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Vanessa Hudgens & Rosario Dawson: 'Gimme Shelter' NYC Screening!

Vanessa Hudgens & Rosario Dawson: 'Gimme Shelter' NYC Screening!

Vanessa Hudgens is stunning while attending a screening of her latest film Gimme Shelter held at Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday (January 22) in New York City.

The 25-year-old actress was joined at the screening by her co-stars Rosario Dawson and Brendan Fraser.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa recently made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she talked about celebrating her birthday. Watch the video below!

In case you didn’t know, Gimme Shelter hits theaters on Friday (January 24)!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Monique Lhuillier dress and carrying an Edie Parker clutch. Rosario is wearing earrings by Graziela Gems and a ring by EF Collection.

Vanessa Hudgens – ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson attending the Gimme Shelter screening…

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vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 01
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 02
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 03
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 04
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 05
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 06
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 07
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 08
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 09
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 10
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 11
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 12
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 13
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 14
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 15
vanessa hudgens rosario dawson gimme shelter nyc screening 16

Credit: Marion Curtis; Photos: Starpix/JustJared
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  • Annie

    Looking great! Love the three of themll

  • alexandra

    i like vanessa’ dress

  • Sutton

    It’s always funny, coming from Manitoba to hear people in the States talk about cold..they wouldn’t survive here! (-40, -50)

  • Paul

    Vanessa is pretty but Rosario is a big nosed ugly Neanderthal-jawed gorilla.

  • anney

    she looks gorgeous!

  • Xo

    Can’t decide if I like the dress or not but she looks so beautiful <3

  • Pfff

    Gosh that squeaky voice of her is so annoying…Ellen doesn’t look impressed either…

  • Carla

    She looks so stunning, shes been dressing really good lately I love her. I hope the movie does well, it has so many great reviews to the movie and as well to vanessa. I’m so proud of her and I cant wait to see Gimme Shelter

  • Sam

    Rosario Dawson was born male.

  • zacfan

    vanessa is stunning!

  • zacfan

    she’s been with austin a while…2 years. amazing!

  • zacfan

    vanessa is working it. absolutely beautiful from all angles!!!

  • dd

    rosario is gorgeous

  • dd

    I love Vanessa’s whole look here, she looks stunning

  • samantha

    monique, jamie and Tracy were at the premiere

  • samantha

    i think on september it’s their 3rd anniversary :O

  • VEF

    she looks adorable, i loved all the cute pics with Rosario too They are really good friends. i also am in love with her Nylon Cover! she looks really hot! cant wait for GM!!

  • Rosario!

    We love you rican girl!

  • Merlin

    Rosario looks like a classic sexy beauty here

  • Erlita

    Rosa baby! Orale!

  • Boom

    Why they want to be associated with this film is beyond me

  • Sara

    Oh god she is so irritating to watch on ellen

  • marie

    gorgeous ♥

  • marie

    are you serious? Rosario is beautiful. I love her and Vanessa so much

  • Tish

    Vanessa looks really beautiful here! Glad she is over the pouty face poses from a few years back.

  • 123

    @zacfan: Really? Funny how she cant get a decent role

  • 123

    Vanessa is running on the last gas fumes leftover from hsm. she was never meant to be a movie star and evryones finding out as time goes on. Rosario is a bonafide movie star, a class act and proven from early on. Why does everyone just talk about how vanessa looks here? You cant just look pretty in hw and make it anymore. Example- vanessa

  • Warren

    Vanessa looks beautiful and sexy as usual, but I still wish she would go with better dress colors for her. Like white, red or yellow.

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa and Rosario are a pair of lovely ladies. Can’t wait till Friday for this movie to come out.

  • Nightwish

    Guys… time to face the facts. This movie is a disaster. Dont get me started.

  • Amoore

    Pfff and Sara you need GOD in your life you and the rest of the HATERS!seriously no wonder this world will never come right because its full of so much hate!Vanessa Fans have told you Haters a million times over and over!if you don’t like Vanessa and are just going to bad mouth her then don’t comment on here.Vanessa and Rosario both look beautiful:) Gimme Shelter is continuously getting good review I haven’t heard 1 negative comment about the people that have seen it yet so that is a good thing:)

  • Ina

    The script was ok but they both worked very well with what they were given. Rosario was amazing and I wish she got more screen-time. But Vanessa held the movie through and through. It isn’t in any theaters near me which figures since its only an indie film so it probably won’t make much at all.

