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Justin Bieber's DUI Arrest Court Appearance Video - Watch Now

Justin Bieber's DUI Arrest Court Appearance Video - Watch Now

Justin Bieber appears in court to set his bond amount for his arrest early Thursday morning (January 23) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 19-year-old entertainer was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest, and driving on a suspended license after being pulled over for drag racing.

Justin‘s bail is set for $2,500, and he’s expected to post soon, TMZ reports. He has hired attorney Roy Black to represent him.

It is being reported that Justin admitted to drinking and drug use during the evening before his arrest.

Check out his court appearance video below.

Click inside to see Khalil Amir Sharieff‘s court appearance, the man who Justin was drag racing…

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  • Lauren

    Jared, why the hell do we need to see this?

  • yesiam

    What an idiot. Some people completely take for granted how lucky and fortunate they are, and then don’t want they whole world to “judge” them for their stupidity.

  • chris

    I know i will be alone on this but i really feel sorry for him so alone no actual guidance. no parental authority which he hasn’t had since he was 15 and sold to scooter. he is surrounded by people that only want his money and what he can bring to the table. lost all contact for one reason or another with his Canadian friends now they are trying to get his imagine more hard and trying to grab the infamous balloon since his other fame is fading so they keep there income and notoriety i wish someone would just step up and take care of whatever is left of him before its too late… now let the comments ensue on how he is a douche and a brat and deserves this and that

  • Deborah

    Sad how this kid has surrounded himself with such losers. He could be dead. Anyone see the pictures of how incapacitated he was, and to think he was behind the wheel of one of ‘his’ two cars involved. I wonder who those ‘attention seeking losers’ who were with Bieber last night are? I just checked out Daily Mail and they have some girl in a bikini posing and some other guy flashing his diamond watch. Good thing the cops were there.



  • Emily


    To show everyone, how stupid kids can be these days. And that THIS is not some role model.

  • maggie

    He’s a big boy already. He could think for himself. He knows right from wrong. What he did he knows is wrong. $2500 is pocket change for him. I see him having mannnyyyyy chances like Lindsay Lohan. Hopefully he doesn’t endanger himself or especially anyone else.

  • yesiam

    @chris: I understand that, but everyone…EVERYONE, not just Bieber… comes from their own specific set of circumstances. It think it’s equally unfair to keep making excuses for him because of his high profile. THAT’S what the pity is. I agree that he needs someone to step up and provide the guidance he clearly and desperately needs….before it’s too late and he messes up badly, in a way that he can easily fix with his high profile and money. I mean, THIS was a bit too much already. This is no joke. This was dangerous, life threatening stuff. Like Deborah says, good thing the cops were there.

  • Tara

    I can’t belieb all of the celebs who are defending this little snot and his actions on twitter.

  • Sam

    @chris: He has guidance, he just chooses not to listen. He thinks he’s in charge and is invincible.

  • Michelle

    @Tara: Celebs are actually defending him? Seriously?

  • Joe

    Go back to Canada, you don’t belong here in the states!

  • lynne

    They just posted a picture on twitter showing Justin Bieber leaving the Miami jail. He’s sticking his upper body out of the top of a sun roof and waving to photographers and fans. => Hope his parents get him to a therapist fast.

  • leah

    I guess that he’s not smiling anymore . This would have never happened where I live . Releasing a video of the court ? Never ! Even less when a celebrity is involved . I do believe they should stop promoting this .

  • leah

    Crazy how you guys can be so judgmental/stupid ” go back to canada” ? Really ?

  • Kresta

    He’s crying out for attention.

  • eternalozzie

    His parents signed his life over to his record label making him a prisoner the last 5 or 6 years. They basically sold their kid. Parents are supposed to take care of their kids not the other way around.

    Now that he is trying to reintegrate back to society everyone is shocked he doesn’t know how to do that.

    I feel sorry for him because he has no support of friends … real ones .. not the freeloading rappers, managers, and company appointed handlers.

  • Rae

    What a selfish little punk. NOBODY should be behind the wheel in that condition.

