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Jamie Dornan Runs in the Rain for 'Fifty Shades of Grey'!

Jamie Dornan Runs in the Rain for 'Fifty Shades of Grey'!

Jamie Dornan makes us melt with that adorable smile while filming scenes for his movie Fifty Shades of Grey on Wednesday (January 29) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 31-year-old actor was seen running around the block in his sweatpants when his character Christian Grey gets caught in a rain storm.

Dakota Johnson was on set in her running gear that afternoon as well and Jamie was seen earlier in the morning wearing a different jogging outfit.

Make sure to check out Jamie on the newly released teaser poster for Fifty Shades of Grey, which hits theaters on February 14, 2015.

35+ pictures inside of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson running on set…

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jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 01
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 02
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 03
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 04
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 05
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 06
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 07
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 08
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 09
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 10
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 11
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 12
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 13
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 14
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 15
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 16
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 17
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 18
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 19
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 20
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 21
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 22
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 23
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 24
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 25
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 26
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 27
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 28
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 29
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 30
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 31
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 32
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 33
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 34
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 35
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 36
jamie dornan runs in the rain for fifty shades of grey 37

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Ava

    Oh dear lord, I’m seeing his role as serial killer from The Fall .

  • titu

    why is he so skinny((( not a good look

  • reeven

    Ava, my thoughts exactly

  • Liz

    She has the body of a little boy! And he too is def too skinny he isn’t broad shouldered or lean and ripped, he’s just small. Both unattractive.

  • SaadGKhan

    she looks ugly as hell Always..

  • Sara

    Ugh Dakota isn’t pretty at all, and though no adult should be wearing pigtails they especially look hideous on Dakota especially with those horrible bangs. Pretty sure Ana grabs nasty tennis shoes, a tshirt and sweatpants for her run, and not spandex, if you want to get technical which I think is important given that they’ve gotten nothing right for this film by the look of photos or cast! Dakota looks like she’s trying to be “cute and sexy” with her spandex and pigtails…ew.

  • Sav

    @Sara: My thoughts exactly. Ana doesn’t run or workout anyway so she wouldn’t even own spandex workout pants! That’s why Ana looked like poo when she went running that time. Funny thing is, Dakota still does even though she isn’t in the right attire! I’ve noticed they haven’t gotten wardrobe right much at all. Not surprised…they couldn’t even get a decent looking cast for their characters.

  • Abby A

    @Liz: I know!!!! She has no shape to her body at all, her face and teeth are unattractive too. Anastasia is slim but she’s also supposed to be petite and have some nice “assets”. Dakota’s body is boyish and she looks like her dad in drag.


    Latinas can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
    Latinas hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Latinas segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.

    Latinas also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Latinas are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Latinas, and look for Latinas who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  • Dee

    Jamie is just toooo good looking. Dayum son.

  • Bebo

    These are scenes from the original fanfic. I haven’t read the books since being published, but read the fanfic years ago. I can tell exactly what they’re shooting from that, which proves E.L. didn’t change anything but the names! In the fic, Fifty starts jogging regularly past ‘Ana’s’ house after she leaves him. He basically stalks her until he breaks down and begs her to come back. E.L must be thrilled with Jamie, he looks as similar to Rob Pattinson as she could get.

  • Amy

    She’s ugly and has nothing desirable, and he looks like a goob when he smiles and is too thin without a doubt.

  • S

    @Bebo: He doesn’t look like Rob, and you haven’t read the published material therefore you wouldn’t know of the changes she made. I read MotU too so I know both of them. She couldn’t publish it as is because that’s basically twilight characters and too similar. She altered them into her own for her own story and originality. They’re still NOT the same characters even though there are similarities left between them. In FSoG they’ve become completely different characters from Twilight. The way ELJ described both of her characters in such detail in FSoG prove that Christian does not look like ROB – but is indeed more similar to the actual character of Edward. Christian has dark copper hair, he’s tall, broad shouldered, lean and ripped, chiseled features, light piercing gray eyes. Rob wasn’t exactly lean and ripped with light gray eyes. Ana and Bella aren’t even the same age and Ana has large light blue eyes. They share the long dark hair, pale skin, petite height/frame, slenderness and pretty features though. While Kristen would physically fit Ana more than Dakota, its obvious EL didn’t keep these characters based on her inspiration of Rob and Kristen. She made them into her own like I said. Dakota looks NOTHING like either Bella or Ana would look…that’s for sure. Yuck.

