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Keith Urban's 'Cop Car' Video Premiere - Watch Now!

Keith Urban's 'Cop Car' Video Premiere - Watch Now!

Keith Urban walks inside LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Tuesday (January 28) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old country singer performed at the 2014 Grammys over the weekend and hit the stage at The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute To The Beatles the evening before.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Keith Urban

Keith just released the music video to his song “Cop Car”. Check out the video below!

Keith Urban: ‘Cop Car’ Video Premiere

FYI: Keith is wearing Levi‘s jeans.

15+ pictures inside of Keith Urban flying out of Los Angeles after attending the music events…

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keith urban cop car video premiere watch now 01
keith urban cop car video premiere watch now 02
keith urban cop car video premiere watch now 03
keith urban cop car video premiere watch now 04
keith urban cop car video premiere watch now 05
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keith urban cop car video premiere watch now 19
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 01
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 02
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 03
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 04
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 05
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 06
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 07
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 08
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 09
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 10
keith urban performs cop car at grammys 2014 video 11

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  • Eve

    Love the video, love the song. Congratulations to Keith on 6 ACM nominations that recognize many of his talents – singer, guitarist, and producer!

  • 1urbanfan27

    My sweet Keith…And yes…Most deserved nominations… :)

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    Ditto – However, his schedule this week has been insane, and it’s time for a little down time with the family before Idol. Burning that candle at both ends generally isn’t a good idea.

  • Irene

    Multi, multi talented man. Keith is probably the best live entertainer in all of country music, and in the top three in other genres. The first thing a person notices when you meet Keith is his humility. A man who totally appreciates his fans. He knows without fans, there would be no Keith Urban and he is so grateful. Keith deserves only the best in life. Thank you, Keith, for your music.

  • http://Cjhiggs Carol

    Keith’s Cop Car video and song are great. His CMA nominations are so deserving. Best live entertainer and so genuine and appreciative of his fans. American Idol fans are seeing his personality and love of music shining through.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    I’m one of Keith’s biggest fans, and hope that he finally gets the recognition he deserves this year. BUT, I hate the haircut and don’t like the ‘Cop Car’ video.

  • me3

    Another fan here, but I too hate the haircut and am not a fan of Cop Car. That’s okay. You don’t have pretend to love everything he does to be a fan. I attended a concert on his current tour, my 4th time seeing him live, and I was blown away yet again. GREAT entertainer. Sweet voice. Amazing guitar skills. And don’t get me started on that body——

  • Sheila

    Those shoes and the skinny jeans are not flattering. I don’t care if they are in fashion, or current. They make him look 2 feet tall. I hate skinny jeans on men. So feminine.

  • curious

    Nothing worse than a man in his late forties wearing skin tight clothing. It really is a major turnoff.

  • Lora

    Easy fix for ya , skip news & photos of Keith Urban.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    Lora, you know these two (?) are always going to add a negative comment.

  • maclen

    Interesting…a “co-writer” of this song…(you see the orb is NOT talented enough to write many of the songs on the album this song is on)…is claiming all his “work” on this song was stolen. Although co-writer Sam Hunt never specifies who stole his “work”…a follow up article from Taste of country (the article seems to have been taken down)…mentions that it was Hunt’s “experiences” that inspired the song. My take is he is upset that orb is trying to “make it appear” that it was HIS experience…the orb’s…by his stating in an interview of the meaning of the song that “he knows this girl.” Remember…orb is NOT the writer…or even a co-writer of this song. Orb DIDNT even write even 50% of the songs on “his” album.

  • maclen

    So just another note about this song…and the video. HOW is orb going to now become a “pop star” when he is too OLD to star in his own “love song” videos?

  • bahahahaha

    Urgent Memo
    From: Brentwood Psychiatric Hospital
    To: Just Jared
    Resident troll, Sewer Mistress (who actually believes she has hacked the JJ website, installed spyware and is now tracking IP addresses) has undergone a full mental health psychological evaluation and as a result, has been detained and ordered to undergo an immediate course of electric shock therapy.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    Everyone in Nashville knows Sam’s being ridiculous. He was paid for the song and given credit on the album. All of a sudden, he’s listened to someone who’s given him some really poor advice.
    BTW, you’re really not as bright as you’d like people to think. Have you never heard the expression “I know this person”. It doesn’t necessarily mean the person as such, but someone who has the same attributes. Psychiatrists and psychologists use this expression frequently. Now go back under your rock and think up some other diabolically clever remarks for us to laugh at.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    Are you sure you should be using the facility computer to post on this board?

  • Not buying it

    Selling his song to Urban was the worst piece of advice Sam got.

  • maclen

    So, I see that the orb’s twits are now posting photos from this video on his twitter page. Yes…the two YOUNG actors who “star” in the video. It seems his own team of hacks have learned what DOESN’T sell his music…the orb himself. Very soon the orb WONT even be in the videos.

