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Vanessa Hudgens Hangs Out at Ashley Tisdale's Home

Vanessa Hudgens Hangs Out at Ashley Tisdale's Home

Vanessa Hudgens looks fierce in a floral dress while dropping by her BFF Ashley Tisdale‘s house on Saturday afternoon (January 25) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress just returned from premiering her new film, Gimme Shelter, in the Big Apple and met up with Ashley, 28, for a little girl time.

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“The fact I had to buy a foam roller for my house tells you how sore I am from my workouts this week #killedit #bodyhurts #ubetterwork,” Ashley joked on Twitter about her workout regime.

Ashley‘s fiance, Christopher French, is also seen outside their home.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing the Kiss Tassle Chelsea Boot by AllSaints.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at her friend’s house…

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  • kelly

    How did Gimme shelter do at box office? The figures aren’t out yet. I wonder why. But then again i don ‘t think it would do well. Afterall it’s a film with 23% in rotten tomatoes : /

  • yets

    Vanessa hudgens is so Good @GimmeShelter.
    proud of you V.

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    Rotten Tomatoes can say and do what they want as well as all those other people that criticize and rate movies but at the end of the day its matters how many of the audience go see the movie and if it a big hit or not?We will soon find out.A lot of people say yes the movie wasn’t written right basically blaming the director for everything that went wrong but the movie was really Vanessa’s and she did give an oscar performance in the movie. I’m not saying its the right time for her to win an oscar I feel she needs to do more movie roles because at lot of people still sees her as The HSM girl, People also always used to say she cannot act like in some previous movie roles but now everyone knows that Vanessa can truly act

  • anna

    @Amoore: it did bad. accept it. her word delivery needs work but she can definitely improve. rotten tomatoes isnt the most reliable but the movies script was terribly preachy.

  • Maria
  • tina

    @Amoore: From what I hear it’s going to surpass 600 thousand this weekend alone that’s good enough for me. She got good reviews I’m happy.

  • maria

    @tina: Very respectable. Reading reviews from people who actually saw the movie are wonderful, all giving praise to Vanessa, is good for me. Hoping to see it myself this week! Did you get to see it yet?

  • tina

    Not yet I have to go to 40 miles to see it. Hopefully we’ll go today.

  • maria

    @tina: My daughter wants to see it too, so it will be a girls’ night out for us. Hopefully in the next day or so. Let us know what you think!

  • Anon

    @anna: It’s expected to go past 600k this weekend & for a movie that only opened in 300 theaters I’d say that’s pretty good.

  • Aryanna

    @maria: how old is your daughter

  • Haters Suck!

    721k looks like its going to be the number. Not too shabby in my opinion. Ill see it next weekend. Hopefully they expand it some now. People who saw it seem to have really enjoyed it.

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    The people who have seen it have only said positive comment nobody complained about it not being worth watching. Ronald Krauss the director and Vanessa and the rest of the cast basically said they don’t really care about if the movie is a BOX OFFICE HIT! Its the message the movie leaves the people that matters what the movie is all about, those people that are living on the streets and those young girls that get pregnant are helped. The movie wasn’t suppose to be a hollywood movie Ronald Krauss said so himself he didn’t want hollywood actors and actress that people know in it at first because it would be criticized instead of making a movie that can help people. “Vanessa gave a powerful performance”she did everything right. So I have heard (yes the movie was a flop) that’s what Rotten Tomatoes and all those other people that criticize movies said.

  • Nightwish

    @Amoore: Thats exactly the problem. Some critics noticed that the film is much more of an effort to show vanessa acting drama more than anything else. Your girl cant carry a film. Face it. Also, nobody will pay to watch hudgens in theatres. 300 locations is horrible demand for any film. Bottom line is always if a film is profitable. These guys arent in the business of losing money, and this is the second film in a row hudgens is in thats losing big money. Vanessa supposedly has lots of fans but none of them bother to watch her movies in theaters, how sad.

  • Haters Suck!

    Blah,blah,blah,blah. Same $hit, different day.

  • Nightwish

    @Haters Suck!: Yes, from you pumping clowns

  • Haters Suck!

