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Amanda Knox Found Guilty of Murder After Retrial, Sentenced to 28 Years

Amanda Knox Found Guilty of Murder After Retrial, Sentenced to 28 Years

Amanda Knox, an American who was thrust into the spotlight after going through a trial for the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher in November 2007, was just found guilty of the crime once again in a retrial.

Back in 2007, Meredith was found partially naked in her own blood in the home she shared with Amanda, 26, in Perugia, Italy. Amanda‘s ex boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was also accused of murder, CNN reports.

Back in 2011, Amanda, who had served four years in prison in Italy, won appeals and had her convictions overturned.

Amanda, who has been found guilty for 28.5 years, and Raffaele, who was sentenced for 25 years, would have to return to Italy to serve their sentences.

United States law states that a citizen cannot be tried twice on the same charge, and legal experts say it’s unlikely she will be extradited because of it.

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  • Ucas


  • Duh

    @Ucas: Shut up, you’re an idiot. The Italian justice system is a joke…everyone laughs at their incompetence…they’re just trying to save face. The evidence showed that she couldn’t have done it. Do your homework.

  • Lulu

    Sending her my prayers

  • Jody

    @Duh: I agree. A living nightmare.

  • GloriaS

    My heart goes out to you and your family Amanda!

  • Guest

    Oh as opposed the American justice system. You have to be kidding right?

  • sad story

    Sad story, no matter from which side you look at it. But, she is no celeb, she’s no actress or singer. She doesn’t belong on this site.

  • allison

    I think she and her former boyfriend are guilty also. But she will probably never serve a day in jail because she is a cute american.

  • Joelle

    I think the country that released her knew that she wouldn’t be coming back if there was a re-trial. This way they get to appease the locals ( and the family of the victim) and be done with it. I don’t think anyone has had all the evidence ( outside of those directly involved) to make a decision as to whether she was guilty or not. Tabloids and newspaper aren’t a reliable source for the details of something like this occurring in another country. They only know what they can eke out. Her family, although they had a difficult journey, their child is still alive and now living free.

  • JMO

    I think she is innocent and was very sheltered when she went to Italy. However, she did make lots of mistakes and I can understand why people don’t like her but it was due to the way she came across. She was a bit weird but not a cold blooded murderer.
    Its clear that Rudy guy killed MK.
    I feel really bad for her ex boyfriend who is in Italy now and is probably being taken to jail right now.

  • miapocca

    another psycopath who cant tell a the truth to save her life..she tells you want she thinks you want to hear..

    As someone who has lived internationally as a student, I do not see myself comprising the truth if a roommate is murdered, even if I hate that roommate, murder is serious and lying and pointing fingers elsewhere only makes you look GUILTY

    Also remember Natalie in Aruba..and I was suprised her friends let her go off with a stranger in Aruba..been in Costa Rica in a similar situation and my friends would not let anyone of us wonder off. They all came to the rescue when I was a approached by a peruvian drug lord…yep he offered us ALL accomodation and we refused and they made sure I went back with them to the hotel

    Do not travel with people who will leave you in the lurch and do not room with evil little girls….

  • Jason

    Legal experts know nothing. She will be sent back to Italy. Or the next time an Italian Mafia member runs off to hide in Italy the Italian government will give the middle finger to the United States and not send them back.

  • miapocca


    SO because a justice system countinues to seek the truth, its a JOKE?
    Even if you think its a joke, what about OJ, Zimmerman, countless black men falsely imprisoned for looking sideways at a white woman, is this the kind of justice system you want the rest of the world to uphold?

    Now what about simply requesting honesty of Amanda Knox so Merediths family can have some peace.?

    A girl WAS BRUTALLY MURDERED and all you can think of is how bad an entire justice system OLDER than that of the US is a joke?

  • miapocca

    SHELTERED…did you not read anything about her lifestyle..try some of the local udub ..Washington blogs…certainly an innocent does not hand her panties for any male dog to chase or engage in smoking and sniffing any substance to make her high..

    INNOCENT and SHELTERED by your definition is truly amazing…

  • miapocca

    You know , it might be that Rudi gave up the entire story as did sollecito, because he ex stayed in italy..he had rich parents, he could have run off to south american etc

    She will answer to a higher power…where are OJ, ZIMMERMAN and VAN DER SLOOT…

  • @13

    You are confusing two issues. If you think Amanda is innocent that does not mean you don’t care that Meredith was murdered.

  • Yeah

    @Guest: Please…to find someone guilty after they’ve already been acquitted? What a bunch of morons.

  • Mary

    I agree. I feel for Meredith, Amanda, Raffael and their families.

  • OMG

    @miapocca: Yes, we know she was brutally murdered, but that doesn’t mean she did it…duh. I thought she was guilty in the beginning, until they presented all of the evidence. There were things that they accused her of, that would have been physically impossible. What does that have to do with Simpson & Zimmerman? Their version of double jeopardy is a JOKE. The victim’s family is out for blood, not justice. Alot of it has to do with the fact that she’s American.

  • essie

    I’m surprised they found her guilty, they don’t have the murder weapon to connect it to her.

  • Muindo

    @miapocca: I’ve been to Italy, and it is the joke of Europe, if not the world. It has nothing to do with how OLD it is. Where did you go to school, anyway? The whole country is inefficient, broken down and incompetent.

  • miapocca


    Actually I am not, because the media and those ready to take a shot at the italian justice system their best to forget that Merediths DIED and if AK is not guilty she did not HELP in the investigation either but lied to make the investigation more difficult……..

    What happens in the media when a “white blonde american kid” disappears. they put several family photos of their adorable angel to pull at your heart strings..

