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Jeremy Bieber Defends Son Justin Bieber: Don't Believe Lies of the Enemy

Jeremy Bieber Defends Son Justin Bieber: Don't Believe Lies of the Enemy

Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber‘s father, has taken to Twitter to defend his son after his arrest on Thursday (January 23) in Miami, Fla.

The 19-year-old entertainer and his father are currently together in Miami.

“I can protect my kids, but I can’t protect them from you and your lies. Believe in the truth not in the lies of the enemy. #reallife” Jeremy wrote.

“Love @justinbieber @JazmynBieber @JaxonBieber #reallife” Jeremy wrote the evening before.

Justin‘s music manager Scooter Braun made a statement on Twitter about Justin as well, telling him he loves him and cares about him.

In case you missed all the news, Justin was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, drag racing, and resisting arrest.

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  • What?

    What enemy? The only enemy here is your parenting and your kid to himself.

  • kami

    wow, just wow. so his dad is a nut case too. guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  • pickles

    Just Bieber’s father sounds like a fool who needs to check himself into rehab, too. He is clearly living through his son, and he is clearly enjoying all the money and the fame of his son, and he is clearly into having fun and enjoying the lifestyle of his son. Except he is the adult. He is the parent. Sitting around drinking with your kid, and allowing all the nonsense that Justin’s been pulling is not good parenting. Justin is out of control. It’s obvious that his parents aren’t going to help stop his freefall. His parents are living off of him, but if he self destructs then they will have nothing. Fools. His father sounds like Dina Lohan. We all know how that unraveled.

  • Jeni

    The father is clearly on Justin’s payroll. So, Justin doesn’t have any body to make sure he gets the help he needs unless his mother steps up.

  • http://@shrimble Rhoderick Gates

    Drag Racing is illegal, so is DUI & marijuana in the USA. These are not lies

  • kel

    Well this explains why Bieber is the way he is.

  • Bella

    Enemy?! Where? Who the f*** is an Enemy?

  • Jolie

    This ass needs to take a seat. It’s obvious, his irresponsible parenting did not help matters. Take some responsibility and be the parent you should have been all along. You have a moral responsibility to act as a mentor and a guide for your children not like a hanger on who is there for the party. Your kid is circling the drain right now and all you can do is deny and point fingers? Pathetic. Like Lohan, it’s no wonder why Bieber is so screwed up.

  • go go

    Mustve paid daddy lohan for this script

  • Rae

    Well there’s a Dad who is afraid to lose his monthly check. The only “enemy” here is the truth. The truth is J.B is a punk.

  • Jackie

    Enemy? What enemy?! Your son was found not driving, but drag-racing, under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They did a blood test and he had twice the legal limit in his blood. And apparently you were partying with him, so what does say about you, Mr. Bieber? I think the only enemy here is you and your son to himself!

  • Bertie

    Spoken in ‘true rapper’ form. Well if Bieber had damaged property/killed another or even himself, while smashing up two of his own luxury autos, I think an attorney would have made a more refined/sane statement. These celeb parents are worthless… Lindsay Lohans mom was her party buddy and it took Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears parents a long time to get a hold of their childrens reckless behavior.

  • rofl

    Stfu enabler of a $hit parent and for his mom to give him Xanax like Justin claims isn’t a very smart move for the “oh so caring mother”. Now he’s gonna claim that the enemy is the illuminati and it was all a setup. PUHLEESE

  • living in a box

    just deport this pubic face guy!

  • No

    If he’s giving Justin this same bs, then Justin will be dead before he sees 25.
    Oh no, son. You didn’t do anything wrong! You have a right to do anything that you want. Only the enemy has laws, but they don’t apply to us, no matter how hard they try to bring us down. Here, have anothe cup of syzzurup, to calm you down. Remember, daddy will always protect his little moneymaker. Well, as long as the money keeps coming in. Love you lots. Need some weed to go with that?

  • Kelly

    wow, what an idiot! Can’t anyone show this kid what it means to be responsible? And LOL @ “monthly check” for Dad – you know it’s true.

  • bambi

    this kid better wise up fast or he’ll find himself in prison or dead.

  • Diedre

    Sounds like this guy has been taking lessons from Kanye and Michael Lohan.

  • http://Justjared Leticia


  • Where was this idiot?

    This is the FIRST time I’ve have ever seen Bieber’s father. What a joke! I heard Bieber’s mother raised him. Where was this sperm donor all this time? I saw Bieber on TV and he mentioned his mother and grandfather, but not one thing about his real dad. That is sad! No doubt this father has guilt because he shirked his responsibilities. Now, he wants to be a buddy and overlooks his son’s wrong actions. POOR PARENTING!!! Bieber’s mom probably did her best and she at least seems to be quite mature now, but I think she knows there is only so much a mom can do with a son, especially now that he is no longer a kid, but an adult. After a while, sons struggle to “break away” from mom and they need a “good” male role model to guide them. This “fool” of a father was absent from Bieber, and I believe he should feel guilty. Bieber seems almost lost at times, and a good father around him would have likely prevented all this acting out.

  • Rextrek

    thatas right dad – you keep on kidding yourself…..just cause’ your meal ticket is your kid…….. Hope you throw that same praise around, once he in Jail doin time, or dead…which ever comes 1st…..

  • Christopher King

    Is Justin’s dad related to Lindsay Lohan’s? It seems like they’re reading from the same crazy handbook

  • Real talk

    Wow, the comments here are stupid. That’s his son people! For those of you who have kids you know you will defend them no matter what. I’m sorry, this isn’t saying he believes his son was right, he’s telling people just to chill out.

  • CV1

    “Believe in the truth not in the lies of the enemy” — He’s not saying he believes his son was right? He’s just telling people to chill out? Wrong! The father is teaching the son that what the son did is OK. It’s not ok. If this is how he raised his son, then it’s no wonder his son is such a punk.

  • reellife

    I like that he is going to go to jail and teach all the inmates to dance and sing, and probably make a video of it. He can do anything.