  • Myths Revealed

    @Lizzie: Nail on head. Keith identifies with the situation and the girl. Nobody tried to.take credit from Sam Hunt. He looks really foolish and so do the two mental patients posting: Dumb and Dumber. The writers sold the song to Keith. They all got credit. One of them prodiuced the song on Keith’s album. Not only that but all the writers had to give Keith permission, basically a license, to have Cop Car be a single. Legal documents were signed. And now after the writers get even more money because Keith performed the song on national television, Hunt wants to be upset and vague about why? Give me a break. When you sell a song you have no say in how it’s produced or performed unless you are hired in that capacity. If Sam Hunt wants to be all ”Indie” then don’t co-write with others who want to pitch to mainstream popular artists. Sam Hunt had no problem selling a song to Billy Currington who then sang it on The Bachelor.

  • x

    I wonder if Sam Hunt and his family have taken exception to Urban’s creepy “watching a girl go completely redneck crazy at the cops. And he’s like, ‘I am getting so turned on right now’” interpretation of the song?

  • maclen

    That’s laughable. Hunt, crowell and jenkins DID NOT “sell” the song to orb. It’s not as if orb now “owns” the song. Orb simply covered the song to put on his album. It’s NOT like Hunt, et al only got one “payoff” for the song. They are entitled to receive songwriting royalty payments for every copy that sells. And they will receive royalties for as LONG as the single sells…and with the orb…it WONT be very much. This asinine belief that orb now “owns” the song and Hunt should just STFU about the song he helped write is simply ignorance. ANYONE can cover “Cop Car” with permission of the copyright owner of the song…whether it is owned by a publishing company or the songwriters themselves. And if Cop Car were to be covered by another musician…the SONGWRITERS would get paid royalties…NOT the orb. If Hunt now has a “personal” issue or problem with an aspect of orb’s cover…business or personal…that is certainly his right.

  • maclen


    Yes, Hunt DIDNT have a problem with orb covering the song, x. He was even plugging orb’s version last year before and after it was released on the album. He DIDN’T have an issue with how orb’s version turned out…so that is clearly NOT Hunt’s issue with the song now. Now some at the Pulse board are speculating that the publisher MAY not allow Hunt to re-record the song for his next album…if they own the rights to the song. That COULD be possible. But realistically, WHY NOT allow Hunt to record the song for his album? Hunt MAY not be a big name in country music…but releasing a song would be preferable to NOT putting another out…even if the copies sold are NOT huge. My guess is still it is a “personal” issue Hunt has…perhaps with orb…since in this original tweet he says, “Unfortunately I can’t celebrate it being on the Grammys.” If it is a problem with the publisher…why mention orb’s performance on the Grammys?

  • http://comcast Joni

    Come on THE CRAZY ONE–Why does Keith Urbans business concern you so much ?? Why does Nicole and Keith’s life concern you so much ?? Why do you care so much about Keith and Nicoles daughters ?? Get a life of your own !!

  • x

    Joni, if you can’t add anything intelligent to the conversation, maybe it would be better if you didn’t comment at all.

  • Myths Revealed

    @maclen: You are clueless. The answers are right in front of your face abd you keep making it about Keith Urban, which it’s not. And yes, it is a big deal for any song to be performed on the Grammys (national television) because of royalties for the songwriters and recognition. Sam Hunt got that but he’s sulking after he sold the single rights away. Sorry but that’s how it goes Dumb, or are you Dumber?

  • maclen

    So, still not convinced that Hunt had a problem with orb…and his attempted “co-opting” of the story of “Cop Car?” Today, has a new article posted today called, “Keith Urban, ‘Cop Car’- Lyrics Uncovered”. ONLY…it is NOT the “lyrics” uncovered according to the orb…but of Sam Hunts explaination of the lyrics.

    Go read it. It’s ALL about how the song was written…and exactly WHAT Hunt contributed to the song. And NOWHERE in this pretty extensive article…is the orb “quoted” over what the meaning of the song is about. I would certainly submit that Taste of Country is trying to simply get the thruth of the genesis of this song out there…WITHOUT any further imput from the orb…but you know…the ACTUAL songwriters.

  • Eve

    The reality is Keith Urban and Hunt’s publishers did Sam a favor whether he can recognize it or not. A cut on a superstar’s album which is then chosen as a single does nothing but help him. It’s a boon to the publishers to have another songwriter with a hit song. Other songwriters will want to write with him. Artists will look at his other songs and take more interest in recording his catalog. Doors will open and Hunt is closing them by this truly unprofessional behavior. I don’t buy the pity party because he’s not refusing the royalty checks and it all started after the biggest night of exposure for the song and after Hunt was promoting his interactions with Keith and the song making the album. None of it adds up which is why the trolls here are trying to make something out of nothing. They’ll lurk and manipulate the facts but they won’t post their crackpot theories on Pulse for a reason. They know they’re full of BS.

