTA. If he wins BAFTA, he may be able to pull off a Christoph Waltz and win when nobody expected him to with a combination of the Golden Globe+BAFTA. Like Leo, Waltz last year also was not nominated for SAG because Django’s screeners were not sent in time. Plus, Jonah Hill and the rest of the nominations for WOWS in the big categories prove there is support for the movie despite the controversy, and Leo is its only chance at winning any award. I can’t see Dallas Buyers Club winning 3 Oscars aka Leto, McConaughey, and probably Best Makeup while WOWS goes home empty handed. So yeah I really hope Leo wins but he needs to campaign a lot and the right way.

Have you seen Toni’s caption on her instagram? “Warm welcome..” ummm… First thing came to my mind is Tina Fey.

Also another interesting thing-both Leo and McConaughey have not faced each other once. Leo was not nominated for SAG, McConaughey was not nominated by BAFTA. And they both in the drama and comedy categories respectively at the Globes. The only time they’ll face each other is at the Oscars.

found this pic on bellazon fromlast night..with woman obviously lol. possibly toni on the farthest, not next to leo obviously.

I’m so glad he diddnt Marry Gisele. I really want to like one of his gf but he sure picks them smug

@Desire: Yeah, great actor. Bradley is good too. Ryan goslin is great too, jonah hill as well. good actors out there. I hope he wins too. I haven’t seen dallas club yet though. He’ll probably pick up an oscar this year or one day but I agree with you, he won’t find a wife. Don’t think he is the marrying type or the father type at all. But he’s a cool actor

I wonder if she did that on purpose? lol

Doesn’t Gisele preach about mothers having to breastfeed their own babies otherwise they’re not good mothers yet she’s fine with driving recklessly with her baby while they wear no helmets? She’s done it multiple times too.

@Desire: Maybe he’s still in love with Gisele. who knows

@Desire: Well, he sure is attracted to women who are full of themselves and phony looking. look at gisele when she was young or without make up, she’s gross. erin looks weird and awkward. and they all get contracts and attention when they date him. He deals with them. if he likes that type of life, then let it be. I don’t critize him but it’s pretty obvious that he will never have a loving relationship with a woman.

@Mady: In an inteerview they said he was heartbroken big time by a woman. wonder who that is. gisele, bar, blake?

Which interview is that?
Can you link it, please?

@Desire: come on. he runs after every little young thing out there who’s status is supermodel just to show off and furfil his self esteem and he’s known to have open relationships, enjoys cheating… guy like that will ever find a wife, except if she is an attention seeker and likes money and is naive enough to believe anything

Way to go, Emmy ! It’s about time someone replies to Gisele Bundchen who pretends she can do no wrong.
Multitasking…. yeah right!

LOL at this conversation above me. You should at least try changing up your text rhythms. Quit talking to yourself.

@pic: I don’t know… The picture quality is bad but I think I see Leo with a blonde next to him and her arm around his shoulder. If someone is tall enough to do that has to be … you know a giraffe. A German in this case.

Leo now has a total of 5 Oscar nominations before age 40, he’s been credited for producing WOWS along with Scorsese for Best Picture. Not sure how this helps his Oscar chances but nice!

doubt it was bar considering her interviews/ frequent hints about how leo was the one who broke her heart and made her cry.
@647 – is that pic recent?


Toni is definitely not the one with her arm around Leo. Her hair is too long. The person who posted the pic mentioned that the girl next to the girl with her arm around Leo COULD be Toni but there’s no way to tell because she has her head down.

IMO this is not Toni.

When are the BAFTAs?
MM is in the lead and Leo NEEDS that win in London for momentum

@####: the girl(not the one with the long hair, the other one) is a little fat so i doubt its garrn.

Ugh they are all the way on February 16th which means a whole other month of waiting :/ I agree with you, if Leo somehow beats Ejiofor, a British actor, at BAFTA then he has a great shot at beating McConaughey at the Oscars and tbh I’m really hoping it happens.