    Does Meredith deserve any less, and why did Amanda Knox have to lie as she did continuously without any care for the family……she should be thankful Meredith mother is not Beth Halloway Twitty..or know that women will have a shot gun in her face

  • lots

    She is quite obviously a psycho.

  • miapocca


    And I am sure the American justice system is the best…talk to a BLACK MAN in ALABAMA..i am sure they will prefer the Italian justice system anyday to the that of the American system…

    I have been to america too and even lived for years and I will not stop for the police in a secluded dark spot….

  • tammy

    Oh yeah US justice is perfect!!!We see it every day.

  • Ha!!

    You Italians made your minds up about her regardless of the evidence to contrary. Did you even bother to research the evidence?

  • Geez

    @tammy: Nobody said it was, dummy…..but you don’t commit double jeopardy just to save yourself from looking like fools.

  • miapocca


    Actually the Italian were too busy listening to the psycho freak show called Amanda till they discovered they had been duped…

    Why blame an entire country for the decision of the court, are all american evil roommates because of amanda knox?

  • Muindo

    @miapocca: “Will not stop for the police in a secluded dark spot?” Whatever!!!

  • Go away

    @miapocca: Yes, we know she DIED, but it doesn’t mean that AK did it.

  • Cathie

    This is simply a political verdict… to put those smart-arsed Americans in their place.

  • Ally

    Wait,is that a joke?How can a person be considered guilty,innocent,and then guilty again?And who’s paying for these fake trials?The italians and their taxes?They are desperate to put her in jail,but they already have someone in jail for the girl’s murder,and he confessed.Amanda never confessed.I know a girl died and i feel for her and her family,but there,she was already acquited once,she can’t go back to prison again,the evidences never showed she was guilty,nor her ex.The italian justice is a joke.I bet her lawyers will ask for a forth trial and she will be acquited again,and then the circus will go on again,again,again and again.The credibility of Italia’s justice is zero…i hope she doesn’t go back to Italy,she was acquited before this desperate trial,and this new trial was a farce.

  • miapocca


    Read my comment again..where did I say Amanda Knox was guilty???

    My question is in regards to her behavior at a time when a normal human being would be forthcoming and honest. Why behave in such a manner if you have nothing to hide.

    Many people who are INNOCENT are sentenced to jail in America each year. So why the outrage over one girl from Washington???Is it because a foreign court dared to judge an American?
    DO you consider yourself beyond the justice system of other countries because you are American? Pathetic!

    Thank God, my student years abroad did not involve the likes of Amanda Knox. I met many wonderful people in Europe., the America, and Asia…good people, very few were horrid..

  • miapocca


    Actually she was found guilty first.

    The let off on a technicality…(not because she was innocent)

    Then the trail was reset and she was found guilty this week

    If we go by double jeopardy she will still be in Jail then..No?

  • Shut up

    @miapocca: It sounds like you’re more of a “psycho freak show” than she is. They must be really STUPID if they were “duped” by her, anyway, which is very unlikely.

  • miapocca

    @Muindo: Actually only privileged people of a certain color trust the police in America…any other person hispanic,black,asian, just let them follow you to a well lighted spot with an audience

  • looktothefuture

    Amanda most certainly had some involvement in the murder. I am sure she will never serve another day in jail but glad to see the sentence.

  • miapocca

    @Shut up: Spoken like someone who know little about psycopathy….do not meet one ever because you sound like a trusty little victim

  • Isabel

    The only people I feel sorry for are Meredith’s friends and family.

  • Stone

    She’s a drugged-out misanthrope who got just a little bit too high with her knife-collector boyfriend one night in Perugia. Read the translated rulings and too much evidence against them, sorry. Visit True Justice for Meredith Kercher and The Murder of Meredith Kercher for some of the OMG evidence and OMG lies her parents have told to save their psychopathic child.
    e.g. She wasn’t interrogated for 24 hours; it was just 3 hours at max.
    e.g. Her lamp was found behind Meredith’s locked door.
    e.g. Her ex-boyfriend collected some scary-looking knives and claimed to have accidentally pricked Meredith cooking one night. Later, he retracts this when Knox confirms Meredith was never over at his apartment.
    It goes on and on. The most interesting thing about this story isn’t Amanda Knox. It’s the PR they’ve managed to created to generate support for her.

  • GoodRiddance

    @Ucas: Agreed. Glad justice was served. She got what she deserves.

  • Thoughts

    Italy convicted geologists of manslaughter and jailed them for not predicting an earthquake.

    Great minds are not at work here.

  • mike

    italian judicial system is a trash! if im in here place, i will become a fugitive.

  • mike

    she is guilty. too bad she will never actually serve jail time for killing beautiful meredith. RIP Meredith finally some justice for your death even in name only.

  • Drats

    @Ucas: Agreed. She is a lying devil. She has lied and lied and lied and changed her story so many times.

    Not to mention that when the police arrived on the crime scene, she and her boyfriend were making out passionately near the dead body.


  • Drats


    Um, who are these “everyone” you speak of who laughs at their system?

    The fact that you can’t even be civil when you disagree with a poster and tell them to “shut up” speaks volumes.

    Kinda echoes Knox’s lies and crazy behavior.

  • eliza

    Idiots. Killing a british girl, and just because she is an american citizen she doesn’t have to do her time. Its spitting in the face of Meredith’s family. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

  • Drats


    Um, you might try sending prayers to the family of the victim, pal.

  • Drats

    @Thoughts: I have seen you post this same nonsense on a hundred other sites about the case.

    You might want to spend your time reading up on the facts of the case instead of spewing nonsense.

  • Drats


    So the fact that you have “been” to Italy, like millions of us, suddenly qualifies you to act like a judge and pronounce with grand authority sweeping generalized statements about its judicial system without a stitch of evidence to back it up.

    Are you a lawyer or a judge? I doubt it from your comment.