  • Eve

    @maclen: Do you read many country music magazines/sites? They have had a regular feature in Country Weekly for years where they interview the songwriters of songs released as singles. ToC is doing the same thing. Whooop dee doo.

    I’ll say it again…you’re not posting your crackpot theories anywhere but your sick hate board and here. Grow up and get a life.

  • maclen


    Once again, as a “co-writer” of the song, Hunt is ENTITLED to receive royalties for the song. He cannot be DENIED those royalties because he may be unhappy with the hack who recorded them. Sure, a songwriter is fortunate to have someone want to cover his songs…but on the other hand…talentless hacks like the orb are fortunate that there are real songwriters out there for him to draw in material…seeing how he is obviously incapable of writing his own. Hunt may be an up and coming performer, but as a songwriter he’s already proven to be a talent of his own right…having written songs recorded by Chesney and Currington…and orb RECOGNIZED that. If there WERENT any songwriters out there writing songs…orb’s album would consist of about 6 songs…if NOT less. It is orb and his dwindling popularity that should really feel fortunate.

  • maclen

    Well…I’ve decided that the JJ message boards regarding the orb needs a LOT more…”cynicism”…and “thoughtful analysis”…and a lot less juvenile fansie worship. Deal with it.

  • Eve

    You and the other psycho can agree with yourselves all you want. Your ”forum” proves that skeptics’ lies, or what you claim is ”cynicism”, won’t change anything. Apparently you can’t deal with that which is why you are posting the same things here.

    I can guarantee the Taste story was planned as soon as Cop Car was announced as the next single to radio. Just google Taste of Country and Lyrics Uncovered. It is in fact a regular feature. Throwing things at the wall to see if they stick is not ”thoughtful analysis”.

  • http://Goley1Egan Joni

    @ x, I mean THE CRAZY ONE and her other fake names: You would love for me to quit commenting reminding everyone what a crazy phony that you are. Again, why do you care so much about Keith and Nicoles life ???? Mind your own business and get a life of your own.

  • Not buying the cuckoo board

    Sue couldn’t hack it. Tara isn’t hacking it so Grandma Mary Maclen had to go back on her honorable word as a skeptic (cause you know they are nothing but honest) and post on Just Jared. Too damn funny.

  • Sonora

    “Hunt is ENTITLED to receive royalties for the song.”

    Thank you for proving everybody’s point. Hunt got what he was entitled to. He’s not entitled to anything else.

    Everything pre the Grammys performance including Hunt’s twitter feed shows you attempting and failing to put your opinion of Keith Urban onto Hunt. As usual, trolls try to make the situation into something it’s not. I encourage everyone to go to Pulse and read the facts posted by people in the know. Not an attention wh0re who wants to manipulate the truth.

    And if you, “maclen”, had a brain cell left you wouldn’t have gone off the Lyrics Uncovered peice. Below the story is many links from past Lyrics Uncovered stories. You must think we’re as dumb as you.

  • maclen

    Oh, so commentors who also post under annonymous “usernames” over at Pulse are “in the know” and are posting “facts?” Alright, so here is a “fact” posted by Pulse commenter “countrymusic 20″ and since Pulse commenters are posting “facts” and are “in the know” it MUST be TRUE.

    “Word on the street is that Keith called Sam and asked for his blessing to cut the song – and Sam told him NO, and Keith cut it anyway. Sam’s bitterness is somewhat understandable coming from a guy that has been in Nashville trying to get a record deal for several years now”

    So, Hunt DIDNT want the orb to cut it…and orb recorded it anyway! Wow, what a total DOUCHE orb is! Well, it’s posted on MUST be true!

    Yeah…I make up my own mind what I believe…taking in different opinions…theories…hypothesis’.

  • maclen

    So, last night in only the 6th episode, Idol has fallen to an already pathetic 11 million viewers…and still has a LONG way to drop before the season is finished. Orb’s album…which came out 4 months ago has only sold a pitiful 275k cds…and last week sold less than a puny 2,000 cds. His tour last year grossed a meager $20mill…down from $27mil the previous tour…and way down from his high of $42mil WAY back in 2009. Now, those ARE facts that prove that orb’s career is crashing and burning. I DONT need an anonymous commenter over at Pulse to tell ME that.

  • ..

    @maclen: nicely said maclen :)

  • tan

    why nicole and keith kidman so ruthless and greedy ?

