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Robin Wright & Fiance Ben Foster Step Out for Daytime Stroll

Robin Wright & Fiance Ben Foster Step Out for Daytime Stroll

Ben Foster links arms with his new fiance Robin Wright as they step out together for a daytime stroll on Sunday (January 19) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 33-year-old actor and 47-year-old actress checked out the sites of the town while out on the chilly stroll.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Robin Wright

It was just revealed that the couple became engaged after two years of dating. Congrats again to the happy couple!

15+ pictures inside of Ben Foster and Robin Wright stepping out together for a daytime walk through Vancouver…

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robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 01
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 02
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 03
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 04
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 05
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 06
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 07
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 08
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 09
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 10
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 11
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 12
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 13
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 14
robin wright new fiance ben foster step out for daytime stroll 15

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  • shaniqua bettlez

    he’s way too sophisticated and such a great actor (and i just love robin)

  • Jennifer

    I mean everyone is making comparisons between Sean and Robin’s young lovers, but just think about this: Robin is shagging a 33 yo cute and talented hottie who adores her and wants to marry her and Charlize is shagging a 53 yo ugly and wrinkled, cocaine and prostitute lover, who will screw her with the first random ho he will meet.

  • ish

    i love the both of them, both fantastic actors, and robin seems much happier with ben.

  • shaniqua bettlez

    @Jennifer: robin is a winner then)

  • ForMe

    @Jennifer: So what is Robin exactly? A two time divorcee with two adult children. She stayed with Penn, a man that was a ” cocaine and prostitute lover” on and off for 20 years. Robin also “shagged” on and off for 20 years. So clearly her judgement, with men in particular, is questionable.

  • ForMe

    @shaniqua bettlez: Charlize is a Goddess. Robin doesn’t win actually.

  • moorika

    Hey, can’t you just be happy for Robin?

  • Jennifer

    @ForMe: What an angry response! Why? Are you related to Penn to defend him that what? I’m just saying Robin has a young cute fiancé and Charlize has…well…she has….Penn. Enough said. So I think yes, Robin wins, not that I ever intended put a winner/loser thing. Yes, she stayed with Penn for 20 years and I think she truly loved him, but now he has become really hard to look at, and poor Charlize I can’t imagine what he looks like when he wakes up in the morning, eewwww… Charlize is a goddess? maybe, maybe maybe not, I always though that she tries too hard, when posing in pictures and red carpets, no doubt she loves being the center of attention, so does Penn, that’s what I think I will be a short fling and she will dump his old ugly assss.

  • Kyra

    Yes! I love both of them. Robin And Ben will have a great year with Stephen Frears biopic about Armstrong, and the second season of House of cards will be huge. He’s considered the most talented young actor right now in Hollywood. And frankly it seems that Robin doesn’t give a damn f**k about whom Sean Penn is dating or making PR stunts with. I totally believe the rumor that he’s hooking up with Charlize out of jealousy towards Robin engagement, let’s not forget he’s not a normal person, he’s an angry little man with issues.

  • datsista

    it is true, never though about it: Robin wakes up with Angel by her side and Charlize wakes up with a cooked up shar-pei…..LOL

  • ForMe

    @Jennifer: My response wasn’t angry. I was just replying to your condescending comment, that’s all. I’ve seen Charlize on the red carpet too, she’s a natural beauty she doesn’t have to try hard at all. Don’t most celebrities want to be the center of attention? Robin doesn’t exactly cover her face when she’s on the red carpet. She poses like there’s no tomorrow. You’re making judgments about Sean and Charlize relationship. I could make the same snap judgments about Robin and Ben. A woman about to be 50 with a man in his 30′s, that doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster at all.

  • Paul

    I love her, she’s always so effortless chic. She doesn’t care of being a fashionista with the last trend in clothes and accessories and that makes her just more attractive, she doesn’t try hard. But when she puts on a gown like for the Golden Globes she’s the most beautiful woman on the room. Great body and perfect face. Most 20 and 30 something actresses will kill for a body like hers. (see Reese W.)

  • ForMe

    @moorika: According to these comments, Robin is supposed to live happily ever after and Sean isn’t. She’s supposed to ride off into the sunset and he’s supposed to go live in a cave somewhere.

  • John R. Cranson

    She’s so freaking beautiful in House of Cards. Her body is amazing yay!!! Jaw dropping! No wonder she dates a 33 year old guy. I’m 30 and she could definitely date me!

  • Dana

    I loved her at the Golden Globes. She ran in heels to the stage and has DAT body at 47! What is she, an android? I want a transfusion of her blood, or the fountain where she drinks at. She MUST do pilates or yoga, or whatever the hell makes you have shoulders, arms and a back like that. Jealous!

  • Dana

    @ForMe: I’ve read that Robin has turned down Vanity Fair and Vogue covers when she was the it girl, back in the Forrest Gump years. And she turned down tons of commercial movies, and she continues todo so, so I really believe she’s in way other league than Charlize and other fame *whores* like her.

  • Peter

    Dat ass*. That’s all I’m saying. Ben Foster is a lucky guy.

  • ForMe

    @Dana: I don’t know about Vanity fair and Vogue, but Robin Wright has been on magazine covers. She’s also done an adverts for a watch company etc., a few years ago. So she’s fame whoring and selling herself just like every other actress in Hollywood.

  • Groovy

    The sex between these two must be HOT

  • Tina

    I saw her las week in Santa Monica buying a $ 12 kale smoothie. She’s very skinny, with a tight body, tall and with a flawless skin. Her face is amazingly beautiful, people were staring at her, men and women.

  • Christian

    @Tina: I agree, she’s soooo thin! My wife used to go to the Equinox and always ran into her. I saw her a couple of times and she’s very muscular and tight as hell. She doesn’t look anorexic but very thin and cut, her body fat must be like zero! Very beautiful face and chilling blue eyes.