@####: Come on! For once I think it`s her next to him and then everyone says it`s not?????? Who`s gonna pick on me now? lol
Ok, the quality of the photo is not good especially in the background. So he is standing there with another blonde`s arm around his shoulder while Toni may or may not be standing next to them? Whatever… You can call me mean but the brunette whose face I can clearly see unfortunately is going to give me nightmares…

Psychologically speaking, your nature is sanguine and communicative or nervous and introverted, depending on who prevails, either Venus, the principle of harmony, extraversion, desire to seduce, easy and airy communication, or Saturn, the principle of rigour, introversion, self-control, concentration and meditation. Unless Saturn is very strong in the rest of the chart, Libra is very delicate and charming. She easily adjusts in society, particularly with her perpetual search of compromise. It is the reason why you may seem to be hesitant and weak. You do not dare to insist or to assert your views: you prefer to intervene as an agent for harmony, of rally and equity, even to the detriment of your self-assertion. You loathe violence and you strive with all your heart to pacify, to smooth things over, and to adjust to the situation with flexibility and grace.

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In love, Sir, you cannot help but try to seduce wherever you go, and you succeed fairly well. You are a real heartbreaker and your natural gift borders on impertinence and injustice, from the outsider’s point of view!

You are so likeable, easy to deal with, caring, smiling, diplomatic, you establish connections with such great ease, that you attract a majority of women, including those you are not interested in. It is not a game, it is your nature. Each and everyone believe to be the object and the target of your favours whereas, in fact, it is the way you behave with everybody.

You cannot stand solitude at all: you prefer to be ill-accompanied rather that to be alone. There is a danger that you remain attached to a person who does not suit you best. You are spoilt for choice. You should be able to find a suitable match and to reach the state of harmony that is the centre of your deep motivations.

You are a perfectionist, like Leos who are so demanding regarding the quality of their partners. Real life is seldom as beautiful as your ideal and you may be deceived and badly wounded if your couple should break down. But you will pursue the quest of your soul mate with all the natural qualities that are almost entirely dedicated to this search. :) xxxxxxx

@HAHA12: I checked the BAFTA nominations and I haven`t seen MM nominated. Am I missing something or he is not nominated?

I think its Toni too. You mean the person wearing the black its looks like her reminds me of that Kanye West concert shot but and I think this is an old pic. And you’re sooooooo wrong for that brunette comment. lmao

Neither he nor Jared Leto was nominated. It was on the list of eligible films but some think it was not seen enough in time since it hasn’t even released in Britain yet. Either that, or they just did not care for their performances.

she means the girl next to Leo, not the girl wearing the black.

can u tell us more about the SM?

Both girls wear black. lol

@also…: he for sure has a lot of fun when Toni is away. And he is of course laughing… Hehehe

@Lilly: Very true. Exactly like how Leo is!!!

I don’t think toni in that pic.

@####: If you look at the mjs instagram she posted the same picture with the peep hole she says “it’s not her eyebrow.” Toni replies”Don’t blame my peep hole for your weird eyebrow shape”…. wow guess she told her!… that girl has the brain of a shrew!! smh #fail

you are right about that brunette in the pic!
You think she’s gonna break into a barking fit haha

@Ok: is there another photo? The one I saw is pretty bad quality. I only recognized Leo because if his shows, hat and typical shirt sleeve shirt but I can’t really see his face or that he is smiling.
I thought the girl with her arm around his shoulder is Toni. Not because she reminds me of Toni. Because she is blonde, tall and her arm is around Leo. So I just assumed it was her…


LMAO!!! I just checked the pic again. The girl standing next to Leo is definitely not the giraffe. She has longer hair, she’s at or under Leo’s height and she doesn’t seem stick thin. Now the girl next to her may be Garrn but she is bent over so you can’t tell. :-)

Re the brunette….LOLOLOL

toni was still in LA yesterday, she posted a picture from a national park, I think she left this morning, judging by the time she arrived at her apartment.

hahahahahaha @ 01/21/2014 at 7:12 pm

Replacing Toni is so easy for Leo.

hahahahahaha @ 01/21/2014 at 7:14 pm

He is laughing? It can not be Toni then.

@also…: I think Toni is in newyork. He does like his look alikes. Lol

@also… It doesn’t look like Toni. Plus people have said she’s in new York.

The girl who is bent over cannot be Toni. That girl is alittle fat. Garrn is skinny.