    You spend time with people you hate, you watch a movie with a person you wish wasnt alive. I think most people would call u a nut job.

  • tina

    300 theaters each averaging 1800+ a piece, yes that is a good number. So obviously her fans go to see her. It’s an indie with a message. Isn’t 300 what they (indies) usally start with? 721 for the weekend isn’t that what “On the Road” made in total? Feeling quite stupid at this point aren’t you nutcase.

  • Otávio

    @Nightwish: Sorry, but I pay to see hudgens in theaters. Here in Brazil, people staged a “We want Gimme Shelter in Brazil” campaign. This tag came for Trend Topics on twitter. Here she has many fans and we want the movie in brazilian theaters. (sorry for my English)

  • maria

    Hudgens’ parents are Tom Fitzpatrick (played by Brendan Fraser) and June Bailey, played by a nearly unrecognizable Rosario Dawson. The indomitable James Earl Jones contributes as caring priest, Frank McCarthy. The immediate elephant in the room that already has a myriad of people talking is Hudgens’ performance. If there was ever any doubt after last year’s “Spring Breakers” that Hudgens hasn’t unapologetically shed the Disney Channel skin, let it die now. Hudgens is magical in the film and single-handedly weaved a performance that would make onions tear up.

    The film starts off by portraying her turbulent relationship with her abusive mother, June. As the film rolls along we see Apple go through a series of hardships all the while going through her own metamorphosis from a scared pregnant teenager to a brazen young woman that will not allow her circumstances to define her. After leaving her mother we see Apple eventually finding her father, Tom. While Apple and June have been running the gamut of life’s difficulties, Tom has been living large with his wife and two kids. Apple’s arrival doesn’t sit well with Tom’s wife and before long she’s sent packing and comes under the care of Frank McCarthy, a loving priest. McCarthy introduces Apple to a shelter full of other young pregnant women.

    The film does have some religious undertone here and there but it doesn’t detract from the overall accessibility of the film itself. The supporting cast all contribute to the overall quality of the film and this looks like the beginning of Vanessa Hudgens stepping into a bright new phase of her career.

  • .

    @tina: 385 theaters. Not 300

  • Dee

    Uh oh. I guess it didn ‘t do great box officewise. A 1800 average is beyond pathetic. It opened in nearly 400 theaters btw.

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    I see the haters are back!seriously go away its a New Year I was praying that the haters ice cold hearts would of melted!!!seriously
    You haters need Jesus in your life!no wonder this world will never came right because people continuously judge and hate on each other!Stop focusing on the negativity!Vanessa did an excellent job in the movie people from churches are praising her role in it:)already people are predicting how the movie will do,stop being so negative the movie only opened the weekend.

  • anna

    @Nightwish: selena gomez and vanessa have the same team and the same problem but vanessas marketed a tiny bit better. selena cancelled her entire tour because nobody bought tickets and even the ones in the us were half empty although she has millions of “fans” on twitter. vanessas movie was marketed to the right audience which is those religious people and women so in places like texas they ate this up but critics hated it because it is a forgettable flick about pro-life (although i could argue its more pro-choice). but i mean did u really expect vanessa who has never held a movie before to hold a movie just like that? it was bound to flop but that doesnt mean she wont be able to in the future. like a said shes improved and i found a lot of critics noted that the stars they gave it was mainly on the acting in the movie and not the horrible script.

  • tina

    @Dee: please don’t start we know who you support ONE weekend better the someone’s last three lifetime totals totals. It did just fine and the critics agree SHE CARRIED THE MOVIE. What kind of life do you live where you sit around looking forward to seeing someone fail. You’re pitiful. The movie is doing fine you on the other hand need help.

  • maria

    The movie did better than the entire run of Efron’s and Stewart’s recent indies in one weekend. It was not expected to be a blockbuster. But it certainly did respectfully for an indie, and gave her good reviews.

  • Ashley

    Really? People are still comparing? Ridiculous. It’s like no one has nothing else better to do on here.

  • kelly martineau

    agree with #15 same shit different day. Stop your bitching women. Go out and valenteer at a nursing home or a animal shealter. Do something with your days instead of bitching about your body. Same with ashley.