  • Beaumont

    The funny thing about all this is that she is 14 years older
    than him and looks younger actually !
    Of course she’s a winner !
    (And am not talking about the Golden Globe she won
    these days ).

  • shane

    @Groovy: right? my thoughts exactly

  • Kate

    What a bulge, Benny boy! I wish there would be a sex tape of these two.

  • yep

    Robin Wright could have easily graced the covers of Sports Illustrated back in the day. She was on one of my mom’s soap opera. I remember seeing her there and thinking she was beautiful. She looked like a California Beach girl. Very natural. Very little makeup. Just sunkissed-tan skin. Long legs, trim, somewhat athletic body even back then. She was a very hot young woman. On the Golden Globes, I noticed that her body is still unreal. She is very lean, but more in a natural, healthy way. Her back in that backless dress was amazing! She has a body any woman would be proud to have. And she still wears very light makeup and manages to look gorgeous.

  • Bree

    Good for her. He’s really hot and very talented, we will hear great things about him. I agree with comments above their sex life have to be great, the body language speaks tons of great sex.

  • Tom

    I Love her, I wish she could do more movies, she’s a tremendous actor, even better than her ex-husband, by his won admission, he is so overrated. He may have won Oscars, but these days who wasn’t, even mediocre actors like Reese Witherspoon have won.

  • Sandra Bower

    Nice catch Robin. He’s a cutie and looks clean and can pull off the bald look like not many man can. Really an upgrade from you ex husband, who always looks like he smells and dirty, with greasy (faux) hair. Great couple, the age difference is unnoticeable, he looks 10 years older and she looks 10 years younger…Well done!

  • Sandra Bower

    @Bree: My exact thoughts! Their body language says they’re totally into each other. They even walk coordinated!

  • Neil

    Maybe it is because I am closer to her age but I find Robin way more attractive now than when she was a young thing. No wonder Ben is marrying her. She is in my mind a major catch.

  • Carl

    She’s such a great actress. She’s the actress who choose not the mainstream and never based her choices on her good looks. It is a blessing have actresses like her in America, I work in France and I can tell french love her, she’s very popular there and much more appreciated than here in our country. I’m so grateful for the films she gave us and even more grateful for those she rejected, blockbusters and lots of money, to stay true to herself. By the way, she rocks such an amazing body still. I see all the young actresses trying so hard and she’s so effortless elegant and sexy.

  • Chris

    @ForMe: It sounds to me like Jennifer was comparing Robin and Charlize, not Robin and Sean. She was saying that Charlize got the short end of the stick, not that Sean did. I don’t think there’s any dispute on Charlize being a beautiful woman…I think it was more of, Robin is a winner because she got Ben and Charlize got Sean.

  • Chris

    @Dana: Why does taking the cover of Vogue make Charlize a famewhore? Turning them down is cool and all, but accepting them doesn’t make you a famewhore. I think it takes a little more than simply looking nice and taking a magazine cover while promoting a movie to be labeled a famewhore. I’m sure there are a plethora of celebrities you could put down before you diss Charlize.

  • Ronan

    Robin is so badass on House of cards. I hope to see her more in movies, she’s a tremendous actress. The badass icy bitch role suites her perfectly…she’s the new Sharon Stone.

  • Ronan

    Seems like @ForMe has a big crush on sean penn…it’s beyond me how could that be possible, but everybody is free. This is a post about Robin and Ben…why are we talking about peen? he’s sealed and delivered for Robin, as we can see, she has moved on clearly and enjoy her new love.

    But speaking of Penn and Charlize: I can’t wait their first red carpet together: I bet they will look ridiculous together, she’s like a foot taller than him, he looks old and dirty, and she looks like a beautiful transexual. The rugged dwarf and the drag queen. LOL

  • George F.

    How come Robin Wright hasn’t won an Oscar yet is something I don’t really understand. And then I get it: Hollywood and the awards is all about campaigning and sell themselves and friends and connections…a bunch of mafia. If you think that David Fincher hasn’t won a major award yet, you get the idea. Who cares, Robin and David have the respect and the admiration of their fans and the industry that really respect the movie making, as a form of art. Go ahead Robin!

  • Matt

    How beautiful it would be a world dominated by Robin and Meryl

  • Thadeus

    Well said George. Buttercup in our hearts forever. The real American sweetheart is Princess Bride. Julia Roberts and Sandy Bullock my a**

  • Alaia

    @George F.: She was tipped for a nomination for Forrest Gump back in the day, and she didn’t even get that. I don’t know why; they went completely gaga for the film otherwise.

  • maleesha


  • It’s Likely

    Robin probably did what a lot of female actresses do when they are married to actors. They hold themselves back to let their men “shine.” Men always have to be first, it seems. Though in Robin’s current relationship, I think she is definitely the dominant partner. You can see it — Ben Foster is hold on to HER arm. She looks like she’s leading.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Jennifer: Charlize is a model, she’s not trying too hard for anything, she’s got the skills and the looks. Sorry you’re jealous.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Dana: Charlize is a fame whore because she does Dior commercials? lol. Please, she’s a model, she loves clothes and perfume like any other woman. Its funny, I’m sure you’re one of those women who’d be so excited to get a makeover on national tv, with no thought to what a “fame whore” you’d look like. Women love beauty, deal with it.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Ronan: she doesn’t look like a transexual. What a passive aggressive, backhanded compliment. I prefer the trolls who outright diss her.

  • mishusha

    GIRLS PLEAZE! stop offending lgbt community! charlize is fine – she doesn’t look like a transexual. robin is a beauty as well. i hope charlize is madly in love with sean because robin and ben are soooo cute and happy.