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Daniel Craig Sports Trouser Suspenders For L.A. Outing!

Daniel Craig Sports Trouser Suspenders For L.A. Outing!

Daniel Craig keeps it cool with trouser suspenders while out and about with a friend on Tuesday (January 21) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 45-year-old English actor was handsome while presenting at the 2014 Producers Guild of America Awards in Beverly Hills.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

In case you didn’t know, Daniel and his wife Rachel Weisz recently ended their Broadway run on Betrayal, which set a Broadway box office record after grossing $1.44 million during a week in December.

Daniel and Rachel played “a married couple whose happiness is threatened when her long affair with her publisher husband’s lit agent best friend (Rafe Spall) is exposed.”

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  • Jen

    Oh, Daniel looks lovely — cute smile! :)

  • Lynne

    His body is crushing mine. His pecs smashing my breasts. His weight trapping me. I love it so much, even when it hurts to take a full breath.
    DANIEL IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • terry

    his shoes is probably the cutest thing in the world.

  • Chris

    He is a good Bond!

  • Chloe

    Daniel was a surprisingly superior stage actor in Betrayal, naturally he’s a class act. He was a superb actor, for the muscles of his neck twitched violently and his shoulders trembled. He could act neurotic anxiety, so his words flooded my heart. This should be specially mentioned, he was chatting with us polite, charming, friendly, witty, intelligent, clever, well-read. I still can’t do anything but thinking of him, my heart is full of him!

  • Kat

    My goodness! Daniel looks pretty darn good and healthy these days ;3; ♥

  • Alex

    FINALLY, JJ brought up his smiling photos! Thanks!

  • Guinness

    yeah–what Lynne said. I cant reven rite rite now… hawt! It is below zero C here in NH and I am glads I checked here to get hot!! wow-nice visual of MINE bounding ouff his and him… ooooooooo whew. thud-
    Thx for checking in cheeky brit. And finally Fio comes up with some fanfukingtastic pics–thank you Feeeoooh!
    I swear his smile is different… complete bliss. Or cloud nine…or utter apathy with troubles. He deserves this walk with is BG. And we deserve his wonderful pecs to dream about… love that shirt. would love it off… ahhhhh….yes.
    Chloe–he has always been a class act–even in his nekkidness pics–Brits can get away with “mother” film because they do it with such Britness. (see the Holmes brothers on BBC). omygash, ohmygash! I was able to watch Cumberman on PBS website yesterday!! it was bluddy brilliant!! Get it girl-let me know what you think–there was a scene where he almost kissed…well, no spoiler here.
    Anyway, back to Dan’s back and front and pecs and triceps and glutes and oiy! And his spectacular stage presence should no longer be a surprise–it isn’t to those who know!!!
    Now where shall we pop out of my friend…Rhodes island? Crete satellite? They can get a hollow huge cake there for the 3rd of March,eh? or is it the 2nd- *wink wink, my deeeah*
    I am on here, btw….

  • Kat
  • LOL


    His PR team read yesterdays comments, so they put some colorful laces in his shoes and ordered him to lift the corners of his mouth when the photog was walking in front of him.

  • Amy

    Sure, it’s not fake tan. Daniel and Rachel probably spent vacations with complete, fulfilling days. In an interview, promotion of Betrayal, Daniel revealed that, while they ordinarily like to keep it very simple, they occasionally spoil themselves with luxury trips. Maybe private island? :)

  • Sarah

    Awww seriously how attractive is Daniel? Where did he get those cute shoes?

  • Karim

    When will his new James Bond movie be released? I miss him so badly, can’t wait….

  • Elle

    He looks happy n relaxed!!!!!! HALLELUJAH! Everything is going right for him.

  • Elle

    Bond 24 is set for release in the UK on October 23, 2015 and in the US on November 6, 2015. That’s a long way for us!

  • Rie

    Daniel is still easy on the eyes, totally digs me and makes me happy!

  • Karim

    @Elle: Thank you. Two years is too long to wait for me!