  • Deb

    Not feeling it

  • Taylor

    Who are these people are where are Christian and Ana? She looks awful as usual, there’s no way EL James is actually happy about her casting at least. Of course she’d never talk bad about the cast though or else she’d be sabotaging her own film. Dakota couldn’t look more different from the character of Anastasia and she isn’t even pretty! She looks so old all the damn time too! Her butt in that one photo looks just as flat as her boobs. Christian and Ana in the books are an attractive couple, and Dakota looks old enough to be his mother! I’ve no interest seeing these two go at it. I’ll stick with the books!

  • Nina

    The amount of hate towards Dakota is ridiculous. Neither of you have seen her as Ana yet, apart from pictures on the Internet. I for one think it’s an interesting choice, so fed up with all this picture perfect actresses who’re but pretty faces. She has something. Give her a chance.
    And to call her ugly, really, if that’s ugly to you I wonder what most people on the street are like? Grotesque?
    Never cared much about the film until I saw that they cast some unexpected actors, then suddenly it got a bit interesting. Fed up with seeing the same faces playing the same parts over and over and no, Ana and Christian are fictional characters, they didn’t have any actual apperances just becuase fangirls of the books posted pics of some actors on the Internet.
    Big ups for them to try something different instead of just trying to be as people pleasing as possible. Then suddenly they might be on to something.

  • sue

    hahha, this CG he looks like a little immature boy, hahahah

  • Liz

    @Nina: I think it’s your opinion that she has something just as its others that she doesn’t. It’s called subjective. The Twilight team thought the same about Kristen Stewart and look how that turned out. We’ve seen Dakota as “Ana” (but not, because she isn’t at all) – we get video clips and photos everyday, a slew of them. She looks nothing like the character and I’ve seen her acting before and have never been a fan. Besides, her look alone wouldn’t convince anyone who wasn’t brainwashed that she’s portraying young and innocent. She looks like a too experienced, too old, too worldly mother of 5 type. Not a young innocent college student. If you’d kept up with casting news too you would’ve known that they didn’t even pursue Dakota. She said she begged her agent to get her the audition. The team pursued other actors and actresses but they couldn’t get them. Dakota wasn’t exactly on the top of their list. Open auditions would’ve revealed so many talented unknown actresses, and you’re saying it as if only the super famous celebs you know of would’ve been cast. Felicity Jones, Emilia Clarke and Imogen Poots are just 3 of the actors reported to have been pursued and they’re not even household names yet or that well known, but they still have roles of substance under their belts unlike Dakota.

  • Julianne

    He looks puny and she is very homely. Her facial features are not pleasing and she needs to fix her teeth. I can’t get over that horrible hair either. What film are they filming again? Because it definitely doesn’t look like Fifty Shades.

  • Amber

    Based on everything I’ve seen thus far, I’m going to PASS!

  • dee


  • cc

    Oh come on!!!, you can’t say he isn’t HOT!. He is really hot and beautiful also cute. You know who isn’t hot?… Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • mila

    I didn’t read FSOG, but I can say that he is cute!.

  • Thatgirltee

    Enough already with the hate!!! So your personal choice didn’t make it as Ana and CG!! So freaking what!!!So much hate on how Ana should look. Or who Chrisitan should be. It’s frustrating. Ana wasn’t meant to be drop dead gorgeous, she’s a simple college student. And I’m pretty sure those who are commenting on her looks and on Jamie’s looks haven’t even read the books such judgement. I’m happy they’re using fresh faces. Why would you want an actor who you’ll keep comparing to his role on a show to his movie? Where’s each identity? Give up already! Jamie Dornan is Christian Freaking Grey! It sometimes makes me feel if those criticizing know anything at all. Maybe the drop dead gorgeous ones didn’t cut it as the roles. Dakota is pretty. And Jamie is very handsome. I’ve seen most of his work and I think he’ll do perfect. Dakota fits the role perfectly also. I hate visiting blogs where all they do on the comments is critize Dakota for her looks, and these are women. Women who always blame society for belittling them on how they look. When society is the reflection on that laptop screen, casting hateful comments on someone’s looks.

  • leah

    @Sav: what ? Ana runs ! You don’t even know what you’re talking about ! remember the scene when she is out for a run and he came later to her flat ? Famous scene here !

  • Cari

    @Thatgirltee: I’ve read the books several times and neither Dakota nor Jamie are Ana or Christian. EL James spends a great deal of time in the books harping on their looks. Dakota is too old to be playing Ana and the stills etc don’t give you confidence she is pulling it off. Same goes for Jamie Dornan. He was fabulous in The Fall, but he is falling short in this role. If you look at say Ian Somerhalder, Alexander Skarsgard or Matt Bomer you can easily imagine them (whether you like them or not) as the tall, powerful enigmatic Christian Grey. Nothing I’ve seen with Johnson or Dornan gives me any confidence they are pulling this off. Kind of like casting the 5’7″ Tom Cruise as the 6’5″ XXL shirt wearing Jack Reacher in One Shot. Not to mention the acting in One Shot SU-caked lemons. Kind of like this movie.

