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Keith Urban - Grammys 2014 Red Carpet

Keith Urban - Grammys 2014 Red Carpet

Keith Urban looks sexy and suave on the red carpet at the 2014 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (January 26) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old singer was nominated this evening for Best Country Duo/Group Performance, but lost out to The Civil Wars for “From This Valley.”

“TONIGHT!!! Watch Keith perform at @TheGRAMMYs! Tune-in at 8/7c on CBS!” Keith tweeted that day. Be sure to tune in to see Keith take the stage!

Make sure to watch the 2014 Grammys, hosted by LL Cool J, airing TONIGHT at 8/7c on CBS!

FYI: Keith is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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  • 1urbanfan27

    Keith looks beautiful…

    What is up with the inappropriate questions on the red carpet…And worse answering them!!! What SHAME… :(

  • paulad

    Will be watching tonight. HDC with Tim and Taylor is the best country duo or group song PERIOD. Love Nicole’s message!

    Keith is playing tonight on the #Grammys with Gary Clark Jr…Amazing! Wish I was there but can’t wait to see. -Nic xx

  • Oh dear

    But where is Nicole? Oh that’s right, she is thousands of miles away from her “tight” family annihilating yet another B-Grade movie with her inept acting skills.

  • curious

    It appears KUNK have now resorted to playing out their PR contract marriage via Twitter.

  • RIO

    @Oh dear: You are such a nasty person. It’s going to come back to you 10 fold if it hasn’t already.

  • Oh dear

    @RIO: the only person who should be afraid of the Karma fairy is Nicole Kidman.

  • RIO

    @curious: and Oh dear. You’re bitter wishing you were Keith’s Grammy date. He loves his wife and daughters. Grow up and out of your middle school mentality.

  • Oh dear

    @RIO: a date with an androgynous has-been? I don’t think so.

  • Eve

    The whackjob haters who desperately follow Keith around the internet can go jump off a cliff if they expect anybody to believe the androgynous has-been comment. The most idiotic thing I’ve heard all week.

    Back in the real world…I had been hoping Keith and Gary would get to collaborate. Gary impressed me ever since I caught him on a travel channel show about Tennessee before he was a household name.

  • maclen

    Kidman hasn’t e@Oh dear:

    Kidman is a no show at the Grammys tonight…she was a no show at the CMA’s last November…she was a no show at the ACM’s back in April. Orb HASN”T won a major country award since 2009. The orb’s “win” at the CMA’s was as a “glorified session player” on the mcgraw/swift duet. Kidman is CLEARLY aware ALL the orb is going to get are “scraps.” It simply isn’t worth it for her to show up anymore.

  • http://comcast Joni

    THE CRAZY ONE Is back with her other numerous names. Such a nasty person. Keith Urban has so many admirers because of his talent and just a plain nice person. Keith did a great job at the Grammys tonight.

  • Oh dear

    @Eve: love it when you get angry SM. If the talented Gary Clarke Jr. knows what’s good for him, this will be his one and only collaboration with over-the-hill Urban.

  • Not buying it

    Oh dear lord, JONI THE OBSESSED ONE is back, happily boring us all with her ridiculous, off topic comments.

  • m_novox@

    Really enjoyed Keith on the Grammys tonight. But all I can think is seriously, he needs a new hairstylist… pront. I saw him in concert last week and his hair looked so cute in it’s natural state. It looks especially cute when he brushes it back from his face. That teasing and styling and whatever she does to the back of it has got to STOP@!@@@!@!! PLEEEEEEEEZEEEEEE, Keith … make it STOP.

  • Oscar


  • duh

    @maclen: I thought you said you were done trying to argue with fans who pist the truth? Cuckoo board ramblings are cuckoo board ramblings no matter how many times you post them. And a word of advice Grandma Mary – dont let Tara post things here and then quote herself on the cuckoo board as somebidy else. It makes it that much easier to see you for the frauds you are.

  • Oscar

    Ok first you are all very sad people. Keith’s CD Fuse went no. 1 in 3 countries. You just hate him no matter what he does or says. It’s sad because he is a sweetheart of a person. 1Urbanfan27 he doesn’t love you or care what you do or say. He hasn’t for years. You cry to him all the time, please come home to me but when he does come home to Nashville he NEVER comes to see you. How do I know this, because even when he is in Nashville you are always sending out messages, I wish I knew where you are, aww!! He loves his wife, he goes home to his wife, he calls only his wife. He praises his wife. He credits his wife for his life, he had babies with his wife. He bought homes with his wife, he eats his meals with his wife. he sleeps with his wife, he lives day to day with his wife. He goes to church with his wife. Basically he lives his entire life and soul with his soulmate. Which is you don’t get it by this time is his wife.