  • lots

    Cool! I can’t stop thinking about the easy access opportunity! Just one flick and those braces are off his glorious shoulders and the jeans go tumbling over his magnificent arse! At least then they cover the trainers and also give me something to kneel on


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    It walks OUR AMERICAN STREETS. That’s why AMERICA WILL KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • British Roses

    Craig and Weisz are the UK’s most successful couples in the world of entertainment, especially Craig has become one of the most bankable stars on Broadway. Betrayal set a new record for the highest-grossing non-musical in a single week in Broadway history. Take an antipsychotic, or take care of your mind and calm down to think crazy about them.

  • terry

    he knows how men should wear clothes even if it’s a trouser with suspender.


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  • Eve

    He’s gorgeous. I’d be his doormat if only he allowed me to.

  • Look Listen

    @British Roses: Hey, retard. Most successful couple in uk means nothing. You may as well urinate in your boyfriends face on that homo shitsty island, it doesn’t mean a thing. You’re trying to harass Americans here, queenie troll, and it isn’t working. No homo here.

  • Mister Excellence

    @British Roses: America will have to be careful of the little psycho brit rose queen, retard faggy rose, because the brit fagg queen might get so limp-wristed scared it might wet its royal knickers when it humps its fellow king elizabeth. That might cause an international incident on Fagboy Kingdom Island and cause them to kill themselves in a blaze of vomiting homo pomp and slobering dickless circumstance.

  • Amy

    @lots: Great thoughts! Daniel can prove his sexiness with any clothes, either too tight or too loose.

  • Guinness

    I like this one bettah JJ.
    …and I am glad for him. (its our little code secret he gives me when he is feeling fine…nice he knows his American sign language!!) Cheers to you too ~M~.I hope you are nice a warm across the pond–Freezie and Curious Black are digging to get under our covers with us–its below zero Celsius…scary. Dan is hot Dan is hot Dan is hot Dan is hot…yes… its working… dan is hot…

  • james

    Looks like psycho blubber butt has returned to “bless” us with her presence. Butt other than that (snicker), it’s nice to see Daniel smiling again!

  • to AMERICAN whatsever

    It really sucks to be you LOL

  • Fio

    Why does he attach a suspender to a toruser? I want to remove it, I’ll pull down his toruser then!!! I would love to help him off with his clothes everytime, everywhere lol

    to Eve
    I’d be his BlackBerry. He always hold tightly to me, and his pocket bulges with me. HEAVEN!
    Hi, Guinness
    Good for him! His sexy finger is enough to make girls go crazy or pass out. lol

  • Fio

    Daniel Craig Success
    From the silver streaks on the envelope, I already knew it was from Daniel (basing from the other successes posted and I only sent two fanmail letters at that time; the other actor doesn’t seem to use a silver pen basing from other succeses). I couldn’t open the envelope because I was so excited and my hands were shaking. XD So happy to have been able to send the mail on time while he was doing “Betrayal” on Broadway, considering I’m on the other side of the world. The show ended last January 5 so the address is no longer valid. Pretty sure he got lots of mail and I’m glad he took the time to reply. :)

    Thank you fellow fans who posted the address and their successes, thank you, and thank you Mr. Craig!
    So cute…

  • Fio

    Daniel Craig meets the real Philomena Lee
    Daniel Craig stopped by the Weinstein Co. and Netflix SAG after-party to meet the real Philomena Lee.
    Craig came to the Sunset Tower Hotel bash to congratulate her on the film “Philomena,” starring Judi Dench, who played M until the last 007 movie.
    Craig wouldn’t allow photos but changed his mind when he saw Lee, whose life is the basis of the Oscar-nominated movie.
    Meanwhile, we’re told Leo DiCaprio apologized to Lee for accidentally calling the film “Philomania” onstage at the Golden Globes.

  • lots

    @Amy: he’s got an incredible physique and nicely proportioned frame, splendid bulges in all the right places! He can fill out any outfit very nicely ;)

  • Alex

    @Fio: Awww
    how cute the smiley is by his own handwriting!!

  • Kate

    The man of my dreams.

  • Amy

    @lots: LOL
    Exactly! HIS gun in his pocket makes an obvious I have a feeling of faintness and of being ready to swoon!