  • Jaime

    Neither are attractive especially Dakota. She has a boys body and is so homely!

  • Sav

    @leah: you obviously didn’t read what I wrote, I said she doesn’t run – meaning on a regular basis (hello she told us she doesn’t work out), but felt the need to go on this one run!

  • Lauren

    @Thatgirltee: No one has mentioned anything about their personal favorites for the roles. No one cares about that anymore! The issue is these two do NOT resemble the characters in the books. We don’t have to imagine what they look like, ELJ very descriptively told us what they look like. And you’re wrong – Ana is a very beautiful, alluring, very attractive girl and “a babe” those are all words used in the books to describe her. She is not plain looking, she is a natural beauty. She is your average girl because she isn’t high maintenance, she doesn’t come from a wealthy family, and she doesn’t care for makeup and fashion and etc. She is your everyday, relatable kind of girl…and she is BEAUTIFUL. The way she is described tells us that anyway. Nearly every guy in the books either flirts with her or wants her too. And Dakota is NOT fresh faced. She may be unknown in acting but that face is literally not fresh. She looks about 35 and has horrible under eye bags. You clearly have some re-reading to do if you think Dakota is perfect for the beautiful, youthful, long dark haired, petite w/ assets, innocent, big-eyed, fresh and flawless college student. Besides, you clearly must think these two actors are the only unknowns out there. There are a lot of unknowns and semi unknowns that are very talented out there, they don’t have to be super famous for goodness sakes. I read of at least 3 semi-unknowns with the look and talent they pursued for Anastasia but the team could not get them! Dakota wasn’t even pursued, she said she begged her agent for an audition. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if ones favorite was cast, we all read the same description and had they actually cast according to that no one would have room to complain. If ELJ hadn’t put so much emphasis on her characters appearances and made them important by doing so on early every page then looks wouldn’t be such a big deal but they are and the real fans care that much to voice their disappointment.

  • Emma

    @Liz: For god sakes Liz, he’s not Superman LOL. Chill out!

  • Emma

    I have not read the book, and am looking forward to this movie. I’m one of those who read the book after it’s made, so I don’t get all pissy like some people. Instead, I’m going to enjoy the movie with some hot popcorn :)


    he´s a thousand times hotter than Robert Pattinson, just saying…

  • #28

    @Cari: Seriously? Dornan is taller/hotter/younger/better-actor than both Somerhalder & Bomer. This is Dornan-Grey which is happening right here so you can either deal with it or leave to only read your book!

  • Liz

    @Emma: Um chill out about what? Because I said he was too skinny? Right, because you must look like Superman if you’re anything more than skinny. Okayyy.

  • Katie

    @#28: Jamie is not tall.

  • Katie

    LOL this cast is a joke. Such a shame they couldn’t get any of their original choices for the roles and got lazy with casting afterwards. I’m not desperate enough to see this film with this awful looking cast. The book characters are so much more appealing and are actually attractive, plus based on video clips and photos they’ve changed up this film too much. The books will never be topped.

  • erika

    Her hair is in pigtails ;)
    And let me guess this scene is not in the book and they will run
    Into eachother and be all like “what? You run here?”

  • Cari

    @#28: Well I didn’t say Dornan was a bad actor bye is a fabulous actor, but based on the boos and their descriptions he is no Christian Grey. Like I said whether you like he 3 actors I mentioned or not — they all have the tall, lean, chiseled, handsome, enigmatic look that EL James have her character. Somerhalder may be shorter than Grey in the books, but he looks the part and Dornan does not. And personally I think this moie has the potential to be a huge bomb. Dornan might have done better to stay away.

    And by the way

  • Thatgirltee

    @#28: so true. They keep bitching about something that’s not gonna happen. What’s happening now is Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson!

  • erika

    She has pigtails ;)
    And let me guess, because I don’t remember this scene in the book
    There going to run into eachother ‘coincidentally’ and be all
    “oh you run here?”

  • Thatgirltee

    @Cari: I’ve read this book many times,..anyone who is passionate about the movie clearly is a fan of the books. But no two persons EVER read the same book alike! Clearly everyone had their opinions on who they saw their CG to be. Ian, Matt, Henry. When I said fresh face I meant not having someone whose face is plastered on the television every Thursday night. And a bit of a hypocrite to say Dakota is too old to play Ana, when Ian, Matt, and Henry are clearly in their 30s and 40s. And since when did any actor play their age in a movie? Give it a break. If the movie doesn’t do it for you, you can always read those books until dooms day. Quit focusing on the looks of the actors and rather what they can bring to the big screen.