  • maclen


    Thanks .. . Now, back to Sam Hunt. Just go back to the original tweet from Hunt…he DIDNT write the “song” was stolen from him…that could imply that the publisher perhaps wasn’t allowing him to record the song himself…yes, as some have speculated. He wrote “what he poured into the song” was stolen from him. And from the Taste of country article it is now been put out there that it was Hunt’s lyrics…his experiences that was “poured” into the song. So logically…who ELSE could “steal” what Hunt “poured into the song?’ Who else has made public “claims” about the song’s lyrics and themes…BUT orb”? And that is WHY Hunt felt he NEEDED to make his complaint public on Twitter. Hunt also wrote that he “couldn’t celebrate” orb’s performance of the song on the Grammys. That implies a personal problem with orb…not a publishing company…or a music label…the other co-writers.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    @tan, I mean The Crazy One — why do you care, mind your own business. Does this have an effect on you or your life ??? Mind your own crazy life.

  • curious

    Are you some kind of demented spammer @Joni?

  • http://Goley1Egan Joni

    @ curious, I mean THE CRAZY ONE: None of your business if I am a demented spammer. Get a life of your own and then you won’t have to worry about it. Also, if you had a life of your own you wouldn’t have to follow The Keith Urban family.

  • Macy

    Poor Keith. Only going into 11 million homes twice a week, his tour only making 20 million in 2013, Fuse selling less than 300K thus far. What a “crashing and burning” career. NOT. I remember Trent Tomlinson, Keith Anderson, and so many others who were Keith’s contemporaries and have faded from view. Whatever happened to Jimmy Wayne?

    Keith has had longevity and is now recognized as a superstar. He’s become a respected member of the music community and has proved his talent playing with artists from all different genres. He has branched out into other fields and is a producer as well as a performer. He’s become a
    household name, admired for his talent, humility, and kindness. Everything can’t be measured in terms of money and numbers. Others would kill for his “crashing” career, and he seems to be having the time of his life. He’s one busy, happy, and healthy man who is making the most of his life and his still flourishing career. Can’t convince me otherwise.

  • http://Goley1Egan Joni

    @Macy, I mean THE CRAZY ONE– Poor Keith, I wonder if he will survive on his net worth of 45 million dollars if his show and career fails. I wonder if Nicole and Keith will survive on their combined net worth of 170 million?????? Poor THE CRAZY ONE !!!!

  • maclen

    Yes, it has been made VERY clear that the orb’s last remaining fans have VERY low “standards and expectations.” It’s actually very humiliating that the orb’s mediocre album is being OUTSOLD by the Duck Dynasty trolls with 750,000 cds sold to orb’s embarrassing 275,000. The pinnacle of orb’s desperation is being reduced to selling cheap guitars on the Home Shopping Network. Not that I would expect “monkeys’ to know the difference.

  • Not buying it

    Joni, I agree. MACY is the CRAZY ONE who believes poor CD sales, dwindling concert attendance numbers and plummeting AI ratings equates with success. What happened to Keith’s contemporaries? They didn’t gladly enter into a lucrative bearding contract with a desperate has-been actress and they haven’t decided to throw country music under the bus.

  • maclen

    Simply because the orb tries to keep his name in the headlines with a rash of lame gimmicks…and is now scheduling live shows in every open day on the calender DOES not equate with success. It simply reveals that desperation to save his career. The fansies believed…as did orb…that Idol was going to save his career. But I would submit that orb’s tour attendance and especially his cd sales took a HUGE plunge because he WAS on Idol. America…who got a CLOSE look at the actual orb last season of the dull, boring…milguetoast and meek orb… looking like a lost and confused little boy sitting in between a bickering minaj and carey in that “leaked” video…simply ignored his album and failed to show up to his shows in any larger numbers. The WORST move orb could make was allowing America to see the “real” orb on tv week after week.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ Not buying it and Maclen, I mean THE CRAZY ONE–Again, why do you care, is it affecting you in some big way other than your mind ????

  • http://comcastbuyingi Joni

    @ not

  • maclen

    So, an update on the Sam Hunt tweet…where he claims “I worked hard on “Cop Car.” Everything I poured into that song was stolen from me. I unfortunately can’t celebrate it being on the Grammys.” Well, it has now been one full week since the tweet came out…and many stories and articles have been posted in regard to it online. Like this article…which interestingly…is posted on Hunt’s twitter feed page over “converstion” of this tweet

    “Did Keith Urban ‘Steal’ His New Song?

    And along with NOT supplying any new info of the exact meaning of the claim of theft of “what he poured” into the song… also obviously and noticeably absent is ANY public statement from Hunt that it was NOT orb that he is accusing of theft. Either Hunt is unconcerned that people may be getting the impression that he is accusing the orb of that theft…or IT WAS orb he was addressing in that tweet. Which of course is my take…and why Hunt is not bothering to come out and say he was NOT accusing the orb of the theft. It ‘s pretty obvious now what Hunt was saying in that original tweet…and I clearly understood his meaning.