  • Nightwish

    This guy sums it up well:
    “Apple is a grimy embodiment of the underprivileged stereotype. Played with unceasing, hard-to-watch histrionics by the ill-equipped Hudgens, the teen has a greasy mop of short-cropped hair, the skulking gait of a brontosaurus in Doc Martens, and, like her mother, perpetual black eyes, as if she wakes every morning to dual blows to the face.”
    I noticed her dinosaur gait on the trailer. Some director she had.

  • maria

    What the film does have going for it is the performance of Hudgens, who has certainly transformed herself to look the part of a bedraggled teen, even if her actual delivery of lines is sometimes stiff. And Dawson is ferocious as her selfish mother, though the effort probably won’t win her the Oscar as Mo’Nique’s similar turn did. Fraser, in buttoned-down mode, mostly does nerd shtick, and Jones goes a generically avuncular route, but both add a touch of class to the proceedings. Everyone else does decent but unremarkable work, and technically the picture is about what you’d expect of a modestly budgeted indie.

  • Kelly martineau

    Vanessa looking good. Her career is going down hill she hasn”t work for a couples her . Who cares when about big lips and Vanessa when they first got together. Zachary is in New York for his”s movie to. Maybe they will be on the same plan going home.

  • Nightwish

    And this – “Technically speaking, the film is much like Hudgens’ line delivery – passable, fine, occasionally striking, often embarrassing.” – 11% on rotten tomatoes says it all. How else are you pumpers gonna try to vindicate this POS? lol!

  • maria

    @Nightwish: Ahhh, how lovely to know who you really are, Kurt. Makes sense, since you claim to be ‘in the business’. So either you are Kurt, or you have found the one other person in the world who thinks like you! You must find him and become BFF’s. Nasty, mean, and vindictive people belong together!

  • Nightwish

    @maria: Maybe im noticing things like this kurt dude, and ill say this.. some of these critics are holding back, focusing on the vaguest, most positive, most redeeming aspects of the film.

  • Hailey

    Vanessa is a class act. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and a talented actress. She has been able to evolve since her HSM days. She’s grateful to Disney for giving her her big break, not dissing them, and making an ass of herself like so many other former Disney stars have/are. She’s happy, in love, and working, which is something. Not everyone can say that. Good for her!

  • tina

    She’s doing just fine. The one thing all the critics agree on is her performance. It is what it is. The film shows her range. So what it’s prolife. If that’s their problem with it, well that’s their problem. Still a fan. She looks great here. Monique and Jaime were at the premiere. Love how all her friends are friends for life.

  • mary

    Rosario is gorgeous, has a banging bangin body, is very down to earth, and such a natural at acting for decades

  • Nightwish

    …and others get straight to the point without around:
    “Hudgens isn’t believable for a moment as the sullen, brooding Apple, who gets no support from her drug-addict mother (Rosario Dawson) or her wealthy absentee father (Brendan Fraser). About halfway through the movie, she ends up at a Christian home for teenage mothers, and writer-director Ronald Krauss basically turns the movie into a public service announcement (the home is based on a real shelter). The “inspirational” movie soft-pedals its Christian message, but it’s still heavy-handed and clumsy, with some seriously terrible performances. Apple drifts through an entire TV season’s worth of troubled-teen clichés over the course of 100 minutes, and her eventual happy ending feels both unearned and insincere.”

  • chris

    sorry but she is just annoying

  • Haters Suck!

    People are loving vanessa performance. The problem is what I feared would happen. They don’t like it cause its a faith based anti abortion movie. Every review I’ve read that didn’t like the movie said so because it had “too much bible thumping”. I hate that phrase. Speaking as a Christian who loves his bible they can kiss my ass.

  • lili

    you tried it tho….. everyone is prasing her performance and you know it they have prob with the script not with her i mean you stan zac efron and kristen stewart and you are really talking about what the critics are saying ?

  • lili

    btw your obsession with her is kind of creepy just stop…..

  • Peter

    @Nightwish: If the movie was bad, Rosario wouldn’t have agreed to do it. Idiot!

  • Haters Suck!

    Don’t worry about him. Nightwish is a woman hater unless they sleep with other people’s husbands. He’s more into dudes in more ways then one.

  • Scarlett

    Nightwish and his many aliases are jealous of Vanessa H. Probably because he finds all of her boyfriends to be bangable but he knows he’ll never have the chance.