  • lots

    @Amy: LOL yes please, shooting sex in my direction!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness,

    was away again, sadly not in the Dan van, but for work. What are you planning for Dan’s birthday? *grin*

    Hi Fio,

    “Why does he attach a suspender to a toruser? I want to remove it, I’ll pull down his toruser then!!! I would love to help him off with his clothes everytime, everywhere lol”

    Join the queue ;)

    Some news from the big courtcase about phone hacking here. It appears that Dan’s phone was also hacked. Nasty!

  • Guinness

    The happy cake is what I am dreaming about…have to pull it together though!
    Interesting triangle of Sats, Dan, and blonde-ho-looking-for-love… now, all is different… ah, the lives of the wealthy–hacking their cell phones? stupid news. but potentially embarrassing for dah? no, he’s applauded many women. Him and Sats were stupid. wtf was he doing with her???? ahhhh! My pipes burst and I can’t help people, life sucks and Dan sucks sometimes. cheers to Sam Adams and you Mendel with Fio.
    Sucks. I will look for distraction some other place..Dan is in the 1 percent. (did you look on Danielcraigfixation? you and I are there, cheeky Brit).
    Cumberbiotch signs off… have you watched? Dan should get on there!!! achhh–he’s too big for that–he may lose me. tonight he did.
    c ya girlfriend.

  • The Whole Truth

    Daniel Craig Attached to Thriller ‘The Whole Truth’ (EXCLUSIVE)
    Daniel Craig looks to be adding another thriller to his resume. The James Bond star is attached to star in “The Whole Truth,” with Nicholas K*zan (“Enough”) signing on to write the script.

    Details of the plot were not immediately known.

    The pic will be produced by Atlas Entertainment’s Richard Suckle. FilmNation is handling international rights in Berlin.

    It’s not clear when the project would shoot. Craig is also set to star in the new 007 film “Bond 24,” scheduled for 2015.

  • The Whole Truth

    Berlin: Daniel Craig Circling to Star in ‘The Whole Truth’
    Glen Basner’s FilmNation will launch the project at the upcoming European Film Market in Berlin.

    Daniel Craig is headed for the courtroom.

    Daniel Craig Gives Tarantino an Awkward Thumbs Up, Talks James Bond Dreams on ‘Kimmel’ (Video)

    Berlin Fest Adds World Premiere of Martin Scorsese’s ‘New York Review of Books’ Doc
    The British actor, who recently ended his Broadway run in Betrayal, is attached to star in The Whole Truth, an indie film that CAA has been shopping to financiers and foreign sales agents on the eve of Berlin’s European Film Market.
    Glen Basner’s FilmNation has boarded the Atlas Entertainment project and will shop it to foreign buyers in Berlin.
    STORY: Berlin: ‘Apollo 18′ Director Tapped for Horror Pic ‘Sanctuary’
    Craig enjoys plenty of clout these days after helping to reinvigorate the James Bond film franchise. Skyfall, released in 2012, was a monster hit, grossing $1.1 billion at the global box office, including $804.2 million internationally.
    It isn’t clear whether Craig will shoot The Whole Truth before he begins filming Bond 24 for director Sam Mendes. Bond 24 is set to open in theaters Nov. 6, 2015.
    FilmNation’s Berlin slate also includes J.C. Chandor’s A Most Violent Year, starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain.

  • lots

    A lawyer role? I am ready to witness his briefs!

  • Aiden

    I’M BACK !!!!He is as He is as just as morally corrupted as Sienna. After all this time….I still feel sorry for all u plastics! And another thing…I am surprised that JJ has not censored those using gay slurs on this site!

  • james


    HA HA!!! Good one lots!

  • Fio

    Remember Jude cheated on his ex-wife with Sienna, and he cheated on Sienna with his children’s nanny, Daisy. So maybe Sienna wanted to take her revenge on her faithless fiancé.
    His PR team and Jude didn’t want people to think that Jude was love rat or sex addict. Jude wanted people to think Sienna cheated first. He wanted to blame her for their split. But Jude got back together with Sienna while performing in Broadway in 2009. What was he thinking? What was she thinking?
    Anyway, I fully understand why Daniel can not open his heart to the media, for he harbours evil designs.