@BZ girl:

I lose brain cells reading her comments and I don’t breathe the same air she does! #poorleo #nobrain #notfunny #learntohashtag

@@lilly: her friend Madison Stephens…

@BZ girl:
lol. Its not mjs. It’s “themjs”

Yeah Right @ 01/21/2014 at 7:26 pm

@####: You wouldn’t be able to survive without stalking her twitter and instagram!

hahahahah!! Ironic isnt it?
What will become of #### when Leo&Toni call it quits?!!

@Yeah Right:

Right it’s stalking when it’s public. Speaking of no brain cells!

@the girl: that’s what i said hun the mjs i just spaced it…read again smh

Yeah Right @ 01/21/2014 at 7:32 pm

@####: The library is public, but do you have to go there?

Oh boy... @ 01/21/2014 at 7:33 pm

This hashtag madness. I can’t take it any more!

Damn you stupid Garrn!!!

@BZ girl:
oh…dont shake your head too much tho…

@BZ girl: 680. I don’t get it.. How did she tell her, I’m confused with the tweet…


What would become of you and Yeah Right if you couldn’t come on here and post your snide comments about other posters? SMH

Why is #### getting picked on she always respectful to everyone here…

can your psychic friend tell us more about the SM?

Once Again @ 01/21/2014 at 7:40 pm

Delighted that Leo find the time to go to a club and not to supporting “his baby ” in Sydney.

@Yeah Right:

wow….really? That’s what you came back with! LOL

@Yeah Right: It’s sici media and we thought the purpose if that is that people can follow others. And those who post expects people to check out their accounts especially if they live in the public eye or in the shadow of a celeb. Thank you for letting us know that this whole social media thing is nothing but stalking. Checking out someone’s public account on Instagram is stalking. I bet when you do the exact same thing it’s fine
@ @ok: She posted the photo yesterday during the day and she could have left after that or in the evening. Having said that she could have left yesterday ( later that day ) or this morning.
@####: Ok. As I said I just assumed since I can’t see them clearly. I will go with the majority on this one!

@once again: so, Leo is in Sydney?

@Once Again:
None of the main cast nor Scorsese was there except Margot Robbie, and it was a very small premiere according to that poster from Aussie on here.

@the girl: what difference does it makes!!! … @DD: it’s what she commented on instagram…

Yeah Right @ 01/21/2014 at 7:48 pm

@also…: What’s the point of following someone if your just gonna complain about them and call them stupid? That says more about your intelligence level…
And no one was talking to you, so you can go back to your cave!

@HAHA12: I have a hard time believing that scorsese truly connects with dicaprio. Not like he did with deniro. if dicaprio wouldn’t have been a box office hit because of titanic, do you think he would have worked with him?

my opinion @ 01/21/2014 at 7:52 pm

sorry for butting in.
In one word: No.

People try to say Marty uses Leo only because he is a box office draw all the time. Of course he doesn’t connect with Leo the way he did with DeNiro, that’s one of the most important director-actor relationships of the past 50 years. I fail to see why one of the most acclaimed and respected directors ever would only work with an actor because he feels forced too. He could work with any actor he wanted, he happens to like Leo for whatever reason and obviously feels comfortable with him. Leo was not in Hugo, and he won’t be in Silence or The Irishman, so it’s not like Scorsese uses Leo in EVERY single movie ever. He enjoys working with him and they connect in some way, but of course even after WOWS people will just way Marty uses Leo because of money. What can you do about it.

@my opinion:
Scorsese wanted to work with Leo ever since DeNiro told him about Leo after working with him in This Boy’s Life. I get that certain directors only want to work with Leo because he is successful but Scorsese is not one of them at all. He clearly respects and trusts him a lot.

@Kenny: Hi, I’m not HAHA12, but remember, Leo filmed This Boy’s Life with Robert DeNiro long before Titanic. DeNiro apparently told Marty all about Leo and how good he was.

@my opinion: you’re not butting in. I love people like scorsese, de niro, pacino …..those, to me, a real talents, real artists. taxi driver, mean streets raging bull, king of comedy, goodfellas, casino….i mean, that connection is amazing. it’s incredible how two people were able to be so creative together. i miss seeing this collaboration. and i truly hope that they will work together again with pesci and pacino like they said. I’m not a big leonardo fan, he’s a good actor but not amazing. he got really lucky with titanic and the whole romantic roles but talent wise, he’s not at that level to me.