  • Thatgirltee

    @Lauren: I’ve read the books many times. Clearly you need to understand what I’m saying. When I said fresh face, I meant not plastered on the tele every Thursday. No two persons ever read the same book the same. Yeah we all get the description but we all vision something different, and I’m pretty sure Jamie wasn’t anyone’s pick, so as Dakota. So what??? How can you judge them by just looking. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? All complains and judgmental remarks should just pause until the movie has been released. Then it will be fair.

  • Ally

    I am a big fan of the books and have read them several times. I’m also a Twilight fan and whenever you have a movie adaptation, the books will always be better. Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson completely ruined the books for me. They didn’t fit the characters and the acting was horrendous. Rob is the scrawniest Edward that ever lived. That being said, I think they’ve done a decent job with FSOG. Everyone has their subjective opinion of what they think looks hot or sexy, regardless of how EL James describes the characters in the book. Jamie is hot. He is lean but not skinny. Anyone who says he’s not ripped must not have seen him without his shirt. Have you ever googled his GQ photoshoot that he did a while back? I’d say that was pretty damn hot.

    Dakota is not ideal for Ana. And maybe neither of them is ideal for you. But they are people with feelings, I’m sure. There’s no reason to get nasty, especially because someone happens to disagree with you. At least we got Jamie and not Charlie. It’s going to come down to the acting anyway. You can have gorgeous looking people, but it’s pointless if they can’t pull off the role. If they can portray the story and the chemistry well enough, it may be worth watching. But nothing will ever be as good as the book.

  • Mel

    @Lauren: Well, the fact that EL James herself said that Robert Pattinson was her first choice for the role should tell you a lot about how SHE envisions her Christian Grey. Thank GOD that didn’t happen. Maybe she is still stuck in fanfiction land but my point is that even her choice for the character is nothing like Ian, Matt, Henry, or Peter. And nothing like how I would cast CG either.

  • Susiesaysitright

    Where in any of the three books does it focus on Jamie jogging? The directors/producers want to cut so many of the sex scenes and, granted, some are just too graphic for film, but don’t waste time on a jogging scene. Yeah, he’s a sex fantasy come true and I love looking at him, but I’d rather see him “interacting” with Anastasia. Surely they can be more imaginative than this? A talented cameraperson can create eroticism with great camera angles, etc. Afterall, it’s the power of imagination that creates the feeling. I hope they don’t butcher this story. It’s such a good one.

  • Huh??

    @Susiesaysitright sam taylor johnson is incredibly generic director and has been known to hire people based on her ‘personal’ preferences and likings- NOT on the story nor the artistry she calls herself an ‘artist’ LOLL . shes in her mid 40′s and this is basically the second film in her career. (NOT surprising!) and speaks for itself..she hired an EIGHTEEN year old boy for her first movie and was impregnated with his child by the time he was NINETEEN. she’s gross! (its equally gross when men do it too!)…she hired him bec SHE liked him. and now has hired dakota because dakota is the mirror image of HER!! she obviously read a completely different version of the trilogy as these pics and her casting speak for itself!!

  • Joelle

    This guy is cute, but I don’t see anything sexy or drool worthy about him.


    whats with the cheesy “Rocky Balboa” run…after the laughable casting, didnt think this movie could get any more pathetic. there are so many less cheesy ways to show his ‘emotions’…ooh ooh look how the birds go flying away just as he gets there LOLL perfect cinematic cheeseball scene…funny you’d think the same director that hired rita ora to play mia (trying to be edgy-failing miserably) would be less cheesy!..

  • PR ppl are shameless!!!!

    once the horrible casting was announced people started losing interest.they know this and theyre PR has been desperately at work since. putting out the movie poster ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE proves that and these pics clearly show the ‘leaked’ stories the production has been putting out about jamie not speaking to anyone and keeping to himself on set is clearly a bunch of PR BS its just one of the BS stories they’ve leaked’ out to get people more interested..the leaked ‘stories’ about jamie being ‘protective and really ‘liking’ dakota is sneaky PR way of getting people to soften to dakota, they think if they put it out there that jamie protects and likes dakota then everyone else will too! (they know the majority of the fans are NOT into her AT ALL as anna ) its a VERY sneaky PR move they’re discreetly using JAMIES fandom and coattalis to get people to like dakota…#OBVIOUSHOLLYWOODGAMES

  • Lauren

    @Mel: Rob was her inspiration when she wrote MotU and she was never quotes saying he was her choice, but what she was quotes saying is that she wouldn’t want Rob or Kristen because it would be weird or strange!