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Kim Kardashian: New 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Tonight!

Kim Kardashian: New 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Tonight!

Kim Kardashian struts her stuff as she pays a visit to the Tom Ford store on Monday (January 20) in Paris, France.

The 33-year-old reality star’s show Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered its brand new season the evening before. Well guess what, KUWTK fans?? A new episode is also set to air tonight on E!

“Can’t wait for another new episode of #KUWTK tonight!” Kim tweeted that day. “I hope you all loved the season 9 premiere of Keeping up with the Kardashians! We are back with an all new episode tonight too, so make sure you tune in to E! at 9/8c to watch! Xo” Kim added on her official site.

Last night’s episode touched on some heavy issues including the status of Khloe‘s relationship with Lamar Odom and Bruce and Kris Jenner‘s split.

15+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian shopping in Paris…

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kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 01
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 02
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 03
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 04
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 05
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 06
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 07
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 08
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 09
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 10
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 11
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 12
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 13
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 14
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 15
kim kardashian new keeping up with the kardashians tonight 16

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  • shaniqua bettlez

    will this word ever stop keeping up with this ridiculousness?

  • ed

    are the ratings so bad that they are jsut going to dump the episodes and be done with it?

  • botox

    Shite whats going on with her FACE!

  • Sarah

    Yawn, yawn, yawn…. What is she famous for again?

  • Staynzy

    That is one terrifying looking face what the heck has she done to herself, I hope it’s the makeup making her look that terrible.
    I’m no fan of Kim but she needs to stop with the surgerys on her face.

  • no way

    more time without the kid… hmmmm

  • Jennifer

    Who’s raising that baby?

  • Jennifer

    All of you who are watching that terrible reality show, and buying their tacky products, are paying for all that plastic surgery she is getting.

  • Mary

    She looks completely vacant. She is just never with that poor child — I really do not understand people who bring a baby into the world only to let the nannies raise the baby,

  • Amy


    The collagen in her lips looks ridiculous.

  • The Brooklyn Bombshell

    I like the all black, I wish she would go back to her dark hair, I’ve never been a fan of Blonde Kim, I also want her to chill on the plastic surgery before she’s walking around looking like Freddy Kruger jumped out from behind a bush on her.


    SHAME on anyone who feeds into this shameless family. There is NO class, NO decency, Nada. What a sign of this society. We are in deep trouble if people like this are looked upon as idols. PLEASE stop the madness, and STOP watching this trash.

  • Sherezade

    Why the long face?
    Poor NW is at home being raised by nannies. Poor kid should have been named Oops West, because she was an unwanted pregnancy and now her own mom photoshops her pictures and doesn’t want to spend time with her because she’s not pretty enough and looks too much like Kanye.

  • tick

    Kim is the most useless woman on the planet. No talent, no skills, no education, no brain. She is only famous for being a black man’s toilet. Please just go away already.

  • haha

    WTF her nose keeps shrinking and her lips keep inflating. Kimmy, you look like $hit.

  • Pikes

    She really messed up her face big time, she’s starting to look like the joker from batman.

  • olive

    What did she do to her face!?

  • kami

    this poor woman is only 33, and her face is so plastic. that is sad. by the time she’s 40, she won’t be able to open her mouth to eat

  • person

    Kim is looking more and more like her Mom.

  • people

    Fake breasts are so weird looking. The people who have them think they look sexy I guess but their perception is distorted. Normal women’s bodies are so beautiful and those huge fake breast like Kim has (and other people too) look so utterly dumb and fake. It shows a real lack of self awareness to want to look like that?!!

  • Chrissy

    God, she looks vacant and plasticy! Like if she stood too close to a flame she’d melt. And of course she goes to Paris to shop. There are zillions of cultural things to see and do in Paris and this brainless twit goes shopping! What a waste of space!!!!!

  • Elisa

    Definitely a good example of what NOT to do to your face. Never have been a fan but still thought she was attractive back in the day. Now, she looks horrible. Like, why in the world did you do that? Too much, girl, too much.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Her lips look like the inner tube of a tractor tire. Anymore injections and they will EXPLODE!

  • Not a K Fan

    That’s the most vapid look I’ve ever seen.

  • remember da truth

    All of you make me laugh! She hasn’t had plastic surgery — but if it makes you feel better, ok…… it’s called LOOKING UP, folks! LOL!

    And she and Khloe have real boobs, obviously. They fit and are in proportion to her body. Her mom and Kourtney talk all the time about their fake boobs. Kim shows her every beauty trick on the show. She’s done Botox, and facials of all kinds, as most people of her wealth do. No surgery, sorry all of you HOPING she’s had surgery so you can feel better about yourselves….