LOL right on time. And yep that’s true, Scorsese also watched What’s Eating Gilbert Grape when it released and already thought Leo was a huge talent.

Of course Leo is not on Pacino or De Niro’s level, those guys are considered some of the best actors ever, period. They were also lucky to work in an incredible decade like the 70s with directors like Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola making some of the best movies ever that have stood the test of time. But I don’t see how Leo just got lucky with Titanic. He could of easily faded away into oblivion like many teen idols of the 90s did but instead he worked hard and proved himself to be more then just a pretty boy. And for that reason many young actors look up to him because of the great career and movies he’s starred in since.

@Yeah Right: It`s social media. Whatever your reason is to follow someone. That`s the sole purpose of these sites like instagram or twitter. Just because a fan is following someone s/he likes is all good but for different reason it`s stalking? JMO

are so annoying. why bother?

DD is winning this thread. Though I don’t agree that Leo is jealous or threatened by Bradley, I agree with everything else.
Everyone here complains about Leo’s …ahem…’girlfriends’ and lack of environmental work. He’s a shallow party boy with the image of an artist actor. He talks the talk in his scripted interviews, then heads to the VIP sections with warm welcomes from supermodels (& escorts). Look at what he says and then look at what he does and who he hangs with. He’s living proof of the shallow American dream while ‘criticizing it’ with this latest film. Lol. dD is pointing out the obvious. He is a product of Hollywood. Too bad he wasn’t able to avoid obviousness -his words- by becoming an Alist cliche.
Glad his fans are sticking up for him though. Keep fighting for the dream. No shade.

@HAHA12: pacino, de niro are amazing, scorsese too. But I think it’s going to be good for him to work with other actors. Dicaprio repeats himself. he often acts in similar ways. He kind of tries too much to be like de niro, and to be honest, the only good movies he’s made since titanic are scorsese movies.

What he says versus what he does dont match = fake. All about image, which tbf is part of his job.

@HAHA12: Hi lady! I did think the last 10 minutes or so of the film were really good – Tom was really good and it made me squirm cause I completely saw haw it must of been for the real Capt. Phillips. But the rest, I thought Tom was okay, not outstanding. I thought Barkhad Abdi was better throughout. Haven’t seen Blue Jasmine – but I plan on watching that or The Book Thief tonight.
@Kenny: The movies you mentioned, especially Taxi Driver, will be studied and watched forever. They are timeless.
I’m off to go workout. Be back in a few hours! Catch ya later! ;)

@DD props:
What he does in his dating life does not 100% define him as a person, nor does dating supermodels equate him to being exactly like Jordan Belfort, like so many people like to accuse him of being like. And even though he has slowed down on the environmental work, he still raised lots of money for charities and apparently plans to make a documentary on the environment. He filmed 3 movies back to back, maybe he was too tired to get back to work again and decided he’d rather party it up and relax. Despite not really liking the lifestyle he leads, I can’t blame him for wanting to take a year off and have fun after working hard especially on WOWS.

typo 725 saw *how it….

Scorsese is my all time favorite director!!! Mean streets hits you in the gut , gets to your heart!

I agree his acting had been repetitive and choices were too similar for awhile, but he’s been stretching himself lately and hopefully he keeps going in that direction. His performances in both Django and WOWS are different from anything he’s ever done. And I disagree about his Scorsese movies only being good. Catch Me If You Can was another great movie and Django Unchained, whether one liked it or not, was highly acclaimed.

Really, we’ll have to agree to disagree! I thought Tom was fantastic especially in the last 10-15 minutes but he was really good throughout. Abdi was good too, its impressive especially since its his first acting role ever. You have to watch Blue Jasmine and let me know your thoughts soon, Cate Blanchett is fantastic in it.

@DD props @ 01/21/2014 at 8:16 pm

you sound like one of those people from ONTD who trash leo nonstop

@HAHA12: Django! it’s true! that was really good!