  • Mylène – Montreal

    @TRUTH: Noooo I’m come from Canada :p

  • lmao

    @leah: and you’re actually defending a little boy that is a repeated offender that gets away with the law every time and believes that he is entitled to do whatever the eff he wants and is a very arrogant little kid at that? screw you, if this wasn’t a celebrity they would have been deported AGES ago.

  • Drats

    @leah: nWhat in god’s name is judgmental about the phrase “going back to Canada?”

  • Sam

    He needs to go to prison. He could have killed someone.

  • Dave

    19 years old.

  • Natalie

    He was probably thinking “$2,500? I have it in my pocket.” Unbeliavable. Seriously, kid.. Get it together. Grow up.

  • Eww

    Oh man, why do child stars all have to go through the same cliche route? 99% of them have serious issues when they hit adulthood. Scooter and Bieber’s mom seem to be really decent parental figures, but no one knows what it’s like to hit 18 and have a cool $100 million in your pocket and the world judging you.
    I think it’s all about education. I hope he does quit music, at least for a while, gets therapy and gets some schooling done.

  • wow

    He was with a TRANSEXUAL model.. Is he crazy??

  • aaanonymoussoberme

    to tell the truth i have more than 30 yrs clean & sober. fame is fleeting. this young man knows rite from wrong. i cant say he is an alkie or druggy, yet. unless he gets sick and tired of being sick and tired and it finally becomes his own idea to get clean & sober then he will do something about it. there is a big difference between quitting & total surrender. anyone can quit as many times as on wants to, thats why its to easy. its surrendering thats the hardest part. SLAP OF REALITY. oh yeah a moment of clarity too. there are no excuses, the blame game is over and he dont know it yet. if he wants to choose on keeping on committing a slow emotional suicide which thats what drinking and drugging is, then its his choice. he is responsible no one else. each alkie or druggy or dually addicted has the right to to choose wether they choose life or death. good choices good consequences, bad choices bad consequences, its that simple, no more no less

  • NonBelieber

    Justin B., all dressed up like prison chicken, turns me on like nobodies, business! Finally he can sport his, pants, hanging fashion statement, to a crowd, that gets it! Let us all hope he gets kept in general population and converts all those fine incarcerated, gentlemen, into Beliebers!

  • leah

    @Drats: When something like this happens you have this tendancy of saying go back where you came from . As If it was solution , or the cause of his behaviour that’s silly

  • Joe

    Trashy Canadians

  • lory


    I HOPE

  • pinky

    Deport the little sh it!

  • Jamie

    I can’t believe anyone’s actually defending this kid. Are you serious? He’s not 5 years old, he’s 19. He’s an adult, he knows right from wrong and he chose wrong. It’s about time he got arrested and started paying the consequences. And I’m sorry, but ‘he was sold to his record company by his parents’ is not an excuse. Not anymore, this kid is going to end up just like Lindsay Lohan getting a million chances and never actually learning his lesson because he’s never had to actually take responsibility for his actions. Enough is enough. Celebs should not get special treatment for their bad behavior, no matter who they are. And that’s not being judgmental, it’s just the cold reality. Do the crime, do the time.


    This is bad but I still don’t think this is AS BAD as when he was in Brazil SLEEPING WITH PROSTITUTES like a dirty creep. He can get any stupid fangirl and he sleeps with sex workers who have STDs??? What a sloot he has turned out to be. Not to mention all the strip clubs he’s been photographed in. Disgusting manwhore who most likely already has HPV if not something worse.

  • wow

    Best thing is that he is deported back to Canada….sorry Canadians. The path he is on, it’s only a matter of time before he commits a felony. I just hope when he does, justice is served and he serves time and gets the boot. I don’t think even therapy can change this guy’s attitude. He’s emotionally immature and that in part comes from the way he was parented. He’s beyond help. Look at Lohan. Some people come from precarious backgrounds and just are too emotionally damaged to change. Borderline Personalities.

  • Babs

    Someone give this little boy a slap and bring him down a peg or two!

  • Bleh

    What an irritating little shit. Time to grow up Bieber boy…

  • Christopher Smith

    Biebs is becoming the biggest tool in the world. A first class punk. Can’t stand the little f***er. Hey, check out what The First Lady has been up to with Lebron James.


    No.1; The reason why we need to see this is because people like you are such self righteous morons.