  • Eve

    @Oh dear: I love it when someone who has conversations with herself thinks I’m somebody I’m not. No further proof needed you’re certifiable. I get angry at injustice. Stupidity from a self-hating patholigical liar is just plain pathetic.

  • Not buying it

    @duh: now now sewer mistress, be nice. We all know you have no idea who posts where, so it’s best you just concentrate on your own multiple postings under your various bogus names.

  • a question

    @maclen: Question: How long are you going to keep up Cheyenne’s charade? You do realize that Hatti and vickie reynolds are both her, right?

  • bahahahaha

    @Oscar: yep, KUNK are so tight and that’s why Kidman has been filming dud’s overseas, far away from Keith and the PR babies, for a vast majority of the so-called marriage.

  • A question

    @Not buying it: why do you keep insisting on sending readers down the path of finding a blog that proves you are a liar? You’re just that dumb I see.

  • Oh dear

    @Eve: contradicting yourself again SM?

  • maclen

    @a question:

    I’m NOT one bit interested in who anyone on the forums or in comment sections are…or HOW many usernames they may use online at different…or in this case…this comment board. And I don’t take ANYONE’S claims serious that they know who is posting under what names. The only interest I have that the usernames being used to comment on MY forum is that they are NOT using multiple usernames per the IP Address’ of each member. I CHECK all members for that. That JJ may allow multiple usernames is their issue.

  • Not buying it

    @A question: Are you referring to your own delusional and defunct forum sewer mistress, or the ever popular

  • truth revealed

    @maclen: Says the liar who posted on her own blog without revealing she ran it, along with the other woman who did the same thing. Mary and Taralea we aren’t stupid. Ironic the blog is its own myth. Bahaha.

  • ..

    Don’t buy into SM’s bag of tricks maclen. We know from experience, she likes to redirect the argument and make it personal by attempting to assign names to comments. It is just her devious method of intimidation and is not worth a response. btw, compliments to your forum. It is always up to date and very informative.

  • maclen


    Yeah…I dont take it serious at all. Thanks for the words on the Forum. The last comment was just 12 minutes ago. Unlike a few “other” blogs, right?

    So, what is amazing…with ALL these so called “fabulous” performances by the orb…and he simply CANT sell cds of his music. Idol was going to “save” his career, right? Well, I THOUGHT the “JUDGES” were supposed to say Idol!? The ratings are going to fall WELL below last years horrendous season. So, Idol and the orb are a perfect match.

  • bahahahaha

    SM’s last entry on her failed blog was 27 June 2013, which attracted a grand total of “0″ comments!

  • Litte Havas

    there’s something very wrong with the two tearing down Keith Urban for sport. They obviously know each other but playing games like they don’t. Their issues say nothing about Urban and everything about them. Brain rot on display.

  • ?

    there’s something very wrong with Urban’s PR team trying to stifle public opinion. They obviously know each other but playing games like they don’t. Their techniques are manipulative and say everything about them and Urban. Obvious brain rot on display.

  • the truth hurts

    It’s not public opinion. It’s nearly a decade of blatant lying from the same specific delusional women who refuse to move on with their own lives.

  • Nothing but the truth

    I think you will find Kidman has been lying a lot longer than a decade. 35 years to be precise.

  • Holly

    When I saw him on the red carpet, I thought when did Ellen start tanning? What was he thinking? He looks so feminine now. His performance was one of the least eventful. What about that three day rule Keith? When will your wife ever start jumping for you?

  • omg

    You haters do know it’s 2014, right? You’ve kinda wasted about 10 years of your life.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ THE CRAZY ONE–Does someone pay you for using multiple names and making these nasty, ugly remarks or does your twisted mind come up with these horrible remarks all by yourself ?? You are pathetic !!

  • duh

    @omg: Same silly comments from the same silly women. One’s upset Keith slept with his wife. Another and her alter egos doesn’t understand the definition of has-been. The third will type the same sh!t until she has carpal tunnel because she thinks everybody else is too stupid to figure out why the visitor numbers and actual posters don’t add up. People read, laugh, and leave. And she’d never cut off Cheyenne or any other poster who’s willing to lie if they posted as 20 people. She gets blocked and a huge portion of the ”conversation” (agenda) goes away.