  • Fio

    NoW Sienna Miller exposé ‘effectively approved’ by Jude Law’s PRs, jury told – Phone-hacking trial hears of negotiations before publication of story that star was having an affair with Daniel Craig

    The News of the World’s exposé of Sienna Miller’s affair with Daniel Craig was “effectively approved” by Jude Law’s PRs who asked the paper “to backdate” her affair to protect their client, the phone-hacking trial has heard.

    The jury was told on Friday of extensive behind-the-scenes communications between a source, described as “someone from the PR team for Jude Law” and a journalist on the paper in the days running up to the publication of the story.

    The court heard that when negotiating background information for the story, the PR, known as “Source 2″, asked the NoW: “If you could deliberately predate it so that she cheated first.”

    The court was read an email from Coulson to a colleague, who cannot be named for legal reasons, asking for a view, declaring “this story is effectively from Jude.”

    He emailed another colleague to ask that they avoid describing Law “as love rat or sex addict”.

    Source 2 added: “That’s the thing he [Law] wants in the most.”

    In another exchange, the court heard, Source 2 said he was happy with what the journalist on the paper was proposing in terms of the narrative “Jude splits with Sienna, as long as it is backdated”. The source didn’t want the Sun or the Mirror following up the story blaming the split on his relationship with his children’s nanny, which had emerged weeks before.

    The source told the NoW journalist that Miller had “fled the country”, adding: “She not a nice girl, she’s not a goody two shoes.”

    The source went on to suggest that Law wanted the story about the split backdated to look like Miller “cheated first”, the court heard.

    Timothy Langdale QC, for the then NoW editor Andy Coulson, put it to Evans on several occasions that information in the story had come from Source 2 and another source, identified as Source 1, and not from hacked voicemails.

    Evans said: “No you are absolutely wrong, emphatically,” when Langdale put it to him that there was no voicemail from Law to Craig remonstrating over the affair.

    Earlier this week the jury heard that Evans claim that Law had left a “sarcastic” message on Craig’s voicemail saying: “Thanks mate, hope your girlfriend doesn’t find out.”

    Langdale put it to Evans that “this court had heard from Mr Law that he did not leave a voicemail on Daniel Craig’s phone.” He added: “What do you say to that?”. Evans responded: “I’d say that Mr Law is mistaken.”

    Langdale also put it to Evans that the story had come from verifiable sources and other journalists’ contacts on the paper and had he played such a big part in the story he would have been congratulated by Coulson with a traditional herogram.

    Evans has claimed that he hacked into Craig’s phone and heard an intimate message from Miller to him in which she declared her love.

    A transcript read out to court of a conversation with Source 1 says he saw Miller and Craig.

    “If you played such as part in this story, and if as you say Andy Coulson listened to the tape and it had been put into the safe, did he ever say thank you for that?” Langdale asked.

    Evans responded: “Did he say, ‘Hey Dan, thanks for that’ – not that I recall.”

    The court heard that Coulson would send herograms to reporters if they had done “something that was out of the ordinary’.

    Earlier this week Langdale accused Evans of being a “failing journalist” and the on Friday he questioned him about the number of stories in the paper in the first year – 12 spreads and 33 bylines.

    “A successful period?” Langdale asked. “It was a difficult first year. I was a square peg in a round hole,” Evans replied.

    Later, Evans admitted fiddling his expenses by claiming he had been out for dinner with a “Daniel Craig contact”. “It was probably a meal with my partner I stuck through as ‘Daniel Craig contact’.”

    He said: “It was part of our culture at the paper but I don’t see what it’s got to do with hacking phones.”

    Evans repeated his assertion that he told Coulson in his first meeting with him at a hotel in Aldwych about his phone hacking after Langdale accused him of making it up.

    “I suggest to you that the fact that you are unable to give any precision on what was said was because there was no conversation with Mr Coulson on phone hacking,” Langdale said.

    Evans replied: “There was a conversation with Mr Coulson about hacking phones … this is 10 years ago, but this is the truth.”

  • Fio

    Well, Daniel had a short-lived relationship with Kate Moss for a few months in 2004. Daniel thought Kate was too wild for him. lol
    As for his voice mail to Kate, he expressed his burning passion for the woman he loved. But we need not know every detail of their relationship. It’s very private. No censorship shall be maintained, nor should the secrecy of any means of communication be violated, I believe.

    Hacking Reporter ‘Listened To Moss Voicemails’