  • YIKES!

    She looks like a space monkey!

  • natalie

    Omg look at her eyes! She looks empty. Where is her personality?

  • remember da truth

    You people are so stupid you think if she takes a few minutes to take a selfie it means she’s not with her baby. Now she’s shopping, and that means nannies (plural!) are raising her baby.
    Yeah,, because no mom EVER goes shopping at a high-end fashion boutique without a baby that’s only a few months old….. Give me a break!
    Used to be mothers wouldn’t even bring small children into a grocery store as it’s too much for small children to handle, but now people have kids they can’t afford and we don’t have neighbors to watch the kids while the mothers run errands. Most mothers who really care about their children don’t drag them with them everywhere, especially when it isn’t in the baby’s best interest or is beyond their ability to handle the situation, nor do they hibernate from the world until the children are old enough for school, unless they have no friends, relatives, or can’t afford a babysitter, in which case they shouldn’t have had them. Get real and stop trying to find reasons to hate on someone just because you are frustrated she has more money than you.

  • just sayin

    She looks better and more exotic with Jet Black hair.

  • anon

    Kim is either still having lots of facial procedures done or she’s losing weight rapidly. This is a face you can get when you drop pounds too fast.

  • anna

    She is so hilarious in her Dracula coat!!!
    Walking around as if she is somebody………..smoke & mirrors!

  • lmao

    Big lips are not cute on some people whether they are real or fake. After awhile those huge lips start looking crusty as people get older yuck.

  • Smile

    And the transformation is complete: Kim Kardashian has succeeded in turning herself into a wax statue. This statue has more talent, intelligence, and emotional range than the original p0rn0 star KK, which is not surprising.

  • HHmmmm

    Good luck with that crazy Black man Kanye West! He will drain her bank account dry and cause her to go bald! He’s crazy!

  • Looselipz


    What personality? She never had one. Fake as fake can get. She’s looking so horribly plastic it’s frightening. You can blame all of this on her pimp mother. What kind of mom would encourage all her daughters to have countless plastic surgeries? Well, look at Kris, not exactly a good role model. Kim and her whiny voice and primadonna princess personality are getting old and tired. And how sad that she had that child…she was miserable during her pregnancy for vanity reasons. The kid is nothing but a prop. She’s already putting make- up on her for photo shoots and coloring in her baby brows.
    And do t get me started on Kanye and all his mental problems. His narcissistic grandiosity is scary. He lives in a delusion of himself. He truly thinks he’s God. Who in their right mind would choose to live under such a control freak? He idolizes her because he’s created her as he wants her to look and be. One day she may wake up and realize she’s been brainwashed and mind controlled.

  • Zenya

    @remember da truth: Hahaha! Khloe and Kim have real b00bs?! No surgery???!!! Bwahahaha! You’re delusional!

  • Twinkle

    Does she and Kanye EVER do anything cultural or mind expanding? All they ever do is go shopping. How many times has this woman been to France? She’s never once visited a museum or monument, a garden or church. ALL she ever does is go shopping. What a waste of precious oxygen.

  • Aranka Paul

    Her face does look plastic, void of personality and individuality. She looks like a maneken, not a crease on her face, not a single expression either. I would think she would like to go to a museum, art galery or just take a nice relaxing walk along the Left Bank – what does she do – she shops and shops and shops until she drops. Now, someone please tell me, where in hell does she store all the sh*it she buys. Besides, you can only wear one dress at the time – I bet she doesn’t even know what her closet contains, thousand of pieces of shmata. I feel sad for her, she is a prisoner in the prison of her own creation. Anyone who feels jaleous of her life style shouldn’t, I mean it – despite her wealth, she lives an empty existence, it doesn’t look look she even enjoys her child for God’s sake. Kardashians are a social phenomenon and I would like to know the “root” cause of our collective fascination with this family (let’s face it, we are all fascinated with them for one reason or another)

  • Rocky

    @remember da truth:

    I’m not a fan, but agree with you. Think she needs to go back to her natural dark hair. This blonde look is not working.

  • vrinc

    @#37 – I do remember seeing pictures of Kim visiting the Louvre and other cultural sites, but that was a while ago when she obviously had more brain cells than she has now!! Now, you’re right, all she does is shop. It’s pathetic that she shows so little interest in expanding her safe, sheltered little world.

  • stephanie

    .kim is as fake as they come.