@DD props: Thank you! There are a lot of contradictions about leonardo dicaprio. The thing that bothers me the most is the shallowness and the hypocrisy. His interviews are really scripted (can he think without a scrip written for him), and he leads the life he critizes.

@HAHA12: I understand what you’re saying, but why defend him that much? a year off or more after a movie or 2 or 3? oh no, poor little guy. Some people work every day of their lives!!! I honestly think he’s a double face. He said he fell in love with the character of WOWS then says he’s what’s wrong with society, then almost leads the same kind of life as that character. he doesn’t come across as honest or sincere. he surrounds himself with the same kind of people. and dates people who doesn’t love, who all practically look the same, can he even tell them apart? his life gravitates around barbies, boats and booze….

He is an empty shell of a man. and attracts people who are like him.

The crazy is out tonight lol. Please, take your pills and go to bed ;).

I just won’t bother because these conversations always lead to arguments on here and you have your own opinion just as I have mine. I’m sure most people here agree with what you’re saying so what’s the point. All I’m going to say is the man we see partying with models on yachts and drunk out of his mind in clubs etc, is not representative of him as a person overall and what he’s really like. He grew up in Hollywood and didn’t surround himself with the right people when he blew up, and didn’t grow up in the best environment as a child either, these are some of the factors that are a result of why he’s such a mess in his personal life and as an adult.

After playing himself in gatsby, django and WOWS, leonardo Dicaprio cannot take it anymore and needs to get away from himself. He now is back to clubbing, drinking, and humping! His next movie will be TOTALLY different from the rest , he will play a self centered rich man who f; wh oes on a boat flipping dollar bills!!!! hiiihhhaaahhh

@lol: sorry were not all like you. you take your pills and go to bed! hasta la vista

Will Mavity ‏@mavericksmovies 2h

DiCaprio is nominated for TWO Oscars this year, as of today, as he has been officially listed as a Best Picture nominated producer for Wolf

Why change your moniker? Ain’t you tired of talking with yourself? lol

@HAHA12: Yeah, I don’t think growing up in hollywood is very healthy. Everybody goes through difficulties in life but Los angeles is just so phony and superficial. I have nothing against Scorsese working with him, he can work with whoever he likes but It’s time for him to go back to the raw actors like deniro and pacino, now that’s going to be creative. That’s the real thing! I understand your point of view and you seem like an understanding and wise person but I still think that a man who only focuses on superficiality and only dates women as if they were prostitutes is phony.

That’s good for Leo. I think it’s fair he is listed as one of the producers since it was his idea in the first place. Happy for him :).

There’s nothing wrong with partying or even wanting to date models. My issue is that there’s a chasm between what he says and what he does.
In interviews he’s all “it’s about the art, I’m so intelligence” then in life he’s all about the perks and young women which intelligence is the last thing attached to their descriptions.
The complaints on here stem from this discrepancy. That’s my point, DD was just pointing out what that was.
And since when did JJ become bellazon? I thought differing opinions were allowed?

@lol: yes, let’s give him a statue for playing himself.
No, seriously, i hope scorsese gets it, his filmaking is amazing.

People who are saying Leo is like Belfort. You disgust me. Watch the movie. Belfort is a criminal, drug addict, (diddnt he beat his wife?), Hussler. He is just awful. Leo dates the same woman, lots of men do that. It makes them either shallow or a player. But comparing Leo to someone like Belfort shows how immature you are. He is nothing like Belfort. To be honest we don’t actually know what he’s like privately. I’m just saying, let’s stop saying he’s like him. If you are then you are not a fan, and if you are not a fan, then GTFO this thread!!!!!

Whether he wins or loses, he will still be shallow. And miserable.
Still think he’s talented though.

leo is nothing like belfort, he did not ruin the lives of millions, abuse another woman, steal money from others, nor go to jail. jesus christ

Lisa Azcona ‏@Truly_LisaXO 3h

Leonardo DiCaprio lives on the street I walk to work OMG 😭 #nyc
Grisselly ‏@_Sweetness 2h

@Truly_LisaXO 😳 lol we walked on those lovely streets he blessed 😂😂

@HAHA12: Ignore them. They are morons.

