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Justin Bieber in Panama with Chantel Jeffries - New Beach Pics

Justin Bieber in Panama with Chantel Jeffries - New Beach Pics

Justin Bieber goes shirtless while spending the day at the beach with friends on Saturday (January 25) in Panama.

The 19-year-old singer escaped from the U.S.A. for some rest and relaxation time after being arrested earlier in the week for DUI.

Justin was joined for his trip by Chantel Jeffries, the blonde model who was in his rented yellow Lamborghini when he was pulled over for drag racing on Thursday morning.

During his day at the beach, Justin was seen drinking some beers and going for a ride on a jet-ski on Punta Chame beach.

For some photos of Justin with Chantel, head on over to New York Daily News.

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  • poisonous

    Evil kid vanish from this world from now on and get lost somewhere in the forests

  • Danae

    Seriously? He was DUI, could have killed someone, someone’s daughter, son, sister, mother – and he’s having a blast in Panama? REALLY?

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  • M

    Justin needs someone to look after him. If his parent’s or management team isn’t going to step up and do it then idk what will happen to Justin. He’s going to keep getting into trouble because he thinks he’s invincible. I don’t think Justin realizes how bad his situation is. Yeah he’s out on bail, but he is nowhere near off the hook. If Justin doesn’t get his act together then he’s going to end up doing something really stupid and land himself in jail again. I’m not a fan of Bieber by any means, but I hate to see a 19 year old kid who has the world at his feet throw his life away because he thinks he has no consequences for his actions. He really needs to grow up and take some responsibility for his behavior, actions, and his life. It’s sad that his parents act more like his friends and live off his money and fame instead of acting like his parents. It’s like watching Lindsey Lohan all over again….

  • jack

    he needs to get of the n!gger company

  • zoe

    I think his mom has tried ways to reach out for him for sure, but it didnt work some how. Can’t blame her… fame and money have gotten into this kid’s head.

  • Mary

    As I already said I really hope that his mom is trying to get to him and help him because clearly he has no own sens of judgement and of responsability, going in an expensive holiday with a model instead of sitting with himself and think about his actions.
    He might fall really really low and become one of these examples of young bright star turned to no one and become an addict, the stories this Hollywood world is so full of.

  • Celebrity Justice

    If it was a normal average person they would still be detained. Here’s a rich and famous ahole who could just laugh his felony off with a tropical vacation! Pees me off!

  • nini

    Where is Selena??

  • Julie

    He doesnt deserve Selena!!

  • ?

    Hmmm. I wonder if the judge who released him on bail knew that he was planning to leave the country the next day or so?
    You would have thought that the bail would have been much higher if that was the case.
    Anyway, we all know that he will skate on these charges, just like all of the others. He’s got enough money to hire lawyers experienced enough to shred every piece of evidence, or to tie up the case until the DA just gives up and offers a plea deal to get the little twit out of his life.
    My dream is that he will go to prison, at least for a little while. But I know that it’s just a pipe dream. He’s going to walk. And since there were no consequences, he’ll do it again. And next time he will kill someone.
    Wonder how his fans will rationalize their support then?

  • sc braun

    Chantel was born male

  • Not

    Pull your shorts up you stupid kid…

  • Anne Bitimeyere

    eww. pull up your pants and stop hanging around people who would never get into a gated community if it wasn’t for you.

  • Susan

    Someone needs to yank his drawers all the way down and spank the smart*ss kid.

  • Jazzmine Blythe

    I see London I see France …..

  • David Smith

    Buy a belt U idiot…no one wants to see your bad taste/judgement. Go back to the rock under which U were born…..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Twitter cile

    Well another pass for Justin Beiber. Anyone else would be in jail. He’s 19 & is drinking & driving, & gets to go to a beach for R&R. Very. impressive! Where are his parents? Pathetic!

  • Fred

    He doesn’t want Selena so leave him alone.

  • Sella

    Whats sad is that h wil go back to selena and she wil take her back just lyk that

  • 55vineyard

    @Anne Bitimeyere: Thank you, I agree.

  • 69Camaro

    Why wont he just hurry up and OD on something so we don’t have to hear about his dumb antics any more.

    It is inevitable.