  • Eve

    Keith and Gary’s performance was outstanding. From Rolling Stone

    BEST: Gary Clark Jr. Cuts Keith Urban Even if we’re in a cultural moment when guitar solos aren’t exactly filling the airwaves, the Grammy Award telecast always seems to find a place for some supreme displays of axemanship. This year was no different, as country star/hotshot guitarist Keith Urban was joined by blues and R&B up-and-comer Gary Clark Jr. for a performance of the former’s “Cop Car.” Urban’s solo was graceful and arcing. Then Clark, a two-time nominee on this night, let loose with a searing, gritty, jaw-dropping lead before dialing it back and joining with Urban in some dueling fretwork. This was a thrilling display of pure musicianship, and purely thrilling.

    @duh: maclen is full of it. Cheyenne who has used and abused forums is the queen of IP manipulation. She got banned so many times from the e board and came back with new names pretending to be different people. Oh so Leery, I’m still leery, redjasper, Hatti, cheyenne1063, Vickie, jakra, the list goes on. She was posting as different people at the same time on Umyths. You only need to remembet one thing. Skeptics pretend and lie constantly.

  • Keith Urban is a …

    HAS-BEEN – a person or thing considered to be outmoded or no longer of any significance.

  • Sonora

    That’s funny. Keith Urban is the ONLY thing of significance to skeptics. Bahahaha.

  • Wrong again SM

    Keith Urban is a has-been but exposing the increasingly desperate PR manipulation by Inept Team Urban, is still significant.

  • Sonora

    Wrong again dumba$$. Creating lies because you think it’s all going to make KU ”pay” for not choosing you is as idiotic as it gets. You’ve gotten no where and you still can’t see repeating the same cr@pola over and over will never work.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Oscar: He does what he has to do…Doesn’t mean his heart is in it…You know nothing at all about me…Or Keith, for that matter…But please, keep believing what you are intended to believe…

  • Oscar


    Keith loves his wife and daughters. Dream on. You are the one who doesn’t know Keith even though you try to make everyone believe that you do. You also portray him a stooge because you think he is obligated to stay with his wife. If Keith didn’t have Nicole (yes she does have a name) and daughters in his life, his heart would be broken. Keith has said numerous times his life is perfect and you think that he would leave that perfect life for a nobody like you. Not going to happen ever. Just continue to cry about it day in and day out.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Oscar: You still know NOTHING Oscar, Marilyn, Roger, Joni, Kathy, Deb, Michele, Linda, etc…etc…etc…If you really believe ANY life is perfect, then I feel sorry for someone so out of touch…And I’m only a nobody to you…And very much a somebody to someone else…I know him a WHOLE LOT better than you think…And you know very little, to nothing about his heart…

  • Lora


    And that is why you come on JJ to tell us of your great love life? Good Grief loser. Have you no dignity ?
    No one who even knows Keith Urban would come on the internet and write that trash!

    And it is probably just the crazy one using that crazy name anyway. No one else directs their every waking hour to running around the internet saying crazy 10 year old sick lies. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Nothing ever new, nothing ever changes, just same old crapola .

  • Holly

    If Fuse is such an excellent album, why didn’t ACMs honor it with nominations. He owes Tim and Miranda big time.

  • Macy

    I feel sorry for 27. She sees Keith as a beleaguered man who has gotten into a relationship he can’t get out of. She dismisses his professions of love for Nicole as PR and refuses to believe that he’s being truthful and speaking with his heart. Meanwhile life is passing her by. She is imagining a life with Keith that will never come to be. It’s sad.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Macy: And you have no idea what has happened besides what you are intended to see…You have no need to feel sorry for me…No need at all…You apparently believe everything about the so called “private” lives of celebrities…Keith was always a VERY private man, until…

  • Wow

    @1urbanfan27, no offense but you sound like the fantasies in your head have taken over. Nobody who knows Keith Urban (or any celebrity) personally or privately would post about him on message boards. Those who don’t know, talk. Those who know, don’t. The days of believing posters on the internet are over, especially with spyware that reveals IP numbers and locations. It’s sad that your real life is so empty that you have to fill it up with fantasies to make yourself feel legit. That goes for any hater.