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Justin Bieber's Police Report Brought Into Question After Blood Alcohol Levels Revealed

Justin Bieber's Police Report Brought Into Question After Blood Alcohol Levels Revealed

The validity of Justin Bieber‘s police report is being brought into question after it was revealed that he had a blood alcohol level of .014, TMZ reports.

Apparently, a blood alcohol level of .014 is next to nothing, the publication reports, calling into question the police report which read that the officer “immediately smelled an odor of alcohol emanating from the driver’s breath.” Initially, police had reportedly said that Justin‘s BAC was much higher at .04. The legal level of intoxication is 0.08

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Justin, 19, was arrested early Thursday (January 23) for a DUI, resisting arrest without violence, drag racing and driving on an expired license.

Justin did admit to using drugs and drinking during his evening.

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  • Kelly

    Cop has a good sense of smell!

  • nobull

    Not surprised that the cop lied. Just one big publicity circus.

  • eternalozzie

    Sounds like the DUI was just used by the cop to trump up the charges. It will get thrown out if the .014 is true.

  • Nika

    In my country is allowed 0 level of alcohol in blood and I guess it is ok. If someone break this rule there are quite high penalities (banned from driving). I donĀ“t understand why there is a tolerance in the USA.

  • Jereomy

    Doesn’t really matter. He’s underage, so any alcohol is breaking the law. Plus, he admitted to drinking and drug use. This is just his team trying to get him off the hook so that he learns nothing from his stupidity.

  • supportbeib

    a fake police report !! what a shame ! support bieb by downloading for free his “journals” album right here

  • 123

    Even worse if he wasn’t that drunk but still drag racing, he had a more clear sense of his actions

  • BilboOzz

    actually, for a minor, the legal limit in Florida is .02

  • mick

    He admitted to drinking a beer and smoking a lot of weed and doing prescription drugs. A DUI doesn’t just entail alcohol. It’s for driving under the influence of all the combined three. They may have done a blood test on him to see the amount of weed and drugs in his system which would take time to get back.

  • Courtney

    these dumbass reporters don’t get it that .08 is drunk so .014 is nearly double the legal limit and you wouldn’t get a suspended license on your first offense which this was for JB with drunk driving. celebs or children of them that are caught drinking underage don’t usually get in trouble for it check out this article about Claire Newman from the June 30th 1997 issue of people magazine in which she admitted to underage drinking/clubbing in New York and often competing in equestrian events with a hangover.,,20122537,00.html granted the press never wrote about it when she was doing it because of how powerful and beloved her parents were in Hollywood though they predominantly lived in Westport Connecticut where her mother Joanne Woodward & older sister Melissa still live while she lives in Darien a few minutes away her two older half sisters Susan & Stephanie live in Weston while her oldest biological sister Eleanor lives in Santa Cruz California.

  • Kate

    Florida has a zero tolerance policy for underage DUI. So the level doesn’t actually matter.

  • david

    they said he was only drinking beer and you can still smell beer breath regardless but of course the alcohol levels would be low. why police don’t have better guidelines on actual drug use such as narcotics and anti-depressants under the influence baffles me cause there’s many people taking drugs and medications that can alter ones vision and perception under the influence. the kid certainly wasn’t sober but sober doesn’t only have to do with drinking. i’m from miami beach and him going on pine tree drive is actually dangerous because there is a lot of road bumps and turns as well as trees in the middle of the road. the kid wanted the thrill of having his lambo rental effed up, why he would drive that vehicle on such a bumpy road is extremely stupid. most kids his age drag race on the Julia Tuttle off of 41st street, he should’ve known better than to race in a residential area that is loaded with cop cars that are hidden between the mansions on pine tree drive. and his father supporting him at that is pathetic, if my family was going home and i saw a bunch of escalades in the way of me getting back to my house, you can go eff off, my family would’ve still driven through because we know cops don’t own escalades. his entourage is as stupid as bieber.

  • Math

    @Courtney: Um…. .014 is not nearly double .08. If it was .14, then it would be double.


    the problem is not the amount of alchool in his blood, the problem is that he is a minor, so any amount of alchool is illegal

  • Rae

    #1 he’s under the legal age……….
    #2 he chose to get behind the wheel……
    #3 he’s a loser

  • Meh


    I’m sorry, but your math is a little off….double .08 would mean his blood alcohol would’ve been .16. His was reported to be .014 which is significantly low. With that said, however, I believe for all minors it’s zero tolerance. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Bret


    haha courtney you’re an idiot

  • groundcontrol

    That level more than likely means NO alcohol. The reality of these machines is that they may contain residual traces from other users or other substances and produce unreliable reaults. In recent history many jurisdictions have found their tests results flawed and essentially useless for various reasons including improper usage, improper maintenance, etc.
    Yes, the officer obviously lied about smelling alcohol. They do the same with other substances. They get away with it all the time.