I don’t think he is a criminal or a con artist. But his life is hedonistic and indulgent. Right? That’s the similarity. And his girlfriends are pretty objects, trophies.

@FFS: 749 is right. If you are comparing Leo to Belfort read that comment. Then get the f***k off this thread. It’s becoming very irritating and the trolls are making common posters stop coming!!

@DD props: How do you know? Honestly why don’t we fous on the positive instead if the negative.

Gale Hawthorn ‏@AScottishMidget 3h

Just found out my step sisters boyfriend cooked for Leonardo di caprio the other night!

@Ok Yes, girl. Some people are so sad that they need attention, but maybe he/she should try to make friends or find a bf instead of coming to a thread he/she is not welcome. Just ignore this troll.

How do I know what? That his girlfriends aren’t the brightest bulbs & he dates them for status? Isn’t this what most if you complain about here all day long? With proof from her Instagram pics and brilliant quotes?
If I’m clueless about that assumption than so is everyone else here.
I’m not even attacking you, what are you referring to?

@lol: yeah, I think I’m off for the night. It’s nearly ten past two here. Bye, good luck with the trolls!

mario vargas ‏@mamariomonsieur Jan 20

. . . @ryanjaydee & I just walked past Leonardo DiCaprio. Now what’s for lunch?

Ok, I’m off. It looked like some trolls forgot their special pills and it made them get a little crazy.

@DD props: I think I linked the wrong comment, or I got you confused with someone else. Anyway, I’m tired, bye.

Notice the user @mamariomonsieur from above tweet, posted a of Echo Park as #latergram.

@DD props: I got to agree. It clearly shows how immature he is. There are so many people out there much better than the young girls he founds. it’s very very bizarre. a man dating look a likes? young models who work at the same place? ewwwww, he is a lot like the character he played, but he seems to have difficulty realizing how he is. maybe he should do a face to face with himself.

@???: Since it’s from yesterday when Toni posted from an LA park so I assume she was with Leo.

Since when did people get so sensitive on here? I’ve read discussions for & against Leo before here? Is it because its Oscar season?
The same could be said about many people on here, instead of wishing Leo lived up to his own hype. Just because you don’t like what I’m saying, it means I have no friends? Logic fail. I’m glad that makes you feel better.
Clearly some of Leo’s fans are just as uncomfortable with intelligence as Leo is with the opposite sex.
Most of you will quit this thread when he trades this model in for another.
Have fun with that!

@???: But the tweet about walking past Leo is yesterday and the Echo Park tweet is from today so after all there might not be a connection.

I don’t feel sorry for him, not one bit. some people have had more difficult lives and they don’t become that way. he’s been very very very lucky in his life and is still self centered , shallow and superficial. it says a lot about him. and about how much he contradicts himself. i don’t admire his behavior at all. give him his trophy, that’s all he wants, attention, prizes….other people in the world have more excuses to become jerks and they are not; you have to be strong in your mind and in your heart and that guy has no interest whatsoever to be truthful or kind.

I’m sorry I couldn’t resist… read the comment.

@DD props: you should be a writer. your writing is sharp! but anyway, if he is unhappy and the only joy he gets out of life is controlling young blondes good for him. He’s not a family man, he’s a party man, good for him. What i want is to see artist mean what they say and say what they mean.

@also…: that would be funny if Leo wasn’t so sad…

I just wanted to give you props since people dismissing what you were saying. I don’t think he’s aware as he’d like people to think or even how he’d like to think. Something doesn’t add up and everyone here knows it. People like to dream, who am i to p!ss on it.
@scuse- I don’t think he’s evil, I think he’s very human. Who knows if he’s fake in life, but he is fake to the public, and most if not all public people are.
I’m out.

that’s why he put latergram about echopark, that’s a instagram term for posting things after they happen, so yes probably from yesterday/same trip with toni. Lol we know toni wouldn’t visit a park without leo :)

@DD props: thank you very much, and to you too. You’re a stand up person. I’m out too.

@ @also: you again… Wow, I almost missed you and being under your constant surveillance.

it was a simple correction lol sorry

Don't apologize @ 01/21/2014 at 9:47 pm

@@also: You don’t have to apologize!! She butts into people conversations all the time with worthless commentary. Say whatever you want!

