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Justin Bieber: Mugshot Released After DUI Arrest

Justin Bieber: Mugshot Released After DUI Arrest

Justin Bieber‘s mugshot has just been released after his arrest early Thursday (January 23) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 19-year-old singer was taken into custody after being pulled over for drag racing. He was ultimately arrested for DUI, resisting arrest without violence, drag racing and driving on an expired license.

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New details were just released about the case as well – including information that Justin told police that he had smoked marijuana and was on prescription drugs at the time of his arrest. His police report was also released to the public.

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  • Bar

    this morning millions of ugly young girls are sobbing through their braces. The Wanted breaks up and now this!

  • ggjjb

    Clear up your pimples JB.

  • zoe

    hahaha. not as bad as i expected thought. he was still able to smile

  • True

    You can see that this kid is HIGH AS F*CK!

  • zoe

    He;s smiling because he can already see his bank account growing from all the press he is gonna get.

  • Sam

    Only 19 and already with a DUI. He’s going to get himself in even worse situations if he doesn’t clean up his act now. And to think he has millions of young fans who look up to him – it’s unfortunate he doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone or anything other than himself. Next stop: rehab.

  • Arrow 12

    Looks like he forgot to use his ProActive

  • smiling


  • Mary

    Where the hell is this boy’s mother? I mean she raised him all by herself and was everything for him, so when you see your son losing his s**** like this, you intervene, I don’t care that he is 20 yo, and has his own house, she could go live with him without even asking him his permission, and keep the bad people (as it’s clear that he has a bad entourage not helping him) out, and teaching him to act better.
    Sure it’s agressive but what mother would not start acting the hard way in order for him to get the stability he needs?
    Sounds to me that he’s lost all alone with his money, cars and model friends, when really he’s still just a teenager who needs a family.

  • christ

    someone please punch him in the face!!

  • meh

    such an ass

  • sarah

    Smiling and laughing at the justice system. Wouldn’t it be great if someone actually stood up to this ahole.

  • verox87

    what an asshole!

  • keka

    DEPORT HIS ASS. If it was any other person they’d get the boot right away. BYE!

  • Gina

    He looks so proud of himself.

  • Tsk

    It looks like he’s thinking of bunnies on clouds. LOL.

  • Drats

    @zoe: He was drunk and high, that’s why.

  • Sheyenne

    You can tell he thinks this is funny. Like I said he needs to go far away!

  • lookin like $hit biebs

    he needs to be guilty of all charges, this is BS, is this what celebrities get in turn for selling their soul to the devil? He’s an arrogant little lesbian that needs to stay in canada. guess he forgot his proactive as well lmfao

  • Noi bad for a mugshot

    He does not look that bad for a mug shot but he is similing cause he will be getting away with murder Im sure and he is thinking: Ohh Im out of this pretty soon”. But yes he is laughing at the judicial system cause he know he will be out in no time.

  • mike

    attention WHORE!

  • mike

    Attention Ho!

  • True

    Lol! He’s self-destructing.

  • True

    Looks feminine.

  • Lisa

    No talent PLONKER, send him back to Canada.

  • GGGive

    he is so stoooned look at his eyes… He must have thought this was a passport photo

  • Fed up

    Just call him Rob Ford the Mayor of Toronto, not only can they both get
    Away with anything they want, why a mug shot if you are going to release
    Justin! Every time ! Smoking , drink in, hat next have some guy pee
    On him?. And have him get off Scott free 2!

  • penelope

    I am neither fan nor hater but doesn’t anyone feel bad for him?

    They put him in jail to get a hard lesson. Hell never be the same.
    I think its sad.

  • Loosing control

    And before his arrest he was at some night club with some lady. I guess he was having a blast that nite partying like there was no tomorrow: hookers, marihuana, alcohol, presciption pills!! He thinks he is above everyone. Justin beware of the STD you may have contracted by getting laid with strippers or hookers that nite. Gross!!!

    And he is what 19??? That is what u get when a boy is spoiled so young, and did not have a good upbringing cause her mom seem now not to care and since he is an adult im sure she let him do what ever he wants and she cant get involved. I dont care how old this guy is his mom needs to step up and do something for her son that is spiriling out of control before is too late and she will have to mourn his son.

  • smug mug

    He looks like no big deal, I’ll be bailed out I can afford a driver no big deal. This will give me street cred cause I’m big I’m bad. Jmon. Who’s bad.

  • aquarius64

    Bieber’s Walk of Shame picture to the police station, courtesy of TMZ:

    The mug shot is a front to look “tough”.

