Priyanka Chopra: Guess VIP Dinner with David Gandy!

Priyanka Chopra: Guess VIP Dinner with David Gandy!

Priyanka Chopra glams up while attending the Guess Loves Priyanka VIP Dinner at the London Edition Hotel on Monday evening (January 20) in London, England.

The 31-year-old entertainer met up with male model David Gandy at the event.

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Earlier in the day, Priyanka attended an event at the Guess Regent Street store to meet fans and sign some autographs.

Last week, Priyanka was in New York City to attend a Paper Magazine party.

FYI: Priyanka is wearing a Marciano dress at the dinner. She is wearing a Guess t-shirt and jeans with a Marciano jacket at the store event.

10+ pictures inside of Priyanka Chopra and David Gandy at the dinner…

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Credit: David M. Benett; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Nadia

    Oh! Mr. Gandy, you beautiful beautiful creature! My knees weak every time I see you!

  • sasa

    overrated bytch

  • o

    David Gandy looks amazing!

  • Amber

    Seriously do not understand why this chick is popular. She is just pure tacky!

  • marsh

    who is this boring unattractive chick that Jared is so obsessed about?

  • l

    Who cares about the chick? David Gandy is gorgeous. ;-)

  • sasa

    She is a very rich Bollywood (no talent) celeb, who is being managed Lady Gaga’s management company, who make sure that she is everywhere.

  • 420

    dang she’s fugly

  • Nick


    What makes her tacky?

  • Olympia

    She’s a former Miss World and one of the top actresses in Bollywood, which is the biggest film industry world with more viewers than Hollywood. Plus she the first ethnic model of Guess and has an English Album out and was in the American movie Planes. Plus the headliner commercial for the NFL. She’s an international superstar! There is a world outside of the United States!!’
    And she’s not ugly.

  • Olympia
  • Olympia

    No talent!! She’s very talented don’t judge if u nothing about Bollywood or haven’t seen her films, try Barfi or Fashion which she critical acclaim for, she wouldn’t be a top actress in Bollywood if she wasn’t talented hater

  • sasa

    @Olympia Bollywood may have the maximum viewers, but still is nowehere near Hollywood, when it comes to making bucks. This explains why this bytch is desperate to break into Hollywood and Global market. Her two songs have been out, and both have been huge dissapoinments on every music chart across the globe. And lastly, she had a 2 minutes VOICE role in planes, so dont make it sound like she was a leading actress. Her NFL jig was a big joke and an embarassment to all the followers of NFL. And no she is not an international superstar, she is a quintessential bollywood superstar. Not even an indian superstar, as no one in South India cares for Bollywood stars.

  • sasa

    @Olympia I am an Indian. Barfi or Fashion may resonate with indian audience, but that does not mean that she will become an international star on the basis of her past glory. In US, she will have to start from scratch, even giving auditions, which our arrogant Bollywood celebs wont do

  • Olympia

    1. A widely acclaimed star, as in movies or sports, who has great popular appeal not just nationally but worldwide.
    2. One that is extremely popular or prominent or that is a major attraction.
    As for her NFL commercial that was received well, Planes I agree, and she is starting from stracth in the US. And she because a film is made in one country doesn’t mean it won’t be received well
    on another. Example, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Memoirs of a Geisha, or La vein el Rose are films from different countries that were received well internationally, not just it’s film but it’s stars were acclaimed for their ability to act. So to say she doesn’t have talent is misused. She can act. I assume you class Aishwarya Rai as talentless Bollywood Actress too??????

  • Olympia

    Aishwarya an international Superstar. I bet u disagree.

  • Olympia

    She’s an Indian superstar because there not just fans of Bollywood in India but Bollywood films are very successful in other countries too. And just because your Indian doesn’t mean your right!! I am a film major and Indian, so won’t that make my facts and opinion more valuable than yours

  • Olympia

    But I didn’t have to through “I am Indian”, in there and seems like your more arrogant. Excuse me ignorant for thinking a Bollywood actor or actress are less talented than American actors just because they are not popular in America. I rest my case.

  • sasa

    @Olympia you are a PC fanatic, so cant argue with you, but she is not an international star, and i rest my case too.

  • sasa

    @Olympia dont give this bullshit about bollywood being more popular than hollywood. the box office of the biggest bollywood hit is less than what Tom cruise gets for one movie.

  • Olympia

    Too argue with a fool proves there are two, so we agree to disagree.FYI Sha Ruh khan is richer than Tom Cruise look it up, so talk about how Bollywood stars are nothing right.? And I am not a fantic I support any Bollywood star or Indian star trying to succeed in an international market and make thier name known. Because there are too many Indian actors out there in Hollywood who how substantial roles other than being a butt of a racist joke in Hollywood movies. And Aishwarya Rai is consider a bigger movie star than Angelina Jolie, just ask Oprah! Look that up 2. Lol thanks quite entertaining….


    Vile Vile Vile woman. Can’t act, can’t sing, but can lie and sleep with married men as long as it gets her famous. Can’t believe JJ is promoting this IDIOT for a few $.
    Olympia, please stfu! It wouldn’t be surprising if this Olympia character were in reality PLASTIC CHOPRA herself.

  • Olympia

    I will… And yes I am Priyanka Chopra.

  • sasa

    @Olympia you are a big fool. Shahrukh dances in weddings, does hundreds of stage shows, and hence richer than tom cruise. compare movie to movie salary, SRK does not even earn 10 percent of Tom Cruise. Compare box office collections of mission impossible and all SRK movies, you will realize bollywood is hollywood’s poor cousin. I agree that there are many indian actors like irrfan, tabu who deserve good hollywood roles, but not arrogant rich byches like SRK, PC.

  • Olympia


  • march

    she’s hot as f*ck!

  • dino

    oh yeah baby! she’s so fit…jeez!

  • cece

    I don’t know who she is but I know David is gorgeous. Why are arguing about her??? It’s pointless. Lol. Just enjoy the sexy brit next to her.

  • Dina

    David Gandy looks like he belongs on a cigarette ad. Too much sun, smoke and drink.

  • hanna

    David Gandy looks amazing!!

  • UglyIndi

    Her face is crooked and fat

  • Yuck

    Huge nose + old grandma hair + 1995 style ooutfit= fail

  • Ajile

    @sasa: Umm SRK is richer then Tom Cruise. Even Forbes confirmed it. SRK has over 400 million as net worth and Tom Cruise has 300 million as his net worth.

  • medopl

    Its nice to see the racist folks here trashing this beautiful, talented woman just because they don’t know who she is. That’s okay, keep watching your stupid reality tv shows and getting fatter and fatter. That’s all you are capable of appreciating. You guys say anything racist or put down other foreign stars. Its no wonder all the Brit and Aussie actors/actresses have taken over Hollywood. Because most of the American stars have no talent or have great acting skills anymore.
    I already see tons of negative comments on Margot Robbie, that beautiful Australian actress from the Wolf of Wall street. So many jealous and racist people here.