  • snowballz

    leave him alone you jealous haters!

  • hmm

    there are probably more serious crimes the police could be spending their time cracking down on. If we are going to jump on board with, lets arrest him for crimes we think he might do…it works both ways. on rich spoilt boys and poor boys…so we as a society have to decide is this worth tax payers dollars?

  • Bertie

    Drag-racing down a Miami Beach street while under the influence of alcohol calls for a DUI. He was also driving with an expired license and resisted arrest. Police say Bieber later personally admitted that he had been drinking, smoking marijuana and taking prescription medication. Bieber is only 19 years old (a MINOR) and he isn’t even an American citizen.

  • kevin

    you know who’s gonna get a REALLY bad rep out of this? the car rental company that gave him and his friend khalil the ferrari and the lambo. really bad move on their part for them giving him access to the cars when his license is clearly expired.

  • Jessie

    david @ 01/24/2014 at 12:39 pm
    You find the words, “under the influence,” baffling? It means that you are impaired either physically or mentally from use of a substance. Doesn’t matter what the substance or drug is or if it’s legal or illegal. Therefore you shouldn’t be driving as you’re putting yourself and others at risk because your reflexes (reaction time), attention capability are not as sharp as an unimpaired person.
    There is a separate charge for using illegal drugs according to each state’s guidelines. If you use RX medications with illegal drugs, you’re all kinds of stupid. Although RX medications are not illegal ( unless you’re shopping doctors to get a high) they can impair your ability to operate a vehicle safely. A lot of medications has the warning not to drive while using.
    Given the circumstances, there are number of charges Justin could and SHOULD receive. He was driving while intoxicated. His blood level WAS above the legal limit, it doesn’t matter how much he’s over; otherwise, there wouldn’t be a limit. There are no excuses, he gets to go to jail just like the average person who does the same thing. The courts and attorneys will deal with the issues.
    I hope he gets help because the boy is free falling. Neither of his parents looks to have any influence on him. The person who has the money, makes the rules and Justin has the money, his parents aren’t going to do crap about it. This is the time for them to get serious, but his father is still in denial.
    The other thing is Selena needs to stop this on again off again with this kid. She is the one pulling the strings in the relationship and she needs to act like the woman she claims to be. There is no reason why she should be going through or putting him through drama with their ill fated relationship. She can’t be blamed for his actions, but she sure isn’t helping it. You can bet the relationship is ON when She wants it. She needs do like the song says and release him. Neither of them are moving forward.

  • ed

    did he overdose last night? ughh maybe tomorrow then

  • Justl0ungin

    Does it even matter what his alcohol lvl is. the fact that he had it in his system and he’s under the legal age to be consuming alcohol doesn’t change the fact. Plus he was driving at the time.
    People need to understand that laws are meant to be in place for public safety.
    just cause he’s a star doesn’t change anything. if he doesn’t want to follow american law then he should just go back to his own country.
    people have been deported for much less offence than that.
    i hope he gets jail time if not deported out of our country

  • Natalie

    BROUGHT INTO QUESTION? Unbeliavable. Ok. so he wasn’t that drunk, but he was! And also on drugs. And ALSO still could’ve had someone killed. How come all of sudden the Miami Police is the bad guy?

  • Ronaldo

    @Courtney: Actually the double would be 0.16 not even close to 0.014…get your math right before offending people.

  • Dave

    His lawyer can get the alcohol related incident out of question since the police report was sketchy…you can’t smell a 0.14. (That’s like half of a light beer) but Justin still admitted to smoking weed and taking prescription drugs. That’s still DUI (driving under the influence). Justin should have kept his mouth shut. Too bad.

  • Dave

    I meant you can’t smell a 0.014. Where’s the edit button?

  • Monica jones

    @123: it has been proving they was only going 27 to 34 miles and the only time the went 52 miles was for a short time than slowed down while in a 50 mph lane. how was this information found the cars they had are rentals and they have gps in it that the company tracks the drivers speed etc.

  • Taylor

    Then they shouldn’t have the 0.02 underage legal limit right if it’s zero tolerance. By law they need to get rid of it then.

    Guy look Here

    But the main question is did they have probably cause to stop him.

  • LookhereStupid people


    for you can clearly see it
    Now does it make send look at where the on is place right by the two right now is that doulbe the legal limt you idiot.
    Florida zero tolanace is at 0.02 for underages driver go look and any law and ask them. Because of a the colleage students down their. God some people are idiots. Do not understand that the 4 is tenth.

  • LookhereStupid people

    @mick: The officer said he said that not him. The officer has a tendecy to lie about stuff how do we know the officers isn’t lying about what justin said. They no evidence that said he said that. First it was in the car then it was at the Police station then it back in the car. Where the evidence to prove he said it. I am sure TMZ would grab it up if it was true.