  • jennifer

    Hey Jared Padalecki he didn’t have to have anyone take the fall for this one!!!

  • smug mug

    @penelope: He won’t be a changed man – look at his mentors and idols. Rappers with criminal records as long as your body and they just pay their way out of all their problems unless they get shot. Thes are the role models for too many of the kids today. How many times has TI been in jail and he now has a reality show? Warped priorities all around.

  • smug mug

    @Mary: He is of legal age. His mother managed to keep him more or less in check and it was struggle until he turned legal and then mom was pushed out of the picture. When your kid has the money and power what can you do?

  • smug mug

    You don’t think millions of kids aren’t doing similar things behind their parents’ backs all over North America at even younger ages. Kids leaving under the parents’ roof. They just don’t have the same money to play with and most won’t be able to afford the rich lawyers to get them off.

  • ouchy

    Put him behind bars for a longer while, please. He’s a danger for himself.


    He smiles…… pfff IDIOT !

  • shakinghead

    Seriously..the only way to stop this behavior is to make this people humble… every parent that buys his cd and crap should stop.. lets say if he will be smiling after he is broke… lets start a movement all… justin and chris brown…

  • Hey girl

    It’s about time he got busted….he should have been arrested for the egging (since he was recorded on video!!) but the L.A. cops are always so star struck, they’re notorious for giving celebs a break. Hopefully, in Florida, they’ll treat him like anyone else.

  • leah

    Lol he looks pretty happy in these mugshot , it’s a bit like ” F¨*k you ” . Ahaha love it

  • Adam

    @Mary: Uhhh….no….she can’t. He’s an adult that pays for everything himself. You really think that his mother can just do that without his permission? It’s his house (he owns it and pays for everything himself) and if he doesn’t want her there she has to leave. People rag on Justin Bieber, but personally I have been keeping my eye on him for the last couple months. Ever since I heard he planned to quit being a singer to do something else with his life (not 100% if that’s even true). If this is true, he has A LOT of money. If he matures and starts putting some of his money into businesses and such, he could be a huge player in the next 10 years or so with that kind of money to contribute to the world. Of course, he most likely doesn’t give a shit about anybody else and this won’t happen, but I am still waiting to see if he will come to his senses and realize how much good he could do for the world with his 9 digit bank accounts. (That’s A LOT of effing money folks!) It’s all up to him if he’s going to end up becoming a washed up chump, or one of the next big world leaders. Personally I hope he will grow out of his party phase and contribute to the world, he has the power now to do MANY great things and he is only 19, it’s not like he’s 40. He could change. Or he could go back to writing terrible music and performing lame concerts for spoiled tweens and contributing absolutely nothing to the world, only time will tell that story…

  • Adam

    @Hey girl: You can’t be serious either, can you? The LA cops OBVIOUSLY have been trying to bust them as hard as they can. Do you really think the average person would have like almost 10 cop cars raid their house for throwing an egg at their neighbor’s house? Absolutely NOT. The whole thing was obviously just a paper thin pretext that they jumped on as fast as they could to have a chance to try to charge him with something. That’s what being a dick to your rich, old connected neighbors does…

  • wink

    Ha ha a bunch of poor people on just jared attacking bieber. you all would kill to be a zit on his a—ss AND YOU KNOW IT.

  • Lababy

    Awwwww he is so cute..luv him..!!! Leave my bb baby alone bad people!!! He is a kid…just leave him alone!

  • lisa

    he must go into the jail for a long long time. this kid is crazy.

  • ?

    So being arrested is funny, now?
    He has no idea what big trouble he is in. Just too stupid, I guess

  • ChrisF

    He’s just a typical alcoholic/addict. He was born that way but there is a cure, and it’s a 12 step program. Unfortunately he won’t want to admit it so he will keep doing this crap for a while.

  • Tamara

    My goodness grow up … are a horrible role model … Don’t even use the excuse of how old you are .. Once again a celebrity use drugs and Prescription drugs

  • ouchy

    @wink: you are a sick puppy.

  • Hannah

    Yup…the day is finally here. Ever since this kid, got famous I knew he was just going to be problems. He needs to go freaking seek help ASAP. I am getting so sick and tired of hearing bout this dumb ass immature little boy. He’s freakin 19!!!! That’s a baby. Plus why is he up at 4am??? Go to freaking bed child. He needs to take a little vacation then go seek help. His mommy isn’t helping him one bit. Intact why dont we just kick his ass out of America! Send him and his shitty music back to dumb ass lameo Canada! He can be a freak over there for all I care. I just want him OUT!!!!!