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Justin Bieber: Arrested for DUI & Drag Racing in Miami Beach

Justin Bieber: Arrested for DUI & Drag Racing in Miami Beach

Justin Bieber has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, drag racing, and resisting arrest, TMZ reports.

The 19-year-old singer, who had an expired license at the time he was pulled over, was taken into custody in Miami Beach, Fla., where police presumably went to test his blood alcohol levels. Police suspect he could have been under the influence of both alcohol and drugs. He will be booked and jailed.

Justin had reportedly just left a club with a model and was driving a yellow Lamborghini while racing someone in a residential neighborhood. The other driver, thought to be rapper Khalil, who drove in a red Lamborghini, was also arrested.

The resisting arrest charge stemmed from Justin refusing to take his hands out of his pockets when told to do so.

Based on evidence, the traffic stop was initially for the drag racing, and then police booked him for DUI as well.

To recap, Justin was booked for the following: DUI, resisting arrest without violence, drag racing and driving on an expired license.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin Bieber getting arrested???

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  • King

    This kid is a disgrace to society. So annoying. Someone needs to punch him in the face.

  • alexandrina

    so happy to hear this… lol…

  • nm

    ha ha

  • Leonardo Belens

    where’s the mugshot???
    I NEED TO SEE THE MUGSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mememe

    and someone like
    Paul walked who was clean and just an amazing man dies! How is that fair? JB is an idiot.. better get his shit together… Rehabs next! I hope
    Selena ran far away!!


    Poor kid. He’s going to crash and burn like Cory Monteith if he doesn’t get help. I’m not a fan of his music, but as a human being, my heart goes out to any 19 year old who is getting himself into this much trouble. It’s obviously a cry for help. I hope someone gives it to him. He’s too young to be having these problems.

  • go go

    Get this POS off the street already for everyone’s sake! No one will miss him

  • kel

    Hope he’s deported now.

  • Robbie

    Shouldn’t he also get charged for drinking underage or is that not a consequence anymore?

  • Gina

    Finally!!! It’s not fair how much famous people get away with.

  • Christine

    Good point, he is only 19.

  • haley

    do not compare this little piece of shit with Cory Monteith please. have some respect.

  • noel

    ha ha ha

  • namm

    please lock up this little sh*t!! Hopefully he becomes someone’s b*tch in jail lol

  • Fruitfly

    Spoiled, privileged, child. He’s a giant douche-bag. Toilet-papering his neighbor’s house, now this. Isn’t his 15 minutes of fame over yet? What little kids are still buying his records?

  • bluebell

    I hate this guy sooo much! So happy this little piece of s.hit git arrested!

  • namm

    @JJ THE EXPAT: save your sympathy for someone who deserves it. Bieber isn’t an addict, he’s a spoiled selfish brat who gets away with his behavior thanks to his “entourage” who coddle him and feed his ego.

  • Dnia

    The male version of Lindsey Lohan!

  • Gina

    @haley: Exactly! Cory was an amazing person.

  • Joanna

    Heh, I guess we were all waiting for this news :)
    Little brat is out of control..

  • samantha

    the sad downfall of yet another celebrity.

  • kevin

    Loooool and out of all police departments to arrest him, it came from miami beach. For once I am proud of my hometown for not letting this a$$ get away. And he was drag racing on pine tree drive out of all streets where there’s cops all over to guard the mansions on that street, he could’ve at least drag raced on the Julia Tuttle like everyone else on the beach does. What an effing dumba$$

  • Donte

    Good for him!!!

  • haha

    this totally made my day! :D

  • Tara

    The first of many in a long line of arrests. He is a female Lindsay Lohan. Train wreck waiting to happen.

  • tee

    also curious why he’s not booked for underage drinking. does the bottle have to be hanging from his mouth?

  • Sil

    Well deserved it, he has to be responsible for being like this, he could kill someone, he has to understand there is a law and he is like any other citizen!!

  • Sheyenne

    I really want him to go away … far away!!!

  • Anna

    As much as I don’t like him, this is just getting sad. He is just completely falling apart now and will probably be in rehab before we know it.

  • Lynaila

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… LOL!

  • aquarius64

    This from TMZ:

    “According to the police report — obtained by TMZ — cops approached Bieber’s car and they instantly realized he reeked of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. He had a “stupor” look on his face.

    The police report says … Bieber was defiant from the get-go, yelling at the cops, “Why the f**k are you doing this?” He also yelled, “What the f**k did I do. Why did you stop me?”

    When the officer tried to perform a routine pat down, Bieber said, “I ain’t got no f**king weapons, why do you have to search me? What the f**k is this about?” Bieber claimed he wasn’t drunk and coming back from recording music. That’s not true, because we knew he was at a club.

    Now the basis for the resisting arrest charge — Before the pat down, as Bieber got out of the car, he “kept going into his pants pocket.” The cop ordered him to put his hands on the vehicle, and Bieber initially complied but soon took his hands off the car, turned and then cussed out the cop. The cop then grabbed Justin by the right arm, Justin pulled his arm away, and said, “What the f**k are you doing?”

    The report says Justin was driving between 55 and 60 MPH in a 30 MPH residential area.

    Bieber is now in custody and is at the police department where he is being tested — presumably to more precisely measure his blood alcohol level. Our law enforcement sources say Justin was given a field sobriety test at the scene … and failed.

    His next stop will be jail, where he will be booked and processed and bail will be set.”

    Read more:

    MSNBC reported he was in a prisoner transport vehicle a few minutes ago. Bieber have finally done the drive of shame from the police station. Mug shot may be forcoming.

  • Nadja


    I agree, I’m not a fan either, I just see him as a lost young man. He’s yet another example of why it is not healthy for children to become famous :(

  • Spin

    Please give this piece of shit the addresses of all the celebrities who’ve defended him (Kylie Jenner, Evan Rachel Wood) and have him go egg their houses, spit on them and speed on their streets and see how they like it.

  • Glen Cranford

    It only took 3 years for him to totally go to the bottom. Many fans that admired him will change now, I hope. Don’t follow in his spoiled rich footsteps. I admired him and now I am disappointed.

  • Dan


  • shannon

    Speaking of deportation, I always forget he’s Canadian. What are the consequences of a non-American living and working in America when they are charged with certain crimes? Do they have to be convicted to be deported? Or do they get deported at all?

  • Jenny

    Please don’t compare him with Cory. Cory grew up poor and was a street kid for a good while. He had major problems growing up, but he tried to get clean. Bieber is more like Lindsay Lohan, they think the world owes them and they can do no wrong. Lindsay started getting arrested and tanking at around the same age as Bieber. My prediction is he will go the way of Lindsay.

  • Amy

    The Truth about JB:

  • biebarrest

    here’s the exclusiv video of the arrest new version just for you

  • Susan

    He needs a swift kick in the *ss and have his toys taken away.

  • Kevin Boyd


  • Kevin Boyd

    Next celeb to be found dead in a hotel room

  • Mama’s Boy

    Trying to be a man. He needs intervention right now. Smoking dope and acting like a kid doesn’t cut it.

  • Lucas

    PETITION To Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card.