@Don`t apologize: Look who`s talking about butting into people conversation with worthless commentary. hahaha I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT! ;)

@ @also: as usual. :)

i never even post here Iike wtf, i just saw something gesh. no wonder pp
eoples don’t like it here!

psychic to the rescue??? @ 01/21/2014 at 9:55 pm

Will Leo Ever be truly happy?
Can any psychic predict when Toni and Leo will break up?

@ @also: Yeah, you never post here. Ok. Let`s leave it at that…

psychic to the rescue??? @ 01/21/2014 at 10:01 pm

The Scorpio Man @ 07/07/2012 at 10:09 pm

Bonnie and Clyde. Sid and Nancy. Brangelina. The Scorpio man is looking for an iconic relationship, a hall of fame soulmate story—and he refuses to settle for less. He may give his body, even his name or DNA. But until he finds his mythic other half, the person who makes him look and feel like a god, he’ll never give his soul.

The Scorpio man needs to be part of a power couple. He needs a trophy wife and a soulmate in one. Here’s his idea of nirvana: he’s the king of his empire, and you’re the queen of yours, and together, you’re the envy of the world. It’s rumored that Scorpio P. Diddy will never get over Jennifer Lopez—even the model who mothered his children can’t keep him faithful.

Although he’s a classic family man, Scorpio isn’t overly traditional about marriage. In many ways, he’s a feminist here. He loves a powerful woman with her own life, money, career and interests—and he won’t try to change you once you get married. He doesn’t mind if you keep your own last name, or even out-earn him, as long as you keep your salaries private. He’ll gladly pick the kids up from school, make dinner and scrub the bathroom with a toothbrush if it means he can be left alone to pursue his passions.

When it comes to his home and family, the Scorpio man demands creative control. Protective and possessive, he’ll set up a utopian family structure under his tight supervision, even home schooling his kids. He wants everything he does to be the “ultimate”—and molds his family according to his uncompromising vision. Scorpio rules the reproductive system, making him a natural father. He longs for a close-knit family filled with love and open communication, and he’ll do what it takes to get that.
Behind every Scorpio man’s relationship style is…his mom. He has a complicated, love/hate relationship with his mother that can border on Oedipal. Cutting the cord isn’t easy for him, and his resulting behavior pattern can be tricky to navigate. He fears that every woman wants to “engulf” him, yet he constantly creates situations where he needs to be mothered by his mate. You may have to endure a “come-here-now-go-away” drama until he realizes you’re not trying to control him. He’ll need to take baby steps to let you in.

Scorpio is the sign of deep bonding and extreme detachment, making him a bit schizophrenic about intimacy. Closeness frightens him, because deep down, he fears separation. Abandonment issues? He’s got ‘em for days. While he longs to merge souls with you, another part of him is terrified to lose control. He feels pain at a deeper level than any other sign, and breakups can haunt him for decades. To protect himself, he’ll try to keep some sense of “space” in the relationship—having a long-distance relationship, working late, or keeping his own apartment. If you push him to take a step before he’s ready, he’ll draw back. This could go on for years until he feels “ready” (read: safe enough) to come a centimeter closer.

The Scorpio man needs space, but he also needs you to lay down limits. Don’t give him an all-access pass to your life (are you listening, Sagittarius, Leo and Gemini ladies?). He needs an edge of mystery, some part of you that he’ll never figure out. Dancing this fine line can be exhausting and unrewarding for some women, and we don’t recommend it unless it comes naturally.

Once you’re in, should you make it that far, you’ll feel like a goddess. The Scorpio man is a wholly different creature once he surrenders to trust. He lets you be totally sexually expressed while feeling fully respected. There’s no Madonna/***** conflict. The more you fly your freak flag, the more he pledges allegiance.

Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, the mythic Phoenix rising from the ashes of destruction. You may have several breakups or relationship phases en route to fully committing. Though they will be harrowing for you, he considers these fiery emotional trials a purification ritual. In his mind, the more your relationship withstands turmoil, the more “real” your connection is. Hardcore? You bet.

Although he can seem commitment-phobic, he takes marriage and relationships more seriously than mafia initiation. He cherishes trust and honesty—at least your honesty. On the other hand, you may never quite know where he stands. But that’s part of the adventure with a Scorpio. Just when you think you’ve got him figured out, he throws you a curve. Stay on your toes, and he might just sweep you off your feet.

emmy loves leo @ 01/21/2014 at 10:07 pm

@Desire: Emmy is so ignorant! She doesn’t have children. Gisele’s Instagram was funny. “Multitasking”.
I bet Emmy wants Leo and she wants to be Gisele. Fake baby called Leo?!? She is always mentioning Gisele in her interviews?! Strange!

@emmy loves leo:
Speaking of Emmy she even met Leo before hahaha

@psychic to the rescue???: I am a psychic. I can tell you some things about this lovely man. There was a turn in his life around the time he filmed Shutter island. Something that has to do with his childhood traumas, loneliness, ghosts, depression, family life, death, his parents, birth and himself as a family man one day. I feel that he had many doubts about himself. He did question the fact that he didn’t know if he could be a husband and a parent one day. But at the same time he did feel like he could. I see he felt many deep emotions around that time. He followed the path he wanted to follow since then. He might have felt in control of it and sometimes not at all. Half of his destiny is in his hands right now. And there will be many changes in his life in the next few months, both professionally and personnally. He goes from being exited to being really depressed at the moment. This year he will be challenged with his image: the one he has of himself, the one that has been projected on him, the one he wants to become and what he refuses to see. I feel he is very anxious at the moment and has difficulties dealing with his fears. He has to clear his mind and think about what he really wants to do with himself. there is a big blur in him and around him. things are unclear at the moment in his head and in his relationships. He has to make that change himself. there is something floating, as if he was constantly in a buzzed out state of mind. therefore he has a hard time connecting with himself, so a positive change depends on him.

I remember reading he experienced a lot of nightmares working on Shutter Island and felt very lonely.

@#784: do you want me to keep going? i can if you guys want to, i see a lot of things in that man’s life

Yes, pls! Its very interesting, and save the flamewars continuing on here. Please go on, what does he think of himself as an actor and person, does he not like what he sees by any chance?

psychic to the rescue??? @ 01/21/2014 at 10:25 pm

Stars thanks for your reply.

The turn in his life you mention during Shutter island, was the time his grandmother passed away?

psychic to the rescue??? @ 01/21/2014 at 10:34 pm

Leo is worried about what his friends may think or expect from him?
All his friends are genuine? i.e. more interested in him not his fame and money? And What about his new gf?

@psychic to the rescue???: there certainly is a feeling of loss and a whole in his life. he sometimes seems to enjoy repetitiveness in his life because he feels he can have something to count on. but there are some things that are not there physically anymore that he misses seeing in person. there is a house that he cannot return to or a certain destination. he is going against recommandations that were given to him. he has to deal with his own loneliness and really look at the souls of the people around him. there is a passivity or a laziness in him to not really look at other people for what they are. he has to learn how to deal with grief in order ton built a good future for himself. There is also something very dark about his relationship with his family. he has to face himself as a man because i feel that he is kept or tries to protect himself like a child. he has to protect himself from being like that r else he will never be able to have a good happy stable family of his own one day.

does he feel content with the way his career turned out, or despite even success does he still feel sad? is his childhood and his bringing up a reason why he is like this today? and lastly do you think he will find his SM?

His new girlfriend is the wrong person for him. he has to look inside someone; he is projecting germany on her and not seeing her. she approaches people with a gentle hand with a knife in her back. she is unstable mentally and there seems to be unstable towards other men (a father figure maybe) and very envious towards other women which she likes to approach as “friends” but plans to be their ennemies; they are both together because they fear lonelyness and miror each other’s lazyness. this is not a real relationship. other people had something to do with it, i see a mogul, a producer or some agents pr people surrounding their meeting. so the more he will stick with those types of people, the further he gets from his happy destiny. see there are 2 paths he can take right now. and if he keeps going in that direction the consequences will go in that way and his life might get more and more about partying, losing his mind and getting stabbed in the back (not with a knife) but i feel betrayal is coming towards him. he’s having difficulties with his own values and is at a war with himself but escapes it by dancing or drinking or buying or making deals..